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Previous untitled thread: >>20687853

ITT: We discuss onaholes, dolls, and every thing else we stick our junk into because using just your hand is for peasants.

The guide: http://pastebin.com/hwhGL66a
It was cleaned up and updated.

- Protip: Ctrl+F "06. Recommendations" in the guide to get a good list of beginner friendly holes -

Please read the guide, use the archive, don't shitpost. Follow global and local rules. Don't reply, report and ignore instead.

Length, girth, budget and geographical location are extremely important in determining your next best course of action!

Please refrain from creating new threads till page 10

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>Previous untitled thread
Was actually this one: >>20718987

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Anyone who's tried different lubes notice any real difference between them? I've used Onatsuyu before, but I'd like to know if trying out others like Peace or Pepee is worth it before my next order.

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yes, there are differences
-clean up
-resistance to drying out

and that's without getting to the obvious scented/warming/cooling lubes

hard/stimulating toys can be moderated with thick lube; thin lube works really well with softer more subtle toys.

The onatsuyu doesn't dry super fast, and mixes well with water to thin it out.
Of all the Pepee lubes, I really like the Omega3 since it didn't dry out, was easy to clean, and literally moisturizes the donger.

I really want to get the warming lotion branded from the MGQ game though

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not sure about getting a doll after all when i can barely muster up the effort to clean a hip

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Female condoms can do the trick
Or just don't access the private parts

>> No.20760638

Get the changable vag option. No risk of ever getting bored of it and cleanup is stupid easy.

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So I was thinking - has anyone experimented with using dessicants to ensure their holes are dry/stay dry?

I've got a big bag of dessicant packets I use to keep my printing filament moisture free, but I'm not sure how well it'd play with a hole (i.e. pull too mucb moisture out of the silicone and weaken it perhaps?)
I might try experimenting with my sujiman kupa roa that is starting to fall apart - but on the off chance soemones tried it before, or would know the chemistry for an answer I figured I'd ask.

I'd probably just put it in a tub with a packet or two, not sure putting it inside the hole would be a good idea (but again, might try with my kupa roa).

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I just keep a bunch in the box I keep the onas in. I guess I could put one in each bag too.

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What kind of bags are you using? I've been using cotton muslin bags so far - idea being they wont trap moisture inside (not that I'd put a wet toy in before hand drying it)

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For soft onaholes I prefer insomnia lube. It’s much thinner which makes you feel the texture better than onatsuyu. Onatsuyu is still good all rounder lube tho.

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Also worth noting insomnia lube doesn’t dry up fast either.

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I use them too for the same reason. Never had any problem with moisture or anything with them, I just throw the little packs in the box for humidity control purposes.

Putting those canister style desiccants into harder to clean onas and hips might be an option to help with any remaining moisture.

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I want to get the largest hip I can find but im lazy as fuck and would probably not take care of it properly.
Self cleaning onas when?

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Anon here with the SYDolls biggest ass. If you're thinking of buying it or one of her smaller sisters, the standing feet are a complete waste of cash. Just get normal hidden feet and enjoy not having metal bits rammed into you sack when you try to do feet stuff.
Not only is she heavy as sin to get upright, the weight of her ass will turn her feet and bring her crashing down. I'm not convinced I didn't brake something on her or me.
I wanted to measure her to make sure I got the right doll, as her lighter variations seem to be shaped the same. Got her on sale, don't really believe I wasn't gypped, see that screen cap from /pol/ about buying steel in China.
Also, the thickness of her thighs and the fact that the vaginal tunnel is more parallel than tilted up a little makes it a devil to enter her. This time I cut to the chase and just clenched her thighs around a TOMAX venus jammed into her crotch.

Also also, is this what it's like to fuck short girls? The doll is 5'2"-5'4", I'm 6'0". If I'm on top and our webdings are together, anything fun I might want to play with or grab is below my chest line and we'll out of sight, like her magumbos or fertile little tummy.
Guess I better stick to tall girls or at least let them know this is a strict cowgirl only ride.

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>cowgirl only
You already understand, you just need your torsos to be at 90 degrees in order to still be able to see anything. That gives you the other option of having her horizontal and you upright, not just her upright and you horizontal in cowgirl.

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But then I have to be upright, anon.

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post a link to the one you got

>> No.20764748

Normal weight dolls can stand just fine though

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I go to work for 4 days and then fap for 3 days straight. The 3 days of fapping isn't enough. I'm satisfied, I fall asleep, I wake up and am in the mood again.

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Consider working out more (or less) often. I've always noticed a direct connection between how I eat and work out and my libido.

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I recently got into onaholes and pretty much fap every single day sometimes 2-3 times a day. How did I become a horn dog, have I lost control? What am I doing /ona/?

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I only fap once per week and ejaculate about 4 times to release my libido.

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Are those shorter 3foot 5 dolls any good at all? Or is there a height cutoff for when it's not decent?

Obviously with removable bits so you can put in other ones.

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i doubt anyone here is a worldwide lawyer but generally if it has big tits, it can pass

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No I mean good as in actually good.

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I would imagine so, never had that one in particular however

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Do I use it wrong or is the Julia+ messy? Doesn't seem like it holds lube well

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File: 975 KB, 750x750, Screenshot_2019-02-03 otonaJP - Hana chan Virgin experience - New Arrivals.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Good or pass? $500 include shipping. https://www.otonajp.com/hana-chan-virgin-experience

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If it had a removable insert it would be perfect for rigging up with a daki cover. But no removable insert is a hard sell.

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I'm buying my first onahole and I'm I can't really choose which to buy. Should I get Virgin Age Admission or Vacuum Witch or maybe something else entirely? Any suggestions?

>> No.20768355

I really like the vacuum witch, it is like a more stimulating R20. I would reccomend the Virgin Loop Eight Long Hard, too, it makes my head spin. I only recently got the VAA - It's like a better daisuki hold, but I wasn't impressed with either.

>> No.20768486

I don't know about vacuum witch, but I have a VAA. It's good, durable, and very tight. However, I don't think it's the kind of hole you should start with or even use all the time. There is no way people aren't fucking up their dicks by using that thing all the time. If you got that in addition to a softer hole then you'd be good to go imo.

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So I ordered from Otonajp and got my tracking number on the 30th, but in the ems page it says it doesnt exists. Is this normal? Should I wait a bit more to see if it gets updated or something or should I just contact customer support?

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I once ordered from OtonaJP and the package was delivered when it still said they were preparing the package for shipping. I wouldn't worry about it. 11 days is how long it normally takes to be delivered from the day you ordered

>> No.20768732

I've received about a third of my EMS shipments before it actually registers in their system. I don't think their tracking/database system is entirely functional, compared to say UPS/FedEx/USPS.

For what it's worth, pretty much all of them were ePacket that shipped air mail. Anything that was shipped dimension/weight was tracked normally.

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I generally don't go on /pol/, but am interested in manufacturing as a hobby... got a link to this screen cap?

>> No.20769020

What do you mean specifically? A lot of people say that a realistic height definitely contributes to a life-like realistic impression of a doll, a sort of presence in a room. However, the short dolls are obviously much lighter which means you can pick them up easily. Otherwise I think the 108cm WM doll is the best "short" doll in my personal opinion. There are some factory pics you can see to get an impression of what they might look like without professional photography. They have rather short legs so the torso is relatively large which would be a positive in most cases.

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File: 946 KB, 1400x5552, lrNHGbS.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably this one

>> No.20770616

Do any of you have experience with the Real Body 3D Bone System big onas? They are for sale at otonaJP.

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Alright my second VA:A ever just arrived and I broke it in. God damn I had forgotten how tight it was, but thats what I wanted. I want to feel like I'm trying to fuck something thats 10 sizes too small for me.

