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Previous thread: >>21257099

This thread is for the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual novels.

What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? What have you finished? You know the drill.

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Sakura no Toki release date & demo release annousment will be made in Summer-early Autumn (probably late July-early October )

Rejoices my bois, we are almost there.

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I don't know if you can trust Sca-ji's vague promises.

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Some of you guys are alright, don't go to 茂伸村 tomorrow.

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Anon looking for the patch, have you actually played this (main game)? How is it?

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Haven't played it yet, just hoarding for now.

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Why couldn't I just get a normal yankee game without this weird shit

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why would you play a game literally called babumi and not expect this

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What went wrong, bros?

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this is literally th best fetish

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That's NTR.

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There is a DL version, it doesn't include these patches?

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I dunno. I presume it does.

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getting game overs is actually kind of fun

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Guys Demonbane plz

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Uploading at 100kb/s, see you in 3 days. At this rate someone else is going to release it before me.

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Thank you. Please don't let us down.

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>else is going to release it before me
It's already on AB, no need to upload it.

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You are the best, bro, love you. I am ready to wait as long as necessary, no problem <3

No account, alas

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Continuing from the last thread's 収穫の十二月, here's 神事双劇カーニバル.


Be sure to rename the files to something like xxx.zip.001, xxx.zip.002 and xxx.zip.003. Basically, same name, add the zip and then the numbers, otherwise you might not be able to unpack it.

And here's an update. It's the top one. The bottom one is for an older release with less content.

If you also get Ludesia (I think it's on the /jp/ FTP), you'll be able to play them all and then read George Henry Shaft's treatise on them.

Finally, Ludesia has it's own update
and a short extra

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Scaji is trash and everybody that likes him is a faggot

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I'm a faggot and I don't like SCA-JI.

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okay this is based

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Low IQ individual spotted.

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I only see you

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These seem like some kind of visual novel ports for GBC on here that requires files off the original Windows 95 discs to compile them. I have no idea how to do this properly, but I found dumps of 2 of them. I'm not sure if the To Heart ones are right.

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Kudan no Folklore is quite enjoyable if you ever wanted a slice of life about girls discussing horror movies. I always thought that the closest I'll get to that is Dowman Sayman's manga.

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It's somewhat unfortunate that they don't have intense yuri sex with each other.

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for some reason yuri games tend to avoid that

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Fucking retard can't understand the trashy simplicity of found footage, it's like watching 80s slashers.

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File: 1.20 MB, 1920x1080, 和香様の座する世界 (7).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bordering on mental retardation

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There was something like that for Air too, GBC and GBA.


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And Tsukihime.

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>shittier art
>than FSN

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See for yourself.


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The art is wonky but I can give it an amazing use/amount of sprites, especially for what's basically a doujin.

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What are your favorite games?

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This doesn't seem to work on gaijin IPs.

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it was alright for a doujin game

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How porn-heavy are Gun-Katana and Extravaganza? Looking to try out more Black Cyc titles. I liked MinDead Blood, but the H-scenes got a little tiring especially when there were like four within 30 minutes (despite a lot of them being fairly high quality). Gore Screaming Show was fine.

I tend to skip H-scenes when I get bored of them but I don't want to feel like I'm skipping a fourth of the game.

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Gun-Katana has a lot, but you can skip them. The biggest issue with the game is how hard it is to get each ending though. I gave up after 3 or so endings since I couldn't find a good walkthrough anywhere when I played (not sure if there's one out there now). It's a shame since I was really enjoying it.

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Extravaganza has a loong 'common route', until you get in the cave and it proceeds to become a tentacle gore fest.

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Not always

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Name of the game?

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Kudan no Folklore

She's kinda old fashioned. The game starts with her talking about how she didn't like It Follows and prefers zombie movies with lots of shooting instead.

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>I don't want to feel like I'm skipping a fourth of the game.

That's pretty standard by now though, if you like to skip them. "Normal" full price eroge tend to have 40+ hcg nowadays. Average text for a hcg is usually about 10kb->400kb+ lewds. There are exceptions like the last Marmalade game which doubled the kb. That game has like 50% lewd text, even though it has 700kb common without any lewds. It was a pretty shitty idea though, as you'll look at the same cg for like 20-30 minutes in auto-mode and the routes are 1 hour of actual content outside of all the ero.

Obviously the games you are talking about are a little older. Back then, 25% lewd text was actually considered a lot, and not normal. But alas, times change.

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File: 499 KB, 3696x2079, この大空に、翼をひろげて FLIGHT DIARY 01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

who cares about the glider, I wanted the slut that walks around in her underwear every morning.

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Finally concrete details about Cross Concerto, the crowdfunded Applique game.


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File: 606 KB, 1280x720, 和香様の座する世界_20190504_133338.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


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Demb sluts like this need anal.

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Dumb sluts like this need anal.

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I hope people knew what they were getting into. Those are some "give my money back"-tier character designs, if you ask me. Either they look too much like carbon copies from previous works of the artist, or they look like shit.

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Looks like typical Odawara Hakone. I'm sure his fans are fine with it.

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Maybe. But especially that white haired girl looks so bad. Feels like Ouka from Hananono grew her hair in shitty ways with a different eye color. Well, I don't need to like it.

>> No.21286226

That's not white hair.

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Thanks, this one looks interesting.

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Is this the completely version and I don't need the other chapters the anon was mentioning in the previous thread?

>> No.21286504

This contains chapter 1 (stories 1-10), chapter 2 (stories 11-20) and a sketch of chapter 3 (stories 21 and 22). Apply this patch onto it.

You might also consider getting chapter 1 here. It might be voiced here and possibly not in the C75 disc.

After looking into Japanese blogposts, I can also say a disc with story 23 was also released, but it's probably lost to time. Not even 2DJG FTP has it.

