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Previous thread: >>20469049

This thread is for the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual novels.

What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? What have you finished? You know the drill.

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so how's parallelogram?

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hotaru is cute

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worse than aokana

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was aokana good?

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Been reading Sanoba Witch for a week or so now. Been pretty good so far, but worse than Dracu Riot was. Main issue is that the supernatural aspect, seems like it exists more for the purpose of some metaphor rather than a real interesting part of the world like in Dracu Riot. Other than that it has been pretty fun so far, Meguru is great probably going to do her route first.

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>Meguru is great probably going to do her route first.
Hope you take responsibility. You should understand, once you actually play her route.

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Does anyone have Lucle-sensei's games from his doujin era? Were they even shared?

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Misaki was cute.

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Will Kinugasa deliver?

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More pixiv / artists-outside-of-eroge need to do eroge art. It looks so nice.

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Akinashi Yuu did KoiChoco before.

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Amazing opening as always. Can't wait.

Also the song name is pretty cool, 「Perfect girl theory」

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I dunno dude, Golden Hour wasn't so perfect.

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Did it get delayed?

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Yeah, by one month. As usual from them.

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Will it be shared?

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aokana was amazing parallelo is worse but it's still super good
also yuzu is best

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Probably not. Still waiting though.

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The DLsite one was and 空想彼岸 shows one file on keydb. You could also look onf 2dkf because they sometimes buy and share obscure games.

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Been reading Tsukikage no Simulacre. I thought I wouldn't enjoy it because enforced playing order mysteries aren't really my thing, but it's quite good.
Never regretted reading anything that had a good OP

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Did you just start? You might like it less once you see most of the routes are fucking pointless.

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I'm done with most of the routes, I'm guessing
I wouldn't necessarily say they're pointless, in nearly every route you learn something more. They're all pretty short anyway.
Thankfully it doesn't bore you with long winded explanations about stuff already explained in previous routes, a recap of a line or two at best.

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Has anyone here played Favorite's pre-Hoshimemo games? Anything decent ones?

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I wanted to play Wiz Anniversary, but then I deleted it from my backlog.

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I really like this song. Haven't read anything by this company so I'm not really hyped

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I wanted to play Golden Hour, but then I saw a spoiler-filled thread on VNDB and the plot sounded retarded.

Then again, it's easy to say this when I only read some spoilers. Maybe after actually reading the game I'd like it.

I guess I'll just try this new one.

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I won't say their games are masterpieces or anything, but they have this unique feel that other eroge company games don't have. They make mostly youth stories with fantasy elements that gets introduced at the true route, which some don't like and call it bullshit writing.

One thing they really deserve the praise for are their main heroines, they are always great and worth going all the bad stuff just to do their routes.

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As I'm slowly reaching the end I'm thinking about what to read next, does anyone have any particularly positive experiences with the script writer's other works? https://vndb.org/s4414

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Script on VNDB (and in eroge credits) means the guy who did the programming of screen transitions, how sprites move etc. Basically the scripting of the engine.

You want https://vndb.org/s1844

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I'm completely retarded.
Thank you.

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Sinsemia is alright, everything else pretty underwhelming.

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Have any patches salvaged the game balance or fixed any of the minor retarded things in Grasesta?

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Finished Symphonic Rain.

Thanks anons for encouraging me to continue without skipping, I liked it a lot. I thought the strongest element of each route was the melancholy, and I actually enjoyed the story less when the protagonist got over indecision. For the most part that would be forgivable, but it felt rushed at times. I felt that Torta good end seemed out of character because she spent years racked with guilt, but then suddenly has the maturity to face Chris just because grandma stopped her at the door. That decision point should have been a choice for Torta, not for me, and it makes the bad end seem more "true" than the good end.
It was pretty well done in regards to having the puzzle pieces fit in place at the end, although I wish they had gone a little farther. It is wasted potential that there is no way of seeing Fal or Rise ends from Torta's perspective. Fal end, there could be more description about how she was deceitful, and there weren't any interactions shown between Fal and Arsino. I know he gets screwed over no matter what, but a little text about his male partner or how Fal stands him up after the performance would have been nice.

I guess I still have some questions left over though, if anyone who read more finely has any kind of answer.
In Rise end, when Torta says これは贖罪のつもり?, is she referring to how Chris couldn't be by Arietta's side? It seems so bitter, especially if Chris still doesn't remember the accident.
When Chris feels the raindrop at the food stand, is that nothing more than a hint that there actually is no rain?

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Are the Galaxy Angel 2 PS2 games worth playing?

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Is it true that someone is translating this?

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Does this look like the translation thread to you? Fuck off.

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Are any of the routes in Hinekure good? I enjoyed the common route but Sayaka's route is pretty boring so far.

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Sakuraba Maruo
Common, Yui and Shizuku routes

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Yui is good and Shizuku is hot

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Any thoughts on さくらのうた? Specifically, how does it compare to suba? I found suba only to be alright, and at times felt like a bit of a chore due to repetition. The in your face philosophy could be perhaps be interesting for a Japanese, but felt obnoxious at times for me personally.
Based on what I could gather it seems さくら is less of that and the "life questions" derive more from the characters and story-telling.

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I actually found it pretty tiresome for the exact reasons you describe, the in-your-face philosophy felt a lot more forced and unnatural than it was in Subahibi, which at least had an excuse for being a hivemind. But even some random schmuck on the street in SakuUta can start quoting Wittgenstein like they have it tattooed on the back on their hand. The interactions are just totally unbelievable and lacking in any sense of organic writing, not to mention they also feel quite homogeneous. And I say this as someone whose other big hobby is philosophy -- no one, not even the snobbiest philosophy major out there, could probably get through SakuUta without wincing at at least a few of the conversations. It got so bad that at one point I started considering whether or not SCA-DI was being this obnoxious about it on purpose to mock the psuedo-intellectuals that flock to this kind of drivel. Quotes and references are all fine and good, but only when appropriate in their context, which SakuUta is lacking a great majority of the time.

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Thanks, I guess I'll just skip the other ones.

