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Previous thread: >>19932850

This thread is for the discussion of untranslated Japanese visual novels.

What are you playing? What are you looking forward to? What have you finished? You know the drill.

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Is there a way to play VNs on phone?

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Managed to find a solution. I installed PlayOnLinux as a means of using a Wine version newer than the one on my system (I went with 3.0.3, the current stable release) and then just tried running the VN's .exe (installed under my distro's Wine version) through that and it worked fine. Should note that I also installed d3dx9_36, dotnet40, ffdshow, quartz and vcrun6 under the new POL Wine system.

Guess whatever was causing the audio problems was a bug that got ironed since the ancient Wine version my distro ships.

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Does anyone have a hookcode for this (raspberry cube?) No way in hell am I using the VNR code

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learn to read

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tfw no gf with dick

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>just found out Fujimori Yukina retired
God dammit, I really liked her voice.

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Looks like the girl from Natsuiro Kokorolog

Wrong name though

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Oh, it’s Raspberry Cube, checking other anon’s post.

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Just finished jisatsu no tame no 101 no houhou. Can anyone reccomend me other denpa games ? (I'd like to play makki shojoubyou but...)

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love how the common is really short letting you dive right into the heroine routes. VNs need more gyaru heroines.

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>makki shojoubyou
Fucking when

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At this point I'd be satisfied if the script came out. Or anything, really.

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denpa is dead genre

>> No.19991243

Black sunday.

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Does Chronobox count as denpa?

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The worst part is that it's supposedly "finished" or "almost finished" and despite that we'll probably never get to read it.

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No. Why would it? It's not even really horror, aside of a very small part of the game that gets ruined by making it very obvious what's going to happen anyway. Or rather, the game outright tells you.

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neither jisatsu or shizuku are horror too

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I don't know those. But in Chronobox you don't have characters that suddenly start acting all weird, just for them to "turn back to normal" afterwards and everything seeming to be a dream or something. (thus the the "slowly losing it and no longer knowing what's going on" concept)
You do get to see another side to a lot of the characters in Chronobox, but that's simply another side. It's not disappearing. They just tend to hide it. I feel like that's a difference.

To be fair, I don't know a ton of denpa, but to me Higurashi was always kinda what gave a great example and is what I compare to.

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Just finished pic related, finally Atelier Sakura makes a Kashidashi Tsuma game with an actual NTR-esque ending unlike the Marina shit, about god damn time.

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Just finished pic related, finally Atelier Sakura makes a Kashidashi Tsuma game with an actual NTR-esque ending unlike the Marina blueball shit, about god damn time.

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But the marina series is great because of the endings, she's a huge cunt.

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>huge cunt
>actually puts up with her cuck husband and sticks by him

>> No.19991837

Yeah, she just mindbreaks a guy in the process.

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Can't remember what happened at the end of 2 and never bothered with 3 after the NTR blueball shit, but she helped the guy in the first one grow and get some confidence.

>> No.19991850

I'm pretty sure she turns the guy into a fullblown cuckold.

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Ooooh yeah, that might have happened.

>> No.19991905

It happened but it didn't. That part is non-canon.

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There's nothing else quite like that game but play Sayooshi if you haven't. There's not many denpa games out there.

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What are some hardcore eroge?

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>this is her normal everyday voice

>> No.19994223

You mean with hardcore porn?

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I was in a normie-space and someone made an allusion to Erewhon and I forgot the original meaning.
Eroge are dangerous.

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You should check out her minori radio episodes. She's pretty nice and mature.

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>Original meaning
>Turns out it's a book
Well, can't be too different just drop a few hints about the fisting and gang rape/mass orgies.

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doujin with umi drawing various sexual acts into her picture diary when?

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Should have mentionned that I've already played sayooshi and tsui no sora. But thanks anyway, it was a great read.

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What are some good horror VNs?

>> No.19999850

Play subahibi then.

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sakura no mori dreamers

>> No.20000406

Anyone know of any cool game/VN hybrids like YU-NO? I really wish I could find something as fun as the ADMS.

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The game should've been mostly about her and Rena, instead most of the scenes are with the boss's daughter who sounds and acts like a schoolgirl. If I wanted this I wouldn't read a game that looks like it's going to be about OLs.
What was that recent game that an anon here was posting about? Something about an OL living with a lazy protagonist and the bad ending being about him letting her work for both of them

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Bosei Kanojo

>> No.20001446

thanks, I should give it a try

>> No.20001452

Still no Aerial Life?

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Weird, is this gonna be the first year since 2012 that Purple Soft misses a yearly release? I guess Aoi Tori was done in November, so maybe their new game will be early next year.

>> No.20001522

Who cares. They have never put out anything remotely good anyways.

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Is anybody here able to read a japanese visual novel without having to look up on a dictionnary? If so how long ditld it take you?

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Nigga, I have to look up English words in a dictionary and my native language is English.

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Why do you care about others? This kind of DJT EOP attitude will only drag you down.

Just do your best, it's not a contest.

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i just want to know if it is even possible as i dont want to chase after an impossible dream.
I should have asked: "Do visual novel writers tend to stick to the 40 000 words a native japanese know or do they use far more like most regular novel authors do?"

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How do you guys decide what game to keep after you finish reading them?

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Depends on what you're reading. There are huge differences.

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You're asking if it's possible to learn a second language. The answer is yes.

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porn. even then I usually don't open them ever again

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>Do visual novel writers tend to stick to the 40 000 words a native japanese know
This is a balance in any language for authors. How simple to tell a story without reusing the same words and boring the reader vs showering them with increasingly esoteric terms and frustrating their comprehension.

