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This is a Japanese language learning thread designed by and for those interested in traditional otaku media such as anime, manga, visual novels, light novels, and Japanese video games.
If you have no interest in otaku media or want to request a translation, this is not the thread for you.

Read the guide before asking stupid questions.

Old guide site below.

Last thread: >>19727056

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>forgot thread number

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Delete this thread

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People can't delete their own threads anymore.

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use streamable

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4chan X settings > filter > subject
/daily japanese thread/i;highlight;

filter > comment

Now DJT should always show up at the very top of the catalog, even when the OP forgets the subject (like ITT).

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>Oh you're talking about reading? Well ACHTUAL-LEE, written Japanese isn't Japanese! It's a written representation!
I mean he's not wrong but why is he making a big deal out of this right here? It's unrelated to the topic at hand.

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if you just search djt it'll catch it anyway

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Searching takes effort. This way you just open /jp/ and there it is, right at the top of the page for you (with a kawaii highlight).

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That's 4 whole extra characters that you have to type, man.

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What's the おい here? I can't parse it.
Context: A little girl just walked into a house, the door was open which set off some red flags but she kept going in.

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i don't even have to type them because firefox puts them there for me

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>saving your browsing history

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It's ok, I'll just shoot myself if anyone ever finds out I know Japanese

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>Abandon thoughts
>To make up one's mind
>To make a moment's decision
I'm mad

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To cut off your thoughts [and just do something].

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>why is he making a big deal out of this right here?
One look at him should answer that question for you.

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verb stem + 切る means to do something to completion.

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Good thing 思い is a noun here.

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yeah and it takes that meaning from "cut"

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poor loli gon' get raped

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No it's not, anon.

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But it is.

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Why do your interview in Japanese if you have to say "maa" after every word? It's unbelievably irritating to listen to.

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Only in the sense that all verb stems are nouns. If you're presuming that 思い here isn't a verb stem then you're wrong.

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All I said was it was a noun here, anon.

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Why did you say it then? Responding to "verb stem + 切る" with "but it's a noun" is obviously getting at something.

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Is し a noun in し始める?

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getting at your autism

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>Autism (noun): To notice someone's flawed argument and comment on it.

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Yeah. Some 連用形 attachment friendly verbs take multiple meaning depending on whether the 連用形 is interpreted as an infinitive or a noun, which is context/emphasis dependent. That's why 思い切る has an annoying range of senses. Same with 振り切る.

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multiple meanings*
Don't buy heavy switche kids.

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Spoken Japanese isn't Japanese, it's a spoken representation.

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Do you think that the literal meaning of 切る in isolation didn't contribute to what it means as a conjugation and doesn't affect how word choice works or something?

Christ. Don't study advanced grammar, kids.

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Reminder that most Japanese words that you think gave multiple meanings don't actually have multiple meanings, this is just a simplification to help you understand the word. In reality the word has only one meaning, but it doesn't have a single word that directly correlates to its range of usage in English, leading to the need of multiple words or phrases in English to explain it.

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That's a verb you retard

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definitions are senses, not meanings

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It's a pronoun dumbass

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How did he wind up having to use so many interjections when he rehearsed the video multiple times before making the version he uploaded?

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連用形 is not infinitive wtf, japanese does not even have an infinitive
思い in 思い切る is never interpreted as a noun, that doesn't make any sense
思い切る is also not even annoying either, this is just more clown business like when people complain about かける

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You don't know what an infinitive is.

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He probably just recorded it a few times and picked the one that sounded least gaijin
He actually sounds good in that webm clip except for the horrible intonation on それで. Natives use those interjections just like he did, they just don't sound alien because they have native accents.
That clip is definitely better than the posers in >>19735011 but if it's not candid then I would like to see candid.

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I know what a fucking infinitive is, it's not a hard concept. This is like telling me I don't know what a dog is.

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Okay. What's an infinitive?

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fuck anki, man

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how's this sound, if you pick up an LN and start trying to work through it i'll give you a gold star for the day and you can skip your anki reps

if it all goes well you can do it tomorrow and the day after and all the days after that too

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I don't get what Matt vs Pokeman means.

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does anyone know which volume this is from, i want to clip a nihongo version but i don't want to spend time looking for it

>> No.19735210

reviews would just pile up, dude
i'll give you a tin star for effort, though

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i'm telling you to quit anki you dim gaijin

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Hey uhh i would like to make an anki deck with the help of yomichan where the cards work so that you first see the english translations of the word and then when you turn it you see the kanji and hiragana versions, how do? I want to be able to recall the reading from the english words alone so i can actually use them for producing japanese instead of just being able to read.
Having done RTK i believe this order is superior.

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>all 200 volumes of Kochikame are available in the DJT library
Finally, time to read up on this Japanese tradition and reunite with my high school Japanese friend Takuji who lent me volume 1 when I can barely read katakana

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wtf no

>card with Knaji on the front
>if you don't know the reading and the word, try again later

Putting meanings on the front of cards is a bad idea once you start stacking synonyms

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this is the worst idea ever

you won't be able to produce japanese just because you have a english-to-nihongo index of vocabulary in your head, there are so many differences in word use and meaning and grammar that anything you produced would still end up being a bunch of garbled nonsense until you spent enough time reading and listening to actually pick up the language

just do it the normal j-e way if you feel the need to do anki, and also go read

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Yeah i know but that's why i figured it ought to have many meanings there. Surely the synonyms don't have completely same meanings? Or i suppose some do, well maybe this isn't a good idea then.

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If you arleady have a deck with the front side showing the japanese vocab and the back showing the English, you can just reverse the front and the back sides of the Anki cards. It's a thing you can do with the program itself.

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Oh it's just that i'm doing a jap course in school rn because why not? it's free, an easy course and the teacher is a native. The thing is that after every chapter there is a vocab like usual, and ofc i could just study them the conventional way but i figured that putting them into anki would be faster since i've had good a experience with anki so far.

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Oh cool, i'll try that out and see if this method works at all.

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The point is to eventually have a nice catalogue of "ideas" stored in your head with Japanese words attached to them. It's really helpful to be able to access all the words that mean one thing or the next instead of relying 100% on 1 or 2 words you know.

Like, at any given time, a news story will have the words 遺体 and 死体 in sentences for variety, or 死亡する and then 亡くなる. Kind of like how we don't really think of different things when we hear "body" and "corpse" in this context, or "died" and "passed away."

Make no mistake, early on it's very important to fill the meaning gaps in your head with just the one word, but it NEVER hurts to know more than one in case you either want to spice things up, or if you forget one but can remember another.

>> No.19735280

well do whatever you want on your own time, just keep in mind you won't learn any japanese through anything that doesn't consist of reading or listening to big time gachi nihongo

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Do people actually read like this? White text on black background? The default settings on the DJT library for novels?

It strains my eyes, especially if I move on from that to Jisho. I know I can change it (and I did), but do people actually read things like this? Do you not hurt your eyes if so?

>> No.19735306

The less light from your monitor the better? Idk, but changing to darken mode on many websites is preferrable to me atleast.

>> No.19735307

it's actually illuminated white backgrounds that cause eye strain not black backgrounds
paper is okay because it's not self illuminating

>> No.19735309

I read on a kindle but I don't have any problem reading gray text on a black background like that, people do it all the time to reduce light from their monitor. The light is what stresses your eyes and keeps you awake.

>> No.19735310

> ごじら
> Godzilla

>> No.19735315

I can't think up of a portmanteau that combines god and whale.

>> No.19735316


>> No.19735323

Oh. I thought they first thought of the name Godzilla and then katakanised it to ごじら.

>> No.19735334

Most people prefer reading white on black than the opposite when it comes to monitors. Isn't there a jisho dark mode? Also why are you using jisho to begin with, just use yomichan.

>> No.19735343

>Also why are you using jisho to begin with, just use yomichan.
Less convenient. Using yomichan is so easy, so simple, it doesn't feel like I'm actually learning.

>> No.19735351

if you wanted to learn you would load up a J->J epwing dictionary

>> No.19735357

Good idea! I'll start using that, and if I don't get it I'll use the J-E epwing I already installed. Thanks, anon.

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Should I go straight into Kojien or would Daijirin suffice? Didn't realize Koijen was far more massive than Daijirin.

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>> No.19735383

Kojien is the old school dictionary. It has annoying wordy definitions and doesn't order them by most common usage, I think it orders them by the historical order in which they were derived (which means a lot of the words have uncommon definitions first).

Daijirin is better, it has pitch accent info and clearer definitions that are ordered by most common usage. Meikyou is also really good so I would download that too.

>> No.19735389

Yeah, so it's more convenient, not less. I mean if you feel that actually typing the word in jisho and potentially manually adding to anki helps it stick, good for you. You do realize that just looking up on jisho once isn't really learning either though, right?

>> No.19735396

No, I'm saying Jisho is less convenient and the effort of actually getting it into Jisho helps me remember it than just hanging your mouse and let the definitions float above the word.

I also prefer reading paper novels or novels in JPG format for this reason, although for the latter KanjiTomo was always there, the temptress.

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File: 28 KB, 1288x666, gaman.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here's an example of what I'm talking about with Kojien.
Top definition is Kojien, bottom is Meikyou.

>> No.19735406

The problem in your image is that it has poor contrast. Because that's not white on black. it's grey on grey. Pure white on pure black would be bad as well but a little lighter grey for the text would probably make it much better. And yes, light text on a dark background is more comfortable to read on a backlit screen, at least for me.

>> No.19735408

Huh, I actually got some of those meanings! The meikyou ones especially. Maybe moving to a J-J dictionary won't be the mindcrushing pain I thought it'll be after all.

Thanks anon, I'll follow your recc and download Meikyou. Shit, it's just 14 MB, like a tenth of Daijirin.

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File: 21 KB, 1285x457, gaman.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And this is Daijirin.
This one is probably the most informative in this particular case. Meikyou conveys nuance better sometimes.

>> No.19735414

Ah, I see! Sorry I got confused. Yeah that would make sense. I personally use yomichan because it lets me easily put the words I don't know directly into anki with audio.

>> No.19735419

What do the black diamonds and the white square mean? Is there a glossary of Japanese dictionary icons somewhere?

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The black diamond is just what meikyou uses to put a note at the end and the white squares are just how daijirin makes numbers look more important.

They don't mean anything but real symbols you can probably find a glossary for if you browse the epwing index. They're just kanji and numbers though so use your head and figure it out.

>> No.19735429

Are you saying you're going to read manga?

>> No.19735434

oh shit oh shit oh shit no i don't mean that please forgive me for this one small mistake

>> No.19735435

you better post a video of yourself crunching on some manga pages like bungaku shoujo someday or i'll be sorely disappointed

>> No.19735439

yeah, I'll do that once I finishes my first non-LN novel

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Every time I encounter 麗 the first thing I see is a face. I can't be the only one, can I?

>> No.19735459

It's a pretty deer wearing glasses.

>> No.19735463

So many Kanji have faces

笑 笛 筆 麓 魔 質 盗 the list goes on and on, but some definitely look freakier than others

>> No.19735467





>> No.19735483

To the people here that read novels, how did you get into it? What was your first novel? I'm at 6k words total and reading moege is a breeze but I'd like something more challenging.

>> No.19735492

novels aren't reading

>> No.19735496

Go to http://djt.netlify.com
Pick up an interesting novel and start reading
Look up and save words you dont know
Rinse and repeat for the rest of your life

>> No.19735528 [DELETED] 

Hey /djt/, so I found this guy called "Khatzumoto" while Googling effective ways to learn Japanese online. Apparently there are quite a few people who have attained near-native fluency through his AJATT method. Should I give it a try? Can I trust him?

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>> No.19735535 [DELETED] 

what a bitch

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At which point should I start reading? After 6k or do I need to do another 4k before yotsuba?

>> No.19735677

Need to do at least 10k, plus 10000 hours of English dubbed Anime with Japanese subs

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What the fuck?

>> No.19735701

Nihongo is a mystery language.

>> No.19735706

If you postponed reading past 1000 cards in Anki your Japanese is permanently crippled. You may as well just give up by this point.

>> No.19735707

that's true of most grammar exceptions to be fair

>> No.19735709

I watch Kizuna Ai's videos every day though so I should be ok until I start reading about a year from now

>> No.19735720

How do you learn a mystery language?

>> No.19735725

Try not being an eop

>> No.19735760

What's the secret to doing an uvular nasal sound (ɴ) for ん? I can't seem to do it. Should I even bother?

>> No.19735781

I would like to know this too. Also, sometimes it sounds like 'm' rather than 'n', like sempai. What's with that?

>> No.19735794


>> No.19735798


>> No.19735833

The video doesn't really tell how to do the open nasal passage thing while producing a sound. I just can't do those two things at once. I'll just pretend my velar nasal is an uvular nasal for now, they sound similar anyway.

