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Previous thread: >>20847010

This thread is for the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual novels.

What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? What have you finished? You know the drill.

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Isekai + eroge.
The concept seems interesting.

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Twenty-thousand writers and artists though. I wonder how this game came together.

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Just checked and it's true there is a lot.
Guess this one is going on my reading list, as if it wasn't big enough already.

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if only I could have the time to sit down and lose track of time reading eroge

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Based and redpilled.

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You seem like a very busy man reading twitter and posting on anonymous image boards.

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that and also playing mobage

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The Akashi side wasn't any different than the Yuuma side. Can't say I can agree with that one anon here, who said that one side is boring, the other good. Neither side was boring, neither side was good. Not going to repeat why, because it's literally the same reason.
In the end the game also feels underwhelming, like a lot is missing. Guess that's what happens if every single major character arc could be basically cut, because they don't matter. At the end there's too much left. Obviously, due to the two routes already not working, the final arc has no chance, especially with how short it is.

I don't think these writers should write chuuni. As long as no major drama arc happens, they are actually completely fine. But as soon as that starts, it feels like they get forced into chuuni tropes they insert left and right, that kill a lot. Especially, because they went with the "nothing bad ever happens" idea, which is never working if you want a good action and drama. There's no consequence in the drama. As such, the supposed conflict feels cheap and over-dramatized.
They did a good job at establishing an interesting setting and cast. They did a good job with the parts that slowly unravel what's going on. But when shit hits the fan, they struggled. No "good guy" was allowed to really dirty their hands. As such no fight ever had a real victor. Unfortunately(?) they had to write chuuni, so it had to be added. But this story would've been a better one, if it didn't get written with the intent to write a chuunige. Or, alternatively, they needed to let the characters dirty their hands. At least somewhat. If something bad can actually happen, maybe then I'm not facepalming over the overly emotional scream of a character, upon seeing someone they care about all bloody in front of them. Which 5 minutes later was no longer playing a role, because *insert random reason why character is fine*.

Finally, as far as the game's engine goes, this game did, for whatever reason, not play back any videos for me. Probably because of LAV or whatever. Turns out that's quite nice though, as the dev hasn't understood the concept of what ending credits mean. No, you don't play them 5 times. You play them, when the player reaches the END of the game, or an ending that can be the last one the player gets to see. Playing endings randomly, right before you progress to the next day, is just dumb. They are probably the lowest effort endings you can think of as well. (black background with the credits running over it, as a video file..) Apart of that, the game can also softlock. Not that big of a deal though, as it remembers the read text, so you can skip right to the crash. The only function "skip read text" has in this game, as you normally never encounter any.

That said, tea and chuuni are fitting surprisingly well together. Gotta admit that much.

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>-A silly gacha including game, where the dev didn't know that you shouldn't make the obvious best girl a sub heroine. (sub heroines are generally a bad idea though)

Wait, what game is this?

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What kind of gacha is there?

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There's no real gacha.

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>mfw EOPs on AS scramble to get text hookers work with the 64bit Guildmaster

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I'm waiting too.

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Never post here again.

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Never post here again.

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I went digging for a copy of alpharomdie just to find out that the kinkoi FD is written in kirikiri. Is Saga Planets not part of Visual Arts anymore?

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That's weird.

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Evenicle 2 just came out recently, right?

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Nah, next week.

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The shit? I can't even get beyond the warning screen. Is it loading?

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Maybe you don't meet the system requirements/missing some important windows update.

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Welcome to Unity. Like I mentioned last thread, wait till the banana is ripe.

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Finished my first run of かまいたちの夜 輪廻彩声, didn't go so well...

It ended up with everyone dying except the three OLs (who are probably next) and Tooru being attacked by the killer in Mari's/his room. I knew it was going downhill when after Midori's death Tooru started coming up with some I suppose possible but not really probable theories, and Kayama, probably the least suspicious person there in my opinion, ends up being ultimately accused and locked up. Then everyone splits up and I knew it was a done deal. I must have messed up the investigation at some point to have this happen.

My main suspect from the point when Midori got killed was Mikimoto, mostly because he was up there when she got killed. He also came late after dinner and he could have only acted like he just arrived. I couldn't really find a right path to accusing him however. There are a couple snags though like when he was attacked outside, but I suppose he could have done it to himself or even run into a tree or something. When MC checked his body toward the end I don't remember the scene perfectly but I think I recall him only checking an arm, perhaps he stuck the initial murder victim's arm there and made him think it was his? Also the silhouette shown for a split second at the end really looked like him.

Anyway I have some things to check into for my 2nd+ runs. It is a pretty fun game. There seems to be a lot more story judging by how many CGs I am missing. And 47 endings, really? Worth getting them all? That seems like it would be very difficult judging by the number of choices.

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How long does one run take?

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Not sure, I wasn't really keeping track but my first one felt quite short. I'm guessing it varies heavily depending on choices you make with it being longer if you pick the right stuff.

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Dumb poorfag.

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Let me guess, Guildmaster? That company is the definition of "bait with art, shitty everything else".

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Yes. You didn't even need to guess, it was a reply in a chain started with a Guildmaster screenshot.

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>64bit Guildmaster

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Actually no. I don't even like this artist they use in Guildmaster too much. (extremely bba focused) Astronauts still does interesting things once in a while. That's worth a lot nowadays.

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>And 47 endings, really? Worth getting them all?
Yes. You'll find out soon why it's such a love it or hate it kind of classic.

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Sure sure, you picked it up for their great 10 man writer lineup, not because you want to jack it.

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Yes. Eroge shying away from ero always have issues with ero scenes. So in a way, having more of and a story set around them can actually be good. Very commonly it isn't, because the dev doesn't care about anything but the lewds, but Astronauts does some interesting things once in a while. Pic related is also a hidden gem by a different dev, just that one route though. The lewds are very important and part of the story and character development for quite a while.
Sometimes you find nice things on EGS if you look around for a bit. It's refreshing, when the ero isn't just there because it has to be and the storytelling can be a lot more free without needing to 100% care about what otaku like or don't like, because it's essentially fetish territory already anyway. Like how Adebana's devil girl on the previous picture is a non virgin lewd demon who drained energy from many men through sexual ways in her prime time, until she was finally defeated by an ancestor of the protag and made a pact with their family. And her story isn't even bad either. Nothing you'd remember as a super awesome novel you've read, but better than most moege for sure. Obviously taste plays a role, but where does it not.

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So Sakaki Kasa just being Sakaki Kasa.

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Imagine indulging in escapist media in a miserable attempt to shut yourself off from the cancerous political climate that has besieged many western countries nowadays and instead you get this.

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Based and redpilled.

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Evenicle 2 is so garbage, it's just like an identical clone of Evenicle 1 except with a worse UI and super high random encounter rate

>> No.20887066

What about the story????

>> No.20887078

Like I said it's just an identical clone of Evenicle 1 you just going around killing a bunch of generic villains and getting a bunch of wives

>> No.20887085

>you just going around killing a bunch of generic villains and getting a bunch of wives
You are saying this as if it's a bad thing.

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I see you're the target audience of Shitnicle

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I see you are retarded faggot who didn't get the memo that for last 15 years or so Alicesoft only makes romcom moege.

>> No.20887164

>for last 15 years or so Alicesoft only makes romcom moege.

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I forgot, there was one outright kusoge, Daiteikoku. Every other title is a moege though. Even NTR nukige ones. You know it's the truth.

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Guys, I'm playing Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (16:9 version). I'm currently at the part when Mizuki gets drunk and sleeps with Shinji. How long until the end, or rather, in percentage, how much is left to read until I reach the ending? The end seems to be nowhere in sight, as if it can easily go on for just as long, I'm getting to a point where I'm thinking "please end already".
Also, retarded devs made the game run in letterboxed 4:3 in fullscreen (but it runs in 16:9 in a window), so I have to set my monitor resolution to the game's window's resolution and borderless fullscreen it.

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I don't think it's about the moe. I didn't play the second one, but the first game's issues are so all over the place, it's not very fun anymore. Raping the heroines wouldn't change that. It'd make it even worse.

The game hates letting you progress without needing to go to 5 different random locations all the fucking time, where a few can be warped to, but not all because "tehehe, can only warp to specific towns~~~". Pure padding. All the fucking time. Where other games put a simple boss-fight, Evenicle let's you warp or go to 5 different all places first, before you can go through the entire area again and fight the fucking boss.
So why do you go to places and do stuff? Is anything motivating you to do the padding? In over 80% of times you go to get some kinda item, that just happens to become useless the moment you get it. The script is just so full of nothingness and bloated as fuck, just like the rest of the game.