I remember losing my first one to what I can only assume was bad storage/drying habits. I stored the first one inside the original plastic and box so it was probably a breeding ground for mold and it slowly got yellowish on the sides of the opening. Any tips for increasing the lifetime of the hole to natural causes? I'm eventually going to tear it in half because it's too small for me, but thats another problem entirely.

>> No.20772929

I'm very close to biting the bullet and getting my first onahole, with the only thing stopping me now being sanitation/infection issues. Would water be enough to thoroughly clean the toy or should I be using soup as well? How do you guys clean and dry your toys?

>> No.20772947

I just wash out any cum and lube with water and use a microfiber towel + chopstick to dry it. It's not hard.

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>looking for dolls
>90% of the vendors look like they suck
>the other 10% seem overtly priced at times

This is such a pain in the ass that it makes onahole shopping look like a nice walk through a mall.

>> No.20773003

Yeah, I know it's pretty simple, just being a bit paranoid so I'm curious as to how others do it.

>> No.20773077

Do you guys have any recommendations for large storage cases? Like a small chest or something? I don't have to worry about my relatives digging under my bed or anything, but I'd like something nicer than a bunch of cardboard boxes. Thinking about getting a Puni Ana DX, so mainly something for that and a couple holes.

>> No.20773083

doll people please send help

is this engrish or an actual thing?
>>real built bone
this cant be what i think it is right?

>> No.20773085

Men's dicks for thousands of years would go months without washing and they were fine. It's built to go long periods of time unwashed, that doesn't mean you should, but you probably wont get an infection if you didn't shower for a week either. As long as you shower daily and use common sense you'll be fine. Wash the toy as much as you think you need to.

>> No.20773109

>/pol/ screencap
>no flags
>no ids
>the background is blue
Would be great if /pol/ were a blue board tho.

>> No.20773122

>For dolls


>> No.20773123

ah, good point. I guess it's /int/ or /trv/. Can't tell me that it's /pol/ af. I see it posted there all the time

>> No.20773362

I don't understand why you would ever try to clean your onahole with soup if you're worried about sanitation.

>> No.20773459

Clean the hole inside and out with soap and warm water. Dry it completely. Some people say you shouldn't store them in plastic, I don't know why. I put mine in the plastic they come in and shove them in a box. There's really nothing to worry about.

>> No.20774330


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/jp/ i don't feel so good
my dick now looks like this after tying silicone tubing around the outside of my lilith uterus, should i get a professional to look at this?

>> No.20774679

Well you're making us look at this already, why not?

>> No.20774690

you're right, but it might be more embarrassing when i have to explain what onaholes are

>> No.20774713

Just say it was that way when you woke up. The doc will probably read between the lines.

>> No.20774728

For every should I get profesional help post the real answer is always yes
Even more with your dick

>> No.20774750

This. People also go in with stories like "I fell on this model car and it ended up in my anus".

>> No.20774761

People say not to store them in plastic so the excess moisture can escape. I suppose if you lived in a sufficiently humid climate you might be better served with a plastic bag and some desiccant.

>> No.20775424

You're fiiine

>> No.20775493

Doctors don't give a shit what you do with your penis. You can bet he's seen worse than a dick strangulation injury.

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Story time
>be me
>first ona have to be Venus Real Soft!!
>order it from amazon because the other alternative was otona-sekai and the difference of price was just 10€
>it can't be that bad
>package arrives on day 11, so far so good
>someone rings the bell
>I'm getting dressed because I have to go so I ignore it completely
>mom goes to the door and answers it
>she starts screaming
>she starts screaming MY NAME
>oh shit maybe the package arrived early
>I rush to the entrance of my house like I'm white Ussain Bolt
>Look anon, this man is an old friend of mine, we did theater together years ago
>I can't hear anymore I just look at the package and see that it doesn't have ADULT TOY written all over it
>get it while my hands are shaking
>my mom presents me again to the delivery man
>awkward small talk
>my mom offers him to come and eat some cupcakes
>he declines and finally gets out
>what was the package, anon?
>I rush to my room while telling her just some things for my computer
>open it
>the fucking cursed box with ADULT TOY
>look the first box another time
>it was from SEUR
>they used an old chevrolet box to hide the embarrassing original package
>the label on the SEUR package doesn't have description nor comments
>my mom just gave me 20€
My heart almost got out of my chest but if you order from amazon and your local delivery company is SEUR you are probably okay
I got the ona out of the package and my dick was hard just from how squishy it was so I will probably like this a lot
thanks for everything SEUR you made a man happy today

>> No.20775711

Who are you quoting?

>> No.20775801

You ain't having kids any more.

>> No.20776132

What how is sekai the only alternative? There's also QueenCat that sells Tomax products they also sell Tomax lube.

>> No.20776184

QueenCat does not ship outside US and SEUR is a Spanish company. I'm sure even you can put two and two together when you stop to think about it.

>> No.20776229

Why did you order from amazon.com? you should just have used a forwarder so they can declare it under 22 euro.

>> No.20776239

>ordering sextoys to your homeadress when you live at your parents


>> No.20776285

i do it but my parents kind of found out.

>> No.20776393

I did it.
VRS and Arkhe Reg on the way. Ganbatte, chinko!

>> No.20777116

What are the range of toys that fit into the swappable hole? Would something larger like the suction witch or venus real fit?

>> No.20777173

I haven't started start uni yet. I felt safe because I could stay at home the days around the arival
Having it one week early wasn't part of my keikaku

>> No.20777213

How old are the people in this thread? I always see a lot of talk about making sure your parents don't find out, but I'm wondering if I'm surrounded by NEETs or horny teenagers.

>> No.20777273

im 25 still studying live at home

>> No.20777326

Like I said
Uni student but the uni is on the city where I live so no living with friends while experiencing youth and all of those things

>> No.20777680

23 studying living at home same as >>20777273

>> No.20777970

does anyone use a condom with their onahole? does it make it much easier to clean up and does it feel noticeably worse?

>> No.20778031

What's the point? As long as only you use it, there's no risk of getting STD. And you still need to use lube regardless of condom or not, so the cleaning is still the same.

>> No.20778049

I used to use condoms but
1.) takes more lube, way more lube
2.) condoms are worse on the hole, ie wears faster
3.) ruins the feeling

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File: 2.52 MB, 3456x4608, is this mold.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How do I know if my onahole has mold on it? I've got a venus real and I always wash it after use but for the past 2 days I've just air dried it as something came up right after. Today I noticed this tiny black spot on the bottom and 2 on the side, is this mold or just lint? I'm freaking out

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File: 2.02 MB, 360x640, Lay the dragon.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw go to stupid doll site and start working on how I should go about it
>fap with my hand (like a degenerate) and then stop trying to go about doll stuff
>literally repeat this process for about 3 days straight now

On one hand dick wants me to buy something expensive but then he stops and brain takes over saying "Bitch you don't need this shit". This is some Dragon's Dogma styled endless cycle bullshit.

>> No.20778552

If your onahole has become sticky then that's probably just some dirt.

>> No.20778816

I'm 23 living at home studying. I'm really hoping I can get a proper job and move out soon though. I have a couple toys and a doll hidden in my closet that I'd prefer to avoid getting found.

>> No.20778853

So I bought a onahole warmer. How long should I leave it inside for? 4minutes?

>> No.20778885

I keep mine in for about ten minutes

>> No.20778891

Why that long? Wouldn't that melt the hole?

>> No.20778940

the rends warmer i bought is pretty low power.
I really like the relaxing feeling, like how a hot shower melts the muscles on your back. I've never had a hole start to melt, but it would probably degrade if you weren't careful. I've totally left warmers in for 20+ minutes with no issues. Test it every few minutes so it doesn't get too hot for you.