Sayaka's route just feels as though the author was following some kind of VN writing guide. It has all of the necessary scenes to create a generic character route, but none of the build up to those scenes. Everything seems to just happen for no real reason.

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You probably won't get to read it anyway, EOP pal.

Nonomi isn't a random schmuck.

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Why is ぺったんこ written with a 'tsu' after pe when it's 'pettanko'? Any guesses?

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It's a mystery. No one can figure it out. How did it even get there?

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is this a meme?

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May God have mercy on your soul.

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Can someone tell me what is wrong with this translation?

Stolen world,

stolen heart,

Even if one breaks thát bond,

it is fate.

The path -

will always lead back home.

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People here don't translate. They read. Wrong thread.

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does it bother anyone else that the sound plays like a second after the animation starts? it feels so off to me.

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I only have Himegari to compare right now, but it starts when it should. (when the Eushully appears under the angel maid)

>> No.20505569

it's the same in every game, maybe it just doesn't feel right to me. there's a black screen and then the animation starts playing, and the sound only plays after the screen turns white.

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Just how sci-fi is Re:LieF? I read a bit of the beginning but it was quite a slog due to the amount of unfamiliar vocabulary.

>> No.20505608

Really getting tired of these DJT shitposters. Stick to your thread until you acquire basic comprehension you fucking idiot.

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And that's how it should be. The sound is for the appearing letters of Eushully. Nothing else.

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I was the same. Romeo is much better at putting the philosophy in subtly. Even Saihate no Ima which is completely over the top manages to incorporate it better then sca-ji's stuff.

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Anyone got the crack for こもれびに揺れる魂のこえ?

It seems it was available on that Canadia site from a decade ago, but that's long gone now. Not even archive.org has it.

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It doesn't need a crack, or at least the version I got didn't. It's also kamige hope you like it

>> No.20505977

Any other 70/100 kamige around? I generally don't scroll so far down to see those, when I look for games at EGS.

>> No.20506022

When will they start making good games again?

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Although Golden Hour was a trainwreck at best, I'm still a big fan of how More/Niko's artists draw H, so even if Niko's titles are a hot mess I'll still probably fap to them.

Swallowtail's past/present thing could be done well but I'm not going to hold my breath. I'm just hoping they keep the flashbacks to a bare minimum.
>One thing they really deserve the praise for are their main heroines, they are always great and worth going all the bad stuff just to do their routes.
Disagreed, I felt Yuki was at mary sue levels of bullshit in Golden Hour. And yea most of the side heroines felt tacked on as well, indirectly making Yuki look better, but even to this day I am still more interested in the 'what-if?' could-have-been if Risa had been given a proper route instead of Suzu.

>> No.20506034

It surprises me how many characters are like this in eroge, almost as if it's a cute trait or something. Here it doesn't seem so cute however.

>> No.20506055

>I'm still a big fan of how More/Niko's artists draw H, so even if Niko's titles are a hot mess I'll still probably fap to them.
The first person... ish viewpoints are pretty nice, I agree. Though after playing a few of the artist's titles I do feel like he's pretty samey overall in regards to angles and positions. Great thighs, though. Really meaty.

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Yeah there are plenty of very good games with lower median scores on arbitrary rating sites, it must be tough having no other means of finding games.

I actually asked the writer on twitter, she said she'd love to make more games but unfortunately it's tough with the eroge industry of late. It really is a massive shame.

Speaking of Komorebi it's actually getting a novelisation that releases tomorrow at Comiket, pretty interesting after all these years, maybe it's a sign?

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this actually made me feel good about myself :^(

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File: 3.96 MB, 790x216, 1546004683282.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's not about the pov really, although that's definitely nice in some positions. I mostly prefer how they light H - it has that incandescent lightbulb glow look to it, making it appear far more seedy compared to the fluorescent spotlight you usually see shining on the couple during H.

Also, the pseudo-animation they use during H scenes by alternating CGs back and forth (see pic) is also a nice touch. It kinda bothers me nowadays when the HCG shows the MC's dick is only barely inside and it never moves from that position before he cums, it makes it seem like the guy gets off from just sitting still and hearing the girl's voice for 10 minutes. The pseudo-animted style the More brands use is really great at this, because it can match the pace of the scene - starts off slow, with maybe the CG alternating every 2-4 clicks, but by the end it will have sped up a lot. These little touches are nice and really make their H stand out a lot imo.

>> No.20506149

The release I got seems to need one. Which one did you get?

>> No.20506249

Alright, I found a crack on a Chinese site.

For posterity, it seems there are at least two versions of the game. A 2 CD one and a DVD one. The 2 CD one seems to need a crack.

>> No.20506268

The thing is, all but one(1) game I tried from that area were quite deservedly that low. And even with the one exception only really one route was really good, so in a way that also kinda deserved being down there. It also had quite meh to terrible gameplay, which didn't help. And it forced you to play it one route. I'll never forget the easy mode final boss of that route, where every attack stuns you for literally 5 secs. Good easy mode where you die in one hit, because you never recover. Yep. Good easy mode.

>> No.20506284

>can't say if translation is wrong or not shits on someone that he does not have basic comprehension
I'll leave this mess of a place for good

>> No.20506306

Yeah I got the Memorial Edition, I guess you got the First Press Edition. Makes sense the original would have DRM and the rerelease wouldn't I guess.

Yeah you have plenty of games like Seisai no Resonance which are really good but get lower EGS scores because of questionable gameplay and garbage side writers, but obviously the majority of games are rated lowly because they're bad, you can't just pick random ones you have to have a good reason to pick them up. In Komorebi's case it's because of the writer, everything I've read by her has been amazing.

>> No.20506309

I want to see more of Itou Noizi's art. Hope we can get a release date on 探偵×悪魔×クローズドサークル sometime.

>> No.20506331

Where did you grab the Memorial one?

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VenusBlood: Lagoon released recently. Anyone played it yet? The last game in the series I remember playing was Abyss and I loved the dungeon building mechanics.

>> No.20506577

Make that today.

>> No.20506846

can you share the crack? i tried looking for it a while back and couldn't find it either

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>> No.20507269

It's on AB.

>> No.20507273

This again? I guess I'll be fine with the old version.

