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Lewd Threads are foolz.
Happy April.

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Good question. What happened to ascii threads?

>> No.23314682

They are usually deleted on sight these days.

>> No.23314751

ASCII for the sake of ASCII is only allowed on the random boards now, and it just kind of died out. I anons lost interest once they couldn't use it as a copypasta go-fuck-yourself, kind of like how other boards use wojak these days to spite posts/threads with as little effort as possible.

That's not to deny there was plenty of ASCII OC made, but the same can be said for wojak as well. Since we no longer experience ASCII spam, we're nostalgic about it. People will also unironically look back on wojak fondly in the same manner.

SHIFTJS is still allowed on /jp/, and you can make a thread for it, but they generally don't have much OC anymore and so die rather quickly.

>> No.23314751,1 [INTERNAL] 

Wojack exists because "That feel when no gf" exists & that originated from /jp/ as is.

/jp/ will always seem to bring forth the latest memes.

>> No.23314751,2 [INTERNAL] 

wojak/tfw no gf came out of krautchan you retard

BUT, if you're inferring that /jp/ was that first 4chan board where tfw no gf was posted on, that could be true cuz i also heard a similar claim about spurdo heh

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