>> No.20778953

It's just dirt. Wash the entire hole with soap and powder the outside with corn starch. That'll keep crap from sticking.

>> No.20778961

Alright thanks anon. Never had a an onahole warmer so hopefully the experience goes well. Shame these damn things make me cum so fast though.

>> No.20779006

why the flip 0 kinda built like shit? piece of plastic instantly came off that holds the magnets in. at least tenga sent another one free

>> No.20779292

30 living alone in japanland. Can order newest developments in rubber pussy technology with free overnight shipping.

>> No.20779686

23, live on my own.

>> No.20779790

What do you do for work anon?

>> No.20779811
File: 777 KB, 1920x1580, Leak.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I ordered some J-Lube off of Amazon, and had it delivered to a Whole Foods locker. It arrived a few days later, and I stopped by the locker after work to pick it up. It's raining outside, making my clothes damp, but I ignore this, entering my PIN to pop open the locker.

However, much to my dismay, a white cloud puffed from the locker, tasting sweet and feeling like talcum in my mouth. Figuring that Anthrax probably didn't taste like that, I looked inside to find the interior with some of the same splotches. The package, one of those cheap plastic delivery bags, was unsealed, folded over, and covered with the stuff. Obviously, the lube mix had leaked.

I gingerly pick up the package to avoid spilling any, but I ended up coating my black workpants with splotches of white which did not completely absorb, looking exactly like you would expect. I rush to the car, trying to shield the package, and was mostly successful at this, but I ended up spilling some on my car seat while transferring the package to my backpack. Noticing there was still some white on my pants, I go to rub it out, only to be rewarded with lube on my hands, steering wheel, and the seat of my car. Took a surprising amount of time to clean off.

Once I got home and dumped the contents into the sink, I discovered that the cap was only slightly ajar, and that the "tamper-proof" seal wasn't sealed to the bottle. However, the lube still in the bottle (80% full) was still good.

So yeah, that was fun. Will post a review in a bit.

>> No.20779994

27, still technically with parents although I'm at a vacation home that doesn't have mail service.

>> No.20780007


>> No.20780045

23yo salarymanning, still living with ma and pa because current housing market's daft and I don't have much need to move due to my current employment. They haven't seen my stuff directly but they are aware.

>> No.20780071

Do you guys use an alias or your real name when ordering?

>> No.20780106

I want to buy a full-sized (or close to it) doll I can sleep with. Are there any that are soft and at least the size of a child that don't have any sexual parts that would be hard to explain to the police?

>> No.20780193

DS offers any doll without private parts as a regular customization option, but in theory any customer-oriented manufacturer/vendor team should be able to produce it as a request. The skeleton is held inside the mold through the vagina, but even with TPE they should be able to fill it up and remove vulva/butthole. Dolls have on occasion been used as very high-end store mannequins and in fashion or art projects. Other than that there is something like the Meiki plush which just has a large space for an onahole instead of a formed vagina

>> No.20780246

thank you fren

>> No.20780416

Do you live in the Middle East or something? To the extent that sex dolls are illegal I'm not sure removing the genitalia would necessarily make such an item legal anyway, at least not if there are still nipples present

>> No.20780630

Ondo nupu arrived yesterday, first ona. I am pleased and so is my dick

>> No.20780746

you really are brave or reckless or just really dumb. have them send it to a fedex/ups store/post office and go pick it up alone

>> No.20781009

Have to clean my first onahole.
Drying it inside sure is harder than what I imagined. It's tight and I'm afraid of tearing it. Look for some vids on youtube. They treat their ona like they cost 5$ forcing the finger inside and turning them inside out.

>> No.20781080

Just do it. You can be pretty rough with them, they may not be $5 but if you don't get them clean then you're out another $50 when they're full of mold.

>> No.20781210

Unless you get a dual layer onahole its nigh impossible to tear them. Also dual layer onaholes are a meme outside of virgin age graduation.

Hard textured holes are vastly superior.

>> No.20781429

thank you for the good advice
the urologist that had a look (and feel) said my dick wont fall off and also she was a cute

totally worth it

>> No.20781523

when are we going to get a dragon sex doll?

>> No.20781529

Your dick is (probably) bigger than your finger, so it'll take a finger with a cloth over it.

Congrats on gaining a CBT fetish, /ona/non.

>> No.20781606

If you let it get wet, you could have used the momentum gained from running in the rain to slide home instead of going through the car cutscene, saving you 20 minutes of time on your fap run.

>> No.20782148
File: 21 KB, 581x241, otona-meme.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Item is in stock
>8 days later
>still not dispatched

>> No.20782159
File: 8 KB, 673x363, 1532982502135.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Status of otonajp's reshipment looks better.

>> No.20782220


>> No.20782292

Nah, that's only available in the Japanese release, since you can noclip onto the nearby eki station to initiate the return trip complete the cutscene.

In the North American release, the game just gets stuck in the cutscene, and you are left to review your life choices as you slowly slide out of bounds.

>> No.20782358

Got my virgin loop eight long. It definitely feels like an improvement over my hand, but I feel like the friction is a bit too hard for my virgin uncut penis head. I've used two drops of pepee lube, should that be enough? Should I put one on my dick directly?
I was able to cum though.

>> No.20782722
File: 313 KB, 1533x763, 71RB5L4FSyL._SL1001_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ordering a new head for my doll.
Cannot decide between the stern elven princess of a fallen Kingdom
Or the genetic lotto winner asian/plastic surgery queen

>> No.20782887
File: 66 KB, 940x940, s-l1600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>5.5 x 3 inch
>Olive oil for lube
What am I in for?

>> No.20783240
File: 159 KB, 1280x850, 14814609094641.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where to buy onahole Dollho Body? Are there any analogues, except for Dollho Eve? What else can you make a doll, except for Volks Dollfie Dream + Dollho?
Im 22, studying.

>> No.20784637

If you want soft, I would stay away from silicone and DS only sells silicone dolls. They're more durable but compared to TPE I find them really firm. If you've never had a TPE doll maybe you can deal with it but after experiencing TPE and then going to silicone I kinda miss the softness of TPE dolls.

>> No.20784641

I think the elf queen head needs more work.

>> No.20784667

Mid 30's, neet. Owned onaholes in my twenties and transitioned to dolls. It's a slippery slope anons.

>> No.20785357

Real everything.
Is it intense? How do each of the entrances feel?

>> No.20785946

23 and currently living at home, but returning to college next semester.

>> No.20785979

28 yo code monkey living at home, parents never go into my room anyway but hopefully i'll be moving out of state soon and then i'll get a doll

>> No.20786015

>Olive oil for lube
The worst smelling session. I hate the smell of that stuff.

>> No.20786817

Why the fuck are you buying fucking dolls? STOP! Get yourself a onahole like a normal person, you creepy cunt.

>> No.20786892

But dolls are onaholes, just slightly bigger.

>> No.20786997

Normal people don't get onaholes either, get yourself a girlfriend you creepy cunt.

>> No.20787022

Dolls work just as well if you close the vagine

>> No.20787044

Like the saying goes: everything is a onahole if you're brave enough

>> No.20787332

I'm too lazy to get a doll or hip onahole since it'll probably take a lot of effort to clean them up after use. Also, do dolls get sticky over time just like onahole?

>> No.20787382

You can use a female condom on a doll (or male of course). A hip or other larger item such as torso can be cleaned in the shower too. Also you can clean a doll with a vaginal irrigation device, you need to catch the water somehow
Dolls get sticky, you use talcum powder or corn starch on them and it's smooth. One manufacturer claims to produce permanently smooth dolls

>> No.20787406

Azn feel will probably look better out of photoshoot lighting.

>> No.20787408

Mega creepy cunt here, used an onahole I made my doll hold.

