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why shouldnt i come to /jp/?

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Because it's full of greasy NEETS acting like Tumblr girls by posting pictures of cute female characters from an old video game nobody here has ever played

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I also masturbate to the characters, specially the small ones.

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i guess you can come here now that they removed the rude posters these days

>> No.23339349

because this place is fucking shit

>> No.23339372

This place has been infected with east asian idol brain making it many times more unadjusted than anywhere else on the internet.

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Very bad for your mental health.
Will make you say things like "Youmu is a dork" and "Sanae is a slut" and "I wish Hatate would cuck me" without knowing what any of those things mean, if anything.

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1h30m stil up
reporting it an hour ago didnt work

mods really are retarded fuckshits

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you know you cant announce reports right?

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It's sallyfag trying to bump threads off the board, report and move on

>> No.23339750

current jan/mods are trap reditors that erase anything that triggers them even if it is on topic

>> No.23339784

/jp/ don't like outsider

>> No.23339790

when they banned the word sºy was the beginning of the end

>> No.23339800

yeah who the fuck removed inmu thread

>> No.23339813

No wonder idol threads are filled with complains and tons of nuked post on warosu

>> No.23339943

It's not moderation, it's Sally. If they don't remove thread he doesn't like he goes nuclear and start necrobumping the whole board only to kill it.

>> No.23340004

i was talking about posts inside the threads, sweetie

>> No.23340046

If you ban someone it will also delete all of his posts, go figure man.

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Does this counts as the meta thread for the board?

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janny is mmy mommy

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