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Visual Novel translation status

Amagami - 1st day patch Released for PS2/PSP, "2088/2308 original edition scenario scripts translated (90.5%)."
Aokana - 6587/14,891 (44.23%) lines of the common route translated
AstralAir - 100% translated, release a long ways off
Ayakashi Gohan - ~92% Complete
Clover Day's - Common + 4 routes done, last route 348/711 KB translated
Daitoshokan - 100% translated and edited, images, engine work and QC remain
Gakuen Heaven 2 - Demo released
Haruka Na Sora - Sora 11.29% translated, Kozue 23.73% translated
>Hatsukoi 1/1 - Midori route patch released, 30.93% translated
Heart no Kuni no Alice - 78% translated, 2nd partial patch released
Hemoimo - Trial text translated
Junketsu Megami-Sama - partial patch released
Kanojo to Ore to Koibito to - 7303/26935 lines translated
Karehana - 254/18,461 lines translated
Lovely Cation- 43.7% of lines completed
>Lover Able - 54.46% translated
Maji Koi A-3 - Starting up
>Majo Koi Nikki - 73% (29478/40208) lines translated, prologue patch released
Maki Fes - 70% (1987/2836) lines translated
>Mahou Tsukai no Yoru - 3 semi-active projects, one project released ch 1-7
Monster girl quest paradox - Another new patch released, released, although some scripts still untranslated
Oreimo Tsuzuku - All scripts through TLC+Editing, 193/268 scripts finalized
Sansha Mendan - 16,411/35,409 lines translated
Sayonara wo Oshiete - 103564/257431 (40.2%) characters translated
Shin Koihime Musou - Partial patch with first chapter of Shoku's route
Sukimazakura to Uso no Machi - 12,891 / 30,513 Lines (42.3%) translated, 1 route translated, partial patch released
>Tsui Yuri - 100% translated and edited, 68% QC
Tsuki ni Yorisou Otome no Sahou - 10613/31248 (33%) translated
>Ushinawareta Mirai o Motomete - 34% (11889/35476) lines translated
Witch's Garden - 20% (10866/53677) lines translated
Yosuga no Sora - Translation status is Common route 100%, Sora route 100%, Nao 100%, Kazuha 100%, Akira 89.73%, Motoka 32.17%, Common and Kazuha fully edited

Official work

>Negai no Kakera - Released
>Kuroinu - Chapter 1 3/31 Release, Chapter 2 43% translated, 11% edited
Higurashi Hou - Released ch 4
Umineko - Released chapters 1-4
Bokuten - Port in progress
Dal Segno - 100% translated and edited, about to enter Beta
SukiSuki - About to enter Beta
Princess Evangile W Happiness - 100% translated, 87% edited
>Imouto Paradise 2 - 100% translated, 56% edited
>Fata morgana fan disc - 46% translated, 11% edited
>Sorcery Jokers - 76% translated, 65% edited
>Maggot Baits - 16% translated
>Bocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku - 69% translated and 69% edited
>Hadaka Shitsuji - 40% translated, 21% edited
Hadaka Shitsuji fandisc - Picked up
>Hapymaher - 67% translated, 52% edited
Shiei no Sona-Nyl - Picked up
Trinoline - Announced
>Secret Project 1 - 72% translated, 72% edited
>Secret Project 2 - 41% translated, 11% edited
>Secret Project 3 - 21% translated, 20% edited
>Secret Project 4 - 63% translated, 37% edited
Secret Project 5 - 100% translated, 56% edited
Secret Project 6 - 100% translated, 100% edited

Flowers - Vol 1 released, Vol 2 onwards still to come
Sumeragi Ryoko - Beta, in QA/coding
Katahane - "Translating new scenario, editing original scenario"
Eiyuu*Senki - Picked up
Princess X - 100% translated, in editing and coding
Princess X fandisc - Picked up
Trample on Schatten- Translation 100%, in editing
Django - Waiting on translation.
Sweet Home - 100% translated, debugging script
Sumaga- Fully translated, 70% edited

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>Chrono Clock - February 28th release
Nekopara Vol 3 - April 28th release
>Grisaia no Rakuen - Steam version 100% translated and in editing, release planned for March, uncut release early Summer
Ley-Line: The Borderline of Dusk - Engine/QA work ongoing, Kickstarter ongoing, Spring release
>Ley-Line: Daybreak of Remnants Shadow - 60% translated, Kickstarter ongoing, Summer release
Ley-Line: Flowers Falling in the Morning Mist - Picked up, Kickstarter ongoing, Winter 2018 release
Memory's Dogma - Code:01 Released, 02 onwards upcoming
2236 A.D. - 100% translated, Engine/QA work ongoing
>Maitetsu - 95.92% translated
Nenokami - Part 2 2017 release
Kokonoe Kokoro - 100% translated, engine work
Creature to Koi Shiyo - 100% translated, engine work
Narcissu 3rd - TL+Editing done
Tenshin Ranman - 99.25% translated
Darekoi - 100% translated Engine/QA work ongoing
Wagamama High Spec - 100% translated, early 2017 release. Editing/Engine work ongoing
>Koikuma - 33.54% translated, 2017 release
Hoshizora no Memoria - 100% translated
Fault Milestone 2 - Side Above released, GE still to come
SakuSaku - Engine/QA work ongoing, Spring 2017 release
Baldr Sky - Picked up both 1 and 2
Fatal Twelve - Picked up
Project Lux - Picked up
>Her and Her and My 7 Days - 32% translated
Girls in Glasses - Picked up
The Bell Chimes For Gold - Picked up
KaraKara 2 - Announced
>Unannounced Project 1 - 100% translated
Unannounced Project 2 - 100% translated
Unannounced Project 4 - 63% translated
Unannounced Project 5 - 100% translated, editing/engine work ongoing
Unannounced Project 6 - 100% translated

>Grisaia: Phantom Trigger - April 28th release for Volumes 1 and 2, prefundia up
Sharin no Kuni - 2nd Kickstarter finished, goal reached, August 2017 release
>Island - Roughly 50% translated, 2017 release
>Subahibi - 2017 release

Visual Arts
Little Busters - Being worked on by Prototype, "we hope we can deliver more info this spring."
Rewrite+ - Picked up
Angel Beats - 50% translated

Muv Luv Alternative - Winter release
Muv-Luv Photonflowers - Translation started
Muv-Luv Photonmelodies - To follow Photonflowers
Schwarzesmarken - Through Greenlight
Kiminozo - Picked up

Period Cube - 4/25 release
Collar x Malice - 2017 release
Bad Apple Wars - 2017 release
Code: Realize fandisc - Picked up

Hakoniwa no Gakuen - March 2nd release
Seven Days - Late 2017 release
SeaBed - Late 2017 release

Taisho Alice - March 2017 release
Kyuuketsu Hime no Libra - Translation and main game editing complete, 2 mini episodes both 50% edited, March 2017 release
>Neko-nin exHeart - April release planned
Dies irae - Steam version TL finished, uncut patch TL ongoing, May 2017 release planned
Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen - 5/31 release
>Tayutama 2 - Summer release
Danganronpa V3 - 9/26 release
Utawarerumono: Futari no Hakuoro - 11/30 release
Love Sweets - Picked up
Noratoto - Picked up
Hyakka Hyakurou - Picked up
Harumade, Kururu - Seems to have an English release planned
Himawari to Koi no Kioku - On Steam Greenlight
Lucky Dog - Possible iOS released based on the ongoing text only fanTL
>Stuff like this has been either added or updated since the last thread

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>Bokuten - Port in progress
>Dal Segno - 100% translated and edited, about to enter Beta
>SukiSuki - About to enter Beta
How long have these been in this phase? Feel like at least a month or 2.

>Shiei no Sona-Nyl - Picked up
Koestl please

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>Bocchi Musume x Produce Keikaku - 69% translated and 69% edited


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Before the thread was somehow removed yesterday. I remember we were all talking about JAST and the possibility of Necro being released as one of the titles. Then again I would not mind a Nitro+ title or two every few years or so. Hopefully Nitro+ will work on some titles in the future. But it's ironic considering how both JAST and Nitro+ move at a snail's pace.

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>Before the thread was somehow removed yesterday.
How new r u? Threads 404 after hitting the bump limit and getting kicked off page 10

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I thought someone had reported it. Oh well I forgot it could also be because of bump limit.

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Top 5 Ranking: http://pastebin.com/ekKx7TUp
Popularity Sort: http://pastebin.com/EuDi0Bws
Full Data Point List: http://pastebin.com/YEpfFR7c

As always, this tracker is powered by anonymous like you, so post order numbers if you've got em'.

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still astonished about chrono clock. like it´s seemingly not even done translation-wise, technical whatsnot aside, so just in case the remaining lines will be finished in time then there´s what feels like half a day left for qc, seriously?!

>> No.16632196

no wonder lump of sugar is under the impression that western customers do give a fuck about accuracy.

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SP is not as retarded as MG, they are working at translation and technical whatsnot at the same time. When dovac was still active he twitted some pictures with ongoing technical work on Chrono Clock. Same with editing and QC. Only MG is autistic enough to wait for TL and eding to end to start working on technical whatsnot.

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Yet Sekai is still the one who usually has to delay a release date.

>> No.16632236

Probabbly because unlike MG who never announce release date untill everything is done or almost done SP is forced to give them away very early because of kickstarters.

>> No.16632246

Unless SP has developed a method along with Purple Soft to properly insert the lines WITHOUT doing QC and beta-testing, expect bugs. Then after you see those bugs post again.

>> No.16632250

Nah, maybe they just got good.
I mean, there is a fan-translator who did 30% of a 50 hrs game in just a month and half, that's faster than Aroduc, lxrec or anyother translator in the market.

>> No.16632251

>SP is forced to give them away very early because of kickstarters
Being slightly off is one thing, but if you look at projects like WEE it shows that Sekai is just bad at project management.

>> No.16632259

They get better with every new kickstarter. CC only delayed for one month.