>> No.20787622

I stopped showering few months a ago. I think olive oil would do fine with my own musk

>> No.20787627
File: 122 KB, 813x720, 1539804509500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's a difference between using an object to jerk off and dressing up an object and pretending its your girlfriend.

>> No.20787901

in case you aren't kidding i would like to warn you that not showering for extending periods of time can have extremely serious health effects, you will end up in the hospital. additionally, if you don't brush your teeth, one can get infected, this can get into the bloodstream and seriously mess you up.

>> No.20787966

Anyone have an insert air pillow? How fast do they deflate? Mine has already deflated quite a bit after 1 hour.

>> No.20788261

How long does otona take to ship? My stuff has had "Order in preparation" status for about a week.

>> No.20788282


>> No.20788297

What if I make my hip onahole wear cute panties and pretend I'm fucking my girlfriend?

>> No.20788360

See >>20782148

>> No.20788404

If you have a girlfriend and you do such things you have something else to worry about.

>> No.20788437

my peepee is 16cm / 6.3 inch, any good onaholes for it?

>> No.20788464

Sekai and jp are same shop?

>> No.20788540

Why is the spreadsheet not in the guide?

>> No.20788587

What does penetrating/non penetrating mean? I searched for pics of both cases but I couldn't understand the difference.

>> No.20788926

some models have hole at the end, so you cum outside of the onahole

>> No.20788956

i think so at least

>> No.20789012

>order new doll head
>they will not be able to start working on it until the 12th

>> No.20789494
File: 226 KB, 1000x1499, DH168 145CM Lazuli 大图 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I might actually end up buying this smug, disgusted doll. I'd buy one without a second thought if they had smaller breasts and butts.

>> No.20789574

My last OtonaJP arrived eleven days after I ordered it. It said "Order in preparation" the entire time. Several days after I recieved the package, it changed to say "Shipped".

>> No.20789589

The R20 might be right for you.

>> No.20789683

Post pics when you get her.

>> No.20789693

>I'd buy one without a second thought if they had smaller breasts and butts
Same, really missed the mark on not having customization there. The face is perfect.

>> No.20789774

I really want to fuck her smug face.

>> No.20789815
File: 323 KB, 1200x1861, 1548292594966.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying anyone pretends it's their girlfriend

It's a big ass onahole that fools your dick into thinking it's a grill.

Probably better for you than relying on porn while using a regular onahole with all the porn addiction and or "Watching another dude bang a girl" brain shenaniganery.

>> No.20789870

you're supposed to pretend you ARE the dude, anon...
(well, there's always POV stuff anyways)

>> No.20789884

Truly the best of DH168's anime styled faces. I'm torn between getting her or a loli doll.

>> No.20789910

Ok, are onaholes actually better than fleshlights or is it your inner weeb talking?

>> No.20789912

You can combine bodies and heads of several different brands, and Dollstudio offers adapters for most combinations that are not natively compatible.
Problems can arise due to mismatching skin tones and head-to-body-to-neck scale. Within the last year some manufacturers also changed their connection thingy from a screwy one to a bolt one though so I'm not sure what the status on that is

>> No.20789939
File: 440 KB, 850x1200, 1542595989335.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretending doesn't work anon, especially with your hand. Now fooling your brain you are breeding in the same avenue as they do to a stud horse, that shit has a basis that likely works.

Alternatively we can wait for real android sex bots. Then true degenerates can drop an extra grand or three getting their precious MG waifubots.

>> No.20790098

Way better and cheaper than any Fleshlights my favorite onaholes are Meiki zxy and Venus Real which aren’t even anime related. My first two adult toy purchases were Fleshlights.

>> No.20790122 [DELETED] 

J-lube will grow mold in your TPE toys. The powder is literally 75% sugar.

Get a powder that doesn't have the sugar dispersal agent.

>> No.20790139

J-Lube will grow mold in your TPE toys.

It's 75% sugar. You need a powder without sugar if you want to use it with anything other than silicone and stainless steel.

>> No.20790494 [SPOILER] 
File: 284 KB, 500x417, 1549579046380.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw just spent 1,650 on a fucking doll

Would you like to know more?

It's not like I can give pictures but you could always go on their site and look at the options I went with so you can talk shit about my taste.

>> No.20790729

My dick head has been having an itchy feeling for a few days. Maybe not cleaning my onahole out well enough?

>> No.20790801

Are you cleaning your dick proper too?

>> No.20790820

I think so, but enlighten me on the proper way

>> No.20791040

Does anyone here use penetrating (ie hole at the end so you go through) holes or things like masturbation sheets, handjob gloves, etc?

I have two holes I'm very satisfied with but I can't always clean and dry them properly due to my living situation. I don't plan on turning my dick into a mushroom farm anytime soon, and I don't mind giving up suction and feel for the ability to clean it quickly.

If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would be very grateful. Thanks.

>> No.20791053

Post the link then fag, we know you want to

>> No.20791093

Pics or fake.

>> No.20791101

It's a speck of dirt or dust. You have to be exceptionally filthy or unlucky to get mold in your ona, if you're washing it out after use and drying with a microfiber towel you've got nothing to worry about.

>> No.20791134

I'm gonna fucking die if they don't invent a toy with a movable mouth and tongue that sucks your dick in my lifetime

>> No.20791191
File: 260 KB, 1920x1099, tits or gtfo.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




You'll just have to hook up the info from picture into it.

>> No.20791424

>tfw tomox real soft not in stock or something at queen's cat

God damn it.

>> No.20791513

I have a pretty veiny dick. Does anyone else with one ever worry about rupturing a vein?

>> No.20791520

Hard doubt

>> No.20791534
File: 71 KB, 644x768, igwvjiyv79d21.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's been 2 weeks since I ordered an onahole from otona using only my points (0€ cost for me).

The damn page said for the product that it's gonna be shipped within 2-3 business days, still nothing.

>> No.20791543

Dicks literally exist to be stuck into soft things. You're going to have to put it through some pretty harsh abuse to do any kind of damage.

>> No.20791812
File: 228 KB, 1080x1440, 5059598485.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The wig doesn't look as good as the store images but that was to be expected.

>> No.20791921

I would shop on amazon for a proper wig. Every wig I got that came with the dolls have been of extreme poor quality.

>> No.20791997
File: 272 KB, 1000x900, 1342668709636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just picked up my first two onaholes (School Council President and SheQu Maki Ass) and I gotta say that it enhanced watching Hentai and that I last much longer than using my hand.

>> No.20792003

Very nice anon

>> No.20792351
File: 338 KB, 1200x900, extreme_pleasure_hip_third_generation12.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just got a sudden urge to buy my first hip.
Is toydemon going to have a sale soon or should i just use another site.

kind of thinking of going with Extreme Pleasure Hip Third Generation. otonajp has it $100 less than toydemon

>> No.20792435
File: 244 KB, 872x627, 1bad5ea91cd69e99b0d5c946e3d46299.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Same person, just want to know real quick. Using the original box for storage without its sealed package is basically a no-no since moisture will somehow get to it, correct? Also how bad does the stickiness get? I recently rinsed and dried the SCP Onahole and few hours later it was only a tiny bit sticky.

>> No.20792603

I really like this one too. She actually looks kinda similar to my waifu.

>> No.20792623

why does that face give me diamonds? anyone know if this head goes with jy or wm dolls?

where can i just buy the head

>> No.20792774

You can always try Daimaoh or amazon.

>> No.20792920

My (EU) vendor says it's only compatible with that one body, but they do sell the head on it's own. I haven't had any exchangeable head dolls yet, so I don't know if you can somehow arts-and-crafts it onto some other body.

>> No.20793054

I honestly have no idea what it is about this face.
It is not smug
it is not disappointment
this is a face of someone who can do better but is too lazy to do so and for some reason it just gets me so hard.