>> No.20507420

Is it pirated?

>> No.20507423

Si, idiota.

>> No.20507439

Does it texthook well?

>> No.20507441

Fuck off, subhuman.

>> No.20507955

Download it and try it out man
I doubt it'll grab any of the UI but you should learn how to radical search and shit

>> No.20508212

Does anybody have a link for the voice patch for YU-NO? Tlwiki is down, and everywhere else only has the one that works with the english patch.

>> No.20509257

If I liked how Chaos;Head started off, would I like Chaos;Child? I really enjoyed the horror atmosphere in the beginning, but the D-Sword shit ruined it for me. Is C;C more of the same?

>> No.20509315

I hated C;H but consider C;C one of the best things I have ever played. They don't have much relation and it has a new main writer. You can skip the non-Nono routes by the subwriters.

>> No.20509347

Yeah, expect more D-swords. But it's good.

>> No.20509468

Thanks, I'll give it a try.

>> No.20510794

>I really enjoyed the horror atmosphere in the beginning, but the D-Sword shit ruined it for me. Is C;C more of the same?
Then you're going to be really disappointed because it is. The main mystery in C;C isn't very good and the game spends the vast majority of its time with main characters acting all horrified at the "impossible grotesque murders" and slowly finding out the setting related stuff again that are all painfully obvious to anyone who played the first game. As a result even the horror atmosphere building simply doesn't work.

There's some half-decent parts in the later parts of the game, but overall it's the textbook definition of "we want to appeal to both old and new fans" kind of sequel. Playing it really safe in all regards.

>> No.20511016

You mean the exe file? This is gonna be like the third time I've uploaded it for someone here.


>> No.20511121

Thanks, but that link is showing up as a 404 for me.

>> No.20511142 [DELETED] 

That's bizzare.

Try this https://files.catbox.moe/zi22tq.zip

>> No.20511153

The fuck? This goes 404 too. I just uploaded it.

Third time's the charm.

>> No.20511169

Thanks. That one worked. Catbox and mixtape block .exes, so they might check the contents of .zip files too.

>> No.20511709

Nyaa, I know it looks like it's not seeded but I just left it going and someone came online and seeded it for me

>> No.20512035

If you don't know the twist, the first couple of chapters are pretty good though. Everything following is pretty much awful though.
Honestly, why do you add shitty magic swords in a game that builds on atmosphere, even horror atmosphere. Fucking Japan. If it'd been at least done like in Mori Dreamers...

>> No.20512047

That actually happened to me just a bit ago, with Solfege La Finale. Btw, if anyone wants to grab that, it'd be a good time to do it rather sooner than later. Basically the yuri version of Symphonic Rain. Probably worse thanks to the writer, but who knows.
I.. haven't tested if it works though. Kogado and "actually working" is something that's a little rare.

>> No.20512048

>If it'd been at least done like in Mori Dreamers

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File: 124 KB, 385x174, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

waiting for shitstorm

>> No.20512146

Mori Dreamer manages to keep the atmosphere till the very end. Well, if you choose the right ending that is, otherwise you may get a random moege route. And that's because its "super powers" are actually fairly tame. Mostly working in the "dreams" and even there it's just a "did it work or not" thing, no silly chuuni battles. In the real world on the other hand, every "battle" is Resident Evil 1 style. And there's not a whole lot anyway.

It works. Better than C;C for sure. The characters are a lot less interesting though, which is one of the bigger issues Kure has. He writes good insane girls though. Waiting for his next game hopefully starring a full cast of insane ones for the main heroines.
Remember to wait with eating humans until the human is really dead. Wouldn't want to commit some kinda form of assisted murder or whatever. But don't wait too long. Then it won't taste as well. It's like with steak, it just needs just the right amount of time. *eating sounds*

>> No.20512148

Our guy Niijima Yuu is working with a new brand? Why would there be a shitstorm?

>> No.20512173

Do these people hate money?

>> No.20512185

its even more strange when you consider its the sciadv start, and instantly goes for science thats so far out there its pretty much just fantasy.

>> No.20512229

Is there a particularly insane girl in Mori Dreamers? I still haven't read it.

>> No.20512314

Yeah there is.

I wonder if there will be a Mori Dreamers 3.

>> No.20512406
File: 298 KB, 1280x720, moridream1_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only a side-character. She is very good though. I generally like how Kure writes most villains. A lot of writers give villains backgrounds to redeem them. Kure doesn't. He does it to explain how this shit came to be. It's not to forgive, it's to understand. And this character fits right in. She didn't get born insane. She had to get insane.

Most of the insane characters of Kure aren't really openly insane anyway. It may take a while till you realize it, as "just a little bit of a weirdo" is hardly enough to call a character insane. And even once you get it revealed it's not your overacted "weird laugh" insanity or whatever. The characters just do something. Something you may have suspected all along. And they do it without thinking that it's weird. You could call it a sickness. Something that could be a thing in reality as well. Something where they simply need help. Not just something that's supposed to be "cool". A reason why I like his villains, which tend to be the same kind of insane as well, female or not.

Mori Dreamers simply has the issue, that it takes a lot of time with fairly random side-stories after the great opening. Tokihate was overall way shorter and as such was a better experience overall. The high peaks of Mori Dreamers may however be better. Dreamers 2 is a lot more of a mixed bag, as it features my least favorite Kure villain, but also one of my favorite ones. I just hope he never goes back to moege. I gave Princess Evangile a chance, but holy crap no. The villain in that was also really fucking awful to the point I started to believe moege have some shitty guidelines on how to write villains: Has to be absolutely bad and in the wrong without a doubt so that the player/protag is definitely right. Also has to be an ass. I've seen this type of villain in a LOT of moege. And they never make sense. How can such unreasonable people get to be school chairmen and whatnot? They behave like raging 5 year olds that somehow got a lot of power at their hands. Oh well.

>> No.20512441


Goddamnit, all this wait and instead of getting an original we get a sequel to a kusoge. Damn you Lose, I just want another Monobeno.

>> No.20512458


At least there'll be H scenes with the cute blond loli.

>> No.20512622

I can't believe FGO is dead.

