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Anyone up for a classic ronery thread? Y'know, with the pathetic anecdotes and sympathetic pats on the back? All of that is kind of taken for granted on /jp/, yet we never have those threads anymore.

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> yet we never have those threads anymore.

I learned to deal with it and move on, there are better things to do with my time than complaining about my life such as trolling /a/

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>sympathetic pats

That's what killed it. Not because sympathetic pats are bad, just that it's a very easy to go sympathetic pat > giving advice > giving advice using stories of your own success > normalfag bragging.

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Well, now that we've identified the problem, that needn't happen again, right?

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Bad time to ask, bro. It's still sunday.

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M-my name is Yuno, and I think every single one of you should try harder!. I mean... you're... you're all so slow and lazy and... N-NOT THAT I THINK THERE'S A PROBLEM WITH THAT but I... I think you need to do better! You're the people who've everyone's forgotten and I... I think you have the great potential to do what's right! I mean have any of you had any friends? I mean, I guess it's fun talking to people online, but you need to make honest friends! Please I don't want to see you start getting angry at each other for no reason.

Please don't ignore me. I know I have my own problems. I have a lot of them in fact. I was invited into an art school I don't deserve, and made a bunch of friends who treat me better than they should. What do you do?, other than "fapping" and "being so ronrey" which I don't quite understand, I'm sorry. I also don't get that good of grades, and I have a very good neighbor who's fun to be around (she just ate my entire supply of noodles, she's very short on cash I'm afraid). But as I was saying, you all must try and be better people! ... please? Thank you for listening, I hope.

This image is related too: It's me and Miyachan.

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I'm a senior and have completely wasted my college experience. I've never gone to a party or even set foot in a dormroom (commuter). I also didn't get involved on campus, just went to classes and went home. I didn't even bother to get my picture taken for the yearbook, so I won't appear in it. I also haven't made any real friends that I talk to outside of class. And of course I've never gotten laid either.

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I'm so ronery I began talking to a guy on a gay bear website that's 25 years older than me, 1000+ miles away, then like after just a month and a half bought plane tickets (on a $7/hour budget) and flew to stay with him for a week (and took the week off, risking losing my job to do so). Then I flew back less than a month later for Christmas. Then found out he just wanted sex and I made a big deal out of it and cried and tried to drink myself to death.


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/jp/ lacks the sociopath hate that made ronery threads great

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College is not a place for learning, it's a place for getting drunk and laid.

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-23 and living in mom's house.
-Never had a girlfriend. Don't really try anymore.
-Had many, many friends in High School and lost them, one by one. Now I'm down to two good friends at most, with a few acquaintances.
-Commuted to college and talked to nobody there. Classes, then home.
-Work with old women, so talk to nobody at work.
-Spent my last birthday eating a muffin sitting in my car in a parking lot alone.
-Spent today seeing Rambo with my dad, then playing Sonic the Hedgehog.
-A few times a year take ecstasy and dance around my room to music alone.

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Usually, when people look at me, they're just looking at a facade. How I look at any given moment is a direct
reflection of the people around me. If I stick out too much, someone might approach me. I can't let that happen. If I'm in a group of loud people, I'll be loud too. If everyone else is laughing at crude jokes, I'll laugh as well. I was always changing, like a chameleon, just so I could keep away from small talk. But one of the most amazing feelings is being with a girl who can see straight through that facade. She knows you dislike small talk, so she avoids confronting you. And yet, she's always nearby, in case you feel like having a menial conversation about the weather,
or how the leaves look gently drifting to the ground. She knows that you don't want other people's help, so she'll try to stay out of the way. But when you're down, she'll be the first one to hold out her hand. When you walk in the park during autumn, she wouldn't ask if she could tag along with you, rather,
she'd just walk alongside you without consent, without a word. She wouldn't say anything, but she would lightly hold your arm, and give a gentle smile toward you. And as you walked in the cool, brisk afternoon with her, leaves falling around you like snow, you'd feel your stress, your worries, and your fears slowly melt away. Your mouth would slowly tug at its corners, a sensation that you may have long forgotten. You'd take a look at her face, the warm face that was smiling at the simple treasure of life itself.
And after all this time, you could finally feel yourself returning a genuine smile as well.

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What about sociopath love? Emotion on this level kind of confuses me, I never feel lonely no matter how alone I am. But I want Anon to be happy, not sad!