So I'd read chapter 1 from the kororon link, rest from the Mega.

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Okay, thanks.

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I'm playing some エロゲ/Untranslated VNs this weekend.

>> No.21287229

anything similar to baseson stuff including sengoku?

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That's really good to hear. Any tips for stealthily enjoying some Untranslated 抜きゲーム when you live with a roommate?

>> No.21287434

Me too, except I'm playing superior allagesge.

>> No.21287469

Why are most eroge protagonists 草食系?

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I'm at the point where you deal with a kitsune in Waka-sama and I feel fucking scammed. I mean, Fujiko-senpai asked for 3 million yen at haunted house to get the job done, and would've probably asked for ~5 million for kitsune, based on the power level. All I got was less than a million for 2 jobs. Fuck this shit.

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File: 430 KB, 700x1251, new_chara_full.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Who is she? And why the hell no Ruriwo and Nonomi as heroines?

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I just want an Ai route, can't give a shit about any new girls.

>> No.21287675

Ai route's gonna be in no doubt.

>> No.21287676

Scaji abandoned kusoge heroine bullshit and is making the game linear.

>> No.21287704

Yeah, but I want her to be the main heroine and not totally not a repeat of Naoya's mother now that he's literally his dad that is Sakurako.

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Is Sakura no Uta hard to understand? And I don't mean in a language sense.

>> No.21287740

No. Really, no. Maybe you'll enjoy it more if you know the literature it references, but by itself it's really simple and very direct.

>> No.21287743

Considering how bland, boring and repetitive, not to mention long winded and poorly paced, Scaji does the philosophy infodumps, nope.

>> No.21287755

I'd say no but I remember one ESL from a year or so ago asking some really dumb and obvious questions about the game apparently missing the point of everything. So I dunno. If you played and enjoyed Subahibi you'll be fine.

>> No.21287790

So it takes a while at least before tons of back to back worm/bug rape? As long as they're fairly spread out or it takes a while to get to I don't really care.

I've mostly played older games, though I did play Satsukoi.

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>Any tips for stealthily enjoying some Untranslated 抜きゲーム when you live with a roommate?
Ask him to join.

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Why didn't you tell me Cabbit is releasing a new mystery game? It even has our guy ゆき恵 and our girl さえき北都 as the artists.


>> No.21287853

I guess you could use headphones instead of blasting the audio over your speakers? Otherwise there's not much you can do, just start fapping maybe you can get him interested in porn powerpoints.

>> No.21287954

I love this artist.

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get a windows tablet

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File: 2.19 MB, 1280x960, kabe01_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why we're at it, why didn't you play Leticia's game yet?

>> No.21288088

thinking about tonight's asa-project sesh is making me AGEPOYO

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What is Yuzusoft's best game?

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>> No.21288795

Probably, by the surname and age (if she is entering first year like Nei), she was that child who was involved in the fight that sent Onda Nei to the hospital; Honma Keika's daughter (that cunt who wanted the Kei's painting and the Makoto's vase in compensation for such incident, if I remember correctly).

>> No.21289867

You can't make the protagonist a sentient being or else the target audience wouldn't be able to relate.

>> No.21290281

What is the play order for 収穫の十二月?
Was it starting from Winter > Spring > Summer > Fall > Final again?

Really appreciate all these doujin games.

>> No.21291018

yukie isn't a guy and this thread doesn't like female writers

>> No.21291610

Yes, Winter to Final.

>> No.21291784

Oh, so Makoto's route was paying attention to?

>> No.21291791

Are there any specific ones you're looking for? I gathered various stuff from here over the years, so I might have what you want.

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Good, fuck these gluttons
i'm getting irrationally mad about this

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Don't know why but when I try to launch お姉さん先生 ~補習授業のエッチな先生~ nothing happens, I've downloaded three versions already (though they're probably the same from different site).

At first I thought it was the cack but not a single source give me one so I assume it's not needed.

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Amairo Islenauts and Riddle Joker were pretty decent

>> No.21292417

RJ is probably their worst game so far, hell it doesn't even use its gimmick for sex decently.

>> No.21292432

Region lock? For example Desire remaster has an installer that does absolutely nothing unless you run it under Locale Emulator. Might be something similar on the game's exe.

And consider checking the AS thread for the game. If it's problematic to run there'll be people crying about it.

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Btw Chaos;Child: Love ChuChu is now effectively "playable" on PCs, cause ourest of our guys George Henry Shaft released a translation in video form.

It has softsubs, so you can just turn them off and enjoy the full game in Japanese.

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File: 853 KB, 1192x742, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I guess the video quality is somewhat rough, but hey, it'll do if you don't have PS4/PSV.

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File: 997 KB, 1026x629, お姉さん先生.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks, seems like it was indeed a localisation problem, worked when I launched it with locale emulator.
It's not the first time I run into a localisation probleme but at least last time there was a window to tell me it was, this time there was nothing.

>> No.21293535

Do you have list for it?
I don't really know good doujin titles.

>> No.21293572

機神咆吼デモンベイン (2019)

>> No.21293620

Yay, thanks.

>> No.21293656


>> No.21293877

Thank you.

>> No.21293942

Sorry, no. Was thinking more if you have anything specific you've been looking for.

>> No.21294255

Ok, so I look around and found this video

Basically it list
World End Economica
収穫の十二月 < you already provide this one
ナルキッソス 1&2 < aka Narcissu

Also I just remember about Corpse Party 2, though it seems no more update since 2017

>> No.21294315

Let's see.




and patch

>> No.21294324

doujin games are all shit anyway lol
if it doesn't get a proper remake it's not worth reading

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File: 339 KB, 1284x964, AheaheR_2018-09-21_09-17-14.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>doujin games are all shit anyway lol
What did he mean by this?