>> No.16632272

>I mean, there is a fan-translator who did 30% of a 50 hrs game in just a month and half
Anyone with a good knowledge of japanese and with patience and time can do that. Also, 50 hours of reading is highly subjective. As an example, I finished DC3 in about 40 hours.

>> No.16632275

It took 2 damn years for Kouryuu for a similar lenght game.

>> No.16632276

those dudes over at tsurezure are probably fulltime neets, so no wonder the progress being made if ones day consists only of fapping, translating, fapping, talking to your figurines, translating & fapping

>> No.16632280

I'll repeat myself:
>Anyone with a good knowledge of japanese and with patience and time can do that

>> No.16632281

The beta-testing is only relevant for western companies because they have to port the games onto different engines to work on Western computers (without Japanese locale).
Naturally if it's just sliding new text in, there won't be many bugs.
Anyway, Hatsukoi is actually the shortest Tone Works game, it's significantly closer to 25-30 hours than 50. Impressive that it's being done so steadily, though, of course.

>> No.16632304

Generally, they don't.

>> No.16632311

think it´s been mentioned somewhere that their translator is native in both, jp & eng.

>> No.16632413

good amount of subborness and dedication arent some skills you can freely gain, you either have them, or you lack them

>> No.16632516

Koestl can't start work on Sona-Nyl until after he finishes his work on Grisaia for Sekai Project.

>> No.16632518

They seem to just get better at solving their screw ups. As the translator was far from done when they had to throw in additional translators to meet the deadline. And yet miss it by some month. (Hopefully because they edited the mutli translator script)

>> No.16633176

>SP is not as retarded as MG

>> No.16633397

>release planned for March, uncut release early Summer
We all know that Sekai Project never keeps up with their own schedule.
That said. Can someone explain this? Why would an uncut release take several months longer to release if the only added localization work would be the 18+ content?
I can't imagine the 18+ content alone taking many months to translate.

Intentional neglect from Sekai Project's part? I suppose that sounds about right. Still sounds pretty weird though.

>> No.16633403

From my understanding they're two completely separate versions (vita and original 18+) so the translation could have to be manually ported to the other version.

>> No.16633428

>they're two completely separate versions (vita and original 18+)
I see that the whole trilogy has received portable all ages versions now. Well. That makes sense if they sold decently enough.
The interesting thing though is that Sekai Project announced their localization of it before those versions were even out. So for a moment I was almost afraid they'd make a G-senjou type fiasco where they made the all-ages versions themselves.

>> No.16633449

there´s so totally nothing weird with it. if both versions of a title release at the same time, or shortly after eachother, then customers are more likely to buy only the one they´re interested in. on the other hand if there happens to be an adequate delay in between them you can pretty much expect die-hard fans to pay for both, especially when coming to much hyped titles that almost everyone starts talking about upon release. so from a buiseness point of view stuff definitely makes sense, but morally & ethically..... :/

>> No.16633456

He's too busy being a SJW.

>> No.16633483

eh? what has grisaia´s leftover porn to do with him start working on another title? as if translators doing multiple projects weren´t already the norm or pretty common

>> No.16633535

>Mahou Tsukai no Yoru - 3 semi-active projects, one project released ch 1-7

it's so fucking slow, the wait is painful

>> No.16633539

I'm pretty sure he plans to retranslate Michiru's fandisc.

>> No.16633541

Even if the translation is shit, doesn't he have something better to translate?

>> No.16633560

>you can pretty much expect die-hard fans to pay for both, especially when coming to much hyped titles that almost everyone starts talking about upon release
Are you aware that those die-hard fans are people who actually either participate on forums or just lurk and hence at the current time will not have a good opinion of SP? Why in the world would they buy a game twice specially since the version they want is the one being delayed because of SP interests?

>> No.16633667

sorry for me having worded it a little confusing. with die-hard fans i did mostly mean those sekai cultists of course + to a lesser extend those who have no patience waiting additional 4-6+ months for sth they could already be reading. pretty sure a good amount of them do indeed pay for titles twice.

>> No.16633672


He said he'd do it originally but I kind of doubt it'll happen at this point.

>> No.16633692

You probably get more people pushed to pirate it altogether than you do double dippers. Launching on a delay is probably not even what Sekai Project wants to do, they're just too incompetent to manage their projects properly.

>> No.16633700

Is he going to do it for free because I doubt anyone will spend money bothering with it at this point.

>> No.16633711

though it´s understandable if not this would go against what´s been promised in the kickstarter they held. even if chiruchiru as a title is mediocre at best, people still backed for it, believing he would do the translation.

>> No.16633723

Blame Herkz.

>> No.16633729 [DELETED] 

edit: this is "asuming" promises mean much to them.... *looks at what´s become of WEE and feels the sudden urge to scratch his ass

>> No.16633740

You missed the plebbit tab.

>> No.16633753

He's supposed to give up his job to a deserving minority.

>> No.16633791

nothing to argue with. to my understanding even if he were to re-do things, what mostly scared off customers wasnt its amateurish translation, but the horrible pricing for basically nothing.

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>They get better with every kickstarter

Hi Dovac.

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Tell me about it all they do is Kickstart everything and the Jews defend them.

>> No.16635090

In almost all cases we work to identify technical hurdles and get issues out of the way as soon as a project starts so that the post translation work is minimal. The current situation is a bit unfortunate and mostly a result of the number of projects eclipsing the amount of technical staff we have, or previous bets not working out. We're working on fixing things, but there are some delays.

If you're curious, I'll try to list out the current technical status of each project:

Higurashi 5 - I'm working on this now, should enter beta soon. Proooobably will come next after kuroinu... but don't quote me on that.
Dal Segno - Circus's own programmer is currently preparing this, it's looking pretty good so far.
Imopara2 - I will be working on this after higurashi meakashi. Should be relatively quick.
Evangile W Happiness - BDH is currently working on engine localization.
Bokuten - I'm back on this after issues with the porting effort. Will be after Imopara2.
Sukisuki - We have a programmer who is currently preparing this at the moment.
Secret Project ?? - Probably closer than you'd think

>> No.16635130

>Higurashi 5 - I'm working on this now, should enter beta soon. Proooobably will come next after kuroinu.
Damn. I was hoping it would be a lot sooner than that.

>> No.16635319

Damn, this pretty much means that it is going to take at least until May/June until most of the current games near the porting phase are ready to release.
This is sad, but thanks for updating us at least.

>> No.16635354

It can't be helped with only having so few people who are good enough programmers for that kind of shit. Doddler also has had to split his time with helping Sekai with some of their projects (plus occasionally helping Aroduc when he has time).
At least they have Circus taking on Dal Segno which helps them out.

>> No.16635356

>Bokuten - I'm back on this after issues with the porting effort. Will be after Imopara2.
Which mean? 2017?

>> No.16635555

There's no way it will be after 2017... I'm hoping for mid rather than late 2017, but you never know how these things go.

>> No.16635825


Wow XSeed actually dropped the ball on this. Nethigh would actually be a decent seller especially when they did translate Trails which is difficult in itself. I could imagine this on PC and Vita as well.

It feels like Danganronpa/Ace attorney.

>> No.16635853

Yeah I know, but as understandable as it is, it still sucks. Sukisuki itself has been 100% translated for almost 4 months now. At least it isn't as bad at SP

>> No.16635859

Dropped the ball how? You can't expect a small company to localize every niche game that comes along and they decided that this one would have been too much of a challenge.

Not to mention if they did end up doing it they'd have to fuck with things to make sense in English since a pretty decent portion of XSeed's customer base are actually normalfags who just like anime.

>> No.16635998

It being a vita exclusive probably made it not worth their while. The rest of the issues they mention aren't insurmountable.

>> No.16636158

My expectations aren't too high since it's an Anime Boston game, but I always hope that a title announced at a smaller convention manages to appeal to one of my /d/ fetishes. Or makes for a quick laugh at least.

>> No.16636250

>Dal Segno - Circus's own programmer is currently preparing this, it's looking pretty good so far.

What made them decide to do it themselves this time?

>> No.16636629

>Dropped the ball how
>too much of a challenge

Think about what you are saying. They have translated much more difficult games like Trails man. Trails is one of the longest JRPG Text heavy games ever with dialogue and different regional dialects.

then again it could be because XSeed thinks their fanbase is more smart than NISA. I predict either NISA picks it up or someone else will. And if NISA does pick it up and become succesful no one can bitch about them picking it up.

>> No.16636662

You should think about what you're saying. The challenge isn't translating an amount of text or making the dialogue work, it's translating an extremely Japanese game into English without Westernizing it or otherwise ruining the puzzles and jokes (not to mention reworking things to display vertical text horizontally and all problems that entails.

It's nothing like Trails, it's a technical and cultural challenge and the kind of thing that publishers will almost always turn their nose up at.

One thing you are right about though is that the only people who would take it on are probably NISA, simply because they don't give a fuck how badly they tear out games. They'd probably just delete anything that wouldn't work in English.

>> No.16636885
File: 96 KB, 917x620, 1487405036015.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Actually the irony is you would be wrong about how NISA translations, sure Neptunia was shit and forced memes out the ass with references and cameos but ironically it sells really well and people seem to like it. It already has an established audience.

With Danganronpa they actually did a good job on it. The only people that dislike the translation are the autistic types that liked the fan translated version on YouTube before NISA picked it up and can not accept change as apart of life. Cue in the "I liked Monobear better" crowd or those that liked Genocide Jack.

For cultural things it's not hard to translate anything and there will always be a loss in the translation with any game coming from Japan to here. I can agree when it's the Bakemonogatari problem where a dub would ruin the whole thing but to say you can not translate something over due to cultural issues or not coming up with close equivalents is a cop out excuse.

You can still have translations of things. It's just XSeed can't get off their ass to do it.