If the second one does the exact same thing, I'll stay clear of it. This isn't fun. At all. It's not like I'm asking for the greatest story of them all or it being all edgy or whatever. I just want to have less mindless repetition. Evenicle should've been half as long as it is, then it would've been fun. The story would've still been shit, but nobody was there for that anyway.

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3 patches already and they still haven't bother to fix the fade in / fade out in the main menu taking ages to finish.

>> No.20888055

>The game hates letting you progress without needing to go to 5 different random locations all the fucking time, where a few can be warped to, but not all because "tehehe, can only warp to specific towns~~~". Pure padding. All the fucking time. Where other games put a simple boss-fight, Evenicle let's you warp or go to 5 different all places first, before you can go through the entire area again and fight the fucking boss.
I think it captures the feeling of adventure very well. You just go around places and do dumb meaningless shit and have fun. That's what adventures are all about. You don't simply go from one boss to another, because that's not an adventure. The journey is more important than the destination.
>The script is just so full of nothingness and bloated as fuck, just like the rest of the game.
Out of curiosity, have you played any other their games made past 2000s? Dai, Beat, PasCha series, drapeko, burebura? They are all "bloated" with the same amount of padding that would do no harm to the story if it ever was removed. Hell, Rance Quest is literally padding: the game with all the side quests you have to do, and you could probably make a serviceable moege out of meal tickets from X alone.

But removing that padding is a bad thing. Why? Because it adds to immersion, to roleplay value. You are right, nobody plays these games for the story. Just like nobody plays SofthouseChara, Eushully or Dual Tail or any other similar developers' games for the story (I'm not saying that the story in these games is bad or whatever, on the contrary, it's very enjoyable for me). People do it for the feeling of having fun in a fantasy world. Remove all the padding that makes these games several times longer than what you think is necessary, and you are left with just boring boss gauntlets.

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Fixed it myself. It's related to the japanese date/time format.

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Good post.

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It is a bad thing when there are no non-generic villains to balance out the generic ones, and the majority of the wives are one dimensional fapbaits that disappear from the story as soon as you marry them.
Does it do anything new?

>> No.20888440

>there are no non-generic villains to balance out the generic ones
It's intentionally written that way to give you a feeling of doing right thing when you and a gang defeat them. I wouldn't even call them generic, but rather a satire/parody on power rangers or kamen rider villains. Besides, you are wrong anyway. Felton is as far from generic as possible. Even if he is just a copycat of Am from Rance Quest, he is still great character. I can't say much for Hameln from Eve 2 since I'm not that far into the story yet, but he seems rather interesting character too.
>and the majority of the wives are one dimensional fapbaits that disappear from the story as soon as you marry them
Have to agree here. I dislike games with huge harems where at some point it feels like you are just scoring pointless numbers instead of spending more time with your actual party members who also happen to be your love interests. 4 girls is my limit for good harem size, and everything more just feels overcrowded. Thankfully, I don't have problems with my imagination, so I just can pretend that every side wife other than Ramius, Riche, Guri and Kath just doesn't exist. Same with Yuragi, Kano, Platina and Sharo.

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Yeah it has this one ingenious new gimmick where your heroines get a random disease every few minutes which makes them useless in battle and you have to go on a random generic fetch quest to cure them every single time. Very fun

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You only dislike it because you are an idiot who only sees things from MUH GAMEPLAY perspective and fails to see any roleplay value in this. I like this mechanic because of immersion it adds. Get it, you are a doctor who adventures with his wives, they get sick and you have to heal them because you a loving husband who cares about them.
Besides, it does have gameplay value. It allows you to raise their important secondary stats in whatever way you choose. I decided to just stack 衝撃 and stunlock everything, someone else might do other build. It's rather cool and is definitely a step up from first game when all you had were "+1 to all stats" consumables.

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hahaha epic meme dude gonna share this in my discord

>> No.20889035

Do people actually like playing with voice cut on? Why does it default to on in so many games?

>> No.20889043

Because hearing and reading something completely different is annoying? Not sure how that's hard to understand.

>> No.20889069

I've had this same dilemma for a while too, I tend to read faster than the voice plays so I click to the next sentence early when I'm confident its not gonna be a voiced line, First thing I do when launching a vn is look for this option, and turn down the fucking bgm that is always at earrape levels with no exceptions for some reason.

>> No.20889071

Annoying how? You can't process one extra sentence in your short term memory?

>> No.20889099

Visual novels should just be silent like real novels.

>> No.20889108

A voiced line going for 5 unvoiced ones is annoying, yes.Also not worth it when you've already read it anyway.

>> No.20889128

I like to listen to every voiced line to completion excluding H-scene ones.

>> No.20889607

I like to listen to every voiced line to completion during H-scene only.

>> No.20889632

Whenever I end up fapping to h-scenes and ejaculate a little early before they're finished, I make sure to stall the VN so I can recharge and resume the experience.

>> No.20889641

Sorry to ask stuff like this. Does ITHVNR generally work with all VNs, even newer ones? I've only played old-ish titles from 2000 and earlier. I tried hooking a newer one and it wouldn't work for the life of me. I've heard something about codes to make it work, but I haven't been able to find much info on that.

>> No.20889642

Let's be real it's all an excuse to bang. There is no love in Evenicle.

>> No.20889646

Learn Japanese.

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Delete this.

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Get out.

>> No.20889665

It's not like I'm machine translating, but sure, I'll come back in ten years.

>> No.20889670

>I tend to read faster than the voice plays
Uh, yeah, I'm pretty sure everyone does.

>> No.20889764

>I think it captures the feeling of adventure very well. You just go around places and do dumb meaningless shit and have fun. That's what adventures are all about. You don't simply go from one boss to another, because that's not an adventure. The journey is more important than the destination.
There's a reason why essentially no Rpg ever does this shit this much though. To an extend, yeah. To an extend! The revisits need to be meaningful though. That's important. Evenicle goes way too far into the wrong direction. If it really wanted to have you go around and visit all kinds of old places this much, it could've just done optional quests like that. If the only "reward" is a "the princess is in another castle" equivalent of a cutscene, it sucks. I can't see how this padding gives a feeling of adventure. If anything it does the opposite, as the world feels fucking small as a result. Gotta get back to this town? Warp, run run run, 20 seconds later you are there. Cue 2 minute cutscene. You are done. Great, that was adventure right there. Then to that town? Same thing. In the end, you waste a couple of minutes for nothing and get bothered by weak random encounters because the skill against it is fucking weird. It all just meshes together to some blurry mess. And over time, this becomes frustrating, because it feels like the game really hates pacing. It's not just the back and forth between locations for 2 minute cutscenes. It's in a lot of other places as well, and it just adds up.
A much better approach to reusing locations is to actually have new locations in those locked away till later. Evenicle does this, a little. But thanks to generally having very small dungeons most of the time, these instances still don't take more than 2 minutes.

>Out of curiosity, have you played any other their games made past 2000s? Dai, Beat, PasCha series, drapeko, burebura?
Yes. No, the problem isn't in the other games I played. Blade Briders is actually a wonderful example for how Evenicle should've been. That said, the script is less of a problem for me. But with it being not the most interesting already (fetch quests and whatnot), having all this padding not being interesting either is just a mean combination. I'm more a gameplay guy anyway, when it comes to rpgs. Maybe that's the difference between us.
Though I did in fact enjoy Blade Briders script more than Evenicle's, but I feel that's not just because it's less than half its length. I think that game did the whole "big harem family" idea a lot better, as it actually did a lot to build relationships between the girls as well.

>> No.20889769

Blade Briders was terribly reviewed.

>> No.20889777

It'll work with newer games that use old or common engines, like KiriKiri. If it doesn't work someone might post an h-code on anime-sharing.
If you're only looking up a word every once in a while then an OCR software like capture2text might be good enough.

>> No.20889797

I've become so used to reading off it I can't read anything reliably without one.

>> No.20889799

Such is the fate of DJT denizens.

>> No.20889851

Why not just wait until you know Japanese, N1-kun?

>> No.20889974

This is me on the road to knowing Japanese.

>> No.20890007

just take your time andenjoy it, maybe read something else inbetween.

âge is going to announce they're disbanding soon.

>> No.20890061

>âge is going to announce they're disbanding soon.

Is this your random shitpost or do are there actually rumors?

>> No.20890124

>âge is going to announce they're disbanding soon.
I wouldn't be surprised since they haven't had a single new IP since 2003 unless you count Schwarzesmarken.

>> No.20890266

But didn't they get over a million dollars from a Kickstarter?

>> No.20890516

1 million shekels can only go so far when you do jackshit and don't make any actual games.
Toneworks, who make fairly high budget eroge, for instance posted a censored version of their initial planned budget for their second game in an interview once.
Coming out to ~30 million yen for their second game.

>> No.20890530

Anon, you might want to learn your currencies.

