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Previous thread: >>20882764

This thread is for the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual novels.

What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? What have you finished? You know the drill.

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Based and redpilled.

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I dunno. Obviously I don't want NTR, but 独占厨s seem pretty autistic to me.

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I don't see why this is even a problem. Most people under the age of 20 (most well represented demographic in VNs) are virgin anyway, the ones who're complaining about reality being accurately represented seem to be mostly cucks.

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Very cute Mashiro.

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minori literally put the heroines in perseus in a DMM R18 social game called 恋する美少女 ハーレムプロデューサー with another protagonist so go figure

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dead franchise

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Cuteness is eternal.

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Heat death of the universe is eternal

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I thought the PC version would be released today.

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What the fuck bros? It's 2019, I thought we were all done with this stupid mindset

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He is right though. minori recently was quite passive-aggressive towards 処占. And that's obviously won't fly in the current market.

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Nothing good ever comes from being ambiguous on how vanilla your game is. People buy a product and expect to get what they want, whether it be vanilla or NTR

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Yeah, NTR should have died out as a genre a long time ago.

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At least NTR is not something that should creep in to vanilla games in any possible way.

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In no moment does virginity "creep into" vanilla games. It's simply the standard and thus taken for granted. But if you want to end the eroge industry for good and demand every game to be pseudo-NTR that's okay too.

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Excuse me but when did minori even do this?

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Waiting for Shinku ge kickstarter to die.

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Waiting for Shinku ge KS to die.


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5 days left and around $30k away from goal, it's already dead.

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It's a fucking awful game, so no wonder.

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Hope that happens, one less title ruined by the retards eops.

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The last days are when the most money gets posted.

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Why is this necessary?

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Why not? Every seiyū has different pseudonym policy. Some change their pseudonym for almost every game and play puns with pseudonyms like 車の人. Others separate by genre between vanilla and hardcore. Some even don't change the name at all like Tamiyasu Tomoe.

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>It's going to be yet another one of those "lol virtual reality all along" twists, isn't it?

Please someone give me a list of all the game that use such a shitty twist so I don't have to waste my time.
Can't believe someone would actually make a twist that shitty.
Just hope anybody that did it lost his job afterwords.

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Imagine my surprise when all the shit hinting at the real world in baldr sky being VR too was just a red herring.

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It happens in a few of Clock Up's other games.

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That one is ratrher good in context and not too much out of place.
But turning a full fantasy into a "muh it was actually a vr all along" is on the same level as "it was actually a dream".
Even a middle school student would understand how much shitty it would be.

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Roodo Buririanto

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Swallowtail up by velka.

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Fuck off, EOP.

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Keep sucking more corporate dick.

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Oh come on, I feel really bad for her already.

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'nothing but 嬉'
That sounds cute.

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Noa is so goddamn criminally cute. It's unbelievable.

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god I love blonde girls. think I'll pick these up

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Did you pick up Kinkoi FD already? https://youtu.be/fVvehF-siD4

How is it?

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Is this another one of those stories with a person who doesn't learn to move the fuck on? I hate that shit.

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His gf of three months "disappeared" and his childhood friend is now his new girlfriend, of three years.
I just finished got after the opening and I keep asking myself if the author actually wants me to root for the main heroine and her seemingly retarded plot that probably includes time travel. Because I see no reason too.

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Fuck off, EOP.

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I hope so because it always hits me in the feels.

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How will you react when 青い空のカミュ by KAI will turn out to be a suprise GOTY?

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These loli's breasts are too large for my taste.

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Really? I found them pretty delightful. Of course I like completely flat lolis too.

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Forget the breasts, you could land an airplane on the gap between their eyes.

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You mean Lord 'Mr. Infodump and btw I fucked all your waifus in their previous lives then transferred my soul into a Beyblade' Brilliant

Also to nitpick more about Sorc Alive, was anyone else greatly let down by the sore lack of ruins as a setting? I mean the title screen and OP movies show ruins in the background so I was initially expecting Kouki to find out he's in future Earth through stumbling into an old world ruin, rather than some convenient flashback handed on a silver platter. Weren't the school and other places floating magically in mid-air as well, like it was setting up a scenario where they'd eventually get down and maybe explore other places later on? I mean come on, this thing basically writes itself.

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Not me. It ends up annoying me more than anything.

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Is this legal?

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If you're talking about the text, there's many j-fashion styles that are just as edgy, if not a lot more than this.

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Alpha-Nighthawk trial out. What's the deal with some of the furry characters though? Has LiarSoft been compromised?

>> No.20923057

I hope it's good. One man passion projects in the commercial sphere are so rare nowadays. Though it's an artist transitioning to also writing scenario, I hope Liarsoft knew what they were doing when they employed this guy.

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Is there a torrent for あきゆめくくる around? I couldn't find one on Nyaa for some reason.
Trying the one from the Mikocon forum right now, but it seems dead and I'm stuck at 4%.

>> No.20923066

got one right here *unzips*

>> No.20923072

It's on AB.

>> No.20923075

It's one of those titles that got lost when Nyaa was nuked.

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Yuri with monster rapes, tentacles, and stuff?
I kinda doubt it could be the GOTY. It will be pretty fun probably though.
I wonder if it will be kinda similar to NikuNiku but without gore and with more slice of life and story.

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It has a male character.

>> No.20923191

But it doesn't look like he's the main character though.
And all the CGs in the gallery are not with him but either between two girls or with tentacles and random masked males.

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The first one is alright, the second (black haired) just looks retarded

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The Kamome route wasn't too bad. It helps, that her BGM song is basically the best one in the game, but otherwise I like her well enough anyway.

That said, this game has one huge weakness: The heroines are way too one dimensional. They are one trick ponies. If you like this part of the heroine: Great. I did with Kamome. But if you don't, there's literally nothing else. For example, if you don't like how cloud voices "shaking the head" and whatnot, the character is done. She doesn't have anything else. Likewise, if you don't like Hero being the dumb gung-ho type, there's not really anything else. You basically know everything about the character, once you've seen her a few minutes.
The routes then are heavily focused on their character and do add some drama, but in Kamome's case it didn't help making her character stand out in any way. You could even argue, her character wasn't very compatible to the drama she got and it felt more random than anything else. It was still enjoyable enough though, but if Kamome actually wouldn't have been that one dimensional, it could've been so much more.

Unfortunately, due to this style, it's extremely hard to care about more than one or maybe two routes. And if you are unlucky, the route enforcement doesn't even allow you do play those from the beginning. So unless you generally aren't particularly picky when it comes to heroines (i.e. playing all routes is absolute standard and usually fun for you), this game is not that great.
In a heroine focused game with route enforcement, these kind of flat heroines are just not a good idea.