>> No.20512631

>only one heroine able to be corrupted
Call me when they make a proper corruption venusblood again

>> No.20512657

Maruo got fucked by Libido Soft

>> No.20512710

will Lose be the next sprite?

>> No.20512895
File: 734 KB, 1280x720, VenusBloodLagoon-003.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

at least she's a lot of fun even before the corruption. When the protag is about to rape her she just goes ''oh well, I did say I'll do anything for revenge''

>> No.20512981

Couldn't cura be bothered to draw the four bitches behind the trains with different fucking expressions?

>> No.20513044
File: 69 KB, 636x616, 1498971008898.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Couldn't cura be bothered

>> No.20513075

Every different expression costs +2500yen.

>> No.20513187

Maybe I'll avoid it then. I simply really hated how C;H went from a denpa vibe to chuuni sword battles. Urban fantasy where everyone and their dog has superpowers is fucking lame. It seems like the characters in C;C are quite good and that could possibly salvage it for me, I'm not sure.

>> No.20513218

>Thanks, I'll give it a try.
>Maybe I'll avoid it then.
Imagine being this swayed by internet opinions. Play it and form your own opinions. The only thing you need to know is to not go in expecting a normal mystery novel, because it isn't that. It's human drama and commentary on society, and does that excellently.

>> No.20513235

>and does that excellently.
That's an extremely low bar you have there.

>> No.20513264

I was swaying before which is why I asked here. But I should just bite the bullet because at least it is probably better than Occultic;Nine. I can't believe I read that trash.

>> No.20513275

You know if you hate all these Sci;Adv games why would you go read another one hoping it's actually good and not just go read something else which isn't by people churning out all these kusoge?

>> No.20513290

C;C is precisely good because it isn't like the other SciADV, since it brought in a completely new guy as the head of the project.

>> No.20513297

S;G was great. I guess it was a fluke.

>> No.20513358

But it's a lot like the rest? Never mind how hard it rehashes the original to the point of bore.

>> No.20513419

No, its just nigh impossible to bottle lightning more than once. And sometimes once is all it takes if you can sucker enough people.

>> No.20513579

there is no "like the other SciADV" the only thing that connects those games is their world.

C;H was esentially a supernatural chuuni shit game.
S;G scaled down a lot of the absurdity and was just a timetravel drama
R;N is just a slice of life game where they build robots until the final chapter.
C;C is a murder mystery that barely even touches on the fact that it's a C;H sequel and only uses the swords as plot devices.

>> No.20513623

The first 3 games you mentioned are all by the same main writer, Hayashi Naotaka. So they're all very similar stylistically. C;C is different in that he takes more of a backseat role, which was good since his route in that was by far the worst part of it.

>> No.20514150

Maitetsu was better than monobeno I don't know what are you talking about.

To be honest I was just expecting a fandisc so getting a sequel is quite a happy new for me.

>> No.20514239

>Maitetsu was better than monobeno I don't know what are you talking about.


>> No.20514354

>thinking hana route is worse than Uki route


>> No.20514396

>dude what if
>what if we put DINOSAURS in our game
>N-No Hayashi I don't think we sh-

>> No.20514404

must have gotten his bosses drunk a lot or something

>> No.20514500

A small gaiden for Ikusa Megami Verita.
Some guy just upped it on AS. It's probably hard to find, so grab it now.

>> No.20514518

You are talking about the country that gave Godzilla citizenship.

>> No.20514537

That reminds me.
Can anyone spoonfeed me the playing order for the Ikusa Megami series? All the prequels and remakes and whatnot look confusing.

>> No.20514557

Welcome on 4chan!

>> No.20514561

Ikusa Megami Zero -> Genrin no Kishougun > Genrin no Kishougun 2 -> Ikusa Megami Verita -> Tenbin no La Dea -> Ikusa Megami 2

Tenbin no La Dea is the remake of Ikusa Megami 1.

All this was easily searchable, for example on EGS.

>> No.20514674
File: 27 KB, 546x275, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The release order differs from the chronological order and neither are necessarily the best order to tackle a given series in, hence me asking for some clarity. As far as I can tell EGS has the first two but not the third, though I could just be blind.

>> No.20517561

how many vn's do I need to translate a year on patreon to make a liveable income?

>> No.20517897

Probably just one, after that you can just pretend you are translating something big and eops will throw you money for making a 5% progress per year.

>> No.20518817

The problem is that you don't know Japanese or English, you spic.

>> No.20519000

Anyone here has すきま桜とうその都会? The links on anime-sharing seem to be down.

>> No.20519124

it's still up on nyaa (the one with 51 downloads or w/e, stats for old torrents are misleading). speed isn't good but it's better than nothing desu

>> No.20519397

The file is apparently corrupted. You can't get to install it properly.

>> No.20519889

It's on AB.

>> No.20519901

Stop saying that you bastard!

>> No.20520171

It makes me so happy to know there is offically a worldline where humanity is struggling against a dragon apocalpyse because one gigalomaniac teenager couldn't keep her mouth shut.

I love it.

>> No.20520178


you make the most money by never finishing a project and dragging it out as long as possible.

>> No.20520492

One of my favorite eroge MAD maker, the one who made the famous subahibi mad is giving Amazing Grace a huge praise.

That's it guys, I am reading it!
Whish me luck.

>> No.20520503


>> No.20520584
File: 273 KB, 550x1155, chara_std_4-1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yunagi from Grasesta's voice actor (藤咲ウサ) voicing the pink girl is tempting me to pick it up.

>> No.20520673

There has been a lot of mixed opinion on this here, so I was hesitating to play it. But all the clear praise for the art references in the game, and the overall game aesthetic made decide to read it finally. I got excited since the last visual novel I played was Summer Pockets half year ago.

>> No.20520732

4chan is contrarian towards everything, you should know by now to not take negative stuff here seriously. The game stabilized at a median of 85 on EGS with over 150 votes, which is an extremely impressive feat for any new eroge not from a big company. The only other thing that managed that this year was Nukitashi.