>> No.20890575

30 million JPY is about ~270k shekels currently.
Age has also historically had incredibly troubled developments with many many delays. The KimiIta remake for instance required the CEO of Age to sell his house in order to pay salaries and finish development and everything else, so it's not like they excellent project management either.

>> No.20890636

-fourth of june: their shitty DMM mobage shuts down

-sixth of june: their parent company IXTL changes their name to Anchor.

-15th of september: They "delay" the muv luv 15th anniversary event they had planned for october, because they felt like it would end up shit and they want to host a good one instead.
February 2019 is now almost over and no further updates have been provided.

-At around the same time, they stop any and all livestreaming on their offical youtube channel. they had set up a B-team for regular community updates just weeks prior.

-11th of October: communication had ceased, until they suddenly announce a collab event for the SRW mobage.

-9th of November: their website suddenly updates with an user survey. It's filled with questions hinting at plans for more mobile games, and has some utterly strange question in it like: "would you play a muv luv game set in medieval europe or ancient china?"

-7th of december: they announce they aren't doing comiket or any other events in winter.

-1st of january 2019. they post a happy new year picture.

no further "news" has been posted since then.

my guess is most of it got burned by horrible management or the other companies involved grabbed huge chunks.

>> No.20890663

I don't want eroge to die :(((((

>> No.20890670

Hmm, that doesn't sound good.

>> No.20890732

It won't but neither will it live or improve.

>> No.20890782

So was SNuff FLag - あるいは睡蓮へ光が射すように shared anywhere?

>> No.20891214

>would you play a muv luv game set in medieval europe or ancient china?"
I’m not opposed to the idea of fantasy mecha, quite the opposite really, if that’s what they want to make.
But considering how shitty both their mobile game and DMM kusoge were I probably wouldn’t be interested anyway.

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Its taking me forever to get through the common in this, the Yoru no kuni sections I find interesting enough but the SOL school bits are boring as shit and worse than most moege I have read.

Barely able to stand reading more than 10 minutes of the school sections a day..... also is Hiyori like mentally handicapped or something? I feel like im losing braincells whenever she talks.

Doesn't help that the side characters are more interesting and get more screen time than the main heroines(so far), the only ones I care about at all are Kuro...... and to a lesser extent Haru, but that's mainly because she isn't a loli..

Only reason I push on is I got people telling me its a kamige and it gets a lot better in the routes.

>> No.20892778

If you are reading it with furigana in hiragana after a while (like 1 or 2 years) you should be capable of reading it without hooker, though the first vn without hooker is going to be a hell to adapt after a while you will not have problems reading it.
I'm talking basing on my own experience though so idk if it will help you.

>> No.20892837
File: 6 KB, 430x42, no.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well this is never a good sign
While I like ロリ I find Haru's design really pleasing since the proportions are sensible and she doesn't do that retarded tits cradling pose

>> No.20892838

I got a pretty successful ending...

Got an ending where Tooru pinned it on Mikimoto with the correct murder method and everything. I actually managed to get an ending where he figures out the culprit, but it was pretty late in the game and it didn't actually reveal how he did it (the one where Mari kills Mikimoto). I thought once his fake beard came off and he was revealed that he would escape/take a hostage or something and kick off a longer struggle against him, but then it just ended pretty abruptly.

Since so many CGs/endings remained I figured I needed to go back and try to make it play out differently, but I noticed entirely new options opened up that weren't there before. I started picking some of those and now I'm on some bizarre storyline involving different people with Tooru's appearance being summoned somehow since the real one seems to have died, and the cast killing them when they reveal they're not him/don't have his memories. So it seems there are multiple unique storylines? Looking at the flowchart it looks like there are no more unexplored branches for the first story.

>> No.20892905

What a good cutesy/moe and/or comedy game that's about lolis or small busted girls but not about sex?

What happened to that Eien/MuvLuv crossover thing that had some episodes a while back? Was the last episode of it ever released?

>> No.20892944

Finished Ikusa Megami Zero. Should I play Genrin no Kishougun 1 + 2 before starting Ikusa Megami Verita? Or 永焔の戦姫 enough?

>> No.20892970

>What happened to that Eien/MuvLuv crossover thing that had some episodes a while back?

it was never an episodic release at all, âge released it in one go to any members of their paid fanclub at the time. the fag doing the translation refuses to upload the game, puts obnoxious hardsubs over all the game text so nobody can check if his TLs are accurate, and hasn't updated the project in months.

>> No.20893271

>just take your time andenjoy it, maybe read something else inbetween.
It's okay, after getting through the slump I regained my enthusiasm. It actually wasn't that far from the end. Just felt like it can go on forever with Takayuki flip-flopping, but then the resolution actually came almost immediately after that. The story also convinced me that he couldn't have possibly drawn the line easily, so it didn't annoy me anymore. But with only 1 ending, I'm still very far from done. Wonder what kind of ridiculous turns must the story take for you to fuck the sidegirls.

>> No.20893487

At the very least you have to play 2 because said kishougun is the mkain heroine in verita. If you can't deal with 1 it comes with a novelization of it.
And if you can't deal with 2's gameplay you can actually skip those sections.

>> No.20893752
File: 320 KB, 1024x768, 武想少女隊ぶれいど☆ブライダーズ_20161005_224353.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Because the game doesn't felate the protag enough. It's sad, but otaku seem to need that.
I found it pretty fun though, and also liked the female pov ero that the game had quite a bit of. Something a little else. Something that probably rubs some people the wrong way.

And if you like gameplay, the game is basically what Fire Emblem should be, just on smaller scale. I still don't understand why fucking Nintendo made up the crappy phoenix mode for new shitters that can't handle perma-death for units, completely changing the playstyle of the game with that (units are no longer considered very precious and you can just zerg), while Alice Soft actually had to prevent perma-death due to way less characters, but added the same feeling by HEAVILY rewarding not losing any unit. Guess Alice Soft > Intelligent Systems / Nintendo.
I also really liked how the enemy comes to you, so you don't have the crappy "one by one" system Fire Emblem loves so much where enemies just wait. The game hints at how the enemy comes as well, and you usually have bonus goals that do reward moving out and intercepting certain enemies as well. It actually combines offense and defense very well. Fire Emblem never did that in the games I played of the series. The little base building part is also rather interesting. You always build a base for up to two fights and depending on how greedy you are, you can build defensive buildings or money buildings (that give money at the end of a stage, if they don't get destroyed by the enemy). The game isn't particularly hard, if you aren't that greedy, but it can get very fun if you indeed are and just want all the money for upgrades, more weapons and whatnot. Though depending on your taste, being able to hit 100% evasion by the end of the game, may not be very good game design. I kinda liked it though. It's not like that's just for free all the time and on any tile anyway. And if you WOULD get hit, the unit is essentially done, as healing doesn't really exist and evaders don't tank well.

In other words: I think it's a genuinely good game, if you don't mind the low amount of playable characters and it being maybe 30 hours long. (though older Fire Emblem games aren't really longer either) It's just fun.

>> No.20893871

It gets WORSE in the routes. The common is the best part.

>> No.20894007

Nanatsuiro Drops? I think it's the most innocent and wholesome eroge I've ever played.

>> No.20894244
File: 103 KB, 597x573, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get hyped. Hopefully they'll announce a date for the trial.

>> No.20894357

What's the most mysogynistic VN you've ever read?

>> No.20894384

Most VNs are extremely mysoginistic on their concept alone.

>> No.20894443

Any of the thousands of High School settings with dub-as-fuck protagonist who gets a harem.

>> No.20894694

one ending for a side character is very infamous for going entirely of the the fucking rails.

>> No.20894790

Guys, can anyone say the blog about eroge production? I just got interested in that topic. About sales, eroge market, pre-orders, tokuten, physical editions, scenario writing, art costs, working on eroge in Japan, etc... I heard that there was some blog in Japanese... But in English, I think, there are not any blogs. Thank you so much!

>> No.20894833 [DELETED] 

Anons, can I ask you something?
Is he right?

>> No.20894837

I don't know, anon from the distant future.

>> No.20895029

It's not like you'd be able to read a blog in Japanese.

>> No.20895039

There are amazing tools like Google Translate. Look into it.

>> No.20895043

Only a subhuman like you would use it.

>> No.20895225

I actually enjoyed the common for the most part. The routes are where it gets boring as shit. Even though stuff and drama is happening it goes so fucking slow it feels like the writer wanted the players to not enjoy it too much or something.

>> No.20895238

What game?

>> No.20895301

I am pleased to report that KoiChoco The Best version included in the Aokana Anniversary pack has no DRM.

It's the version to go for if you're archiving.

>> No.20895307

What does it include? Does it rewrite half the game and its main heroine too?

>> No.20895309

No, just no DRM and official compatibility with up to Win 10.

Stop hating on Chisato, nigger.

