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Previous thread: >>20239089

This thread is for the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual novels.

What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? What have you finished? You know the drill.

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I finally finished Baldr Sky (Dive 1 and 2) today. It definitely has its weak points, but I liked it overall. The story sort of feels like its greater than the sum of its parts. I surprisingly ended up liking Makoto way more than I originally thought I would.

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I want to read Mojika's true route. Can someone upload save for it? I tried to download from sagaoz, all the CGs are open, but save slots are empty.

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takes ten minutes to skip through
fucktard EOP

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Playing Mebae and it reminds me why I dislike perverted hetare protagonists so much.

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pic not related

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Is 天使のいない12月 actually good, or it's just depressing for the sake of being depressing like many utsuges?

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Played Miagete Goran. Was pretty underwhelming.

It's kinda hilarious, how bad the flashbacks are in that game though. The writer is kinda known for padding, but it's heavy. First he does the "show, don't tell" concept, then an hour later he flashes back and does "tell" as well. Makes it feel like the writer thinks, you can't read between lines at all, but it's probably just the usual padding problem. Some scenes also start randomly in the middle and then show the beginning at a point, nobody cares anymore because you literally know everything that happened there already anyway. It feels like a jumbled mess.
It also doesn't help that everything that's not directly about the main three feels like it's just tacked on to have a "school element" and more heroines. The way it's handled was so bad.

Honestly, I think the game would've been so much better, if there just was complete focus about the main three and all of the other shit wasn't there. But alas, gotta have your 2+mb game. Not like this problem is new.

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Which is worse, hetare pervert or passive nice guy donkan?

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Those aren't mutually exclusive

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One has, at the very least, something of a character trait and sex drive, the other doesn't even have that.

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Perverts are usually worse. As in, actual real perverts, regardless of hetare or not. Just because a guy watches porn and is interested in the female body, it doesn't make him a pervert.
Hetare generally makes things less enjoyable to read. That is, again, real hetare. Many protags are called that, even though they aren't even really hetare. For one thing, real hetare are probably not even doing anything perverted at all outside of their fantasies. Let alone have sex. But if you have a perverted "hetare" in eroge, that's usually not true. Part of why it sucks I guess.

Honestly, I'd not even mind reading a VN with a real hetare that's also a major pervert in some ways. Doubt that really exists though.

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so it's the cute anime girl version of pulp fiction?
picked up senpai

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Why restrict the thread to only untranslated VNs? It's not like VNs suddenly become worse once they get a translation, they're still the same VNs they ever were. I think you should cut out the pointless elitism already

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I liked it and fuck the haters

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I don't think you even understand what a hater is, protip, not someone who simply disagrees with you.

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The thread is about reading VNs in Japanese. It doesn't matter whether a game has a translation or not, only that you yourself read it in Japanese.

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Go away EOP.

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This is bait

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Fuck off, subhuman.

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Hater fuck you!

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What if I use English text but listen to the voices in japanese?

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If you know what the word "reading" means then you should be able to answer this yourself.

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Then you're a subhuman and need to fuck off.

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Reading doesn't only apply to text though. You can read lips or w/e

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Stop the pedantry and fuck off.

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Ok, on a different subject what do you guys think about Island?

Personally I think it was kamige.

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Before this thread derails completely, let's turn back to discussing VNs.
What Majikoi "spin-offs" are worth reading? KimiAru was pretty fun, but lacked an overachieving story.
Any opinions on the other titles, such as Anekouji Naoko to Gin'iro no Shinigami or Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road?

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I liked Tsujidou and fuck the haters

>> No.20273238

Tsuyokiss is better

>> No.20273240 [DELETED] 

I liked both tsujidou san games more than majikoi desu, Anekouji was shit.

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Not sure why people always gotta rag on Grisaia trilogy I thought it was really good

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>playing all-ages kusoge

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I liked both tsujidou san games more than majikoi desu, Anekouji was shit.

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Anekouji is a pile of wasted potential and Tsujidou-san is boring

Majikoi is kind of heads and shoulders above any other game by that studio
The first one is fine but the sequels aren't worth reading.

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Play OreTsuba instead.

>> No.20273269

why does "desu" keep turning to "desu"?

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The plot and characters are pretty ridiculous and out there, but the campiness is also part of what makes it entertaining. Also best girl Yuuji.

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Jesus, did you come from Reddit yesterday? It's been a word-filter for years.

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So what if I did? Christ, maybe >>20273073 is right you guys are so up your own asses with elitism it's not even funny

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Why the people of this thread always fall for these baits? Or even try to make any discussion into flaming the EOPs
It has been a constant from all the time I've been here, it's a thread about untranslated vns not flaming the hell of the people that can read japanese, god.
The most of majikoi spin off are extra heroines so it depends on your taste of heroines, though in general are pretty good.