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Torrents are for autists.

Look for download links like this.

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What site is that?

>> No.20923428

That's a mystery for you to solve.

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>> No.20923479

It was thoroughly discussed two or three threads ago.

>> No.20923643

do you actually listen to drama cds

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Honestly I wish there were more oppai loli in nukige. Especially tentacle or rinkan nukige

>> No.20923663

I haven't done so in ages. I also only know one good one, so I don't feel like there's much of a need to.

>> No.20923685

While we're at it, here's a drama CD for Sakura no Uta - えっちな絵画概論. I'm not sure if was available anywhere before.


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I don't know if I can be bothered to finish haru to yuki after doing 2 routes. Is the "true" route even worth it?

>> No.20924060

If you don't enjoy reading it then don't. It's not like it's a title known to be a groundbreaking kamige with a grandiose finale, it's just some random game that came out, got mediocre ratings and was forgotten a week after.

>> No.20924066

I dunno nigger, it was pretty well rated.

>> No.20924090

It's basically a nukige. Why would you rate that well? The porn.

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>> No.20924150

Sometimes when my eyes get tired, they're also very nice オカズ's if you have good imagination.

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Will our guys at Giga deliver? The art is really nice.

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>> No.20924601

Thank you.

>> No.20924666

I don't really get all this information silence on Sakura no Toki, it wouldn't have killed Scaji or Makura to reveal some non spoiler CGs or new information or anything at all.
Almost 2 years since the official site and nothing new since.

>> No.20924719

At least it's not like this enthusiastic year-end website/post about kano-tsuku, where the director writes all kinds of things about how they are getting close to being done, with scenario already being finished and art being at 50%, and how they are already looking forward to start recording voices in the new year and so on. That was written at the end of the year 2014.

.. whoops. The website still exists. This game? Who knows.

>> No.20924727

Scaji tweeted a ton of things about the game.

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>The art is really nice.

>> No.20924769

Faces drawn from side never look good in any anime-like style.

>> No.20924800

I liked some of the White Album 2 ones but haven't listened to many others.
Thanks for this.

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Recommend me some games that will cure my crippling depression.

>> No.20924938

for elise ~エリーゼのために~?

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Just finished ああっママになるっ! ~あなたを想って溢れるおっぱい~
demo.despite the cheap title, this shit was really fucking good. Like really good. The main heroine is just adorable and cute as fuck.

So the main girl Ryouko is your boss at work, she is what you call "modern day female knight "
She is an elite businesswoman, very strict and cool, a perfect career women, except for one thing. she is overflowing with motherhood and don't know how the fuck to deal with it.

Her feelings of wanting to "spoil" the MC who keeps working overtime and pushing himself can't be stopped.
The MC tangles her motherly side and makes her want to spoil him rotten and be his "Mama"
But despite that she is pretty awkward and don't know how to deal with all these feelings.

The game has two point of view, from her and the MC. This is not a story of an MC satisfying his mother fetish, but more like a story of one women coming in terms with her motherly instincts and grow little by little to be your "Mama".

If you ask me this is what peak moe looks like. What's really strange about this game too is that fucking Alpha is doing the art for it, she said that she really nervous because she didn't work on eroge art for a long time, but when they introduced the game project to her, she said " this is indeed something only I can do "

>> No.20925015

This sounds like it was made for me, hits so many spots. Thank you.

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>> No.20925077

Hi I want to play onee-san-ge like oneyuu
How long of reading until I can do this?

>> No.20925084

I dunno. Try asking in DJT.

>> No.20925089

10000 hours.

>> No.20925202

There's no such thing as "information silence" when Scaji is involved.

>> No.20925263

Gtfo EOP

>> No.20925288

Shot in the dark here but does anyone have any info about the artist that did https://vndb.org/v14550?

>> No.20925474

Everything by 〆鯖コハダ is GOTY to me

>> No.20925530

I want Moyu to be GOTY desu

>> No.20925551

I can't believe Minori is fucking dead

>> No.20925765

Now I need a source, you guys keep spouting that but I have yet to see any proof if their demise.

>> No.20925811

Go look at そのけも's twitter and all the retweets on the 28th.

>> No.20925813
File: 952 KB, 610x5100, minori-ph-minori_rotld-html.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Eh? The announcement is on their official site.

>> No.20925880

Who could take over the void they'll let?
I don't know about any other company taht cares for the visuals as much as they do.

>> No.20925886

There's plenty of other companies who have nothing going for them but their art don't worry.

>> No.20925891

If only they had cared for anything except the visuals and the porn.
It's a shame but most of the games are completely devoid of anything that even slightly resembles substance.

>> No.20925917

Minori was on a whole other level. They had event CGs for everything. Everything. I wish other companies poured that much love into their games.

>> No.20926153

I haven't tried it yet but sono kemono no hi isn't that bad, right?

>> No.20926158

Of course it is.

>> No.20926479

kek I'm actually at that guy's reveal and infodump part right now. In general I'm really liking this including the twists but I think they went a little too far. No scratch that this is literally-there is a point where we needed to stop and we have clearly passed it but let’s keep going and see what happens tier.

>> No.20926629

Thanks for teaching me the ways of you filthy non-autists.

>> No.20927340

Finished Yui and unfortunately Rikako routes of Parfait, and don't feel like doing any other routes. I played all routes except Ema to the h-scene point but I just don't want to go after heroines other than Rikako though. I wish I'd known to play her in the last though, because pretty much all the game that I played till now was great.

In fact the game didn't feel boring at any time which is rare for an eroge. I had always thought that the cafe scenes would be extremely boring like something the shit in kgne or cooking filler scenes your average VN. All the characters are excellent, and can play their role when needed

Personally, its the best 'slice of life' VN that I played and Rikako route is probably the best I've seen in the little fiction I consume, I guess I just ended liking Rikako that much. Maybe I guess this game is the best non-utsuge, slice of life(that is without any big plot like save the world, or dystopia or something). 
I guess it may be kind of embaressing, but I this is probably my fav VN heroine till now and I haven't felt feeling of 未練(from it being just a game) in quite a while

I wonder if the other Maruto games are this good too.. I guess sekai dame and aozora don't have a route like Rikako, and WA 2 might be too utsu and drama for me.