>> No.20895311

She's a cunt that basically destroys most routes with her shitty as fuck drama and jealousy.
Does it include the psp Non-chan route at least?

>> No.20895313

Nah. Non-chan route would be an obvious inclusion, but for some reason they didn't.

>> No.20895324

Seeing Chisato get BTFO in the other routes is the best part of that game.

>> No.20895341

Sakura Moyu

>> No.20895467


>> No.20895475

I wonder why they keep leaving Non-chan's route out of the PC rereleases. It's not like the PSP is marketable nowadays so they wouldn't really lose anything from doing it.

>> No.20895665

Could be licensing, could be general incompetence.

>> No.20895839

She is in love coupled with psychological issues that are explained in her very route, you niggers have no empathy

>> No.20895845

Psychological issues NEVER excuse being an annoying piece of shit.
>oh no she's so damaged that means she can smear her shit all over the story
Unless said issues are entertaining to watch unfold I mean.

>> No.20895867

they probably didn't have any money left to give her ero scenes

the jealousy and drama is what made that game and as mentioned seeing chisato get btfo was one of the better parts of it, not all drama is bad

>> No.20895984

Are there any other eroge with a situation like that? A heroine being an obnoxious cunt and getting absolutely destroyed for it?

>> No.20896087

I love it when mentally unstable cunts get btfo

>> No.20896102

>not all drama is bad
I'd say a drama is bad if it fails so hard you want it just to see the character get BTFO instead.

>> No.20896150

Hey, if it's entertaining, it succeeded.

>> No.20896156

In the complete opposite direction the writer intended, it's more of a comedy than anything.
I'm not complaining because I liked Mafuyu the most and Chisato in that route is at her most obnoxious until that happens.

>> No.20896251

Non-chan looks like a cutie, guess I'll illegally download the PSP version.

>> No.20896371

It confuses me that the main heroine in that looks like a prostitute. Why would you make the main heroine in a romance game look like she sucks dicks for a living?

>> No.20896835 [DELETED] 

You're mentally unstable cunt yourself so I guess you have some kind of masochistic projection issue.

>> No.20896847

I never wanted to see her BTFO. You probably just have the entitled otaku syndrome where every heroine has to make you feel good and constantly pander to your sensibilities all the time.

>> No.20896910

Has anyone encountered a bug where the the VN you're reading seems to constantly detect scrolling up even when you're not doing it? I've been trying to read saya no uta and I can't advance text because it keeps scrolling up into the backlog. This same thing happens for just about every CYCLET title I try to read but it's really bothering me now that it's affecting Saya no Uta as well. This happens regardless of if I have my mouse and keyboard plugged in. If anybody has any advice it would be appreciated.

>> No.20896919

>constantly treats you like shit
>throws a tantrum when she doesn't get her way
>acts entitled to your affection regardless
Nah mate, she deserved everything she got and then some.

>> No.20896943

do you have a gamepad plugged in?

>> No.20896954

nope, I even tried with all usbs unplugged.

>> No.20897816

wow I just fixed the bug, turns out I needed to run the vn in compatibility mode for windows 95.

>> No.20897870

Man, all those games releasing on the last Thursday of this month rather than the last Friday just feels weird.

>> No.20898712
File: 395 KB, 1920x1080, 542235642343523.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally got around to finishing the first half of Sorceress Alive and I thought it was very decentish as far as mindless moege are concerned. This really reminded me of the typical 2000-2010 templates, that's right this is more of a 'product' played safe carrying the cliches of the last decade with some twists here and there. Or at least the first half for now.
It's obvious every girl had affection for Kouki, hell even before the routes split up, Yuzuriha because the protagonist helped her out with the Mazoku rumors and just generally giving her a purpose and a place to be. With Akina it was more about proving his abilities/winning against the NotChink team etc.

Now, especially after Mia's route I thought this definitely could've been a harem or rather considering the threesomes it basically was, no idea why not just go with it till the end, I mean first you say polygamy is the common sense of that world, the heroines are also down for it, for example in Akina's route Mia keeps blabbering about it and then in HER route she goes complete 180 and wants to have the protag for herself. But anyway I thought this route in general was the most entertaining especially after the 'heavy' Yuzuriha's route.

Speaking of Yuzuriha, surprisingly or maybe it's just me, this route had both the most icha icha and the most serious events. But If there's one thing I'm disappointed after reading this route is that there's probably is no Kureha(pic related) route in the game especially considering her relation with Yuzuriha and while the game didn't state this outright, obviously she set up the whole thing in the beginning. Maybe even at that time when Kouki was first beaten to a pulp which caused Yuzuriha to go berserk and of course when her team dropped out from the tournament Kureha and maybe her mother were aiming for the whole unrest so they could bring Yuzuirha back to Midgard for execution but surprisingly as it turned out she wasn't going to be transported to Midgard at all since the queen decided to protect her but the protag and the crew got the wrong idea so they forcefully broke her out which caused Kureha to use that to her advantage and try to kill her off
You also get a lot of foreshadowing in this route(hopefully I'm right) even when it comes the tense relations between the queen and each territory and gakuinchou mentioning how her ignoring the queens approval would hamper her neutrality making her stand probably with forces opposing queen's authority but anyhow Yuzuriha's CGs, H stuff, icha icha and the pregnant ending was good and that's all that mattered to me here.

As for Akina, I thought this was one of those forced drama beginnings with Prometheus not answering and her going full retarded not realizing her feelings for the MC considering how high and mighty she is in other routes when it comes to the matters of R E N A I another foreshadowing since the novels she reads are obviously stuff like LN/WNs written more than 300 years ago meaning this is the same world rather than isekai if it wasn't already obvious enough .
Buuut after finally both the protag and Akina sort out their feelings with of course Kouki realizing he liked Akina and what she was feeling was most likely the same(thanks a lot Prometheus you apparently do have a will of your own!), we go from tsun to complete(or maybe not too complete) dere with some decent h-scenes and a cute date and finally we get to the juicy tournament bits which were more focused on compared to the other routes. I thought they were OK like I've seen the action scene descriptions written awfully in much better works and surprisingly they weren't bad here, really not bad at all. It's just that the abilities these magic users have from the start and them being very restricted is an issue for me but when it comes to utilizing them the writer somehow managed them 'believably' so to say. Like vs Mithgard with Azuria's cover or even vs Brittoania with Ririri to counter her defense piercing skill which only activates when she concentrates her magic power in her weapon instantaneously at the point of impact(but at the same time she can't teleport so maybe she should've dumped that shitty ability in the first place)
But anywho it wasn't bad at all you also get to meet Akina's mother and I really wanted at least some scenes with her which is another missed opportunity same with Kureha.

I guess if I had to rate the routes themselves would be something like:
Akina=Yuzuriha>Miu>>>>>>Azuria(very meh)
By the way these are very short like 4-5 hours for each one give or take. I'll get around to reading the second part of the game sometime later and I just want more Yuumi, hopefully it doesn't disappoint.
But yea you really really should't pick this up if you can't stomach the usual overused stuff for me I think I very much enjoyed it so far considering I've been reading similar stuff who knows how long now.

>> No.20898730

>By the way these are very short like 4-5 hours for each one give or take
>very short
No, that's more than decent length for a moege route.

>> No.20898861
File: 747 KB, 584x791, 1550542080183.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is eroge saved?

>> No.20898899

This ain't /hgg/

>> No.20898903

That's one of the dumbest and easiest premises to solve in anything ever.

>> No.20898911

I'm glad Delta is still alive.

>> No.20899590


This is one spicy review (he doesn't actually talk about the game).

>> No.20899630

Stopped reading there

>> No.20899784


>> No.20899825

Anyone started reading 僕の未来は、恋と課金と。?
I thought the premise was interesting for once for a moege. The art is nice too.

>> No.20899855

Finally, the true kamige I've been waiting for.

>> No.20899915

I rolled dice to see which new game to play, but it ended up 夢と色でできている. Could be a good way to not touch the Purple game next month though. Also, somehow it's 1080p, which is a positive surprise.
The gacha game seems to be okay, from the first reviews. That said, make sure you don't like twintail girls and her voice actor in this case. Otherwise you may be very disappointed by one of the worse choices of making a character a sub.

>> No.20899925
File: 195 KB, 962x585, what happened.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20899931

>remake the same game but with overall worse heroines
Their mistake.

>> No.20899970

It's a really long game and it's first week votes is what happened. Same thing happened to Rance 10, and it's now the highest rated eroge of all time.

>> No.20899985

Only people who've read the rest of the rance games would play it in the first place, bad example.

>> No.20900018

Are you an ESL? Because your post makes no sense here.

>> No.20900104

>DxWnd Overview
>Window hooker to run fullscreen programs in window and much more...
>Windows hooker - intercepts system calls to make win32 programs running in a window, to support a better compatibility, to enhance video modes, to stretch timing and emulate CD disk data and audio tracks. It is tipically very useful to run old windows games.