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File: 2.63 MB, 1131x812, 1530179583489.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19735865

put your tongue father back in your mouth than when you say "k" and make a nasal sound

>> No.19735874




>> No.19735876

Oh, so that's how you do it, thanks anon.

>> No.19735884

Hold on I'll eat some naruto later.

Manga isn't reading, it's watching or eating.

>> No.19735901

you should start right now

>> No.19735919


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File: 249 KB, 1600x1200, CJCover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anyone have this book as pdf or ebook?

>> No.19736059

I think I got it once as pro learning experience and I will be awake and I will be at the end of the day I will be studying for Japanese and I am a normal human being with a lot of time and energy to make things work and I will be awake and I am not even sure what to do about it more and more often than I have ever been able to do.

>> No.19736068

> He doesn't eat books to absorb it's knowledge

>> No.19736077

>I'm having a stroke
>My Japanese is interfering with my English and making it worse
>People can suddenly not type coherent English sentences online
I can't tell which is true.

>> No.19736087

I just learned this word
生き地獄 and is sooo cool

>> No.19736088

What are you talking about?

>> No.19736095

Context anon.

>> No.19736102

You fags blind? >>19736059

>> No.19736115

How are you doing with your new studies of Japanese in of beginning at today?

>> No.19736128

don't get that

>> No.19736134

Gonna drone my reps and then read barely comprehensible material that even 3 year old children could do fine at, same as every day.

>> No.19736148

Lived in Japan til I was 5. Didn't study since leaving for Europe. Am 26.what do

>> No.19736159

The same thing everyone else is doing. You fucked up by not using it, young kids learn language fast but forget it just as fast if they don't use it.

>> No.19736161

Don't mention if you still know the language or anything, why would we need to know that?

>> No.19736169

read things

>> No.19736244

But you also relearn it a lot easier, since it doesn't completely leave your brain.

>> No.19736278

I wonder how that works. I once saw on the news about a guy who got into a car accident. When he woke up he only spoke French, which he spoke when he was younger and had then since forgotten.

>> No.19736315

Going to Japan in 2 weeks, I'm at about N4 level in reading but not so much listening and especially humble/honorific stuff I'd have to listen to in shops/restaurants. Any good resource I could cram for two weeks?

>> No.19736351

>Any good resource I could cram for two weeks?
ye I heard google has some stuff

>> No.19736359

I should reiterate - Any resources you guys specifically recommend to be useful for conversations I'm likely to get into while being a tourist in Japan, that I can realistically consume in two weeks' time?

>> No.19736405

Studying has been for 1 year and if taking test of N expensive or not so much a lot? Also of using can do what?

>> No.19736410

my dick

>> No.19736418 [DELETED] 

>the rest of the internet
>Donald J Trump
I dont get the joke

>> No.19736425

I see an archaeologist finding a mediocre painting of a deer on the ceiling of a cave which he loves so much he copies over to the ceiling of his house. He asks his wife for her thoughts and she says "It's lovely..." but she really believes it's mediocre.

>> No.19736473

Trump is the joke. But sadly he's not really that funny.

>> No.19736493

Where the fuck is the deer?

>> No.19736500

告る(こくる)is a casually saying of 告白する

>> No.19736503

Bambi enters a cave and notices two spoons beside a side order of salad. But what's the main course?

>> No.19736552
File: 158 KB, 800x1160, 1535119480971.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Bambi's bringing it

>> No.19736560 [DELETED] 

>he's not really that funny.
Yeah, he is. He's fucking hysterically funny.

This typifies the lack of objectivity on the Left. Hate him all you want, but if you're on 4chan, chances are you like seeing niggas get roasted. He roasts niggas on Twitter every day, Come have fun with us.

>> No.19736570

Not everyone on 4chan is racist.

>> No.19736574

Neither are we.

>> No.19736575

you'd fit in better on reddit and that's not a joke.

>> No.19736599 [DELETED] 

> He roasts niggas on Twitter every day
So this is what passes off as "humour" in アメリカ

>> No.19736604

>Not everyone on 4chan is racist.
Not everyone you don't agree with is racist.

>> No.19736621 [DELETED] 

Where's the humor? Trump lobs shit at the Democrats all day on social media. If you're paying attention it's amazing to watch how little he gives a fuck. I'd think you'd enjoy that spirit of rebellion.

>> No.19736622
File: 39 KB, 374x374, D8CRtMS.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

仕事によってとても疲れた is not wrong
but sounds a bit unnatural (ちょっとかたくるしい感じがする)

停電によって大変困った is as natural as で、のために for me

>> No.19736645 [DELETED] 

I know right? All those wh*teoids who keep saying the 'N' word on 4chin should be banned or better yet burned at the stake am I right?
Upvoted ;)

>> No.19736647 [DELETED] 

His twitter tantrums aren't funny or witty at all. Simply whining about something or someone doesn't make your output amusing.

>> No.19736663

Man, you're glossing over all the good stuff. But this is off-topic and we should stop.

>> No.19736681

good news my reviews are going to dip below 100 for the first time in 3 months in 2 days

>> No.19736765

Is there so kind of rule do add both accent to an hiragana in a kanji-composed word (i don't know how to say it exactly, transforming こ to ご for example).
Because i have seen a lot of word in wich one of the on yomi reading of a kanji is transform that way in shonen but the word cannot be seen in any dictionnary.

>> No.19736790

Terrible English-kun, it's near impossible to understand you.

>> No.19736803

Readings are sometimes changed to make it easier to say.

>> No.19736823

You don't know english.

>> No.19736832

Yeah not only do i have communication disorder but i am not an english native.
What i was trying to say was that if a word isn't in any dictionnary, is there a way to know if any of the kanji composing the word is altered? For example a こ becoming a ご?

>> No.19736842


>> No.19736907

Get Kojien + Daijisen. In the case that Kojien has a confusing definition (not the frequent occurrence that some people in these threads would have you believe), usually Daijirin's definition isn't any easier to understand, whereas Daijisen's usually is (despite being generally very similar to Daijirin).

>> No.19737008

just took a shower now i'm gonna "read" for 2 hours (use yomichan to hover over all the symbols and piece together what each sentence is conveying and apparently this is going to help me "read" in the future somehow)

>> No.19737031

Unironically does if you pay attention instead of just gliding like a faggot.

>> No.19737054

what does it meant to pay attention or to glide? for example i mull over the sentence for a minute trying to understand what each part of it is trying to do, and then what it conveys (and i give up if it takes too long), but i don't know if this info will stick in my head in the long term since i'm using yomichan.

>> No.19737065

>use yomichan
You're not gonna make it.

>> No.19737076


>> No.19737082

man this this is so confusing to me. without a dictionary i don't know anything so reading is worthless

>> No.19737094

Go back to drawing your stickmen.

>> No.19737097

some people do similar things in their native tongue, you know. plenty of Americans out here who say "well" and "like" between all of their sentences. overuse of disfluencies doesn't necessarily indicate a lack of proficiency, just a lack of eloquence

>> No.19737116

anon no

>> No.19737118

Just killed a man

>> No.19737130

So how does Matt's MIA differ from AJATT again?

>> No.19737133

you didn't really address anything he said though. it IS irritating, especially when the person is older and should carry themselves with some respect and not talk like a 13 year old boy. you have no excuse in your second language

>> No.19737140


>> No.19737146

I meant that you should use rikai.

>> No.19737152

>Doing X
You're not gonna make it.
X isn't reading.
You don't know Japanese.
Bad faith.
Matt. AJATT.
You're doing it wrong, I'm doing it right.
Nice strawman.
X will permanently cripple your Japanese.

I just covered the next 10 threads of DJT so you won't miss anything, go study.

>> No.19737158

What kind of grammar is it when you have two verbs connected with って like 知って楽しむ- [X]?
Is it like "Fun to know"?

>> No.19737163

That’s only this one thread you’ve covered. There will be something new in the next.

>> No.19737174

Man have you ever seen the fucking news? People do that in every language and it is irritating in every language.

>> No.19737178


>> No.19737185

You seem traumatized.

>> No.19737203

You must live a very sheltered life in your mom's house if you think that's "traumatized".

>> No.19737210

yes i have seen the news. they read off teleprompters. if you're talking about the discussion programs then they do not do those interjection non-words with nearly the frequency with which matt and luke do.
まぁちょっとなんかなんか相談したい fuck off with that shit and learn to speak properly

>> No.19737216

So the sentence 知って楽しむ情報 is simply wrong or doesn't make sense? "Information that I know and enjoy"?

>> No.19737237

Several things. Firstly AJATT has a bad rep because of the shitty AJATT website and Khatz' attempts to monetize dumb shit, or push dumb shit like MCDs. Also flexibility. He wants MIA to incorporate more experimentation and your preference depending on your goals. Lastly he says AJATT gets you 90% of the way to a native while he wants MIA to get you 100% of the way if that's what you want. He thinks you need to study pitch accent early on if you want to acquire it. And he thinks in order to become close to a native you'll have to do some dedicated study of subjects you might not find fun.

>> No.19737252

知って楽しむ is modifying 情報, yes.

>> No.19737256

So the guy on my Jap teacher's FB page is just dumb.

>> No.19737310

I meant when they interview random people on the news.

>> No.19737384 [DELETED] 

nice to see that 4chan is healthy and definitely not saturated with people who are fully indulging in their unbridled mental problems in public to the detriment of others

>> No.19737521

The door is right there, buddy.


>> No.19737530

you don't know japanese

>> No.19738023

That's a good resource tho

>> No.19738052

Why is this even a thing

>> No.19738065

Wow, how did you know that I'm not fluent? Did the fact that I'm posting in a thread about learning Japanese give me a way? Speaking of which, what are you doing here?

>> No.19738066

Enjoying your first day on 4chan?

>> No.19738083

i've been here longer than you
you're not just not fluent, you don't know japanese at all

>> No.19738091

youll understand after you watch 10000 hours of anime

>> No.19738105

I'm just gonna go ahead and say that the average /r/learnjapanese poster knows the language better than the average /djt/ poster.

>> No.19738118

There are 120k members on /r/learnjapanese do you still support your claim?

>> No.19738128

Yes. The average member that regularly posts and didn't just subscribe or whatever to ask how to learn hiragana and then fucked off knows the language better than the people that regularly post in these threads.

>> No.19738164
File: 15 KB, 317x120, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i really doubt that

>> No.19738230

this guy is right. i just started reading and it's taken me 40 minutes to read that a guy has followed a path to his school and he took out his id and that something is suspicious

>> No.19738231

That's actually hilarious.

>> No.19738242
File: 19 KB, 800x600, 猫.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.19738273
File: 58 KB, 1080x720, nomu.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.19738286

Where's the 欠?

>> No.19738293

his mouth is open

>> No.19738336
File: 50 KB, 1080x720, 1535129972888.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19738361

Kino no tabi is boring what do i read

>> No.19738375
File: 121 KB, 1156x725, grinningmanwithlonghairholdingabeerflipsopenabarrelofbeer.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I can't draw

>> No.19738394


>> No.19738427

the bible

>> No.19738479
File: 164 KB, 1018x786, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

this is actually a good idea

>> No.19738522

why does のこと come after a person when a speaker is talking about them?

>> No.19738528

cuz it's about they koto dude, what's the problem?

>> No.19738531

You really like to make a lot of assumptions about people you don't know on the internet. It's looking increasingly as though the one with 'unbridled mental problems' here is you. Projecting much?

>> No.19738585

>i've been here longer than you
>bragging about taking longer to learn japanese

>> No.19738596

anyone seen this book online?

>> No.19738610

yikes I passed n5 before I even really started studying japanese

>> No.19738622

Same, I did the n5 test before I even learned kana and still passed.

>> No.19738633

Holy shit thats the asshole who argued with me that you had to do RTK before you started anything else, what a poptart.

>> No.19738641

I just don't understand.. I bought genki1&2, I downloaded anki and core10k, I subscribed to m*ttvsjap*n's patreon...... why doesn't Japanese come to me now, what am I missing?

>> No.19738647

At least he has a cool 十八番

>> No.19738675
File: 355 KB, 415x572, matto.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

matt doesn't recommend genki or core10k. please don't spread misinformation.

>> No.19738676
File: 41 KB, 951x288, 1533117527579.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19738694
File: 220 KB, 1342x606, djt geniuses.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19738729

If someone is shitposting about donald trump being "hilarious" somewhere that has absolutely nothing to do with politics at all, I'm pretty sure they're the one with "unbridled mental health problems".

>> No.19738733

>see ほうがいい after verb
>look it up on DOJG
>understand the purpose it serves

And now what? How do I remember this shit? I'm going to forget it in no time.

>> No.19738736

Where can I take the N0 test?

>> No.19738738


>> No.19738744


>> No.19738748


>> No.19738754

i thought anki was bad? fucking god damn it.

>> No.19738759

can u take breaks during anki sessions

>> No.19738760

add sentences using that grammar point to anki

>> No.19738773

>taking N5 in the first place
>failing it

>> No.19738774

What format for the card do you recommend? Sentence without ほうがいい for instance on the front and ほうがいい on the back? Or how?