>> No.21294524

Spoiler that shit, I almost threw up.

>> No.21294589


>> No.21294595

Thanks, anon!

>> No.21294647

Uups, fucked up the link for 灯穂奇譚


>> No.21294811

We need more sailor moon stuff

>> No.21294986

And I can't get sound outside the videos, just great. The game information related to that problem is absolute garbage too.

>> No.21295002

Like voices and such? It worked for me.

>> No.21295306

It's not the same without massive dongs desu

>> No.21295410

Thank you bro. Also, VNR does not want to take the text out of the game, it produces just different symbols. How to fix

>> No.21295433

Nobody cares about your brain problem, go away.

>> No.21295721

You'll have to learn Japanese. Go to DJT.

>> No.21295749

I need your help guys. Does anyone know where I can find a copy of Doukyuusei (https://vndb.org/v185)?

>> No.21295754


>> No.21295791

Thanks anon, I think I found it.

>> No.21295884

How about you take your text out of this thread, moron. Jackass

>> No.21296005

whoa I never even noticed that elf had all these mahjong games. anyone play them?

>> No.21296024

Please grow up and learn to ignore off-topic posts. You can hide posts you don't want to see, too. The more you rage about them, the more they will happen.

>> No.21296042

I really like wakasama's opening
never skip it when i load up the game

>> No.21296067

The funny thing about all the VNR bitching is that often pics posted in these threads are named the same way that VNR names screenshots. I don't use it, but I think it's ok as training wheels so long as you don't use any of the autotranslation features.

>> No.21296088

>The funny thing about all the VNR bitching is that often pics posted in these threads are named the same way that VNR names screenshots
That's the way sharex names screenshots lad, but I suppose it's configurable
only thing that bothers me about those posts are the retards who respond to them every time

>> No.21296107

Yeah, it's great. I'm glad that Shade took a break from serving his chink gacha overlords and blessed us lowly PC eroge plebs with his work, even if it's just one OP.

>> No.21296129

>I'm glad that Shade took a break from serving his chink gacha overlords
i'm out of the loop
which chink shit is he working on now?

>> No.21296136

Anyone know where I can illegally download the full version?

>> No.21296150

>needing a software to take screenshots

>> No.21296176

If you're an autist who takes a shit ton of screenshots, like me, it's extremely useful

>> No.21296185

Azur Lane.
I use it because it lets me have all my screenshots be in auto organized in subfolders.

>> No.21296238

Well yeah, why would you not want to have a macro for a screenshot? You think it's better to open up paint and crop it or something? Because not every VN has HD resolution.

>> No.21296964

Whatever you use to save the screenshot is software too.

>> No.21297912

Bye INTEGRAL https://yadi dot sk/d/7q33JtwcGe8yNg

>> No.21298245

Thanks. Also thanks for Jitensha Sougyou games few years ago. I presume it was you cause the links were on the same host posted in the same format.

>> No.21298260

Normally I'd agree, EOP, but this thread is the exception.

You have your own extremely active thread in DJT. You have VNDB, you have A-S, where SEA monkeys cry for a hook code for every single game. In short, you have plenty of resources.

You need to be actively reminded that subhumans like you aren't welcome here.

>> No.21298847

Just grow up already. Seriously. You are making an utter fool out of yourself.

>> No.21298848 [DELETED] 

Don't post here.

>> No.21299028

Up on 2DKF by the same chinkaling as before.

>> No.21300417

Well, at least they provide shit.

>> No.21300550

>kanoseka is a flop
bros... was sumikko soft a bigger reason for his games goodness than we had thought?

>> No.21300563

Where are you getting that it's a flop?

>> No.21300644


>> No.21300649


>> No.21300695

A lot of relatively high voted VNs had terrible ratings in the first few days. Wait one week or two at least.

>> No.21300965
File: 438 KB, 1280x1440, 和香様の座する世界_20190506_193258.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21301028

Romeo's our guy.

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File: 225 KB, 1200x675, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just finished 月の彼方で逢いましょう trial. I must say I am impressed.
This game reads like a real youth-aimed novel more than eroge, the story keeps absorbing you in.
This is by far the most interesting Tone works eroge, Their past works just had a lot of lifeless slice of slice scenes combined with bland texts.

This one has an actual story with character development.
The only problem is the heroines are a real hit or miss, I like only 2 of them out of 7. It's one of these games where you finish the route of the girl you like and then drop it, which is fine with me.

There are multiple route writer for each heroine. One of the main KEY writer is working on pic related route which happens to be the best girl.
I am hyped.

>> No.21301405

It's both her and Rein for decent character routes based on the writers themselves, maybe poor Kanna if she wasn't a side heroine.

>> No.21302506

But Kanoseka had good ratings the first few days and now it keeps going down.

>> No.21302557
File: 1.40 MB, 1282x752, BGI_2019-05-06_18-53-09.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reading Sakura no Uta.
It's been pretty boring so far. I'm almost at the end of Toritani's route. I'm surprised I even got this far.

>> No.21302704

I don't know why more heroines don't have sexy jobs like risk management consulting.

>> No.21302790
File: 1.90 MB, 1280x720, 1546064010617.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

All the median on EGS shows is how much it appeals to the masses, when dumb moebuta don't like your game but the intellectual well-read fans really like it it shows it's actually really good

>> No.21302819

Epic meme. Reads straight like 2012 m**gy.

>> No.21303013

So the sequel to Kamisama no game isn't a visual novel?

>> No.21303335

It really does get better from Rina's route.

>> No.21304102
File: 990 KB, 1280x720, missing-x-link ~天のゆりかご、伽の花~_snapshot_20190507_033054.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

QP in missing X link is literally a blue version of the one in 私が好きなら「好き」って言って! same VA as well...... I thought maybe the same staff worked on it but I can't seem to find any that worked on both, at least through vndb which doesn't have the writer listed but according to EGS reviews he is new.