>emulate CD disk data and audio tracks
Can it be used as an inmm.dll replacement?

>> No.20900214

My impressions up through the third chapter. Characters are less interesting than the original. Overall story feels phoned in. The game also gives you a teleport spell early on even though the game world is very restrictive to exploration. Not a bad game, just mediocre.

>> No.20900227

they will still get their eop bux when it gets a translation

>> No.20900236

You can sell it on the artist alone, it's still not a good game.

>> No.20900397

Really? I felt Evenicle's art is one of the worst Alice Soft had so far. Sprites and CG look super different and the hcg felt pretty weak in general. Evenicle 2 now has pretty lackluster character designs on top of it, if you ask me that is.

I know the artist is known from Senran Kagura and stuff, but eh. Evenicle disappointed me. So I'd not go for the sequel for that reason.

>> No.20900431

>worse heroines
So far they are all equal, if not better, to the cast of the first game for me. Only Yuragi is rather weak, the rest are great. And plot is much more interesting. Only gameplay is shit. It's both way too easy and way too annoying. I'm considering cheating just so I don't have to sludge through it.
Oh, that must explain why it has a bunch of 0-10 score reviews from absolutely retarded niggers with overall theme "MC is not a nice guy, can't relate, dropped". I'm sure these are all long time fans of the series.

>> No.20900562

"Muh Senran Kagura artstyle" can be complete hit or miss. It's either 10/10 great or worse than Ryuukishi07.
For example, this https://exhentai.org/s/adbfda13ce/1369391-106 looks absolutely hilarious and quite possibly the best h-cg I've seen in several years.
On the other hand, this https://exhentai.org/s/d51071fb5b/1369391-141 made me cover the monitor with my palm and smash Ctrl.

>> No.20900651

I guess they never miss, huh?

>> No.20900660

I thought Senran Kagura artist didnt work on Evenicle 2.

>> No.20900809


>> No.20900991
File: 821 KB, 1920x1625, chara1st.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cute fox.

>> No.20901306
File: 10 KB, 372x47, fuck you.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cute but shame about the stick legs

>> No.20901316
File: 1.62 MB, 1282x747, white album.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is every girl aside from rina so boring in this visual novel?
The only reason I played her route was because she was his "best friend" cruch and I found it funny to steal her.
The only reason I'm still playing is because of sayoko, and even her doesn"t seem as good as I hoped she'd be at first but she is still worth it (for now).

>> No.20901367

I need your expertise. I'm looking for a game which was released ~2-3 years ago about a plain, big assed, freckled childhood friend which you molest until she turns from a tomboy into a well dressed young lady. I tried searching for traits and tags on VNDB but nothing turned up. Would be great if you could tell me the name.

>> No.20901534

I was gonna say Zutto Mae Kara Joshi Deshita, but that turned out to be different.

>> No.20901611

Yeah that's not it. The game was from a doujin circle (I think) and the girl was really plain, tall, had short brown hair and noticeable freckles.

>> No.20901816

I've read a little bit

It's pretty funny how some of the heroines are basically gambling addicts but since it's gacha it's ok. Like one of the heroines goes to the corner store the MC works at and buys a fuck ton of prepaid gift cards constantly and whales like no tomorrow, thanks to her parents being rich.

>> No.20901851

Is she a whale as well? If she doesn't have at least 130kg, I'm disappointed.

>> No.20901978

Guildmaster is a disappointment. I liked it at first but I'm not interested in progressing anymore. The entire dungeon exploration is dull with some fantasy trope subversions as it's only saving grace.

Combat is awful because of the limited mana pool. Basically every normal fight is an auto attack fest since most abilities aren't worth casting during normal encounters since you are almost always better of just outright killing a monster with an auto attack instead of buffing, debuffing or healing. Maybe skills get more important later on but I'm not interested in finding out. Party synergy is non existent and since monsters can just attack your backline you don't get rewarded forming a balanced party. The game is also a buggy mess.

I don't know what the specific flags are but by the time i completed the first main objective I've already seen close to half of the CG's of my main party members. Afterwards i just started skipping weeks, unlocking a couple CG's of characters i didn't even use. I'm not sure what the length of the game is but either it's really short or there is long stretch without any porn.

>> No.20902747
File: 449 KB, 1280x720, capture_389_26022019_232525.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does Flowers pick up after the first episode? Started this series looking forward to a mystery game, not that I was expecting Caucasus or Cartagra and I knew from the get-go the game was going to be noticeably lighter, but this was like watching paint dry.

Nothing of interest happens until the ending's sudden sequel hook and it's not like the character interactions really deliver either. Frankly I couldn't really bring myself to like any of the cast save for perhaps Erika who at most is half-decent, and even that's stretching it. Also like people on EGS complained, mystery wise much of the stuff's way out there with several retarded parts where the solution to the mystery of the chapter relies on obscure real life trivia that the game itself never bothers to mention even once until it's suddenly time for the final explanation where the protagonist gets to shine for being "so smart" because she just so conveniently happened to know the relevant tidbit of information, like what the hell is wrong with this writer. Also the game is so much drama focused and the causes for "mystery" usually so little, tangential and innocent, sometimes outright retardedly convoluted for no reason like the motivation for twins' switcheroo it feels like the game could've easily trashed all mystery parts entirely without it affecting the main plot in any way whatsoever.

>> No.20903409

the lazy mindset of assuming everything is shit by default is one of the things I hate the most about anonymous board culture

it's sad to me that people have been poisoned by this thinking to the extent where they won't give anything a fair shake and rob themselves of enjoyment

>> No.20903523

>Sex Royale
Not a bad idea.

>> No.20903604

Sturgeon's law.

>> No.20903658
File: 122 KB, 798x897, abcec60f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bobbu strikes again

>> No.20903693 [SPOILER] 
File: 115 KB, 1280x720, 1551234838050.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Second and third chapters are mostly stand alone stories with side characters Erika and Yuzuriha as protagonists.

The height of the series is at chapter three, with Yuzuriha as main character. The mood of the story totally changes with each chapter, with a swing from bucolic joy during Erika's chapter, towards a mixed depression in Yuzuriha's chapter. Total depression being suicide, but doesn't get there.

There is a big improvement between chapter one and everything that follows. The question is if you enjoy the writer's narrative, with that mix of English Victorian and Contemporary Japan setting that can clash at times. I loved researching all the cultural references being thrown here and there by the characters, some being obscure shit from the 80's Japan that represent the author's remembrance of her own childhood, and in no way a generation z bubbled lady would know. 80's references in general. And man, does the author love Hemingway, but I suppose you've already read The Old Man and the Sea.

The fourth episode is where the story from the first episode continues. Yes, the coitus interruptus that lasted FOUR years was a very bad idea, but it's already published now so no need to cry anymore. Don't worry about the gimmick of the mystery thing, it becomes even less relevant later.

>> No.20903985 [DELETED] 
File: 63 KB, 1882x221, hmmm.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hi moogy.

>> No.20904147 [SPOILER] 
File: 306 KB, 1920x1080, 1551241011149.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ended sorceress alive, it wasn't as good as is was hyped for but it was relatively good (the twists were nice).
And I was the only one that felt NTRed at the true end?

>> No.20904163

Never read this, but this is what came to mind.

>> No.20904303

Is it true that Sakurai write Valusia in one month? I heard that rumor ages ago but can't find anything.

>> No.20904834

So how's Parallelogram? Is it better than Aokana?

>> No.20904865


>> No.20905208

It's really good I liked it heaps but it's not aokana-tier

>> No.20905329

I gotta say, I was amazed at how bad you can make VN beginnings. The writer of Parallelogram really outdid himself there. Aokana's isn't great by any means. Actually it's shit. But holy crap, Parallelogram. Literally nothing makes sense.

Who knows, maybe they get better. I won't ever know though.

>> No.20905343

Easily. The only thing Aokana has over it is the production.

>> No.20905349

It's a sports game, production values are half the game.

>> No.20905355


>> No.20905357
File: 661 KB, 500x843, samapokeforzaswitch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's happening, will the Switch save VNs?

>> No.20905360


It's a pictured story.

>> No.20905638

Did Vita?

>> No.20905681

the only thing that could save that is some ero

>> No.20905881
File: 580 KB, 817x540, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Get fucking hyped!

流星ワールドアクター is coming out on July 26th.

>> No.20905889

No one is hyped but you.

>> No.20905893

Stop being so gloomy.

>> No.20905905

I am too. Kinugasa is one of the greatest minds to have ever lived and the art design so far seen is some of the best and most unique eroge has ever had.

>> No.20905928

I want to marry Kusuhara Yui.

>> No.20905937

She sounds pretty slutty.

