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Why don't we make an irc channel for all of us?

other boards have many decent channels, why we cannot?

I propose to make it somewhere on Rizon, since many other 4chan-related channel are there.

To download a decent client: http://www.kvirc.net

Otherwise, if you are lazy: mibbit.com

Come on, we can have nice things if we want to.

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Get a load of this shita-ningen.

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irssi is the only client anyone will ever need.

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#/jp/ is a racist channel. Look at the ban list.

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That's a totally acceptable ban. All good channels use it.

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It won't catch on because /jp/ can't shit post if they're not anonymous.

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What about *!*@*.fi?

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I'm sure there are some decent people to chat with in this board. Thing is, sooner or later the undesirables would set up camp and take over the chat.

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I thought /jp/ loved Finland?

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IRC is a Finnish invention, so no.

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I'm Italian, I'm banned too.

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I already know that I'm one of the undesirables.

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Get a vhost

Problem solved

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Not if you ban them.

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I'm all up for this /jp/, although I don't much like rizon. So, what's the name of the channel? I know that #jp already exists, and previous posters in this thread have implied that #/jp/ also already exists.

Any suggestions? Something like #hikki maybe..

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I have a vhost. The ban is based on the real ip.

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I would talk with you guys.

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It's only natural to ban Italians, considering all the spamming your countrymen have done over the years.

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2nding this

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Then the chat will eventually evolve into a circlejerk, as people on the inside set intricate rules as for what is and isn't ban worthy. In the end the chat becomes a parody of itself and the desirables become undesirables themselves.

Best stick with the imageboard.

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Call it /jp12/. Next year someone can come along and make /jp13/ after complaining that the existing channel is shit.

And the cycle of life continues.

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A better question is why would you want a /jp/ irc channel?

Are you incapable of, you know, posting on /jp/?

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what if you just ban the spammers or moderate the channel decently?

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Actually this is a good idea. A new channel every year. With nicknames changing every year as well. If people don't agree on exchanging contacts outside irc, it could actually work.

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the imageboard and the irc chat are two different things, and they don't substiture each other.

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And, for the record, this is a serious recommendation.

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>To download a decent client: http://www.kvirc.net
>Otherwise, if you are lazy: mibbit.com
what? But the only acceptable IRC clients out there are mIRC, xchat and IRSSI. Chatzilla is alright too I guess, but only if you're already using Firefox.

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Funny you mention, OP. Come join us and please respond


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I use bitchX cause tha name is funny

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Here's a little suggestion. How about making the name something that doesn't have "/jp/" in it?

It might prevent people from other boards recognizing the name and coming in just because "lols 4chan."

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Would anyone actually talk in it?

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IRCs eventually turn into clique faggery. Pretty gay if you ask me.

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I use weechat because it has better DCC support than irssi.

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I would.

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#/jp/ is pretty laid back. Why don't we just use that one?

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Rameil is best angel

which angel would you fuck?

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Try KVirc with the minimal layout and then talk.

I've tried all the clients you mentioned, KVirc is the best if you take care of your eyes.

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I propose #4chan/jp

Just to be clear and simple.

There is no need to hide the channel origin if there will be a decent moderation.

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Why would I want to talk with you shitheads

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This could have amusing results.

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why are you here then?

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Well, at least it's free.

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So you can be disappointed when you learn just how many normalfags are actually on this board

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whatta fuck ya'll niggs gonna talk about anyway?

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What exactly is the criteria for normalfaggotry?

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so have we decided on a channel to go with now or what? and the server?

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Why,OP? aren't you happy with your current IRC channel dedicated to shitting up 4chan? Did you get exiled or something?

Fuck right off, you piece of dogshit.

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I don't visit /bun/ IRC

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#MarisaKirisame on Rizon.

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maybe it's "not pissing in bottles"

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It's possible to change colour and font settings in those programs, you know.

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>people joining and leaving after just 3 seconds.

It's not like you pay for every second you stay.

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It's like that on pretty much every channel, sadly. It's so damn annoying! Don't they realise that people won't know they're there unless they talk or something.

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Idling is part of the IRC experience.

>decent moderation

As soon as you argue against an OP your as will be banned. Why THE FUCK would I want to use IRC with some power hungry douchebags like that?

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>Nobody talking

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That's the authentic /jp/ experience.

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Not all IRC channels are like that. Some don't have any moderation at all even if there are OPs.

