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I contemplated never posting this spreadsheet again.

No. I don't get that logic, honestly. I've been pretty upset over the whole ordeal - that damage is already done. I'm already mad at her for that, there's no taking that back. However, the damage of me now forever feeling like Hololive is incomplete can be stopped by her not leaving. So, no, how could I hate her for staying?

I don't think she will stay, though. She's had months of her closest friends and management trying to talk her out of it. She didn't tell the public until they had all run out of things to say. What can any of her fans say that'll make her change her mind? To be honest, the fans are the least convincing people to a celebrity, since they have a shallower understanding of the person and their situation. And I don't buy that on her graduation her friends will cry and beg her to stay. That'd be shameful and disrespectful, and these are nips we're talking about. And they're just going to same the say exact shit they've already said. If they had some secret weapon, they would've used it already.

But, truthfully, graduating doesn't make sense. It's like she lost her hand so she's cutting off the whole arm. There are things she can't do due to her being treated like a second-class worker, but there's literally nothing she can do now that she's going to be treated as dead. She's never been unable to stream on her roommate, she's never been barred from hanging out with her friends irl, but if she's upset due to being barred from hanging out with them in certain contexts on stream, well, now she can't in any context. How is that rational?

So, I have a small bit of optimism that this is all a ruse to convince the right people to put an end to the whole thing. Who's the right people? I have no idea. Will it work? Probably not, no.

It's worth noting Team Fortress 2 has been largely destroyed by bots and Valve said they were looking into fixing it. It's been going on for a year and a half.

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