>> No.20520809

Not to mention big name readers like moogy gave it a 6 (this is like a 8 or 9 to the average reader since he has very high standards)

>> No.20520817

Can't blame people from wanting to ignore Amazing Grace. It has the typical "awful moege" beginning, and it's even having an amnesia protag. Amnesia in general is to 99% awful and usually just a cheap and weak excuse to hide things from the player or to have an easy self-insert. Even fairly popular games suffer tremendously from it (Baldr Sky Dive, Root Double...), so it does work for the masses, but still doesn't make it less cheap.

Root Double was especially dumb. Protag is 30+. Some kinda chief of rescue operations or whatever, experienced and so on. That's obviously bad for self-inserting. So AMNESIA. Now he behaves like a 16yo idiot, doesn't know anything and so on. Perfect for the audience. But he still gets taken everywhere dangerous, because he has the body of a veteran. Not like that makes sense, as he quickly demonstrates how he knows nothing about what he'd need to do to not just fuck up and make everything harder.
It's so fucking bad. And it usually goes like this idea. Baldr Sky Dive isn't different for example. It just adds a healthy dose of "I didn't tell you because I thought you couldn't take it..".

>> No.20520835

Also it has to be a pretty good game to begin with for moogy to even consider reading it.

>> No.20520905

I hope you're not seriously cocksucking moogy. You'd have to be some fucking Quof or some other Redditor from /r/visualnovels to seriously cocksuck moogy.

>> No.20520927

I'm just giving where credit is due. A large part of the community wouldn't exist if it wasn't for pioneers like moogy.

>> No.20520948

The smaller the better in this case, desu. And whatever you want to credit to moogy, that doesn't account for taste.

>> No.20520950

That's an Umineko reference. He gives it a 6, meaning that if you turn the tables it's actually a 9.

>> No.20520965

He's known for his good taste unless you're dumb moebuta.

>> No.20520970

He's become a yurimoebuta though.

>> No.20520979

That's Kastel. The dude has really fallen in my opinion. Now he's a SJW, yet blind to his own privilege (studied at UChicago and now at some big-shot UK uni, probably Oxbridge).

>> No.20521030

Why do you guys know so much? Do you all follow them on Twitter or something?

>> No.20521064

No, on CuriousCat and/or other ask services.

>> No.20521082

What are some must follow eroge-reading e-celebs?

>> No.20521096

Quof. Everything he reads and rates high is a mustread barring all the nukige.

>> No.20521113

That Redditor?

>> No.20521129

Does it matter? I'm sure we've all used Reddit before whether we like to admit it or not.

>> No.20521155

Spoken like a true redittor.

>> No.20521164

Follow? Where? Won't the wife complain if you follow them home?

>> No.20521194

I bet you think everyone is a texthooking DJT fag too.

>> No.20521234
File: 50 KB, 932x470, 10f15bef.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Damn bros, why did it have to die?

>> No.20521237

No, but all of us were once in that position before of course.

>> No.20521248

desu I only started reading eroge three years into learning Japanese, so I skipped being that kind of subhuman.

>> No.20521329

>three years
That's time to read more than a hundred nukige, even at N3 level.

>> No.20521332

>reading nukige

>> No.20521335

Why would anyone read nukige?

>> No.20521383

Not him but it's easy practice and just fap material so you don't have to worry about ruining the experience due to lack of comprehension for actually good stories.

>> No.20521401

>good stories
You can find those in nukige. It's honestly not much rarer than finding that outside of nukige nowadays. Plus, a lot of VNs are having so much ero nowadays, that you may as well call them nukige even if they aren't sold as such.

>> No.20521571


>> No.20521606
File: 177 KB, 924x616, story.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20521625
File: 2.29 MB, 916x2999, chara.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20522024

>He's known for his good taste
Not here he isn't

>> No.20522031

>no capitalization for Kawabata
ah, my autism

>> No.20522496

Any eroge like elfen lied?

>> No.20522667

Will i get the non-tentacle scenes if i play pure chaos in Venus blood lagoon?

>> No.20522688

Just start loving the tentacles, they are great.

>> No.20522712

The girls certainly don't mind the tentacles too much. The magician even has a lot of scientific interest in them and loves the idea of using the heroines, including herself to breed an army.

>> No.20522799

What's the best recent Venus Blood to get into the series with?

>> No.20522894

Hypno is widely regarded as the best but all of the games starting from Empire are good

>> No.20522919

Abyss, in order after that.

>> No.20523778

Don't listen to this anon.

>> No.20524890

I've been reading amazing Grace and while it's been fairly interesting so far I've gotten to a point in the common route where they describe three pictures they were showed as a test and I swear the extremely shitty one as described was a Picasso, who despite fitting in their timeline has no pictures in their gallery, which means they are doing some fucked up stuff regarding non confirming artistic views? or something but it was really intriguing.

>> No.20525081

>no pictures
They'd have to pay (rather high) royalties for that, supposing the foundation gives permission for use in eroge (they won't).

>> No.20525753

Why do they need permissions? Those paintings should be public domain by now.

>> No.20525768

Why don't you take 3 seconds in Google and check it yourself?

>> No.20526211
File: 191 KB, 1280x720, MakingLovers_2018-12-30_20-58-33.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well shit, this reminds me too much of my real little sister.

>> No.20526375

do you play eroge with your sister?

>> No.20526923

where do you get new gear in grasesta? I haven't upgraded my stuff for like 3 chapters because the items I pick up are never better than the random 封緘items I've been holding on to since the beginning.

>> No.20526968


>> No.20527023
File: 195 KB, 1280x720, MakingLovers_2018-12-30_23-38-00.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

My sides are in orbit. These parents are great.

>> No.20527025

Kinkoi FD's trial's up.

>> No.20527375

Most upgrades come from either identifying items or Rosa's shop, she gets some pretty good stuff in ch5+. I would advise trying to boost the agility stat as much as possible, you can find it quite a bit on higher tier armors and accessories.
The parents are absolutely brutal in Making Rubbers. I also love Ako's scenes before and after she meets Reina/Saki, shame Karen never met her directly.

