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hey /jp/ i haven't been on here in a decade. i have a quick question. my japanese girlfriend is out right now in tokyo. she missed her train and now shes out drinking. no proof. what are the chances she is cheating? im thinking around 80 percent but to be honest i dont understand the japanese frame of mind. youre all academics can you explain how shed be out drinking and not cheating because im probably going to dump her in 15 minutes. thanks.

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lol i just farted but there was poop in my fart XD lol now i have to change my thong ^__^

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nice thanks for the well thought advice. I'm guessing my relationship is over so I'll be posting content of the same caliber soon.

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You should get a boyfriend instead, the asshole is sooo much tighter than the pussy plus you can watch anime and play video games with him after.

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wow thats certainly something to consider! i will probably be single for a while to cope with the pain and disappointment but when I'm ready for a sexual relationship i may consider sodomizing males like you recommend. are a lot of people open to being sodomized?

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Well heh heh I happen to be in Japan right now, give me a call when you are feeling lonely anon ;)

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>hey /jp/ i haven't been on here in a decade.
Go away then lol

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Don’t hav faith in japgirl.
Jap ar twofacd. Giv her a chans and if she does it again, move to corea and het corran grill

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I'm thinking there's a bitch in your life that needs her motherfucking ass kicked. You know what I'm talking about, a bitch that needs her ass whooped.

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Just ask 'jamal' in /djt/ he's the oldest faggot on this website