>> No.20905948
File: 101 KB, 808x199, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pls have H scenes.

>> No.20905961

watching the stream and disappointed it's not a moege

>> No.20905966

This very moment they're saying it's mostly comedy.

>> No.20905973

i heard them say the comedy is main but still people die and big monsters appear

>> No.20905978

Not everything has to be a moege.

>> No.20906000

Hmm, so they're also making a soshage out of it, also written by Kinugasa.

>> No.20906009
File: 104 KB, 350x500, さくら、もゆ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm usually one to be supportive of stories that spell out their themes and character development. I'm not particularly smart so it's nice when the author points out the obvious stuff.

But it's another thing altogether when the author bombards the reader with the same words, the same phrases all the time, again and again, even at points where they don't seem to match the scene that well. Even an idiot will get tired of that. There's only so many times you can slam the words さみしい and 悲しい onto the screen until I get desensitized to their meaning and start to associate it with filler rather than something that brings meaning and emotion to the story. There is an actual line between obvious storytelling and obnoxiously obvious storytelling.

I have to wonder what the author thinks he's accomplishing by doing this. It doesn't improve the quality of the story, rather it just makes it harder and more frustrating to read. Something that should be fun and exciting and has all the elements in place to be consistently awesome (I like mahou shoujo, dream worlds, fantasy, and even Favorite's art, go figure) has ended up being more tepid and dull than it has any need to be. As much as I like, even LOVE this VN at points, it goes through such extremes in quality that I often find myself questioning my own taste from yesterday. It actually feels like they made a 9/10 game and decided that it was TOO GOOD the way it was and deliberately added a bunch of garbage to make it worse because the world would implode if they actually released a high quality game.

>> No.20906018

>29 year old protagonist

>> No.20906027

PS if you know any good mahou shoujo-themed eroge, please tell me. I've already played Nanatsuiro Drops.

>> No.20906031

That's what makes it good, nigger. Better than some typical hapless teenager.

>> No.20906089
File: 143 KB, 1252x725, obviously kusuhara yui.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Meet my new waifu.

>> No.20906096

It will be a crime if she has no anal sex scenes. The elf too.

>> No.20906102

Goddamn. No H scenes for the fairy.

>> No.20906105

I can't wait to fuck this canon 18-year-old.

>> No.20906145

Why would it be a special thing about the anonymous board culture? Also, if you factor in time spent, and you should if you're not a retard, then it's not really worth it to play hundreds of obscure eroge which you will maybe enjoy a few out of. Most people will rather depend on a good review and know for sure that they will enjoy something. Reviews will always influence the work, whether you like it or not, and it's not a lazy mindset but the way it always worked for any kind of entertainment media, you're just acting stupid.
And why do you even care how other people enjoy things? Play what you like and let others play what they like. People "robbing themselves out of enjoyment" is just your opinion. How would you know that others would enjoy something just because you did?
Instead of complaining about it here, go write a positive review of that game which made you mad and write this, and maybe some more people will pick it up and enjoy it.

>> No.20906178
File: 387 KB, 806x337, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cute onee-san with no H scenes.

>> No.20906184

Lad calm down and enjoy things once in a while. A big amount of people are negative about things they have never even read or aren't even out yet. Or just because it's popular and other people like it. If you don't see that he meant this, you're probably one of those.

>> No.20906197
File: 18 KB, 351x216, fuck you fags.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20906201

Some DJT EOP? Maybe a chink?

>> No.20906219

I'm getting into this for the art. For some reason it looks much more "modern" and more similar to contemporary LN and manga art than the art styles that most eroge use, I like the look of it.

>> No.20906221

It's the KoiChoco artist.

>> No.20906251

Nice. No DRM this time.

>> No.20906259
File: 434 KB, 800x600, Princess Witches.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pricchi or Twinkle Crusaders.

Pricchi has a more entertaining chuunibyou protagonist, better linear plot and it's not horribly long so the game doesn't overstay its welcome. The game throws tons of flimsy H-scenes your way right from the beginning which may or may not be up to your alley. Twinkle Crusaders and especially the fan disc have some pretty fun gameplay and neat production values, protagonist is less pronounced than Pricchi's though leaning more on cute rather than a plank (plus he even receives full voice acting in the fan disc's main story), and the game itself is fucklong for better or worse. Relationships wise it's also more akin to regular moege routes so no harem stuff like Pricchi and routes themselves range from very cute with a handful of great heroines to some retarded drama.

>> No.20907066

So sad that sheet list in bad quality. Can you, please, decrypt it for me? I mean, I can't believe that CG costs only 2mln yen

>> No.20907211

There's that new Purple Soft VN that's coming out, but it's Purple Soft so it won't be good.

>> No.20907267

>but it's Nakahiro so it won't be good

>> No.20907295

But he hit it out of the park with Yume to Iro de Dekiteiru.


>> No.20907328

Never trust first week reviews.

>> No.20907336

Only NPC's buy feng games.

>> No.20907922
File: 778 KB, 1280x1280, ev_586.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What game is this? Mirai Nostalgia?

>> No.20907944


>> No.20907947


>> No.20907951


>> No.20907989

It sounds interesting, did you find it?

>> No.20908327

Sadly, no.
Off by a mile.

>> No.20908637
File: 590 KB, 1920x1080, yume_iro_00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I dunno, but it doesn't strike me as very good. The beginning is your terribly written self-insert shit for loners, where the protagonist is all "I don't wanna~~", but the cute girls still drag him into the club anyway. Seen that one a million times, and it's one of those things that are by default shit. Unlike most moege, where it doesn't take too long, it drags a little here though, so who knows, maybe it's not going to be as bad as I think... not very likely though.
Also there's only one girl who you could call good. He did better than this before.

>> No.20908779

I'm mostly interested in this game for Karory art. It's been a while since she's done anything.

>> No.20908852

>The beginning is your terribly written self-insert shit for loners, where the protagonist is all "I don't wanna~~", but the cute girls still drag him into the club anyway.
I never get tired of this shit. Feels good.

>> No.20909251

Feng should really just stick to single heroine games like the seiiki series.

>> No.20909484

But this game was announced before those even were.

>> No.20909495

and its shit just like their last one

>> No.20909502

>which you molest until she turns from a tomboy into a well dressed young lady
I can think of a few which go from a well dressed lady > tomboy/gyaru, but none where it's the opposite.

>> No.20909510

https://vndb.org/v21899 is it this?

>> No.20909524

I dont trust feng with full priced games since their last one was incredibly boring and thats from someone who liked Hoshizora. Chiikano's prologue dragged on for far longer than it should have and put me to sleep.

>> No.20909669

I see, maybe if you look for the gallery cg in panda triste have success

>> No.20909674

...sad panda you will have success*

>> No.20909906

Anon, did you read my description?
I doubt it since sad panda's tags are even more limited than VNDB tags. Oh well.

>> No.20911097

So marmalade's スタディ§ステディ release date was pushed to 7/29 when it was supposed to be released next month.

What the fuck?

>> No.20911199

rip minori

>> No.20911206

Oh wow it's true. Did both trinoline and kemono bomb extremely hard?

>> No.20911216

probably just another case of them overspending i bet

>> No.20911243

good riddance

>> No.20911257

Time to go full nukige

>> No.20911378

The whole industry is in decline.

>> No.20911384

That's what saved them in the first place with perseus, then they released something in the same vein but with an actual story with soreyori and it's been shit since then.

>> No.20911390
File: 9 KB, 179x139, lmao.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

eroge finally dying?

Guess I will actually have a chance of finishing my backlog before I die

>> No.20911396

Just buy some viagra and ride him you fucking frigid bitch who undoubtedly enjoys fucking random ojiisans.

>> No.20911397

Perseus was a nice nukige under the guise of plotge. Until they whored out the sister to the gacha anyways

>> No.20911401

This whole planet is dying.

>> No.20911405

That's like so deep bro...

>> No.20911422

Nothing deep about it, retard. Look at how things were 5-10 years ago and how they are now. Don't know about you, but every hobby I enjoyed went to complete shit.

>> No.20911456

>5-10 years
not so much different, go sleep get some rest anon.

>> No.20911465

I already sleep close to 12-14 hours a day for the past year or so.

>> No.20911478

Go get a job then.

>> No.20911481

don't think I've slept more than 6-7 hours a day for some time now.

>> No.20911505

These days I sleep from 8 AM to 4 PM.

>> No.20911522

How is neetdom treating you?

>> No.20911527

It's not neetdom, it's spring break. Once classes start, I'll shift to more normal schedule.

>> No.20911548
File: 9 KB, 665x158, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20911568

It's okay just make gachas on DMM LMAO

>> No.20911581

We need more kamige like Sorceress Alive to save this industry.

>> No.20911695

I like big boobs

>> No.20911770

Hope there's an all ages version else it's a pass.