>> No.20527559
File: 153 KB, 816x659, ai mai mist.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well that was cute as hell. Best end is unfortunately where she ends up in a lesbian relationship with her friend from the photography store. Both because she's stuck a girl forever in this route and because the end is a sweet yuri end. Unfortunate because I just didn't like the photography shop girl. I wish that end could have been reserved for the childhood friend route but that was the one where she undoes the effect of the Ai Mai Mist and returns to being a boy again. A shame.

One route left (I found the rape/sexual slavery end by accident, it's a bad end but well worth it) so that just leaves the red headed classmate.

There's nothing better than this is there? I'll be so sad when it's over.

>> No.20527705

>>There's nothing better than this is there? I'll be so sad when it's over.
I know exactly how you feel, I've been steadily playing through the writer's other games and similar games in the same genre and while there's other good stuff out there nothing even comes close to Ai Mai Mist. I just reread parts from it periodically and it's completely amazing every time.

I can appreciate your issues with Hikari though, she doesn't have quite the same level of intricate development of her relationship with Ikumi the way Mana does, I think it's just that Mana and Ikumi are such a perfect match for each other so their romance is just the absolute cutest thing ever. But it is thematically appropriate to have Mana's ending be that, if you recall the first chapter of the game with Mana's strong feelings for her Onii-chan, it's the route where he has an actual significant reason to return and fulfil Mana's childhood dreams. Obviously yuri Mana/Ikumi is extremely cute and wonderful so I can see why you'd want it to end like that but this is really great too in it's own way.

Look forward to the last route anyway, you've probably realised this by now but every route is completely unique and special in its own way, the game never stops delivering right till the very end.

>> No.20527728
File: 335 KB, 1920x1060, 無題.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

anyone into reversing? I'm trying to patch making lovers to bypass the japanese windows error message. I changed this jnz to jz and now the game doesn't (appear to) run at all. I don't see why this would happen, any ideas? I might just try and patch the getlocale subroutine to always return jp locale, it's probably a better solution.

>> No.20527741

nvm, I got it. I just did the same thing again and it worked, not sure what went wrong the first time. might've just not saved the changes properly.

>> No.20527898

just use locale emulator or ntlea

>> No.20527919

everyone had that ugly solution so I wanted to come up with something better.

>> No.20528214

But that's exactly what ntlea does...

>> No.20528248

I'm not sure if "breaking it for Japanese people" is something better. It's more convenient for people who'd otherwise need ntlea though.

>> No.20528463

Imagine playing Making Lovers

>> No.20528509

I'd rather play Destroying Lovers

>> No.20528685


>> No.20528719

So will Romeo break the trend of shitty minato games?

>> No.20528787

Nah. But don't worry. There are good minato games. They just don't get sold alone.

>> No.20528805

When someone asks about Romeo, I'll recommend them this one from now on.

>> No.20528835

>There are good minato games
One (1) title. And even then it got ruined by milking it's brand to death.

>> No.20528864

>it's brand
>it is brand

>> No.20528970

I'm counting 3. Though I only read one of them myself. The other two should be fine as well though. No milking either, as these 3 games are all short and, like I said, not even sold alone.

>> No.20529012

but doing this doesn't require extra dodgy dlls and shitty symlinks or whatever

I noticed flipping the jump would do this so I went with my second idea instead. changing it to an unconditional jump would've probably been easier.

>> No.20531140

I'm pretty certain the writer is a girl (no clues in their name though). Mostly because of the route she ends up with her old roommate. He's such an asshole, the kind of guy girls really like for some reason. Also the details that go in to things like her period and first tampon or going to the bathroom as a girl. As a dude I never would have thought of details for that shit.

To be quite honest though I'm kind of lying. The bad end where she ends up a year later still a girl, can't change back, and she runs into 'the prince of the school' and her heart skips a beat and you know the two are going to hook up because by then she's the school idol. I squealed like a 14 year old Japanese schoolgirl. If only that got a real route.

I have no interest in ever being a girl but I get every gender change game I can. I just love reading them. Thirua Panic is not going well, because she's so feminine at the start there's no different before and after her change. I finally dropped it for the time being but I pick at Ai Mai Mist, I've been going through it for over a year now. It's just that every route I finish I don't feel a need to keep going because I'm satisfied.

>> No.20531257
File: 35 KB, 255x300, trap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh and with Mana, my only issue is that I never want him to ever go back to being a boy ever. Ever. It's why Kuru Kuru Coeur is such a waste of space.

By the way, the greatest gender change game of all time OF ALL TIME is the missed opportunity at the bad end of Yamitsuki
The one where he ends up forced to trap with the rich girl (I can't recall who she was) because she's afraid of men. In the bad end she talks about taking him to parties to introduce him to the wealthy boys that will court him.

If she forced gender changed him for that ending. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCK. I want to read that one. That's the greatest gender change game we never got.

She certainly was rich enough you could have just had some DNA swapping excuse plot out of it. Make the entire game about forcing him to trap because she's afraid of boys, waking up one day forced gender changed, then as the childhood friend of a wealthy girl introducing her to the rich boys she's expected to marry.

God, it writes itself.

>> No.20531461

Sorry for the tech support question, I keep getting シナリオファイルの読み込みに失敗しました。 when trying to open ハルウソ with AlphaROM. Anyone know what to do? Couldn't find anything in the archives.

>> No.20531614

Try the cracker from 2012 instead. It directly modifies the game's file, meaning if you running the exe through AlphaRomDie is the problem, this should solve it.

>> No.20531966

>cracker from 2012
Excuse the newness but I'm not familiar with that one

>> No.20532026


Girlcelly usually packs it with AlphaRomDie. It's a separate thing though. Once you run it it'll change the game's exe, but will also produce a backup file.

>> No.20532063

Thank you. It still gives me the same error though so maybe it's just the DL I have.

>> No.20532181

Maybe check the AS thread for the game. If it's problematic to run surely someone cried about it there.

>> No.20532239

Most of the complaints are about hooking. One of them mentions NoDVD but that's about it. I got mine from AB so I guess I'll try one of the ones from nyaa. Thanks again.

>> No.20532299

>I got mine from AB
what a joke

the nyaa version should have both an installer patch which might be to get around alpharom if applicable and a nodvd patch which is all you need. both of which are also up on CB i should note

>> No.20532329

Half of torrents on Nyaa is from AB and the second half from chinks.

