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Beatrice needs more love.

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I love Beatrice, but that shit really was stupid.

I mean he was fucking twelve, at that age nobody takes what they said a year ago seriously. Yasu must have really been retarded.

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Pretty sure incest causes problems.

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>Yasu must have really been retarded.

battler said that a lot after he found out the truth

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You lack of love!! When you're really in love you can do crazy shit! You are a goat and didn't find the real truth!

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god that pic is cute.

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Actually, as long as it's only a single generation that does it (ie, not repeated incest for generations like royal families), it's been shown that even a relationship as close as siblings only increases the risk of birth defects by roughly the same amount as a woman being over 40 when she gets knocked up. The incest thing is really blown way out of proportion.

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So in the end... What was the point of Umineko?

That it's okay to be delusional & schizophrenic or that incest is wrong?

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That you should stop reading a story if the author's brother dies.

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Don't forget to bring a pony to your delusional maid.

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>check Witch Hunt
>mfw half of the EP8 translation has been out for a month

What the fuck, why didn't anyone tell me

and why can't I seem to find a goddamn decent torrent for 8

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Remember when we all loved Beato?

Of course I still do, but I respect that a lot of people don't anymore.

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Who are you quoting?

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>doesn't know how greentext works

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green only for quoting?

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I loved Beatrice up to EP5. Now I'm left with a crazy maid with a broken penis who started the whole mess because her/his 12 years old nephew forgot a promise.

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>I mean he was fucking twelve, at that age nobody takes what they said a year ago seriously. Yasu must have really been retarded.

What did he say?

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Yasu is a retard.

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Anyone know the lyrics of Happy Maria?

Also, how many new songs are in ep5-8?

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I never liked Beatrice.

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You'd be better of not knowing the lyrics

Also I think there's something like 70 new songs in total for Umineko Chiru.

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Around 90 new tracks.

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And here I thought Umineko is a sad story..

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Beatrice? More like Beawherethefuckdidthisstorygo

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Magicaru Ghoda chef

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Story? Oh, right, story. Yeah, Umineko had one of those, but apparently after Episode 1 it was decided that it wasn't such a great idea after all.

Umineko was never sad.

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Pissing in fire

For magical breeding power

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Remember when Lambdadelta mocked the "brain parasites" in EP3 (or 4, I'm not sure) and most of us thought R07 prepared an awesome brick-shitting solution for Umineko?

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So in the end Beatrice was the incestuous offspring of Kinzo and Beatrice, and is also Shannon, who is also Kanon, who is also Clair, who murdered everyone on the island because he/she/it was upset a 12-year-old melodramatic boy didn't buy a pony for her?

Fuck me.

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You just got fucked by R07 in the ass. DIDJURIKEIT?

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Remember when Umineko was good?

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You mean episode 1?

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Umineko was good, up until when Ange made her appearance in EP3

Thinking back... EP3 would have been a good place to end it all.

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3/4 snorefest 1/4 oh wait something is actually happening does not mean good

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I only hate Yasu so much because of how much I loved Beato in episode 5. They make her out to be this awesome victim, then the Yasu crap comes along, and hey, even then I'm fine, Beato could have a dick not have a dick I don't give a shit as long as it's moe, but the justification was done fucked up.

Like seriously, because of a partially gay love triangle Yasu just decides to KILL everyone? With a fucking bomb that just happens to be on the island?

Meanwhile episode 4 mocked Battler for his wacky theories, and the truth is that there was a megaton explosive on the island just... cause?

And the explosion is detonated because Yasu is a melodramatic whore who can't choose between the lesbian, the red haired douche, and the glasses douche?

Like, fuck you, no amount of dai songs can make me take that shit seriously.

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But everything was so new, it felt awesome when all of a sudden 1/3 of the cast was butchered in a shed.
Little did I know the "story" was going in the exact polar opposite of an actual murder mystery.

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>exact polar opposite

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At least it had a plot and was introducing you to characters while it was simultaneously setting up a story and giving you a bit of backstory. After Episode 1 the characters are arbitrary, since maybe that's the way they are, and maybe it's not. You have no real handle on them. In Episode 1, you're given no reason to doubt the characters, as you're given no reason to doubt the integrity of the story through the construction of multiple meta-worlds stemming from a St. Elsewhere-esque Battler.

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Why did you quote me, then add nothing?

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I thought episode 3 was great when Ange showed up and Episode 4 did a good job of playing everything up until the big finale with dreamenddischarger

Ep 5's fight was interesting but was kinda stupid with everyone and their grandma being able to use the blue truth. What was so memorable about EP4's battle was because of the introductory blue forget-me-not and red roses thing and how Battler was taking the offensive and countering each of Beatrice's red

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I liked Beato until she started going emo at EP4.
Yasu renewed my love for her even if in a different way.

I understand that because love you can do that kind of shit. Killings because of love are in the news everyday, the fact that I wouldn't do it is a different thing, but it happens and it makes sense.