>> No.20005588

Note that just any English speaker beyond the minimum level of literacy can usually read a novel without much problem. And when you're good enough at any language it becomes way easier to figure out words from context and the parts they're made of, rather than having to full stop and reach for a dictionary to find that one word in order to understand the whole sentence. Kanji actually helps with this when you're good at it.

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https://vndb.org/v4269 can someone upload this vn? the premise remind me of saikano

>> No.20006202

it's on AB

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Not sure if this should go here or DJT but what's a good begginer VN for someone who's starting with japanese? Preferably something plot oriented rather than a moege.

>> No.20006511

Leyline is pretty easy.

>> No.20006520

Thanks anon

>> No.20006524

It's a tad like a moege, at least the first game, but it has a neat plot, so keep that in mind.

>> No.20006525

Anything you think is interesting, but isn't heavy on comedy or chuuni.

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As long as the plot is decent and it doesn't focus too much on H-scenes than that's fine by me. Thanks again.

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You can (and should) ignore all the side routes and focus on getting Ushio ends because she adds canon epilogues to the games.

>> No.20006537

Is it the type of VN where you have to follow a guide to get the proper experience or can I go in blind and decide on choices when they come up?

>> No.20006541

It grades you on how smart you are at solving mysteries and based on your grade you get fanart at the end of every game.
That's all, otherwise it's follows a main route with side branches which cut off the plot.

>> No.20006544

Thanks once more anon. I'll keep all that in mind.

>> No.20006552

Hello, friend. It seems like you got your answer, so all is fine, but next time please ask in DJT.

>> No.20006554

I will, sorry for derailing the thread.

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There's no need to tell people to ignore the side-routes. They may not add much, but they don't really take away either. Unless you quit afterwards. They are so short, there shouldn't be an issue though.
It's a game you should really just go into without thinking too much. Following a walkthrough is kinda silly in a game where you are supposed to think along and choices reflect that.

>> No.20006609

>but they don't really take away either.
They sometimes contradict the act main plot of the games though, in really retarded ways.

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Charabration was really good, I super loved Hai's route it's actually one of the best things I've read in ages. The relationship between Hai and Yuki is developed so well across the course of the game and the resolution to their internal conflicts is actually perfect. The other routes were decent too but nowhere near as good, probably only worth reading if you like the heroines. Would recommend anyway it's a really fun game.

>> No.20006958

Utaware games are pretty easy.

>> No.20006965

i've seen really hard to read screenshots

>> No.20007043

Anyone here played 鬼がくる。~姉がひん死でピンチです~? Is it a decent charage?

>> No.20007310

The hair in it is hot.

>> No.20007340

You shouldn't read it because the MC is a total slut.

>> No.20007410

I don't have an account, could somebody please upload it on mega or something?

>> No.20007446


>> No.20007527

So yeah, how are rail-soft vn, difficulty aside ? Is it good ? Characters are well written ?

>> No.20007548

Sorry I don't read Chinese VNs

>> No.20007615

I wish there were more physically disabled heroines out there.

>> No.20007637

言の葉舞い散る夏の風鈴 is coming out in December.

>> No.20007674

Nice, now I just hope her route doesn't involve her recovering from this disability.

>> No.20007730

Katawa shoujo.

>> No.20007777

I keep everything. Currently sitting on roughly 1,5 TB VNs.

>> No.20007786

That was my first ever VN.

>> No.20007827

What's the biggest game in that collection in terms of filesize?

>> No.20007840

Not him but I have a over 2TB collection and the biggest game in there is Senshinkan at 11.8gigs, followed by the newest Koihime games which are nearly 10gigs each.

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I want to start over. I want a new life with a cutie imouto to fuck.

>> No.20007923

That's sure is one generic looking imouto.

>> No.20007962

It's a fairly generic game. The only advantage I found in this is the virtual reality the two were in where they started fucking like rabbits because it's not incest if it isn't real. Of course that has consequences yada yada yada ...

Once I got to the love confession event in the real world I skipped the rest. I got what I wanted out of it by then. Cute.

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Tsumi no Hikari Rendezvous with 10.8 GB followed by White Album 2 Extended Edition and Crossdays.

>> No.20008373

I buy games. So I keep them all. Some I have in a drawer near my computer, the rest are digital downloads. So long as DMM exists I have access to them.

I haven't bothered counting how many games I own. Somewhere around 50 - 100.

Hang on, I'm curious now. Looks like I own a total of 112 VNs.

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Anyone who can recommend me something similar to Nukitashi? Mainly something with a ridiculous scenario (focused on 18+ humor and scenes) with at least decent character development and story.

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aye lads, I'm getting a strange error when playing Eustia that I can't google it out

pic related. Any ideas?

>> No.20008934

It seems that you have an error.

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File: 45 KB, 987x564, eadwadwadwadwad.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Did you try the usual? Reinstalling, checking if it may be a font problem, location emulator and using AlphaROMdiE?
Also, do you have pic related file in your install folder?

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I think they improved the art quite a bit by now.

>> No.20009152

this girl is absolutely fucking nuts

she's great

>> No.20010009

正楽録誌記考 is my favorite

>> No.20010428

Did you read bokutomo from the same author?

>> No.20010731

Try reinstall. Or try the patch on August's site.

>> No.20010913


Holy shit, Kuroinu 2 incoming. I’m kind of excited but I wish the art didn’t change.

>> No.20011372

Why is it so hard to search for tags on fc2 video adult?

>> No.20011597


>> No.20013083

Not him, but I always appreciate mega links for easier download, thanks, added it to my backlog.