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I tear up every time I read this copy pasta.

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I'm slowly trying to reclaim my life after wasting a few years being a directionless parasite. Also, I want to fulfil that childhood dream of mine. Hopefully I'm not too late.

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It's sad how /jp/ is full of normalfags nowadays.

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I'm kind of zen about my life. Or I try to be. Live every moment, do everything to its fullest. Be weeaboo as much as I want, be fit, be active in school, be active with friends, sleep a fuckton, fap a lot. Just enjoy life.

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why why why... this will be me in 3 years why oh jesus christ no.

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When was /jp/ NOT full of normalfags? It's a new board and fairly popular since it's a branch off of /a/.

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>-Spent my last birthday eating a muffin sitting in my car in a parking lot alone.

Dude... that sucks, I would totally celebrate your birthday if I knew you... ;_;

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Almost normalfag here. I told you yesterday in my drunk thread, how you could improve yourself, and you told me you dont dont want to, and that you didnt make any ronery thread. Guess you lied.

Anyhow, im not gonna respond to any message, I dont want to derail thread, cya.

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/jp/ is a lonely path. It is also the ultimate humanitarian path. We forgo social interaction in hopes that someone out there in the world will take our share. Such is the sacrifice that we must endure when we take up the banner of /jp/. Our path is a solemn path. We do not expect to experience happiness. We do not expect companionship. We do not expect any interaction with the opposite sex. Instead we live our lives through the eyes of the protagonists in visual novels. Once we see through their eyes, we cannot turn back and hope to experiencing those things through our own mortal flesh. In becoming one with /jp/ we shed our fragile bodies for the eternal body that is a VN protagonist.

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It was my birthday recently, I didn't get a single happy birthday email from anyone, not even my sister. I was expecting to get one from this girl I used to talk to daily, but I kind of lost touch with her and I doubt she even remembered. She even mailed me a birthday present once. The last time, I talked to her, she just wanted me to play some shitty game with her and I don't have time to play anything anymore, and all we ever talked about was games, so without that there's little conversation to be had. I'm kind of dreading running into anyone from high school when I go back home for summer break soon.

I noticed today that Kaoru from Amagami looks just like my sister, especially the hair.

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Would you please elaborate?

Social interacting is just a pain, I'd rather just stay away. It's awkward to look at people. All the mistakes they make and their obscene behavior is enough to put me in a bad mood. It can ruin my mood for weeks.
I'm a virgin, of course, but that's because I'm mostly asexual. I stopped giving a damn a long time ago. Girls have confessed to me several times when i went to middle/high school, but i ignored them because i had never fallen in love before and i was afraid i would just disappoint and hurt them. I was also too good a person to take advantage of them.
My forced personality is pretty well-liked, and my appearance is average. People think I'm funny, but i never laugh myself.
I don't know if i should consider myself a sociopath, but I'm mostly apathetic. I never get really happy, and i never get really sad. I'm just somewhere in between. Some dull kind of emotion... It's pretty boring. Horror is the only emotion i can really feel, and I've started to notice how all other feelings become something to closely resemble horror the stronger they get. But it's still entertaining, nonetheless.
The last time i cried, which was about half a year ago(i haven't cried for several years before that), i was smiling like an idiot while my tears were streaming down my face. It was so damn entertaining. I wish I could experience that more often, hence my liking to VN's and eroge. They tend to get pretty emotional, and it seems like i get closer every time i read a sad one.

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>>Spent my last birthday eating a muffin sitting in my car in a parking lot alone.

I feel your pain man.

I feel it deeply.

I do the same, in fact, pathetically, I was masturbating to Mariya just a month ago, which was my birthday.

I hadn't realized it, but I was talking to him. I called him 'friend', I went out, bought home a cake, and ate it alone...and fapped to sleep.

nobody cares anyway.

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Kaoru is trash.

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A tripfag with no taste? Amazing!

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Back in the days /jp/ was better, just look in the archives.

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I have taste. Just not for trash.

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I have a problem with obsessing over things, it was Programming during High school, then DotA for a good 2-3 years, now I discovered Touhou.


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This is what /r9k/ is for.

Really now, can't you all talk about something besides how lonely you are?

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Defense of the Ancients?

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What kind of fags still give a shit about their birthday?