I tried playing a dark nukige for a change, but I don't feel like playing that too, so I guess I'm just going to take a month or so off playing Eroge

>> No.20927347
File: 68 KB, 600x450, 使用がない.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oops forgot the pic. Also this 口癖 is easily the best

>> No.20927352

>I wish I'd known to play her in the last though, because pretty much all the game that I played till now was great.
I think any walkthrough and anyone you could ask about it would tell you to play Rikako last, like, she's the whole reason to play the game and at the very least you play Ema's before her.

>> No.20927377

>I guess sekai dame and aozora don't have a route like Rikako
Damekoi is a slice of life comedy but Asami's route is the closest to a Rikako route I guess, a lot more serious than the rest of the game.
Konnyaku has Umi's route that really tugs your heartstrings based purely on their backstory and feelings for each other.

>> No.20927413

I thought I didn't need a walkthrough as the game seemed easy to clear, so I just played it as is. I usually don't do that much digging, especially for a game rated this high to avoid any kind of spoilers. I did post here I think, if only someone had told me. Well, if anyone asks about this game, I'd be sure to tell though

>> No.20927487

I recommend Rikako's after story in Fossette at least. Most of Maruto's stuff is good though, especially towards the end of his VN career.

>> No.20927537

Is he right?


>> No.20927550


>> No.20927593

Moogy is always right.

>> No.20927612

so many replies...

>> No.20927620

To put it very simply, SCA-Ji is far more intelligent than anyone reading this thread, including myself. There are a great deal of very high level concepts in SubaHibi and any aspiring reader is going to need to accept that he probably doesn’t understand it all. From there, you reach the point of actually researching and interpreting all this shit, which could take years, honestly. And then you also have to consider that the vast majority of people just don’t have the level of reading comprehension or education necessary to really start to approach interpreting and understanding SubaHibi on anything but a surface level.

>> No.20927733

If SCA-Ji is so smart, why did he think the game would do so well on Steam?

>> No.20927740

It's a pasta.

>> No.20927749

What are you on about? He expressed sadness on his twitter account.

>> No.20927832

No the thing you were replying to.

>> No.20928188

Vast majority of games released this year and last year are STILL not DPI aware.

Why are nips so technologically backwards?

>> No.20928197

What is "DPI aware"?

>> No.20928211

An application is DPI aware when you launch it on a modern display and it doesn't look like blurry pixelated shit.

>> No.20928235

Sorry can't relate.

>> No.20928238

You sure that's not just a resolution issue?

>> No.20928278

No. It's something that happens when you use high pixel density displays that require scaling. DPI unaware applications render as if the screen that they are on has a DPI value of 96. Pretty much every application out there has been DPI-aware since like 2016. Meanwhile in Light is the only VN company competent enough to release games that don't look like blurry shit on modern displays.

>> No.20928305

Stop being a hipster and use a normal monitor.

>> No.20928307

chuuni is truly the forefront of the industry

>> No.20928312

You fell for the 4K meme.

>> No.20928393

How do you make pictures at 720p not look like blurry shit when scaled up?

>> No.20928407

Lean back.

>> No.20928416

This. Come back in 2025, then you have the rights to complain.

>> No.20928437

I thought the OP traditionally had a list of VNs currently being translated and their percentages completed?
Or am I confusing that with >/vng/

>> No.20928443

I am using a normal monitor. Stop being a retard and put the 10 year old monitor to rest.
It's not a meme.
Are you retarded? Most devices nowadays have high pixel density displays.

>> No.20928452

Imagine being such a hipster you buy a new monitor every 2 years.

>> No.20928455

No, generic rehashed moeshit is truly the forefront of the industry.

>> No.20928458

My current monitor is 4 or 5 years old. Again, stop being a retard.

>> No.20928462

why are these threads so fast now?

>> No.20928464

>Most devices nowadays have high pixel density displays.
And Japs still play their eroge on 720p laptops. Why should they cater to you?

>> No.20928465

My monitor is also 5 years old. The difference is that I'm not a hipster faggot.

>> No.20928467

You're confusing it with the translation status thread. This thread's OP has always been basically the same.

>> No.20928474

Fuck off, EOP.

>> No.20928494

>And Japs still play their eroge on 720p laptops. Why should they cater to you?
I wasn't asking them to cater to me, dumbfuck. I was lamenting that very fact and trying to figure out why. >>20928188
The difference is you use boomer tech and aren't qualified to participate in this discussion, because you clearly have no idea what the fuck you're talking about. Most devices nowadays have high pixel density displays, and it's been that way for years.

>> No.20928640

Influx of crossies who don't know how to take it easy.
So the same reason why the thread is so shitty lately.

>> No.20928661

>I was lamenting that very fact and trying to figure out why.
the majority use laptops and the majority of laptops are low end, why is this so hard for you to understand? this isn't even limited to japan. and regarding your complaint, companies just want new gimmicks to move their products so they always try to come out with something new to make idiots like you buy things they don't need or that have limited use, like 3d and 4k tvs, meanwhile things like your DPI tech are more useful on cellphones and tablets than PC monitors or tvs. the only thing you should be lamenting is your own stupidity and ignorance

>> No.20928681

What's the difference?

>> No.20928957

>the majority use laptops and the majority of laptops are low end, why is this so hard for you to understand? this isn't even limited to japan.
Pretty much all laptops have high DPI displays nowadays. You probably have to go sub-500 dollars to find something with one of those 720p displays that were common in laptops from 2007.
>and regarding your complaint, companies just want new gimmicks to move their products so they always try to come out with something
Are you retarded? How is an objectively measurable improvement in visual quality a gimmick? That's one of the very few things you can do to improve a monitor that ISN'T a gimmick. High DPI displays almost look as good as print, and remain crisp even when you sit very close to them.
>meanwhile things like your DPI tech are more useful on cellphones and tablets than PC monitors or tvs.
No they're not, because monitors are large and you typically sit very close to them relative to how large they are. This means they require an even higher pixel density. This is why the iMac has a higher resolution than the Macbook Pro. This honestly goes beyond being tech illiterate into the realm of being a moron who lacks common sense. You might actually be the dumbest person I've witnessed all year. Congratulations.
>the only thing you should be lamenting is your own stupidity and ignorance
Not only should you be banned from computing, but you should also probably stop projecting. I'm sure your parents regret that you were born with whatever disorder you have that caused you to develop into something as stupid as you are.

>> No.20928970

Yes, will do that. Its surely needed because the route ended at that point so there was no 'extra' like the other routes. Should I also skim through the Ema route for parts with Rikako and the old cafe? Also the extras in Reorder were written by Maruto right?

>> No.20928978

Aren't most VN players old('boomers' or neets) and likely playing on a system? Some maybe with something from like 10 years ago. Or is the audience comprised of High school students?