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Because you should lurk for 2 years before posting.

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Suck my cock dude

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Cool baits.

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>playing ero kusoge

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Anyone has an alternate download to Yumemishi? The torrent on nyaa is stuck at 73% for a couple of days now

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Sure, it does look interesting, but I want a funny comedy, not a fucked-up drama.

Yeah, it was fun. Characters and plot were ridiculous, but it also didn't try have some sort of "deep plot". Just over the top action and comedy.

On a different note, could someone be so nice to upload Tsuyokiss? I'm currently (and for the forseeable future) on a network where I can't torrent.

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>Sure, it does look interesting, but I want a funny comedy, not a fucked-up drama.

Nigger OreTsuba is mostly comedy.

>> No.20273598

Oretsuba is 90% comedy though, even the drama is not particularly fucked up, you've probably seen worse shit and way worse handled in majikoi.

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Nekopara worth playing?

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good fap material.

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Thanks, good to know. Guess I got fooled by vndb's tags.

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Serious question, why do you guys go out of you way to talk about untranslated VNs on an English-language board rather than going to one of the numerous Japanese-language boards dedicated to the subject?

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The elevens have even worse discussion and taste then we do

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Why not let us do both? If you want to talk about translated ones, go to /vg/.
Also what >>20273704 said.

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But /vg/ told me I had shit taste for liking Island which made me sad. I thought it was kamige

>> No.20273793

Island is a VERY good VN

>> No.20273806

/vg/ are faggots then.

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>> No.20273855

But the translation was made by Frontwing who is a Japanese company so technically it's still an untranslated visual novel

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Jesus Hata, everyone can tell you're here only to be an annoying subhuman piece of shit. Leave.

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Sorry, I thought you were Hata, another autist that acted just like you.

Anyway, fuck off. You might be able to dodge a ban that way.

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Is it ok to post about games I played in English as long as I pretend that I played them in Japanese?

>> No.20274070

Have you tried seeing a psychiatrist for your problems? You've been shitposting for over 2 hours now.

>> No.20274071

??? that was my first post here though?

>> No.20274082

Clearly not. Seek help.

>> No.20274085

Stop making stuff up

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It's on AB.

>> No.20274304

I'm impressed you didn't get bored to tears. Unless you came here to shill and shitpost.

>> No.20274321

I couldn't get bored since it was a very entertaining VN

>> No.20274326

There are live Depositfiles links on AS.

>> No.20274329


>> No.20274345

Yeah, AS.

>> No.20274349

What's that

>> No.20274356

Something everyone knows. Except you, I guess.

>> No.20274370

Well englighten me then dipshit

>> No.20274376

There are three groups of people, when it comes to Island.

-The big tit lovers. They don't give a shit about this one.
-The flatty lovers and lolicons. They were too angry about the game having no adult content.
-The plot fans. They forgot about the game over the time period of the huge delay of the console version.

Frontwing also advertised the game to the first two groups, the typical eroge fan, with tons of typical lewd preorder things and so on, while kinda dismissing the actual target group. It's what you basically call major marketing failure. Less almost naked dakimakura, more focus on the actual console port and perhaps a fucking voice for the MC, like all the major "all ages" plot-ge have? I know that Himawari only had a voice for the protagonist, because that just happened to be available from the previous porting company. Still. Come on. It felt like they had no idea, what they tried to sell there.

>> No.20274377

Tsuyokiss was really fun

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I've been trying to figure about what this is for awhile and if it's a site I know or not. I really suck at acronyms.

>> No.20274595

I liked Tsuyokiss, Tsujidou AND Anekouji.
However I wish Anekouji has actual character routes but I did enjoy the super long common route.

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>> No.20274608

Thanks anon.

>> No.20274620

Pretty bored with life so I decided to read something trashy and picked up princess lover. Is it your standard moege?

>> No.20274623

How do you guys usually decide what to read next? How do you make up your mind?

It takes me forever.

>> No.20274631

Pick something that looks good and suits your mood. No need to overthink it.

>> No.20274636

if something I've been eyeing is getting translated then I quickly read it (or start reading) before the plebs get to it

>> No.20274640

I have everything I'll read for the next year planned in advance.

>> No.20274652

Usually other peoples excitement about something also gets me excited and I end up reading that. Hype, I guess. It's why reading a new release is more fun even if it's probably worse than most things in my backlog.

>> No.20274657

What game

>> No.20274660

By not having autism.