>> No.19738785

cheap but I fucking laughed

>> No.19738795

so に particle + もらう can also mean ”from?” Huh, good to know.

>> No.19738798

I spread mine out and do them when I have extra time.

>> No.19738800

What kind of things you encounter at N5?

>> No.19738805
File: 93 KB, 600x253, 3bf686ffb40474e536025e162c6f7fcd.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.19738807

Japanese sentence with ほうがいい on the front
if you're just starting, put an English translation on the back or maybe a short summary of the ほうがいい grammar point

when reviewing, read the sentence
if you know what it means, good job
if you don't know, look at the translation or explanation on the back again
don't make a conscious effort to memorize the exact English translation or word for word explanation of a grammar point

>> No.19738811


1. had better (after past tense verb)
2. had better (not​ after negative verb)

>> No.19738816


>> No.19738818

sorry i messed up the 2nd definition it should be "had better not ("

>> No.19738824

fucking kek

>> No.19738826

I just add a sentence to the front, then any notes/translations on the back. Then just click correct if I fully understood that sentence. I don't even look at the notes after a while for that card if I feel confident about it. Maybe you could try that. It's worked for me.

>> No.19738834


>> No.19738835

Here you go, manga is eating https://streamable.com/3mzd6

Words for DJT:
43 『隣り人を愛し、敵を憎め』と言われていたことは、あなたがたの聞いているところである。
44 しかし、わたしはあなたがたに言う。敵を愛し、迫害する者のために祈れ。

>> No.19738840




>> No.19738865


>> No.19738877

good video

>> No.19738908

i guess i have trouble not thinking about it literally as "thing of person"

>> No.19738926
File: 207 KB, 1023x790, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

khatz says add 50 sentences a day to anki
matt says add 10 sentences a day to anki
how many items do you add to anki a day if you use anki?

>> No.19738934

I add them to my brain.

>> No.19738940

Hmm I was going to start 6k after I finished rtk next month.. should I not? I think I at least want to do core of all the verbs

>> No.19738952

If I had to bet, I'd say you did rtk.

>> No.19738957

Read more. You'll see it repeated often enough that you'll stop having to look it up and you'll eventually stop worrying when you see it because you know what it means.

>> No.19738960

Everything is good and everything is bad, it depends where you're at and what you need. If it's not making you better then stop, if it's helping you especially in an area you're weak then do more of it. That's i + 1 bro.

>> No.19738963

I add as many as are worth adding
I learn at least 10 new ones a day, sometimes more if feel like it
50 per day is overkill, you'll drown in reps

>> No.19738971

you got memed

>> No.19738981

Khatz went fluent in 18 months so..

>> No.19738998

i did not, just curious. Does the grammar reference cover this?

>> No.19739017

An episode of anime would cover that, I imagine.

>> No.19739125

That conversation ended 4 hours before your post. Just report them and the posts will be deleted (as they now have been). Your post was nothing more than passive-aggressive whinging, and it wasn't even clear who you were responding to since you decided to direct it at "4chan".

>I'm pretty sure they're the one with "unbridled mental health problems".
No, that's still you. They're just idiots.

>> No.19739154


ねえねえ アンオン さん

>> No.19739189

Good job responding to a single-line hour-old post dude.

>> No.19739400

Of all things studying to do during avoid what should a person of being do?

>> No.19739535

I'm only the only one learning Japanese so I can use Anki. Love flying through my reps. Always reviewing my forgoten cards.

>> No.19739566

Holy fuck

>> No.19739567

does anyone know how to remove all answer buttons in anki besides 1 and 3

>> No.19739573


>> No.19739590


>> No.19739603

Imagine not knowing English in 2018 LOL

>> No.19739617

Are you using Google translate to write your posts?

>> No.19739622

Si señor. Es muy cómico.

>> No.19739694

Problem is the font you're using and the antialiasing making it look all fuzzy and grey-ish. With such low resolution screen, better to switch to a font that doesn't use antialiasing. My suggestion is switch to MS Gothic, or MS Mincho.

>> No.19739777
File: 280 KB, 856x480, Tiger.Dragon.E02.DVDrip.x264.AC3-YYeTs.mkv_snapshot_21.51_[2018.08.24_17.14.17].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.19739794
File: 622 KB, 1280x720, sex.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19739802

I could probably be fluent in Italian, Spanish and German by the time I'm conversational in Japanese. Fuck this language.

>> No.19739810

yeah but do those 3 have any enjoyable media no thought so put that fucking monobeno poster back on the wall and get to it you shit

>> No.19739819

I have that thought every now and then but then I remember that I hate those languages and there's no reason for me to ever speak them

>> No.19739832

Stop whining little faggot bitch go write those kanji until your hand breaks

>> No.19739834

True true
I can't stop falling into this trap despite knowing I don't like talking to people at all, let alone in a language other than my native one.

>> No.19739839

DJT, if I play this video enough times, will I learn Japanese?


>> No.19739871

Why are you using a bitmap font in 2018? Kanji is composed of strokes (curves) not dots (pixels). They especially look like shit any time there's anything that's even slightly angled.

>> No.19739876

that's what epwing dictionary viewers look like, and making them use vector fonts is a bad idea because they contain custom bitmap based glyphs in places

>> No.19739885

Oh you're talking about gaiji. I just live with them because I personally only ever see them for accented roman letters. I use qolibri and it uses a vector font by default, though I'm sure you could change your reader's as well.

>> No.19739944

N5 is unironically difficult if you don’t know all the grammar.

>> No.19739950

Who the fuck takes N5 before knowing the grammar, though? It's not a lot of grammar. You can be ready for N5 in a couple of weeks of cramming.

>> No.19739970

41 is a lot of grammar.

>> No.19740024

I'm reading キノの旅 as my first novel and it's painful to look up every other word. Hold me, /djt/.

>> No.19740039

Bottom line a test is a test and everybody studies for tests. If anybody would study for any test idk what would make this so different that people are failing it.

>> No.19740049

Has anyone here used iKnow for 6K? Would you recommend it?

>> No.19740071

So I've been reading through Tae Kim's guide and I'm a bit confused on what to do. It's this massive collection of a bunch of grammar rules I'm supposed to know before I read but how should I retain the knowledge from it? All this information is being dumped on me and I'm not sure how I should be studying it throughout the course of going through Tae Kim.

>> No.19740078

Start with something more suited to your level?

>> No.19740083

i think iknow overtests you. all you really need is a recognition test but iknow will test you on so many different aspects of the word that i think it's a waste of time

>> No.19740088

There are grammar anki decks you could find on google that could help you remember what each grammar point looks like if you want.

Otherwise you should read the guide once or twice and then start reading material that suits your vocabulary knowledge. Whenever you encounter a grammar point you don't recognize look it up again on Tae Kim or another grammar dictionary to refresh your memory.

>> No.19740089

did you see that redditor who did iknow's 6k? not only does he not regret it but he loved it. give it a shot!

>> No.19740113

Okay I just checked it out and it has multiple-choice questions. Discarded. What's even the point of multiple-choice for learning vocabulary? Giving people the illusion that they remember the word?

>> No.19740118

Iktfb, you just have to ganbatte
that being said, it's a LN or a """novel""", an actual novel would reck your shit beyond recognition at this stage

no it's fine, sooner or later you have to power your way through something for the first time anyway and reading doesn't get much easier than Kino's Journey

>> No.19740128

heh i remember that guy, he gave me a good chuckle
i don't know why you screencapped it though that's kind of embarrassing

>> No.19740133

Just skim through it in 2 or 3 days and start reading. Everything in Tae Kim is really basic so anything you read will contain it. There's no need to memorize every conjugation rule, just have a basic idea, you'll learn it by reading. If you don't recognize a form put it on jisho

>> No.19740148

So far I've had a notebook open and I've been taking notes along the way for each section. Is that still a good thing to do?

>> No.19740149

Is this a bad way of memorizing hiragana instead of brute forcing it with writing?
>Play Dragon Quest IX
>Look up every Kana over and over again
>Gradually remember a few
I say I need to look up only half of them now.

>> No.19740153

Do what works for you.

>> No.19740156

That sounds time-consuming but if that helps you remember it won't hurt. What are your goals? If you're not in a huge rush it's okay to take your time at first with brand new basic grammar.

>> No.19740165

I guess you can think of it as of exposure. It also doesn't take very long so it may not be all that bad.

>> No.19740167

I have my Kindle to log all the words I look up, so I'll make cards out of them and re-read.

>> No.19740168

So the other day I was reading some posts here that there are some habits that you can develop early on that will be REALLY bad in the long run. What should I avoid doing?

>> No.19740174

i figured the act of taking notes would make things stick a little bit better
i don't think it was worth the time, but as long as you don't take over a month to do it's fine, the most important thing is to get to the reading
if your intent is to have a better reference, remember that you can use the all-in-one dojg page and never look at tae kim's mess again when you're done

>> No.19740181

a bit of djtkana would probably save some time in the beginning, but ultimately what you're doing is the only way to get actually good at kana anyway, so if you're not losing motivation then keep it up

>> No.19740186

speaking on your own. as in, you are making the sentence up yourself. repeating things japanese people say is safe, but you can make some bad habits if you speak early

>> No.19740219
File: 308 KB, 1027x528, dd.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Play Dragon Quest X
>Accidentally write English in global chat instead of PM

>> No.19740239

use that n2 skill to appeal depending on how sane mods are, i wouldn't know
alternatively use your newfound free time to progress further instead of pretending to progress by playing a timesink that happens to be in japanese

>> No.19740245

Spending your time here.

>> No.19740249

You don't know language learning.

>> No.19740254

really the only bad "habit" you can have that will seriously impair your prospective nihongo skill is having a small and incapable brain, but if that's the case it can't be helped (仕方がない)

>> No.19740263

that small looking つ doesn't mean つ lightly

>> No.19740280

try again but use your words this time so i can tell if there's anything you actually disagree with me on

>> No.19740288
File: 41 KB, 1873x173, wh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

which one? i'm only going to do the first few hundred anyway.

>> No.19740292

He's trying to argue that playing games in Japanese is being immersed in the language so they count as language learning and not a "timesink" like you said. But he doesn't want to start arguing for posts on end which is why he just replied with "You don't know language learning."

>> No.19740295

right but it's bullshit that you can just assert things like that without justifying it so fuck that piece of shit

>> No.19740297

I'm not arguing, I'm stating. Whether he wants to accept the truth it is up to him.

>> No.19740298

In all seriousness would playing a Japanese MMO be beneficial? Wouldn't most players use slang and junk which is harmful?

>> No.19740303

any of them are fine. i would suggest you resort the deck though because all of the core decks were sorted by nukemarine (someone who doesnt know japanese after studying for 8 years) in a really stupid order. once you sort it properly the first card should be 行く iku

>> No.19740311

i don't know japanese so i wouldn't know how to sort it but i do remember they start with numbers which seems off to me.

>> No.19740318

In all seriousness would talking to real people be beneficial? Wouldn't most of them just use a dialect or slang which is harmful?

>> No.19740319

It would totally be beneficial if that's what you want to do with Japanese.

It would make zero sense if it was say FF14 on an American server with the client set to Japanese, but if you're actually playing with Japanese players like DQX then there's a lot more interaction possible since you get to read hikikomoris post spazzy shit in chat.

Probably a better idea if you're at a high enough level where you can pretend to be native.

>> No.19740321

It's 4chan, pretty sure we're all tired of having 1 sided discussions that lead nowhere
Right, wrong choice of words my bad

>> No.19740324

you dont need to know japanese to sort it, its something you click in anki that resorts all the cards based on their proper frequency index. iirc there's the nukemarine index and then the core/iknow index which is the one you want.

>> No.19740327

the casualness of the speech may be a bigger barrier to entry but is probably not "harmful"
the bigger factor in my mind is that there's a lot of downtime where you're not actually using the language which is less efficient than just reading, or if you think you're at the stage that you should be chatting, just chatting
and then there's the possibility that you're just talking in english like the guy who posted about it in the first place

>> No.19740410
File: 13 KB, 250x192, 123444.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Anons of DJT come closer

>> No.19740419

what do you want?

>> No.19740421

*comes closer*

>> No.19740425


>> No.19740428

spent 15 minutes attempting to find out what you were talking about, but it turns out the core 2k/6k deck didn't have the sort option you talked about. it's in the core10k deck though so thanks. i already started reading and this index seems much more useful than nuke's.

>> No.19740444
File: 257 KB, 716x620, 1520270579118.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is jintai reading?

>> No.19740469
File: 23 KB, 500x375, 12453463461.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do your reps

>> No.19740477

yeah i think what you do is sort the cards in the browser by the index number, then you select all cards in the browser and click reschedule

>> No.19740482

Might be a longshot but I met some Australian sperg in Sapporo in April last year and he seemed like the type to go on here. Ring any bells?