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>60 replies
>Nothing accomplished

Keep up the good work, /jp/.

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Yeah, but to idle properly, you need to stay in the channel and not leave after being in there for a whole twenty seconds.
I haven't talked in a couple of channels I've been idling in for about two years now. All of the new people in them kind of put me off, but I can't bring myself to leave, haha.

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Which channel?

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>everyone have a name
>oldfags only talk between themselves

My autism can't handle the social pressure. What if I upset someone ? I'll be laughed at forever because I'm bad at computer and can't hide my net identity properly.

What if I made friends/ like the comunity and then got banned ?

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This one hit it's peak rather fast.

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Yes, I usually just read conversations that other people have, consider responding but don't, and come away from the experience thinking about how social I've been lately.

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are you sure?

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I can't believe that /jp/ has such a short memory. I refused to believe /jp/ is completely dead until now, but this is ridiculous.

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#gensokyo exists for quite a while!

>> No.9147143

enjoy that channel before it gets flooded to shit

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#jbcs (japanese bird cooking spaghetti) on rizon is where the cool kids hang out

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Shitposting, now in real time!

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why so mad?

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>the imageboard and the irc chat are two different things

Until they eventually overlap and the people from IRC start letting their crap spill over onto the board.

IRC is one of the worst places on the Internet. Enough time in chat turns people scary and mean, almost ratlike.

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That's even worse than the normal /jp/ channel. Please end it.

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lmao nerds
i can't even operate an irc client ;_;

>> No.9147168

>powertripping fucksticks are always OP

why do people like IRC again

>> No.9147170

Because if you suck up enough you too can be a powertripping fuckstick.

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File: 87 KB, 1280x720, [TheAnimeNetwork]_Persona_4_The_Animation_-_20_[720p].mkv_snapshot_09.18_[2012.02.26_01.21.03].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The same reason normals go to parties.

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he's not the Moe you are thinking of.

Oh what a nice analysis, Sherlock.

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I like it here where I can take my time. Real time conversations are scary.

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What's wrong with this one?
It works fine.
Only got one or two aspie spammers.

>> No.9147195


A lot of people already use Rizon, it's more comfortable for them to join a channel in that network.

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Look at this tryhard. IRC is for faggots. Anyone who uses IRC is automatically a faggot.

>> No.9147202

Why does IRC seem to corrupt anyone who associates with it? I've seen smart, sane people end up weird and crazy after a month or so. What's up with that?

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Why the fuck are so many of you retards using IRC?

It's a fucking imageboard, if you have something to say just say it here.

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First time I went to IRC, a window opened greeting me and asking me something, some big favor. I typed my reply (neither too slow nor too fast, normal typing) then I sent it. Then I got a window with a scathing message blasting me for being so fucking slow to respond. From the guy asking me a favor! I was very shocked, and so upset that I stopped using IRC for years. With the time I have grown a thicker hide, but I still hate IRC with a passion to this day. I can see how such daily treatment would make anybody insane after a short while. It's a nest of cuckoos, with people having their nerves in the raw.

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Already enough /jp/ channels like #jbcs, #/jp/ (quite /a/ like though, nothing really to do with /jp/ itself), if you like shitposting there's always #tokiko, #bunbunmaru, #touhourpg, etc.

Also, I'd highly suggest not trusting a word david/dawid says, I'm not saying ban him asap but he's one of tokiko's autistic friends and isn't one you should be trusting further than you can throw him.

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Over the past few months /jp/ has seen one of the most significant declines in it's entire history. Dark times. Perhaps the worst — shitposting, spam, and terrible threads are all normal. /a/ and /v/ users are even starting to outnumber actual real posters. Mass shit. Forced memes. Everywhere. And they've effectively won, because our moderation has shunned us. They beat us.~Nohryonnnnn.

Unfortunately for them we won't give up on the place that *was* our home so easily; we're not going down without a fight; in a time where this place is forsaken, and the light at the end of the tunnel is so dim that it's barely visible, and you're so close to death that you just want to close your eyes... the last stand has arrived. Like-minded individuals who once called /jp/ a home will align with our philosophies. Think of this as the last refuge of actual /jp/ers. We're still out here. Shitposters come? We destroy them. The /a/ that has overtaken /jp/ comes? Gunned down. Shitty memes? Not a chance.~Nohryonnnnn.