>> No.20274686

I just pick something that's the complete opposite of what I just read so I don't get burnt out.
Sometimes against my better judgment I do the opposite, though. Like when I read Chaos;Child just after being done with C;H LCC

>> No.20274746

Usually I play what I feel like. If I don't want to choose one, because huge backlog or I just have a general idea but nothing specific, I just choose 6 and throw (virtual) dice. It can be actually rather fun doing that.

>> No.20274766

I asked this too close to the end of last thread, so...
Does White Album 1's remake change the text a lot? I like the old writer but the remake looks and probably sounds so much better.

>> No.20274900

Just hit random on vndb until you get something that looks good.

>> No.20274961

I skim through my favorite VAs' recently released titles and then cry myself to sleep because they haven't done anything in years that aren't DMM kusoge while masturbating to whatever recent games my penis tells me to.

>> No.20275255

The reason I called him a perverted hetare is because, firstly: a good 90% of all he thinks about is sex/female anatomy or if the current event could lead to ecchi situations. And more importantly, he is extremely romantically indecisive and just gets pushed around by both girls until the route split, and only ever really takes the lead near the last third of the individual routes. He's not even smart enough to help the girls with their homework, the only thing he can do is something basic like give them a handkerchief or tissue. I suppose he is good at MonHun, does that make him not a hetare?

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bitches love monhun

>> No.20275287

It is amusing how much it comes up in eroge, that's for sure.

>> No.20275663

Downloading it now, premise seemed mildly interesting. I wonder when Leaf/Aquaplus will release a new game that isnt utawaremono or WA2 related.

>> No.20275787

What's so bad about Anekouji?

>> No.20275808

I have my next 10 titles planned.
I hate downloading shit in parts but しょうがない
Don't have an account.

>> No.20275914

Wasn't that the game that was advertised as a collab between Takahiro and some well liked writer but it was 95% Takahiro and 5% the other writer?

>> No.20275926

It was supposed to be Takahiro and Ou Jackson, but 100% Takahiro and 0% Ou Jackson. And it's apparently bad even by Takahiro's standards.

>> No.20276856 [DELETED] 

Turns out I was warned for telling the shitposter to fuck off. Seems like this is how 4channel.org is gonna be. We had good run, guys, enjoy the thread getting raided by mentally ill EOPs.

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I wish there were mazacon games that weren't just nukige and had more development of their relationships. I'm reading https://vndb.org/v20170 and the mending of the awkwardness between the two and the bonding between the MC and his stepmom in her route makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

>> No.20277698


>> No.20277703

There's blood related incest in the game as well, but that's a spoiler since they don't recognize each other.

>> No.20277712


>> No.20277775

How long is meguri hitohira if you play all the routes?

>> No.20277778

about this long

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Is mios route in walkure romanze and walkure romanze more & more the same?

>> No.20277866

I wouldn't recommend all routes, it's a chore in that regard.

>> No.20277913

I always play all routes.

>> No.20277916

You're going to spend more time skipping than actually reading routes.

>> No.20278209

like 1.4mb iirc

>> No.20279562


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>I wish there were mazacon games that weren't just nukige and had more development of their relationships. I'm reading https://vndb.org/v20170 and the mending of the awkwardness between the two and the bonding between the MC and his stepmom in her route makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
I too am fond of Delivery Mama. In fact, I'm fond of Anim Mother&Wife's entire catalogue except for the first title. They've certainly honed their skills as time has passed.

>> No.20280077

>I wish there were mazacon games that weren't just nukige and had more development of their relationships.

this except anege. setsuei and asanagi no aquanauts have been the only good ones so far

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>this face

>> No.20281443

Sayoko is top tier and yayoi is pretty good too, so I recommend them.

>> No.20281489 [DELETED] 
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How do I get past this?

>> No.20282643

Could anybody seed this? It's been stuck on 99.7% for a few days now.

>> No.20282676

Any articles or insights about how much and why the eroge industry is declining? For three years some of you kept telling his, but I just ignored, now I'm actually interested.

>> No.20282694

Stop using texthookers.

>> No.20283579

did you try the girlcelly version too? or repairing it?

it's been in decline since before the gacha shitstorm though, that only made things worse. the 3 main problems nowadays are the market being niche from the start and having shrunk for years as the original target market ages or moves on, the PC market shrinking due to tablets and cellphones, and the rise in demand for instant gratification which is where gacha comes in and where more younger people are turning to. basically compare spending a few bucks to gamble on getting the newest FGO fotw versus a lot more upfront money for 40-60 hours on a game that may or may not live up to expectations

>> No.20284010

The problems I have with that scene are the lack of internal consistency and the other heroines. He's getting booted for changing too much shit, even though he changes way more shit in Shu and Wu and nothing happens. And it sucks for Nagi, Ruurin, Ruru and the other good girls but the main heroine is Karin and fuck Karin, shes awful and the idea of her route being the only bad end one makes me smile.

