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Anyone up for a classic ronery thread? Y'know, with the pathetic anecdotes and sympathetic pats on the back? All of that is kind of taken for granted on /jp/, yet we never have those threads anymore.

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Classic ronery thread? Take this shit to /a/. Reported.

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A classic ronery thread couldn't hope for more than 10 posts before being invaded by people spamming 'hurr 3D pig disgusting bitches and whores' or 'hikkikomori get out /jp/ was always for normals I know because I've been here for 3 months'.

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/jp/ is not, and was never, receptive to /a/-level "WHAT IS IT LIKE TO HOLD A WOMAN IN YOUR ARMS SO RONERY ;_;" threads. We are not closet normalfags that secretly long to be accepted by sluts, fratfaggots and pseudo-intellectual college scum. We are NEETs that have chosen our path of parasitism of our own accord and have no need for 3d people beyond how much we can use and steal from them. If you don't understand this, then you don't belong here and need to go back to /a/, /b/, /v/, /soc/ or whatever terrible board spawned you.

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>hikkikomori get out /jp/ was always for normals
More like shut up and enjoy your life, like a true /jp/edo, that chose it voluntary. If you want to whine about ronery, it means that you're just a failed normal, go to >>>/r9k/ or at least >>>/a/.

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But /jp/ was created to get ronery threads out of /a/ in the first place.

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This is a terrible choice for copypasta; please choose something with less "pseudo-intellectual" buzzwords and edgy quasi-sociopathy the next time you need to get this point across. It's embarrassing to have to read this every time and I wouldn't be surprised if you were the one to have written it originally.

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When I first found out about 4chan I was around 14 years old. I noticed the big deal everyone made about underage boys and girls, and that exact question came up several times. I decided to take pictures of myself as a fourteen year old boy doing various sexual things. (Stroking my bare hairless genitals, spreading my buttcheeks, sucking on phallic objects, etc.) I thought I could save these until I turned 18 and make a killing selling them too someone. I have around 70~ or so pictures, and as I exploited myself, I think there is no way I could be prosecuted for anything. (Just like parents cant go to jail for looking at their kids naked or taking pictures of them in non sexual ways)

However, prostitution is illigal, so would these pictures only be legal to sell in Nevada?

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Told you this when you first posted it but that is a nice photo OP. Better than the usual ronery shit.

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/jp/ - Closet Normalfag Culture


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I guess that's acceptable. I'd prefer something akido-related, really though.

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>bitches and whines about "buzzwords"
>can't actually spell


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It's not prostituition, it's just considered CP and you are the one sharing/selling it, and it's probably illegal in almost every place of the planet.

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This stopped being fun when normalfags joined in to share the sympathetic pats on the back, except they don't deserve them and holy fuck get out of my board

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Here's a slut thread for you OP


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