I slept through my entire birthday last year. I didn't even realize it was my birthday until I opened my e-mail and saw some shitty Happy Birthday messages from forums I was registered to. My parents didn't even bother to call.

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Let's pretend GreenTrollcan doesn't exist and carry on.

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That manga really got me choked up when I read it. Everbody on /jp/ should read it.

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Seems to me these threads are fine here.

Personally I hate these threads. It's ust a bunch of guys complaining how much their lives suck.

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Like yours is any better, spamming garbage image dumps all day. Bitch.

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We've had ronery threads here since this board began. Why are you even here? We gave you our recommendations. Go and play them. I hope you arent planning on sticking around.

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I love you too, constant sager! I think I'll call /jp/ home for awhile.

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It's funny because I don't even remember how my last birthday was.

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/jp/ has always had normalfags and people complaining about the normalfags.

>> No.2371149

Sheesh, take it easy, Anon.

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I've posted that same image about 50 times yet the janitors still delete the ronery threads.

The least that moot could do is have them read the founding rules before giving them moderation privileges.

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>This is what /r9k/ is for.

No, it's really not. /r9k/ is for talking about how your boyfriend/girlfriend broke up with you and how being alone for a few days makes you ronery.

There's a difference.

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For what purpose if I may ask? You've played 1 visual novel, and no touhou games, nor do you read doujinshi or anything like that.

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WTF is hot glue fetish?

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Hey nice, meta-thread M.k. II.

C'mon guys, stop getting trolled so easily. All you have to do is ignore the troll.

>> No.2371168

Why are tripfags always the ones who try to tell us how to act on our own board?

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Yes, the thing with my type of obsession is that either I discover it on my own or a friend introduce me to it, kinda like drugs in a way. Anyhow, I never cared much for Warcraft3 before DotA, since I was a AoE2 nut and only played wc3 on the side. After that, however I became obsessed with it, reading the forums, downloading every new version, play up to 10 full games per day, by full game I mean games that lasts upward of 1 hour each. I still managed excellent grades and supposed to be getting an Cup this year.

But this year it seems my luck has drained, I no longer have focus for anything.

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Google it. You'll thank me later.

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Ronery is all about fapping to 2D wives and not actual loneliness.

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>WTF is hot glue fetish?

Jerking off onto figs.

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After the 200 post thread, one would think that some of you would just learn to ignore him. Please, let's just keep this on topic.

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I think I will end up all alone. I am 23 years old and weigh 220 pounds and am short. I have a 5 inch cock. I have never been on a date with a girl ever in my life. I have never kissed a girl, never hugged one and to this date I do not think a single girl has had any feelings for me. I mostly just try to live on by myself and do some stuff of my own and so I have very very few friends. I go online and talk about my "girlfriend" with some guys showing them pics of some girl from the net. It makes my life that much easier to have atleast someone believe that I might have a girlfriend and am not the pathetic loser that I am. Sad uh? I have very low self confidence and I can never talk to a girl without acting weird. I have been teased mercilessly for being fat and the scars are there and I think they will be forever. I was the only child of parents who were too ignorant to even realize that I had problems. I have never talked about my feelings or insecurities to anyone, I never had anyone to talk to. I am lonely, fat and depressed. I feel miserable for being fat and for having a small cock. I know no normal girl will ever like me. I am too bad with people to make friends. So, I resort to what I know to go on living this shitty life. I will probably eat more and more, smoke more and more, watch more and more porn and go on chatting to guys claiming some girl from the net as my girlfriend.Somebody kill me now.

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But they never leave. Ever. Each new shitty tripfag is just one more nail in /jp/'s coffin, although if you ask me it's already beyond saving.

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I was pretty directionless for awhile

21 and living at home
No driving licence
No friends/relationships

However I recently applied to Uni and was accepted, so I have some direction now. Some other things, but they border normalfag territory, and GreenTrashcan is already annoying enough.

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>Ronery is all about fapping to 2D wives and not actual loneliness.
Please, just get the fuck out, faggot.

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Who cares? Let us enjoy our ronery solidarity while it lasts.

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Only the Fresh Prince knows true roneriness.

>> No.2371199

Hi, athens.

>> No.2371202

Watch Paprika.