>> No.20928981

Moege players are mostly middle schoolers who stole their moms credit card.

>> No.20929043

The whole high-DPI conversation is dumb.
Vast majority of games are rendered at fixed resolution, which is usually the same as the resolution of the CGs, and then scaled to whatever display resolution user displays them at.
Old games had 800x600 canvas. Then it was 1024x576, later it was 1280x720 or sometimes 1280x800. Nowadays best games are rendered at 1920x1080.
It doesn't matter if the game will be displayed on old cheap laptop with 1376x768 screen or newest 4k display, the game will still be scaled if not displayed in window with the native game resolution.

>> No.20929055

Idiotic EOP.

>> No.20929061

Jesus fuck, if I could slap you I would, you ugly piece of shit.

>> No.20929072

Recommend me some nukiges with e-mote h scenes.
Tentacles or gangbang preferred.

>> No.20929076

You're acting like there's a bunch to choose from.

>> No.20929081 [DELETED] 

I only played the Guilty "The motion" ones.

>> No.20929085
File: 188 KB, 1242x1004, yes.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20929090

I have only played the "The motion" ones made by Guilty.

>> No.20929135

Any VNs where I make the heroines single mothers?

>> No.20929160

Kajitsu Makina ED

>> No.20929286

>Are you retarded?
are you? you sure like to type a lot yet manage to say so little. yes 4k is clearer but not many people give a fuck about it even now and 8k is already around the corner. and laptops don't have giant screens, infact even the best selling PC monitors are still small 21-24" or at least sub 30". i know i at least didn't want to have to squint to play my older games so i avoided 4k and looks like i made the right choice

>> No.20929321

Started reading あけいろ怪奇譚 recently and it has been pretty enjoyable so far. My first foray away from moege since I started reading untranslated vns. What are peoples general thoughts on it?

>> No.20929322 [SPOILER] 
File: 701 KB, 1920x1080, 1551607377770.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>other places
That was the land floating, I'm pretty sure there's very few places similar to the academy which are built on those floating isles and it makes sense when you think about it. What would be the point anyway? With the school it was stuff like themotherstone being hidden there and the place was obviously built so that it would be hard for the enemies to make an assault, in fact only Mia and Yuzuriha thanks to Mia's flying type houki where able to get up there properly during the coup. Everything else including the royal capital were located on land.
And while the ruin thing imo would've been pretty cool, leaving that aside I wish the story would focus more on the coup, wouldn't even mind if it has went with the simple ループもの which is what the MC and probably most readers thought it was at first despite the parasite crystal alien being integral part of the story. In fact I thought Kouki was the Lord all along before pic related was introduced out of nowhere.
But eh I thought the game was solid, I can understand the relatively high scores on EGS but just wish it had better execution, like maybe with a better writer this might've ended up as an actual kamige since I really digged the setting and reveals in general.

>> No.20929329

Read Nanairo first you idiot.

>> No.20929342

This you baka.

>> No.20929373

Why? I saw it shares characters but nothing else. If I made an oopsie I'll start reading that instead. :)

>> No.20929397

>yes 4k is clearer but not many people give a fuck about it
Plenty of people do. You sound salty that you have dated boomer tech.
>i know i at least didn't want to have to squint to play my older games so i avoided 4k and looks like i made the right choice
What? You don't need to squint. You use display scaling with higher resolution screens, and modern operating systems will do it automatically. You really are retarded. Quit trying to discuss topics you know nothing about it just makes you look really stupid.

>> No.20929407

>You filthy EOP!

You're fucking retarded, people who are outside Japan don't have access to minori's website.

>> No.20929424

There are easy ways to get around that, and easy to find other sources for confirmation.

>> No.20929425

Yeah but I'm lazy so who cares.

>> No.20929427

Fuck off EOP.

>> No.20929428

How old are you?

>> No.20929432

alright anon, show me all the cheap 4k laptops

>> No.20929435

... weren't you the one complaining, that VNs look like shit for you? If everything looks great, then what the heck are you even doing here?

>> No.20929439

Okay, let me lay it out for a brainlet like you. Japs play their console games on huge TV screens and their eroge on shitty 720p laptops. And this trend will continue and nobody would buy newer laptops. That's how it works and vast majority of eroge devs don't include an option for DPI scaling in their games because it would be wasted effort.

By saying that this is bad and they should switch to meme fullHD or higher, you act like a retarded zoomer. If I had to make an analogy, you are retarded kid playing gacha on his smarthphone during funeral. Was it easy to understand?

>> No.20929457
File: 287 KB, 1595x901, Cheese!.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone started swallow tail yet? if so, how is it?

>> No.20929463

New Liar-Soft Trial is good but whats with the terrible animation. The 弾幕 the Battle Sheep fire is absolutely low budget shit and not looking good at all.

>> No.20929488

Okay, let me lay it out for a brainlet like you: I already understand that Japs are 10 years behind in technology. That was never under dispute.

Was it easy enough to understand?

>> No.20929489

that's what happens when nobody buys your games
they should just write light novels honestly

>> No.20929494

Then fuck off and stop complaining. And take your shiny useless toys like 4k displays out of here too.

>> No.20929509

I still play my eroge on a windows xp machine or a windows 10 machine with a virtual machine.

Anyone else?

>> No.20929510

I'm waiting for spoilers on a certain part of the plot to know if I should bother because it's looking to be like the perfect set up for me to rage.
That said, the writing is good and the side routes are supposed to be actually decent this time around and not just excuses for porn.

>> No.20929525

I haven't upgraded my machine in 10 years for the optimal eroge experience.

>> No.20929559

Go fuck yourself. I can discuss anything I want about the industry. Don't be salty just because you repeatedly humiliated yourself by brazenly showcasing your tech illiteracy.

>> No.20929563
File: 418 KB, 1920x1080, golden_hour_00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They weren't all horrible last time either. I actually liked the ex route the most.
Of course, that one route which was exactly like the "main" route, just with sex, was kinda lame. And then there was that one character nobody remembers and probably shouldn't even have had a route. But past that, I generally had enough fun.
Looking back at the game's walkthrough, it basically means the last 3 routes were fine for me, the first 2.5 not so much. Guess that might also have to do with how much they mattered for the "main story".

>> No.20929565

Did anyone here play Aibeya? I'm playing it and i don't know why this is called a nukige. I'm 4h in and not a single sexscene? It's more a really stretched out Romance-game like Loca Love?

>> No.20929587

>i don't know why this is called a nukige
It's not. It's also only around 4 hours total in length.