But yeah the remakes fine IMO, the flaws in the VN result from the old shit they kept rather then the new shit they added.

>> No.20284434

Le shit, that's their new game? A fandisc?

>> No.20284674

Anyone got a Mega upload for 恋ではなく?

>> No.20285967


>> No.20286756

How is Sakura no Mori Dreamers?

>> No.20286807

You went wrong at trying to play Dasaku.

>> No.20286812

It's fun.

>> No.20286938

deep one

>> No.20286977

Just launch it on a virtual machine and see what happens.

>> No.20287610

Pretty decent, I hope they come out with a third one.

>> No.20287645

Can someone make a torrent for Natsurio Koi Uta?

>> No.20287881

Why do "10-30 hour" VNs always actually take like 50 hours or more? Are people just counting one route only playthroughs?

>> No.20288278

Should I play Shugaten or Hatsuyuki Sakura?

>> No.20288642

that's fine different people have different tastes, you'll still love the routes because of how good all the heroines are

>> No.20288673

Yeah still plan on doing the routes, stuck it through the common and the heroines I liked enough, so might as well.

>> No.20288685

The Charabration MC went too trap. He starts genuinely considering himself a girl, and the heroines pick up on it and the game starts going otome, and he even gets pegged. He went full girl. Never go full girl.

Other trap mcs dont fall for that though.

>> No.20288831

I read them because I enjoy reading about the heroines questioning their sexuality and the specific dramas with it. Its like an advanced version of protags pretending they are rich or whatever. In saying that, most crossdressing lead games have most the cast already know, or find out very early in the route its quite disappointing.

And also because its the closest ill get to a futa on female vn.

>> No.20288849

Sure about that?

>> No.20288890

Transwomen are women so it IS real yuri.

>> No.20288918

I think the word you're looking for is transgender fluid.

>> No.20288948

>And also because its the closest ill get to a futa on female vn.
Those exist though.

>> No.20289009

Real life can't live up to the expectations eroge has given me.

>> No.20289049

I was using them as an example of the type of genre I want. Futa is normally relegated to pure nukige or used as disturbing scenes in plotge.

>> No.20289388


>> No.20289561

There's more in the replies.

>> No.20289565

played aoitori and that counts as "haven't played their games in a while" ? okay...

>> No.20289569

Fair enough. Hope he comes back strong after some rest.

>> No.20289759

Not anymore than before. It must have some fans, right?

>> No.20289802

>Da Capo is still alive

>> No.20290236

It's kinda amazing how Secret Game's first episode managed to be even worse than Killer Queen's. The writer swapped some things around, removed almost all important information from the later parts and.. like what? What exactly was the fucking point of this episode? Padding? Oh right. Probably padding. Killer Queen already had major issues with feeling pointless, because it was so rushed. Now it's still rushed, but you didn't get anything near the end. In fact, the ending doesn't even really make sense I feel. It's like.. things just stop, in a way they should not.

Well, maybe the next episodes get better. Episode 1 is just very hard to enjoy anyway, with how awful the leads are. Nothing changed there. Combined with how much the game acts as if the deaths were actually emotional (hint: when someone dies every 30 minutes of playing the game and you barely get to know the characters, if at all as several die without you ever seeing them alive, it's not emotional), it's just not working well.

But hey, at least this time the whole thing has voice acting, where you don't have to mute everything. That's.. something?

>> No.20290908

forced, horrible drama ahoy

>> No.20291107

Braindead moebuta.

>> No.20291361

Criticism / praise from a crowd is only relevant to me if I happen to agree with it.

>> No.20292375

I don't even know what you're referencing.

>> No.20292618


>> No.20292692

Is Maruto ever coming back to us?

>> No.20293051

>Have a girl love the protag. Turns out she suffers a lot and even kinda breaks down at the thought, that she may no longer have excuses to be together with the protagonist at some point.
any examples of games that do that? you got me kind of curious now

>> No.20293956

Le shit?! It's written by the ChronoBox guy? Why didn't you tell me?

>> No.20294061

are we going to be on 4 chan or on 4 channel?

>> No.20294071

>How do you guys usually decide what to read next?
I look at the girls. If I like htem, I'm in.

>> No.20294217

It would have been better if we stayed in 4chan desu.

>> No.20294931

It really was a waste of time, mindbreak is only fun if the ones being broken try to fight against it.