>> No.21304143

Artist Keeko worked on both, maybe he's the one who designed it and so he gets to reuse it? I don't know if that's how it works though.

>> No.21304191
File: 57 KB, 1425x271, Annotation 2019-05-06 152910.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Artist Keeko worked on both
Fuck how did i miss that?

Im pretty sure Chuablesoft is dead, so that probably helps.

>> No.21304375

>sexy jobs like risk management consulting.
Yeah I was like " damn what an awesome job "
But she is supposed to be the smart character in the cast so it can't be helped.

>> No.21304425

Just like Subahibi got better after three "intentionally bad" routes in a row?

>> No.21304462

The weird thing is that I've recently had to start working indirectly with risk management consultants at work and I've been starting to think I went into the wrong field. The game is going to end up depressing me about my poor life choices.

>> No.21304513

I don't consider anything in either Subahibi or Sakuuta bad. It's just that Sakuuta gets even better from Rina onwards.

If you can't imagine that you should drop it. It's something you read to have fun after all.

>> No.21304540

>It's something you read to have fun after all.
That's the whole point of eroge. Anyone who is here for a different reason is an idiot.

>> No.21304573

does tsukikana trial have h-scenes?

>> No.21304662

>It's something you read to have fun after all.
How is reading through multiple "intentionally" bad parts of an eroge even remotely fun?

>> No.21305098

Like what? The opening of Subahibi? It was normal.

>> No.21305111

Like most of the story.

>> No.21305113

See? You should have dropped it.

>> No.21305120

I did. I was just stupid enough to believe some people telling me that it's intentionally bad in multiple routes just to be more "philosophically written" and that it gets better later.

>> No.21305144

People saying "it gets better", are always those people who found it good enough to actually continue it. So if you want to drop a game, drop it. There's a big difference between thinking something isn't that good but still worth reading, and thinking something is not good enough to read.

People have different taste.

>> No.21305150

Yeah. For example SakuUta was really great for me in chapter 2. Hell, chapter 2's climax could easily serve as the beautiful true end in a different game. So getting through relatively standard Rin route and Makoto route by a different guy wasn't all that hard. And yeah, by Rina's route it was a masterpiece.

>> No.21305165

>And yeah, by Rina's route it was a masterpiece.
More of a masterpiece than SubaHibi?

>> No.21305168

I like SakuUta more.

>> No.21305176

SakuUta doesn't have any futa, so it can't be a masterpiece by definition.

>> No.21305471

This. Honestly even my first time around I thought the first chapter of Subahibi was amazing. The opening scene with Yoru no Himawari was immediately mesmerizing, and the writing/jokes/inner monologue were also a lot more funny and engaging than in stuff I had experienced before. So I was hooked.

Sakutoki can't come out soon enough.

>> No.21305591

The entire game is philosophically written, even parts of insects have major relevance to the plot. It's just that sca-ji doesn't make it explicit, and most people don't notice. It's funny how most people who look down on subahibi are the ones who don't understand the point of RH1, which was stated before in this thread a thousand times.

>> No.21305642

>It's funny how most people who look down on subahibi are the ones who don't understand the point of RH1
Yeah, it's getting hilarious. Although I think that at first you are supposed to not understand it and think "what is this garbage?", but by the end you realize that it's where the perfectionized "happiness" that sca-ji talks about so much is.

>> No.21305748

This. Sca-Ji is such a genius that he can write literal garbage on-purpose and still make you care about its more subtle meanings, thus elevating his writing to being more than the mere sum of its parts. You can see this in insects too, where Zakuro's rape masterfully shows you the exact opposite of the perfectionized "happiness" that Sca-Ji talks about so much.

>> No.21305772

I don't think that's what you're supposed to think at first because most eroge fans at the time of subahibi didn't necessarily get pissed off at the SoL at the beginning. Most probably enjoyed it since you see it everywhere. It's just that when recommending it to westerners, their expectations really don't line up with the SoL you often find in "plotge" (for lack of a better word). Just look at how often you see people dismissing MLE/U and telling their friends to "keep going because it actually gets good". Similar idea applies to E17, F/SN's Heaven's Feel, and others. For some reason the west is allergic to slice-of-life, and this makes it especially hard for most people to pay attention to what sca-ji is trying to do (which is far from rocket science) in a bunch of mundane scenes that actually have a point.
Yuki doesn't rant about God for the sake of it, or because it looks cool. Zakuro's marmalade pot isn't just some kind of empty stylistics. Takuji's obsession with death isn't just edginess. But it's like if there isn't muramasa or baldr-sky level of conflict or action, it just flies over people's head and you see people dismiss the entire game because they come in with all their expectations and preconceptions regarding SoL. They're so quick to make bad faith assumptions about the author, it's as if looking for the first opportunity to lampoon him for "cringe" content. This is the kind of person who ends up hating most popular "plotge" with any trace of SoL.

>> No.21305778

>Although I think that at first you are supposed to not understand it
That's only fair though. We're dealing with someone as intelligent as Scaji here. Even he should know that normal readers won't necessarily be able to fully realize the depth of the ideas he's talking about. It's admirable that he doesn't dumb his works down by toning down the amount of philosophical quotes he uses. That style of writing is just a front to make retards immediately disregard his works. A filtering mechanism, if you will. It makes sure that only the true fans who fully understood RH1's point can truly enjoy the rest on a more intellectual level.

>> No.21305786

I'm not sure if these are meant to be serious posts.

>> No.21305791

Glad to see someone other than myself understanding the true intent behind RH1. It's such a shame that simple stuff like this goes over most reader's heads.