>> No.16636922

>but ironically it sells really well and people seem to like it. It already has an established audience.
What kind of point is this...? Dude's lamenting that the NISA translation would be shit, and your reply is that's fine because it's popular among casuals?
The rest of your post is pretty silly... you CAN still have translations of things, but NISA has shown itself to not have the talent or willingness to do a proper, high quality translation. Anon didn't say it was impossible. He said it would be hard and NISA wouldn't be able to, or wouldn't choose to, properly challenge that difficulty to make a good TL.

>> No.16636997
File: 35 KB, 580x327, YouPlayingThatZeldaGameOnYourXboxAgainSon.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has mangagamer reached peak brand awareness in the vietnamese porn game market? This is the third time I've seen a game misattributed to them so far this year

>> No.16637025

What a retard

>> No.16637033

I can't even understand what the hell is he trying to say.

>> No.16637049


Really? It reads pretty simple to me. He's lamenting the fact that mangagamer doesn't allow full LPs of their classic games, like grisaia(honestly their best release since saya IMO)

>> No.16637058

Why are you even on VNTS if you are so deliberately ignorant of translation processes and difficulties?

Just go hang out on /v/ where every translation that doesn't happen is because the publisher is lazy.

>> No.16637128

how do these people function irl

>> No.16637357

A very early look into The Shadows of Pygmalion using concurrent users in the abstinence of better data that won't be available until down the line.

It has thus far peaked at 21 concurrent users on Steam, although its launch may have been blunted a bit by the lack of a launch discount this weekend because of a problem MG had with Steam. It may get a bit of a boost once the launch sale is fixed, although this wouldn't necessarily be reflected in a concurrent users peak since it would somewhat spread out the time period when people pick up the title. It also got to 2nd this weekend on the MG charts, but has since fallen to third behind Kuroinu and an OEL title.

By comparison, Tokyo Babel peaked at 40 during the first weekend, and held above 35 for a few days. So it is likely that considering the similar demographics the titles would target, and neither having a huge impact on the MG site, that Pygmalion is off to a somewhat weaker launch than Tokyo Babel, something that probably won't change even with a boost from the delayed sale. At the very least though, it certainly doesn't appear to be doing significantly better than Tokyo Babel's launch.

>> No.16637367


Are we already seeing the bomb of the year?

>> No.16637372

The problem is you keep saying it's shit but have not shown me any examples of why it is shit or what makes NISA horrible or bad. It's pretty much its bad because you think it is bad.

>> No.16637395
File: 215 KB, 500x500, 1483003276348.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Show me where I am ignorant on the difficulties oh wise one. Show me your holier than thou ability that you are the greatest translator ever and know more than the rest of us here. That you have hidden knowledge of translation that makes you superior than us pitiful humans. Sorry you were triggered by my image and my defense of NISA that you could not come up with a logical come back other than go to V.

By the way we are talking about visual novel translation and it is on topic.

>> No.16637405
File: 877 KB, 2880x1632, nisa.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's because both he and I thought NISA being bad was an established fact. It has been shown many many times that their translations are inaccurate, gratuitously localized, etc etc. There's a balance to strike between "accurate" and "reads well in English", and what they've chosen is "ignore the Japanese and write whatever English they want", which is bad by most anyone's standards. If you google around about NISA, you'll get tons of results like
NISA being bad isn't mine nor his personal bias, it's a largely agreed upon consensus.

>> No.16637436
File: 621 KB, 579x723, gettingaheadofoneself.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm not him, nor have I played any NISA games in like ten years, but I remembered that koestl posted this headscatcher last year.

婚活中 means husband(/wife)-hunting, if you're curious

>> No.16637450

I predict it will do better once it is on sale for 15% off during the summer. Right now the Otome games are popular that it's the new hot thing. Even though I think Fujoshi and Otome are overrated much like Yuri is. Then again I think it's only a fad that will last for this year much how Yuri was a thing last year.

>> No.16637464

>which is bad by most anyone's standards

Commie staff and their fans disagree.

>> No.16637492

Wrong move pal, Neptunia is a meme translation nothing is good about it. It's as if the "translator" decided to put a meme every time it was too difficult to translate in english, in the end the tl is no better than a machinetl from fuwa.

>> No.16637499

Otome is a different thing than yuri, as the former is appealing to a different demographic that it wasn't recognize a market exists for (that clearly does exist), while a successful yuri title has generally been a success because it brought in the more traditional VN demographic. Although increased competition may reduce the sales for individual otome titles.

>> No.16637501

Irrelevant. They don't translate visual novel and yeah the Mahoyo project is a fake just wait for Beast's Lair translation (in 3 years).

>> No.16637516

I think your definition of "most anyone" is more than a little flawed.

>> No.16637601
File: 41 KB, 969x492, lmaook.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Wrong move pal, Neptunia is a meme translation nothing is good about it
>Nothing good
>Didint read what i read earlier.

Lets look back what i said earlier because i think you overlooked what was stated.

> sure Neptunia was shit and forced memes out the ass with references and cameos but ironically it sells really well and people seem to like it. It already has an established audience.

I even admitted it was shit. And i know it's not perfect either. But i was not wrong in saying it did sell really well. I mean look at the sequels that came out for it. If it did not sell well enough it would have been dead in the water already after the first game.

>That's because both he and I thought NISA being bad was an established fact.

You see here is the problem if you are looking for accuracy and close to translation i agree NISA is not like that at all. They did kind of pull a funimation with Shin Chin on Neptunia and kind of made it into its own humor that is similar to Neptunia's script but in its own way. In other games it does seem like they did get better but do make questionable name changes to try and fit the theme of the game then it looks weird. I can agree with that being a problem like >>16637436 mentioned.

As for the Reddit thing you linked that guy honestly had most it being his own preference on translations and the Danganronpa thing was silly. Because they did make it with both games included with extras for the PS4 version and they are included in a pack on Steam. Back when it was released it was only the first game and it took them another year to release the second game. It's not like they will release both games at once for it. Even the Reddit posters roasted him on it.

I will mention this much. If they release Criminal Girls 2 without mod support on Steam. I will then go back on my stance and properly call them out on it. But there is no use to do so.

>> No.16637623


There's not really much point in arguing about the quality of a translation if the accuracy of it is a complete non-factor to you.

>> No.16637651

I agree that is why i am saying it's all about preferences. It could be much worse. Imagine if Sekai managed to grab Ayakashibito with another kickstarter and then they have 4 kickstarters on top of their last 3 kickstarters on top of it and ruin all of the games by having only Machine Translations! Which are not accurate and completely not apart of the script!

>> No.16637662


NISA translations - "Well they could be worse!"

Now there's a quality tagline.

>> No.16637695

>T.Autistic Screeching
>NISA is ISIS They were shit for a few bad errors and memes over 2 years ago so you should hate them
>Sekai is better than NISA even though everyone is more afraid of Sekai getting a visual novel than NISA
>XSeed can do anything they want to even avoiding NetHigh for Otome visual novels because im a good old cuck.

VNTS in a nutshell. The tagline should be The Ends Justify The Means.

>> No.16637856


literally how do you defend these cunts?

>> No.16637995

>Are we already seeing the bomb of the year?

As best we can try to get an idea about how it does relative to other titles. Tokyo Babel itself seems like a disappointment, and the early information for Pygmalion don't indicate it is going to do better. However if Tokyo Babel is in fact a disappointment the bigger problem would have been high associated costs instead of the absolute number of copies sold, and we don't know what those costs look like for Pygmalion.

>> No.16638074

Sekai Project's new motto.

>> No.16638079

>machinetl from fuwa
Do they continue to use MTL?
Thought nobody used nowadays, I mean whenever someone mention the M word there they are shunned down.

>> No.16638083

Oh man, Pretty sure that list will keep going on.
The case regarding Mugen Soul sure is similar to Agarest 2.

Perhaps the only thing that I will accept is about Fairy Fencer F.

The only thing that I know that people work around is AT2 Retranslation and they did an awesome job on it.

>> No.16638114

Have you just crawled out from under a rock recently anonymous?

>> No.16638120

You lost me.

>> No.16638132
File: 126 KB, 784x779, 1423599762988.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

At least they fixed some major errors in Ar Nosurge. But that's about it.

>> No.16638187
File: 72 KB, 1084x584, Cy5hOCdVIAAiMj.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Reminder that English meme "translators" are scum.

>> No.16638204

>you jelly?

>> No.16638223

Is this from before or after they toned down the slang dialogue?

>> No.16638412

Nothing wrong with "you jelly?"

>> No.16638465
File: 719 KB, 500x277, 1488095463337.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You just posted this earlier on the Reddit post samefag you must really like grasping for straws to use. Most of that is nitpicking and being a puritan. Also a lot of the problems mentioned where actually fixed I will explain because I do follow games that I but even the patches.

Disgaea PC version was actually patched a few times and now works relatively better than before.

Criminal Girls Invitation for PC has mods for it to revert to the Japanese version.

Danganronpa 1 Grammatical issues were there. But on PC they updated the script and the grammar has been fixed.

Danganronpa 2 absolute lies on Jabberwock island I had no problems on Vita or even PC.

Also as for Hyperdimension Neptunia I noticed they did not mention PC where it actually works really well and they did a slight update to the translation and fixed some of the errors in the updated versions.

>> No.16638478

Then learn Japanese and read it the way it was meant to be.

>> No.16638520

I like Nisa's translations overall think they give the scripts more flavor. They localize, not straight up translate.

>> No.16638544

Wow, dude. Removing Japanese culture from Japanese games is racist.

>> No.16638581

Many times keeping purely Japanese culture in the game will make it confusing for the reader. Think of how many casuals play Neptunia and the like.

>> No.16638594

Just to point out that it's because PC Neptunia wasn't done by them, it was done by IFI.

>> No.16638644

It seems like only Murrican readers have this problem.

>> No.16638660

I'll never understand why people would want a title translated if they can dismiss it getting fucked in the process. I mean, if you're fine with a fanfic why did you want the thing in the first place?