>> No.20013138

Thank you!!!

>> No.20015419

How is the Tears to Tiara series?

>> No.20015534

not vn

>> No.20016077

DeepOne hype, 20 days to go


>> No.20016286

i heard this game has been in production for decade

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Slow day, we're on page 10.

>> No.20020394

anyone have the update patch for the Mischievous version of this https://vndb.org/v2185 ?
can't find it anywhere on the internet not even on web archive

>> No.20020792

How long is 2048 compared to 2050 in Himawari? Just got to the second episode

>> No.20021519

2048 is 366 days long, 2050 is 365. So only pne day longer.

>> No.20021582

Just gonna do the loli's route.

>> No.20023062

I like the imouto with big milkies too.

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Man this was an absolute masterpiece, probably the best nukige I've played in years.

Anyone know any other realistic corruption games like this where a pure heroine slowly becomes a slut/bicchi but enjoys it, and especially where they go through some イメチェン/etc? I know this circle has a few others and there's that Meme50 one too, but that's all I know.

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New Liar.


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File: 2.27 MB, 1500x2121, tradingA.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Keromakura's chara1 goods include some CGs from Sakura no Toki that haven't been shown elsewhere yet.

>> No.20023984

What is the nip equivalent of nyaa?

>> No.20023993


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File: 1.29 MB, 1026x795, higurashi.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Finally finished the first chapter, i thought i was reading japanese quite fast but the last set of text made me understand i still had quite a long road to go.

>> No.20024133

The nips themselves use Nyaa heavily.

>> No.20024290

Japan uses their own P2P like Share EX2 and Perfect Dark.

>> No.20024515

Nyaa. Cause >>20024133

>> No.20024605

Is that young Kei and Ai? Fuuuck stop tweeting scatji and finish the damn game.

>> No.20024985

I just want my Ai true and final end Scaji, please deliver.

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Remember the fallen.

>> No.20025735

doukyuusei 3 never

>> No.20025746

Jokyuusei never, that's the real problem.

>> No.20026242

not enough VNs where you get to date monsters. i mean actual monster-y monsters, not monmusu style monsters.

>> No.20026740

>that start of apeiria

>> No.20026948

Who are you quoting

>> No.20027615

Literally just use the AB guide jesus christ

>> No.20027649

he's quoting me

>> No.20028336

How is this game? https://vndb.org/v12474

>> No.20028682

Literally the moment I dropped it.

>> No.20028742

Fuck off with your circlejerk website

>> No.20029507

Thought it was a rather funny opening, not sure if I want to read the whole vn though, have to see a bit more to decide if I want to commit so much time to it.

>> No.20029981

Isn't it even more disgusting if the woman is willingly cheating instead of just breaking of with her boyfriend/divorce her husband?

>> No.20030018


>> No.20030023

After akikuru I' m not excited even if he did manage to make it.

>> No.20030037

I didn't like it either, but I think it's flawed logic to abandon a writer because they wrote one average game after delivering several amazing ones. Luckily the problems with Aki are easy to fix too, just cut the length in half and go back to Haru-Natsu size games.

>> No.20030038

It's not the length, is the general focus and the science behind it.
I get wanting to make a serious game that transitions into a romcom, it just didn't work on basically any level and focusing on the serious aspects would have actually been better.

>> No.20030052

But Natsukuru wasn't exactly great either? Unless you are fine with a game where you end up getting the revelation that literally nothing mattered early on.
I liked Harukuru, because it was fun trying to figure out what the heck is going on. If you do the same in Natsukuru, you will have a disappointing game.

Haven't read akikuru yet though. So who knows, maybe it gets even worse. It'll be hard for me personally though, as I wasn't very fond of Natsukuru's comedy either. Or its villains. But then again, I really dislike the "let's give the villain a sad sad flashback to explain why he may not be that much fo a villain 5 minutes before they get defeated" approach. It's so cheap and never works for me.

>> No.20030080

old news, we knew this 6 months ago
(please let this happen I'm so hype I love watanabe so much)

>> No.20030444

Which should I play next, Making Lovers or Senren Banka?

>> No.20030511

Something that isn't a moege.

>> No.20030519

Check the last number of my post:
-if it's 0-2: Making Lovers
-if it's 3-5: Senren Banka
-if it's 6-8: Souten no Celenaria (the sign that you shouldn't only play moege)
-if it's 9: Koi Suru Kimochi no Kasanekata (aka "you lost")

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How fucking hyped are you for N1RV Ann-A?

>> No.20031030

0. If you can't even write your title right, the rest must be super awful.

>> No.20031042

It's a stylistic choice, just like VA-11 Hall-A.

>> No.20031153

What's your favorite moege?

>> No.20031324

Considering the first game sucked, not at all.

>> No.20031485

Damn Ai was shorter than him even back then.

>> No.20031737
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Make sure to listen to Papa.

>> No.20031902
File: 720 KB, 1280x720, redpill.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Making Lovers is pretty basic but great for having an extremely short common route and no haremshit so you get 1 girl focus almost from the word go, and a decent protagonist who isn't a complete plank either. As a weaker point the girls do fall for him way too quickly and the advertised proactive seeking of love doesn't come as strongly into play as in Fureraba. Definitely worth a read however especially if you liked Smee's other titles.

>> No.20031930

The art is shit.

>> No.20034736
File: 848 KB, 1024x600, masturbationnogood.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.20035739

Like I said. Make sure to listen to your Papa. They all speak form experience.

>> No.20036294

M*L is gonna be my first Smee title so that's something to look forward to.

