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ITT: We discuss onaholes, dolls, and every thing else we stick our junk into because using just your hand is for peasants.

The guide: http://pastebin.com/hwhGL66a
It was cleaned up and updated.
Protip: Ctrl+F "06. Recommendations" in the guide to get a good list of beginner friendly holes.

Please read the guide, use the archive, don't shitpost. Follow global and local rules. Don't reply, report and ignore instead.

Length, girth, budget and geographical location are extremely important in determining your next best course of action!

Please refrain from creating new threads till page 10

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Lolinco Crystal. Anyone tried this? How is it compared to Virgo

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Just got this. Like no suction but I like seeing my cock come out of the other end as I'm going. I'd recommend.

Virgin matchless not so much

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>Virgin matchless not so much
ooh, I just ordered that one. I heard it has fragility issues. Is it really that fragile?

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I wouldn't say its bad, but of the (admittedly low) amount I have it's the one I use the least. The "7 gates" thing just doesn't work in practicality, the material is too soft to get large sensations passing through.
And yeah it's pretty fragile. I don't have a big dick and I still have to be mindful of going too hard 'cause it feels like it might. That being said it's not bad, and the price isn't that bad either.

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Anyone put any kind of makeup on their oral onaholes? I've tried using real makeup, but it both smudges and stains, which means it ends up looking like shit real fast. I've thought about using sharpies. They're good for applying a bit of color to, say, the lips, but it would be difficult to get a good blush effect.

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Just got the sujiman kupa lolinco vergo and it is pretty great. By far the best onahole i have tried so far. However the lube i got seems to be causing me some trouble. I think it gave me a UTI. Can anyone recommend me a good cheap glycerin and paraben free lube?

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I actually bought an Ondo Nupu a while back as well and while I do still like it as a gentler option, I did find that the tunnel ended up loosening up pretty quickly which made the nice narrower bits considerably less stimulating. The material they used for the lips began to peel off after a couple of uses as well, though that's just cosmetic at this point.
Then again, I do have a fairly large member and like to be a bit rough so maybe that's it.

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Allso does anyone have recommendations for cleaning and drying this? It is quite large for a closed hole and i cant turn it inside out to clean it like i could my old one.

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Received my Ondo Nupu today. Pretty nice onaholes but no real suction since it’s open at both sides. Can feel the teeth and offers different kind of stimulations. It’s an interesting Onahole.

I would say 7-7.5/10

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The color of the mouth faded after my first use. It’s just painted and water washes it off probably

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A small stick with a microfiber cloth.

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I heard by a few people that cleaning an onahole with soap can damage the product. can you clean it without soap? is water just good enough and are there any problems with doing that?

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it can because you can leave soap residue inside since soap is a bit harder to clean out so you have to be extra careful. If you use soap, use a mild antibacterial soap.

Rubbing alcohol is better for internal cleaning anyway, but you should have to use it often, unless for some reason you haven't washed your dick in literal weeks.

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Just bought one of those shitty USB warmers, how long should I be leaving it in before use? Is there a chance of burning the hole if I leave it too long?

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>how long should I be leaving it in
until your onahole is warm

>Is there a chance of burning the hole

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Aw fuck, I've gotta be vigilant then I guess; Thanks for the warning

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The answer to both of those questions depends on the warmer. Some heat up hotter and quicker than others and the fancy ones even shut themselves off if they've been on for too long.

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Ah right,. I got the cheap Rends one so no auto-shutoff for me. I'll do a test run with it in my hand or something first. Thanks.

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Pretty fucking great, its essentially the regular lolinco but with stronger material in exchange for a bit of softness so thats pretty much the perfect onahole for me, and its way easier to dry as compared to the nightmare that is the virgo.

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I like to do 15 to 20 minutes. It is usually about perfect heat for me then. As long as you make sure the rod is lubed before inserting, it should not melt anything in under a half an hour. After that, it may start being hot enough to melt some materials.

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>get USB warmer with doll
>USB warner has maybe a foots worth of reach
am i missing something or am I suppost to leave my doll spread eagle before my PC?

>> No.20404236

Alright, thanks for the tip!

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Just make it sit on your desk

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Newfag to onaholes. Looking for something to replace my loose granny vagina Fleshlight, which was still way better than hand fapping. Considering I'm circumcised and have been deathgripping for a while now, I'm not too sensitive. I'm looking for something really tight and stimulating and ideally under $100. Having a 7inch long and 5inch girth penis might complicate things but I don't know.

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I'm pretty close to you in size and I've enjoyed Lolinco Virgo, even if it's a pain to clean due to how tight it is and some people have reported QC issues with some of them that means it may not have that long a lifespan.

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Depends on a lot of factors like the quality of the warmer, the amperage of the USB port you plug it into, and the thickness and material type of the onahole
Smaller onas with a 1A wall charger will heat up much quicker than a Lolinco Virgo with a .5A USB port on your laptop
Check every 10 minutes and be careful not to melt your onas, or even wrose start a fire

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At 52 dollars the quality control issues are a bit concerning, i guess it depends on how bad they are and how long it could be expected to last. Quickly reading through Amazon reviews a few have said it's not good for bigger guys, and while im not sure how big they're talking, I would definitely qualify 7x5 as big.

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different people like different things, not everyone likes a super tight fit. you might not either, so you have to take that risk if you get it.

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The total tunnel length is about 16-16.5 centimeters from the lips (6.3-6.5 inches) which should easily stretch to that point. It is, however, so tight some people have complained it feels like it's trying to bite your cock off.

>> No.20404465

I would like a super tight fit, i thought maybe those guys were talking about breakage and didn't consider they might've thought it was too tight

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you say that but holes can be so tight that they can cause you to lose your erection or cause physical pain after using.

>> No.20404765

>have a tie bikini
>dont like the extra room on the strings
>hesitant to cut the extra string
>unsure if I can turn it into a regular bra

>> No.20404843

Well it depends on the tightness level really. Of course I wouldn't like it that tight. Im not sure if I would run into that with a 5 inch girth which is only modestly above average

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How does Julia+ compare to most onaholes in terms of hardness?

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ah fuck. the inner layer of my Hot Gimmick just started to separate
very good soft hole (softer than my venus real soft!), but it's been a bit fucked since the start. it's been maybe 25 uses so far? I will run this one into the ground

>> No.20407859

If it's just a bit separated you could try soldering it back together.

>> No.20407874

it's pretty deep in there, though i might give that a shot

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Julia + is a pretty soft onahole. Great onahole, one of my favorites.

>> No.20408356

Wait, Julia+ is supposed to be a softer hole? I keep chafing my dick with it and have thought of picking up something softer in the hopes that it'd make me less sore.

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Sit the doll on your lap while it's warming up. Alternatively, buy a cable extension or just replace the cable with something longer. Only takes a bit of soldering.

>> No.20408657

use a powerbank

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Does anyone have any experience with Monster Wet Real (aka. Wet Meiki Shin) and/or some version of Yume Ichijiku (Big)? I just got paid and I've been curious about those two.

>> No.20408999

>was gonna buy an expensive pair of tits
>spent the money on christmas presents for friends and family instead
I'm so conflicted

>> No.20409103

Julia+ is not as soft as NPG Meikis like the ZXY or Tomax stuff like Venus Real Soft. It is softer than Toys Heart Safe Skin, though.

>> No.20409799

You've got your priorities straight, anon. Those tiddies can wait.

>> No.20409960

Monster Wet Real is one of my long time favorites for a medium-high stimulation hole and one of the rare magic eyes products that at least in my experience quite durable.
Its also a rarity in that its the only magic eyes onahole I've bought more than once over the years that I've not found any major defects in.

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>there's even parody holes for onaholes

>> No.20411200

wtf don't compare the Julia+ to Meikis or Tomax Soft. The inner layer of the Julia+ is right there with Toysheart Safe Skin.

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It's just so beautiful
What a motherfucking time to be alive

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To answer your second question, yes you can. I fucked up my Sexy Elder Sister with the rends USB warmer after forgetting it in there for over an hour. It had melted away most of the texture to a smooth finish and there was a very prominent ridge great for grinding on that was turned into a pathetic little flap.