>> No.16638676

I think "localize" is the wrong term here.
Rice ball -> donut is localization. Taking Japanese culture, turning to English. Understandable, in its own way.
What NISA does, which garners complaints, is they *rewrite* the script. That is, add jokes where there are none, alter dialogue without considering characterization or setting, etc.
The distinction here is important because using "localization" makes it seem like a legitimate process, with care given to the different markets, instead of what it actually is, which is editors (and translators?) being given the go ahead (and perhaps orders) to alter the script as they personally like without care for maintaining accuracy or the spirit of the original.

>> No.16638721

>buying a censored title just because it has mods to uncensor it

I don't understand why people would do this unless they were in a country that strictly enforced piracy.

In any case, Neptunia is now Idea Factory International, and many of the older bugs remain unfixed even if NISA seems to care about its PC ports.

XSeed does it in a way that isn't completely incompetent. There's spicing it up a little to fit English language conventions more, and there's jamming hot sauce into it because the Japanese game is too Japanese for your audience. Approving of NISA localizations is like approving of 4kids.

>> No.16638723

I'm fine with it as long as it seems in character for the person who says it. It makes the game more amusing.

>> No.16638735

I grew up watching 4kids shows, which is likely the issue here. Many other people likely grew up the same way and don't care either as long as the script reads fine to them.

>> No.16638753

No wonder you enjoy garbage.

>> No.16638761

I don't really think that's the issue. I grew up watching them as well. Some people I know resent 4kids because of it. It's possible that the common reaction is as you say, but assuming the people okay with it are about 18, was 4kids still relevant when they were kids?

>> No.16638833
File: 298 KB, 618x490, shillharderbraveknight.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, hi mister NISA shill.

>Criminal Girls Invitation for PC has mods for it to revert to the Japanese version.
It's called a "mod" because it's something the /players/ did. That's like praising Bethesda for the Skyrim nude mods.

>Also as for Hyperdimension Neptunia I noticed they did not mention PC where it actually works really well and they did a slight update to the translation and fixed some of the errors in the updated versions.
That's because IF fired NISA and started doing all of their localizations in-house, fucktard.

>> No.16638837

Well, duh. Being american is a mental illness after all.
>I'm fine with it
Well, good for you. Some weirdos also fine with eating shit. Most of eople though hate NISA "memelization"

>> No.16638847

>you jelly?
What the fuck? Even Atlus fell for the "meme is so funny dude lmao" trend?

>> No.16638949

>Most of eople though hate NISA "memelization"
Then why do their games sell so well?

>> No.16638969

When you're desperate, a shitty translation is better than no translation. It's the fuwa method.

>> No.16638978 [DELETED] 

But by supporting it, NISA can save people by not having to pay better translators. It's perpetuating the cycle of translations that are considered subpar. They have to reason to improve if people will still pay for the inferior translation. Better translations are more time and money to spend.

>> No.16638981

>le fuwa boogey man
Dude, they are so bad they can't even release shit. Want a bad TL? Himawari, there.

>> No.16638987

But by supporting it, NISA can save money by not having to pay better translators. It's perpetuating the cycle of translations that are considered subpar. They have no reason to improve if people will still pay for the inferior translation. Better translations are more time and money to spend.

>> No.16638996

What was wrong with Himawari?

>> No.16639007

NISA-tier rewrite by ELS mongol.

>> No.16639017

Botched translation that removed almost every honorifics except for one "joke" that never got explained.
Not to mention rushed as hell.

>> No.16639032

>and now works relatively better than before
It's basically nothing like before. Disgaea on PC works flawlessly.
That said. I am pretty sure the engine for the PC builds are thanks to NIS with NISA not really having done anything for good or bad.
My understanding is actually that NISA's involvement with these ports is surprisingly slim.

But no matter the case. The ports are amazing.

>> No.16639033

While I prefer them to be kept in, removing honorifics isn't a sign of a bad translation.

>> No.16639255

>isn't a sign of a bad translation.
When you put them back in scenes when you are to retarded to figure out how to translate without using them, then you most certainly a shitty translator and you TL is a shit.

>> No.16639294

>removing honorifics isn't a sign of a bad translation.
Yes it is if the characters are japanese and the story is set in Japan.

>> No.16639305

It was an otaku joke though.

>> No.16639322

Explain the joke

>> No.16639339

Put costumers who supossedly would find honorifc confused would also find unlocalized joke just as much confused. Stop defending hack translator.

>> No.16639407

Reminder to not let Conjueror translate Muramasa.

>> No.16639571

Youichi was getting excited because Aqua was calling him oniichan, just like his chinese cartoons.

It was a reference for otaku culture, not everyone will understand it. Do you want him to localize the f/sn joke too because someone won't get it?

>> No.16639589

>everyone uses chan kun san suffixes in universe
>let's remove it because it will confuse people
>oniichan joke
>let's not localize it
quoting myself

>> No.16639633

>Do you want him to localize the f/sn joke too because someone won't get it?
No, but if he decided that his costumers are too stupid to understend honorifics than he shoud be consistent and also localize joke about honorific. He is a hack and shitty rewriter who thinks he a big boy for including honorifics in his work.

>> No.16639680

Because of monopoly. If every reseller was allowed to sell their own version of same games, then we'd have quality and multiple shit companies would die.

>> No.16639715

If they didn't understand the reference, it wasn't for them, Just like any reference ever.

The joke wasn't about honorifics, it was about the obsession that otakus have with little sisters. Conjupoo could have used brother or something like that, but he probably thought oniichan was funnier

>> No.16639724

No wonder it bombed

>> No.16639735

If they didn't understand honorifics, it wasn't for them, Just like anything with Japs culture ever.

>> No.16639786

You can't swap words like that. It is like saying Seme or Uke doesn't matter, just write gay. You are missing that they are used for specific things and not as a general term.

>> No.16639795

Are you seriously comparing a single little joke with a whole novel?

>> No.16639809

Could oniichan be used as any other thing than Big brother?
>really makes me think

>> No.16639818

I know, I only used "brother" as an example. That's why I included "or something like that".

>> No.16639869

All I am saying is that he is a incompetent hack who should never let touch any vn.

>> No.16639915
File: 113 KB, 640x480, 32558.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

MG should pickup some May-Be Soft games

>> No.16639974

Oniichan carries a sexual undertone. As far as I know, brother tends to not be sexually loaded. Now if it was translated as "Fuck my twat!", I'd probably find it good enough. Can't ask for too much from translators.

>> No.16639990

>Oniichan carries a sexual undertone
the fuck you are smoking?

>> No.16640005

How new?

>> No.16640009

Is this a ruse?

>> No.16640027

>Now if it was translated as "Fuck my twat!"
The joke was relevant to the plot though. You can't translate it to anything.

>> No.16640116

>Sukisuki - We have a programmer who is currently preparing this at the moment.
March release then?

>> No.16640130

Based programmer will change the name to Yuuki.

>> No.16640132


>> No.16640292

He probably means preparing it for beta, so probably not. March is for Kuroinu.

>> No.16640294

Didn't they say it was already [in] beta? Like, a month ago?

>> No.16640318

>If You Love Me, Then Say So!
>Translation: 100%
>Editing: 100%
Never even mentioned beta on their project status page.

>> No.16640361

Damn, MG is so incompetent! SP was our guys all along.

>> No.16640388

NISA were our guys all along. I can't wait for The Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles.

>> No.16640440

Aren't people still waiting on Vita releases for a lot of their shit?

>> No.16640451

I'm considering voting for Henshin or their gender bender eroge on the next survey at least. They tap into the part of /d/ most localized eroge don't bother with, except for the Softhouse Seal VNs.

>> No.16640453

>XSeed does it in a way that isn't completely incompetent. There's spicing it up a little to fit English language conventions more, and there's jamming hot sauce into it because the Japanese game is too Japanese for your audience. Approving of NISA localizations is like approving of 4kids.

Fuck no you did not just make the comparison. 4kids was much worse they censored out any violence and tried to replace words like Death with other words in order to prevent children from seeing any violence or hearing any words like >>16638676 mentioned that is what a censorship company would do. NISA at worst just tries to meme and shit by adding more to the script. Again not entirely perfect its not for everyone but it works for Danganronpa and Neptunia which relies on silly humor in the first place.

The problem is nothing NISA has done completely alters the script in anyway though. Did they censor the executions in Danganronpa? Did they call The Killing Game the Happy Disappearance game?

>It's called a "mod" because it's something the /players/ did. That's like praising Bethesda for the Skyrim nude mods.

That is a bad "comparison" to make because Bethesda does not make mods, but they allow the community to fix the game and mod their games however they like. It opens up possibilities and allows the community to fix the problems just in case Bethesda could not fix the game or alter it itself. NISA allowed that to happen because it's against their policy. But you know nothing is never good enough for the entitlement generation of a millennial.

>That's because IF fired NISA and started doing all of their localizations in-house, fucktard.

Oh wow Edgelord in the house come at me bro. I do not pretend to know everything and claim to be 100% perfect in my knowledge with insecurity dripping off the keyboard because i have to hate everything and step in line like you do.

>> No.16640455

People are still waiting on releases period from Sekai, some of which are literal years over due.

>> No.16640526

>. But you know nothing is never good enough for the entitlement generation of a millennial.

Kind of ironic how NISA makes attempts to try and fix its translations and to issue patches for their games. When XSeed does not issue any for Little Kings Story or Akiba's Strip.

It will be out when Gaben announces Half Life 3. Trust me it will be out in a year and a half. On top of that they did mention that they would shovel all the shit out in one go because they are going to be at their deadline soon so no hype and just shovelware on PC.

>> No.16640541

XSeed were our guys all along i cant wait for no dual audio and Otome games!! Niche games what are those?

>> No.16640667
File: 11 KB, 335x352, fgsfds.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>That is a bad "comparison" to make because Bethesda does not make mods, but they allow the community to fix the game and mod their games however they like. It opens up possibilities and allows the community to fix the problems just in case Bethesda could not fix the game or alter it itself. NISA allowed that to happen because it's against their policy. But you know nothing is never good enough for the entitlement generation of a millennial.