>> No.20036536
File: 158 KB, 800x600, nega0_03.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Impressive. Makes me wonder if there are 70+ year old people playing eroge.

>> No.20037265

Use team viewer, Google remote desktop or similar to access your computer remotely

>> No.20037609

>oppai loli
>no loli
It's shit.

>> No.20039202

I don't think hes bright enough to do that

>> No.20039210

Hey so I downloaded ぶり~ど! Breed-island, but when I try to open it, it loads for a bit then never opens the VN. If I try it from the launcher, it just closes the launcher after I click start. Is it because of Windows 10 or maybe the download I used?


>> No.20039237

Both suck and I say that as a moebuta.

>> No.20039246

Akikuru deals with a lot of serious stuff like discrimination and war victims under its romcom cover, though. The last scene and epilogue are pretty much clear on it.

>> No.20039319

Hope you get farther through this than me. I liked what I read of it but I found the gameplay too bothersome to do more than one playthrough.

>> No.20040844
File: 187 KB, 1920x1080, mojika_2018-10-10_02-14-59.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That took a turn.

>> No.20040860

Cheat Engine my friend. I give all my enemies 1HP. And the other "gameplay" part is no trouble.

It's Eternal, they like to fuck up gameplay. In this case, the idea of the battle system is okay, but requires way too much memorization of skills. To fight well you not only need to customize 24 skills, you also have to remember 33 and where they are on the "board", as characters only have access to 4 in each of the 3 areas each, or 3 in each area if it's a machine helper)
It's a Visual Novel and they try to combine it with something like that. But luckily there's no need to bother with it.

>> No.20041901

Actually screw that. It seems like it was a good idea to drop it past the first playthrough. What the fuck was Eternal even thinking. This is worse than Chaos;Child.

>> No.20041993
File: 1.43 MB, 1195x892, キャプチャ2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Characters are meh, prose is good. Stories aren't bad by VN standards, p. banal by normie lit standards. You appreciate Mareni for his pissing prose fetish or not at all.

>> No.20042108

Her route and the true one are great if you like M scenarios. Completely the opposite from Tsubomi and Kirara.

>> No.20042123

what's your favourite biman?

>> No.20042133

2 or 3, 2's girl was really, really hot and 3 is actually fun.

>> No.20042146

kirie best girl

>> No.20042232

What's banal about them?

>> No.20042318

He just wants to sound intelligent and enlightened or something.

>> No.20042456

Take picrelated's plot, for instance..

Main theme: wonderland/it was all a dream with the standard "stay/leave" choice at the end ("leave" is of course considered true, sister comes to senses and gets a chance at redemption, happy end).

Girl routes? The prim girl's route hints at some depth but it really goes nowhere her 'dark side' serves only as a set-up for sex, aside from obvious tie-ins with the sister's possessive side which feels redundant considering we already have the boatman. The plot highlight goes to the tentacle boss fight that plays out exactly as it would in a Disney movie. Too bad it undercuts the mansion's dark side's presence which should really be an all-powerful presence here, thematically
The librarian and the bard are both completely forgettable - whatever happened to them, I already forgot and I read it two years ago at most. Not to mention a missed opportunity there at elaborating why they're bad ends, e.g. their personalities souring and the darkness spilling out - in subtle ways, so there'd be more 'aha!' moments thinking back to them when you learn of the mansion's true nature in the true route

The hannya boatman's route is the best by far because it actually ties in with the main story and advances the plot, but again it's a lot of going back and forth with barely any character development until the whole thing starts to unravel.

One thing that was potentially interesting is how the different girls represented the MC's relationship with his sister (though I'm not sure what role the musician played there, aside from satisfying a tomboy fetish)?

I call it banal because there was nothing at all there that surprised me, or me made interested in what would happen next - the plot became transparent from the moment you started learning about MC's backstory and never really did anything interesting with the heroines. There's just no tension, no time you'd actually feel worried about anything or care about any of the characters involved.

Is it still good? Yes, because Mareni. Well-written walls of text if you're into that sort of thing (I know I was, back then, probably still am now).

>> No.20042492

You should try to read something outside VNs once in a while.

>> No.20042523

What fedora would be ideal to wear while doing so, my enlightened friend?

>> No.20042561

Based on this it sounds like he's a good writer, but not a good storyteller.

>> No.20042570

Books aren't inherently better than VNs.

>> No.20042655

I haven't read a whole book in over a decade.

>> No.20042660

I used to read books until I discovered VNs.

>> No.20042926
File: 242 KB, 383x345, mpc-hc64_2018-10-02_23-46-56.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can i ever hope of finding the first boin game from crossnet? I can only find resort boin

>> No.20043170

It's on AB

>> No.20043385
File: 298 KB, 545x329, mpc-hc64_2018-10-03_00-03-03.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Can i have invite pretty please

>> No.20043398

You don't want one.

>> No.20043410
File: 1.58 MB, 1278x719, mpc-hc64_2018-10-02_23-20-39.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How will i download it if i dont have access to the tracker anon chan?

>> No.20043430

Sorry my man I don't know you like that
Ratio is piss easy to keep and you're not forced to gargle the forum goers' cum

>> No.20043446

Let's just say it like that: If what you want is available in a deep fat pile of shit, would you still grab it? If so, AB is your deep fat pile of shit. I don't think any VN is worth it for that, but you may think differently there I guess. Same goes for some things like Clubbox or whatever, though for a different reason.