>> No.20413396

have dolls evolved to the point where they can kick you in the balls?

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Only accidently

>> No.20413535

oh my

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I just picked up some pink blush with a bit of glitter in it and put some on my SPDX. Put some around the pussy, on the ass checks, on the tits, a little on the tummy. And god damn is it hot. Highly recommended.

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Finally gave the spinner a try. Initial thoughts were sort of bland. The hole is pretty large and not super stimulating. Lubing it up is a bit of a hassle because of how wide it is and area to cover. Insertion a bit difficult. Edging and build up are quite noisy and a bit messy.

Then nearing session completion things very much changed. The spiral action when done quickly and when extra sensitive is very strong and more stimulating than a normal hole. Basically it has a bunch of spiral bone structures on the edges so when pulled up and down it creates section and twists itself. Basically it grips your head while turning. Right as I finished it became nearly impossible to focus on the doujin I was using and I started to feel like I may pass out from pushing to keep moving while super sensitive.

Overall I am super impressed and its way better than I expected. A bit concerned about durability since its so thin and has hard structures inside the walls, but its pretty cheap and easily available.

The fact you hold the top gently and pull it up and down instead of a normal hand grip would also make it great for death grippers. It wont twist if you don't hold it correctly which takes some getting used to since its so different, but its quite worth it.

>> No.20414704

Sounds nice. How easy is it to get rid of it afterwards? Does it stick to the material? I've been trying to think what I could use to make basically temporary tattoos on the SPDX.

>> No.20414714

It's a pigment, so it's going to soak into the material. It's gonna fade a bit (especially after use, and especially if you apply it on top of the powder layer), but it's never gonna come out completely.

>> No.20414721

>The hole is pretty large and not super stimulating.
If you got the Tetra, that's why. It's the most loose and least stimulating of the lineup. But yeah, even with the tighter ones, it's still a bit loose since it's relying on the spiral mechanism to clamp down on your dick.

>> No.20414758

Pic? You can put it on imgur

>> No.20414761

If its the gentlest of the 3 I am both intrigued and terrified at the same time. They are only like $25 on amazon so I may have to get the others to try, but realistically I can't imagine the different will be enough to be worth it. Having more than one for durability as they start to tear apart may be nice though.

>> No.20414826

I just tried to take a few pictures (I applied some around the nipples of my quty tits and on the cheeks of my MoT as well), but my camera really can't pick up the contrast, sorry.

>> No.20415030

Is there any difference between the Lolinco and Lolinco Virgo aside from size? I had one of them for a couple of years (but can't check which since English NLS is dead) and recently bought a new Lolinco but it's not as stimulating as my old hole.

>> No.20415593

How am I supposed to dry out a Lilith Uterus without turning it inside out?

>> No.20415622

>Put a microfiber cloth over your dick like a condom
>Fuck it again
>except don't cum this time because that'll be even more cleanup

>> No.20416618

>fall asleep soon as I get home
>forgot to set heater to auto
>wake up cold as fuck after dismissing blankets but have raging boner
>whip out doll and start using it and warming it up fairly quickly but dont last long anyways
>pull out and go to clean up
>notice steam is coming out of the vag because of the cum and ice cold air around me

>> No.20416660

got the same one from otona
very good imo

>> No.20416853

I have your exact dimensions and owned a Virgo- it's actually a good fit. I used to care a lot more about shopping around tunnel length before realizing how little time I spend completely balls deep inside. You might poke out the back just barely if you force it.

That said, regarding QC, I've been burned on this exact product. Supposedly it's great when it's made right, but I'm never buying one again.

>> No.20416861

If that's how cold the surrounding air was, that doll must have been like a corpse. You're conditioning yourself for necrophilia.

>> No.20416869

Sounds hot

>> No.20416960

TPE dolls warm up super fast with body heat. well shit now im curious if this happens with human flesh too thanks to your post

>> No.20416971

does anyone have any suggestions as far as affordable loli hips would go, like let's say under $50? I guess in that sense I'd need to keep within mini and half hips then?

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Anyone have experience ordering from Daimaoh? I live in Australia and there's no way to purchase Tomax products other than through Japanese sites and postal forwarding services such as Big In Japan. Just wondering how long it usually takes for an item to come back into stock (there's none available for the Venus Real atm)

>> No.20417526

What's up with the new "microfiber cloth around a stick" clean up method? Was the old rolled up piece of kitchen paper deemed to be harmful or something?

Above is what I always do with mine. Just roll up a piece of paper, put it in there, squish the hole around a little so that the paper touches everything especially in the uterus and then take it out. Repeat if I feel any moisture when digging around with my finger. With the Lilith Uterus specifically I usually do it twice to be sure. I put the paper in by spreading the hole with two fingers and inserting it. Take it out the same way as to not rough up the insides if you want to be extra careful.

>> No.20417775

Just like in my hentais.

>> No.20418153

how the FUCK to cum?

>> No.20418171

This is considered tacit knowledge
A form of procedural knowledge

>> No.20418448

You rub your peepee very fast and hard and then stick it in my boy pusspuss, your hips will start moving on their own and after a while you go dopyuu dopyuu.

>> No.20418966

I had a similar first impression with the Tetra. The second time was immensely better, probably because I got more accustomed to the motion/grip and used more lube. I also noticed that if I have a couple fingers on the bottom side of it, it kind of gives the impression of a tongue which was neat. Also helps that this thing is super easy to clean vs my other holes.

I agree it's definitely worth it. I'd be tempted to try the Hex version when this thing goes.

>> No.20419162

Got my SPDX today and after about 3 hours with it I gotta say I feel a little conflicted. I really enjoy the fantasy. I spent maybe half and hour just looking at and feeling the thing but the holes themselves aren't necessarily that amazing. Now I have to admit that since it's my first hip I was struggling a little with how different it is to use compared to an onahole so it was probably because of that and I'm sure next session it'll be better. I mean that's how it goes with regular onaholes too and here with the learning curve I'm sure the effect is even stronger.

4kg is surprisingly a lot in the regular routine. As I was lugging the thing on my bike from the post office, steering with one hand and grabbing the box with the other, I was sure I'd end up tearing a muscle or fall under a semi or something. Mostly that was because it was packed in a box that was much too large and the weight shifting inside that box as it was resting on my leg. There it started to come to me that I might've underestimated how much 4kg actually is. If you're going hard enough masturbation is already like excercise but now it actually is if I'm bouncing that thing on my lap. Need to wear like wrist support or something. Definitely doesn't seem like the best toy to use while reading doujins or doing something that requires your interaction.

Now I'm faced with the aftermath. Cleaning it isn't that big of a deal since I've got a bidet shower (never really used it for anything but washing my balls after a sticky sessions but here it comes real handy) but drying it seems near impossible. Even with a stick and a piece of cloth getting it in there up to the U-bend seems like a nightmare.

>> No.20419187

It sounds like you're just using it like a regular onahole, which is your mistake. You've got a lot of positions at your disposal, thanks to the weight and skeleton, get creative.

In many of those positions, the weight of the toy itself adds to the tightness, which increases stimulation. That said, the tunnels are a bit intentionally mild. SPDX is made for long fap sessions. Wouldn't want it to be too stimulating.

>> No.20419423

>It sounds like you're just using it like a regular onahole, which is your mistake. You've got a lot of positions at your disposal, thanks to the weight and skeleton, get creative.
Yeah that's 100% it and I know it. I intentionally didn't want to go crazy with it the first time. Basically wanted to sort of dip my toe in it while holding on to the swim ladder you know. See how it works with what I know and then work on from there and expand.

>> No.20419790

Pretty sure you can occasionally find tomax stuff on amazon, that's where I got my venus real from in the US. They just go out of stock frequently.

>> No.20419839
File: 64 KB, 500x400, immature_succubus_saccuel_oppai_dx_3.4kg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Saw these up on Otona today. I remember one anon who swore by the previous version of these, so can anyone tell if this new set is worth that price tag?