>> No.21305804

He's the guy who's always shitposting about Subahibi. Don't give him attention.

>> No.21305807

>white ren
Cool codename. Where can I subscribe to your blog?

>> No.21305821

What's unserious about the second post?

>> No.21305829

>We're dealing with someone as intelligent as Scaji here.

This reads like a troll. Anyone who would actually consider Sca-ji intelligent would have the good sense to not post like you do.

>> No.21305842

I didn't mean for it to come across that way, but I guess any praise of Scaji's intelligence sounds like that just because he's such a controversial figure among the less well-read people here.

>> No.21305844


>> No.21305880

Yeah, I hate that too. Western fanbase was raised on bottom of the barrel garbage like Umineko. They autistically screech and throw a shitfit every time they see a glimpse of romance, SoL or cute girls at all. I mean, even "visual novel" term was forced so hard in the West despite dying quickly in Japan because a bunch of prudes were ashamed about the "ero" part of eroge.
Also, you should stop tripfagging.

Now, here is a man who unironically fully understood Subahibi on all levels possible. . I prefer Riruru-chan.

>> No.21305909

Are there any decent vns that let me play as a trap who fucks girls or date a trap as a guy.
I got into the mood after a practice date with your trap friend in cyber sluts.

>> No.21305919

>romance, SoL or cute girls
I exclusively read untranslated VN/エロゲ for these things and I failed to notice any of them in Subahibi. Do you think a second reading might help? I've read a couple of philosophy books since then.

>> No.21305928

You are not funny. Stop.

>> No.21305940

>Yuki doesn't rant about God for the sake of it
>Zakuro's marmalade pot isn't just some kind of empty stylistics
>Takuji's obsession with death isn't just edginess
Good points. My initial reaction was to type out some retarded counterargument, but then I started thinking and noticed how my mind on Subahibi was changed. Weird what a 4chan post can do to you.

>> No.21305950

I wasn't trying to be? I'm just asking for his opinion.

>> No.21306021

Do I have to filter subahibi now too

>> No.21306086

I think it's weird you would bring up Umineko when there is actually quite a lot of SOL, romance, and cute girls in that.

>> No.21306108

See >>21305919, but replace "Subahibi" with "Umineko"

>> No.21306123

>the west is allergic to slice-of-life,
Let's not jump to adventurous conclusions. In any case blame the PR and the shills doing a bad job in the forums.

>> No.21306213

What else do you filter? むらまさ?

>> No.21306302

M**gy said that unironically: https://web.archive.org/web/20130527110817/http://tsukuru.info/b/?p=1294#comments

>> No.21306331

Mon panache!!!

>> No.21306343

Would his current self be embarrassed about all that stupid shit he wrote years ago?

>> No.21306359

Would your current self be embarrassed about all the stupid shit you wrote right now?

>> No.21306387

Would SCA-自's current self be embarrassed about all that stupid shit he wrote years ago?

>> No.21306389

He has never written a single word of stupid shit, so no.

>> No.21306398

What about that time he wrote 素晴らしき日々?

>> No.21306418

He was, and that's why he wrote Subahibi.

>> No.21306432

So are all of his new works an attempt to cover up the mistakes of his past? I feel like this might be a cool theme for a writer to use.

>> No.21306447

No, retis, SubaHibi is his attempt to deal with Tsui no Sora. He mentions it in the SubaHibi artbook.

Also he doesn't seem to like Nijuuei these days. Dunno why, Nijuuei is pretty good.

>> No.21306457

>SubaHibi is his attempt to deal with Tsui no Sora.
So I presume SakuUta is his attempt to deal with SubaHibi then? Same for SakuToki and SakuUta, and so on.

>> No.21306467


A shortening of "retard".

>> No.21306496

>Dunno why
He's actually becoming self-aware and analyzing his own shitty writing on a meta-level. We can only hope that this will result in his upcoming magnum opus being even better than Subahibi.

>> No.21306954

That is true though, "the west" as it relates to the majority that are still on the fence about core otaku culture fail to see the merit in sol

>> No.21306970

what would you guys do if one day scajjy had an epiphany after getting a new favorite philosopher to latch onto instead of mr wigg and announced that subahibi is actually shit and that youre viewing the sekai wrong

>> No.21306996

Wittgenstein in the flesh , natural progression of things

>> No.21307019

What would you do if you learned to write English properly? Stop shitposting?

>> No.21307080

Sca-Ji has already done that in サク詩, but in a very subtle, intelligent and Sca-Ji kind of way. He realizes how his interpretation of his own 世界の限界 in サク詩 actually emanates directly from the concept of 終の空, while すば日々 is mostly about the perfectionized 幸福に生きよ-sort of happiness that he talks about so much.

>> No.21307116

I fucking regret replying to Subahibi discussion, since it triggered that autismo to shitpost. I like it, but every time I see such >>21307080 posts I like it a bit less and less.

>> No.21307146

Do you think Sca-ji is more intelligent than Wittgenstein? I seem to generally agree with this statement, especially after rereading and comparing both the Tractatus and Subahibi.

>> No.21307158

>Do you think Sca-ji is more intelligent than Wittgenstein?
Sca-ji seems more open to multiple philosophies while Wittgenstein's whole shtick was rejecting philosophers , so maybe.

>> No.21307652
File: 2.16 MB, 800x600, c61ad628b13f184be5ce2a9b3279b6b4.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I do believe there's some overlap to be found with the late Wittgenstein in the SubaHibi interpretation though. The areas where they are in conflict aren't areas that SubaHibi is really concerned with (the idea of making a logically perfect language, etc.). I wonder how long it is before people start writing philosophy papers on Wittgenstein referencing SCA-DI and the "SubaHibi reading" becomes as a phrase like the "resolute reading."