>> No.20793081

>someone who can do better but is too lazy to do so
A halfway realistic sex fantasy for /jp/sies ;__;

>> No.20793126
File: 141 KB, 756x1008, IMG_20181007_003522464.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bear with me because im drunk and can barely use bearly use barely right

Take a body pillow and fold it longways 2 times long ways so that it has kinda an S shape going on
Take a long towel and drape it over the pillow and have enough towel for the dolls back/head to be on
Lay or lie down the dolls butt so its on the S shaped pillow
spread the legs and aim feet upwards
you: on the balls of your feet, squatting
I dunno if this is how they do a mating press irl or even in the hentais but holy shit I lasted only like 30 seconds doing this. wish I can use the screenshot of what I did but this is an advertiser friendly board.

>> No.20793241

>slip out of my ona at the last second
>orgasm ruined
>still awake
well fuck

>> No.20793345

oh god what the fuck now it feels like I need to pee but cant pee

>> No.20793801

Isn't that how the piccolo dick is?

>> No.20793802

Somebody once told me to wait some time before really judging my ona and a lot of people here and on internet said that it was an underwhelming experience
The first use was better than any orgasm I've ever had with my hand and I continue experimenting with it
I bought Venus Real Soft because you guys say that is the closest to real pussy and I didn't want something so good and tight than real pussy would not stimulate me anymore but aside from the fact that real pussy has muscles that contract and it's attached to a body that it's attached to an ass it's better than any of the 3 pussies that I've felt (maybe they were exceptionally bad)

>> No.20793980

instructions unclear i broke my dick.

>> No.20794786
File: 34 KB, 321x326, 1489088564970.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My first ona is coming in today(only took two days to get here). What should my first fap without my hand be to? Give me some ideas.

>> No.20794800

the box art

>> No.20794835


>> No.20795000

I want to just bite the bullet and buy a Jlist adult box.
$57 with a $10 off special & $5 off with 500 points on an otherwise $72 box? Sure, okay.
$28 shipping on top of that? Sure, I've seen worse.
All of that being USD and I'm an Aussie? Oh, that's the catch.
Sure, it's only ~$120 AUD, but fucking hell that took me by surprise.
Fuck currency conversion. Are there other services like this? I just want a hand picked box of reasonable offerings for relatively inexpensive? I know if I spend $10 for 3 onaholes, I won't be getting reasonable quality, but I just wanna give something a shot beyond my hand, and I'm too autistic to try and pick up chicks.

>> No.20795024

Get an ona normally, these "loot boxes" contain crap no one wants

>> No.20795043

Oh, okay, I'm new to buying them at all, so I don't know what would be a decent starter. Was hoping that some randy picking out several of them for me was good, which is why the "loot box" approach appealed to me.
There still exists the problem of shipping and GST fucking me over, unfortunately, and I'm too much of a pussy to in stores to buy them.

>> No.20795131

Jlist is the worst possible place to buy

>> No.20795214

>not Kanojo

>> No.20795225

Jlist is the worst place to buy. Super overpriced dude. You're better off buying from OtonaJP or Otona-Sekai if you are ordering from Japan eitherway. Amazon/QueenCat and Toydemon are other alternatives if you live in the US.

>> No.20795622

You vastly underestimate the shit Jlist is.

>> No.20795660

how come i got banned for posting tiddies on this board but an OP pic showing a vag is fine??

>> No.20795684

>4 ft 7
So tit size is what protects you from a police visit?

>> No.20795724

no police visits from first world countries

>> No.20795734
File: 3.62 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_20190208_150536.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can never have enough lube

>> No.20795735

That isn't that short.

>> No.20795742

Is silky that different from insomnia? All the comments I saw said they were mostly alike except insomnia lasted longer.

>> No.20795817

Will find out soon. I know how insomnia feels

>> No.20795903

Your favorite hentai. Be sure to post pics so we can see your new haul.

>> No.20796046

The hard cases really hold it back in the pleasure department. You're not fooling anyone into thinking its not a sex toy if you leave it out anyways.

>> No.20796118
File: 2.82 MB, 4048x3036, IMG_20190208_154228.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm literally shaking right now. Gonna warm it up and give it a go.

>> No.20796682

Anyone think it'll be a good idea to put on a condom and use an onahole? I keep cumming in less than 5 seconds using a onahole...

>> No.20797086


How is Student Council President?
Keep hearing bad things about it, but I'm still interested in a good anal onahole

>> No.20797091

That's not a vagina, it's a sleeping bag.

>> No.20797125

Any of you own one of those TPE dolls or what not?

Is it possible to fit other removable onaholes into it? I can only assume tomax would be best since all of theirs look like >>20796118 instead of the fuckhuge ones like ZXY.

>> No.20797126

>Bought some onahole from amazon
>My dick is to thick and can't go inside the entrance because the entrance is to small
How do I fix this?

>> No.20797148

Don't be shy, they're meant to be tight and stretch with insertion.
You may need to be fully erect to push through some tighter entrances though. Using a bit of extra lube also helps.

>> No.20797156

I was full erect and was trying to shove my dick in but the hole was to small my dick couldn't go in

>> No.20797261

lube helps

>> No.20797266

My dick was covered in lube and it didn't help my whole hand got covered in lube because I had to hold my dick and the toy it didn't help

>> No.20797275

lube on the finger, jam it in for some prep work

>> No.20797283

I'm telling you I tried jamming my dick in but it wasn't going in because the hole was so small

>> No.20797348

Put lube into the hole, not on your dick, then squeeze the hole to spread it.
In any case you should've mentioned the model of the hole like 3 posts ago

>> No.20797364

Anon is telling you to use your fingers first.

You should be able to force yourself into anything: I've had onaholes split on my dick because they were too small, but never had one that didn't let me in at all.
What onahole is it that you are having trouble with?

>> No.20797389


>> No.20797606

I can't speak for this particular hole, but it should be soft enough to squeeze in. Either that or it'll tear

>> No.20797609

It seems to be intended to be quite tight. Just shove it in or fuck a hole through it. If it breaks, it breaks (and you're possibly not using enough lube). There's not really anything you can do to loosen it anyway.

>> No.20797615

I really like the mouth side, the teeth make for a good addition but definitely asks for lube. It's pretty soft but holding the other end's opening so it seals off enhances the sensations really well. I really like how both sides feel different depending on where you're coming from.

>> No.20797710

Ok I just did it and my dick did go in but I don't feel any of those sucky things. Just felt like I was fucking warm plastic

>> No.20797855

Well for one it didn't feel like my dick was getting cut in half, the main reason why I was curious about it. You do get that audible noise but it's not so loud for the sound to bleed out of the room. I also decided to feel for that ring but I don't think it's actually there or that I missed it somehow. Personally I enjoyed it simply because it was my first one but I haven't tried getting all the air out before going in yet

>> No.20798157

If you want suction/vacuum, you have to squeeze the ona to push out the air, then block the entrance with your dick and enter so no air gets in.

>> No.20798258

I want to buy my first onahole and I want to go balls deep into it, so I decided to first measure my dick to know what to length to look for, but just googling "measure dick" didn't work as I got like 3-4 different methods and I'm getting completely different results with each one.

Which is the best way to measure my dick? It would be best if there was a video showing how.

>> No.20798412

The commonly accepted measurement is "Bone Pressed Erect Length" which is where you get hard, hold it straight out from your body, and lay a ruler across the top which you press into the fat pad until it won't go any further, i.e. presses against bone.
This number is not the end-all to compare with sizes, as the holes will stretch a little and you will not be able to jam them to the bone like a ruler. This means you can subtract a cm or two from your length to find a reasonable minimum length that you will still be able to take fully. Exactly how much depends on the hole.