>> No.20419871

Realistically how big of an issue is moisture in onaholes or hips after cleaning them? Most stories about black spots and whatever moldy shit seems to be from "people" who for one reason or another left their holes without even washing them for days or even months like some guy in the archive who got a maggot infested onahole, eggs and all that shit, for not cleaning it. Anyone have any stories about just cleaning your shit like a sane person but still getting a biohazard hole after a few days? I figure if you clean the hole with water, dry it the best you can and then leave it out for the leftovers to evaporate overnight or whatever you should be good right?

>> No.20419919

It all depends on the material its made of. The more porous the material is, the more thorough you have to be with cleaning & drying them.

>> No.20420034

Does anyone own Mesuhame hip from Tamatoys? would like a review on it before getting if possible thanks in advance

>> No.20420104

Onaholes are commonly made with TPE which is porous, but you should treat them all the same, really.
Wash it based on the material, shake out excess water, run a microfiber cloth through it on stick, apply cornstarch, talc, babypowder or w/e, sit it somewhere for a bit away from windows with the hole down, then store it.

Unless you live in an extremely humid environment, you don't really need a laboratory to clean onaholes, but being lazy about it is pretty much asking for blacks spot to invade your hole.
Even bathroom sealant grows mold if not properly maintained.

Your dick with thank you for good hygiene.

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File: 270 KB, 825x560, doubling down on that JP content.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Debt-less Anon here, so I've got a Busty Aichan white version along with my other assortment of shenanigans.

Feel 10/10
Look 9/10
Usability ?/10 (attaching to stuff, ect) but likely lower because of dat heft + softness makes it bend around like crazy
Actual tiddy fugging 2/10

Maybe it's me, maybe it's the insomnia lube sample they packed with it, maybe big ole tiddy fucking isn't actually as cracked up to be without the additional hands of the lady they're attached to (and hopefully the android they're attached to sooner or later) but it just wasn't a good time.

Perhaps the onaholes zany textures and what not has desensitized me to simply no texture and very little "tightness" even when jamming those wondrous funbags together pretty hard. It was also attempt 1 but I honestly can't see myself using these as anything other than a tremendous enhancement to a meiki plush dx.

Though actually attaching these bra busters to something and making them look nice or engineering a removable system for them is going to be agitating for certain, especially since I'll have to "debreast" the doll's booble fluff to make a nice flat attachable surface.

>> No.20420793

Just a PSA that ToyDemon makes you pay shipping for your return in 2018

>> No.20421299

How do Big Rina and Vacuum/Temptation Witch compare to one another?
Both of them seem to be larger holes with good vacuum, which I've been interested in trying.

>> No.20421529

Why return? Was it their fault?

>> No.20421533 [SPOILER] 
File: 3.50 MB, 3456x4608, 1544839895175.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So the doll was delivered. The waist joint broke immediately and it now cant sit up on its own or hold any pose, it flops around everywhere if I dont hold it upright. If im not careful it will even bend all the way back, well past where its supposed to stop.

This was $2000. I was so pissed that I actually couldn't fall asleep because I was too busy seething in rage. Its even worse because everything else about it is great, except for the fact that it broke literally as soon as I tried to bend the waist.

>> No.20421632

Is there a decent way to mount busty ai chan to a doll?

I have T-rex tape, a belt, a bra adjusted to act more like a belt from the top, and a corset with a little bit of the flat portions jammed underneath, but there's no way that shit will hold.

>> No.20421640

Can't you return it?

>> No.20421687

Returning it is going to be difficult because I dont have a car and I dont really want to explain a 5 foot human shaped box to anyone who would be willing to drive me. Im talking to them now about it, not sure if they even take returns.

>> No.20421707 [SPOILER] 
File: 284 KB, 500x417, 1544841525834.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That sounds rough mate.

Which seller is that from anyway, looks breddy nice.

>> No.20421758

Sanhui, it's their newest 145cm doll. Makes me wonder if they fucked up the skeleton since it's new

>> No.20421912

They're both very different sensations. Witch heavily relies on the vacuum so you better squeeze it good. Rina is a more gentle sensation so you go slow with her. Witch is build very well, and Rina is still going strong, even though it has visible entrance damage.

>> No.20421942

I'm pretty sure you can contact UPS or FedEx or whoever the heck you use as a parcel service and have them pick it up for you if you go through their website. I did that a few times when I was feeling extra lazy, and you'll most likely spend the money on the carpoolers gas anywho.

Looks something like these:




>> No.20422055

Oh, I didnt realize that, thanks anon.

>> No.20422076

Not only did the joint break, the whole skeleton broke at that joint. the top and bottom arent connected at all, its completely detached. I was thinking I could just fix it myself with a scalpel and some silicone glue but if the damage is that bad I might need a welder to fix the fucker.

>> No.20422239

When buying an onahole with tunnel length slightly shorter than penis length, would it be better to pick up a softer version in the hopes that it'll stretch easier or harder one so it's able to take more punishment before I fuck a hole through it?

>> No.20422531
File: 311 KB, 650x483, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Got my creed samples for my nui doll. This is a game changer guys, can’t stop sniffing the neck fuuuuuck.

>> No.20422546

Don’t use big in Japan, there is another service that only charges 200¥

>> No.20422719

Any good discount for onatsuyu or something similar?

>> No.20422913

It's much smaller than the Virgo. I'm six inches and can't fit it on properly in addition I have to be diamond hard to even get inside. I've found it a disappointing purchase over all, if it was bigger I might be able to enjoy it.

>> No.20423228

I've never had any luck keeping a rolled paper towel from not unraveling on me, so I find them inconvenient. Over time you'll pinch some pennies anyway with a reusable option, so why not?

>> No.20423727

Insomnia is great. Titfucking isn't great at all purely in terms of physical pleasure. It's the sentiment behind the titfuck that counts, the fact your girl is making a special effort to pleasure you. Visually, your attention is probably divided by your hands doing weird things plus you don't have an upper chest + cute face to bust a nut onto. But it'll help if you can at least manage to get them secure to your plush.

I don't think it matters.

>> No.20423733

I love the Lolinco Virgo's weight and rigidity, but it's so fucking tight I often have times staying hard in it. Fucker literally pushes off my dick if I'm not holding it down. Any similar recommendations by Magic Eyes?

>> No.20424254

What's Switzerland stance on onaholes/loli ?

>> No.20424296


>> No.20424533

Just return it and get a new one.
>not sure if they even take returns.
You received a very faulty product, therefore you can return it, it's not a matter of company policy since anything else is effectively fraud.
Also you can post about it on TDF if Sanhui isn't providing an adequate response. There was a previous case of Sanhui shipping a defective doll and they sent a new one
>Returning it is going to be difficult because I dont have a car
They can pick it up at your door.

>> No.20424807
File: 657 KB, 1108x1490, onaholes maccos jp.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I decided to try out the new kid on the block Maccos JP (who's been around for about a year at this point). I've heard they've been getting mostly average to above average reviews around the places, but I was most curious about them because most of their products are fairly thick. A lot of us larger-than-average fellows don't really have a huge selection when it comes to Japanese sex toys, and their price range wasn't too bad so I bit the bullet.

The bottom picture from left to right goes as such:
Cockfit mokomoko<Full Swing<Lolinco Virgo(only used as a comparison)
and a 6 in/15cm ruler for comparison. As you can see, they are some fairly large onaholes.

I'm about 7 in/17cms on my greatest day and both of them fit me pretty well. I'd say in terms of softness, they're comparable to a Tomax Regular consistency.

They aren't the most visually appealing holes, but hey, at least they aren't ugly either.

Full Swing: Full Swing is interesting because she's a pretty heavy bitch. The internal tunnel is about 6 in/15cm (can give afew inchess or cenimeters) and has a spiral gimmick with lots of dots lining the tunnel. They say to twist the hole when using it to get a better feeling, and it squeezes nice enough due to the spiral design. It's pretty good feeling for something that ranges from 25-30 funny monies. I do wish the dots were more pronounced, but the feeling starts to get more noticable the closer you are to orgasm.
Cleaning it can be a bit annoying due to the spiral design having some folds and a uterus at the end that I didn't even notice until I started cleaning it. Overall it's an above average hole and it's not that expensive compared to some of the other big dick holes. It's not my favorite, but it gets the job done.