Yasu is actually retarded, and that was proved in her story, hell, she believed Beatrice used to steal her stuff, why not to believe Battler loves her? You saw how delusional she was toward it "Battler suffers the same as me, and I am not one of those fools waiting for someone who does not give a shit about them"

I for one was taken into Yasu's story, enjoyed it and felt sad with her/him. if you don't liked it is fine, but because you didn't liked it doesn't makes it universally bad.

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The murders are still a "murder mystery", the actual plot isn't because of witches and fragments etc

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It's not much of a murder mystery if it doesn't have a solution. I mean, what was with all the Knox rules and the illusion to illusion business if everything was still just HURRMAGIC? R07 gets your hopes up, then lets them down, then slowly makes you trust him again, then fucks you in the arse!

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>It's not much of a murder mystery if it doesn't have a solution
Probably in Rei or something

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there's murder and there's a mystery but the story itself isn't a murder mystery in the same way the Fast and Furious movies aren't considered romantic dramas.

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Gohda and Jessica did it. Accidentally. With hilarious consequences!

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>Fast and Furious movies aren't considered romantic dramas.
The fast and furious movies are based upon teen angst and drama. Until it gets awesome near the end

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Umineko is not a Mystery novel.

It's a Hystery. (The author's that is)

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I still can't believe he said that bullshit. You've gotta tell me that it isn't true, please.

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It's Anti-Fantasy vs Anti-Mystery. If you're only looking at the 'mystery' element, it's Anti-Fantasy

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What Ryukishi doesn't get is that to side with Yasu you have to pretty much not give a shit about all the people who end up dead.

Which is stupid. Even though Yasu hogs the limelight it's impossible to think she's a tragic figure when people like Hideyoshi, Jessica, Gohda, et al end up a corpse due to her craziness.

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I'm rather disgusted that the Anti Yasufags from episode 7 ended up being right.

Fuck you, Ryukishi.

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After skimming through this thread, I must say that I'm impressed, /jp/. Usually Umineko threads are filled with white knighting faggots who insist that the series is still good.

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On the contrary, it's full of people bashing the series! Which is perfectly normal.

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I don't think I've seen even one person trying to defend the shit that Umineko has become in the past week.

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In all honesty, Umineko used to be THE SHIT to gush about.

But then it just became pure shit.

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I liked Yasu's story and I found it touching. However it's fucking terrible as a solution to the mystery.

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This. It's pretty touching and a good story, but nowhere near a motive.
It's one of those things that probably sounded a lot better in R07's head that it actually was.

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I've not seen it discussed in the past week or I'd have been defending it.

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Yasu's story is fine, but the murder is not. Her backstory could be great in explaining why s/he is socially awkward, but the murder of all those people needs more justification than a cheesy love triangle.

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I'd like to see you try.

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There's all the adults going "lol gold" aswell. Fuck you Ryukishi, 8 fucking VNs for this...

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I rather dislike Yasu as the primary murderer. Yeah, love makes you do crazy things, but there are still fucking limits. The only was I like it is if s/he was creating a fake murder mystery to celebrate Battler's return (and maybe make him remember), tries to get the adults in it, and then someone takes advantage of it to really start killing people... but then in that case there isn't much of a motive for the real murderer(s) other than "lol money". Plus there are a few of the mysteries that practically require Yasu to be killing people in order to solve, so it all breaks apart.

But of course, none of the games matter anyway, because they were just stories written within the story. Fuck.

I have a bitter taste in my mouth when it comes to Umineko. It really could have ended well. It could have gone somewhere. But instead we get a weak, poorly contrived ending. I think most of the problem lies with Ryukishi wanting to make it sort of open ended. That, and the death of his friend or whatever. That must have really fucked him up somehow.

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Same here. With all the build up of closed rooms and secret pasts the revelation that the murders were a 'spur of the moment' thing was like a kick in the shins.

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So.... Is Ryukishi going to release anything new at Comiket? Or is he mad at his fans for calling him out on his faggotry?

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This thread needs more images.

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Higanbana vn.

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Maybe. According to his blog he's still shooting for that, but he was dissatisfied with the stuff he wrote in April and ended up throwing it out, so he's running behind schedule.

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I read the manga, at least the few translated chapters, Jesus Christ, it's absolutely terrible. R07 is the japanese Shyamalan.

>> No.7466674

I thought it was kind of meh too, but I'll withhold final judgment until I read the VN version. Could be that he's just not good at writing in the manga format.

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So if compared to Higurashi, is Umineko better or worse?

Because I'm starting to feel Higurashi is much better then what Umineko brought out.

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I like Umineko and can't stand Higurashi.

Other will think just the opposite. It just a matter of taste.

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Higurashi is great in all aspects, especially the characters. Don't think I've loved a cast more than the Higurashi cast.

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I think Higurashi was better.

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I liked the Higurashi characters more. None in Umineko really appealed to me. And the story of higurashi had a beginning and an end. The Umineko story felt like it meandered and went nowhere in the end. And it felt as if Ryukishi decided to be as meta as possible and to make the story as convoluted as he could which felt pretty annoying to me.