>> No.20043467
File: 1.55 MB, 1278x719, mpc-hc64_2018-10-02_23-09-15.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Cant you atleast download it and upload it somewhere else for me anon chan?
Whats so bad about it, I have been fine so far without private trackers but as public trackers are dying one by one its getting a little harder to find some of the older stuff

>> No.20043477

I would but it's 1.5GB and I live in an upload wasteland right now.

>> No.20043483

He's angry because he sent an application and he got denied for being too autistic. AB is a nice place.

>> No.20043516

pass: 0atm

>> No.20043573
File: 1.45 MB, 1278x719, mpc-hc64_2018-10-03_00-15-01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thanks a lot anon chan for your contribution to my straggle!
Just a question do i really have to install the client to download the files or there is another way around like mega?

We are all here for the same goal the enjoyment of books its fine if some of us are a little different

I wish for a swift recovery anon chan

>> No.20043599

I think Jdownloader can do it but I never tried it myself. You'll have to do your own research.

>> No.20043680

Yeah, Jdownloader2 works perfectly, i just tried it with the baidu link

>> No.20043701
File: 890 KB, 1132x624, mpc-hc64_2018-10-02_22-49-11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah anon chans i was in the same process of downloading and installing jdownloader to do it i am downloading boin as i type this post and upload it thanks for all your support that you have provided me with thank you for everything!

>> No.20043894
File: 1.12 MB, 965x1620, bclaude.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

There's no such thing as "too autistic" on AB. I'd say they have the most complete vn collection though.

>> No.20043935

This is how I imagine the "normie lit" poster from above.

>> No.20043982

I'm loving the atmosphere and music in Carnevale but I really can't be bothered with these combat descriptions. Does this shit get more prevalent as the story goes on?

>> No.20044129

tfw no セフレ gf

>> No.20044554

i'll agree with you on AB being a terrible place but clubbox really isn't bad once you set it up

>> No.20045039

Know where I can get the OST download?

>> No.20045057

a lot of the time I have to go to russian sites for untranslated vns

>> No.20045076

Doesn't it come with the 初回限定版 torrents?

>> No.20045079

Mind linking me that?
I got mine off of mega

>> No.20045089

Come on man. Just search モジカ on nyaa. It really doesn't get easier than this.

>> No.20045160
File: 42 KB, 218x278, 1517251560555.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm retarded.
Forgot to check fap.

>> No.20046088

Is there anything else like Suisenka? The rest of Hain's output doesn't look so good.

>> No.20046155


>> No.20046220

Already played this one. Another great game.

>> No.20046229

be sure to download all the cruyff in the bedroom albums as well

>> No.20046377

Every scenario is M since he gets cucked in all of them besides true.

>> No.20046602
File: 405 KB, 1600x900, amakatsu_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I've played/tried the releases of the month, aside of Raspberry and single heroine stuff.

Winner of the month: Kemono Musume no Sodatekata

While the game has not a lot to do with its name, the girlfriend was a nice character and for the most part it works as a short moege that doesn't overstay. One part however was too serious given what this is about. (fucking a mentally 6 year old doggy girl and something that ends in a threesome) Kinda funny how the main appeal of the game is something completely different from the "Kemono Musume" though, and how "sodatekata" is not even really happening. Should probably name you game a little bit based on what you actually do.

Disappointment of the month: Boku no Amayaka Seikatsu

Starts well enough with a likable cast, and good voice-acting and art on top of it. But after an hour or so, you basically only get lewds and the game just ends without doing much of anything. It's SHORT. It has nowhere near enough CG. It costs 7k yen. Probably the last game by the dev, unless people are really nice and hope for more of this, just with a reasonable price in the future. It was definitely a step into the right direction for Carol Works.

>> No.20046608
File: 153 KB, 800x600, 信天翁航海録_2018-09-15_23-43-40.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

He's the closest thing to contemporaneous Costumbrism in eroge form, and manages to mix it with what is a chaotic action packed scenario.

>> No.20047994

I don't think AB has much of the obscure stuff. clubbox and 2djgame's ftp and Japanese P2P are probably better for that.

That said, is there any eroge preservation effort out there that strives to archive all games, OST and bonus discs in some standarized fashion? Something like romsets but for eroge?

>> No.20048221

there's people on AB with every vn (on ab) downloaded. that's the closest I know

>> No.20048693

More than 10 days and still only 225 post, why is this thread so dead?

>> No.20048717

i'm doing something, why don't you help me senpai

your new is showing

>> No.20048722
File: 179 KB, 800x600, 6150.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The last two months haven't been particularly good for new releases.

>> No.20048763

But the other threads weren't as dead as this one.

>> No.20048834

this place has always been slow, that's why 5 shitposts about whatever triggers someone can feel like it derails the thread. on the contrary the thread being faster recently and since DJT came to /jp/ have been unusual

>> No.20050061

I keep getting errors every time i try to start https://vndb.org/v1863. Doesn't even work in my XP VM. Anyone have any experience with this?

>> No.20050182
File: 12 KB, 256x283, 2254.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Read the front cover again very carefully

>> No.20050212

Fuck... I don't know if I want to set up another VM just for this game.

>> No.20050236


>> No.20050243

good plotge > good moege > bad moege > bad plotge

good prosege >>> *

>> No.20050424

what are some poserge?

>> No.20050455

Anything that was kamige but only before it received a translation

>> No.20050646

i love cutege

>> No.20051055

Since this guy has uploaded a shit ton, anything really obscure from the 90s should be on AB unless it's lost media.

>> No.20051252

So all of them?

>> No.20051299

Randomly searched 3 of those missing titles on a (not even paywalled) chink site and found one. China stronk I guess, or maybe I got lucky.