Quality: Great.
Price: Good
Feeling: Good
Visual: Okay

Cockfit mokomoko: Now this one is pretty unique. Even though its smaller than the Full Swing, I actually prefer this one over the former. The tunnel length is slightly shorter, but it's still a pretty thick hole. The design is very unique from almost every hole, as it's based on "tsubu-tsubu" clusters, which is like the feeling of tiny balls or something. The feeling is very noticeable and pronounced right from the get-go, almost like something is tickling your dick. I liked it a lot. Due to it being smaller, and no useless uterus at the end, it's easier to clean as well.

Quality: Great
Price: Great
Feeling: Great
Visual: Okay

If you're the American/European average or larger, you may want to put these holes on your watch list. I've used both a half dozen times each and I haven't seen any notiable tears in the entrance. I'd say the Cockfit is better than the Full Swing due to a more pronounced texture.

>> No.20425379
File: 15 KB, 300x250, 1540957899918.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't know where to post this but since this is a masturbatory thread I usually browse I guess this is kind of relevant. Why does rubbing my belly button feel so good? Doesn't seem to be in a sexual way since I don't cum or anything it just feels tickley in a soothing or relaxing kind of way.

>> No.20425388

because its pretty much a male vagina since it was the portal to your mom at one point

>> No.20425412

Is it possible to cum from this?

>> No.20425481

The mokomoko hole is easier to clean? Because that texture looks like an absolute magnet for gelled cum.

>> No.20425495

This is why you use soap when you wash your onahole, the people saying otherwise are retards who don't ever shower and wonder why people think they smell bad.

>> No.20425505

pretty sure it's possible to cum from pretty much everything if you try hard enough. the stomach is not that weird as an erogenous zone so if you're into it enough I don't see why not. might take a long ass time and some training though. sort of like prostate orgasm.

>> No.20425510

If its a real sanhui and you bought it from a legit reseller/distributor/sanhui direct (I'm assuming you did with the $2k you spent) they should take care of you.

Hopefully you didn't get it from some fly by night reseller.

>> No.20425520

This is why you don't buy the cheapest bargain bin paper towels, when they disintegrate that easily you might as well use a cloth.

Get something that isn't shitty 1 ply dollar store crap and you won't have that problem.

>> No.20425664
File: 230 KB, 632x475, 1450280760525.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That makes no sense. By that logic girls also have a male vagina there since it was the portal to her mom too.

>> No.20425690



i concede.

>> No.20425695

>Anonymous internet man discovers true boipussy. News at 11

>> No.20426031

you want to fuck a boy, anon
be honest with yourself
T.fatass amaerican with FatAss think doll

>> No.20426196

surprisingly yes. I thought it would be a pain in the ass but I was able to get it completely dry fairly easily the times I've cleaned it.

>> No.20426349

rubbing alcohol is better as it dries out a lot faster and you don't have to risk leaving soap scum inside.

But of course the guide assumes that most people who use the onaholes will do so with a clean dick, but as time proved again and again in these threads, people are fucking disgusting.

>> No.20426399

After using the rich soft tomax material all my other holes feel like fake dog toys

>> No.20427149
File: 91 KB, 490x733, CentaurWoman.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Toydemon is having a 1 day only sale on Monday called Cyber Monday 2.0

I doubt they'll have any kind of christmas shenaniganery so it's probably your best shot at getting cheaper stuff.

>> No.20427210


Nah it wasn't their fault. I didn't even open it. I just thought it was really cheap of them.

>> No.20427248

What? Did you just get your order and decide you didn't want it?

>> No.20427294

>I just thought it was really cheap of them.
No store is obligated to eat the cost of return shipping because you're an indecisive prick. Was the product defective or not as advertised? No? Then tough shit, it's your problem.

>> No.20427347

how to stop onaho entrances from tearing, they tear from first use

>> No.20427387

Get bigger holes
Get a dick reduction

>> No.20427391

Have a smaller dick.
Alternatively, gently stretching them out a bit with your fingers before the first time, heating the material around the entrance to soften it, and being gentler on your first few times to let it stretch out might work.

>> No.20427413

Get a hip or a large hole. Quit buying loli holes and chink shit.

>> No.20427414

When I returned a hard drive they paid for the shipping but if they found there was nothing wrong with it I would be charged for the shipping. I thought that was fair.

>> No.20427447

How does Chimera Plus differ from original in practice? I mean, I know it's dual layered, but I'm wondering how it affects the sensation and durability.

>> No.20427625
File: 45 KB, 540x540, little-red-riding-uterus-sex-onahole-3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Does anyone have this?
Is it even possible to get inside the middle part?
Used it two times so far and could't do it.

>> No.20427627

What. If it’s not their fault why should they have to pay for your retardation? Think before you order. People are running a business not a charity.

>> No.20427648

that looks pretty horrible
like the skin has been removed

>> No.20427653

didn't think in that way, that's hot

>> No.20427684
File: 25 KB, 341x341, chen_is_displeased.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>that's hot

>> No.20427880

I got one, found it disappointing desu.

>> No.20427923
File: 164 KB, 707x1000, cd99c385b86afc739c67c860810cab61.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pls do not lewd me senpai

>> No.20428036

What's a dick bully that I can turn inside out for drying?

>> No.20428054

"Unraveling." It's not about them disintegrating, it's just a pain in the ass trying to keep them from unfolding (unrolling, untwisting) after folding one over a million times. Even if you don't already have something suitable sitting around your home, a small microfiber cloth costs less than the price of a paper towel two-pack anyway. Will it hurt anything? Of course not. It's just lazy, because "hey I already have paper towels sitting around," and short-sighted to not realize those paper towels cost money too and spending $4 now on something reusable will save you money down the road. Do yourself the favor, anon.

Just get VA Admission like everyone else who asks this question and don't worry about turning it inside out because it's braindead easy to clean regardless. (And don't do that anyway.)

>> No.20428055

Is yandre sleeve any good? Heard vacuum was gnarly

>> No.20428197

>day old post
Not sure if you are still here but my last two dolls backs could not bend backwards. not sure if you tried to do or not.

>> No.20428358

What are some hips or regular onaholes with good anal holes? I've been looking for a while and can't seem to find anything.

>> No.20428830

So I got the Futamata air pillow and fucking it seems really awkward. I can't seem to get in any good position with it and it doesn't really have the weight to stay in place. Does anyone here use it or something similar and have any tips or advice?

>> No.20428922

/fit/ here, fill it with sand and get swole while nutting

>> No.20429202

Maybe not sand because that seems like a huge hassel to put in and also dirty af but water. Not responsible for your bed wetting if it pops but still better than sand in your bed

>> No.20429237

Sanhui dolls can, the skeletons use ball joints so they can bend any direction

>> No.20430050

I prefer some obstacles and my cock actually feeling like its being pushed in a different way. If you have ever been with a 6 or 7 year old girl they will sometimes squirm and their hips move while remaining mostly in place. Somehow, this changes their insides and makes "soft bumps" in their vaginal cavity which is really great.

All the consistantly ribbed and strait shot onaholes are mostly junk to me and fail to recreate the insides of a little girl faithfully. I can almost tell by looking at the diagrams now what it may be like, but sometimes the drawings of the moulds is very different than what it actually is. In the drawings their will be more details and when you get it, its just smoothed over. Also, all of the ones with aesthetically pleasant patterns that look really neat are "usually" pretty terrible.

>> No.20430101

Why are there no anal holes in the recommendations list? Are anal just a smaller hole gimmick / not worth their time?

>> No.20430382
File: 19 KB, 320x320, 1538404772908.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't reply to that post if you don't want FBI knocking on your door. What the fuck you're fucked up.

>> No.20430500

Anal holes are purely a marketing gimmick. There is little to no difference between just a "normal" ona and a supposed anal tunnel beyond the producer saying it's supposed to be an ass.