>> No.16640683

>Little Kings Story
What about that big patch they did with Durante?

>> No.16640714

It fixed certain things but they still have not fixed the controller support and boss fights still crash, there is still registry problems with the game when signing in Its much more playable than last time but it still needs at least one more big patch.

>> No.16640880

What the fuck is this game?!

>> No.16641419

Huh, Chrono Clock is going up on Nutaku tomorrow.

>> No.16641650


Muv Luv just updated it's kickstarter regarding physical and also Translation Update.

>> No.16641659

Wait a minute.

>Kuroinu will be in 3 parts
>First part, and presumably every part is $25

That's a lot for one nukige. Is it really that long?

>> No.16641691
File: 249 KB, 1580x709, Poor faggot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh terrible terrible MG. I know so much and yet you know nothing...
Just do what I want. I don't care about the rest.

Just kidding

>> No.16641720

who knew steam forums would be even more toxic than 4chan

>> No.16641728

Who cares, everyone and their mother has seen the anime, so no one will play it.

>> No.16641795

Is this the result of Sekai Project undercutting the market with bottom of the barrel OELVN trash?

>> No.16641952

Welp. at last someone figured out mangagamer is as cancer as SP.
Kudos to that brave guy, he's my guy.

>> No.16641970

It's a pretty solid length if I recall. All the massive gangbangs really add to the script. Compared to the nukige they sell for $15, it's probably proportional. $75 is still fairly high though, you probably want to stick to just buying the chapter with your favourite characters (i.e. dark elves).

>> No.16642180

He could just pirate it too and play it for free.

>> No.16642262

That goes without saying.

>> No.16642499

Is it just me or has the VN translation scene been absolutely fucking terrible for the past couple years? I admittedly haven't been paying too much attention, but the only recently translated VN that I have read that was actually good was S;G 0. Did some titles slip past me, or have the past few years really just been shit for VNs?

>> No.16642669

Sounds like you're a normalfag, friend.

>> No.16643322

Kind of sad if you ask me. I can't believe he would make a comparison of two completely different genres of games to justify his "prices need to be lower" argument. I think he may have failed at basic economics of supply and demand and how pricing works.

>> No.16643355

Well you could get Psycho Pass Mandatory happiness 4/24 on Steam. If you like Sci Fi noire with some serious plot it might be what you are looking for.

>> No.16643391

VN on steam was a mistake.

>> No.16643404

Rance and Haruka.
Funbag Fantasy.
Bunny Black 1&2.
Princess Maker 1&2 Refine.

Among others.

>> No.16643462

Chrono Clock is out. Coincidentally, Nutaku also seems to have just got Kindred Spirits and Forbidden Love with My Wife's Sister from MG on the same day as the Chrono Clock release

>> No.16643592

Cant wait for torrent!

>> No.16643675

I would say it has a part in it. Your average steam user will generally see VNs as cheap fapbait or cringy EVN trash now because how much they flood the platform (plus the poster children for the medium on steam is Nekopara and Sakura games), so it isn't hard to see why some people are questioning the quality of writing and the price tag. Is still a retarded thing to do though.

>> No.16643930

You people didn't believe Dovac.

>> No.16643935

You know they released it without finishing editing and QC?
Kind of a mixed bag in terms of keeping promises. It's unfinished.

>> No.16644082

>without finishing editing and QC?
And of cource you have a proof to back your statement, right MG shill?

>> No.16644145

It's obvious from the progress updates they've been posting, translation was barely just finished in time, and editing has been trailing the translation, not to mention QC. You're not gonna convince me the last 10% of a whole game was properly translated AND edited AND QC'd in the span of 1-2 weeks.

>> No.16644181

Sekai only posts translation progress. They either never post editing/QC or perhaps don't outright do it.

If I had to guess, it's included in the overall translation percentage, but you never know with shitkai.

Kindred Spirits is surprising. I guess the Nutaku deal really is profitable for MG.

>> No.16644197

So no proof. Maybe insted of hiring shills MG should hire editors and checkers to avoid releasing in future messy and unedited games like fanbags and himawari.

>> No.16644287

gentle reminder that your lord saviour sekai has been the one responsible for churning out half assed and most unfished crap a la WEE2 on more than one occassion. & what the other dude said above holds some truth, simply because it should be common sense that one is unable to QC & betatest a product as a whole in just a few days, but yeah, guess it doesnt matter much to you, same as it seemingly doesn´t to them, as long as it´s getting released, just don´t keep on pointing at other companie´s faults if your own cult is by far no better.

>> No.16644363

The Steam version of Chrono Clock is going up later today it looks like, and then it will be on Denpasoft once Nutaku's paid for exclusivity period ends.

Whatever they track on their status page went from 98.7% to 100% yesterday. Although since the all ages version has been on Steam in Beta for a month, that script is probably through QC and any remaining script work would have been on H-scenes (and if there happen to be script problems, then they probably made the judgement few care about editing problems in porn). Not that it is a good idea to finish the title hours before release regardless, and I'm sure someone had a fun weekend rushing to meet the deadline.

Kindred Spirits has been uncut on Steam for around a year now, so not like they lose anything adding another platform to get sales on. It's not like they are adding Rance or some other recent title that is a big draw directly to their store. It is worth noting though these two new titles are the first added from MG since Koihime was added late last Fall.

>> No.16644382

Both have had some iffy editing. Just MG has years of goodwill behind them, while Sekai lost the benefit of the doubt after it happening so much, along with delays on a lot of their releases, with no real improvement. Also doesn't help that Dovac also basically ruined Sekai's public image in the more dedicated VN fanbase circles.

>> No.16644443

>right MG shill
As if one can't just hate Sekai Project for the sake of Sekai Project.
Seriously fuck Sekai Project. I'll never support them.

Once upon a time I wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt. And they responded with smug remarks and literal insults. Fuck them.

>> No.16644469

They rushed the release so hard. https://twitter.com/puffketeer/status/836327380826353669

>> No.16644491

You never were SP's target audience.

>> No.16644502

As Sekai Project have so clearly stated. So fuck them.
I'll never throw another dime in their general direction ever again. Hopefully they can just go bankrupt and cease to exist.

>> No.16644566

"even if the DL version's releasing a little rough around the edges, there's still improvements to be made for the physical release"

that says all. like as long as you´re able to understand what´s going on your fine, screw those ever nagging elitists that are demanding a perfect release for their money. kickstarting physicals earned enough, same as getting pounded by nutaku, not to mention the to be expected guarantied percentage of sales through their faithful cultists - so the rest is free to fuck off and start annoying s.o. else.... :/:/:/

>> No.16644592

having their staff member admitting that it´s going to be a semi-beta release in terms of overall quality, yet complimenting him-/herself of being a part of said praxis. splendid. seriously.

>> No.16644608

At the very least though, it seems like the titles that are at 100% translated for Sekai Project are in fact waiting on some type of either technical work or something else from the Japanese side, as it does not seem that the script process after translation warrants significant delays in their mind.

>> No.16644612

someone call kisaku to rape this faggot senseless for even telling people to enjoy half finished stuff.

>> No.16644625

Give me torrent so I can shittalk CC with screenshots.

>> No.16644664

>the DL version's releasing a little rough around the edges

this skeers me a lot

>> No.16644674

Well. this is a shame.

>> No.16644816

Probably technical work. The posts earlier in this thread about MG shows that having lots of releases that need work with so few people who can tackle it causes stuff sitting at 100% to pile up.
Frontwing also said came out and said any delays on any of their VNs that Sekai is working on is on Sekai's end.

>> No.16644880

>Whatever they track on their status page went from 98.7% to 100% yesterday
>>16644469 is basically confirmation that editing isn't included in most of their percentages, but they are actually editing it at the same time as translating. Makes you wonder how far through their other projects really are and how many others they pushed out the oven with an incomplete editing pass.

>> No.16644929

Supply and demand on VNs are silly though. You can price a title at any level because everyone has no choice but to either buy it or never play it.

>> No.16644946

The following can be read in their update before release:

Known issues:

Options menu still has Japanese in it.
Detailed system settings still in Japanese.
Game doesn't like audio sources switching when it is running.

But they will patch that later as who uses settings anyway?

>> No.16644951

It still applies since if priced too high people won't buy it even it means they can't play it.

>> No.16644971

Yes, but it is only "too high" if it is over 75 dollars, as some will always say "It cost about that in Japan!"

>> No.16644986

>everyone has no choice but to either buy it or never play it.
Are you retarded? This is market with piracy levels over 99%.
If you can't convince buyer that its worth to spend his money on the game, he will just pirate it.

>> No.16645042

>price a title at any level
Hardcore players are willing to pay more for VNs than Steamfags, but it's not like you could causally price a VN at $200 and expect it to sell a lot. There's still supply and demand involved in the VN market even if the variables are different from the Steam Market.

>> No.16645074

And isn't that a sign that demand tapers off at that price point showing the supply and demand model is still true? While at the same time supply is basically pretty elastic for digital releases and is hard to manipulate to raise or lower prices. Though, like the other anon said, piracy basically kills pricing too high anyways.

>> No.16645110

this is what i meant with churning out semi-beta releases, but hey, comapanies giving a fuck nowadays is pretty common anyway. honestly there should at least be some adequate discount given to those planning to buy an unfinished product

>> No.16645138

Demand is price independent. You'd still want something even if you can't afford it.

>> No.16645149

And they will just pirate it in that case.

>> No.16645271

Why would you release a game that you admit isn't finished? Why would you even admit it's not finished...?

>> No.16645279

because SPs costumers would buy it anyway?

>> No.16645304

>Sekai Project doesn't meet its release date deadline
People complain
>Sekai Project actually meets its release date deadline
People complain

There's no way to win against you is it?
You keep defending mangagamer even though their prices are outright robbery but don't give a break to Sekai Project.
Poor Dovac.

>> No.16645317

>Sekai Project actually meets its release date deadline
They promised CC in January. They missed deadline as always.