>> No.2371205

So what are you guys planning to do with your sunday? I've got to take some notes, that will maybe take up a few hours. Then maybe play some video games, cook and then chill out with some anime for the evening.

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Please don't mind me. It's not like giving constructive criticism towards the ronery kids who tried saging my epic thread will make me more popular than I already am, but it needed to be said.

>> No.2371211

I'm going to study for my learners permit, and buy a cellphone.

I'll probably study later on in the evening.

>> No.2371214


athens-chan, I'm really glad you're watching Planetes. Are you enjoying it?

>> No.2371215

What kind of cellphone?

>> No.2371217

I'm probably going to stay home, finish up a book, catch up on Umineko Ep 4, and maybe do some homework if I find the motivation.

>> No.2371219

The kind that kills tripfags over the internet.

>> No.2371225

To be honest, I really have no idea. The last time I had one was in 2006...


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I think he was expressing the common opinion here that roneriness isn't a disorder , but a conscious choice by those who just love 2D so much that it keeps them from everything else. Sure we're still alone, but how can one be lonely in the literal sense if we have 2D waifus to keep us company?

>> No.2371234

Laundry, grocery shopping, schoolwork, and hopefully have enough free time to read some Umineko.

>> No.2371237

I have no idea... I need to get a new one myself actually.

>> No.2371239

Planetes is great. Thanks for asking.

>> No.2371241


I think I just looked in the mirror. You're not alone, not at all.

>> No.2371250

>but how can one be lonely in the literal sense if we have 2D waifus to keep us company?
It will happen.

>> No.2371265

I am still of the belief that the true otaku are the ones who are ronery not by choice, but are ronery because of crippling social phobias or a complete lack of social skills.

For these people, the 2-D isn't merely a substitute, it is all they have. There is nothing else for them, no hope at the end of the tunnel. There is no escape ladder for them if one day they change their mind and decide they wanted to have a relationship with the 3-D, like the person you described. The true otaku feels the crushing reality that they will never have a relationship as long as long as they live, regardless of whether or not they desire one.

>> No.2371275

Ronery threads used to be about how much society is shit and how we hate it.
You've changed /jp/, now that you want to be part of that society, you're lost everything, even your honor, the resign with which you plainly stated that you would follow that path wherever it will lead you.
When have you all transformed into pathetic slobs?

>> No.2371276


Good thing I'm not a true otaku then.

>> No.2371291

What does being part of society mean?
Give me examples of /jp/edos wanting to join society.

>> No.2371299

Finally someone who know what a otaku is.

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I'll probably be finishing up Paul Krugman's Peddling Prosperity, which is a sort of layman's economic history from the 70s until the early 90s when it was written, detailing the developments in academia (monetarism, rational expectations, new keynesianism) and how those developments got distorted into the pop economics that was seen in policy like strategic trade and supply-side. If you're interested in economics, I'd definitely recommend it.

After that I'll practice some piano then browse /jp/.

>> No.2371301

All these fools crying about how they have no friends, were alone in college, didn't have any birthday gifts.
/jp/, you're beyond that, why care about such petty things ?

>> No.2371305


>> No.2371307

To make you happier, i hatE the way society is all about materialism. What is money worth, when you can have knowledge? INFORNOGRAPHY!

>> No.2371309


The people who are "otaku by choice" are simply regular hikkis + a fat helping of denial. I guarantee behind every chooser is a moment of failing miserably at socializing and simply giving up .

>> No.2371317

I rather enjoy being alone actually, whether it is traveling or going to the gym or sitting at home.

I had a social life growing up, even had a few girls tell me they were in love with me! It was alright, but I was always happiest when I was alone and could do whatever I felt like, it's the main reason I don't bother to date women, I would probably feel enslaved if I was in a relationship.

>> No.2371319


Plus a fat helping of actual fat.

>> No.2371321

Wow, you know this place is dead when /jp/ can't even do ronery threads right any more.
What the hell is all this shit?

>> No.2371322

Otaku and hikikomori are two very different things. They overlap some but they are far from being mutually inclusive.

>> No.2371330


Trolling and... yeah I don't even know anymore. /jp/ hasn't had a good lonely thread in months, this is just some kind of sad parody.

>> No.2371332


He was using otaku to mean hikki, so I just used both.