>> No.20430589

Is there any point in getting the Mouth of Truth if I already got 4 onaholes. Like, is it any special or does it feel like any other onahole. I never got any real sex so I can't tell if a blowjob feels any different, I guess because of the teeth but I heard a lot of people actually being turned off by them.

>> No.20430673

I prefer harder type with a shorter length with plenty of variation because some are so soft they fall apart.

>> No.20430725

Part Japanese mutt here. Onaholes suck. I have never been able to cum using one and they are way to small. The "life sized" ones are too small.

>> No.20430739

It's not realistic obviously just like no onahole is realistic. It's a nice hole but if you're not into how it looks or the fantasy behind it then you probably won't like it.

Sounds like you've got some deathgrip issues

>> No.20430751

Death grip + and 8 x 7.5in dick
I wished they'd make a deep horse vagina onahole out of semi-hard silicon. I just might be able to cum in that.

>> No.20430762

It's deathgrip 2.0 and I was circumcised

>> No.20430780

What you're looking for is a fleshlight. Those are made to accommodate western sizes and the material they're made of tends to be harder in my experience.
Still, you should probably stop masturbating for a few weeks to let that grip ease.

>> No.20430800

Thanks for the advice.

>> No.20430820

Here's a link on dealing with deathgrip: http://www.curedeathgrip.com/plan-a.html

I couldn't from a sex toy at first, but following that helped and made masturbation a lot more enjoyable.

>> No.20430853

>There is actually a website for this meme.

Holy shit, I havent had a real life chuckle out loud from this website for years. Jesus airwolfing Christ you guys masturbate too much.

>> No.20430885

How do I get a hapa gf to use as an onahole?

>> No.20430916 [DELETED] 


>> No.20431250

I think my trusty hole I've been using on-and-off for the better part of two years finally bit the dust. Originally it was a ロリ hole, but now the opening will no longer bounce back leaving it permanently in an open, cavernous state.

Poor thing, it served me well while it lasted.

>> No.20431783
File: 543 KB, 1280x1825, god damn it k.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm going to grab some stuff from that monday sale, is there any weird and or new shenanigans I could test out / review? 90% of the recommendations are all stuff from 5+ years ago so surely something decent has come along by now.

>> No.20431815

how does meiki xyz compare to julia +?

>> No.20432210

Very different. ZXY is softer overall and let's you just melt into it. J+ is much firmer and gives a more rugged go. Both do have the advantage of being meaty and allowing some semi realism. Can't go wrong with either, though your preference in terms of firmness will determine how satisfied you are. ZXY is better for softer lovers. J+ for hard lovers.

>> No.20432379

I get that reference un/fortunately

>> No.20432497

I bought these two recently, and unlike the other poster, I think that they are somewhat similar and have similar features. Like lots of folds and bumps instead of a simple cylindrical tunnel. And both are double-layered toys, which feature a gap between outer labia and inner tunnel to catch the lube. Both are not very tight, and not very stimulating, which is better for people who prefer longer sessions. And since these toys are soft, a small drop of lube is all that's needed.
The difference is that Julia is a bit harder, but still pretty soft (softer than ToysHeart stuff or Tomax Regular material). Then there is the shape, obviously. Julia is shaped somewhat like a torso, which can be nice if you like looking at or touching miniature breasts and butt, but also means that it's a bit awkward to hold. Waist is also noticeably thinner than the rest of the toy, which means it can bend accidentally during use, and it's weak point that might tear over time.

Both are great toys for people who like soft onaholes. I can't say I'm entirely satisfied, since it feels like they lack a certain something, but they are nice nevertheless.

>> No.20432640

I started with the Lolinco Virgo, and just used it for the first time.

How in the hell are you supposed to clean this thing? My fingers can barely reach the back of it if I squish it. I sloshed warm water and hand soap in there as best I could, but I have no idea how to dry it. I dried the first few inches as well as I could, but getting paper towels past those first dry inches to actually dry out the back seems impossible.

I have no idea if what I did was adequate or not unless I stick my dick in it later and my dick gets red and sore. Is there a better solution?

>> No.20432663

Wrap a piece of the towel around a chopstick and use that.

>> No.20432861


I assume this would need to be a TOWEL towel, instead of a paper one? I imagine a paper one would just rip.

>> No.20432862

Are you sure you are using it right? There's many different option you can use SPDX. You can use the 4kg weight to your advantage. When laying down the weight gives you a different experience than the regular onahole. Also I've noticed different kind stimilations if you fuck it from the front or back. You can also make it lean back or lean front.

Other options involve doggy or missionary.

True, it's not the best toy for reading manga. I usually turn on some 2 or 3D porn and wear headphones while fucking it.

As for cleaning I really recommend cutting microfiber cloth into small pieces and waggle your way into it. Onahole cleaning sticks also help. But yes cleaning is a bitch.

>> No.20432873
File: 210 KB, 900x675, horny-beauty-2-ai-uehara-main_2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there any EU shops that sells this onahole? All I could find is NA and JP stores which means custom fees.

>> No.20432885 [DELETED] 

I meant to click on /fit/ Jesus Christ what is this place? Weird cartoons of kids and dudes jacking off. Don’t reply - I’m fucking gone. Wtf

>> No.20432892

Normal towels tend to leave lint. A microfiber cloth has been brought up as a good option.

>> No.20433004

Cleaning Lolinco Virgo is hell. The most important (and the most difficult) part to clean and dry is the womb chamber at the very end of the tunnel. Since it's a hollow inside an otherwise tight hole, anything in there (such as water, lube, and cum) is going to fester there if left alone and then you'll be in for a nice surprise when you slam your dick into a chamber of mold and UTI.
As anon already said, microfiber towel(s) and a chopstick make it actually pretty easy to dry it once you get a hang of it. (See: >>20402823)

>> No.20433157

>chamber of mold
found some black spots under the layer on my big rina, are they mold or something else?
i am not using it since then but never came around to ask.
wouldn't pissing plenty after the deed prevent this?

>> No.20433206


Thank goodness you emphasized the importance of this.

>Decide to use it again, since I had only used it like two hours ago
>Wash it out as much as possible, same as last time
>Grab a chopstick and force a microfiber cloth all the way in
>Pull the chopstick out
>Grab a barely-reachable corner of the microfiber cloth and yank it out

It was nasty. I washed the cloth as much as possible, wrung it out, even went at it with a blow dryer for a little bit, and then jammed it all up in there with the chopstick again. The cloth was admittedly still a little damp, but this time, there didn't seem to be anything new on the cloth.

Can everything be reasonably gotten with just a single swab, or did the mild dampness of the cloth make it useless? I want to make sure I clean this properly, since the cheapest I could find it was like $50.

>> No.20433239

I clean out my cumrag pile like once a month. you will want more than one swab. use one corner, then another until the tip is dry

>> No.20433286

Yeah, the womb is really nicely sealed and even just washing it is surprisingly difficult. You should also note that there are folds at its entrance that you have to stretch to get properly washed and dried.
I like to use several towels and consider it dry only when the latest cloth comes out dry.

>> No.20433312


The only microfiber cloth I own is a single, little one that was included with my glasses. It's paper-thin and not really absorbent.

Before using this onahole again, I'll pick up a bunch of microfiber cloths from Target or something, and just wash the heck out of the thing and swab it a ton with the microfiber cloths. God I hope the cloths are machine-washable.

>> No.20433329

go to walmart or something and buy microfiber cloths in automotive

>> No.20433621

of course microfibers are machine washable, just only wash them in cold water, give an extra rinse and wash microfibers with microfibers only. you may want to buy detergent specifically for microfibers depending on the detergent you already own.

>> No.20433677
File: 42 KB, 960x800, 1475796051778.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Before cumming i pull out and nut in a paper towel.

After that i only have to clean the insides with water and soap.

>> No.20433684

...What would you clean it with if you came inside?

>> No.20433690

cumming inside is the best part though, you don't like shaky legs explosion orgasm?