>> No.16645322

Because the only thing left were the h-scenes and let's be serious, nobody gives a shit about its TL quality. No need for ambiguiously gay editors who suck on cucumbers to make onomatopoeias that sound good enough for their perfectionists arses.

>> No.16645323

And the release is still an unfinished mess which is pretty amusing.

>> No.16645332

For the release of Chrono Clock, it will be very difficult to get any early read on how the title is doing. Concurrent users will probably be of limited use thanks to the chaos of having a month long beta for backers, Kickstarters in general affecting the early concurrent user value, and having the Nutaku version and no Steam patch without a clear indication of how it will affect the Steam version. As to trying to pin down how the Nutaku version is doing, we have limited useful info to try and figure out how a title has done in absolute terms, however the daily top ranking list on Nutaku should be quite interesting starting tomorrow thanks to the two MG titles being released along side it. Although this at best helps determine how Chrono Clock is doing relative to other titles, not if it is reaching expectations or not.

Just as a quick refresher about the Nutaku rank sort since it has been some time since it was relevant. The sort appears to be sales base (although the exact details about how it calculates and the time period covered are not known, however unlike Denpasoft's long term cumulative sort or even MG's weekly sort, it appears to cover a very short time period based on the day to day volatility.) Additionally, it updates once daily, although new titles automatically are put at the top of the sort for a bit more than the first 24 hours after release so sometime tomorrow when that period ends it will adjust to the proper sort for the day.

>> No.16645338

> complaining that MG employees promote their brand while shitting on competitors
If SP wants to improve their image on 4chan, they should hire shills who will be better than MG's.
For example, anyone with even N5 cert can easily find lots of mistranslations in all MG releases. Post screenshots with jp/correct tl, burst that "we invested in making our TLs good" bubble. Remind about games like Da Capo 3 taking forever and not meeting any deadlines, and so on.

>> No.16645342

Sekai should include in all their contracts that any tweet about anything SP-related w/out written approval from PR will result in 100000 USD fine and possible immediate termination.

>> No.16645354

>to improve their image on 4chan
But half of 4channers pirate and the other half are the SP MG employees.

>> No.16645371

>There's no way to win against you is it?
They can start by not promising impossible release dates in their Kickstarters that they know they will not meet beforehand.

>> No.16645480

>and not meeting any deadlines
Was there any deadline they didn't meet? I can't really think of any when they usually post the release a month in advance only.

>> No.16645506

Sekai gave this answer when asked about differences in the Steam version of Chrono Clock.

>ChronoClock has omake H-scenes which means after you complete a girl's route you unlock them AKA they're in a gallery and entirely optional. This was the only thing removed from the Steam version of the game as explicit erotic content is not allowed.

With how that reads, it seems like the tits in the main game may have been maintained for the Steam release. That isn't anything remarkable for Steam these days considering Corona Blossom or MG's library, but it would be in contradiction to what was said from an earlier thread here that sourced what Kickstarter backers were told, and it would be a better outlook for their censorship standards for future Steam releases.

>> No.16645546

It is more that if you are going to release something past a deadline that was set up then you may take some more time to release it in a polished and complete state. Even AAA game devs seem to have got that message in recent years and have received some praise from some people for showing they "care" for the quality of their product after announcing a delay to help with quality.
Sekai is just continuing to concrete the image of them being incompetent even after all PR talks of saying they are improving.

>> No.16645557

the fuck are you even whining about? the release of chrono clock in its current state is no meeting any deadline, but a joke, even more so since customers are fully charged despite a certain stuff still lacking, btw. being on a non satisfactionary level. & nah i´m shilling here no fucking no one, this goes and should go for all fucking publishers. & dont even come at me with their staff did their best, were under stress, gave it their all and blah, just dont. as a paying customer i dont fucking give a shit about the personal situation of theirs, or if they burn out mentally in whatever process, heck even if someone kills himself - i still dont need to fucking care. that´s all their companies responsibility, not mine, and all i do care about is getting offered a product that is finished on a technical level, reads well, hopefully in time and to a price which doesnt make me gasp for air.

>> No.16645733

>You keep defending mangagamer even though their prices are outright robbery but don't give a break to Sekai Project.
Get the fuck out you fucking ignorant and hypocrite newfag. IF you had been here since the start of the shitstorm SP is responsible for and you actually took a bit of time to see that EVEN MG AND SP PRICE THEIR PRODUCTS SIMILARLY you would look at the post you just made and just laugh out of your own stupidity.

In case you're that guy that has recently made a few posts supporting SP and throwing shit at MG without providing any source, get out of this thread. Pretty much no one here looks kindly at SP and it won't be your posts that will change that.

>> No.16645751

>It is more that if you are going to release something past a deadline that was set up then you may take some more time to release it in a polished and complete state
this is grabbing the harsh truth at its balls

>> No.16645799

>People seriously still think SP isn't the worst

>> No.16645810

I probably should add that for the "take more time" part it should still be within a reasonable time frame, otherwise you end up becoming JAST tier. Everyone is kinda use to JAST spending an awful amount of time on time on some projects, but it still doesn't stop it being kinda ridiculous.

>> No.16645844

They got a new PR team after Dovac blew up and have been worming their way around trying to improve/fix public perception even if not much has changed.

>> No.16645916

Yes, they changed their mind for some reason. (Perhaps they realized censorship is for idiots?) So nudity and such is still in the game.

But I am kind of getting tired at being fooled to buy adult games that is just tacked on galleries. I should have played more new titles and learned Japan abuse their customers and kill their own industry. I only played old ones that delviered quality content.

>> No.16645942

Hello MG shill

>> No.16645983

Other than obviously worse companies like Moenovel, I could see someone claiming that JAST is worse because of the absurd delays. Sekai is still pretty bad about it, but I don't think it'll ever be as bad as Sumaga.

I can't really hate JAST USA about it though because I'm too used to it. Not to mention that their CEO isn't as much of a dick to his customers as Dovac.

>> No.16646140

Right, that awful PR team that did that self-depreciating "haha, so funny" joke in the header of their Q&A on Reddit? They're fucking retarded. They pussyfooted around every question and only drew attention to their failings.

Though I suppose PR can only really do so much. I would hate being a PR guy for such an incompetent company.

>> No.16646154

>I would hate being a PR guy for such an incompetent company.
At least they don't have Dovac fucking over every single effort to look better anymore.

>> No.16646688

>There's no way to win against you is it?
There is one, shut down SP and give Maitetsu, Baldr Sky and Ley-Line to MG.

>> No.16646742

This doesn't particularly affect me since I bought Pygmalion on MG site but what's happening with Pygmalion on Steam? It still doesn't have any launch discount. On similar situations with other titles on Steam, the launch discount got fixed pretty fast. I'm finding this situation rather unusual.

>> No.16646815

Sekai's prices aren't that different then MG's. if anything, Chrono Clock's adult version is a complete ripoff. Da Capo 3 is 45 for the adult version and is a good deal longer then Chrono Clock which is 40. Rance 6 and 5d are 35 and those are going to get you a lot more playtime then Chrono's 40.

Also, companies should meet release deadlines with complete and final products. Rushing to get something out the door by skipping parts of the process is not something that should be praised because they hit their 2nd bullshit deadline they should have never announced. The January deadline was never possible. At this point they should have finished everything before launch but instead rushed and released an unfinished product.

>> No.16646932

Do not worry I am sure once it is torrented and played through. There will be screenshots posted.

>> No.16646946
File: 350 KB, 1059x1324, Screenshot_20170228-185532~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Releasing with 84% done and releasing the next day
>Even if I did not really translate that well I am proud of half assed quality
>Screencaps image for future "why do you hate Sekai" "Sekai does nothing wrong!" Schills.

Another reason to dislike Sekai and to boycott or torrent their releases.

>> No.16646958
File: 250 KB, 1080x1361, Screenshot_20170228-185523~2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Here is the first thing that was said.

>> No.16646969
File: 85 KB, 608x689, Sekai quality.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why not just snip the whole thing rather than butcher it?

>> No.16647048

So should I care about Chrono Clock or is it shit?

>> No.16647092

It seems decent enough. The real question is how badly shitkai butchered it..

>> No.16647102

I can tell that is the phone app he is on not desktop. Twitter app is a pain in the ass to screencap on. But holy fuck though this puts them lower than any company out there especially with Moenovel. They are lower than anything and yet you have samefag trying to defend Sekai on their releases.

>> No.16647174

Is this guy the translator for CC?

>> No.16647261

Comparing Rance to Chronoclock is unfair since the former is a dungeon crawler and the main reason why it's cheaper is because of its age. Though, it is true that generally MG titles are better priced for length than Chronoclock. The main exceptions I can recall off the top of my head are Gahkthun, Harukoi, and Kuroinu.

Oh, and generally the gap between the adult and non adult versions of the game is $5 for MG. Chronoclock is $10. Eden's gap is $10 too, I think, but it also added in blood and such.

>> No.16647278

Not only that but it's kind of the same bullshit reasoning as AAA games lately. And then they all wonder why everyone gets mad at them and says they are a piece of shit for doing that. I can bet not only will it have some bugs, but also the translation will feel off and it will feel half assed.

What the hell. Options menu and system settings is in Japanese? What the fuck? That is supposed to be the most important parts to it. I swear to god they are using Machine translations and do not bother to learn any Japanese whatsoever.

>> No.16647288

If you feel like a mediocre moege, go ahead.

No one really cares about the settings that much, but it's still terrible to leave them untranslated in case they actually are necessary.

>> No.16647300

I notice they have been schilling here with narratives and bullshit. Even their PR on Reddit was kind of cringe actually. Then again Reddit is for casual cucks.

lol i know right? "hahaha so funny" "we got Dovac here hehe" Man that is some fucking cringe.

Yes they do What if i want to turn the volume down if the soundfx or the music is loud and i cant read Japanese? Or adjust certain things before starting the game?