>> No.19740501 [SPOILER] 
File: 221 KB, 1080x1920, 1535153578095.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19740510

Your target is below the horizon.

>> No.19740511

Once you know the hiragana, katakana, kanji, grammar rules, particles, and idioms, you can finally start the impossible task of learning japanese. Wtf did I get myself into.

>> No.19740515

imagine if you started learning japanese from the beginning

>> No.19740523

>Once you learn the language you can start learning the language

>> No.19740532

finally you can start building your 50,000 word vocabulary necessary to read a book on the same level as a japanese person

>> No.19740545

At least it's comforting to consider how that number is bloated by word and kanji combinations that have intuitive meanings and/or readings.

>> No.19740550

So anon. The one who slacked studying Kana for a class yesterday, how'd that go for you?

>> No.19740551

if you haven't memorized dictionaries you're setting yourself up to fail

>> No.19740559

It's easier if you learn ancient chinese first, it's like learning latin before romance languages, helps a ton.

>> No.19740564

anki is my dictionary

>> No.19740617

i hope you're ready to put thousands of hours into learning to write individual oracle bone script and seal script characters before you even think about studying how they were used

>> No.19740627

I got a 70% on it. Mixed up a couple but overall not bad.

>> No.19740662

use anon core 5k if you're gonna stick to the first few hundred, but do the full first thousand

alternatively use this deck someone just made yesterday >>19731737

>> No.19740688

I learn more words playing RPGs than I learn from VNs and Anki combined.

>> No.19740689

My goals are to just get to the point where I can read without trying to infer from context. I've been trying to read a bit and I can recognize words and I try to piece together bits and pieces to try to understand what it means but I'm not actually understanding it.
It's a little hard to explain but an example is that I can read only the words in a sentence without understanding the particles and I just take the nouns and verbs and try to figure out how the words fit together, rather than just reading naturally.

>> No.19740706
File: 23 KB, 921x828, wtf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

wtf is up with all these blank fields

>> No.19740708

probably just how it's structured, it was apparently made from a heavily edited computer generated frequency list

>> No.19740718
File: 13 KB, 616x399, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19740730


>> No.19740740

If I hypothetically needed to know all the Katakana in the next 4 hours what should I do? Just hypothetically.

>> No.19740747

use this for 4 hours straight https://itazuraneko.neocities.org/pages/kana.html

>> No.19740751

oh look another slacker
get cramming >>19740747

>> No.19740752
File: 216 KB, 752x1063, 1534862288888.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

use this pic some anon posted for 4 hours straight

>> No.19740763


>> No.19740770

It's their way of saying "about".

>> No.19740786

Which one do I use?
なに vs なんだ

>> No.19740798

nani yatteno, omae?

>> No.19740801


>> No.19740802

Nani sore vs Nanda

>> No.19740807

do you think its a better use of time to watch 4 different anime series for 3 episodes each or one full 12 episode series

>> No.19740816

generally watching a few series simultaneously on 1.5x speed is the best, that way you get the most immersion while still being able to understand what's going on

>> No.19740819

Neither. Don't binge or watch too much. 3 Episodes max a day.

>> No.19740820

何、それ? isn't grammatically correct it's colloquial/slang. Read a grammar guide before you embarrass yourself.

>> No.19740822

What does 和館 mean? According to Wikipedia, wakan is "a Japanese word used to describe historical Japanese settlements and missions in foreign countries." Weblio specifies that this is about Korean missions in particular. But in the example sentences, it seems to simply mean "Japanese-style house".

This book I'm reading uses a lot of Meiji-era language and orthography. The 和館 in question is very western-styled, so that doesn't seem to make sense, but there's also no other indication that they're outside of Japan. Could it simply mean "house in Japan"?

>> No.19740831

Can only infer but 和 is like "Japanese style" rather than just Japanese so it could be a Japanese-style-architecture building.

>> No.19740835

だ is just a rougher way to ask

you can say 何それ or you can say 何だそれ take your pick

>> No.19740857
File: 50 KB, 480x640, 232525252.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How hard would it be to jump into dragon quest ix? it has furrygana

>> No.19740863

Post the sentence.

>> No.19740877

Which one makes more sense, if any of them do at all?:



>> No.19740880

well i about offed myself watching just 4 episodes of karakai jouzu no takagi today even though i planned on watching all of it so i'd recommend watching several different shows a day.

>> No.19740882

both are broken

>> No.19740889

I assume you can tell what I'm trying to say, though. What would be a correct way to say it?

>> No.19740893


>> No.19740894

I'm curious about this too actually. DQIX and Zelda Phantom Hourglass both have furigana. Are they good?

>> No.19740898

how do i tell where words start and end

>> No.19740900


>> No.19740902

you'll never learn nihongo if you don't have the heart of steel required to binge all of monogatari + the fukuonsei in under 24 hours

that's a simple way to put it

>> No.19740908

What kind of usage of と is that, though?


>> No.19740916

The sentence is just setting establishment:
>時は明治二十年 ここは山の手のとある伯爵家の和館
Would that be a separate matter from having a western aesthetic? As in, there are western doors, windows, etc.

>> No.19740931


>> No.19740936

pattern recognition.
Alternatively, the reason there aren't spaces is partly because no one would be quite sure where to dictate the beginnings and endings of words.

>> No.19740942

yea but i'm used to english and a lot of japanese is just kana and okurigana and sometimes i can see like 2 or 3 different possible ways to split it all up because i'm new.

>> No.19740948
File: 29 KB, 559x145, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.19740969

This guy is kidding right? ifitypelikethiscanyoutell???

>> No.19740984

>decide to learn japanese
>read the first few pages of genki
>get bored
>open up a manga/ln/newspaper/w.e.
>>wtf why cant i read this
>make post online about where words end
I imagine that's about how it goes

>> No.19740991

To expand on this, the beginning and ending of a word is just a matter of consensus, even in English. Today used to be spelled "to day", for instance.

Is お part of お代 or is it a separate word? Is 本末転倒 one word or two (or four)? What about something like 見つかってしまった? What about polite constructions like お習いになる?

>> No.19740997

if you only see two or three ways you've already made progress, your guess accuracy will continue to rise

>> No.19740998
File: 12 KB, 674x127, Maggie_Sensei_-.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yep, now THIS is where you actually learn japanese

>> No.19741003

you forgot the endgame
>this is too hard maybe it will be easy if i memorize 2k/3k/6k/10k words before i try to read

>> No.19741045

For a sentence with n characters, separate the sentence in to each 2^(n-1) ways the sentence can be split into words. Then use a dictionary to check which all sentences consist entirely of words and throw away the ones that don't. As you get better, you can use the dictionary you've memorized in your head. If you have any Japanese DNA in you, then your head will be able to check all possibilities in parallel. If not, then you will have to do it one at a time. After that, use context to narrow it down to the best solution (there shouldn't be many possibilities remaining at this point).

>> No.19741049


>> No.19741064

at some point you'll get good and it won't be guessing anymore

>> No.19741075

this guy is fucking with you

>> No.19741076

it's not cool making fun of someone like that man.

>> No.19741089

you'll do fine at that level

>> No.19741113


This shit is news-worthy in Japan?

>> No.19741121

it's advertising

>> No.19741126

Practice is practice, I guess.

>> No.19741164

Pretty sure it's just a japanese style mansion. Context gives you a city, year and who lives there so it's probably referring to the building itself. I'd say it's the same usage as 洋館. The specific architecture is something you'd have to read up on to understand.

>> No.19741214

want to start watching unsubbed anime, should i rewatch a series i'm familiar with or watch something new that i've never seen?

>> No.19741231

something youve already seen

>> No.19741242

i must preface this with the fact that i'm still shit at listening, but personally when i tried watching series i had seen before even years ago, i couldn't help but slack on the listening while i recalled what was going on from memory

>> No.19741254

Watch Katanagatari.

>> No.19741257

i've already tried reading monogatari and got instant killed plus someone spoiled the ending for me and it was a huge turnoff

>> No.19741274

if you actually watch bakemonogatari 90 of it is just normal conversation, it's not difficult at all

>> No.19741279
File: 18 KB, 205x245, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i will defeat you kanji

>> No.19741281

Something you've seen already. I don't think I could stand watching something new and having no idea what is going on. I'd also recommend something with Japanese subtitles. I don't have them playing on the video, but I have the file open in Firefox so I look up words if I want to.

>> No.19741294

the dialogue is a bit more wordy than most cartoons which will make it hell for a beginner with no vocab

katanagatari is likely even harder

>> No.19741303

i'd certainly be down to rewatch it at some point but as >>19741294 said it'd be tough for a first try at going for no subs. like, a step or two below tatami galaxy. ill probably just watch either an SoL show or rewatch some shonen anime like jojo.

thanks for the input boys i appreciate every one of you and love you a whole lot

>> No.19741314

ドラえもん is pretty easy. it's pretty good for a kid show too.

>> No.19741320

Try the AJATT method instead. Learning cards without any context is a waste of time and energy.I don't do vocab cards, but I delete a sentence card if it feels useless, like if it has a new word in it that's uncommon enough that I never see it or see the kanji used in the new word. I also will delete it if I don't truly understand the meaning of what I'm studying, for whatever reason.

>> No.19741341

That’s the early game. End game is deciding if transferring to Japan is a good idea or not. And if teaching English is too.

>> No.19741351

i think only the true dekinai make it that far, most quit after finishing some portion of core and realizing it didn't do anything for them

>> No.19741359

wanting to go to japan is dekinai stuff?

>> No.19741361

The point of a flashcard is to learn the reading and the basic meaning which vocab cards accomplish.

>> No.19741383

no wanting to go to japan is perfectly fine
thinking that going to japan will fix the fact that you suck at learning japanese is dekinai stuff

>> No.19741409

oh i can get behind that

>> No.19741449

vocab cards are for writing kanji.
sentence cards are for grammatical usage and meanings in different contexts.

>> No.19741473
File: 311 KB, 708x483, 1543634546543.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

yoshi time for reading

>> No.19741474

vocab cards are for reading words written in kanji so that you can read more quickly
sentence cards are less effective at that in exchange for pretending to give the benefits of "usage" and "context" which you should get by reading more

>> No.19741480


>> No.19741487


>> No.19741493

it's faster to drill more comprehensible sentences than to waste time reading material that consists of 95% of shit you don't understand.

>> No.19741497

if you don't understand 95% of it you're doing something wrong

>> No.19741521

if you understand 95% youre beyond fluent congrats. if you understand only 5% of it you're doing something wrong

>> No.19741540

beyond fluent seems like an overstatement but yes that is what i was saying, if you only understand 5% you're doing something wrong and drilling the same sentences over and over is not the way to fix that

>> No.19741544

If you think flashcards are more important than reading and listening to native content, you will fail to learn Japanese. Even proper AJATT shills know that.

>> No.19741545

You dropped this:

>> No.19741553
File: 64 KB, 600x800, 7edc43461c1288a2360668e170e0b94a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19741557


>> No.19741568

Wait, what's happening? An anon asked about how to read 養 and it all just descends into madness?

>> No.19741580

I'm still not used to the hour or so it takes me to add 50 new cards to my mined deck. It seems like a lot of hassle.

>> No.19741590

I hover over the word and push one button. It doesn't seem like a hassle.

>> No.19741591

some dude was arguing for a while that 養 did not actually contain 食
it was probably bait but he seemed angry

>> No.19741596
File: 6 KB, 99x84, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I hope I learn enough Japanese to never type things like this

>> No.19741603

when you make it you'll be writing
>tl note: i didn't translate this accurately

>> No.19741609

i think of it as active study time, considering you're actively looking up the word in a dictionary and reading the definitions and understanding the sentence more fully. an hour of study a day isn't a lot when you think about it

>> No.19741610

That was a thread from a few months ago. I think someone explained 養 as 羊+食 (which is correct) and someone went and started an incomprehensible fight about it being 良.

There have been funnier stupid conflicts in here.

>> No.19741622

actually is only contains the 良 part. the top part is not the same as in 食. learn kanji before posting this again.

>> No.19741631

you need more conviction to bait correctly

>> No.19741634
File: 1.21 MB, 1131x843, shankusu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is he saying that he'll consider it after 10 years pass, or when Luffy turns 10 years old? I'm leaning towards the latter since I've never seen 歳 used to represent a period of time, only age. But when I checked the VIZ translation it was translated as the former.

>> No.19741635

I really love when radicals morph as they were combined. It gives me some form of pleasure when their stroke orders change as a result, the way it intermingles, it's almost like art. It's just like ASMR.

The way the lines of 戈 combines and 'invades' the space of other radicals (eg 威) make it my particular favourite.

>> No.19741657

my uncle is heisig and he says your full of shit

>> No.19741661

I believe it was Socrates (or Plato using his Socrates sockpuppet) who said he's smarter than the generals because he knows he doesn't know shit.