>> No.20433699

Cold water to flush out, then finger every nook and cranny with non scented soap finally let it dry and sanitize with alchohol soaked rolled up paper towel for 3 minutes

>> No.20433711

If cleanup was easier, then i would do it more often (cumming inside).

I just try to make my life as easy as possible.

>> No.20433733

but it already is easy. you don't have to use alcohol every time you cum inside. just actually decide to clean it within a respectable amount of time and not 48 hours later

>> No.20433758
File: 60 KB, 639x700, 1487434264913.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Out of fear i tend to do that after finishing up or else i can't sleep.

But yeah i see your point.

>> No.20433767

haven't looked at getting a new onahole in 5 years.

>any new materials?
>toys getting more durable?
>any new gimmicks?
>....shota themed toys?

>> No.20433796

I'd say there have been considerable advancements across the field. Look at the guide and shop around.
Also, https://www.otonajp.com/doki-doki-harmony is the closest thing to that to immediately come to mind.

>> No.20433867

Just finished talking to the company, Sanhui, they're making a replacement body and haven't even asked me to return the broken one. Their customer service is surprisingly good.

>> No.20434033


Lucky you.

Hope it ships undamaged.

>> No.20434576

Yeah I just changed my mind.

You're right that sounds fair enough. I'm just spoiled by prepaid shipping labels and generous return services I guess.

>> No.20434582

They slowly but steadily get better in subtle ways, sorta like computer CPUs/PSUs, video game mechanics evolving for increasing player convenience over time, etc. Newer holes are better than older ones in a very broad sense, and sometimes older designs get slight material revisions such as Tomax's Venus and Lilith lines.

>> No.20435327
File: 344 KB, 540x436, 1541548929779.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>wait for sale
>virgo is out of stock already
>for the second time it was on sale

Son of a god damn bitch.

>> No.20435605

About to order Lolinco Virgo and Mouth of Truth Perorin.
Should I go with it or do you advice something else ?

>> No.20436920

Not cumming in the onahole isn't going to make it less dirty. Cum doesn't contain bacteria that would grow if left in there. Mold isn't caused by cum but moisture and that's happening if you use lube and/or clean it afterwards with water and don't dry it. Only thing cum can do is get in there and start going rancid but it's water soluable and just washing the hole is never the hardest part. The dirtiest thing that's getting in the onahole is you dick and what's on it.

>> No.20437027

so I bought a Dollho. Any cleaning tips? My current holes have a hole on both sides so cleaning has been very easy.

>> No.20437057

Are any of the loli holes comparable to the lolinco virgo? Or should I just wait for it to be back in stock and buy it then?

>> No.20437157

This is the first time I've heard of that and after looking it up, I sort of want one.
That said, I would assume the cleaning is the same as with any other single-entrance hole (though I can't speak for it specifically). The chopstick and microfiber towel method brought up above and in the guide will make your life a lot easier.

If it's Lolinco Virgo you want, wait for it. There's a reason why people who are into that gimmick buy lolincos despite Magic Eyes' sometimes questionable QC.

>> No.20437413

>wait for stuff to not be on sale to buy it

My spirit animal is a jewish rabbi, he can't be letting that kind of shit fly.

>> No.20437478

If you want to buy something now, buy something, but it's not going to be a substitute for a (good) lolinco virgo.

>> No.20438064

Is it worth getting a julia+ if I already have a XZY

>> No.20438109

Just ordered from motsutoys.
I choose pickup delivery to avoid the package being delivered to my home, but in the recap mail the expedition address is still my home address. Is it normal ?

>> No.20438117

Bad thing about the dollho is you need to mod in a spine if you want to make it functional as a doll.

>> No.20438713

yeah imo they are very different feelings. i use both regularly. the shape of the julia was kinda unwieldy at first but i got used to it

>> No.20438857

I don’t, I will just switch out when it’s banging time. Plus I would have to take her apart to wash the hole anyway.

>> No.20439147

Trying to make a collection of soft to hard with about 4 toys for varieties sake.

XZY, Lilith Uterus Normal, ???, Lolinco Virgo

Not sure where I can go with the 3rd one or if it would be flipped with the Lilith. Is Julia+ harder than the Lilith?

>> No.20440628

> Is Julia+ harder than the Lilith?
Yes. The Julia+ will be harder than a Tomax hard.

>> No.20440852

>Is Julia+ harder than the Lilith?
No idea what this guy >>20440628 is talking about. I have multiple Tomax toys in regular, they are all harder than Julia+.

>> No.20440935
File: 187 KB, 513x800, 1541533876506.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It seems we have come to an impasse.

>> No.20441311

>got panties for my SPDX finally
It was a nice feeling and looking thing before but it's just on another level. Because the body proportions are not exactly right they fit a little weird but all in all they fit pretty good. The added texture feels so nice. Also bought a one-piece swimsuit and honestly pretty surprised how well it fits. Because the shoulders and stomach are a little thinner than they would be on an actual human this size it's a little loose around the waist but it fits nicely where it counts the most and doesn't seem to just fall off like I was afraid of. For anyone wondering the clothes are 86/92 for the panties and 92 for the swimsuit in EUR measurements. 2T-3T in US. Wouldn't go any larger than that, maybe even one smaller.

>> No.20441528

I'm importing shit for my younger brother's birthday from Amazon.co.jp.

Any onahole worth grabbing from there while I'm at it? I'm running low on onatsuyu too, should I get another bottle or did something better come out in the previous years?

>> No.20442494
File: 11 KB, 421x72, 1526348731081.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone that uses OtonaJP know when they restock on items that are out of stock?
They have multiple items I want that are not in stock and can't find elsewhere.

>> No.20442515

Also the same for kanjo toys too, some items get sold out fast and never get in stock ever since which is dissapointing since I was planning to get some when I got money.

>> No.20443316

> You currently own 68140 otonaPoints (¥68140 equiv.)

So I ordered Puni Ana Miracle DX 3 months ago, but OtonaJP now informed me that the availability is very poor and we came to the agreement that they refund my purchase via points.

What shall I buy? I want something cheap and small but good, I'm very grateful that this happened because I was wussing out with my large order.

Also, wink wink; holiday sales coming up on Otona.

>> No.20443407


Any experience of this sort of packages from Otona?

>> No.20443633


I'll order this one as a test. My first onahole and sex toy. :3

>> No.20443635

Okay so should I add a 5th one then?

XZY, Lilith Uterus Normie = Julia+, ???, Lolinco Virgo

>> No.20443767


What doll again? Pic please.

>> No.20443806

>Long term relationship exploded into flames.

How do I focus on self-pleasure now? What's a good hole to give me what a girl can't?

>> No.20444173

Toys can be any shape you want, even with unrealistic stuff like womb penetration. And you can fuck them without the fear of getting them pregnant and demanding alimony.
There are a lot of areas where toys lack behind though - they are not self-heating and self-lubricating. They are not made out of muscle that can contract and relax. They don't cuddle you afterwards.

>> No.20444262
File: 19 KB, 317x330, 1427099267358.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How long can fungus/bacteria/whatever potentially live inside of a dry onahole before dying? I've got one I haven't used in forever, cant remember the last time I did, gotta be at least a year ago if not more, really wanna stick my dick in it but dont wanna get a yeast infection, it smells fine, looks fine, but idk

>> No.20444291

I am the one who says the Julia+ is harder than Tomax medium. The inner layer absolutely is.

I would put Meiki Saki Ootsuka as your softest hole and a ZXY or Venus Real Soft as second softest. The ZXY and Venus Real Soft are in the same territory, but the Saki Ootsuka is a whole different type of soft experience from the other two.

I am a total soft hole person now but I still own the Julia+ and lilith uterus regular. The Julia+ has kind of a rubbery feeling with a hard inner layer. The lilith uterus regular has more of a fleshy feeling.

>> No.20444447

Lube up something and put it in first and check?

>> No.20444462
File: 166 KB, 952x839, 1526215805516.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Any suggestions for anti bacterial / whatever sprays and what not?

I'm sure you need certain types to not ruin onaholes and I didn't see any mention in the paste bin.