>> No.16647365

Not a Visual Novel
>Funbag Fantasy
If you are into that fetish
>Bunny Black 1 and 2
Not VNs and while fun are mediocre
>Princess Maker
I'll pay this
>Steins Gate
Already had a fan translation

>> No.16647391

Have you played Saya No Uta? I would recommend it.

>> No.16647407

No matter if you release an unfinished product early. Or release a finished product late. Of course people are going to complain. What's more, Sekai Project has had a track record of releasing unfinished products late. Which is even worse.

I also really don't get where the idea of Sekai Project somehow having benevolent prices in comparison to their competition when it's really been the same. If you look at proper titles like Grisaia, WEE, or Clannad etc they've typically priced them between $40 and $50. It's no different from JAST or MangaGamer. Likewise they've both got the bulk of their catalogues below $20, again making the prices no different. The idea that Sekai Project has great prices whereas their competition do not is basically just blatant propaganda and false.

It's really getting getting kind of ridiculous what with the number of people trying to claim that Sekai Project are somehow better than their competition and other localization businesses in every thread.

>> No.16647461

>>Funbag Fantasy
>If you are into that fetish
I don't have that fetish. But I legitimately found it to be a great fantasy story. I almost feel like it should have no right to be that good. The name and theme kind of implies otherwise but I suppose that was always meant to be part of the charm.

>>Steins Gate
>Already had a fan translation
Not S;G0.

>> No.16647467

- leaving out translating integral parts of a galge
- wishing people a good and fun read when fully aware that ~10% of it (ero, but also story) aren´t even edited
- charging normal price nonetheless

yet astonished over customers feeling ripped off

>> No.16647503

wonder if they would tell people to start using those aweful nekohen interface patches if they were to license eushullies titles, because muh why bother?

>> No.16647533

Yes he is. Basically they are just saying upload it with 20% incomplete and then translate it later.

TL:Dr https://youtu.be/eUFY8Zw0Bag

>> No.16647542



>> No.16647775

Lose asked out MG first, MG refused to license Maitetsu, claiming that Lose demanded too tight schedule, but we all know the real reason, so they had to go to SP.

Licenses end up in SP lap because their competitors, including MG, simply cannot offer same conditions as SP. So if SP would disappear one day, MG wouldn't acquire Baldr Sky, Baldr Sky would be just cancelled forever.

>> No.16648244

Maitetsu may be impossible, but Frontwing seems capable of negotiating for Baldr Sky even if Mangagamer can't. Sekai will probably finish Leyline though because of the successful KS.

Not to mention that if Baldr Sky is no longer an official project, Aroduc might finish it up, but that's a big maybe.

>> No.16648274
File: 165 KB, 500x454, 1484211954463.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lol what a funny thing to say. Frontwing will replace Sekai eventually. They may use crowd funding, but I know they will do a better job than Jew Project.

>> No.16648316

>But I legitimately found it to be a great fantasy story.

It's not. It's okay for a nukige.

>> No.16648341

It has well motivated characters and events. With plots revolving around said characters and events. For what amounts to an engaging story with likeable characters.

Making it a nukige that serves its themes very well. That's pretty great if you ask me.
It's not a particularly deep, remarkable, or thought provoking story or anything like that. But what it has is a grand fantasy adventure with a well fleshed out world that supports it.

>> No.16648687

He's not the translator.

>> No.16648761

Can't wait to learn Japanese and ignore all this bullshit

>> No.16648825

Kara no shoujo 2
Root Double
Zero escape
Am i missing anything?

>> No.16648832

Well, FW's PR guy is a blessing. That dude is extremely gifted, if he can help turn around FW's perception through basically one AMA, SP can do the same thing.

(Un)fortunately they're extremely incompetent. Even when they try to fix their image, they only do things to keep people indifferent or damage it. I still can't believe their self-deprecating AMA myself, did they really think anyone would find that amusing and think "Oh! These guys are jokers. They know their mistakes and they'll fix them because they said lol!"? It's ridiculous.

>> No.16648843

Fata Morgana

>> No.16648846

Shitty tranny simulator.

>> No.16648859

so any comment on hatsukoi´s fantranslation, i mean on their latest patch. didnt check it out myself because i´m not into that type of stuff, but still a bit curious about its overall quality.

& yeah, that dude over at fw is quite sth. didnt come across that many otakus looking like chewbacca 2.0 + one gets the impression he´s seriously giving his all.

>> No.16648862

It seems like leveraging Aroduc's TL (without asking him) had a big part to do with SP's acquisition of the license. They also were going to try to release it all-ages only at first, which MG would likely never do.

Whenever SP gets a bigger license, there are usually some details around it that show how they acquired it, and they never keep those licenses anyway. Visual Arts and FW dropped them almost immediately, for example. If Baldr does well, Giga could do the same, although BS won't be out for years.

>> No.16648979


>> No.16649033


It appears that Giga considered a Western release of an 18+ Baldr Sky to be a non-starter, or at least they had through last year. At the Denpasoft panel, Sekai teased having a solution for Maitetsu of all things, while saying the equivalent of "well, we will try" for Baldr Sky. MG's stance is great, but it doesn't do much if a party isn't interested in the first place, and it seems both Jast and MG had approached them over the years without luck as it isn't like interested in Baldr Sky is a new thing. It also is easy enough if Giga was on board, as the content is going to be the issue for any Western party that releases R18 titles, and Nutaku cash should be there if that was an issue seeing that it is an exceptional and high profile R18 title that they could sell the game play.

As to Frontwing, it is hard to say what their philosophy is for licensing these days. They were able to come around on Sharin no Kuni because of their connections, but that doesn't mean they would be able to get Giga to turn around if Giga is set on not having a Western R18 release, and Frontwing would likely go along with that. They look great because of their PR guy and changing their minds on Sharin and removing mosaics on Corona Blossom, but they hardly are focused on the R18 market either. They picked up Sharin no Kuni as an all ages title with bullshit conditions, cut Time Leap Paradise as a free to play Steam title, and used nukige assets to make Purino Party for Steam even if it had a patch. Additionally they can't comment on what Subahibi will look like despite licensing it some time ago. There is no reason to think Frontwing wouldn't have agreed to Giga's terms at least as far as content goes had they been negotiating for the license instead, and both of their third party pick ups to date counted on using fan translations as a base as well.

The Baldr Sky situation is quite bad between a purely all ages release looking likely (which may be censored to Giga's standards) and the Aroduc mess, but there is no clear path to a better release though some other company since every interaction with Giga has given the impression that they are rather protective of their titles and don't wish for an R18 release. Although Sekai being Sekai aggravated the situation by not keeping Aroduc in the loop and not discussing an agreement during the process of negotiating with Giga, and instead just counted on "well we picked up a title with an active fan translation, so everything will be fine."

>> No.16649239

>Although Sekai being Sekai aggravated the situation by not keeping Aroduc in the loop and not discussing an agreement during the process of negotiating with Giga, and instead just counted on "well we picked up a title with an active fan translation, so everything will be fine

going by my dictionary this is called incompetence, being outright naive, or overestimating oneselfs charms by a great deal

>> No.16649277

It's basically all of that.

>> No.16649290

nah that´s just their usual habits of emotionally blackmailing fantranslators into going along with their whims, like starting negotiations with [insert jp-devs here] as if an existing fantranslation in the works were already sold to them, fully aware that most groups would probably give in before letting everything they´ve done so far being wasted. there isnt much one can do upon given the choice of either getting c&d´d (if planning to continue), or cooperate. guess it must have felt like a massive dick suddenly rammed into their asses in aroduc´s case.

>> No.16649324

They should've known that Aroduc would refuse purely out of spite.

>> No.16649339

>and it seems both Jast and MG had approached them over the years without luck
Didn't JAST get close but it fell though over getting non-mosaiced CGs?

>> No.16649345

thinking of everyone else as paying retards who will support them regardless is the only thing they´ve kept being consistent about over the last couple of years

>> No.16649353 [DELETED] 

so we were told, yes.

>> No.16649358

so we´ve been told, yes

>> No.16649375

Should give an indication then that 18+ content would have been fine but removing the mosaics was too far for Giga. Which means it should not be impossible for SP to get that far if they negotiate right.
Though they might have changed their stance since then and Seki is probably shit at negotiations, so who knows how it will end up.

>> No.16649512

>Though they might have changed their stance since then
Unlikely. Sekai Project just dislikes porn and they're all over the all-ages meme.

>> No.16649617

Frontwings problem is there "We listened to your feedback and will include it in the title we release in 4 years. The nearest 3 years is already decided on things you don't want because changing plans is HARD.

>> No.16649948

Downloaded Pygmalion from MG and my antivirus keeps deleting the exe because it flags it as Win32:Trojan-gen. It also doesn't help that the game's installer is still partly in Japanese.

>> No.16650082

From everything that's been made public, spite need not enter the equation. They were apparently disrespectful to him and his team and uncommunicative.

>The most recent communication from Sekai Project was that we should "step away from it for a little while and come back next month." This was in response to an e-mail from me saying not-so-politely that "I'm concerned about the lack of communication," which was itself a followup to a more polite e-mail from Doddler pointing out that we're frustrated because they're not communicating with us... which had gone ignored for the better part of a week.

Play shit dominance games, get shit results.

>> No.16650330

But that's Umineko.

>> No.16650522

It's done by ex-members of the now defunct Red Hawk Scans so it's p good.

>> No.16650602

if that´s the case i probably wouldn´t mind if they were going the official route with VA and bring over all 3 toneworks titles, something they consider working on anyway. would rathert support the efforts of those, than certain unfished hackjobs of others

>> No.16650640
File: 131 KB, 784x461, no discount.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, this answers it.

>> No.16650695

I wouldn't expect a launch discount at this point. They can just apply the discount the next time a sale comes up.

>> No.16650752

This is the most stupid argument I've ever seen to grab much money.
Just how greedy could MG get?

>> No.16650756

If anything it's going to cost them money, because people will wait until it's on sale to buy it.