>> No.20911785

That's sad. Although I really disliked their newer games they at least always put a lot of effort in the visual department.

>> No.20911801

Looks like a shitty generic nukige.

>> No.20911820

>shitty generic nukige
...is what's gonna keep the industry alive

>> No.20911845

its just like seeing an old friend dying. I played Ef years ago but just finished the anime last year.

You fags probably didn't play this, but 罪ノ光ランデヴー was fantastic and loved it very much. I was waiting for something similar but bam.

That's not a way to start the year, I am depressed.

>> No.20911894

god I want to bury my face and sleep in a pair of those..

>> No.20912058

minori was always quite fucked up. They blew their budgets on those animated openings while not paying enough attention to likable characters and various tokuten goods around those characters. They usually either didn't include enough ero, or didn't include wide enough variation of characters to attract different audiences.
That's why they failed while Yuzusoft is the most successful company in the market. minori should have learned from the success of Yuzu, Clochette, SAGA, etc instead of relying too much on their pointless pride.

>> No.20912177
File: 353 KB, 1920x1080, 20181205201311_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was just thinking all of my favourite parts of grasesta are all the ones that aren't meant to be significant.
the H-scene with that girl that strengthened her armour during the tournament was easily my favourite one and I don't even remember her, I just found her in the whore house one day.
I really liked the ending you get if you choose to leave grasesta after you regain your freedom too. when cheddar goes around doing mercenary stuff with eurysha. it sounded so comfy but it just ended abruptly and there was no meat to the story.
asmina was such a likeable character too, but her entire existence was literally to suck dicks. there was so much room development but it was such a missed opportunity.
on that note, let's not forget fleurety either, she was easily one of the best characters and 100% deserved a route. what were they thinking not giving her one when it was already like 3/4 written?
eushully made some of my favourite games, but I'm really worried for them after hearing about minori. are they gonna survive, bros?

>> No.20912376

only EOPs can save eroge now...
we need to merge with /vn/

>> No.20912377

Fuck off

>> No.20912394

Western market is even smaller than the Japanese one.

>> No.20912409

I played it, but prologue common+Towa route was a far better minori game.

>> No.20912412

And thank god for that. I'm fine with some makers using it as an extra lifeline, but I wouldn't want them to focus on it as their main market.

>> No.20912568

EOPs only care about cheap meme titles for 10$ like Nekopara.
Whenever they release a title with an actual story it flops so badly. Just to name a few:
Himawari flopped with 25 peak players on steam.
SubaHibi flopped so hard that SCA-Ji complained on twitter.
What I'm trying to say is that the last thing you want is for Japanese developers to pander to western taste. The death of the whole medium is better than that future.

>> No.20912581

They're wisening up and pandering to the chinese instead.

>> No.20912599

That actually look awful I mean for example I liked Maoten but these girls design are bad

>> No.20912617

Those girls are overly titted.

>> No.20912619

I think you're just looking at it wrong. Try focusing on the tits as that is the core of the entire design and character.

>> No.20912620

>SubaHibi flopped so hard that SCA-Ji complained on twitter.
Got a link to this?

>> No.20912642


>> No.20912664

oreimo happy end I am playing in the rpcs3

>> No.20912680

SubaHibi was handled super badly, so that's whatever. Himawari.. well. Let's just say, seeing how Island went in Japan, shit marketing by Frontwing aside, it's not better there. As long as Key can still sell all-ages VNs on PC, even with the game being utterly crap, I don't think it's quite over yet. But it's a situation, where every single failure has BIG weight. So for example Frontwing fucking up the release of Island would obviously deter from similar projects. Otherwise we'd probably have another game by Goo at this point. It's been 3 years. Instead they realized, you can't fuck up 20 bucks episodic games on Steam and get more money, so they just do that.

>> No.20912795

It's no wonder non-trash VNs don't sell in the english market honestly.

most of the userbase is only in it for memegames like nekopara or DDLC anyway, and even if someone really is interested in a "real" VN after that the whole marketplace is littered to the brim with absolute garbage 2h long sakura-clones with no way to find out whats actually good without having prior knowledge. steam reviews are all positive too because people spam their retarded comedy reviews like it's reddit.

>> No.20912807

How is that surprising in any way? The vast majority of people who read visual novels in English don’t have the level of reading comprehension or education necessary to really start to approach interpreting and understanding SubaHibi on anything but a surface level. It's no wonder it flopped.

>> No.20912830

I wasn't surprised, I just wanted to read the tweet.

>> No.20912836

Why did they make this guy look like he plays fortnite and dabs unironically

Dude looks like the biggest fucking zoomer

>> No.20912844

The vast majority of JAPANESE people who read visual novels don’t have the level of reading comprehension or education necessary to really start to approach interpreting and understanding SubaHibi on anything but a surface level.
Yet, it was a huge success in Japan. I can guarantee you several people who read Subahibi back when it was released had no idea what was going on, but it was an extremely appealing game for them. Honestly I would bet more on how japanese eroge fans felt a lot less offended by Subahibi's content as opposed to westerners. I've seen westerners complain that Subahibi is "anti-christian", "homophobic", "degenerate" (all the sex scenes)... the list goes on. Also, the prologue may as well be a homage to slice-of-life eroge in a sense too. Most japanese players were used to slow pacing and beginnings, and it's not like they read subahibi expecting it to be the great philosophical masterpiece that it was hyped to be in the west. A lot of people got into it with very few, if not any expectations whatsoever. There's a huge context behind Subahibi and the original costumers that bought and read it.

>> No.20912845

Honestly with how awful the first chapter is I can't say I'm surprised

>> No.20912862

>I've seen westerners complain that Subahibi is "anti-christian", "homophobic", "degenerate" (all the sex scenes)... the list goes on.

May doom befall their souls.

>> No.20912869

>Also, the prologue may as well be a homage to slice-of-life eroge in a sense too.
It's not "may as well be", it's literally what it is. And anyone who thinks that this was "worst" part is a brainlet.

>> No.20912981

Add to that the few people who actually are interested in them just pirate them.

>> No.20913016

That's how they sold it here, too. Just the first chapter (I think). The rest needed to be patched in somehow.

>> No.20913021
File: 315 KB, 640x480, __takayashiki_matsuri_and_takayashiki_tsukasa_kazoku_keikaku_drawn_by_fukunaga_yumi__df5ca8927bb964f1e542015490d1453d.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I mean, I fully agree with you, but the thing is that the prologue exists within the context of an entire genre. Previous fans of Makura and many eroge fans who enjoy a slower-paced, SoL-focused titles could find a lot of enjoyment and catch all the eroge and otaku culture references within the prologue and Subahibi as a whole.

What reference do westerners have of the moege genre? Truth be told, pretty much nothing. They haven't even played or grown up with titles fundamental to the overarching SoL genre. None of them have touched works like To Heart, Doukyuusei, Tokimemo or Sakura Taisen. Yes, I know, the tatter two are not really VNs, but otaku culture doesn't exist in isolation. These were two games that had an enormous impact on the idea of bishojo games and people who grew up with them actually enjoyed the lengthy SoL, character-focused segments. There existed an entire culture that not only justified but were Sca-ji's basis for the SoL segments. Of course not as if that overwrites the philosophy behind those segments but the point is that the west is completely lacking of the references and the context subahibi was created upon.

I mean you can go ahead and check EGS and you'll see one of the most voted subahibi tags is 一般人に勧めない. Subahibi is a really particular title and if the japanese eroge players who are a lot more open-minded and tolerant of controversial content (although as we all know they are incredibly specific as to what they dislike) realize it could put off a lot of people, then it's clear the west would very quickly be put off. Imagine then if the typical costumer looking to buy Subahibi is a steam user. Subahibi has parts that appeal either to "moege" or the "plotge" (these terms are stupid but at this point they do describe distinct audiences in the west) fans. Japanese fans were able to enjoy it because of all the context behind the eroge industry which was still going strong back in 2011 and had countless users who played them throughout the 2000s, perhaps a few from the 90s.

Subahibi was released at the wrong time, to the wrong audience. It's not impressive at all it flopped. And with more and more titles and companies flopping and going bankrupt, the more we have the image that the west is an unsustainable market that isn't worth investing, which is only partially true, since the companies involved in localization were extremely irresponsible, picked unattractive titles, and terribly mistreated both their audience and the "JOPs" who would quickly expose to a lot of people how badly some VNs were translated. And the titles with good translations had disproportionate controversies, like DI, or simply didn't click with the west, like Subahibi and Himawari (which also makes sense to not have blown up to be honest).

>> No.20913037

Also I forgot to mention but what I talked about is also why I think a lot of early 2000s titles that would be considered "kamige" or even just solid, good titles by the japanese would flop in the west too. Also because westerners are super picky about art, not just in VNs but in otaku culture as a whole.