>> No.20444478

Well they find bacteria from million year old salt crystals and shit like that so potentially longer than most things on this world but they're in a dormant spore like state but still alive in those cases. Also I suppose that doesn't really apply here. If it doesn't look and most importantly doesn't smell it's probably fine. Organic material like bacteria don't smell good like nine times out of ten. I've worked with multiple different organism and the only one that didn't smell awful has been cyanobacteria. If there had been bacteria growing inside your onahole you'd smell it.

Easiest way to test it to just put your finger in there and rub it a bit. If you're finger comes out clean then go at it. It's not like your dick is some fragile flower that won't stand a little dirt. You've literally shit on your dick multiple times in your lifetime when you were a kid and back then your immune system was worse than what it is now.

>> No.20444555

Just use hand soap and water. Dry well afterwards. You don't need any of that special antibacterial shit. If you really want something antibacterial get 99-proof rubbing alcohol or ethanol (anything lower than that and you're paying for water), dilute it to 50-70% with water, put it in a spray bottle or wet a cloth with it and wipe. You'll still want to dry after that.

For the longest time people in this general didn't even recommend using soap with onaholes let alone antibacterial sprays. Yet nobody's dick fell off. Like the guide says, just wash it right after use and don't let it sit out with your seed in it and you'll be fine. That's how people, myself included, have done it for years and I at least haven't had a single contamination, on my dick or in my onaholes, over the years.

>> No.20444956
File: 865 KB, 3000x4000, Onaubu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Package came today and I shall. It's my first ona too, what are those candy-like things?

>> No.20445183


>> No.20445215

Its candy, some Jap retailers do nice things like send you a tank you card and candy with your purchases.

>> No.20445421
File: 1.01 MB, 976x492, 1543390280132.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone know where to get one of these two in Canada.

>> No.20445517
File: 43 KB, 759x371, purchase.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Probably last purchase for awhile.

>> No.20445692

Indeed it is, taste quit nice. Are onahole providers always that affectionate?

>> No.20445698

Is it a good idea to microwave an onahole to warm it up?

>> No.20445715

No. It'll melt.

>> No.20445799
File: 1.47 MB, 400x270, fuck_everything.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>havent care about onaholes for a year (?)
>run out of lube
>find out EN-NLS is dead
The fuck?
Why can't we have nice things?

>> No.20445918

I have all the same onas as this anon and agree with his analysis on their feel here. The Ootsuka is particularly a treat for soft fans.

>> No.20445949

I'm a fan of the Maple Holistics water based antibacterial toy spray sold on Amazon. It is easy to apply and bubbles up to lather well, has the same active ingredients as mild antibacterial hand soap, and does not have any perfumes.

>> No.20446143

Does anyone else prefer warming up their lube instead of just their onahole? I don't know what the deal is, but my onaholes cannot hold warmth for more than ten minutes.

If I don't immediately start using it after I've dried the insides from water (I use a very hot water bath instead of a USB warmer), it'll go cold very quickly, especially during the winter.

>> No.20446216

Asian retailers love giving out little goodies with their packages. It's a good way to win a little favor, which might be enough for you to give your service to them again.

I sometimes get coffee packets, keychain trinkets, small bags of chips/pretzels, etc.

>> No.20446563

Anyone here a dicklet with a 1 inch micropenis? https://www.otonajp.com/puti-virgin this is for you. I guess it would work on some FtM with a cockclit too.

>> No.20446881

I do the same thing

>> No.20446980

Actually my ftm friend thought the Lolicono was enjoyable enough

>> No.20446989

That's the same idea as a Tenga egg. Nothing new and if you think it's for people with micropenises you missed the point.

>> No.20447057

I imagine most people warm their lube with the warmer. That's what I do when I use it even though I don't really use the warmer because it's pretty worthless. Either you put it on 20 minutes earlier before you want to use the onahole and then enjoy 5-10 minutes of warmth or you just go to town immediately and deal with a few thrust of cold. Without a warmer I'd just warm up the lube because that requires minimal effort but gets pretty much the same result as warming the whole thing. Probably still wouldn't bother with that because the heat difference balances so quickly.

>> No.20447177

Ive bought 5 holes now and the first one is still the best. Someone here told me the r20 by toysheart saying that it's a tank of a hole. The thing is fucking amazing. No annoying suction, easy to clean, easy to get into, its fucking great.

>> No.20447614

>fabric doll vs tpe doll


>> No.20447652

I just use a small amount of thick lube and mix a tiny bit of boiling hot water into it in a separate container before pouring it into my holes. You're right that it doesn't last long but that initial insertion into the warmth just feels way too good.

>> No.20448104
File: 501 KB, 800x1045, 374a81c973c9812c3fbb15ade38a606c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw half heartidly looking into those magic face / head bust onaholes

At this point I should have just bought a full sized doll for 1k+ and been done with it.

>> No.20448319

wrap your onahole in some thick socks or get a plush doll, adding some insulation goes a long way in regards to keeping the hole warm.

>> No.20448699

how do you warm lube up?

>> No.20448712

Not him but
>body heat
>leaving it over a heating vent/item
>warm water
just thinking of this one but
>using a usb warmer and a small tub or something to fit both the bottle and warmer in it

>> No.20448716

Peroxide enough to clean out a hole I haven't used in two years? It's been sitting in a bag and smells/looks fine.

>> No.20449041

Fellow maplefag here and I have no idea. Unfortunately our customs department has decided most onaholes are "child sex dolls" and subject to confiscation + probable prosecution so no way am I going to import. Usually I order from US site and get them sent to a US post office box, then discard the packaging and smuggle them back into Canada mixed in with industrial tools. If I was ever seriously searched, I could get in shit but it is less likely then getting your postal package x-rayed and opened.

>> No.20449053

Even if the packaging clearly looks adult?

>> No.20449055

Try soaking in a container of warm water. Do not microwave.

>> No.20449086

Here is a fear mongering article from the CBC: https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/cbsa-border-child-sex-dolls-1.4941213

I don't trust the CBSA to be a connoisseur of whether the silicone vagina I am importing has "child-like dimensions".

>> No.20449122
File: 48 KB, 723x253, Screenshot 2018-12-20 at 04.04.54.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What a retard

>> No.20449208

God, I love everything about that image.

>> No.20449644

“Players in GTA 5 that enjoy shooting people up will eventually want to shoot people up irl”

>> No.20449932

You really shouldn't, but as long as you're extra observant, then theoretically you shouldn't have any problems. We will not be responsible for any damages to your onahole or your dick. Personally, I would never put my dick at risk of being damaged. If something ever happened to my dick that left it in a less than 100% functional state, I would literally kill myself.

>> No.20450231

"People who enjoy playing galge will eventually get girlfriends irl"

>> No.20450402

I love that people who say this never have any studies to back it up. Just feelings. Meanwhile there's plenty of data that shows having an outlet for urges helps keep them in check.

>> No.20450497

Damn, is it really that hard to come by? I ordered it on BF and my order still hasn't shipped.

>> No.20451104 [DELETED] 
File: 280 KB, 902x1604, image0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20451110

Any soft/somewhat realistic and durable toy that isn't made by Tomax?

>> No.20451167

need to shave your pubes man

>> No.20451211

Not me, wanted to know if anyone had source on the doll / guy for more pics. Apparently my post just completely omitted the text i wrote.

>> No.20451248

To stop the fear mongering. As a fellow leaf I have called the prohibited import unit of Canada, and they don't car about sex toys and the proportion of the toy or how big it is. Sex toys are not banned in Canada. As long as it does not have the box art of lolis being sexualised or humiliated then it is fine. Though anything loli and or with 2D art you should just remove the box art imo. Real porn star box art is perfectly fine. I hate loli shit so I'm pretty much in a great position.

>> No.20451480

You're not getting me FBI.

>> No.20451756

I'm in Japan. Any ona I can flip?

>> No.20451862

Meiki series is pretty soft. ZXY is pretty popular.

>> No.20452355

Tomax if you can get them easily. Discontinued holes if you find them. Don't bother with anything else.

>> No.20452488

Fabric feels nice even for hugging and retains warmth like a pillow. It's much comfier.