>> No.20295032

I think anon's talking about http://www.cuffs.co.jp/products/koi-kakin/

>> No.20295442

Always found funny how the protagonist of Making*Lovers was a webmaster. It's like the shit tier of Japanese coders.

>> No.20298463
File: 1.40 MB, 1920x1080, 2018-11-23-210611_grim.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yup it sure is.

>> No.20298498 [SPOILER] 
File: 303 KB, 800x600, 1543029430060.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Nana end in Cartagra sure is something. I was wondering how they'll gonna make them fall in love and fuck when the MC clearly wasn't going to be into something like that, but I wasn't expecting this.

>> No.20298505

Started reading Fortune Arterial recently and it has been pretty good so far. I'm not usually one to care about VA's too much but Erika's is actually pretty great.

>> No.20298882

How do Chink VNs compare to Jap ones? Chinese doesn't sound nearly as sexy, so I'm not sure it would be as fun.

>> No.20298925

Chinese has got to be one of the ugliest sounding languages.

>> No.20298949

I think it sounds pretty interesting. I actually like listening to it.

>> No.20299026

Not all.

>> No.20299043

what are some essential 4channel eroge

>> No.20299198

The game really loves showing how superior she is to the protagonist. Him supposedly being a professional makes it even worse.

>> No.20299286

China's VNs tend to fit in the tropey catergory. They aren't bad persay but they are pretty much the blandest thing you can come across.
I kinda appreciate the blandness though, because it makes it easier to pick up sentence structure if all these plots play out in the same high school setting with the same characters.
I enjoy them, because even if the stories are bad, it's a funner way to learn than just grinding vocab books.
Guess I have poor taste. I always liked Chinese and Dutch because they mold the mouth into weird shapes when you speak them, but everyone hates those.
I also don't think you're giving it a fair chance. Speaking Chinese might sound kind of funny, but the character system is unique and interesting to learn. Some characters are comprised of characters and you can intuitively guess what they mean.
Japanese VNs are obviously better than any other country. There is no disputing that. And I won't try and say Chinese VNs cab compete, because they can't. But recently, there has been a surge of Chinese Visual Novels being translated to English and being released on platforms. Steam has obtained a ton of Chinese VNs that aren't even in English, but because they are released on a uniquitous platform like Steam, it opens them up to the broader market.

>> No.20299320

Not if you're an expert eroge reader like Clephas-same and use a texthooker to convert the text to romanji.

>> No.20299446

it's per se.
ijou desu.

>> No.20299504

I played some of the trial a while ago and thought it wasn't nearly as gripping as the OP. Can't say I remember much else except the font was annoyingly thick.

>> No.20299746

Also talented at plagiarizing apparently.

>> No.20299933

can someone upload the るいは智を呼ぶ x64 patch for me plz? I can't access the game website. thanks in advance. sincerely. desperately.

>> No.20300194
File: 224 KB, 440x394, fff.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Made the mistake of playing 遊廓に売られた俺の彼女 after seeing it in another thread, happy end route was decent enough I guess but fuck that extra bad bad ending made me physically sick more than ever before and ruined the entire game, if only one could punch those asshole writers in the face for writing something so depressingly horrible.

>> No.20300456
File: 163 KB, 960x540, cg02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

さくら、もゆ。 OP


>> No.20300471
File: 326 KB, 501x458, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

New pseudo-Navel.


>> No.20300584

thanks anon it worked

>> No.20300588

Felshis comes afterwards, as you can tell by the release years. Eve is really good as well so there's no reason to skip it.

>> No.20300774

>the Hapymaher guy
>not boring

>> No.20300873

He's good. Until he starts repeating everything.

>> No.20301664

Eroge music is really making me want to start learning the piano, but my fingers are retarded so I doubt I will ever get good enough to play it properly. Not to mention they're expensive as fuck. Feels bad.


>> No.20302386

they're a lot less expensive than if you actually bought eroge regularly

you could get pretty good in like the playtime of 20 average-length eroge

>> No.20302390

Just get a keyboard.

>> No.20302458

Just play Symphonic Rain.

>> No.20302526

Use DenchiUnwrap or https://pastebin.com/wKJuWdVL

>> No.20302856

guitar is simplier and less expensive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4c9Px9vEMoE

>> No.20302864

It also sounds a lot worse.

>> No.20303179

I torrented Dal Segno in Future from nyaa, and it's asking for a serial code. There isn't any on the torrent page. Am I just fucked?

>> No.20303394

There might be one in the torrent. Is there a readme ir anything?

>> No.20303745
File: 498 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot (68).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Nope, nothing. This is all you get when you unzip the files.

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