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I was traveling in rural Greece and I was certain that I was being threated by the ghosts of Pompey Magnus' legionaries as well as Albanian gypsies and I was caught by my traveling companions out side our lodgings making sacrifices of the local "liquor" (called tsipourou) to Hecate/Hecatia trying to convince her to use her magic to put an end to the ghosts and to drive away the Albanian gypsies with a curse as well as ask her to marry me (because why the fuck not? LolK was just released and I loved her) and it didn't end well.
The ghosts of the legionaries are non-obvious, so it was really easy for them to convince me that might have been my imagination or a dream, but the Albanians really worried them and they suggested that I had imagined a alchohol-induced notion that I had been stalked. I thought so too for the longest time so I stopped drinking but the albanians kept coming back at the wee hours of the morning, and I kept hearing those legionaries whenever I tried to go to sleep; even when I got back home. Everyone who caught me agreed never to speak about it again. but embedding all this was a long bout of depression with lots of anxiety attacks at work and University, so I went in to see a counselor who referred me to a proper psychiatrist. Turns out I had been suffering with precursors to "The Schitz" for years in terms of what was thought to be dyslexia, procrastination and disorganization. My grandfather might have had it but was never diagnosed before he died.
The psychosis, the "classic hallucinations", have stopped entirely since I've been on fanapt and I've been living a productive life under close supervision with my sister for the past three years.
I still love Hecatia, though. I can laugh about the libations and proposal now, but she's still my favorite 2hu.

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This is the strongest touhou

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>-Eirin sets a counter plan like making the Ultramarine Orb Elixir and gives it to troops
>-One fight later Lunarians win again
>-Junko is either killed or imprisoned away
Hecatia triple nukes them.

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