>> No.2371336

>Paul Krugman's Peddling Prosperity

Already read it. Still the most readable mainstream economics book I've ever read. I've been reading about Roman and Hellenistic economies recently actually. Debasement of coinage, quantative easing in the third century etc. All very interesting.

As for those talking about what a true otaku is. I'd say a true otaku is someone who genuinely doesn't care about the yardsticks modern industrial civilization tells him he must compete to get better at, like women and so on, regardless of the circumstance that led him there.

>> No.2371337

ronery thread actually require people to open up and tell their stories.

Nowadays everyone's too afraid of the "Cool Story Bro" anon.

>> No.2371338

Not having friends or having very few friends is so nice. I don't feel pressure to entertain anyone or live up to some arbitrary standard/expectation.

Birthday presents? I could care less. I haven't received a gift that actually meant something in years. If I want a new pair of anything, I'll buy it myself.

I'm still open to the idea of a relationship, however I do not actively search anything out. If it happens, it happens. Great. If not, then that's great as well.

I'm just trying to take it as easy as possible.

>> No.2371343

Athens, I forget...what did you study in Uni again? (Just curious)

>> No.2371344


>> No.2371346

No he wasn't, he said people who have no interest in women and no hope of getting one, that's not a hikki.

>> No.2371347


How do you make a relationship "just happen"? I have a feeling that if some sort of love story dropped in your lap, you'd probably see her as crazy/shallow anyways.

>> No.2371349


Well it's definitely not otaku

>> No.2371353

Hey, at least you have worship.
Imagine what it's like to live as a normal human in a basement, you don't even get human sacrifices and bloodbaths.

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The only problem with this thread are those who are announcing its ruin. Keep the anecdotes up friends.

>> No.2371357

Go bother another board.

This will be the only time I reply to you.

Sage, as this isn't contributing anything to the thread.

>> No.2371359


No. Stop being a butthurt faggot over shit you didn't even need to care about in the relevant thread. Sage because this board moves as fast as molasses in winter anyways, thus rendering it useless.

>> No.2371366

get out, we don't want your kin here.
get out, we don't want your kin here.
get out, we don't want your kin here specially because you do cheap drugs.
We must purge them, for a clean and pure /jp/.
best post of this thread.
get out, closet normalfag.

Try reading a 2ch ronery thread, if you want the real ronery exprience.

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I pedal the last stretch uphill. I can't help but notice that lately it doesn't leave me as tired or out of breath. It's been a few years trekking the deserted coasts after all, my legs are not what they used to be. Stepping off the bicycle, I look at the outstretching view. I'm standing on what used to be a mountain, but now I can feel the sea breeze hitting my face.

The smell of the ocean reminds me of my first days in this forgotten land. Japan hasn't been the same since the storms, and returning home is now almost impossible.
Or that's what I like to tell myself. I'm sure that if I looked hard enough I would find one of the last transports to the other side of the ocean, but there was really no point.
The same stories all over the globe, or at least those were the last reports.
Right before they shut down the internet, and 4chan with it. Now, my Anonymous status means nothing, the life I knew gone, and my only goal now is to find that mythical place before we fade out.
I look upwards to the sky, watching the clouds pass by lazily. I miss them. I wonder where the rest of us are. Lost, thrown all over the planet, and with no way to contact each other. Maybe some are traveling with me, no way to tell. Of course, looking for that cafe is popular. I have already run into otakus, their heaving and wheezing easily recognizable.
They are not so common now.
I draw a sip of the water bottle. It was a good idea to ride a bike instead of driving a motor. A pre collapse physique wouldn't be able to deal with this new world.
Taking a last, long look at the crashing waves, I start to pedal again. I'll keep looking for that place, that cafe attended by someone who might not even exist. All I need before seeing humanity's last throes is to drink a cup of coffee at Cafe Alpha.
It might take me ten more years, and I might not even find it at the end. The bike goes faster, gaining speed downhill. I'm not in a rush; she will wait until I get there.

>> No.2371369

Ancient History.

Anyone else hate the sound of drunken girls? They literally shriek. Guys are bad too but the fact we have deeper voices makes it slightly better. That shriiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeking laughter at their own inanity is annoying.

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>> No.2371380


Actually, I'm a normal normalfag. I attend uni and get along well with others.

>> No.2371384

Do you remember this thread /jp/?

>> No.2371389

What made you choose Ancient History?