>> No.20929594

Yeah maybe when you need 5seconds to read a line. I'm not at that level yet but at least I don't use tools like shitty eops do.

>> No.20929610

You're too incompetent to open Twitter?

>> No.20929629

Do you really think everyone who shits on you in this thread is samefag?

>> No.20929633

It's a single heroine moege, like aikagi.

>> No.20929688

that was me you were discussing with earlier and you never showed me up with that long list of cheap 4k laptops. let me make this simple anon, only a minority of faggots like you actually care about 4k right now and it isn't even that japan is using ancient tech, they just care even less about 4k than the USA and europe and contrary to what has been mentioned so far people do still buy new laptops which is why they end up with garbage OS like win8 and win10 but they're buying relatively cheap laptops that are more likely to still be 720p if they aren't mostly 1080p by now. why? because they typically spend more money on their cellphones. japan has for many years been the one of the world leaders in cell tech and has been falling behind lately but even now they still have some stuff that you can only find there or in asia. this is part of the reason why gatcha shit is so popular there and why the PC industry has been shrinking for years including laptops

one day 4k or something above 1080p might actually become relevant and dominate but not today, right now its just niche shit for retard early adopters like you that only want to suffer and complain

>> No.20929719

Why would I go on twitter in the first place anyway?
You guys said minori was over, I tried their website and couldn't access it so I asked for a source.
Do you guys realise how much obnixious you're getting over something so ridiculous?

>> No.20929733
File: 705 KB, 1023x572, CV2xSsI.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Even the eops found it. Honestly. Its ONE GOOGLE ATTEMPT.

>> No.20929739

>Why would I go on twitter in the first place anyway?
Because you were looking for a source? Stop wanting everything spoonfed to you, this isn't djt.

>> No.20929747

>Why would I go on twitter in the first place anyway?
I just don't know. Maybe to get reliable information from first hand source like their official account?

>> No.20929749


>> No.20929791

You guys should use Twitter if you don't already. Not for the social aspect of it but for the news and announcements.

>> No.20929805

If Twitter weren't such a left-winger platform where retards mostly retweet queer shit or political stuff it might be a good platform. Maybe I should make an account where I only follow companies..

>> No.20929814

Maybe don't follow people who retweet queer shit or political stuff? Do you think it'll just pop up on your feed magically or something?

>> No.20929822

I don't know what you're talking about, all I get from twitter is porn. A lot of the people I follow are just random japs working in the game industry and they still retweet porn all day

>> No.20929832

People from the localization industry for example do that like Good_Haro or Steiner. Also japanese who follow the jimintou get this shit on your timeline. Also...net friends.
Animestudios too...if you read tweets relating to such topics once you can be sure that the twitter algorithm recommends them to you,

The only way to survive the social media shit is by putting a ton of filters in place.

>> No.20929834

It's actually a good 500kb as far as I remember. Pretty bad though.

>> No.20929850

>People from the localization industry for example do that like Good_Haro or Steiner
Oh, so you're an EOP retard. Makes sense.
>Also japanese who follow the jimintou
And also a thin-skinned commie faggot. Great combination.

>> No.20929859

Nah. I read both because reading only japanese will one day make me forget how english works.

>> No.20929869

No, you're an EOP alright. An exemplary specimen too.

>> No.20929871

Why is the hardest thing about japanese the english language? Katakana is painful to read.

>> No.20929876

Leave, retard.

>> No.20929883

You cannot pretend to like Katakana. If everything were Kanji the world would be so much easier!

>> No.20929886

Cyrano de Bergerac is actually a really fun read. Didn't expect it in the beginning, but definitely something I can recommend whether you care about Subahibi or not.

>> No.20929888

The only time it's worth wasting your time reading vomit that are English translations is when you want to compare it to original and expose translator for being shitty rewriter and an idiot. But then again, you are basically doing unpaid QC when you could be doing something else instead, so it's also retarded.

>> No.20929898

Thats true as well. Sometimes I wonder if MangaGamer or Sekaiproject even have a style sheet or something. Still, reading japanese only can be exhausting so consuming a good translation like Chaos;Child or Kara no Shoujo once in a w hile is blissful.

But of course noone has time for that because there are 30 new japanese eroge coming out every month.

>> No.20929909


Never post in this thread again. Especially if you follow retards like Steiner on Twitter. That makes you cancerous enough, not counting the fact you read translations like a subhuman.

>> No.20929911

There are no good translations.

>> No.20929933

I'm sure most people here started with translations and just lost hope in them and reached their enlightenment that way. Now they are just bitter that things haven't changed in so many years despite people going "pro"

>> No.20929939 [DELETED] 
File: 161 KB, 403x636, rare quof.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good thing /ourguy/ Quof never does any of this bullshit.

>> No.20929949

heh. Him and moogy posted on twitter how evenicle 2 explores many current political problems and I'm like...what?!

>> No.20929951

If you want to read in English, may as well read VNs that are written in English, and not translated. It's honestly not much worse than picking a random JP novel nowadays. A lot is shit, and you generally don't have voice acting and probably also weird art, but there is a handful of interesting things. It's mostly niche within a niche though, so have fun finding it. The few popular/known things are most likely not worth your time.
Obviously, there's no need to do this if all you want is moege. But if you like your weird shit in Japanese, you might get more out of weird shit in English than you'd think.

>> No.20929954

Thats true but the art in oelvns is often just subhuman trash if you are used to glorious nippon.

>> No.20929955 [DELETED] 

lol, why does every literally eroge cuckslator look like this?

>> No.20929961

add a few tons of weight and you have steiner or moogy

>> No.20929964

I admit I've considered playing Va-11 Hall-A.

It also has a Japanese translation, but Amazon JP reviews mentioned it's translated badly, so I'm not to keen on it.

Moogy looked pretty thin in that one pic that's supposedly him. But it's few years old. Did he set himself loose these days?

>> No.20929971

Petition to change this thread's name to Localisation Circlejerk General.

>> No.20929974

Petition to ban EOPs and DJT EOPs.

>> No.20929980


Pretty thin.

>> No.20929983

If you are asking for an example, in chapter 3 there are refugees camping outside the city in a desert and they aren't allowed inside because they are dirty subhuman poppins. I'll leave it up to you to connect the dots with the real world.

>> No.20929985

And those from /vg/.

>> No.20929994

That's not thin. Or wait. Is it thin by American standards?

>> No.20929996

Thin for a American maybe.

>> No.20930002

Wanna know how I know you're American?