>> No.19741663

i find it aesthetically pleasing but i hate 戈 because i'm even worse at writing it than most components
and i'm shit at writing everything
i would say the top of 糸 is what i'm worst at though

>> No.19741664

and now he's dead. guess evolution is working.

>> No.19741670
File: 6 KB, 148x244, jisho.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my cool gen z niece also said he's full of shit, albeit in extremely confusing memes

>> No.19741671

that's half of what i was saying
the other half is that understanding something doesn't mean you can translate it accurately and naturally so sometimes you have to give up, especially if you're not a writer in the target language

>> No.19741676

socrates literally refused to escape execution with a young pupil of his because he believes in the immortality of souls lmao what a soup

>> No.19741680

the original image that brought this conversation back up already had a source for this
it was a japanese source because the original guy stated that english-japanese dictionaries are incorrect

>> No.19741686

i mean in a sense he's right since time doesn't actually exist
notice how i said he's instead of he was

>> No.19741688

he probably just lied to his pupil so they'd feel better and fuck off because it would have been super depressing for your master to say actually he doesn't like living

>> No.19741691
File: 466 KB, 1070x1600, 01_030.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm having trouble with that line in the top left.
There honestly isn't much more context than this page. Is he saying his earnings are the highest (between the two of them)? Is he saying that his earnings are what's most important to him? It's not a super important line, but it'd make me really happy if some brave anon helped me with this.

>> No.19741694
File: 44 KB, 668x404, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19741701

he's saying he probably/surely has a higher income and is seeking a straightforward response to the fact that he is asserting so
i didn't open the image or anything btw

>> No.19741720

seriously? you're going to expect others to believe that? no this isn't right either. the two leaf things at the top are not connected in this kanji. stop trying to mislead others.

>> No.19741729

didn't read it all, but that's how a beginner grammar guide should be. why isn't this in the op?

>> No.19741734

your reading comprehension seems to be really shit because i'm not disagreeing with you
you already fucked up dude if you want to bait again you need to post in uppercase, that'll really trick some people

>> No.19741741

Someone posted it in the feedback link (not me) but apparently they haven't gotten around to converting it yet like they did for Tae Kim.

>> No.19741742

>i'm not disagreeing with you
He's just proving your right by actually posting the Japanese source.

>> No.19741746

>why isn't this in the op?
anything that would improve the op must be strictly opposed
some do it to keep djt as the shithole it's always been
some do it out of good intentions and pure incompetence

>> No.19741756

my point was that a japanese source is in the image posted 9 hours ago so forgive me for misunderstanding

>> No.19741757
File: 99 KB, 620x670, tabesaseraretakunakatta.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is there a way to make a longer conjugation?

>> No.19741759

they say that the sky is the limit but no one has ever become fluent in japanese so try asking a native

>> No.19741781


>> No.19741783

i hope it goes through. does need more examples for each grammar point though. but this is the perfect no bullshit straight to the point grammar guide that's been missing in the djt guide.

must be those eternal dekinais ive heard so much about

>> No.19741790

someday we can never recommend tae kim again
read that guide and then reference with dojg
now what about core

>> No.19741796


>> No.19741800

can't you just chain たいs

>> No.19741810

it's hard for it to not be an improvement but we really need to stop making decks with more than 1k words
gotta take that leap eventually

>> No.19741825

i never liked the core deck, so i think it should go. but, I think the guide should recommend studying radicals, then learning kanji through vocab. we could take parts of core for a kanji-vocab deck.

>> No.19741829

Even the ways we procrastinate from actual studying is improving!

>> No.19741836

i can't figure out what this means

>> No.19741838

i agree in spirit
you could open it up in a spreadsheet and delete everything past whatever your favorite common-but-not-top-500-common word is

>> No.19741845

oh i just realized this might be confusing
the deck he just made is like 1250 cards, not 5000, that's something else

>> No.19741847

any change that recommends spending less time not reading is an improvement

>> No.19741859

yeah, that's what my post said. We've improved our methods of procrastination! Progress.

>> No.19741875

>hai wakarimashita
Can somebody translate this for me?

>> No.19741878

Anyone have any thoughts on this?

>> No.19741891

The あと part certainly makes me think 'after'.

>> No.19741896

I'm just sight seeing and was wondering how do people actually take these tests?, are they administered by a website or something?

>> No.19741900

hi, my name is wakari (lit: my name was wakari, it's a colloquial thing)

>> No.19741902

sure thing dude

>> No.19741904

isn't the verb here とる? lit. "after you take at least 10 years" so i'm thinking he saying "about ten years from now i'll think about it"

>> No.19741906

Thank you. I have a test tomorrow and know this is going to be on it.

>> No.19741917
File: 8 KB, 1174x54, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

To the gay librarians of the DJT novel section

where's NL?

>> No.19741935

歳 as a counter is years of age (but could be relative as in 彼はx歳年下), 年取った is something like became old, your guess is right, translations are shit

>> No.19741949

are you some kind of creep

>> No.19741968

What's up anons.
On top of my daily japanese studying, I'm thinking of trying AJAT. If I were to watch J-Dramas or anime with no subs, should I stop to look up words I don't know, or should I just immerse myself into the show and just listen and catch what I do know?


>> No.19741984

After googling stuff like "1歳年をとる" and "2歳年をとる" , I'm thinking the VIZ translation is actually correct but I'm still confused on why 歳 is being used as an indicator of a period of time instead of age. I know there are other ways of reading 歳 but, the furigana specifies that it's さい.

>> No.19741986

you are completely right

>> No.19742020

what LN do I start with

>> No.19742024

Harry Potter. Yes, seriously.

>> No.19742027


>> No.19742037

I should try this. Sounds like a good idea. It’s popular, fantasy, long, and what else? Whatever. It’s probably fine.

>> No.19742040

>Not only Doraemon, but other Fujiko F. Fujio's works like パーマン, 21エモン, バケルくん and 忍者ハットリくん is in the DJT library

Time to revisit my childhood, but this time in a language I barely understand.

>> No.19742046

Wakari is a cute name.

>> No.19742049

Also I think there's an audiobook version of at least the first volume.

>> No.19742052

I wonder how do Japanese children deal with reading things they can’t understand yet. Do they also carry a dictionary to look up kanji and such? Surely furigana isn’t enough to catch them all.

>> No.19742058

daijirin does say さい can count 年数 but it seems odd to me to use ~歳年(を)取る without implying that age is relevant

>> No.19742062

When I was little and reading things I can't understand yet, or even things I can't actually read yet, I ask my parents for help. I have very patient parents and I love them. Too good for me.

>> No.19742072

children are forced through 12 years of school while being surrounded by people who they can ask questions to.

>> No.19742076

counter changes depending on the verb
年(as year)が一年過ぎる
年(as age)を一歳(さい)とる


>> No.19742077

if they probably ask their parents or siblings, if you have furigana it's not very different than in any other language and if it's ambiguous you can show someone just like you would if you mispronounced it and they couldn't understand you

>> No.19742120

It's simple to search for sentences+audio (and even a screenshot from the show) for this 1250-word VN deck using my sentence bank but I don't know if it's worth it, plus I'm lazy.

>> No.19742126

if your japanese isn't good enough to make accurate translations then please don't bother
not even about there being translations but like picking out actually good example sentences from anything is hard enough

>> No.19742131

How do I tell if I'm good enough to move to a J-J definition for my vocab decks?

>> No.19742133

That's a worry I had as well. Ain't worth it I guess.

>> No.19742137

if you're good enough you wouldn't be asking this question

>> No.19742145

if you're asking this question, then it's time

>> No.19742146

I could just try it on these ~50 words I haven't added into anki yet, what am I thinking? god I'm an idiot

one day, if I keep practicing and 'learning', these constant self-doubts about my own skills will disappear?

>> No.19742149

>one day, if I keep practicing and 'learning', these constant self-doubts about my own skills will disappear?

>> No.19742165

y-you sure? i found that these past year i'm just extending my doubts to more and more concepts instead of being more sure

>> No.19742173

you'll probably dunning-kruger eventually and if you ever come back from that no one can say

>> No.19742188

>dunning-kruger eventually
I think I want to avoid being this kind of asshole and so I just forced myself to doubt everything

not sure if asshole is the right word

>> No.19742235

depends on if your definition of assholes allows for good intentions
hypothetically if you get really good in a decade you might be able to be rightfully confident about some things but i have yet to see evidence that anyone has made it that far
but we'll ganbare together

>> No.19742252

>study Japanese for 6 months
>finally starting to get the hang of listening
>go out to eat at a mexican restaurant with some bros
>overhear lots of Spanish
>suddenly Spanish sounds really fucking slow because I'm used to listening to Japanese

Should I just learn Spanish on the side while doing Japanese? I could probably Anki like 50 words/grammars a day since I wouldn't have to fuck with Kanji, probably be the equivalent of "N2" 3 months in because Spanish is supposedly super easy.

>> No.19742269
File: 783 KB, 1334x750, image.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>asking others what you want to do

>> No.19742299

just learn spanish instead

>> No.19742303

I mostly just watch. If there is something I want to know, then I look it up. When a character hears a line and they act really shocked or surprised, I will usually look it up because it seems important.

Maybe you should wait until you learn one language before you move onto another. Even if you could do 50 Spanish words per day, you are better off spending that time on Japanese.

>> No.19742367

I think using music is a good way to improve your listening. Post some songs you're learning.
A few weeks ago an anon posted 銀杏BOYZ and I've been listening to them a lot since then.
フレデリク is good too

>> No.19742391


>> No.19742400

i only listen to battle music while doing reps

>> No.19742416

Anything not isekai, imouto and cringy school drama is always a good start. How do you even categorize Nishio Ishin and Narita Ryogo's crap at this point? Nishio stuff has wide variety of genre, from mystery, psychological, sf fantasy, self insert and lipogram; meanwhile Narita Ryogo is more towards gunsougeki.
If anything, I put their works on the pulp genre, rather than LN.

>> No.19742424

it's frustrating

My only goal for learning Japanese is reading the mystery novels, since I grew up on a steady diet of Conan and Kindaichi but they are still above my comprehension level. I've consumed most of translated Conan and Kindaichi volumes so redoing those in Japanese doesn't appeal since I might just trick myself into thinking I actually understood them when I just recalled their solutions.

anyway, just have to get through this. 有栖川 有栖 novels will always be there

>> No.19742428

Sometimes I'll accidentally say 見てない when I mean 見なくて.
Does 見てない even mean anything? I feel like it would be something along the lines of "Look at nothing".

>> No.19742431

it means 見ていない

>> No.19742435

Don't give up. Sherlock Holmes novels are way better in the original Japanese.

>> No.19742437

So "not looking"?

>> No.19742444


>> No.19742445







>> No.19742448

Ah, Doyle-san and his influence, 江戸川 乱歩-san, writer of such thrilling works as 大鴉 and 幽霊

It hurts me in the soul that their beauty is still yet unavailable to me, hidden behind my own inability to read another language. Oh, how it aches, I am a cat ready to construct the very curiosity that will kill me.

>> No.19742458

>I might just trick myself into thinking I actually understood them when I just recalled their solutions.
This doesn't matter. You acquire language when you read comprehensible input. Having read it before in English makes it easier to comprehend, so you will learn a lot from rereading it in Japanese.

>> No.19742468

Try anon. I am too, like mystery and deduction stuff. The easiest thing to get into while learning is Nisio's mystery works and Bibila Koshodou. You can also try reading Mori Hiroshi's stuff after you are comfortable with your moonreading skill.

>> No.19742469

>Those who plan on doing Core2K before they start reading, however, should have ample time (~3 months) to get through it [imabi] before they finish that deck.
this "advice" should get purged from the resource list, it's a terrible idea

>> No.19742471



>> No.19742475

bold of you to assume i read it in english

but fine, i'll take your advice and download some 金田一 or コナン

>> No.19742505

Eventually I'll be able to play those mystery games, like those played in Game Center CX

>> No.19742516

Tell me if you find conan raws that don't look like shit.

>> No.19742570

420 yen is not that expensive.

>> No.19742574

For how many volumes?

>> No.19742585

Only 94

>> No.19742587





>> No.19742596
File: 128 KB, 576x708, 1413768088714.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What's the difference between the auxiliary はじめる and かかる? The sources I've found say they're both depicting that you start an action. I just want to finish my baby folktale story.

>> No.19742602

>going outside
>to read manga in a language I at most understand only 40%
Besides, I've already checked, no raw manga in libraries close to me.

>> No.19742603

420y each. Please don't tell me you are actually want to start reading conan in Japanese from the first volume. That will take a lot of time and effort consuming repetitive stuff over and over again (this applies to Kindaichi Shonen too, and it is way worse than Conan). How about you start at least at volume 81 instead?

>> No.19742611

>I just want to finish my baby folktale story.
Then do so. Don't worry about nuance until you can actually google japanese sources about that stuff yourself.