>> No.20798664

Is "girth" measured around the head or the shaft?

>> No.20798696

bros I got a GF and now my onaholes suck wtf

>> No.20798703

Wherever is thickest

>> No.20798750

Anon never came back.

>> No.20798757

fuck, someone encourage me to be fiscally responsible before i put this on a credit card

>> No.20798760

Don't worry about it. You can be homeless together with her! You can even trade her for food with the other hobos!

>> No.20798766
File: 101 KB, 320x315, 1545466320457.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wanted an onahole
>years since I had my last one
>check the guide
>night love story no longer ships internationally

wtf guys after they closed who did you all start buying from?

>> No.20798878

It hasn't been the same since, anon. People have been buying off otonajp and otonasekai and we've been having a mixed bag of results from them. Motsutoys is wonderful if you're in the EU, QC and TD still reign in the US, and orders from HotPowers get shipped and sent terrifyingly quickly internationally. Daimaoh is still a viable choice.

Quite the jumbled state of the market, sadly.

>> No.20798887

anon bros, I need an onahole that will literally abuse the cum out of my dick..
Ive had dozens of onaholes, but the only hole that came close to making my baby batter braised to the limit was the trinity one from ride, all bcuz it had those grooves and bumps that massages ur pee hole gently
I want something that's not too soft or gentle. Length, girth, budget, and location doesnt matter to me so i really need help fellow bros

>> No.20798949

Does /ona/ experiment with their prostate while using their hole? I've found it to be much more fun.

>> No.20798997

I have tried putting a finger up my butt in the interest of experimentation probably five or six times throughout my life, and at no time has it led to anything besides pain and an unsatisfying finish.

>> No.20798998

I'm planning on doing this soon.
What toy do you use if you don't mind my asking? I'm planning to get a male g-spot vibrator though not sure what I should be looking for.

>> No.20799019

i've tried bullets, prostate massagers and straight up dildos and as much as i wish i could have those hands-free orgasms none of them do anything at all for me

>> No.20799262

Around the head is difficult to measure though.

>> No.20799616

Just got done using it for the third time(two ejaculations each time). This last time I tried hands free and, from a physical aspect, it feels virtually the same as coitus. I also like I don't get post fap depression. I feel great right now.

>> No.20799642

>hands free
What did you use, pillow?

>> No.20799657

Yep. I had a towel over the pillow and folded it until I could thrust with the ona staying in place.

>> No.20800010
File: 24 KB, 478x268, Dk-vaQsUcAEgoTr.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20800039
File: 72 KB, 721x334, 1538202140338.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And it didn't got stuck at customs, great!

>> No.20800042

When you make the pastebin pillow device, ultimately you're still using your hands to hold the pillow system in place, right? It's only hands-free in the sense that you're thrusting into a hole which you are not directly controlling with your hands, right?

>> No.20800090

What are my options if I want a breast toy bigger than Ai-chan? I watched some vids (no homo) and they don't look all that big. When it comes to paizuri I want a size big enough to engulf me.

I know I do. It's to keep the entire thing in place but being able to hold onto something is nicer than true hands free to me anyway.

>> No.20800114

Is otona having problems or something? Seems some peoples orders including mine taking longer than usual.

>> No.20800153

>I don't get post fap depression
I noticed that too. Maybe it's because with my ona I last around 10 minutes, 20 tops and with my hand I can last indefinetely (record of 2 hours and a half) so I'm more productive

>> No.20800203

>post fap depression
Is this a real thing? Once my eyes are open and I can move my legs again I always get really productive; the release clears my head of a big distraction.

>> No.20800337

My order is still "progressing" after 10 days

>> No.20800470

Because it's very, very outdated. Still links to en-nls even tho the site has been dead for about a year now. I miss them so much, they were the best.

>> No.20800493

Barely different. You'll only notice the difference if you're using really soft holes.

>> No.20800581

Will a tunnel 2.5" shorter than my dick feel disappointing? Also, how likely would I be to break it if I accidentally went balls deep?

>> No.20800629

I've got two new holes waiting for me in a mailbox but I'm not home to pick them up due to some airport shenanigans. I've been thinking about them non-stop for days, this is going to be amazing once I get back.

>> No.20800649

It's probably one of your items. Most of them on the onahole's page say "usually takes 2-3 days to ship" but others say "usually takes 1 week" or in rare cases "3-4 weeks" You probably ordered a hole that they ordered, but is not in their warehouse.

>> No.20800680

You're just going to rip through something that short. I find that 2cm (~0.7inch) is the maximum difference before you're just wasting money.

>> No.20800721

I looked through the pastebin and archives but couldn't find about those two. Help me decide between Boku Oto and Shy Nurse Hina for my first onahole. I already looked at all the websites that deliver to UK and those are the only two < £30 products that are aesthetically pleasing and don't have outlandish inner textures. I was also looking at Mil-Mix Hard but I'm not sure about how much I like the idea of fapping with a milk bottle.

>> No.20800769

Both of those are trash, but Shy Nurse is less likely to give you a poisoning.

>> No.20800773

Not if he just short-strokes it, which is a perfectly valid tactic with a small hole. Then it's just a matter of personal preference regarding the ability to go balls deep being a requirement or not.

>> No.20800790

P-poisoning? Please elaborate. I'm getting mixed information about Shy Nurse - some places say it's 16cm, some say it's 12cm. Also, is Mil-Mix any good?

>> No.20800881

12cm is tunnel length, 16cm is total toy length.
Mil-Mix is probably the highest quality of the ones you've listed, which is saying something.

>> No.20800944

It's been a few weeks. I'll believe it when I see it.

So here is my J-Lube review (so far):

J-Lube: A
Pepe Regular: B
Onatsyuu: C

For someone who rates Pepe standard as a solid B (not amazing, but great), J-Lube gets a solid A for customization.

I like my lube *really* viscous, almost abrasively so. J-Lube has allowed me to make a lube so stupidly thick that my 「吸引注意 魔女の誘惑」 is a literal vacuum chamber. Even when I am edging for hours, and the flesh is weak, the sheer suction of the hole and the seal the lube will keep my meat semi-erect, even when my body has told me that I really should have fulfilled my biological purpose by this point. I have never needed to use extra lube after the first fill. For example, I accidentally half-orgasmed without ejaculation, decided to keep my onahole sealed on, and forced my dick back into erection by sheer force 15 minutes later. No other lube has allowed me to do that.

Pepe is simply great, and in comparison Onatsyuu is watery like onions sauce. I think that says enough.

For super viscous mixtures such as mine I recommend the following prep guide:

1 Whisk
1 Glass Measuring Cup
2-4 oz of water (preferably distilled, though I live around a dozen superfund sites, so I may extra cautious here)
1 Large bowl
1 Sink

1. Pour water into measuring cup
2. Heat in microwave for ~30 seconds. Make sure it isn't completely scalding. If so, let it cool a bit.
[All proceeding steps should be done in sink]
3. Pour in J-Lube powder bit-by-bit, thoroughly mixing with whisk
4. Continue until the batch of J-lube is sticky enough to remain attached to connected to whisk 5-6 feet above measuring cup
5. Carefully position mixture over onahole, squeezing all the excess air out of the hole
6. slowly pour mixture in until full, THEN release grip on hole, creating a suction to pull in further lube until full
7. Rub strands of excess lube along the opening of the hole until strands finally break. Use whisk to break manually if needed.
8. Place upright in bowl
9. Ready for use (with towel/paper towels ofc)

Note: If you spill this, may god have mercy on you. It's comparable to accidentally spilling a glob of spiderwebs.

>> No.20801151

Paloqueth but aneros is also good.

You have to be very patient, relaxed, and preferably have waited a few days for the prostate to swell up more to be noticeable. You only need to do it a few times to get into the hang of it.

