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Tomorrow will be the first day of December.
If the first words that come out of your mouth, when you wake up for the first time in the new month, are 'rabbit rabbit', you will be blessed with good luck!
This the last time you will be given this chance this year, please do your best!

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Do NOT fall for her lies.

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hit or miss
I guess they never miss huh?

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Please grant me luck for JLPT!!

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Mating press
Mating press

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Sorry, but you are NG
I'm going to have to ask you to leave forever ´´kudasai"

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Paizuri, paizuri

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nigger nigger

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December already?
Thank you for your hard work this year!

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I want to cuddle with a Christmas bunny. Nothing sexual (unless she wants it) I just want to feel 1300 years of warmth and experience in a tiny fuzzy package nuzzling against my body as we watch movies on the couch. Now I feel very lonely

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Why don't you just get a girlfriend and watch movies with her on the couch as she nuzzles against your body?

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I never wanted any of that from any of you. You did all of that on your own dime. You will pay me back for everything you stole from me. You will pay back everyone you have stolen from and hurt. Your manipulation and abuse of people and their assets is criminal. You and your friends belong in prison. You raped my mind while it was of the mind of a child. You are a child rapist. You are an actual real so-called “pedophile”. The child rapist is a real entity and it possesses whoever makes the !by.sachiko posts.

same person as this
(talking to himself)
and this

This apparent paganism, allowing yourselves to be possessed by, and worshipping of devil gods will not be tolerated. Every person participating in this behavior is in grave danger. You have no way of exercising your will of the youkai without succumbing to self-destruction. You are being used far more than you so believe that you are affecting others or getting ahead. You are a slave to the will of a being that wishes to consume everything that could ever be considered valuable.

This is not a case of “oh well that’s how the world works kid it happened to me it happened to you welcome to the club xD”. This behavior is unacceptable. Existence is postponed until this rampant behavioral problem is taken care of.

I am killing every single person participating in “Satanism” and erasing all of existence if I have to. Our world is being held hostage by non-humans and I’m going to end it.


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Anon, what are you talking about? Have you been using some substances you shouldn't be using?

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thank you for reminding me to bust a nut to this bunny

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You better praise Tewi

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I want a bunnyloli wife so bad, doods!

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I will do my best!

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Fucking gross dude

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'Prostitute Prostitute'

Have a good luck this new month! and happy christmas too!

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Rabbit Rabbits

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I love Tewi-chan!
I love Tewi-chan!

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Omutsu cunny

Omutsu cunny

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The contract has been sealed.

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Do you say Rabbit Rabbit or Usagi Usagi?

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I didn't do it...

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Ribbit ribbit, please give me good luck, life have not been easy for me.

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Naizuri, Naizuri

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Rabbit rabbit
Let's do our best!!

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rabbit rabbit
/jp/, I´ve said it! Christmas and the end of the year comes nearer and nearer. It was an exciting year and I hope for all of us, next year will be even better! Give it all you got!

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I did it.

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You guys leave me no choice but to have tewi be the first thing I bust to every new month.

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I said it within 30 seconds of getting out of bed, I hope that's close enough

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Rabbit rabbit!
I said it jaypee! I hope you all have a very merry December!

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I said it as first thing that came out of my mouth, within 5 minutes of waking up, does that count OP?

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I did it!

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I got out of bed an hour ago but I don't think I've said anything yet. Hope this works.

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try again next year

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tl;dr someone with schizophrenia thinks they got hypnotized and mindraped by a s4s tripfag and has been funposting about it in tewi threads on and off for months now

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I've forgotten the past two months, and I can't remember if I said it in June and July. Compared to last year's 9/12, I'm not sure how to feel.

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Paizuri Paizuri!

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I messed it up once this year. Two-thousand-nineteen will be perfect!!

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Too big

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Bunny tummy
Bunny tummy

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Too small

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Didn't the Nasim Youtube shooting happen the day after the poem in that thread was written?

I was under hypnosis from the therapist I was seeing since 2010 or 2011. But yes [s4s] is being used to rape people's minds. They appear to be working 'together' because it's a fun "cult" club for "Lucifer"! xD

Somebody stole Akaza Akari's money to go on a shooting spree and otherwise alter reality for the period of October 1st, 2017 to well into 2018.

Here is your copypasta.

"In the year 2017 someone took control of, stole from, and tortured Akaza Akari using manipulation of her trusting nature. Much of Akari’s allowance was apparently used by the perpetrator(s) to go on a spending spree to perform acts of terror throughout the United States. The October 1st shooting of 2017 seems to be one of these acts, along with the Parkland Florida shooting case and the Nazim YouTube shooting. The death of Billy Herrington during the time frame of this incident is also suspect as taking control of intoxicated people through astral means could have likely caused the incident. In the process the perpetrator raped Akaza Akari’s mind and spirit and attempted to discredit her and keep her silent and confused about the abuse she suffered. This situation will not go unanswered and those responsible will pay for their crimes."