>> No.19742612
File: 262 KB, 528x501, 1440122213112.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That will take a lot of time and effort consuming repetitive stuff over and over again

>> No.19742618

>it is way worse than Conan
oh wow I can already remember the heated days I have with my brother over this Kindaichi vs. Conan thing.

>> No.19742623

Manga isn't reading buddy.

>> No.19742624







>> No.19742632

You have to get annoyed and bored at some point. I am a fan of mystery and deduction fictions but Kindaichi Shonen stuff are almost the same thing for every iteration. Amagi Seimaru is really a one trick/pattern mystery writer. You should just stick to Conan if you are so eager on reading 推理 fiction in moonspeak.

>> No.19742633
File: 383 KB, 614x819, Capture.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Please don't tell me you are actually want to start reading conan in Japanese from the first volume

>> No.19742643

Come back when you are able to read at least 2 dozens of Kodansha novels and tell me that manga isn't reading. I am pretty much bored reading this exact same post in every djt thread.

>> No.19742644

>I am pretty much bored reading this exact same post in every djt thread
4chan posts aren't reading buddy

>> No.19742649

DJT is a constant whirlwind of repeating posts, has been since the first thread.

>> No.19742656

And what's your verdict then?
Unironically I find Aoyama as a better mystery writer than Amagi.

>> No.19742668

The exact opposite conclusion to yours. Also unironically. Conan's mysteries felt too quick, while Kindaichi lets you percolate. Also apparently Kindaichi's is more 'fair', but god knows, i'm too dumb to try to solve them

>> No.19742672


>> No.19742675

if only Kindaichi has a light novel!

Which of Nisio's works is a mystery? I've tried Bakemonogatari anime and got turned right off. I'll try the Biblia as well.

>> No.19742680

Zaregoto is "mystery"

>> No.19742684

Ooh, I don't like those inverted commas.

>> No.19742688

It's a "mystery" in the exact opposite way that Umineko is a "mystery", if it helps.

>> No.19742696

How long have you not been reading Kindaichi now, anon?
Once, I too, have the same opinion as yours but as I dig deeper in Japanese mystery fictions, being lengthy doesn't always equal to quality. All Amagi has to offer in Kindaichi and its spin offs are "closed room murders that happened in an isolated area/island/building and Kindaichi and his gang were invited to the event prior coincidentally or intentionally" and "murders that happened in school or had anything related to school club and its members". Amagi won't actually go far beyond this cliche of his or if he does, the story will actually be solved in one or two chapters top.

>> No.19742699

Ah, okay.

>> No.19742709

Zaregoto is a psychological mystery.
Okitegami Kyoko is a narrative mystery.
Monogatari Monster Season has a Zaregoto-esque mystery vibes.

>> No.19742716

Monogatari is only a mystery when best girl Ougi is involved.

>> No.19742726


>> No.19742729

Not really. Ougi didn't appear in Monster Season, and it become a better mystery than Ougi Formula and Sodachi Riddle.

>> No.19742734

Ougimonogatari (Monster Season) will be the best mystery novel in the series, cap this post.

>> No.19742751

If you actually think the title will be anything related to the character, you are so wrong. Shinobumonogatari isn't about Shinobu at all and the same goes to Yoimonogatari that has barely anything to do with Mayoi by a huge scale. The story will literally go with the actual meaning of the word instead of making relation to the character.

>> No.19742766

manga isn't reading.
there you go now never reply to me again stupid esl

>> No.19742782

>stupid esl
>manga isn't reading

>> No.19742821

is 1枚のピザ a pizza or a slice of pizza?

>> No.19742825
File: 21 KB, 628x445, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

why is the due date number like this? 1 million? i've seen these cards before

>> No.19742831



>> No.19742837

That means they got removed for being too easy.

>> No.19742850

Im organic student. I think a part of that made me enjoy studying kanji and vocab so far. However is it okay that I know what some kanji means but not how to say it(right away) I feel like im falling to this mistake often

>> No.19742854

It’s even better to know what the kanji means and not how to read it. Master Heisig learned the same way.

>> No.19742860


>> No.19742861

>organic student
I'm your opposite, I'm entirely created by my "father", Dr. Dekinai, out of spare parts.

>> No.19742866



>> No.19742871


>> No.19742877
File: 41 KB, 354x500, 51RsRAln1mL.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If I want to read Mori Hiroshi it ok if I start with this "W series" or am I supposed to read something else first?

Why is fiction such a clusterfuck of series and series within series?

>> No.19742914

>alternatively use this deck someone just made yesterday
If you're going to recommend someone use mystery meat cooked up by a resident autistic, you may as well tell them to just mine vocabulary from things they struggle reading instead.
The whole "Core is crap, use this random shit instead" meme is one of the more cancerous things to have cropped up in these threads.
The reason why Core is recommended is because it's straight forward, reliable and simple enough for beginners to use without having to think about it while they continue with the actual learning process. I'd go out on a limb and say that 99% of anons trying to talk people out of Core or trying to promote random alternatives either really don't care about the intended beginner audience and have some sort of egotistical reason to have their dog in the fight or entirely fail to comprehend the point of the Core deck/s.
It's unfortunate that beginners get sucked into these threads because they are probably the worst possible thing for them since all they provide is distraction and misinformation.

>> No.19742918

Usually when it's Mori Hiroshi people recommend すべてがFになる. It's available in the Cornucopia, although the version in the DJT library is broken for some reason.

>> No.19742929

have you actually looked at core with a critical eye in the past several months
it's missing shit tons of very important common words and frontloads a lot of adult life words (like business terms)
it's extremely Not Fucking Good

>> No.19742930

so i can't review them anymore?

>> No.19742933

Anki was like, "yo bro, you're too smart"

>> No.19743028
File: 3.24 MB, 4160x3120, 20180825_011811.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The one on netlify is retail, works perfect for me.

I guess I'll read this to see if I like his writing. My main doubt was whether or not I would be able to make sense of anything if I jumped in with the first book of his latest series, since it looks like he's been churning them out fast ever since すべてがFになる and the newer ones seem well received and have an interesting premise. If I can it'd be nice to get to reading them right away instead of going through dozens of other books first.

>> No.19743045
File: 618 KB, 1024x576, eb935e3f.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

fucking rotated photos

>> No.19743107


>> No.19743189

he's saying that he is the higher earner of the two of them so the woman should shut up about whatever they are arguing

>> No.19743274

Core is crap dude, eat THIS crap instead.

>> No.19743411

How did you learn japanese onomatopoeia?

>> No.19743502

it's impossible, the only way is to absorb them up slowly over the course of several decades reading and eating nihongo

>> No.19743539


>> No.19743746




>> No.19743762

I didn't.

>> No.19743959


>> No.19744242

1000 words is too much to study out of context. you guys need a 500 word deck custom made to have the most useful words

>> No.19744299

"the most useful words" is both dependent on other factors and probably not worth wasting time on deciding
i agree that 500 is a better number though

>> No.19744308

We need a top-500 doujinshi deck

>> No.19744318

words like

like with a list as small as 500 you can get the really basic shit in that will help you out a lot. core2k teaches you shit like politics and economy since its based off newspapers and most people want to start reading manga and not newspapers

>> No.19744337

I just bought γの悲劇 without knowing that it is the third book of his G series. I don't know how to feel and react right now.

>> No.19744386

I've been saying this for years but now I think even 500 is too much. 200 or 300 is probably fine.

>>19744318 is correct, at that level of frequency (sub-500), no matter what you're reading it's going to have those words in it because those words make up like 80% of the language as a whole.

>> No.19744421

>The one on netlify
What do you mean, where could I find this?

>> No.19744474

Someone please post the vn chart based on vn stats.

>> No.19744508
File: 31 KB, 739x441, visual novels word coverage.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19744531

Thanks, but that is not what I am looking for.

There were visual novels split into different columns by perceived difficulty based on some complexity variable from vnstats.

>> No.19744587


>> No.19744660

what's the best source for what kind of grammar points one may encounter in JLPT N5 material?

PS I don't want to take the test, I've just begun learning Jap and want to get familiar with the easier grammar this way

>> No.19744713

probably an n5 grammar book. also, any beginner textbook or grammar guide will cover n5 material

>> No.19744715

just go through tae kim or genki 1&2

>> No.19744732

if you know nothing read this
for reference use
and if that fails you
just to answer your other question, i believe there is no official list of anything in jlpt, just what lists other people have made
you should ignore it and use the first link, then read and look up what you run into

>> No.19744735

I just want a list of grammar points, I don't even need the explanations like Tae Kim does - it's hard to tell whether stuff is N5 or not in his guide for a newcomer like me

>> No.19744742

then download minna no nihongo and look at the outline pages in the back where it just lists the grammar points with example sentences. there is no english in that book

>> No.19744744

You should care more about learning Japanese than about N5

>> No.19744746

>just to answer your other question, i believe there is no official list of anything in jlpt, just what lists other people have made
oh that answers my question, thanks! I guess what I was looking for was really the most comprehensive list made by a 3-rd party

this is best I've found I guess:
but I'll read the guide from your first link

>> No.19744750

just go through it in order dude
other anon posted a list https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/JLPT_Guide/JLPT_N5_Grammar
but it's idiotic, tae kim stuff is all so basic you should learn all of it anyways, don't obsess about N5 level

>> No.19744755

desu I'm not green, I went through Tae Kim but had a break and want to try another approach and wanted to check a list of grammar terms in N5 just to cure itch in my autism
I do some autistic inefficient shit with Japanese

>> No.19744760

sorry for that, it's either some filter or I wrote it accidently, nevertheless I hate people who throw that shit around

>> No.19744764

>being this new

>> No.19744775

desu is better than desu desu
There's nothing wrong with desu desu

>> No.19744783

There's no real secret way to get good, just fill as much of your time up with things that help you git gud. If you do the same thing too much you'll get bored and stop learning so try to mix it up. Learning a language takes a lot of practice and won't be over night or even in a year.

>> No.19744799

であります or nothing, you wouldn't want to look uncultured would you?

>> No.19744810

I lowkey forgot most of katakana since all i've been focusing on was kanji and hiragana. I'll brush up on it again when I need to.

>> No.19744817

>not でござる

>> No.19744832

i thought DJT was gone for good for like a day and a half
Remember to make a proper OP next time!

>> No.19744838

fresh of the boat uh

>> No.19744848

this explains why you have a redditor mindset.

>> No.19744863

unless it's been 6 months since you learned them, reading is probably sufficient exposure even for katakana
looking up what you're unsure of is slower than a card or app, but actual reading solidifies the knowledge better than drilling

>> No.19744866

I knew you were not from here since your first post

>> No.19744875

my route of learning Japanese is better than yours.

>> No.19744885

what grammar guide covers more: Genki 1+2 or Tae Kim?

>> No.19744886

Hiragana is basically imprinted in my brain thanks to TK so I do believe exposure is all I need.

>> No.19744889

Tae Kim

>> No.19744904

that's kind of sad

>> No.19744949
File: 42 KB, 560x200, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.19744959

if you fail N5 twice you should really just quit and never look back

>> No.19744979

>i don't understand. i went to class and printed study materials, so why won't the japanese come to me

>> No.19744996

This is what happens when you are always kind to everyone. I bet all the replies calling him retarded must have been downvoted and deleted

>> No.19745002
File: 201 KB, 792x764, 1534620908905.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19745004

don't worry he just needs that magical starter material that has escaped his grasp until now. we're gonna load him up with the best apps and hiragana games and he's gonna ace it this time

>> No.19745110


>> No.19745128
File: 33 KB, 519x354, 1517253960652.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

How come there's this space between the two characters? Never seen it before. Is it unique to this word?

>> No.19745136

That's because of the furigana m8

>> No.19745142

So the furigana fits above the word on the web page? Oh i get it lel

>> No.19745223

I'm just about to start learning and have gone through the guide, but something I didn't see any mention of was Imabi. Is that actually a good resource, or is it just a meme I saw a while back? Searching "Imabi" in the past few threads didn't turn anything up, either.

Also, is Genki worth going through, if nothing but for the listening practice? I get the impression that Tae Kim covers more, but is it as well-rounded for a true starting point?

>> No.19745224

Genki is geared towards teaching you basic production to get by as a homestay student. Tae Kim covers more material, but in a much more concise way because he isn't trying to get you to use drills to try to actually use this stuff in speech. And his materials are organized much better, for instance putting all conditionals together in one section whereas genki spreads out different conditionals across the chapters because teaching students to try to drill them all at once would be too much of a hassle I guess

>> No.19745227

imabi is virtually unreadable because the guy who made it is bad at writing comprehensible english
it's only useful for the most advanced parts, when you already know basic japanese

>> No.19745231

Use Tae Kim + Japanese the Manga Way + Yotsubato or flying witch vol 1. Genki is a time sink that traps beginners and keeps them thinking they are learning japanese while actually being exposed to very little native content. I have no idea about imabi

>> No.19745252

>Also, is Genki worth going through, if nothing but for the listening practice?
No, don't get any "artificial" listening practice. Just go read a VN

>> No.19745266

you're not wrong about artificial listening practice but vns aren't listening
i think the appropriate meme here is 10000 hours of anime

>> No.19745270

the audio recordings in genki are artificially slow. genki is really geared towards classroom work, but you can still learn from the example sentences it gives. some people don't like how it teaches the polite form of stuff before the casual form but it's all extremely basic stuff that it doesn't matter what order you learn it in imo. i started with genki and ended up just fine

>> No.19745288

I was just concerned, since I've seen actual linguists kind of shit on Kim for saying things in the guide that are outright false and for refusing to edit the guide at all, despite the issues being known for years now. I don't doubt that the bulk of the lessons are still perfectly fine, but I got the impression that Kim just kind of gave up.