And more importantly, would it be proper etiquette to put a spoiler warning in your paper at that point?

>> No.21307699
File: 1.19 MB, 1280x720, B662B5AD-6A8D-44CE-971E-60582ED6D36F.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


This game is genius,they figured out a way for the shujinko to have 2 pseudo-mommies without a drop of dirty gay shit. Also the thrill of incest.

>> No.21307718
File: 1.44 MB, 1280x1000, 21E30AD2-76AD-479D-BAD4-AC32A854678D.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Although it does fail in some respects compared to lune,in that there are still bad ends. Lune on the other hand,is starting on that degenerate western shit with DLC

>> No.21307722

>in that there are still bad ends
But bad ends are great.

>> No.21307740

>in that there are still bad ends
Someone only read nu-lune garbage, it seems.

>> No.21307743

No they aren’t. I don’t want pointless moralizing in my fetish games. And this game had two bad scenes with girls shoving stuff up the protags ass.

>> No.21307750

>pointless moralizing in my fetish games
>hot scenes for different fetishes
Are you retarded or something? Mind control MC getting fucked in the ass is a staple of the series by now.

>> No.21307761

I bet you disliked that one scene in 悪の女幹部 where you get body swapped and raped.

>> No.21307762

I’ve read,or tried to read- kyonyuu kazoku saimin,kyonyuu daikazoku saimin,kyonyuu hitozuma saimin,kyonyuu reijou MC gakuen,Kyonyuu princess saimin,and the afore posted picture kyonyuu elf oyako saimin. Bad ends are dumb and pointless in some games.

>> No.21307772

>kyonyuu kyonyuu kyonyuu kyonyuu kyonyuu kyonyuu
See? Like I said, nu-lune garbage.

>> No.21307782

Never read it.
It wasn’t in 3,and I’m glad just because you’ve always eaten shit doesn’t mean you should keep doing it.

>> No.21307797

It's a shame, because Meikoku Gakuen was the freshest title in years from them, and most of the negative reviews and criticism is just because it has some bad ends. Luneman even said on Twitter that because fans hate bad ends and any characters other than the protagonist so much as appearing in a sex scene they're afraid to ever put that sort of stuff in games again. Eroge feels so much more samey these days, if a game like Bible Black was made today, people would probably hate it.

>> No.21307819

Look, I have 2 fetishes,monstergirls and mind control. I’m going to snag anything cool containing them,but the rest of Lunes catalog bores me. I played GSS plenty of bad ends,nothing against it.

>> No.21307835

At least have the decency to not mix up regular eroge and nukige.

>> No.21307845

Nukige is just a sub-genre of eroge, it's not incorrect. And frankly, I barely ever see any nips use the term nukige anyway. Lune, for example would only ever describe their games as eroge.

>> No.21307900

Old ones, yes, no doubt. They have soul poured into them. They have interesting and likable characters and fun, if somewhat silly stories. How much ero to non-ero content ratio does 悪の女幹部 have, again? At one point I was annoyed by "obligatory" h-scenes and just wanted to keep reading it for the story. I wouldn't dare to call it nukige. Their modern shit though? It's just extremely boring shovelware trash with just copy-paste cowtits h-scenes and maybe 10 lines of fluff between them.

>> No.21307934

I like BB,it’s the original English eroge,along with Xchange,amourous professor cherry,and kango shichauyzo. But pretending like it couldn’t be improved is foolish. What about a route where you force Saeki to love you and work together against kitami and Takashiro? What about one where you kill kitami and takashiro to fight saeki?

Artistically it was ok I guess,but the girls all have same body syndrome.would like to see it remade with high quality and variation.

>> No.21307963

I don't disagree, Lune's annual hypnosis games are not for me. To reiterate, Meikoku Gakuen probably had more actual story and text in it than any other Lune game in the last 5 years, though even that ended up being drastically toned down in the second part because people complained about having to read too much.
But I still think it's perfectly fine to say "eroge" when talking about these sorts of games. My issue is that eroge have just stagnated because fans now just want simple-minded fap material, and get upset at anything else.

Well yeah, of course it could be improved. But at some point you have to accept that the game needed to be released and they didn't have an unlimited budget and the luxury to work on it forever. Discipline suffered much more than Bible Black in this, that game feels outright lopsided. Bible Black felt like a complete story that could benefit from a couple more routes, Discipline felt like an unfinished story that was missing a few routes.

>> No.21308040

The industry kinda did it to themselves. When all they did was add more and more lewds to eroge in general over the last decade or so, while stagnating or getting worse with general presentation and story, guess who leaves and who joins the eroge playerbase?

You can turn this around. But to get back to the older times, it'll take just as long as it did to get to how it is today.

>> No.21308150
File: 227 KB, 914x1152, Witt.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The serious part of your post is actually wrong. The "conflict" between early and late Wittgenstein is the same one between the denial of knowledge of noumenon, and an ethical imperative of "live happily!". Wittgenstein treats ethics, insofar as it attempt to answer what is the right way to live, with as much scrutiny as he treats the attempt to create a logically perfect language.

To tell someone that they ought to live in a particular way cannot possibly be a meaningful sentence in the sense that that particular way is superior to other ways of living. But there can't be a "better" way of living possible to be expressed in our language since a "good way" operates by simile of clear attributes of other things that we know to be good (the construction of a house, the financial state of a person, etc.). Behind these similes you'll have a hard time finding an absolute logic. He elaborates on this in Lectures on Ethics so go read that if you disagree. I'm just giving a one-liner explanation of the argument.

So when Subahibi tells the reader to live happily, it does so consciously as it doesn't present any logical reason for it, and in this sense Subahibi is at no point ever at conflict with Late Wittgenstein, as it is not at conflict with early Wittgenstein at the times Ayana speaks (and this is also why Takuji achieves happiness at the end of It's my Invention since he realizes you can't fill a bowl with more bowls, but with water, but I digress).