>> No.20913056

I think one problem is, that most Western fans seem to think VNs are just like anime/manga in another form (I admit, I too thought so initially). But they are actually pretty different story- and character-wise when it comes down to it. So people either call them shit, ignore them or hope to get "better VNs".

>> No.20913070

Blame 100% Frontwing. Not only did they make 90% of the visual novel as a free patch, which made it look like some cheap EVN in most eyes, they also cut out the dog scene and never released a patch for it.
When a fan made a restoration patch for said scene, Frontwing DMCA it.
Honestly, I hope Frontwing is next after minori. They have been milking Grisaia and abusing kickstarter to minimize the risk way too much.

>> No.20913082

Yeah, you are right. It's not even about philosophy, all lit. references in Subahibi serve secondary purpose. It's about having played at least 60-80 other eroge titles before attempting to Subahibi. Even the genre of what you've previously read doesn't matter, everything would do, quantity is what's important to understand it.

Every time I see idiot EOPs recommending Subahibi to some newfag as his second or third title, I die inside a little.

>> No.20913087

Bros I fear August might be next. Apperently they're still making a SenMomo fandisc, but is there even any point in releasing something like that?

>> No.20913094

Not true at all, Subahibi is very entry friendly. It wouldn't be one of the most popular eroge in Japan if you needed to be a vet to get it or whatever. Same for most kamige, they have widespread appeal.

>> No.20913111

Yeah, they got burnt pretty hard with the Hitsujikai anime too.

I'm more worried about Circus though. They continue to milk D.C. but it doesn't seem that they could find success with anything else.

>> No.20913120

There's a difference between appreciating Subahibi on a surface level and getting the most out of it.

>> No.20913141

>Subahibi is very entry friendly
I didn't get that impression at all. At the very least, it's definitely worth rereading it again after getting more familiar with this medium to look at things from new perspective.

>> No.20913199

Akabiesoft is probably the only ones getting things right by now. They are currently pandering to Otaku's current fetish "mother girlfriend" with one heroine and quality H scenes and famous artist. They release good moege from time to time too.

Eroge companies should really see what users actually want and attract with them more and stop treating eroge with the traditional view as a niche hoppy that you enjoy in the shadows.

>> No.20913255

When Elf and Mink die nobody cares, but when it's minori it's suddenly a big deal

>> No.20913263

Don't worry August, Circus and Baseson are next.

>> No.20913267

Perhaps because Elf became a completely unrecognizable company several years ago?

>> No.20913275

Niggers people definitely cared about elf. There was even a thread on /vr/. But it wasn't as sudden as minori, so people weren't too surprised.

>> No.20913279

>The vast majority of people who read visual novels in English don’t have the level of reading comprehension or education necessary to really start to approach interpreting and understanding SubaHibi on anything but a surface level

Or perhaps because people make such pretentious grand statements about games that at the end of the day contain disgusting (and at best just unnecessary) porn, nobody treats VNs seriously in the west

>> No.20913294

You have to go back.

>> No.20913317

You just proved the statement you tried to deny.

>> No.20913686

Since Rance is done, how long do you guys think it'll be before Alicesoft kicks the bucket?

>> No.20913692

Dohna Dohna = Rance.

>> No.20913707

Once TADA retires.

>> No.20913737

Depends how successful or failure their upcoming soshage is.

>> No.20913763

I'm getting really sick of faggots fellating him every chance they get.

>> No.20913789

Oh no, I'm going to really miss their visuals.

>> No.20913806

Sucks to be you then, he's really the only reason Alicesoft is still good.

>> No.20913813

Do you know any other eroge creator who is currently active, has been around for as long as he has, and still makes some of the best games in the industry?

>> No.20913824

It's just that people give him way too much credit. In my opinion, Orion, Purin and Yoidore deserve more praise than him. And that's just on Rance series.

>> No.20913843

Did he fuck your mom?

>> No.20913854

No, he got to fuck your mom before I did. Lucky bastard was a bit faster than me.

>> No.20913943

バブみ makes me throw up.

>> No.20913946

Is Guildmaster any good?

>> No.20913964

Do you like bananas? Your answer to that is the answer to your question.

>> No.20913970

Please be it some random shitpost, I just discored the studio some months ago and love their visuals.

>> No.20913977

Too bad, newcomer friend from DJT, it's real.

>> No.20913978

What if I never tasted banana?

>> No.20913980

Naw they dead. Not even the West was able to save them.

>> No.20914005

Which company deserves to die next? I agree with the other anon that mentioned Frontwing.

>> No.20914008
File: 1.49 MB, 1282x752, キャプチャ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I haven't been on DJT for almost half a year now, though I browse it every once in a while by curiosity.

>> No.20914012

As I said above, I fear for August, but I don't think they deserve it.

Also age. Someone posted about it above.

>> No.20914020

Cool. Now stop playing vapid shit like Niizuma Lovely x Cation and you're golden.

>> No.20914023

Marmalade, fuck their games are always terrible and they sell purely on porn.

>> No.20914026

Vapid shit is the only thing eroge offers.

>> No.20914030


>> No.20914047
File: 1.49 MB, 1282x752, キャプチャ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Yo-your hobby is shit!

Fuck you guys, if I wanted to get juge on the quality of what I'm playing I would have posted that shit on facebook.

>> No.20914063

I'm just saying there are better games that NLC.

>> No.20914069
File: 50 KB, 1153x168, ten thousand potential sales lost.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's the fault of piracy.

>> No.20914077

That's probably the worst argument you can make against playing something.

>> No.20914083

Is it? Your time is limited. Why not strive for the best?

>> No.20914088

Why not play what you want instead? A lot more entertaining and fulfilling.

>> No.20914092

Why not want something good?

>> No.20914097

Who says it can't be good?

>> No.20914101

Me. I already said it's vapid.

>> No.20914110

So your subjective opinion then.
If the guy enjoys and likes it who are you to say it isn't good? And something can be vapid but good as long as it's entertaining, not everything needs to be deep, complex or meaningful.

>> No.20914126

Giga for raping Baldr to the ground. I'd at least understand if they just rehashed the same shit forever and I have no clue how they work internally and can't be arsed to find out, but it's like there's someone at the company who purposefully tells people to build a new altogether worse game from the ground up.

>> No.20914202
File: 198 KB, 1263x906, minori.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it really?
It doesn't even seem to be that popular among pirated games that month.
And it's pretty obvious that there is no freaking way every one of those 10k is a potential sale. At best only 10% out of those actually care enough to pay for the game, and they'll probably prefer to buy it second hand anyway.

>> No.20914263
File: 481 KB, 1365x1586, this is all too familiar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20914359

What are some new companies making good games?

>> No.20914364

Uguisu Kagura

>> No.20914486


>> No.20914504
File: 46 KB, 648x648, JUST.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm getting more and more scared for my favorite companies shutting down.

>> No.20914555


If you also include new brands as off-shots of old ones like CRYSTALiA then there will be even more examples.

>> No.20914559
File: 622 KB, 1920x1080, yume_iro_02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Of course you don't want an answer, you silly side character you.
Still not sure what to think of side characters like this.

>> No.20914576

Of fandisk bait you mean?

>> No.20914671

I meant it more in a general way. Female side characters don't have to fly on the protag, when they don't have a route and there are plenty of heroines already who all love the protag anyway.

Fandisc bait doesn't need to include obvious affection. And given how crap fandiscs often are anyway, not sure how many even get baited nowadays.

>> No.20914687

>Fandisc bait doesn't need to include obvious affection.
They generally do, you lay down the chemistry/feelings of the girl during the main game, otherwise no one would bother with the fandisk.

>> No.20914816

Depends on how you look at it. I don't consider every single blush because of some embarrassment as a clear "she totally loves him" thing. So I know quite a lot of characters where it's more than ambiguous enough. Some even come to mind, where the girl becoming a heroine in the FD makes absolutely zero sense. It's honestly all over the place. Sometimes even completely new characters get added for the FD. That's probably the most weird thing.

>> No.20914956


>> No.20914979

Bad art, too moe.

>> No.20915123

Can you not force your shitty /v/ meme at least here?

>> No.20915136
File: 197 KB, 846x628, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Will it be shit?

>> No.20915180

That's some grade A chuunishit right there.

>> No.20915194

>Resolution: 1152×720.

>> No.20915201

It's going to be yet another one of those "lol virtual reality all along" twists, isn't it? Though it's not like they're being even remotely subtle about it, I'm sure the characters themselves won't realize it until the very end. Probably the laziest setting in this entire medium.

>> No.20915202

It's Clock Up so it's to be expected.

>> No.20915210

They should stop doing this and get with the times.

>> No.20915595

New thread


>> No.20915754


How deep in the memes are we at this point?

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