>> No.20801325

Some people have done that apparently
You can also put it between the legs

>> No.20801326
File: 541 KB, 720x720, e.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why are your eyes closed and what exactly are you doing to yourself that stops your legs from being able to move? asking for a friend

>> No.20801438

if you intend to sleep with the doll a plush doll would probably be a good idea, as silicone and TPE dolls are heavy and take forever to warm up.

dekunoboo.com has a variety of dolls, but you'll have to go through a forwarder like JSS (I have their G2 plush and its quite nice)

If you want something smaller, there are the fairy doll plushes that otona.jp and some other retailers carry.

>> No.20802420

what kind of lube do you have to use with these thinngs?

>> No.20802483

What warmers would you recommend? The two on queencat seem bad. The onaho heating system usb 2.0 on otona has good reviews, but I don't want to spend $20+ if there's something better.

>> No.20802545

Anything water-based works. There's more on it in the guide.

It's probably the best one you can get. The Rends ones are shit

>> No.20802900

It's been a few years since I last bought an onahole. Is seventeen bordeaux still the best go for vanilla rubber fucking? The loli holes destroy my dick, and the big onaholes are too big for my tiny dick.
The recommendations in the guide seem to be mostly the same as a few years ago, so there's nothing new that's also good?

>> No.20802993

I don't think I've seen it being brought up for a while.It's a decent ona, but I wouldn't call it anybody's go-to.
Tomax onas are the standard among people who can order them.

>> No.20803302

is it okay to cum inside a hip and then leave it uncleaned until morning? I kinda wanna blow my load and then fall asleep right after.

>> No.20803365

Best is subjective but I never considered 17 Bordeaux the bets not even a few years ago there were better options imo.

>> No.20803374

What’s exactly vanilla? Meiki s have been around for a decade and so have Tomax holes which I both consider better than the 17 Bordeaux.

>> No.20803450

They're all varying degrees of garbage, really. Fleshlight makes a warmer but I I've never heard if those are worth a shit.

>> No.20803463

You probably shouldn't.

>> No.20803475
File: 117 KB, 614x460, 1406438391076.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>then leave it uncleaned until morning?

>> No.20803495

Is a warmer really required, or is soaking it in warm water just as effective?

>> No.20803514

your cock is a good enough heating rod and rarely does TPE stay cold more than a few seconds

>> No.20803578

I guess you could put it into a bucket of water to prevent the cum and lube from drying up.

>> No.20803698

Are you retarded?

>> No.20803700 [DELETED] 
File: 477 KB, 573x430, 1533592842710.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20803716


>> No.20803888

Between lolinco, cocolo and puni spdx, what is the order of tightness ?

>> No.20803984

Anybody close to 6 x 5 x 2 inches in width have experience with the Venus Real? Length matters because it tapers towards the end and gets tighter. Worried about it clamping too hard, especially the sides, and I’d like to be able to comfortably rest my dick in it while I’m looking for more material and comfortably insert and exit while semi-hard.

>> No.20804119

You never wanted to fuck Sex Pistols?

>> No.20804241

VRS is the definition of comfortable, there's no clamping, just caressing.

>> No.20804867

Do you guys just ram whatever you use to dry your sleeve into the hole? I tried using paper towel and it felt like the friction was damaging the interior

>> No.20805067

There's really no other way. Microfiber is probably less damaging then paper, and people say "pat, don't rub", but you still have to get it all the way to the end of a tight rubber hole so it's going to do some rubbing on the way.

>> No.20805088

Don't ram, push the walls to the side to gently get into the deeper spots and inch your way in. Sure there's a bit of rubbing along the way, but that can't be helped. Just don't abuse her, anon.

>> No.20805129

i've done this before because i am also a lazy disgusting piece of shit
besides the settled lube-cum mixture being pretty gross in the morning no long term damage was done
just watch out for it seeping out overnight naturally

>> No.20805295

Inner walls get damaged if you are too rough. Be gentle can always expand the walls with your fingers while you gently make your way inside with the cloth.

>> No.20805333

What kind of lube you guys use? I hate paying for big brands so I got for generic brands instead. The best one being MUKO from Walmart. It's cheap yet pretty damn effective.

>> No.20805368
File: 98 KB, 499x600, virginloophard-499x600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A quick review of the one I'm currently using, Virgin Loop Hard.

+ Cheap.
+ Pretty damn durable.
+ Easy to turn inside out for cleaning.

-- Feel like the inside of a pencil sharpenner until I turned it inside out and cut off some slivers randomly to improve the texture.
-- Need LOTS of lube or the thing will murder your dick.

With the proper mods, the Virgin Loop Hard do the job, but there's way better stuff out there.

>> No.20805450

Used one today, the "3 inch" is quite tight. Fuck, in the future I'll get a 4inch one. Right now, I'm just wearing it tightly like a boa constrictor's mouth with its teeth/poison pulled out. Shits tight but still functions fine.

>> No.20805612

do you guys actually powder your holes? do you feel it's necessary or just a meme? what happens if you don't do it?

>> No.20805620

It makes them better to the touch

>> No.20805669

Make them less sticky. I never did it though. I probably should buy some corn starch.

>> No.20805675

Yes I do. Otherwise it attracts too much dirt and becomes really sticky. It become so sticky you can just hang it as decoration on a wall.

>> No.20805685

Onatsuyu by Toysheart
Insomnia by Tomax
I've tried a few others before getting into onaholes
Tenga lube - ok but worse than Onatsuyu
H2O some western brand, garbage.

Japanese lub is farily cheap Insomnia or Onatsuyu is about 700ish yen. Import is overpriced, onatusyu at western stores usually got for 20+ euro/dollars

>> No.20805700

No real reason not to. Protects against moisture, keeps dust and hair off them, makes them feel better, and a carton of corn starch that lasts like half a year is ~2$

>> No.20805712

Walmart's MUKO cost less than 3$US and is 140g.
No need to import fancy stuff. That is, unless you have no choice.

>> No.20805747

$2 mineral oil lubricant from Equate. 16 oz from walmart

>> No.20805752

Good and bad lube can make a huge difference in experience. I think you are underestimating how much impact lube can have my friend. Also above mentioned lube comes in 360ML.

>> No.20805769

>mineral oil lubricant
Don't do that

I feel like walmart brand lubes are what you should be using if you don't have a choice.
A 340 gram bottle of insomnia is 14$ and is actually designed for masturbating, not inserting catheters. I bought one bottle and it's lasted for like 7 months.

>> No.20805780

Why not Extra Virgin olive oil?

>> No.20805790

BAD idea.
This will ruin your Onahole and the resulting smell will be horrendous.

>> No.20805799

how about motor oil?

>> No.20805801

If you wash it with a soap it should be fine. Its not like people keep dumping their semen in their onahole without washing.

>> No.20805832

It's about chemical reaction. any kind of oil will damage your onahole.

>> No.20805862

If the onahole is latex. If its silicone, its fine.

>> No.20805921

To add to this question, do you powder the inside as well or just the outside?

>> No.20806077

the guide says not to

>> No.20806441

There really aren't very many penetrated onaholes anyway, so trying to choose one on solely that basis leaves you with very few options (and most of them are hips because they're otherwise too large to easily clean if they were sealed). The only one that readily comes to mind is Fuwa Cyun W/Triple. You should at least expand your options to sturdy single-layer holes that can survive flipping inside out. Anything sufficiently shallow and simple design, like VAA/VAG, are trivial to dry conventionally.

Depends entirely on the hole. My Lilith Uterus got pretty sticky after maybe three uses and after a few more, I've basically had to start powdering every other time or it's practically glue. (Every two uses because the first cleaning rinses off most of the corn starch, then after the second use "unprotected" is when it gets unbearable sticky.) I've used VAG a couple dozen times and powdered it exactly once. I believe softer holes in general are more prone to stickiness. ToysHeart stuff is usually pretty good at resisting it.