All protagonists play around with nonsense and each one manifests a particular kind of experience with it (Takuji and religion, Zakuro and Fantasy, Yuki and happiness, etc.) and the conflict between the nonsensical belief/worldview/language with the world as it manifests itself. You can find this struggle throughout most of Wittgenstein's works, where despite having laid down the Tractatus and acknowledging the hopelessness of religion and ethics, he still holds a deep admiration towards religious philosophers such as Kierkegaard. The idea of a perfectly logical language and the contradictions inherent in it in the way you speak of is just a larger instance of the problem between sense and nonsense, and the "nonsensical essence" that we take for granted when speaking nonsense. Wittgenstein never tells others to "not speak nonsense", but it's implicit that trying to justify nonsense (and vice-versa, i.e. shit like Russel's Teapot) as if its existence is implicit in sense is what he doesn't want people to do. Really, any Wittgenstein book other than the Tractatus would be probably more enlightening for someone who's never read philosophy, and wants to "get" Subahibi (which for the most part doesn't really need you to read any books).

And really you may as well argue RH1 is literally this "nonsense imperative" of living happily, and you can tie that down to the value of SoL in otaku media. But I guess the biggest issue of subahibi is the huge amount of red herrings that people spend too much time talking about, like Zakuro's rape scene. Now you can still think Subahibi sucks, but at least in a decent discussion you'll be addressing how it fails at being something it tried to be.

And this is why in the first place that the japanese eroge fans are probably more quick to understand subahibi: they approach it with appreciation for SoL, since they grew up with playing bishoujo games like Tokimemo or Sakura Taisen (or the wealth of 2000s SoL eroge). When people instead approach hoping for some philosophical, serious treatise, it's likely they already have a disdain for what's bland and superficial, which originates the "Subahibi is bad in the first chapters but it gets better!!" meme. And some of those who hate deepshit embrace moege as if the genre is incompatible with any attempt to take oneself seriously, at as the subahibi shitposter echoes. You know, as Wittgenstein would say, "A serious and good philosophical work could be written consisting entirely of SoL and futa porn."

>> No.21308167

Very intelligent post, my friend. I reposted this to our blog.

>> No.21308180

>A serious and good philosophical work could be written consisting entirely of SoL and futa porn.
Real full length futa moege with routes (and harem true end, of course) when?

>> No.21308183

Male on futa or futa on male? Because futa yurishit is somehow even worse than normal yurishit.

>> No.21308188

I actually saved this to a PDF. I'm going to read it again later, cause I feel like this post just has so much hidden meaning in it and that it gets even better on rereads.

>> No.21308190

Male on futa. Also, hating on yuri is unbased.

>> No.21308201

Unbased on what?

>> No.21308203

>the "nonsensical essence" that we take for granted when speaking nonsense
Such a deep meta-post. I applaude your knowledge and subtletly, my Good Sir.

>> No.21308226

Well yes,but playing it now I’m just shocked at how repetitive some ends are. So many are just go crazy or be killed by kitami and underlings.

Why don’t you like the yearly huge tit hypno game? Lune releases other stuff but that’s the one thing I look forward to.

>> No.21308276

u dont get it

>> No.21308277

I actually like your writing. Don't listen to the trolls. Your post made me see Subahibi in a new light. And that says a lot when we're talking about a work which was so life-changing for me. I also understand your legitimate and well-founded desire for recognition made evident by your use of a tripcode, as such writing should really be preserved and made easy to find for later generations of bright Eroge-minded thinkers on this board.

Sincercly yours, Anonymous Eroge reader.

>> No.21308425

this is hata all over again

>> No.21308521

People got into subahibi for the slice of life and then got tired of the following bullshit.
Fight me.

>> No.21308574


>> No.21308773

Any VN's set in subsaharan Africa? The ones I've seen were mostly North African or Middle East.

>> No.21308782


>> No.21308795

Because you don't look for titles that pander to 肉食系

>> No.21308831

Are you referencing Lucia spoilers ?

>> No.21308849

Sounds like preachy bait laden with "hot takes" about how fucked up irl society is. Seems to be a trend with VN's nowadays.

>> No.21309091
File: 301 KB, 800x600, black Aoyama Yukari.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Scarlett's second chapter (out of four) takes place in a fictional country in South African region.

>> No.21309108

I feel like modern VN's have been dabbling on SJW territory lately. I keep getting bombarded with LGBT shit in Kiniro no Loveriche.

>> No.21309119

just embrace they gay inside you and it won't piss you off as much

>> No.21309367

Since there's so much Sca-ji discussion, doea anyone have scans of the first fanbook of SnT?

>> No.21309473

Scaji, esl, djt, eop and sakuranouta

>> No.21309823

I'm playing Kanoseka and the Tsubaki and MC sharing the same body stuff feels like tranny shit, the h-scenes from her perspective were really weird and she even says she would like to cut the body's dick off, the male friend character is also gay and I feel like they spent too much time talking about his situation.

>> No.21309865
File: 271 KB, 1280x720, あきゆめくくる体験版_2016-12-23_23-52-21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is this your first watanabe?

>> No.21309930

There's really not that much of it, just play something else.

>> No.21309944

I wish DJT EOPs like you filtered themselves out.

>> No.21309994


>> No.21310013
File: 282 KB, 1594x891, 和香様の座する世界 (16).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I get what you mean

>> No.21310030

hell yeah

>> No.21310043
File: 32 KB, 150x84, CDDE060F-B2DC-4B3C-AA19-601FCA364136.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

あま妹! 甘えん坊でぐーたらな妹のえっちな誘惑 has a surprisingly good story for a nukige, as long as you be gentle and don’t fuck with the girl
people should give it a shot

>> No.21310069

what is this
a image for ants?