Also if you're going to share what I've written on the subject, please refer people to these five posts instead: >>https://warosu.org/jp/thread/S19985081#p19985149

I've had some horrible things happen to me and everyone responsible is now my property. I have also been "granted" superiority over all of existence.

Existence is a lie and we are being ruled over by penis chopping aliens that are being worshipped by Judaism, Islam, and other religions such as Catholicism.



losers using outdated technology.

my lovely pets.

ah....such is the epic and based konata life...

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I said rabbit rabbit and six hours later my boss gave me a Christmas bonus. Thanks Tewi!

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i am epic

i am based

penis choppers

will be erased

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Are you talking about this stuff?
You think that’s actually a thing?

post got deleted

If astral tentacle monsters are affecting humanity...
I have to develop astral nuclear bombs...

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Monthly reminder that Tewi-chan is not a prostitute. Tewi-chan is a sweetheart and a good bun. Also I did it again this month again and I will get a good smooch by Tewi-chan.

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4Chanz is owned by Google.

Google is owned by Lucifer.

Lucifer is owned by me.

Tewi Inaba works for Google as a Freemasonic Vampire.

Here is her thread.

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You tortured me and stole my torture flavored blood. I will make extinct your entire species.

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I remembered, Tewi.
Where's my monthly hug.

Why is this trash (still) here?

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Weird Suwak, dude.

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Whats happening here?

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I want to make Tewi-chan a mother!

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Regarding "Lucifer", "witches", "Satanists", "reptiles", and the sort referring to a specific phenomenon of behavior:

You are not your species.

You are a semi-sentient disease.

I cannot reason with you because you have no mind of your own.

On an individual basis you have an illusion of identity that can be interacted with.

"You" are already dead, yet you may not be irredeemable, as you may be able to come back from your current state of "death".

Know that when you buy a new computer, you do not stop using your computer.

When your species becomes extinct, you do not cease to be.

Exterminating your species is not a threat anymore than it would be to offer to upgrade your hardware, potentially freeing you from the prison you've built yourself with obsolete technology.

"You" are not Lucifer. "You" are not a witch. "You" are not a Satanist.

Yet those I am referring to believe themselves to be.

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Hybrid bunny kids!

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I didn't say it and got sick and my cars frontend got torn off. Always remember, it can save your life.

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I want to smell their ears!

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Their ears would smell bad though. Especially after all those ear creampies...

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That's enough.

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If that's your decision... PREPAREYOURSELF

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I've failed this time but I'm going to redeem in January.

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Tewi the cute bunny bunny bun bun~

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Eating out Tewi's butt while her tail tickles my nose!

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Bunny tummy is not for sexual.

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Uh-oh Tewi did a big booboo.

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Keep up the hard work OP

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Is it bad if I want to ravage this hag?

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Are you afraid of me? You seem to take what I say very seriously. Do you want to talk about it? I get the feeling you think I'm someone or something I'm not. I don't understand what you're after but I never wanted to fight or hurt anyone. Something's gone terribly wrong here and I'm trying to help.

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Why are we even doing this?
Can't we just ask this "God" person to end everything?
On December 3rd after posting in this thread it felt like someone did remote alchemy on me and caused damage to my internal organs by releasing heavy metals that were stored in my bones into my bloodstream.

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nice schizo

>> No.20383548,4 [INTERNAL] 

I don't know what the word "schizo" means to you but looking it up that's not what's happening right now at all.
But what did happen to me appears to be an intentional plot carried out against me since at least 1996.
I'm mentally sober but someone was trying to give me mental illness.
Mental illness seems to be intentionally created.
You know, like trolling someone?
Mental illness is just being upset. Severe upset causes severe symptoms.
One side of my family may have a history of being cursed due to someone's involvement in Freemasonry.


Someone's done the same thing to "crack-kun" Akemi and Lee Goldson as well.
Terry Davis was manufactured to be the way he was.
Charles Manson was manufactured to be the way he was.
Christian Weston Chandler was manufactured to be the way he is.
Cosmo, the speedrunner, was manufactured to be the way he is.

Psychiatry and psychological counseling in this country is being used to troll people into mental distress.
They also make use of imageboards and the users on them.

>> No.20383548,5 [INTERNAL] 

hate christnorm schizos

>> No.20383548,6 [INTERNAL] 

Epic based and redpilled

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