I definitely don't mind passing on Genki, but are there any good listening resources for beginners? I know that I'm going to want to quickly transition to native media, but even though I know all the homophones tend to have different stresses/pitches to help differentiate themselves, they kind of intimidate me. At this point, I don't know what's just slacker talk, and what's a real, founded concern.

>> No.19745298

>are there any good listening resources for beginners?
Subtitled anime.

>> No.19745300

if by "actual linguists" you mean people at college/university shitting on things on reddit because they have nothing better to write about, ignore them

>> No.19745305

The speech in the genki audio recordings, while scripted, is still naturalistic Japanese and gives examples of a variety of common situations. And once you get past whatever chapter they teach short form in (7 or 8) there is also casual speech. All listening input is good input, so the person asking should probably check it out for themselves and determine whether or not they want to use it. It's good to have variety, like listening to anime drama cds and nonfiction podcasts and watching variety shows and watching samurai movies. It's all the same language, don't limit yourself but seek out enjoyable content.

As for the TK stuff, none of it is relevant enough to cripple your learning. He still has a great, compact resource

>> No.19745324

Well, I might be giving them too much credit, but I just looked up the thread that I had seen a while ago. This was the gist of the main argument:

>Explanation: Tae Kim, the author of the blog post, mistakenly believes that the statement “Japanese word order is subject-object-verb” means that every Japanese sentence must have all those constituents, and that they must appear in that exact order. Since this is obviously false, he thinks the experts must all be idiots for not noticing that. In reality, he just doesn’t understand that it simply means that subject-object-verb is the default order of those constituents if they appear at all, even after this has been explained to him in the comments.

>This misunderstanding about word order typology also causes him to make some shockingly wrong claims about English:

>>An English sentence must consist of at least a subject, verb, and object in that order.

Obviously, I don't know dick about Japanese, but I know bad English when I see it. Being bad at English doesn't preclude you from being a solid Japanese teacher, but seeing stuff like that just made me wary of other possible shortcomings.

>> No.19745326

This thread is absolute fucking shit.

>> No.19745332
File: 1.28 MB, 640x360, 1384663481658.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19745335 [DELETED] 

tell me the username of the person who posted that

>> No.19745339


>> No.19745344 [DELETED] 

TomSFox on Reddit

>> No.19745346

in tae kim's defense, you shouldn't memorize what beginner resources say, you just get the gist of some of the basics and then read japanese
my problem with tae kim is that it's not short enough, boiro is better for reading once and moving on

>> No.19745351

how are VNs not listening yet subtitled anime is?

>> No.19745353

you should unironically listen to anime for beginning listening practice. the voice actors are speaking into high quality microphones and pronounce everything very clearly while talking slow (but not genki slow) and depending on the series it's not boring shit like mary knitting a sweater for takeshi genki drama

>> No.19745356

subtitled anime isn't listening
not all memes are equally true

>> No.19745357

>Tae Kim, the author of the blog post, mistakenly believes that the statement “Japanese word order is subject-object-verb” means that every Japanese sentence must have all those constituents
He literally says the only thing necessary is a verb though. Ignore that retard

>> No.19745359

When the fuck did I say anything about VNs? Don't talk to me.

>> No.19745360 [DELETED] 

1) they are not an "actual linguist"
2) they post to fucking /r/The_Donald now, unironically spewing paranoid white nationalist garbage
3) anything you see posted on /r/badlinguistics should be basically ignored unless it's SPECIFICALLY about historical linguistics or dialectology

>> No.19745370

The best listening practice is Terrace House. Watch it once with english or japanese subtitles, then watch it raw a second time.

>> No.19745371
File: 63 KB, 1280x720, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

today will be the day

>> No.19745379

Yeah, the moment you asked about his username, I started doing my own digging and found some shit. Guess I'm just gullible.

Anyway, thanks for the help, anons. I'll push through with Tae Kim for the time being.

That's one of the first few things I tried watching with Japanese subs, but everyone seemed to be talking a mile a minute. I'm sure it's about the same as any other native English show, but it did make me feel well out of my depth.

>> No.19745390

>just to cure itch in my autism
There is no official list of N5 vocab/grammar. If you find a list it is just what somebody thinks would on N5.

>> No.19745403

Seriously give Japanese the manga way a try, it's underrated on this thread for beginners, but I think it's a bit better than tae kim because it puts you up against native content immediately and is less content/semantics dense so it's less intimidating.

>> No.19745436

let's not get ahead of ourselves, there's always tomorrow

>> No.19745442


mixing these up endlessly is what happens when you don't do RTK
if you're new do RTK, don't end up like me

>> No.19745446

why wait till tomorrow when you can do it today

>> No.19745453

>I'll push through with Tae Kim for the time being.
You really only need to read through it once or twice (or you can skip it), no need to mine it or anything. You can always refer back to the DOJG reference in the guide while reading. Most of the time yomichan will tell you what a grammar term means too. subs2srs on your favorite episode of anime and just going through your favorite scene looking for i+1 stuff is a good easy way to start.

>> No.19745457

should have learned kanji with vocab

>> No.19745490

you could do it today but will you

>> No.19745500

if you do rtk you're going to be sad when you realize it doesn't fix your problem and the only solution was to power through it

>> No.19745514
File: 118 KB, 392x377, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.19745515

>You can always refer back to the DOJG reference in the guide while reading
Don't do this unless you want to fuck up your grammar. You should acquire grammar through mass exposure, avoid English resources at all costs.

>> No.19745524

as long as you completely ignore all of the explanations, usage notes, and construction notes it gives, dojg should be fine, just like asking someone japanese "hey what does X pattern mean?"

>> No.19745529

>ignore dojg at all costs
ignore this poster at all costs

>> No.19745535

Enjoy your crippled Japanese.

>> No.19745542

>implying a dictionary can be detrimental in any way

>> No.19745563

when it's J->E, yes

>> No.19745566

You don't know japanese.

>> No.19745582

And you will never know Japanese, because you've reinforced too many unnatural English associations with your base of grammar

>> No.19745586

mass exposure will fix all comprehension issues. any misunderstanding will be corrected given enough examples

>> No.19745590

that's what I have in my cards and i've gotten most of them to 6+ months then I 競争 shows up and I answer せんきょ
i forgot the worst one which is 選挙 because that's what messes up the せん and きょ when せん きょう そう are the recurring sounds in so many words related to selection and battle, which is a selection of who wins

by now I remember the ones which don't recur like 作戦 戦陣 抗争 and you know, all of them to the point where I remember they exist so I can write them out with an IME. Fuck me if I need to guess whether what I see is せんたく or せんばつ, I fail one, learn it over the next month so it goes to 3month+ then the other one shows up in my reviews and then I learn that one and forget the other and it just keeps repeating, would be helpful if I knew other words with ばつ as reading for 抜, who'da thunk that was the same kanji as in くぐり抜ける, just noticed
at least you can guess 段階 and 階段 out of context everywhere except anki, but I think I'll remember them the next time because I'll remember だん from 段落
I'll probably be an eternal dekinai

>> No.19745595

don't talk about things you don't understand

>> No.19745596

There are plenty of examples of that not being true. The only reliable way to fix basic mistakes is to never learn them in the first place.

>> No.19745606

Nice examples you provided

>> No.19745617


>> No.19745623

You know what examples I'm referring to, I won't bother shitting up the thread by bringing them up though. If you can learn a language from the beginning without ingraining these jarring mistakes that can't be reliably fixed then there's no reason not to.

>> No.19745626

You seem like you know what you're talking about. Can I ask some questions? I want a role model.
Of course I'm really autistic so it's going to sound a little weird.
Uh, so yeah if it's weird sorry.

Even if I try to reword this to be less weird it'll still probably be weird so I'm just going to ask.

1) What's your comprehension level in terms of JLPT numbers?
2) How long have you been studying Japanese?
3) As a learner, what are or were your biggest troubles?
4) Can you write something in Japanese so I can frame it on my wall?
5) Keeping comprehension and production aside, can you think in Japanese? If yes, how did it feel when it first happened?
6) Overall, what's the most important thing in learning Japanese?

>> No.19745646

Beginners have no choice but to use J->E.

>> No.19745660

good questions

1) i don't study for tests
2) long enough to be fluent
3) i don't have any
4) i don't do output because it will cripple my japanese
5) yes. it felt great
6) don't cripple your japanese

>> No.19745677
File: 154 KB, 1306x867, george.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

is he right?

>> No.19745682


>> No.19745687


>> No.19745692

tae kim and his friend posted in that thread and basically shit on all of them. the "badX" subreddits are full of college kids who don't really know what they're talking about, and think too highly of themselves and whatever (usually non-scientific) field they're studying.

>> No.19745694

I ain't reading all that shit. Post ending in 8 decides what I read next.

>> No.19745702


>> No.19745703


>> No.19745706

question, how do i find something to listen to all the time. matt says he listens to audio tracks from anime he watched on repeat all day but that's suicidefuel tier, I'd listen to talk show radio all day long but listening to the 3 hours for two days sounds horrible

>> No.19745712 [DELETED] 

>they post to fucking /r/The_Donald now, unironically spewing paranoid white nationalist garbage
his one redeeming quality.

>> No.19745713

I also started with Genki. Always went through the grammar points and then only did the exercises that had audio recordings. I would do it like that again if I had to start from scratch.

>> No.19745716


>> No.19745724

A Japanese girl messaged me on HelloTalk and we've been chatting for an hour. At which point do Japanese girls send nudes?

>> No.19745725

Yes. If you are a beginner japanese learner you should definitely listen to george over matt. Matts advice is better suited for once you get past the beginner stage

>> No.19745729

>The only reliable way to fix basic mistakes is to never learn them in the first place.
Too bad it's literally impossible to avoid learning basic mistakes.

>> No.19745740

yea but the only correction you need to make with matt's advice is "everything he says to do after lazy kanji you can instead do during lazy kanji". bam, now his advice is way better than george's even for a beginner because george doesn't encourage input.

>> No.19745743

You need to make the first step dude.

>> No.19745750

I listen to audiobooks, talk radio and the audio of idol variety shows I watched before

>> No.19745757

Where can I get Terrace House with Japanese subs?

>> No.19745760


>> No.19745762

Listening to anime audio in the background is fun, but I only do it a few hours per day, not 24/7.

>> No.19745763

On Netflix itself.

>> No.19745771

don't use subs at all, that turns listening practice into reading practice and you'll permanently hurt your listening comprehension by relying on it

that said, they're available on the usual torrent sites but most seem to be dead and I don't really want to download anything from public trackers anyway, maybe someone has them on MEGA

>> No.19745780


>> No.19745782

I don't use the subs while watching, but I need them to figure shit out that I can't parse after ~20 attempts of listening

>> No.19745792


>> No.19745793

have you check the subs in jpsubbers?

>> No.19745799

how about just don't waste time with lazy kanji at all and learn to read real japanese sentences

>> No.19745817

Being with the Japanese in the world of country as I have been getting a lot of practice and the other is a great place to learn about language or not?

>> No.19745819 [DELETED] 

based AND redpilled

>> No.19745824

i've tried to find complete jap subs for BGND but i can't. there are releases on nyaa that often have jap subs for most episodes in most seasons, but not all of them. season 1 has no subs for example.

>> No.19745828

What comfy Japanese game should I play for practice?

>> No.19745829

英語をできない-anon please stop using Google Translate just try to use Japanese if you can't speak english directly.

To answer your question - Yes. There is no better place in the world to learn Japanese than Japan itself. You could be fully immersed in the Language and get a fuckton more exposure than any of us can.

>> No.19745837


>> No.19745842

webradio? There are some good and entertaining anime webradios. I recommend Sayonara Zetsubou Housou, Kurogane no Radio-barrel, Duraraji, and Kiitemasu yo Azazelsan if you like to giggle or just lol out listening to some stupid, funny and shimoneta 便り and talks completely irrelevant to the anime itself.

>> No.19745843


>> No.19745845


>> No.19745849


>> No.19745852

I guess I should have specified that VNs are not games

>> No.19745856

final fantasy x

>> No.19745858

what is that thing when you conjugate first as you would when changing to negative verbs but add ん right after?