>> No.20930005 [DELETED] 

Thats opposite to the real world because we take in every refugee we can for the sake of increasing diversity

Signed, an european.

>> No.20930010 [DELETED] 

And to increase the rape率.

>> No.20930012

Are there people inside the city protesting for open borders as well?

>> No.20930018

https://www.vox.com/world/2018/7/3/17530946/germany-immigration-angela-merkel-migration rather the opposite.

>> No.20930027

What about chapter 2 then where white men get mad that all their jobs got stolen by tanned kalar rejects from the nearby village an resort to drugs and banditism because, well, they are jobless and have nothing else to do?

>> No.20930030 [DELETED] 

>cut down migration
It's too late, everywhere is already a ghetto wasteland.

>> No.20930032

Wow, the derailing just keeps getting worse. Let's hope the mods don't nuke this thread by the end of it.

>> No.20930037
File: 551 KB, 1920x1080, sqw8hIa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah. Let's post some untranslated beauties again.

>> No.20930039

Not the person you are replying to and haven't read Evenicle 2 but I have to ask is it based and redpilled?

>> No.20930044

Anything but Shitnicle, please

>> No.20930045

The bad guys want to coat the whole land with famine and sickness and many people would die because of it. I see the implications towards bioweapons but i wouldn't say thats a real life threat. Also why the fuck would alicesoft care about real world politics that play no role in japan whatsoever because they are still based and redpilled?

>> No.20930050
File: 735 KB, 800x600, KtC9cCJ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20930059 [DELETED] 

Because they fear it eventually happening in Japan too.

I'm from Czech Republic and everyone here watches Germany to know what might happen here too. Some rapes in Germany even get reported here better than in Germany itself. Like that recent one where four muslims attacked two German girls.

>> No.20930060
File: 207 KB, 693x442, fuck off hata.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20930063

They hurt cute girls, so no. I got mildly frustrated when my party was halfway stopped from murdering them all and had to "play by the rules". Oh well, at least MC was leaning to murder too. Alec is much better than Aster, he isn't dumb rulefag.

>> No.20930067

I shouldn't be surprised that subhuman is behind many shitposts.

>> No.20930070

I wouldn't be surprised if he turned out to be that cringy, barely coherent English commenter on DMM's stream last week.

>> No.20930071

Japan has no real conflicts of its own so naturally they gravitate towards western issues. I mean, what else will they talk about? Aging of the population? It's been done hundreds of times.

>> No.20930077
File: 228 KB, 407x303, シス/レベルアップ/顔/アレク.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Great detective work.

>> No.20930078

Have you seen TADA's twitter? He hates America with passion.

>> No.20930085


>> No.20930088
File: 315 KB, 1280x720, Phnu4Pf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Isn't this shit going into Bara Territory? Liar-Soft what are you doing?

>> No.20930103

Protagonists like this are retarded.

>> No.20930108

Seems to sell great for Alicesoft.

>> No.20930114

Shitnicle is retarded. What did you expect?

>> No.20930149

I don't know, seems to me they were doing a lot better with Rance instead of this new generic copypaste baby-faced cuck archetype they're pushing with Evenicle.

>> No.20930167

Alec isn't generic. Maybe if you actually played the game for more than an hour you'd see it.

>> No.20930172

i'm more worried about the furry, just why?

>> No.20930184

Hi Hata.

>> No.20930198

What, so now everyone who doesn't shit on Evenicle 2 without actually having played it is some retarded kraut? Fuck off.

>> No.20930233 [SPOILER] 
File: 536 KB, 1280x720, 1551622684546.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wtf lmao

>> No.20930236

Liar Soft hired a new guy to write and draw the game. I guess he's a furry.

>> No.20930243

Rance is kinda shit too, but at least he has slightly more depth to him than centering around "hot women! tits! ass!"

>> No.20930250

Liar-soft was always quite weird but this is freaking bizarre already.

>> No.20930251
File: 226 KB, 1280x720, ALPHA-NIGHTHAWK体験版_2019-03-03_03-28-16.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The mix of action adventure plot on space and the psychedelic aesthetics were genious. I'm in love with that setting. But wasn't very much convinced by the writing itself, neither by the very fast pace of the first chapter.

I didnt' like how the heroine accepts to become a pirate so 'eagerly' after being publicly shamed and under pressure of being sold as slave if she doesn't accept to join the crew. It's a classical idea, capture and submission, a bit poorly executed.
Or how it changes so fast from an h-scene, with a forced masturbation public show, to a warm daily life scene. The bath scene inbetween became almost a technical cold talk instead of showing the heroine's fears that would be normal out of that situation. We don't know if it's Stockolm syndrome or if she wants to pilot a 'Sheep' so badly that she accepts the whole ordeal, or a mix. In other words, her character is a bit halfassed and maybe would have been better if sold as slave for masturbation material.

Maybe it'll be Ok if this set ups things and then the story continues at another pace from here on.

'Furries' are explained as genetically improved humans, so would be very surprised if the author isn't 100% a furryfag. I will fap to >>20930233 for sure.

>> No.20930262

>I will fap to >>20930233 for sure.

May God have mercy on your soul. Personally I wouldn't though.

>> No.20930271

That sounds pretty interesting. I'd be interested if not for the furry shit.

>> No.20930274

These girls look really cute. I'll play this and just ignore the full furry H-scenes, not a big deal to me.

>> No.20930316

Anybody can reupload this?


>> No.20930322

Neofennecs are an creative name for the race though and seeing a furry get beaten up a little near the end of the trial was some nice fanservice.

>> No.20930325

Sorry, I collect various stuff uploaded here, but this one I've missed.

>> No.20930364

Was ランドセルシンドローム ever uploaded?
That OP song is so awesome: https://youtu.be/bfpL6dYYYcI but the game itself is nowhere to be found.

>> No.20930368

I dunno. But you can play their previous game, they released it for free.

>> No.20930622
File: 360 KB, 1631x1078, VA meta.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I love these kind of jokes.

>> No.20930649
File: 63 KB, 640x480, 119851.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20930667

I'm glad she's getting more success with mainstream anime roles now but I hope she'll still voice eroge from time to time.

>> No.20930716

They should've made this joke in Verita. Aoyama voices like 5 or something different characters in there lmao.

>> No.20930719

Any VNs for filthy m男s?

>> No.20930743

Japan is so bad at writing femdom.
That's not how it works you dumbfuck.

>> No.20930944

What femdom eroge have you played anon?

