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Does /jp/ use any Japanese P2P programs?
I know there's Share, Winny, Perfect Dark but is it worth using them, is one network better than the others?

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Yeah, try anal beads.

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suck my cock dude

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they're too afraid of these guys

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PD is the newest and probably the most secure, Winny and Share still seem pretty popular but they're much older so who knows about privacy. At this point though why not just use torrents though, since most shit usually ends up there after being downloaded from P2P.

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Yeah I thought perfect dark was the newest but it has some crazy requirements like 40GB disk space.
I don't think the others have needs like that but from what I've read people have stopped using them in favor of PD.

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>crazy requirements
>like 40GB disk space.
...? Is this the year 2000 still?

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Oh come on, 2TB hard drives are $60

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thats 40GB of non-useful cache. when you're downloading GB as it is it is significant compared to share/winny's lower usage

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all three are said to have had their encryption cracked by government agencies
they still haven't cracked down on people widespread, strangely enough

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i doubt anywhere outside japan is interested in cracking down on japanese p2p. they're all too interested in bittorrent and shit like limewire

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not even japan is cracking down on themselves
i guess the manga/anime industry doesn't have enough money to get the cops in the game like riaa/mpaa is

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I use share and PD. But lately I've noticed that files on share are less reliable lately

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Had any experience with Winny?

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they all have their fakes
its just part of the japanese p2p game

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no one uses winny anymore

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Anybody using PD can check out a PS2 game for me and see if it's available? Sorry for asking something like that.

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I can try.

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Im pretty sure Japan has mostly moved away from WInny to Share if not Prefectdark. Though theres no harm setting them all up and just trying to search for stuff and see whats better.

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Japanese P2P pisses me off because all the clients are proprietary.

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What changed in PD 1.07?

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Are you on drugs?

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What does it matter if they are?

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No. Are you?

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That's something that pisses me off with most Japanese software/freeware. But those networks rely on security through obscurity, so I can understand not wanting to release the source.

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I use Perfect Dark, I've gotten a few things from there, comiket releases and porn.

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I use PD to get stuff like NHK documentaries, Japanese novels and manga, and raws of obscure anime I can't find torrents of.

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Thanks, that'd be very kind of you. あやかしびと-幻妖異聞録- (the PS2 port of Ayakashibito) from a company called Dimple is what I and some others haven't had the chance of finding a working upload of, and no one I know uses PD. Was wondering if a proper upload might be uploaded on PD.

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how quickly does it fill up that 40gb? can you clear it and start over to save space?

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Try this. Hope you won't have to download those repair files.

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That feel, when whoever uploaded the raws of the comic you are interested in, but not so much that you'd want to buy it, stops scanning it. ;_;

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If you are not high, why are you spreading nonsense?

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I'd have to be high before I trusted some program for anonymity, when no one can even verify it's working as advertised.

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Why can't Japan just use usenet like civilised countries.

Usenet is the only thing that can max my bandwith, 8-10 megabytes/s

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I'm not hardcore weeaboo enough to have any use for these programs. I can find everything I need with torrents, DDLs or eMule.

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You have to pay for Usenet. Defeats the purpose of file sharing.

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>civilized countries

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I don't pay for my usenet access. But I'm lucky.

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You're paying for access to more than three years worth of files/releases that you can download at whatever your maximum speed is with zero chance of being busted.

Shit's great.

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Where I live I have zero chance of being busted anyway, since everybody downloads and police don't give a shit you do.

The rest meh. There has never been a time I couldn't find what I was looking for, and I don't care about downloading at top speed.

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and 20% chance of downloading a password protected file.

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I use Share for when I wanna pirate some shit from a DLsite. I actually did try switching over to PD but it buttfrustrated me that nothing I wanted was ever uploaded there.

Also I can't be like >>7833971
>>7833973 and just waste 40 GBs like that.

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Aren't there free usenet servers? Your ISP might offer one.

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Hmm yeah, gotta try this. Thanks for this.

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They used to, but stopped doing so a few years ago, because it was constantly down and the speed was terrible, and files cycled too quickly or whatever from what I heard (never used it myself).

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Newsleecher checks for passwords/rars in rars automatically and warns you IIRC (I haven't paid for access since earlier in the year). Not sure if other newsreaders do the same. I can't use anything but NL personally.

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Apparently Share has 2 versions, TCP and UDP. Is one better than the other?

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tcp has more files
udp is faster but NO FILES

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Can someone post their node list for Sharre?

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