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That particular dream was made freaky by the context - I had it right after spending a day actually picking flowers for use in homebrewing.

The general appeal of 2hu for me is the characters, their characterizations give you the general idea, yet there's plenty of room for interpretation. The setting is also nicely balanced resembling quaint country life, as one other anon here put it, where things are generally comfy, except when someone decides to start shit from time to time. Although, being a fan of Doom and HP Lovecraft's work, I frequently catch myself daydreaming of Gensokyo getting invaded by a grim external force, forcing it's residents to unite in fending it off. The latter scenario also made its way into one of my dreams.

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How did the sunflowers turn out? I wonder if Yuuka would let you eat the seeds of her sunflowers after they wilt. Recently I dreamed of her getting mad at me for picking herbs in her meadows without permission. That dream actually unsettled me a little since the day before I had it, I went foraging for St. John's wort to put in my new batch of cyser.

Growing flowers (preferably medicinal ones) or fruit trees and keeping bees at the same time is a god-tier combination for producing god-tier mead.

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Yesterday I pitched a batch of homemade herbal mead, the flowers and herbs for which I foraged by myself in a nearby meadow.

On that same night I had a dream where I woke up in a sunflower field. Shortly after getting my wits about me I was grabbed by someone and pulled aside. That someone was Yuuka, who began chastising me for picking her flowers without permission, while squeezing my shoulder so hard that I thought she'd break it. I don't remember her exact words, but at the end of her speech she told me that the only reason she's willing to spare me is that I'm using said flowers for something more than temporary decorations and because I took care not to destroy the plants themselves while picking, so they'll be able to regrow despite the "injuries". Strangely enough, I didn't feel any fear throughout this entire ordeal, a fact which she noticed.

Afterwards she softened up and invited me for tea. I attempted to refuse and got told it wasn't an option. During tea time she asked for my name and was surprised that I already knew hers. I can't recall any other details from the conversation, except I noticed that the tea we were drinking was made from the same herbs that I used for my mead (St. John's wort, dandelions, linden blossom and cowslip primrose). After we finished our tea, Yuuka lead me out of the field and waved goodbye. I woke up immediately after.

Really hope the mead turns out decent.

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