>> No.20930989

None lol

>> No.20930998


>> No.20931101

Most of the msize ones, a bunch of others I forgot but weren't very good. A lot of femdom eroge is just the heroine "servicing" the MC with a femdom twist. The heroine doesn't really enjoy it (just does it to please MC) and doesn't get any sexual pleasure out of it. It's boring and defeats the purpose. Worst of all is when it's advertised as femdom but is just handjobs, blowjobs, vanilla sex with just a bit of 言葉責め
My favorite has to be つむぎ様の花婿調教日記 because the heroine just does what she wants and likes without being a reverse slave to the MC. It gets a bit too extreme in the endings though.

>> No.20931149

Everything, where the female is the dominating partner, is to an extend femdom in Japan. Even S&M normally does have affection in it, though perhaps not that visible during the act. What you want is maybe pet play, where the heroine considers the MC trash, has power and the MC can't do much about it.

So that picture you see there is very much femdom. It's just not rape, and plays around with "you COULD resist, but you don't wanna because you like girls looking down on you".

>> No.20931153

Are any of Hain's games besides Suisenka worth playing?

>> No.20931155

Looks bad.

>> No.20931176

Nah, that's not what I'm saying. I'm saying that most femdom in eroge is very focused on the MC's pleasure and that in itself is somewhat of a paradox. A sadist cares about their pleasure and doesn't care to service someone else (within reason, of course in a romantic relationship it's going to be different) but most of these scenes are really the "sadist" heroine pleasing the MC in a bunch of different ways. I can probably name a bunch where the MC cums dozens of times but the heroine not even once. Which... doesn't really make sense.

Yeah the art isn't very good. Most femdom games have awful art but what can you do. I liked the content even if it was a bit too extreme for me at times.

>> No.20931185

I like S girls.

>> No.20931467

Your argument is dumb because it assumes you need to use scaling at all at high resolutions. I use a 4k monitor but it's large enough that I don't have to use scaling and windowed 720p actually looks good. Stop using huge resolutions on tiny screens. DPI scaling is a meme, either stick to 1080p or get a bigger screen.

>> No.20931534

i don't

>> No.20931648

What's a good visual novel with a yandere.
Bonus if the yandere is a sister/related and the vn has good art.

>> No.20931655

Natsuzora no Perseus?

>> No.20931736

That's that vn that gave me the idea of that request, but thanks anyway.

>> No.20931797

Do you really think everyone I shit on in this thread is the same person?
Pretty much everything you just wrote is objectively wrong.
>why? because they typically spend more money on their cellphones
Are you an idiot? Japanese cellphone technology is just as behind as their PC technology.
>one day 4k or something above 1080p might actually become relevant and dominate but not today, right now its just niche shit for retard early adopters
4k monitors have been affordable and commonplace for like 5 years already. Stop being retarded just because you have an inferiority complex in regards to your boomer technology, you tech illiterate moron.

>> No.20931816 [DELETED] 
File: 131 KB, 537x671, 000000000000000000001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Neck yourselves.

>> No.20931842

Not using scaling means that windowed 720p looks even smaller, and the entire point of using a high resolution monitor is to use scaling and benefit from the increased pixel density, because people typically sit close to their PC monitors. You lose that when you buy a ginormous monitor; the pixel density relative to your viewing distance will become garbage unless you sit across the room.

>> No.20931878

Stop trying to stir shit, Hata.

>> No.20931965 [DELETED] 

The only subhumans are yourselves.

>> No.20932162
File: 257 KB, 1280x720, uh_oh.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Izumo 4 has gameplay though. And if it's good or not is debatable. At least the main story isn't, really if you ask me. The character stories are fine, from what I know. It's what I'd call light yandere.

If you like yuri: Tsui Yuri. Depending on your choices, any of the twins can become yandere obsessed with the other. This is heavy yandere in that case.

>> No.20932168

I'm glad 99% of VNs don't push for diversity or inclusivity. The day that happens is when I quit reading VNs.

>> No.20932188 [DELETED] 
File: 131 KB, 537x671, 000000000000000000001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Forgot my image. The only subhumans are yourselves.

>> No.20932195

>I'm glad 99% of VNs don't push for diversity or inclusivity.
You must be talking about a different industry. 99% of VNs are quite diverse, and have blondes and so on. Brown girls are pretty common too.

>> No.20932223 [DELETED] 

I'm not talking about superficial appearances. People can dye their hair blonde or get a tan, and I'm completely fine with caucasians as well obviously. Actual shitskins are real hard to find especially in the heroine department. Now I wouldn't really give a damn if it's a side character shitskin but for a heroine to be one is too far for me.

>> No.20932250 [DELETED] 

>I'm not talking about superficial appearances. People can dye their hair blonde or get a tan, and I'm completely fine with caucasians as well obviously
Ah, so now you're moving the goalposts away from diversity, aintcha? By the way, nobody gives a fuck about what a random racist incel is fine or not fine with. You're either a chink or a salty whitey who is upset that every race on the planet can outbreed your recessive genes. How's that for subhuman?

>> No.20932254 [DELETED] 

What is it like to be a nigger and/or ResetEra tranny?

>> No.20932300 [DELETED] 

The diversity that's being pushed these days doesn't include whites or asians though. Don't have to be so upset at my opinions

>> No.20932338

>a literal underwater theme park
>people literally have to spend 17 minutes in a compression chamber before entering
>no real unique attractions, just the same old shit except underwater
>"what could possibly go wrong? nothing wrong with this idea at all"
>this is considered one of the greatest VNs of all time
What the hell is wrong with the VN community?

>> No.20932349

An underwater theme park is a great idea though.

>> No.20932381

Are you talking about Dolphin Divers?
No one considers it the best eroge ever. Trial was pretty fun though.

>> No.20932395

t. brainlet

nigga are you for real?

>> No.20932410

>t. brainlet
Says the person with shit imagination. Just what you can see in the observation docks make it worth it.
Also the theme park is the perfect cover up for the actual plot of the VN.

>> No.20932424

What game are ya'll niggas talking about?

>> No.20932426

You're the one with shit imagination, brainlet. Someone with good imagination would come up with something more practical and believable; something that actually makes sense, and doesn't force the reader to keep questioning the logic of the setting.

>> No.20932435


Literally one of the most highly rated, yet polarizing VNs of all time.

>> No.20932442

>keep questioning the logic of the setting.
>an underwater theme park 16 years into the future from when the VN was written
I consider it a great idea and would undoubtedly visit. Also if that makes you consider the logic of the setting stop reading.

>> No.20932451

>most highly rated
>yet polarizing
You do understand you can't be both, right? Polarizing is that people either love it or hate it, on more or less equal measure. E17 is an extremely popular and widely loved game, with an evident bunch of people who didn't like it like every single popular thing ever.