>> No.19745868


>> No.19745874

just a contracted form of the negative, sounds more casual (and rude in some circumstances)

>> No.19745875

Shin Megami Tensei is the comfiest game I have ever played. Try any title in the series.

>> No.19745885

Both ぬ (negative) and む (volitional) work that way.
言わん(ぬ)= 言わない
言わん(む)= 言おう (this is the 言わん in 言わんと etc)

>> No.19745901


>> No.19745906

probably yes

>> No.19745908

this is how you utterly confuse a beginner

>> No.19745915

Yakuza series, it's easy to understand casual language, lots of textboxes where you can pause to look up words, most characters are speak clearly, except some of the boss guys who hella slur and go korrRRRRa, i guess it's fair enough to rely on the jp subs there

>> No.19745923

then get the fuck out of here before you change your mind
don't come back and remember to ganbare

>> No.19745941

I mean, there's no way to know what it actually is unless he posts the full sentence.

>> No.19745962
File: 3.09 MB, 1920x1080, 1543544325324.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

dragon quest 5

>> No.19745997

「だったら早く言わんか! 伝染ったらどうするのじゃ」

>> No.19746001
File: 315 KB, 1291x963, 出来ない.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19746003


>> No.19746004

Why did you quote my post anon

>> No.19746017
File: 91 KB, 336x442, 1477664716225.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19746020

it's 英語ができない
not を

>> No.19746034

Both work.

>> No.19746039

it's actually 英語のできない

>> No.19746048

google 英語をできない
it doesn't work

>> No.19746049

youre literally posting an example right now showing the exact opposite. also bianca best girl

>> No.19746052


>> No.19746053

I actually wanted to do this. How hard is V in Japanese? I tried Chrono Trigger but fuck that was too hard.

>> No.19746056

play it safe and just omit particles

>> No.19746061

Both get over 111,000,000 hits.

>> No.19746068

jesus christ quote it what are you doing don't you know how google works especially in languages with no spaces

>> No.19746071

Okay I'm wrong. Why is it が and not を in cases like this?

>> No.19746072

literally all the results that show up say 英語ができない, even when you search for を
it's fucking evident that it's wrong

>> No.19746074

英語をできない gets like 12k hits anon
you don't know japanese

>> No.19746076 [DELETED] 

Kike or nigger?

>> No.19746077
File: 60 KB, 620x744, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19746081

you don't know japanese

>> No.19746093
File: 17 KB, 225x225, 32525626.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can learn Japanese

>> No.19746094

are you talking about matt and khatz? khatz

>> No.19746099

i don't know japanese and the guy who told you to google it might not either and frankly maybe no one does
but now you know how to google phrases and see if one is used 100x as often as another

>> No.19746109


>> No.19746114

I was about n4 when I played it. I remember there were only a few parts I couldn't decipher, but everything else was pretty easy to figure out. I don't know how many words I had to look up though, but I do remember a lot of large chunks of the game I could read without a dictionary.

>> No.19746127

yeah, that's like when americans write "should of" instead of "should have"

>> No.19746133

tfw you come across verbs in te form a shit load of times and still haven't looked up what the various uses of te form are (outside some throwaway explanation you heard a month ago) so you have to guess at what's happening even more than you already are.

>> No.19746135

It's also important to note that all of these usages are in relative clauses.

>> No.19746138

nice blog. take ten minutes to read a grammar guide.

>> No.19746139

not even close
ding ding ding winner

>> No.19746150

you might be the most fluent person here

>> No.19746154

i'd rather blog some more than do that.

>> No.19746161

drop some nihongo in your blogs so that we can all benefit

>> No.19746164

Wow, my 6k deck doesn't have this.

>> No.19746167

if i don't know what the te form does what makes you think i can drop japanese. fuck this thread

>> No.19746175

don't come back.

>> No.19746180

are you kidding me i'm not leaving in fact i'm going to become a regular user here.

>> No.19746182
File: 54 KB, 254x365, 122436266.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19746190
File: 133 KB, 559x675, 1369482728673.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

good vibes and better comprehension can come to you too if you take an hour to read through this from start to finish
core6k actually does it just has separate cards for different readings and meanings for no good reason

what core6k is missing is words you don't find as often in polite writing, like 危うく, 天使, etc

>> No.19746206

Since it's brought up are kids shows like that good for practice? It should be pretty simple Japanese yea?

>> No.19746212

depends, do you wanna get frontloaded with slang that's hard to look up in english?

>> No.19746217

??? どういう意味?

>> No.19746226

i think you're being disingenuous because you understand how it works around here too well

>> No.19746241

is that one of those cute boiros

>> No.19746242


>> No.19746248
File: 24 KB, 200x200, 123244536236362.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You can do it everyone! I believe in you!

>> No.19746251


>> No.19746253

no that's a 2hu, or as they're called in japanese, 二封

>> No.19746256



I really should try reading the manga in japanese. It's the first thing I read ever, as well, so might revisit that innocent time.

>> No.19746268
File: 90 KB, 992x407, 1514150672904.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For me, it's youtube comments. The best resource for practical Japanese learning advice.

>> No.19746270


>> No.19746282


>> No.19746288

I don't know how much it will help you from a purely linguistic standpoint, but shows like Doraemon are so culturally ingrained that you need to be able to get references to it on a semi-regular basis if you really want to understand Japanese.

>> No.19746302


>> No.19746303

but what if already he watches anime

>> No.19746309

i'd recommend sniffing my nutsack if you want an even better understanding of japanese

>> No.19746318

How much did you guys actually look up grammar points when you started reading? Looking words up is fine but grammar is making me want to blow my brains out. Never gonna make it.

>> No.19746320

Does Doraemon still have the cultural hold it has back in the 70s-90s? I mean, I know he pretty much had the standing of Astro Boy, but how important is that standing for modern Japanese?

Like, I wouldn't recommend watching Friends if you really want to understand today's English, y'know what I mean?

>> No.19746325

I never did because I didn't want to damage my Japanese. You can acquire it on your own just fine.

>> No.19746335

Looking things up permanently cripples your dekiru

>> No.19746339

Not looking things up permanently katawas your candoer

>> No.19746342

i wouldn't look up english definitions of japanese words either. you will associate japanese words with english words and you could permanently damage your understanding of that japanese word. i'd stick to just looking at the symbols until you absorb their meaning. it'll take a few decades but you'll never make mistakes that typical learners do.

>> No.19746353

yeah let's say it takes like ten decades oops now you're dead

>> No.19746359

Ah, so it's something like

I mean, the link is to an Edogawa Ranpo story, so I'll have to read it anyway, I was wondering if there's some special aspect of it.

>> No.19746371

death permanently cripples you as well

>> No.19746376

You're joking but I would agree with you. If you read/listen to thousands of hours of Japanese and see words in many different contexts you're going to eventually figure out their meaning. It won't take decades, in fact it won't take you that much longer than learning English resources, people underestimate just how long 3000 hours is.

>> No.19746382

you need to watch the big bang theory to truly know english, how are you going to know how to react when someone says bazinga

>> No.19746385

i went through tae kim first

>> No.19746395

Yeah so did I, but not everyone has an eidetic memory like you do so fuck off

>> No.19746396

I wonder which language has more memes, a specific branch of English (say, American) or Japanese. It'd be unfair to include all Englishes, so let's stick to one, the one that produces the most creative artwork. とおもう.

>> No.19746404

What's a good beginner LN?

>> No.19746409

It's easily American English.

>> No.19746414

you can't learn japanese

>> No.19746416

Zero no Tsukaima

>> No.19746417

>easy to understand casual language
>characters speak clearly

Dude what the fuck

>> No.19746422

probably anything below 1600 kanji count in the library

>> No.19746423

welcome to the nhk

>> No.19746424

you can't stop licking my sweaty hairy taint

>> No.19746430

heisig seems to resent the fact that he's most famous for RTK

>> No.19746431

He wants to practice Japanese not get depressed.

>> No.19746435


>> No.19746437


>> No.19746438

I mean, that your sweaty hairy sticky taint is delicious and has that intoxicating smell that activates the pleasure switch in my lizard brain as hard and as often as Australia changes prime ministers in a political time frame has no bearing on your inability to speak Japanese.

>> No.19746444

Depression is essential in getting that yamato damashii

>> No.19746456

If a girl I love say to me "四つん這いになって", what should I expect?

>> No.19746464
File: 151 KB, 800x450, cat.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

how do i say "tfw no" in japanese? as in, >tfw no 日本人のボーイフレンド

>> No.19746468

I want to read Jintai

>> No.19746470
File: 16 KB, 267x200, tfw no gf.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

play this vn to find out

>> No.19746471

I read manga I know will be hard for me in Japanese, but anything slightly too hard feels very difficult with anime. I guess this is because with manga I can stop and think but anime it is going very fast.

Does this matter in the long term? I am still picking up the vocab from reading so I guess I'll be able to watch the anime raw later.

>> No.19746474


>> No.19746475

a beheading

>> No.19746488
File: 45 KB, 349x395, cap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.19746489

You can pause anime, you know. If you're using it to study, just grab subbed anime, turn off the subs and be ready to pause and re-listen whenever you don't understand something.
If you really can't understand it, toggle subs.

>> No.19746495

I knew my fetish of fanatical fans of the French revolution will end this way, but one can't stop one's boner.

>> No.19746507
File: 65 KB, 420x420, スプード.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

i wasn't expecting a serious answer.
so if I was in a chat room with japanese, say discord or or an mmo, and I wrote "日本人のボーイフレンドがない気持ち", that would be understood?
or should it be instead, "日本人のボーイフレンドがないの気持ち”

>> No.19746524

prepare your anus

>> No.19746540
File: 2.70 MB, 1584x1584, 1529913496829.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Be in Japan abroad
>Turbo weeb classmate also there
>TFW he says
>"Ore wa kakkoii desu?" to a cutie

>> No.19746555

you then presumably died from both laughing too hard and cringe, so how's the wifi down there in Enma's chamber?

>> No.19746572

and then he got the pussy while you're posting smug anime faces on an imageboard

>> No.19746573

>tfw she said replied with 「 入れてほしい」

>> No.19746586

do you ever wonder whether you're actually learning japanese or you just guess what everything means because you know the vocab and context and grammar

>> No.19746590

So? I don't get the joke

>> No.19746596

if you never run into a contradiction with your thoughts, then are they really wrong?

>> No.19746598

>the chad weeb
>the virgin DJT blog poster

>> No.19746602
File: 192 KB, 1920x1080, 01_001_0223_re.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I started learning kana by copying the stroke orders from wikipedia and just repeating that for あいうえおかきくけこ. But then I found RTKana, some of his imagery is too absurd and I cant get a mental image of anything maybe I'm retarded. But I noticed some are sticking and that's from two half hours a day for three days.
What should I be doing to make kana stick?

>> No.19746605

>you just guess what everything means because you know the vocab and context and grammar
that's how every language works, we're all just making educated guesses based on those things

>> No.19746616

>Ore wa kakkoii desu
Is this not a good thing to say or something? Isn't it just asking if you're cool?

>> No.19746620

read a lot. using mnemonics to visualize kana and kanji will permanently damage your ability to appreciate them as art

>> No.19746621

Your post already assumes I know what BBT and bazinga are, so you're reinforcing my point. You're going to run into dokodemo door references and Nobita impressions if you consume enough Japanese media.

>> No.19746640

>bookmark and download hundreds of files/resources in preparation to learn japanese
>start reading
>use only like 3 of those resources
Why was I so stupid?

>> No.19746643

>tfw every "language" in the world is actually ab amalgam of distinct and individualized understandings of arbitrary communication norms, idiosyncratic to every person speaking it
>tfw I can't learn Japanese and I don't even know English

>> No.19746656

>tfw nani?

>> No.19746658

>appreciate them as art
tf u on

>> No.19746664

that kind of behavior is typical of a procrastinator. instead of learning japanese you spend all that time getting ready to learn japanese and now that you started the task you realized how much time you wasted. it's something most people do

>> No.19746673

language is a social construct and it does not exist outside of the mind of human beings. if you "guess correctly based on context" 100% of the time, then, congratulations, you are 100% fluent

>> No.19746675

If words are just sounds with meanings then why aren't all meanings sounds?

>> No.19746676

yeah that's what it means
just sounds a little weird, you'd probably say 俺かっこいい? if that's what you're going for
i don't know the significance behind the smug face anon posted

>> No.19746680

yeah i downloaded like 1 gb of light novels and I barely touched more than 5.

>> No.19746681

I agree, I specifically used that example because it's something that's actually referenced a lot, I couldn't think of anything as quotable in Friends.
Matt also advocates making decks for celebrities. I watch some variety and some ikemen celebrity appears and everyone is in awe but I have no idea who it is.

You don't understand Japanese if you don't know the train lines in tokyo, how do you know where characters are when they're on the chuuou line?
This stuff is actually insanely important.

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