There's also been allegations of this turning into a circlejerk; know that as long as I breath there's not a chance. Come discuss with us on #true/jp/ @ Rizon. Anyone involved in in founding any initial projects will get some form of authority.~Nohryonnnnn.

>TL note: "Nohryonnnnn" means desu, desu means I don't know

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It's ran by some faggot pretending way too hard to be Tokike.

>> No.9147259

It has this effect of completely destroying your attention span. It becomes almost impossible to do something else without looking at the channel every 5 seconds.

>> No.9147276

>pretending way too hard

Maybe it's *you* that's trying too hard, newfriend. You're just trying to fit in with the buttranging basement demons instead of the shitposters.

Also, reported for antisemitism outside of /b/.

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I'm in IRC right now. I'm reminded how sparky4 is such a really weird person.
it's always nothing but 「wwwwwwwww」 and 「CRAZY」.
why does he even bother honestly

>> No.9147287 [DELETED] 

Fuck off to Israel, kike.

>> No.9147288

Any IRC channel inherently turns into a drama-farm and circlejerk because you have the same people all the time idling 24-7 and even if they never talk their status is directly proportional to their time online. They get Op or Voice status and are then part of the channel's 'elite'. New visitors are shunned and berated as not being part of the in-crowd. Circlejerks like this generate competition and irrational hatred, resulting in events like DDoS'ing unfavorable sites and other idiocy. IRC's really one of the worst districts of the net community.

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How's your first day going so far?

Seriously, someone look at this guy's posts so far. Is it possible that anyone would take this piece of shit over ANY of the shitposters?

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I remember #true/jp/
it was a noble effort, but terribly flawed because it was posted to the shitposting public, and was just generally ill-conceived outright.

>> No.9147308

Strong words from a ban-evader.

>> No.9147309

I thought I would fit in better with the likes of Tokiko and company if I adopted a persona. I'm still working on it.

Why, you don't like it?

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All tripfags are shitposters and attention whores, no exceptions.

Why does it surprised you that a tripfag's post history is indicative of clinical retardation?

>> No.9147313

I'd dial that 'tude back a bit, chief.

Between that and the autistic name you're going to have a stroke before midnight.

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= best /jp/ related channel

because it is hosted by a very famous /jp/spie

>> No.9147318

take it up with a mod. I've stated several times I am not who you think I am.
I don't have the same ISP as him, nor do I even live near him.

>> No.9147325

I've had some pretty good experiences in other channels. While the stuff derived from here is usually awful, programming channels and the like on places like Freenode are usually pretty normal.

IRC is bad for young people and autists.

>> No.9147326

Nobody told him that we're already full up on angry try-hards.

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I a shitposter now.

Time to join an IRC channel to complete the transformation.

>> No.9147334

I really hope you're speaking the truth.

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About 20 users right now.

>> No.9147343

Why, what's wrong with it?

Also, it's funny that you should complain about it, seeing as we have people like >>9147302 in the thread who aren't any different from me at all. So it's ok to be an attentionwhore if you've been here for a while?

>> No.9147349

Get a load of this nerd advertising his shitty IRC channel.

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uh... I'm waiting for you, my dear shitposter.

>> No.9147366

Honestly, at least the silly shitposters contribute levity to the board. Guys like this just derail threads by flaming everything no exceptions. Somehow he thinks his eternal buttangsty board policing on etiquette he's ignorant of will disguise his lack of authenticity.

This is the story of [MLG]SepirotHHSageKing3LiT3.

[MLG]SepirotHHSageKing3LiT3 discovers 4chan through /b/ by way of an online game, mostly likely CoD or WoW. Lurks anonymously.

[MLG]SepirotHHSageKing3LiT3 can't take it anymore. The memes are too e/b/in. He's lurked for a month. He oldfag now.

[MLG]SepirotHHSageKing3LiT3 has evolved too quickly. He's way past /b/ at this point. Let those memespouting trash rot in a pool of their own shit. He's taking his act straight to the most elite board on the internet, /jp/. If he can make it there, he can make it anywhere.

[MLG]SepirotHHSageKing3LiT3 realizes that there's no replies so it's time to make the scene with a name... a legend is born.

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File: 623 KB, 691x539, Lord_of_the_Rings_Return_of_the_King_Ext_2003_720p_BluRay_QEBS5_AAC20_MP4-FASM.mp4_snapshot_03.50.22_[2011.10.28_21.34.34].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't talk to fucking nerds.