>> No.20051481

run the exe off the disc with win95 compatibility. i got a write error permission, made the dir/file and it worked fine on win7.

>> No.20051506

Write permission error, sorry. I should mention compatibility mode is after you've installed the game. Don't run from setup32.exe. You don't have to run off the disc if you did a full install.

>> No.20051907

What's so good about 90s eroge?

>> No.20052219

They have soul.

>> No.20052228

For the most part, they were as shitty as they are now, but back then creators often tried more unusual ideas. They also have a unique feel to them.

>> No.20052265

There were a ton of shitty ones that we just don't remember. I do like the pixel art though.

>> No.20052310

What was the best eroge from the 1890s?

>> No.20052322

Can be the crap ban policies of 4chan as well. Yesterday I got a ban message, that someone posted bad shit 5 years ago and the IP is perma-banned. I mean. If you do that shit, it stacks up and people are banned more and more. Recently they also started to randomly area-ban a lot. Around April I couldn't post for several months for no reason whatsoever.

The ban system they use is garbage. Especially since they STILL check ipv4 and not v6. But also in general. And that gets obviously worse with every year, if they continue to perma-ban IPs every day...

>> No.20052861

Does anyone know how to get music working on the Japanese version of Tsukihime without mounting the CD? I know the Mirrormoon English patch does something so that the game takes music from a folder in the game directory instead of using CD-DA. So how do I make it so that function works while playing with Japanese text and menus? All the guides I see in Japanese are just saying "herp derp insert CD".

>> No.20053261

Yes. Use _inmm.dll

btw I recommend playing the Tsukibako version, but using the music from the original release, it sounds the best

_inmm.dll allows you to set any music you please

>> No.20053969

Like what?

>> No.20054577

I'm sure I heard somewhere that the late 90s to early 2000s was a "golden age" for eroge, at least in the sense that that is when they were most popular.

>> No.20054688

>most popular
Nah. But they did try a lot more stuff and the whole thing wasn't as limited. It was also generally cheaper to hire the respective staff than it is today. Most of the "big budget" projects nowadays lose a lot of money because of the voice acting costing so much. Back in the days they even tried things like animations and such quite a lot more than today, which seems weird, given that it should be easier today to do things like swaying leaves or lip-sync.

>> No.20054717

I mean, I do think that it's true that shit back in the 90s sold a lot more than stuff does today.

>> No.20054753


some good pc98 games off the top of my head

>> No.20054785

more like the only good pc98 games

>> No.20055406
File: 216 KB, 1280x720, third.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ended Apeiria a few days ago but didn't touch FD yet though I have some unanswered questions.

From what I understand 1s in Third = 4s in First = 360s in Second and when a strong AI from First/Second connects to Third the time in First/Second is heavily slowed (1800x times Third extra stage).
Though it does seems to raises an issue from an example below :
>6:00 pm in Third Miu connects to First then Second without any time lag, she sets a forced logout for 8:00 pm. Doing so she expects to spend 120 days in Second.
>Right after Reiichi connects from First to Second then Third extra stage without any time lag and decides to take a 4 hours nap near Miu's logged body then return to Second.
From Reiichi point of view his 4 hours nap slows First and Second time, when he goes back into Second only 8s elapsed. Did Miu get forcefully logout back to Third after 4s instead of 120 days inside Second ?

>> No.20056408

Speaking of pc98 games, this one is pretty good imo:
Dunno if anyone has played it yet? It is my most favorite games in the pc98 games packs. game is kinda short though. kissing scenes made me really wet and fapped a lot btw.

>> No.20057065

About how long does does a play-through loop take?
I love proper dating sims, but get annoyed a bit if things take too long.

>> No.20057119

I don't understand.

>> No.20057885

The game span 365 in-game days and you have to set up dates/holidays accordingly each week. It's actually not so long, as you just simply have to set up days and meet the girls then choose the choices a bit carefully to increase their affection. You may gift presents to fasten the girl's affection points, but it's not necessary as the game only ends at your next birthday after 365 days. Unless you want to get all the girls ending in one savegame (you can't actually, still...). There will be times you can't call the girls for reasons so you should be able to skip some weeks anyway. Overall it's really a not so long and simple game. But you may be annoyed at how repetitive things are though.

>> No.20058403

Some have both.

>> No.20058844


It's from the Lass writer, looks like he found work somewhere else after the company died.

>> No.20059051

Did he write fun or interesting stories? I never played 11eyes or the like.

>> No.20059112

Nope, that's why they went bankrupt.

>> No.20059158

3days and 11eyes were very popular back in the day. Their latest game was apparently really bad though.

>> No.20059205

I think, back then some people were just a lot more generous. 11eyes literally has the whole first hour consisting out of almost nothing but MC monologue about things nobody gives a shit about (how the city is constructed, how unfair the world is... basically just random rambling about nothing), before any kind of story or anything starts. You could literally cut the whole thing, and nothing of value would've been lost.

On the flipside, who knows. It's not like overrated stuff doesn't exist nowadays.

>> No.20059375

Recommend me some good vns where the mc is an asshole who cheats on his girlfriend or love interest. I already asked on /vn/ and they didn't give me what i wanted.
I'd rather one with good/recent art and that is not a nukige i already played white album.

>> No.20059411
File: 2.26 MB, 1000x2000, heroine_hotaru_story.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why is she so perfect? (Kiriha-sensei also likes her the most.)