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Herp derp cicadas and seagulls.

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What's with people judging a series based on its ending? Isn't most of the series being good enough?

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I liked Umineko's characters more, but Higurashi's story more. Plus Takano was a way more moving villain than Yasuda.

>> No.7466764

Most of Umineko was focused on the build up to the big reveal.
Like Ever17 for example.

That's why even if the early episodes could be quite slow or weak and some of the revelations could feel quite stupid, you still gave it the benefit of doubt since you could feel it was building up to something big.
Of course people would be really disappointed if the big reveal end up being utterly retarded.

Higurashi at least was more episodic and self-contained.

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Try reading it (or trying any entertainment for that matter) just to have fun in process and don't, if you don't. Suddenly most episodes become really enjoyable and overall good.

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I'm with this anon.

Well, the truth is I like the story of Umineko better, or more what the story promised to be.
Higurashi was overall better handled but most of the premises for Umineko appealed more to me.

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There are no villains in both, didn't you learn your lesson?
And Yasu isn't a villain. Villain is witch-Beatrice and she's much better than Takano.

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Takano didn't actually have the Syndrome, bro. It was just an excuse Tomitake made for her to get her pardoned.

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Liked Yasu, liked Beato, thought their story was compelling. Haters gonna hate.

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There is no evidence either way. It's implied that Tomitake said it to protect her, but whether he was flat out lying or just saying the truth at the correct time is unknown.

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I'm sorry but the second sounds as retarded as the first.
Yasu at least regrets what she was going to do, Takano even after losing tries to shot Mion just because.

And you are trying to hard. Takano has a brain parasite? Yasu is the product of incest and falling off a cliff.

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No, the point was that Takano had every reason to be insane with unending rage because every day of her life since her parents died has been hell. As was noted a few posts up, it's actually ambiguous if she honestly has Hinamizawa Syndrome.
Shooting at Mion was just her last bit of spite after, from her perspective, losing everything.

Yasu was a servant girl who had no real troubles other than some bullying. Then she fell in love with a boy who forgot about her. Then another boy falls in love with her, and.. she decides the solution is MASSACRE?

>> No.7466949


Oh, and at the absolute fucking least:
Takano's massacre was TO PROVE A POINT. A very bad, flawed point, but she had a REASON for it.

Beatrice's murder fest had no goal. She was just "putting her life to chance", and instead of just playing Russian Roulette, she decided to drag the entire Ushiromiya family with her.

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So exactly what would've happened if Battler came back one year earlier? Would Yasu try to get him to love her as Beatrice? Because obviously Shannon had already moved onto George by this point.

>> No.7467040

Except in Umineko antagonist isn't a SERVANT GIRL, but a thousand years old cruel WITCH. Feel the difference. She forces Battler to remember his sin, recognize her and believe in magic by all means necessary.

Chiru is more like a deconstruction of the original story, like being behind the scene and seeing what actors truly look like and how everything works. It's better to consider them different stories, really.

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Now, that's just silly.

>> No.7467067

So the secret to enjoying Umineko is... to ignore everything that happens after episode 4?

...Actually, yeah. I agree.

>> No.7467103

Did you see a servant girl doing the killings? Because I sure didn't. So how is she suddenly becomes the antagonist to the protagonist (meta-Battler)? His antagonist is meta-Beatrifce.
In Higurashi it's clearer and Takano is clearly the antagonist, while here it's all meta and shit.

Beatrice isn't even alive after ep4, so there are different antagonists from there on, because it's a different story.

>> No.7467110


The protagonist is Ange.

>> No.7467156

Yasu would have her vagina fixed thanks to the gold, then lots of Battler's hot dickings would have ensued.

>> No.7467169

Not in the first 4 episodes.

>> No.7467238

>She forces Battler to remember his sin

Spouting off dumb shit when you're just starting to go through puberty isn't a sin.

>Chiru is more like a deconstruction of the original story

Are we really going to go there?

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The big difference is that Higurashi only had a single antagonist, or true culprit, while with Umineko the culprit can change. So how can we tell who it is? Well, I always figured that the Game Master just symbolized the true culprit.

In EP1, EP2, First Twilight of EP3, and EP4 that would be Meta-Beatrice, who is also Yasu/Shannon/Kanon/Beatrice/Kinzo. Yep, the maid did it. With Genji probably being her accomplice.
EP3: After Eva found the gold she became the new true culprit. That's why at the end of EP3 Battler faces against Eva-Beatrice.
EP5: Things get odd. Lambda is the GM. So maybe Natsuhi became so delusional that she adopted a new personality and is the culprit this time. So it's not really 'her' who's killing everyone. Or it's Yasu again. Whatever.
EP6: Battler stages all the murders but nobody's really dead. Until the psycho comes along decides to finish the job.
EP7 & EP8 (game): Bern is the GM. Kyrie becomes the true culprit with her family as possible accomplices.

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