>> No.20452581

Same with me and my Lilith Uterus. Well, maybe second favorite but Lilith didn't fall apart after a few uses like [Magic Eyes hole #54675843]. I don't particularly like my R20 though. I can't say anything bad about it from a durability and maintenance standpoint, it just doesn't do much for me.

>> No.20452868

It's christmas and I need a new hole

>> No.20453001

I wish I was that doll

>> No.20453024

I'm not sure if it's the right place to ask.
Doesanyone knows if there's something like a daki and busty ai chan all in one ?
Like a busty daki.

>> No.20453377
File: 1.13 MB, 1440x810, 20181031_192127.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>we are reinforcing rape fantasies through the use of a doll which cannot consent

>> No.20453923

A doll

>> No.20454023
File: 371 KB, 832x868, 1518666540716.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Used one for the 1st time last week.
>Used it again a couple times the last 2 days
>realize I may have forgotten to clean the womb after the first time

A-am I ok lads? I left it out overnight to air dry as well. Or should I say goodbye to my dick?

>> No.20454124

Just chop your cock off now.

>> No.20454179

RIP penis...

Seriously though, if nothing develops after few days you'll probably be fine.

>> No.20454221

Finally bought a no no hole. Lolinco. Feels good I guess, but then I spend like half an hour cleaning and drying it. Anything else that’s easier to clean?

>> No.20454230

any ideas to keep a hole open outside of a straw wait why the fuck am i asking if i just came up with this idea because sometimes keeping a dolls hole open to air out is an issue

neat thanks /ona/

>> No.20454241

>no no hole
More like oh no hole when your mom finds it and says OH NO MY SON

>> No.20454245

Literally every other ona is easier to clean than Lolinco.

>> No.20454285

I've got a budget of 140 usd, I want to order from otonajp, Whats the best hip/regular loli type? I have an above average penis length and girth so shopping has been a pain in the ass.

>> No.20454419

testing because i cant post on other boards

>> No.20454421
File: 28 KB, 369x368, 1367109257529.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Fug, I don't have a meat cleaver either guess I have to use the pizza cutter.

Thanks, should I throw it out just in case? I stuck my finger in there last night to clean it out and did notice any smell or black stuff on my finger so I think I'm just being paranoid.

>> No.20454429

just use a silicone toy cleaner and doing a hand soap cleaning and you'll be fine

>> No.20454461

Sounds good, I'll order some cleaner. I usually just use dish soap and warm water followed by paper towels to dry.

>> No.20454482

go to your local hardware store, get paint rags, they are like 20 bucks for 4 pounds of them, typically tshirt material and super useful for everything. washable, and won't damage the material if your careful to put them in while the whole thing is still wet.

it'll absorb all the water except whats at the very bottom unless you tip it upside down, and inevitably there will be dampness but you can just take a dry one after you let it dry for a few hours (usually for me its over night or during work) then do a quick dab-dry.

if your country has a Lowes in it go there its cheaper

>> No.20454581
File: 47 KB, 719x719, FB_IMG_1535505509374.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Just busted through the back of my After School Girl Volleyball
The hole is amazing, it feels so good. Shame that it doesn't work for me
I'm not even that huge, about 6.5-7 on a good day.
Any recommendations for stuff similar to this that would accommodate my size a bit better? I'm more concerned with durability than looks, I can't afford to buy a new ona every few weeks

>> No.20454663

what lotion do you use with blowjob onaholes?

>> No.20454678

Ok I'm gonna try out the Sujiman Kupa Rina Big. Has much better reviews as far as durability than the lolinco, and it looks to be easier to clean
I will update you all in a few weeks.
Merry Christmas

>> No.20454688

I got it two weeks ago, kupa rina big is great, just use a fair bit of lube because it can by a bit tight on me (i'm big though) I mix the Roa lube and the magic eyes strawberry smelling lube half and half and its perfect. just a quick drop of each goes a long way

>> No.20454728
File: 177 KB, 1200x800, DhbTQ7iVQAUB3Zn.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20454892

I just buy the best price per volume toy lube I can find, is there even a difference? I don't care what it smells like, lol

>> No.20454905

yes, I have seven lubes and ten ona's, theres a noticeable difference after playing around with it.I actually don't care about the smell but that magic eyes stuff is fantastic and its better then the normal lube smell. also the same price

>> No.20455373
File: 560 KB, 776x1054, 1453595002967.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

She a cute, what company?

Thinking about getting one, but I still have some hope of being hazgf one day. Still shopping around for when I take the dive though.

>> No.20455386
File: 141 KB, 1200x796, DedMYjKVMAAut-D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Its not mine I just found some dude on r9k posting it. I kind of want it now too but am also holding out for the hazgf one day

>> No.20455426
File: 74 KB, 1200x796, Dfpy66DUwAIiqEf.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

the doll has a nice set of tits

>> No.20455574

I have one of those Meiki Plush DX dolls in the meantime. I just ordered a wig and some clothes for her. It felt really weird ordering women's underwear. It's really nice.
They are nice but I like mine a little more on the pettan side.

>> No.20455705
File: 90 KB, 1200x796, De2na9XVMAUVMv9.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Big tits are usually done to escape the border guards.

>> No.20456230

I promised myself that I will get a doll if I'm an wizard next month.
I'm getting cold feet now.

>> No.20456345

That's a fucking idea. I wonder if getting a loli doll and just dressing it up with a fat stuffed bra would make it more likely to get past any border busybodies

>> No.20456561
File: 1.08 MB, 666x888, IMG_20181221_011330725.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

A mistake has been made somewhere along the lines.

>> No.20456639

Go for it and post pics, I want motivation to buy one.

>> No.20457081
File: 111 KB, 625x720, 1530380667282.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>if you have ever been with...
this is why this place always gets watched by the feds man...

>> No.20458246

Any ones you can directly advice? I don't have a lot of knowledge on them. And want to make some extra money during my trip .
I do have a fleshlight and a tenga blowjob. Might get one for myself if I have some money left.

>> No.20458441
File: 56 KB, 1024x595, 1544882264419.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone else who never seem to have any problem with their onaholes? Even when I'm careless with cleaning them, they never get any black spot or develop bad odor.

>> No.20459187

Looks like they're doing another 15% off sale

>> No.20459214

otonajp is also doing 15% just used that and some of my points and got that kanna looking ona and a saliva lube to try for 3 usd

>> No.20459218

the only one I've gotten black spot mole is one that I store away before it was completely dry....other than that one all of my onaholes have been fine... I think as long as it's properly drained/ pad dry/ air dry for a couple of days then store away...it'll be fine.

on a side note, i receently got that drying stick which works wonders to get the remaining moisture out of the hole.

>> No.20459230

nice..but shipping cost isn't in my favor from otonjp

>> No.20460048
File: 409 KB, 880x1040, 02423663026d566489fd4b9bd5d8dc5a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So I have a Lolinco Soft, Lolinco Virgo, ZXY, Saki Ootsuka, Lilith Uterus Normal, Julia+, Mouth of truth, busty ai-chan, and a meiki plush dx.

Am I missing out on anything while we have christmas sales or do I effectively have as much variety as I'd ever need?

>> No.20460072
File: 523 KB, 1280x1105, 1541536980954.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

*and a tenga original flip black hole along with a tenga flip electric black.

>> No.20460092

I already have two holes (Witch, mouth of truth)which are still alright except for a few rips (one has a few inside, the other is ripped on the entrance) but I also want to try something new.
VA Admission/Graduation seems to be the classic choice but ona fairy and Puni Ana F look good too.
I like to edge a lot so it should be durable and take some beating.

Witch seems durable and good but my personal experience is limited.

>> No.20460092,1 [INTERNAL] 

I already have a cool 3D Ass Vagina Anal Lifelike Pussy https://www.beyourlover.com/ZEMALIA-G-String-Male-Masturbator-3D-Realistic-Masturber-Toys-Ass-Vagina-Anal-Lifelike-Pussy-Ass-Masturbation

Now I am looking for a doll, any suggestions?

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