The only meaningful difference can be if one of them got a busted upload or if there's DL version and a package version with cracks only working on one.

>> No.20532331

What's wrong with getting it from AB? I assumed people just repackaged Gircelly or 2DGF releases for points anyway.

>> No.20532358

>Half of torrents on Nyaa is from AB
nice joke. or is velka from AB now?

>I assumed people just repackaged Gircelly or 2DGF releases for points anyway.
that's what i also assumed, but if you aren't including the cracks and patches required to run the game what's the point? unless they were included and anon is just retarded

>> No.20532382

>nice joke. or is velka from AB now?

Yes, sweetie, velka is a power user on AB. And posts his stuff on AB first. And didn't you notice all torrents marked "Bought by Velka" are posted by Girlcelly, a mod from AB?

>> No.20532392

Wait, I'm retarded, I mixed up AB and AS. Shoot me.

>> No.20532401
File: 14 KB, 861x108, パッチ.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>unless they were included and anon is just retarded
I'm the original anon, only the ISO and the patch in pic related were included. I'll see if the Gircelly release works.

>> No.20532444

i can't hate you for mixing up all these stupid acronyms but for what its worth everyone mentioned (velka/girlcelly/chinks) technically all have their own websites and repost to AS, even if their original sources are jp/other chinks

looks like they just copied the girlcelly torrent, the nodvd is included in the AS post so you should be able to just grab that get it to work so you don't have to redl the whole torrent again

>> No.20532483

Kinda stupidly already deleted it thinking it was bugged but it's less than 1GB. I'll try that, thanks.

>> No.20533493

Best release of the year? Summer Pockets for me.

>> No.20533501


>> No.20533511

>Best release of the year?
>kuso pockets

>> No.20533530

Rance X

>> No.20533537
File: 283 KB, 1374x773, ShoujoGraffiti_2018-10-12_14-46-34.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20533621

I would say something but I the only games from this year I played were nukitashi and rance X.
There weren't many titles from this year that caught my attention.

>> No.20533626
File: 7 KB, 198x137, chad.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lagoon chads rise up

>> No.20533635

Onee Chan no yuuwaku

>> No.20533654

You should pick up Gracesta, first chapter is great. Feel free to drop it like hot garbage when doll homicide urges get the better of you.

>> No.20533793
File: 638 KB, 1920x1080, hitotsuba_04.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This year was a year of disappointments for me. Several games I looked forward to at least somewhat ended up being just bad. And not just a little bad either.

There was only one game I could consider having given me a somewhat lasting impression, and that Hitotsuba, even though or perhaps precisely because I only played one route that I quite enjoyed. I really like the whole "flying" stuff, and while it definitely could've been more, what I got wasn't bad at all. That's something. Though the beginning has some really dumb scene(s). Also props for the route choice. You better remember more than just the boobs of the girls. (or chicken out and use a walkthrough)

>> No.20534465
File: 201 KB, 1600x900, ShoujoGraffiti_2018-08-10_15-09-49.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

get that slut out of here, best graffiti coming through

>> No.20534562
File: 119 KB, 1280x720, 捻くれモノの学園青春物語_2018-12-31_01-43-40.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

oh boy timed choices, my favorite...

>> No.20534636

Hate these cause I can't read fast enough to choose in time.

>> No.20534654

based DJT filter

>> No.20534921

there is no point to read shoujo series for normal girls

>> No.20534992

Amazing Grace

>> No.20535094


>> No.20535148
File: 354 KB, 1600x900, ShoujoGraffiti_2018-08-10_15-38-07.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just can't take heroines seriously when they try to act all philosophical and deep in a nukige, like how Saya was in 95% of Graffiti. Yeah, there was a couple of touching scenes, but Saya reminded me a lot of Yuki from Golden Hour: too damn ambiguous/mysterious.

Akemi being the 'normal girl' was actually a plus for me. I don't read puremore nukige for plot, just the excellent H. As for Nana, well, she was pitiful. Another heroine with a couple of touching scenes but overall Nana was the punching bag.

>> No.20536653

I like big titty imoutos.

>> No.20536700

Is oregairu rip off worth reading bros?

>> No.20536756


>> No.20536825

It's pretty cringe to read so far. The MC is your stereotypical loser whining about all the trouble these qt3.14s are causing him as he laments about his supposed unpopularity. Maybe he'll change once a route actually starts, I'm still really early into the game.

>> No.20536862

It sounds like you're a bit obsessed with this categorization thing. Just because a game has a lot of porn it doesn't mean heroines aren't allowed to have a personality.

>> No.20536900

>heroines aren't allowed to have a personality.
"Trying to repent for her father's sins" is not a good personality.

>> No.20536907

You have no authority of what counts as "good."

>> No.20536921

Enlighten this poor soul about how great a heroine Saya is.

>> No.20536922

>It sounds like you're a bit obsessed with this categorization thing.

A sure sign of autism, desu.

>> No.20537124


>> No.20537280


>> No.20537310


>> No.20537334

Absolutely great taste anon. Saya is my favorite heroine of 2018.

I loved how fucking moody she is. She says she hates sex but allow the MC to have sex with her, she says why people have sex besides having babies and still enjoys it, and when you start fake dating her, she acts like your real girlfriend and become jealous of all the other heroines and become aggressive against them. She even tease the MC for having sex with other girls beside her.

Saya was fucking mysterious, moody and pretty cool and amazing heroine.

>> No.20537378
File: 47 KB, 437x413, 1111187346.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Saya was fucking mysterious, moody and pretty cool and amazing heroine.

>> No.20537395

Yeah, Saya's the best heroine ever written. She's just like a 3d woman but in a 2d body, what's not to love right?

>> No.20537397
File: 246 KB, 1280x720, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Also for everyone who enjoys More brands games or nukige or just the H scene and the art, I really recommend reading シャムロックの花言葉.