>> No.20059560

That makes no sense. What the heck is is supposed to be about? If an eroge lets a protag "cheat" on the main girl, it's to show sex with everyone. Usually it's just excuses though, and the girl is jelly but ultimately doesn't really mind. If sex isn't the reason for this, what else would be? What kind of stuff would you want the novel to be around? It doesn't exactly make sense that the MC cheats on his girlfriend just to hold hands with the other girl. Unless it's Yuri and the MC is a she maybe.

>> No.20059624

Off course that makes sense, it adds drama to the serie that the mc is tempted to go to another girl, or go straight to her instead of having to chase after the same for the entirety of the game.
Why do you think love triangle are so popular? It is simply supposed to be about the mc, trying to find which girl is best for him.
Maybe saying he is an "asshole" is going to far, i don't want one that sleeps with anyone either.
The mc can also have sex, where did i say he couldn't? I just don't want the novel to be about it like nukiges are.

>> No.20059648

Why don't you just say you want a love triangle like WA2?

>> No.20059963
File: 203 KB, 800x600, fake_azure_01.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dude, you talked about asshole (usually meaning: selfish) protagonists who cheat on their girlfriend. Not about love triangles. And the former is simply usually stuff that's more about lewds than anything else.

Love triangles are rare in VNs though. Usually all heroines sorta fly on the MC in SOME way, meaning if you want to see them liking the protag romantically you can, but you don't have to. But some games do focus a bit more on two major heroines. The only problem is: Recent VNs really absolutely hate to show anything about a heroine losing. Sometimes you get a small bone thrown. But like real clashes between the characters and having the losing heroine not get completely shafted is not easy to find, if you want newer games. To be fair, it's also because you'd need to do this in all routes and with all girls, if you take a typical harem situation.

Given that you also kinda want the main heroines (and not kinda side-heroines) in such a situation, it's a bit hard for me to rec much. (i.e. Daitoshokan kinda falls outa this because of that) But maybe something like Golden Hour could work, even though it's no true love-triangle. It is however a "stay on the main way, or go with one of the heroines on the way and call it quits" things. Protag also has an ex, with a route of course.

If you go with older stuff as well, Fake Azure Arcology is quite nice. The typical "MC and childhoodfriend had some issues and then the new hot girl appears to throw everything out of order" thing.

>> No.20060577

Help me please i can't find the source of the pic.

>> No.20060625

Learn Japanese

>> No.20060655

I know how to read every single kanji/kana of this chart but i can"t find the title of the novel.
The biggest characters at the top of the chart says
"フクロウ(probably owl)を愛した夢見鳥"
but when i search for it it google gives me nothing. The rest of the chart seems to be a description of the character and her relation with the mc.

>> No.20060668

So people this dumb actually exist

>> No.20060685

Just fucking tell me already if you know the title.

>> No.20060690

no fuck you

>> No.20060692

No idea what the other guy's problem is, but it's from this:

>> No.20060698
File: 2.50 MB, 1920x1200, re zero 01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20060703
File: 126 KB, 620x550, 1535420781056.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.20061684


>> No.20061775

Anyone else try the new SMEE game trial? It launches for me but crashes right after the brand call at the very beginning.

>> No.20061794

https://vndb.org/v11568 has that in spades and koichoco has a heroine thta think MC belongs to her and blows up in most other routes when she loses. also the love triangle and reverse NTR tags should lead you to plenty more games

>> No.20061945
File: 54 KB, 640x480, H2O Footprint in the Sand.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone who read it and can comment on it? Althoug SCA-自 wrote it, his VNs have been pretty hit and miss so far for me. Subahibi was great, Supreme Candy average and I dropped Himanatsu.
Also, anyone got a clue where to find it? I currently can't torrent and every download is dead.

>> No.20061983

I'd hesitate to call most of those SCA-自 games. He only wrote the last couple Supreme Candy routes and one route in Himanatsu. Haven't read H20 yet but your best bet is Sakuuta or Nijuuei if you want more SCA-自.

>> No.20062435

What the fuck is that

>> No.20062664

Ugh, pathetic newfags like you are the worst.

>> No.20062700
File: 5 KB, 791x104, qbittorrent_2018-10-13_18-30-01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wish there was a dl version I could buy just to avoid this. I guess I should stop deleting disk images after I first install the game.

>> No.20062929


>> No.20063474

Parts 5 and 7 don't seem to want to download, but thanks.

>> No.20063495

try jdownloader
also that looks like its missing the latest update patch

>> No.20063510

I can get the update from the game's website. I'm more annoyed about not having the system patch I threw together to fix some things that bothered me back when I first played it.

>> No.20063526

did you share it here? someone may still have it. an anon here shared their own fixed version of the istoria patch and at least i saved it

>> No.20063558

I only posted the istoria patch because the official patch was broken and wouldn't replace any of the scripts.
The kamimaho one I made only made small changes to things about the system that bothered me more than they should have when I started the game.

>> No.20063589

Fuck this game it's literally thot adventures. If it started with the first boss getting fucked at the husbands request it would be OK, but it doesn't so it's shit.
Can't even trust 2D women when they're drunk

>> No.20063666

What did you change?

>> No.20063676

transition speed, voice fadeout speed, backlog layout, and some other small things that no one cares about

>> No.20063706

Can..... can anybody upload it ;) ?

>> No.20063860

I found what I think is an older version of it. I don't have a way of testing it, so I could be wrong.
I'm not sure if this one has the transition speed stuff fixed because I think I remember needing to write a script to change hard coded variables for every line in the game. I might go back and make a better one once I have these last two parts downloaded.

>> No.20063886

Muh african-american blood sibling.

>> No.20063991

So this includes the 1.5 version fixes, right?