Also, I've never heard a drunk female before. I would imagine that it's not too pleasant.

>> No.2371392

I feel like i can relate to you. Apathy truly is boring.

As for what I'm doing this Sunday... I'm probably gonna listen to the Paprika OST even more and surf /jp/. I lack initiative, which makes everything even more boring. I think i can relate to Beatrice. Boredom is truly the worst.

>> No.2371400


But daytime weekend /jp/ is worse than anything I can imagine. Fuck, and it's already this bad this late.

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>> No.2371409

>When you wake up in the daytime, you think "I'll sleep a little
bit more" and when you wake up at night, you think "It's about time
to get up..."

>You forget how to vocalize.

>You feel sorry for your parents being nice to you.

Damn these hit hard. ;_;

>> No.2371410

I've always liked the subject. I like History in general, particularly civic history, as in, the history of towns and cities and their accompanying urban landscapes.

Ancient History appeals more to me than modern because I'm a romanticist at heart and because Ancient History is harder than modern History to study as well.

>> No.2371418

lol yeah, perhaps I can reveal now.

But I was the OP of that thread. That was back when I posted on the 'Chat in English' threads on 2channel. Some dude actaully just translated the whole thing for me, such a nice guy.

>> No.2371425

IMO, it's the last well made ronery thread that was made.

>> No.2371437

I still live with my parents. My mother told me recently that I shouldn't talk to strangers, because they might be pedophiles. But mom, I said, I'm 23 years old now, I'm a grown man, not a kid. Well, yeah, but be careful anyway, she said.

>> No.2371455
File: 38 KB, 342x409, NiggaPlease.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Go troll /r9k/, athens

>> No.2371461

Why do you guys suck athens' cock so much? He's a retard and a moron, and a barnacle is more interesting than him.

Plus he ruined /jp/ with his neverending shit threads.

>> No.2371464 [DELETED] 
File: 219 KB, 1280x791, 1227151709315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you cut out all of the meta discussion and finger pointing, this thread isn't any better or worse than the old threads, IMO. I think a year from now people will look back and say this wasn't so bad.

>> No.2371465


My mom said the same thing to me when I was 20 when I mentioned talking to someone online. She didn't imagine for a second that I was the one talking to 13 year old girls.

>> No.2371472

I have nothing better to do. No idea's at least. I could probably also settle for listening to the Paprika OST. But this thread is at least a little interesting.

>> No.2371474

Nobody cares. Those who go out of their way to attack him unprovoked are just as bad.

>> No.2371477

Damn, really makes me feel sorry for them. Why do they continue to torture themselves if they see their lifestyle as such a burden?

>> No.2371478

It still ended up devolving into the mysoginistic bullshit that killed ronery threads for good, so I'm not sure if I would consider it a very good thread.

>> No.2371480

I like these threads. They make me feel better about myself. :)

>> No.2371482


Having a trip makes them automatically subject to such attacks anyway. Besides, the vast majority of them deserve it. Tripfags should be run out of /jp/ with torches and pitchforks.

>> No.2371516
File: 219 KB, 1280x791, 1227151709315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The only problem with this thread is the meta discussion and the pointing of fingers. Imagine this thread without those elements: sure, it would be half its current length, but it would still be just like the threads of old. Keep that in mind, friends.

>> No.2371529

I semi-agree. There are those tripfags that have trips for valid reasons like Tinfoil, who uses them to announce progress and ask for opinions about projects. Those i dont have anything against.

>> No.2371532


No it wouldn't. Trying to yell over a crowd of morons is useless. We will never return to the threads of old.

>> No.2371533

>Why do they continue to torture themselves if they see their lifestyle as such a burden?
If you don't know the answer, you're probably a normalfag.

>> No.2371541

I just wanna play VN till i die, is it so hard to understand?

I don''t seek 3D Pigs.
I'm not a closet normalfag.
I just wanna be in the perfect 2D world.

>> No.2371545

Source on this image.

>> No.2371551

I'm not a normalfag by any stretch of the word. I'm a shut-in/hiki. I just like my lifestyle. If I didn't I'd change it.

>> No.2371557
File: 151 KB, 923x720, 1219200062765.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All of you, read this.

>> No.2371559

'Women cant be ronery' killed ronery threads.

It's probably the most untrue thing in the world anyway, plenty of women feel roneryness, it's amazing that /jp/ cant see this.