>> No.20932454
File: 366 KB, 1280x720, 2012-07-20 21-55-55_Dolphin Divers 体験版.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, I'm for real. My memory is probably failing me already or something though. I played the trial literally almost 7 years ago.

>> No.20932462

There is literally no point to a underwater theme park. It's just a disaster waiting to happen.

>> No.20932467

>You do understand you can't be both, right?
It's like one of the highest rated VNs on vndb, but there are A LOT of people who think it sucks. Take /vn/ for instance.

>> No.20932473

>I consider it a great idea
Because you're a retard, we know. You don't even have a basic knowledge of physics.

>> No.20932483

Nice bait.

>> No.20932520

Dude, there's underwater hotels, which is just as "wtf". Yet they exist, are super expensive and make money.
You really think an underwater themepark would not be popular? There are way more weird things popular.

>> No.20932524

It's highly rated because it was almost the only VN translated for a long time. It's an effect of the low supply.

>> No.20932536

Oh, here we go again.
VNs don't need to be bound by physics in any way.

>> No.20932548
File: 20 KB, 257x312, ever17.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey anon, now let's try again with less retardation and unwarranted self importance from your part, ok?

>> No.20932562 [DELETED] 

You sound pretty nutty. I didn't attach a qualifier to diversity.

>> No.20932592

>Pretty much everything you just wrote is objectively wrong.
your argument was 100% opinion from the start and never really had any facts to back anything up. that other anon was right and you did assume he was me, you don't have any knowledge of anything even regarding simple stuff you can google like cell phones in japan, and you probably don't understand japanese either to actually look anything up besides tech specs. it must be crippling to be this retarded and have anger issues so you have my condolences but you don't have anything to contribute to this thread so fuck off to /g/ and let them laugh at you instead

>> No.20932614 [DELETED] 

Well I did.

>> No.20932636

By that logic, why have gravity at all in VNs? It would be much more interesting if characters could fly in every VN right?

Also who needs things like death? We might like a character that dies, so why should the concept of death exist in VNs?

>> No.20932668 [DELETED] 

It's also pretty clear what kind of "diversity" we are talking about from the thread of replies.

>> No.20932725 [DELETED] 



>> No.20932738


>> No.20932797

I haven't given my opinion on anything. Don't be salty just because you repeatedly humiliated yourself by brazenly showcasing your tech illiteracy.

>> No.20933020

not him but this is some real slippery slope shit.

>> No.20933100

or how about we let people have artistic freedom to write what they want and create their own worlds with laws that may or may not mirror our own

>> No.20933171

and in turn, dissolve all the tension you could possibly build up by throwing out the laws of physics.

>> No.20933329

Since Guildmaster is shit, what dungeon crawlers do you guys suggest?
Bonus if it's first-person.

>> No.20933331
File: 649 KB, 800x600, nanatsuiro.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How are Nako and asparagus routes?

>> No.20933619
File: 352 KB, 800x600, D.C.P.C.(Vista) 2019-03-03 19_38_56.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did this nigga just materialize a fucking wagashi? Why though? I almost burst out laughing at how ridiculous and out of place it was.

>> No.20933641

that's how this medium and much of fiction generally works

>> No.20933778

Not me. I'm harmless and like to post about eroge.

>> No.20933789

Dungeon of Regalias which is basically Guildmaster in good.

>> No.20933846

Looks good, thank you!

>> No.20934146 [DELETED] 

>I'm not talking about superficial appearances. People can dye their hair blonde or get a tan, and I'm completely fine with caucasians as well obviously. Actual shitskins are real hard to find especially in the heroine department. Now I wouldn't really give a damn if it's a side character shitskin but for a heroine to be one is too far for me
Ah, so now you're moving the goalposts away from diversity in heroines, aintcha? By the way, nobody gives a fuck about what a random racist incel is fine or not fine with. You're either a chink or a salty whitey who is upset that every race on the planet can outbreed your recessive genes. How's that for subhuman?

>> No.20934401

seriously anon you have some anger and hate issues that are better dealt with in /pol/ or /b/ so why don't you fuck off to either place instead of shitting up this thread

>> No.20934732

Sure. If you ignore all of the past derailments you've caused.

>> No.20934744

I didn't start the discussion. Don't be a moron.

>> No.20934847

serious question
why do people in the west call eroge "visual novels"?
are they that ashamed of them?

>> No.20934850

who cares

>> No.20934851

Blame Key.

>> No.20934853

idk man
it's just something that came to mind

>> No.20934862

Because not everyone plays visual novels for porn. In fact if you don't skip (most) h-scenes you probably have shit taste.

>> No.20934993

Shut the fuck up EOP.

>> No.20935115

I skip all dialogue with characters I don't like

>> No.20935231

Bet you read Playboy for the articles too you flaming faggot

>> No.20935280

False equivalence

>> No.20935504


>> No.20935508

Why are you reposting this?

>> No.20935546

It's just Hata shitposting again, ignore him.

>> No.20935700

Sumomo getting ntr-ed is the best part

>> No.20935953

Playboy doesn't consist of 40 hours of slice of life and unsexy descriptions of poorly drawn CGs.

>> No.20935971

Do those types even read VNs? Hard to imagine.

>> No.20935996

Are you kidding? The ammount of trannies in the western otaku sphere is insanely disproportional.

>> No.20936030
File: 499 KB, 2048x1152, western fanbase.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No I'm not kidding.

>> No.20936041
File: 182 KB, 1276x1042, kimoi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20936050

I can see 3 black people in this image. Not sure about the trannies. You could probably spot one if you're better than me at distinguishing secondary sex characteristics.

>> No.20936298


>> No.20936331

New Clochette.

>> No.20936344


>> No.20936353

I urgently need new Yuzusoft. Where is the announcement already?

>> No.20936367

I hope they announce that they are withdrawing completely from the VN market to commit themselves to the mobage market.

>> No.20936380

That will be pretty much the end of the eroge market if the most successful eroge company withdraws.

>> No.20936395

They ran a failed mobage which shut down in 2014

>> No.20936404


>> No.20936406

good, might actually be possible to finish my back log if that happens.

>> No.20936452

I'm so gonna read this, had been waiting since forever.

>> No.20936630

It's shit

>> No.20936738

The new Navel game clearly shits on progressives and their gender politics.

>> No.20936742

New thread


>> No.20936743

Which one?

>> No.20936951

What sort of fucking name is Leeruxu?

>> No.20939268

"Black" isn't a type. There are black people of many types.

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