>> No.21310072

>big tits
Why would anyone do this.

>> No.21310170

Any eroge where you play as a trap that fucks girls.

>> No.21310182

My personal favorite.

>> No.21310193

Now that the dust is settled. Can we agree the only reason to play eroge is for the cute girls.
All eroge have dogshit writing and lackluster stories.

>> No.21310197

How about you fuck off to /lit/?

>> No.21310202


>> No.21310204

Based, fuck writing

>> No.21310210

Imagine someone so feeble minded they fall for this bait.

>> No.21310215

It's not bait I'm serious, all eroge have shit writers.

>> No.21310218

Stay mad faggot

>> No.21310224

Yeah, sure reddit, we believe you. If only I could give you an upvote.

>> No.21310225

Everybody in this thread brings down the quality of /jp/.

>> No.21310228

Rent free

>> No.21310232

Some stranded kid came here for no reason other than to shitpost.

>> No.21310237

Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou

>> No.21310246


>> No.21310285
File: 409 KB, 1920x1080, 月に寄りそう乙女の作法_2018-04-05_18-08-22.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seconding this. It was a great comedy. And Luna was something.

>> No.21310302


Not a fan of ojousamas but I'll check it out.

>> No.21310315

BTW the no sound problem with new Demonbane, this supposedly helps.


>> No.21310343


filter make the board a better place

>> No.21310360

I'm looking forward to Sakura no Toki.

>> No.21310424

t. moege reading retard in his first year of japanese unable to understand good writing

>> No.21310442

Kek I play eroge for good protagonist

>> No.21310446

This. I used to be dismissing MLE/U and telling my friends to "keep going because it actually gets good", but Subahibi changed my life. RH1 showed me the light.

>> No.21310459

It is time for some Cross Channel and Swan Song

>> No.21310499

>not reading the classics while occasionally pausing to jack off to some random moege
Get on my level faggot.

>> No.21310501

Guess that's why you are shitposting all the time, while never reading anything. I understand. It's harsh.

>> No.21310565

i filter because of faggots like you that are against japanese and people who are overbearingly for it.

>> No.21310568

Okay you are based as fuck, unless you read plotge

>> No.21310756
File: 235 KB, 800x600, fake_azure_04.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Embrace the plot.

>> No.21310824

Actually planning to play this game
I saw it have a great plot but review on erogamescape said the protagonist is annoying at the start, also オトミミ∞インフィニティー from the same company is garbage
Not a plotge player, just want to ask how good it is other than it’s story

>> No.21310830

Retard. Who cares about companies? Staff matters.

>> No.21311601

Fuck off right back to where you came from.

>> No.21311640

I'm playing Baldrhead and now aiming for Michelle route. Is it okay that 3rd chapter ends at "May I call you onii-chan?"

>> No.21311690

No. Your game is bugged.

>> No.21311770

kys schizo

>> No.21311816

refer to >>21311601

>> No.21311830

i'm calling you a schizo because nobody said Kek yet you seem to believe that infact somebody did say, now kindly end your pathetic sad life 'schizo'.

>> No.21311857

refer to >>21310824 & >>21310442

>> No.21311869

Not everybody you reply to is the same person you fucking retard

>> No.21311878
File: 118 KB, 1366x728, 1529834424812.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.21311884

Jesus fuck, this is the kind of argument little bitches on /v/ have.

Get over it and over yourselves.

>> No.21311914

Could probably go for an even earlier date. Now you can stop trying so hard to fit in and fuck off.

>> No.21312194

>>whoever said "based" and "kek"
refer to >>21311601

>nobody said Kek
What do you mean?

>> No.21312231

I'm replying to "Anonymous". All of the posters I replied to match that title.

>> No.21312240

What's the difference between Himawari and Himawari Pebbles in the Sky?

>> No.21312249

You mean between the doujin original and the remake? They're pretty obvious.

The remake has a different artist, is voiced and includes content from extra two novels.

>> No.21312259

Oh well that answers it

>> No.21313337
File: 126 KB, 800x600, himas.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The doujin art is cute and with content that was censored in the all-ages remake.

>> No.21314234

How? The Kinkoi's FD makes fun of SJW shit if anything.

>> No.21314974

What do you expect from a bunch of crossies who don't even know how to take it easy?
I don't even know why I come here anymore.

>> No.21314989

I don't know why you come here to whine either. Personally, I think you should fuck off and cool down a little before posting in these threads.

>> No.21315146

See, you don't know how to take it easy.
Shouldn't you start sperging out about EOPs now?

>> No.21315159

I've tried reading some highly rated VNs but I haven't managed to reach the halfway point for anything, I think I lack the patience to work through things above 50 hours.

Any really good things that are a bit shorter? I think I just want to get through something already and perhaps training on some shorter works wouldn't be bad too.

>> No.21315176


>> No.21315181

I might read Albatross then.

>> No.21315182

That one is the weakest of the three. I really recommend one of the others.

>> No.21315213

Everybody is the problem
From fanboys who can't even handle criticism and resort to buzzwords like EOP and Reddit
To people who troll and purposely shit up the thread.

>> No.21315240

any lolige suggestrions

>> No.21315259

Lolita series from https://vndb.org/p2212

>> No.21315266

the arts hot, thanks my nigger

>> No.21315312

Make sure you get the download releases for the lowered censorship.

>> No.21315391
File: 33 KB, 400x400, QZTcC0BB_400x400[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Make sure you to give a cursory glance through Lovecraft's stuff. While cultural osmosis is enough for 沙耶の唄, デモンベイン is a lot more "nerdy"with its references.

>> No.21316035



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