>> No.2371592


I've been saying forever that athens ruined ronery threads, but no one believed me and you guys still went along with his horse shit. At least the death of /jp/ proved me right.

>> No.2371603

>'Women cant be ronery' killed ronery threads.

It may or it may not have, but it is true. You can't say it isn't.

>> No.2371610

hi athens, forgot your trip, in before shitstorm

Not that it matters, this ronery thread was a horrible miscarriage from the start.

>> No.2371618

We all know this.

No, please.

>> No.2371622

Nothing has killed ronery. To the contrary, ronery pervades all of /jp/. The general assumption is that even if not everyone isn't a NEET, everyone experiences ronery and prefers 2D to a certain extant. There is no way to understate how extraordinary this is: not even old /a/ had taken it this far. The only thing missing are the ronery threads themselves, a pointless exercise in something that, as the OP stated, we already take for granted.

>> No.2371623

With time, things develop. This is very basic ipso facto logic.

But what does that entail for something like a large imageboard? It means it becomes less of a community and things fracture. Think of it like a country. Atomization occurs. You have the large urban centers of /b/ and /v/ and /a/ and so on, and then the outlying townsteads and villages such as /jp/ and /an/.

With time, and with repetition, formulaic tendencies start to emerge in threads as well.

One of these was the advicefag in ronery threads. His 4chan role was to give out advice to ronery people, and so he became part of the board's zeitgeist in a way. Whenever there was a ronery thread advicefaggotry followed because it was a profitable way of garnering replies and an e-peen.

Why do you think most normalfags are tripfags for example?

Those are the people that killed ronery, not me.

>> No.2371624
File: 25 KB, 704x384, 1235191709937.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is me reading the post.

>> No.2371632

Effectively, as soon as ronery threads became a Q & A session for normalfags to revel in their role as top of the social food chain, ronery died. It changed from an exchange of anecdotes and a cathartic night time 'calming' period to the kind of shit you see on places like /fa/.

Not me. I think women can be ronery.

>> No.2371637

lol what. You've probably inherited some retardation from her. Just sayin'

Today I'm gonna start watching Higurashi season 2 and play Ninja Gaiden and do laundry. Tomorrow I'm gonna buy some knives for cutting boxes and some envelopes and sellotape. My life kicks ass.

>> No.2371640

It's easy, roneryness became one with /jp/.

>> No.2371647


>> No.2371654

old /a/ preferred 2D to a certain extent too, it's just that the people from /b/ don't.

>> No.2371656

>Q & A session
Early on in ronery thread's history (and I mean really early, pre-split late night /a/ early) the advices were actually good. People who were advicing was either anon fortunate enough to be in relationship or just very sensitive normalfags. It was basically like married anon giving you relationship advice and it really cheered people up.

Then shit happened and it became all "you're a faggot, if you were a real man here's what you need to do to get them sluts in bed, trust me I've slept with 100+ animu fangirls"

So yeah, fucking normalfags

>> No.2371670

You know, the archive has other things other than the ghost board.
This one in particular is great:

>> No.2371686

Hm, where did I deny I once used to think that?

People change there beliefs if confronted with enough proof you know.

>> No.2371686,1 [INTERNAL] 

I miss ronery threads.

>> No.2371686,2 [INTERNAL] 

I'm aware of it, but you? I doubt it.

>> No.2371686,3 [INTERNAL] 

Why would I want to make up a lie about changing my mind about something this inconsiquential? Stop being paranoid and just accept something this basic as it is meant to be taken.

>> No.2371686,4 [INTERNAL] 

Reading that older thread (965262) I wonder why /jp/ has these morals about sex.
What's wrong about two consenting parties rubbing body parts against each other? It doesn't even sound particularly awesome or anything.
And how it relates to trust or having a fulfilling relationship is beyond me.

>> No.2371686,5 [INTERNAL] 

You're not the real athens. No self-respecting pseudo-intellectual would make a their/there mistake.


>> No.2371686,6 [INTERNAL] 

Hey, it happens.

>> No.2371686,7 [INTERNAL] 

It has little to do with morality and everything to do with aesthetics. Previous sexual experience not only complicates any sort of narrative framework for a romance, but also kills any sense of purity or innocence we might have had, which are the qualities we seek the most fervently.

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