>Put lube into the hole, not on your dick
Lubing up my dick actually works better, I just don't do it because it's too messy that way. I find the entrance of most toys tends to stick partway down my shaft if I lube the hole, but just licking my finger and rubbing the saliva off is enough to achieve full-length penetration and the lube will spread from there.

If you were having actual sex, you would probably grab your partner's ass / hips / breasts or wrap your arms around their body, right? Hands-free is best described as, "I am using my hips to thrust into the toy rather than using my hands to stroke the toy over my penis." Me, I sandwich my hole between two pillows and just use my arms and body weight to secure it, rather than having to deal with strapping up a single pillow (though that probably works better for non-missionary positions).

VAG is my second favorite hole and I'm about 2.2" longer than its tunnel... which translate to only about 1" of extra length after accounting for onaholes not pressing into your pubic bone like you can a ruler when measuring yourself. Mind that onaholes do stretch and even if you can't go balls deep, it'll still feel pretty good just stimulating the head and upper half of your shaft. That said, I wouldn't get anything this short length in the future, I like being able to bottom out too. I'd probably set my lower limit to be about -1.5".

You don't want something too long either, though that depends on the hole. Some holes have a pretty uniform tunnel design, while others have 2-3 distinct zones the further you penetrate in and you won't get the full experience if you can't bottom out in them.

I try to spread the hole open with my offhand while using my main hand to guide the drying implement as deep as I can get it without too much friction.

>> No.20806454

Here is my J-Lube review: I'm not fucking pulling out half a dozen kitchen utensils and doing chemistry over the sink everytime I wanna jerk off.

>> No.20806584

There's no point in powdering the inside, as the inside isn't exposed to external dirt/hair and any stickiness will vanish once you lube it up again.

>> No.20806650

I'm 6"x5.5" around with a bit of thickness in the mid shaft that's 2 inches, plus a head that is almost as broad, clamping is not at all an issue with the VR in soft. Lately I've been feeling like I want something with more suction because of how easily I move in a lubed up Venus real. You'll have no problem, anon.

>> No.20806767

Not that /ona/non, but the simple solution is to make a batch and store it in a container. It'll last months if properly made. I use a different recipe that's more suited for long-term storage so I could pull it out like any other lube on demand.

>> No.20806941

How hot should my water be to heat up a hole, would 150+ damage it?

>> No.20807091

My tomax says 120°F+ can damage it. See if yours says anything on the packaging.

>> No.20807098

Slightly above body temperature. Unless you want a scalding dick, you probably don't want it too high above that.

>> No.20807115

how does this work? do you just rinse the hole with warm water and then apply lube to the wet hole? doesn't water make lube lose its effectiveness?

>> No.20807232

have any of you had any experiences with dual layers? how do they differ from the single layered holes?

>> No.20807294

I've had a lot of dual-layers and I personally prefer them.
Simply put, the inner layer is usually softer and squishier than the outer one, which lets you have firmer/tighter toys that still have a soft texture on the inside.

>> No.20807310

Rosa Spine Magical Teasing is a great one

>> No.20807482
File: 120 KB, 538x671, 1539680169468.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Are there any onaholes better suited for training ejaculation control, or will any do? The pastebin guide only mentions edging yourself with one, but I would guess softer/looser ones are better to avoid not reaching orgasm again too quickly after stopping. I'm sick of not being able to enjoy masturbating without reaching orgasm in a minute or two.

>> No.20807489

softness has nothing to do with the softness if the inner layer. Puni Virgin 1000 fuwatoro and Venus Soft, Rich Soft are both really soft and are single layer.

>> No.20807499

try venus real or meiki zxy those are the most close to realism

>> No.20807509

>those are the most close to realism
Well, I'm not looking for anything that will help me with sex since I'm a virgin anyway, if that's what you meant. I just want more enjoyable masturbation sessions, don't really care about realism or not. I'll look into them nevertheless, thanks Anon.

>> No.20807529

Of course. What I'm talking about is the effect created by two different materials. You can have a very hard outer layer and soft inner one, which can give you very intense tightness while still being pleasantly soft on the inside.
Lolinco is an example of that: it's horrendously tight, but in a clingy way where the inner layer sort of hugs you with a soft, smooth material that serves as a buffer between the outer structure and your dick. The texture between them is completely different.

Anything softer works. I'd also recommend against anything with very pronounced ridges in the structure.

>> No.20807548

>Anything softer works. I'd also recommend against anything with very pronounced ridges in the structure.
Makes sense. The ones I've had in the past were all pretty elaborate on the inside which likely made the whole thing worse. Any onahole in particular that you know about that you'd recommend?

>> No.20807740

>Japan and the EU just signed a free trade agreement
Does this mean I'll get cheaper onaholes?

>> No.20807772

I think it will only affect to tariffs, so you have to still pay VAT.

>> No.20807835

Works for normal sex and fapping with onaholes you can try more gentle onaholes naturally you'll last longer and you can swap between harder and softer onaholes. You'll generally get longer sessions with soft onaholes and building up a climax. Hard onaholes are generally designed for a quick fap.

>> No.20808239

Is it better to store my onahole wrapped in a microfiber cloth or a cello food bag? It's powdered

>> No.20808414

can I lay on my ona hip and fuck it or will my body weight deform it?

>> No.20808550

>spreadsheet lists Virgin Loop Eight Long as 13cm
>package says the tunnel is 14.5cm
>it's actually 16cm since you're not getting around the entrance
Well, I guess at least I'm not impaling it

>> No.20808575
File: 48 KB, 980x980, 09291451_57ecabfae00d3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm pretty sure the 13 is taken from this image (or similar) on Japanese sites' and package includes the bit at the entrance.

>> No.20808661

Does some anon actually own this meme hole and can write a review about it?

>> No.20809162

Have you tried cleaning your hole?

At the beginning I just put some powder in the hole and added litte bit of water in it.
When I tried premixing, I would always have a big hydrated J-Lube thing inside the bottle that refused to mix with the water. When trying to boil it, the lube/sticky part would stick to the sides of the container.
A few weeks ago I tried again with pre-heated water, added a little bit of powder and then shaking for like 5 minutes several times and let it rest in the bottle for some time. It wasn't clear and there was one big patch on the inside wall at the upper half of the bottle, so I stored it sideways for the night. Next day I started shaking again and it was gone.

Be careful not to use too much hot water if you store it in a plastic bottle, mine got deformed on the bottom.

Just prepare more at once and store it. While I don't get the "quality" of other lubes yet, the money you safe is insane, especially when you consider that japanese lube costs like 5-7€ bucks but they charge you at least 25€

Did you get it clean? Looks like a big mess

>> No.20809179

Pretty pricy even more pricy than NGP Meiki line.

>> No.20809214

bretty gud taste anon kun

>> No.20809225

Depends on the climate. I wouldn't recommend this in hot and humid areas, but if you're a frosty boy, overnight laziness won't put your hip out of commission.

>> No.20809440

>you're supposed to pretend you ARE the dude, anon...
Not really

>> No.20810035

Venus Real in Soft is out of stock on queencatadulttoys, anyone know if they replenish it’s stock often? Thinking about just getting a Lilith Uterus but conflicted.

>> No.20810310


>> No.20810389

>Did you get it clean? Looks like a big mess

Yeah, it wasn't that much of a pain.

>> No.20810468

Really weird, using your hand seems normal while pounding fake pussy seems more like you haven given up

>> No.20810468,1 [INTERNAL] 


>> No.20810468,2 [INTERNAL] 

Thanks mr big booty sex doll, you are the best poster of /jp/

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