Please don't respond to my posts.

>> No.9147372

>aren't any different from me at all.

Umm, you don't see NamelessYoukai jumping in and running up everyone's ass with negativity, though, do you?

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but... you already did.

>> No.9147375

alright everyone take a chill pill....

here, have some music to calm you down a bit

>> No.9147385

Yeah, and it went to hell pretty fast. It's pretty obvious you're looking for quantity and recognition over quality.

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This is why I don't use a trip.

It's no good when people can track my shitposts and shit threads.

>> No.9147388

Alright, then, so it's about how you behave? Okay, I'm very sorry you don't like the way I act.

Still, it doesn't change the facts. He is a useless attention-whoring tripfaggot. What purpose does his trip serve?

>> No.9147392

I'm sorry, I just realized I love dick.

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We already can since you always use the same images.

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> What purpose does [a tripcode] serve?
prevents impersonation.

>> No.9147405

I admire your faith in me, but I'm not a timetraveler, and if I were, it would have taken me more than 3 days to achieve what you described in your post.

>> No.9147409
File: 1.02 MB, 1280x720, [Commie] Accel World - 03 [7CB826BE].mkv_snapshot_00.02_[2012.04.21_00.22.13].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.9147420


Since this is the first day, I just want /jp/ users to know that there is a place for them where to chat.

I don't want flooders or perpetual idlers by the way.

>> No.9147421

That post covers three months, you dumb fucker.

>> No.9147431

Why let yourself get trolled by some faggot from /a/ who's not hiding the fact that his posts are pure shit? Are you that bored?

>> No.9147451

I don't think he's trolling. This shit happens every once in a while and you've gotta set 'em straight or else they infect other newfriends and anonymous posters with the belief that it's acceptable to behave that way.

>> No.9147456

He was trying to make some kind of point before. He's flaming, not trolling.

>> No.9147508

oh, he's FLAMING alright...
because he's gay

>> No.9147512

If you type that into the name field, you might be doing other things as well, but you're also trolling.

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join #MarisaKirisame

on irc.rizon.net

>> No.9147589

This is going to end up being a circlejerk in a few weeks

>> No.9147611
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I'm ok with this.

>> No.9147628

/jp/ has all been one big circle jerk from the start and everything we do becomes one

>> No.9147683

Hotglue is the worst circlejerk ever to have come out of /jp/

>> No.9147814
File: 9 KB, 641x401, Touhou3-onoff.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.9147847

They've managed to spearhead the community to be on top in multiple MMOs and accomplished members such as Kritzinger even made a very good visual novel

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I'm still waiting for you!

>> No.9150197

man I haven't used IRC in years

should I download it again

>> No.9150216
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download kvirc on kvirc.net, then join #MarisaKirisame on irc.rizon.net

>> No.9150222

I kind of want to join but I don't want /jp/ to associate me with normalfags. I'm going to sage this to keep up my truNEET status.

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How long until the new /jp/ IRC channel starts splitting off into several secret club houses?

>> No.9150341

So I just joined the channel and I already see people begging for ops.
Shamfur dispray.

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It's like you managed to sum up everything wrong with 4chan in one line.

>> No.9153018

Suwako is the most sexual touhou.

>> No.9153033

Did it work? Did this ploy get the trash off /jp/?

>> No.9153868

ugh, I don't like this chat.
le reddit.
general shitty behavior.
I'm leaving.

>> No.9153881

Yeah. What the fuck. What are these people even doing on /jp/, let alone on 4chan?
This is awful.

>> No.9153887

Yeah. What the fuck. What are these people even doing on /jp/, let alone on 4chan?
This is awful. At least they're in there, maybe they won't post on /jp/ anymore.

>> No.9153906
File: 74 KB, 1280x720, [Commie] Accel World - 03 [7CB826BE].mkv_snapshot_00.01_[2012.04.21_00.20.01].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, I'm still here.

>> No.9153906,1 [INTERNAL] 

Proof that Trevor-san only became a shitposter in 2012, and all his prior accomplishments were retcons.

>> No.9153906,2 [INTERNAL] 

Way to try to ruin the joke, shitlord.

>> No.9153906,3 [INTERNAL] 

which server did trevor play?

>> No.9153906,4 [INTERNAL] 

What happened to this

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