One of the most underrated 2018 eroge titles for me. You play with point of view of 4 heroines who are close friends but went to different high schools and each have their own life problems. But this games is not your typical dark nukige where the heroines becomes sex slaves or drug addict or something. Everything will be clear in the true end after finishing the 4 heroines point of view with experiancing all kind of misfortune. The best part for me was actually the fantasy elements and how it was used in a way that don't effect the modern day life. There is something really special about the heroine in the middle too.

This game is good, go read it.
The op is good too

>> No.20537405

Just say that you didn't like her, the whole thing about it being a nukige has nothing to do with your preferences.

>> No.20537408

Shamrock, that's the one with the prostitute girl dragging in her friends or something, right? I didn't read it because of how bad Dolce's first title was.

>> No.20537413

ugh, no thanks

>> No.20537433

Faggots who want old hags in their porn games are almost always western retards because their women begin to look like old hags since young age of 12.

>> No.20537434
File: 1.46 MB, 3225x2419, t.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So how hyped are you for Gracesta 拡張パック?

>> No.20537436

That's not true, but yeah close enough.
I don't know about Docle besides this game but I enjoyed the following the stories of these four girls.

There is evil organization too.

>> No.20537449

It better be centered around Fleurety.

>> No.20537456

That she acts like a 3D woman.

>> No.20537492

They also don't have respect for the Japanese Hentai culture and starting calling them pedo and other shits. Fuck them seriously.

>> No.20537500

Do those girls get rough anal sex?

>> No.20537523
File: 114 KB, 500x460, f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It has characters from previous games.

>> No.20537526
File: 139 KB, 700x394, s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20537538

Looks more like an append scenario rather than an expac. My hopes have been dashed.

>> No.20537598

>non guidebook append
This is pretty interesting. The last time they sold an append that is not a perfect guidebook is back during Kamidori.
Does this mean they won't be selling perfect guidebook appends anymore?

>> No.20537608

They sold a non-guidebook one for Amayui too.
And then a guidebook one later. Also one with Bugbug.

>> No.20537640

I want to FUCK Celica.

>> No.20537792

Is it important to build up affection for your waifus in Lagoon if you are doing a chaos route or should i try to max out my chaos points instead?

>> No.20537833

Fuck you, anon, stop having a cute sister.

But while we're on the subject, what did you need to run Making Lovers and not get that "only works on Japanese Windows" pop up? I felt like going back and finishing routes after ages, but I got that popup again.

I got the system local, location, and date/time format set to Japanese. Was there something else? I can't think of a reason I'd even change anything.

>> No.20537836

max your chaos points. The affection points are almost always tied to the law points, because the games rarely bother with individual endings on chaos route. This seems to be the case with Lagoon, but I'm still only on chapter 2 and don't want to look up a walkthrough on my first play.

>> No.20537854


>> No.20537886

ntlea or locale emulator

>> No.20537964 [DELETED] 
File: 38 KB, 737x548, as.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I fucking hate anime-sharing sometimes.

>> No.20537982

You're as bad, if not worse, than them. They're at least oblivious, you're intentionally bringing a completely off-topic shitpost here.

>> No.20538061

I enjoy prostitution themes, but the plots usually are trainwrecks in all of them. And then, I've seen more stupid shit happen irl.

>> No.20538080


Fucking finally tier:

Nice visuals but their games tend to suck so waiting for reviews tier:
Sakura Moyu

If at least one of the three turns out to be good it's a pretty nice month imo.

>> No.20538092

Great, another backlog month.

>> No.20538101
File: 146 KB, 543x700, love_clear.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Surely our guys at Giga will deliver.

>> No.20538108

Sugar style and swallowtail, they should be decent.

>> No.20538112 [DELETED] 

Come suck my based balls, you cringe fuck

>> No.20538117

>these guys didn't even realise kotonoha amrilato sequel was delayed
what is this incompetence

>> No.20538138

Nobody cares about that game.

>> No.20538152

>small thick eyebrow girl in sakura moyu
this is my fetish, picked up

>> No.20538263

I hope NIKO's writer has improved since Golden Hour. Setting looks like it'll be ripe for romance drama, I just hope there isn't supernatural bullshit again.

As for Sugar*Style it looks promising. I wonder about the protagonist roles though, four types with four heroines implies you'll need a certain background to get a certain heroine. I'd like for it to be more complex like each background being viable for each heroine with different changes based on their compatibility but such a thing is probably beyond Smee's ability.

>> No.20538276

>but such a thing is probably beyond Smee's ability.
By this I mean, last time Smee had a gimmick that was rather complex was way back in Fureraba with the conversation system. Everything after that has been very basic and simple.

>> No.20538289

I am interested in the protagonist roles too. A lot of gripe I have with moege is that the MC is a useless lazy donkan piece of shit who doesn't deserve the girls. Even if the girls are good I can't read them because of this factor. "Oh he's so nice!" He didn't do anything you dumb broad. At least with this it seems like MC will give back to the heroines.

>> No.20538312
File: 213 KB, 960x540, Kizuna_Kirameku_Koi_Iroha_Tsubaki_Renka_CG4.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Totally forgot about this game getting an afterstory. I sort of liked it, though it made me want to read a long battle harem LN instead, because it was too short. I hope there's a lot of Tsubaki's sister since she was my favorite.

>> No.20538380

>I just hope there isn't supernatural bullshit again.

>> No.20538533

interested in:
Sugar Style
Sakura Moyu
Maid in Witch
Knot Fiction

Sorceress*Alive! will probably be shit and I never read anything by minori

>> No.20539969

Different anon here, I'm a retard. Downloading the archive from the website doesn't give any exe.
How do I run this, or is there a separate install?

>> No.20540018
File: 98 KB, 350x495, 獄淫の尖塔.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone can tell me if this is good, and where I can download it from?

>> No.20540528

Sugar* Style and Sakura, Moyu look really interesting.

>> No.20540820

Finished Amazing Grace, overall it was pretty enjoyable, especially the. Heroines were all really likeable and the twists were cool, one in particular really stands out.
The best part however was Sakura and how you can finish the game while treating her as the main heroine, wrapping up the whole plot and even getting credits. She also pretty much gets THE main heroine confession, a really tearful one while amazing grace plays. The fact that this is a choice makes me like the game more.

>> No.20541619

here you go

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