>> No.20063999

How is Kizuato related to Shizuku?

>> No.20064002

It should, but I don't remember.

>> No.20064012

I'll wait for you to remake it with 1.5 to be sure, if you do.

>> No.20064032

Don't expect it soon. This is taking a long time to download and I work full time.

>> No.20064043

Np, it's not like the game's gonna go away.

>> No.20064099

Is there a texthooker that works better with more new games? I use ITHVNR and it's starting to not work with the stuff I'm reading lately.

>> No.20064103

Learn Japanese.

>> No.20064105

What? I know Japanese.

>> No.20064107

Clearly not considering you use a text-hooker.

>> No.20064112

What's wrong with using a texthooker?

>> No.20064116

It stops you from learning Japanese.

But seeing your posts I think you might be little slow overall, so maybe you can't do without it. My bad if that's the case.

>> No.20064118

I don't know what you're trying to get at. What do you think I'm using it for?

>> No.20064121

Dodging the need to learn Japanese.

>> No.20064124

Why would I use it for that? I know Japanese. It's just easier to read with one.

>> No.20064127

You're beyond hope.

>> No.20064129

I think you need to communicate better. I still don't know what you're on about at all. Using a texthooker is just like reading normally, the text just comes up in a different window.

>> No.20064143

tfw no loli vampire gf

>> No.20064161

So you're too incompetent to read Japanese fonts in games?

Or I don't understand what do you need it for.

Either way, you're subhuman.

>> No.20064187
File: 1.45 MB, 1853x720, vertical text.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No, I can read them just fine. In fact they usually have better fonts than what I'm reading from through the texthooker. It's just uncomfortable to read horizontal text all the time.

Vertical text is a lot smoother, almost like the writing system evolved with vertical text in mind. How am I gonna read moege in vertical text without a texthooker?

And why are you so hostile? I know that some people around these parts think vertical text is hard to read because they don't read anything but games and forums, but it's not unusual for people with enough reading experience to prefer reading vertical text. Some people have a lot more experience reading all sorts of different mediums, and vertical text just feels right for extended prose.

>> No.20064191

Jesus, may God have mercy on your soul.

>> No.20064222

I don't use it but https://github.com/Artikash/Textractor seems to get updated pretty often, there's a chance it might work better on newer games. Other than that if you want to hook games as soon as they're released you'll probably have to learn how to make h-codes.

>> No.20064231

Cool, I'll give it a shot.

>> No.20064240

>almost like the writing system evolved with vertical text in mind.
And we evolved with a horizontal field of view in mind, hence why our eyes are to the right and left of each other and not on top or bottom. Maybe that guy is right about you being subhuman. Are you by chance unusually paranoid that a bird of prey will swoop down on you from above? Just wondering.

>> No.20064270

Can anybody run Textractor on Linux with Wine?
I can't do it no matter what, while ITHVNR works out of the box...

>> No.20064279


>> No.20064522

rutracker has it, both the normal version which I read and the FD which supposedly has the whole game included so you may want to read that instead. I liked it for the most part, though I'm not a big fan of stories about bullying and the only heroine that was my type was Hayami. Yui seems to have a route in the FD and I also liked her so I really fucked up by not reading just that.

>> No.20064530

The FD doesn't have the base game included. However, there is a version that kinda combines the main game and the FD, but cuts out a few things.

>> No.20064543

Complete Story Edition, right? That's the one I have but haven't read yet, because I already did the game and I'm only really interested in the Yui route.

>> No.20064585

Yes. http://seiya-saiga.com/game/makura-soft/h2oaaa_cse.html

I think they call it "complete story edition", because they cut out the stuff unrelated to it. Like some minigame, no idea if it gave h-scenes or whatever. Or some weird omake scenario, which was completely random and had nothing to do with the game.

>> No.20065574
File: 1.83 MB, 2944x2996, IMG_20181014.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey /jp/. I went to character1 a while ago for some sign event and a free novel at Favorite's. Are the novels for さくらもゆ readily available? I have a copy to share if it's not.

>> No.20065655

I really like Kotori but Yoshibi just invited me to her home in Nanairo. What should I do???

>> No.20065674

gib calendar

>> No.20065702

How the fuck do I get past the protection on Tasogare no Sinsemilla? Anybody have a crack?

>> No.20065743

No, they're not. It would be cool if you'd share it.

Get the unlock patch Applique released.

>> No.20065767

Sorry for begging like this, but can you show me where it is?

>> No.20065776

First get 修正パッチver.1.04 and then アクティベーション解除パッチ.

>> No.20065801

Thank you, friend

>> No.20065846

The link for アクティベーション解除パッチ does not work though, and neither does the mirrors.

>> No.20065857

>hooking to read vertically
I have to say I didn't actually expect this level of autism.

>> No.20065871

Here https://files.catbox.moe/gfib45.7z

>> No.20065970

He's just an EOP trying to distract from the real reason he's hooking.

>> No.20066033

Wasn't this on PS2?

>> No.20066063

There are literally tons like this, that one in particular is nothing special though I liked the art. Go to this game's dlsite page and click through the recommenced games.

>> No.20066177

Indeed it was.

>> No.20067082

your troll detector is broken go fix it

>> No.20067336

Any games set in Kyoto?

>> No.20068858
File: 60 KB, 925x584, sublime_text_2018-10-14_16-07-11.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wonder what reasoning went into every character sprite change lasting 701 milliseconds.

>> No.20068983

Does anyone have Odeon and would be willing to share?

>> No.20069231


>> No.20069265

Just finished 鬼哭街, any other good short ones, or at least have routes just as short?

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