>> No.16650770

>This is the most stupid argument I've ever seen to grab much money.
>Just how greedy could MG get?
Why are you still posting on this thread is the real question though.

Anyway, I personally don't find MG decision to be the best although I understand their reason to do this.

>> No.16650819

It is a limitation to the way steam works. You can't just apply the discount and have it apply to people who have already bought it without having everyone get a full refund to buy again, and just doing it now for new customers is a big fuck you to the people who already bought it.

>> No.16650845

I think they said you could try emailing them for a 15% off coupon for a future purchase from them to make up the different if you buy it full price on Steam.

>> No.16651471

>I was wondering for a while, how do MG's sale number compare with steam, MG's store and nutaku? On which platform do you sell the most per day, month?

>I can't really get specific, but I can say that it's much more variable than most people think. The general assumption is that everything sells an order of magnitude or two better on Steam, but that's not always the case! It seems to depend on a lot of factors from timing, to pricing and the nature of the specific title.

>On a slight tangent: people who think 18+ Steam patches are a big driving force for sales (or deterrent if there isn't a patch) have no idea what they're talking about. There's basically no evidence to suggest it's a significant factor. Similarly, the hardcopy holdout theory is pretty bogus in my experience as well (just look at any of Sekai's recent Kickstarters ostensibly for physical releases of titles: in most cases 2/3rds to 3/4ths of backers go for digital only!)


>> No.16651575

>I can't really get specific, but I can say that it's much more variable than most people think. The general assumption is that everything sells an order of magnitude or two better on Steam, but that's not always the case! It seems to depend on a lot of factors from timing, to pricing and the nature of the specific title.

That goes along well with what Kouryuu said about the R18 Da Capo version being slightly preferred to the Steam version, which was probably an exception percent wise as far as their Steam releases go.

>> No.16651694

It could also be true for Pygmalion considering that without the Steam launch discount, people in the US could get the game cheaper on MG's site.

>> No.16651928

didnt know critically commenting on fuwas vnts, or answering some peoples question there has now become a no-no if it´s not in sp´s favour.... fucking seriously?

>> No.16651940

They did that for higurashi ch 4 though. I bought that shit the second it went up and got no discount, then right after, there was a discount. Don't really care though.

>> No.16652237

Look no further than how long it takes them to translate 18+ on top of waiting forever. With Sekai there is always strings attached to it.

>> No.16652256

Change the Unicode to Japanese then. It does not change much of anything really but it has always helped especially regarding certain Japanese titles with English translation

>> No.16652263

I think I'm getting a false positive for malware in Shadows of Pygmalion. I even tried the Steam download and still had it getting flagged and blocked by my antivirus. This is strange because I've never had this issue with any other VN I've played. And I don't have any issues playing Tokyo Babel which is even weirder.

>> No.16652278

They even said "we will talk to you in a month or two" and then when news reached out after Aroduc said his piece they did shit damage control on Reddit that they found a new translator and Aroduc was convinced to delete his entry by Doddler.

I still remember how he said he had a lot of the game translated and gave them a rough estimate and they decided to do 1/3rd of what was asked and Aroduc basically told them he will not do it. And that Doddler and Aroduc had special tools to finish the game and make it an easy port to do it for Sekai. They were just being greedy.

>> No.16652308

It shows 3/58 on virustotal, with the 3 being outliers showing it estimated malicious without an exact match... I would say a false positive. What antivirus are you using that's flagging it?

>> No.16652330

This has happened before on Steam sometimes there are false positives with games and usually its the antivirus being really sensitive to anything new. It might be best to enable an exception for it

>> No.16652587


>> No.16652790

what the hell is a webroot

>> No.16652844

It's a popular anti-virus in the US now that the sales person at Best Buy suggests you purchase with your new laptop.

>> No.16653034

Ryoko-sensei got its golden master according to JAST.

I can't remember the gap between golden master and the actual release. I think it was about a month or two, assuming no last minute delays.

>> No.16653124

More like 3 days in JAST Time

>> No.16653236

Pymalion's starting to seem kind of buggy.

> (bug?) Reaching the true ending
>I finished reading all three normal endings, however, when I skip to the choice segment by holding down left click again it's the same three choices. Isn't a new one supposed to pop up when I've read the normal endings?

>If I use the Jump feature, the game just crashes.


>> No.16653237
File: 549 KB, 1280x720, 1487298902942.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Between 2 and 3 months, if I recall correctly in my School Days purchase.
But is JAST, so expect it to be release it in Anime Expo.

>> No.16653820

At least pretend to have taste

>> No.16654013

Nutaku got Gahkthun as well.

Ranking wise, omitting Gahkthun which was just released and thus has a bit more than 24 hours to be artificially at the top of the chart, today's ranking is Chrono Clock is in first, followed by an English OELVN added last week, UME Soft's trap game, Forbidden Love with My Wife's Sister, and Kindred Spirits for the top 5

>> No.16654102

Japanese version was crashing in several places if you didn't turn the animations off. I wouldn't be surprised if some bugs remained.

>> No.16654383

"your comment is awaiting moderation" endless limbo, funny how a former pirating-site now openly turned into schmuck project shills.

>> No.16654432

you should´ve known that telling people about CC´s hackjob release is not what they got bribed for

>> No.16654707

Wait fucking really? Fuwa really backs Sekai up the ass now? Lol do not tell me they use Kickstarter money for bribes now.

>> No.16654738 [DELETED] 


They're doing an AMA this Friday.

>> No.16654771

half of their staff is lovey-dovey on sekais discord, so no wonder all my comments answering that one dudes question about cc´s current state of release didnt get approved. probably trying to keep everything away that could possibly hurt its sales.

>> No.16654797

should be ovious. i mean look at all those so called galge reviewing sites . almost 2/3 have no idea what they´re talking about, but keep on praising every release of theirs as the second homecoming of jesus, even the most worst ones. guess being given few dollars and a couple of nekofaced onaholes do wonders there

>> No.16654831

things got started when that one guy working on astral air suddenly teamed up with the one doing sakusaku and both started working for sekai. not to mention chuee miraculously changed his personality from openly hating on sekai to now whiteknightening them. all in all i´d say fuwas staff, or the ones in charge are way more forgiving, selfdeluding coming to sekai than in cases of others.

>> No.16654852

astonished over people still falling for sp´s new kids on the block attitude, like they´re also few years into the market by now, this, or they simply love chewing on dovacs dick

>> No.16654873

Looks like Pygmalion is triggering different antivirus issues.

>Eventually, I found that my anti-virus was causing the problem even though I listed the executable as an allowed program. I've been having to turn my anti-virus off to run the game without crashing.

>It happened me, too. I normally don't turn off my anti-virus program, but I haven't tried the method being mentioned here. I'll try out your solution when I get the chance.


>> No.16654943

That's what they get for playing all-ages kusoge. Divine punishment.

>> No.16654952

Look, everyone hates SP, but you're the only faggot who can't use capitalization in this thread. Don't make it so painfully obvious.

>> No.16655026

Not sure if this was mentioned in the previous thread, but WA2 got an update last Sunday.

>Introductory Chapter has been fully re-translated, edited and proofread. Closing Chapter is currently in progress.
>Our goal for having Closing Chapter completed is by the end of 2017, no promises though.

>> No.16655061

Isn't this all machine translated though? Or did they get a proper translator now? It isn't in the VNTS list so I still assume the former.

>> No.16655064

>they were just being greedy
Aroduc was the greedy one.
He doesn't have any right for his fan-translation, if anything is SP the one who can decide whether to trash it or not.

>> No.16655106

Are you joking? If anything he has every right to demand an adequate compensation from SP who wanted to buy his work. Thought they were always so proud of paying a lot more than their competitors

>> No.16655108

Aroduc has worked professionally before so I don't see why his fee would be excessive or his translation would be totally scrapped if brought. Sekai still has to pay someone to translate the game, so while Aroduc doesn't hold the rights it would be idiotic to hand it over for a cheap token amount especially if they might use it for themselves.

>> No.16655117 [DELETED] 

So you mean it's like they are trying to have their own nigger cattle. Like the same fag that defends Sekai in this thread.


>> No.16655119

>Aroduc was the greedy one.
>He doesn't have any right for his fan-translation
Correct. But neither does Sekai Project. So how is Aroduc greedy?

Making deals where they take Aroduc's translation as being as good as theirs for granted, without any involvement of Aroduc himself. Is simply naïve, foolish, brash, as well as incredibly uncouth.

>> No.16655137

>Like the same fag that defends Sekai in this thread.
I still can't tell if that fag(s) is being serious in these threads, or if it's just the kind of le epic troll may may attention posting that he fancies.

>> No.16655247

He and the people that have worked on it hold the rights on anything they´ve done, not sekai. It´s the same as in Peter Payne´s case when asking about getting Majikoi´s translation and was told that too many people were involved.

>> No.16655311

He should just have finished it and released it as a fan translation.

Both Giga and Sekai claim there is zero market for the adult version anyway, so they would be unable to claim they lost any sales or money at all. And they could go on and waste time on the all-ages version all on their own while we who aren't customers play our games.

>> No.16655322

Yet you guys shitted over Aaeru when she wanted to translate DC3.
Fucking hypocrites.

>> No.16655348

>He doesn't have any right for his fan-translation
This is flat out wrong. Copyright law says that he doesn't have the right to release or distribute it, and that only Giga, or by extension as Giga's agent, Sekai Project, can create an official one, but he has every right to his own intellectual property, same as every other piece of fan work ever created. Copyright law is not an always on thing. If it's not protected, it's not lost. There are countless examples of unofficial tacitly allowed pieces of fan art/translation/writing/etc. Being the original copyright owner only gives them the right to stop the creation and distribution of unofficial derivative works. Furthermore, it's clear at this point that Sekai Project is aware of the existence of the fan translation. If they haven't taken action to block its creation and distribution, they're going to have huge issues because Aroduc would have a slam dunk defense due to overt malice in their behavior.

>> No.16655523
File: 34 KB, 247x434, 1 (151).png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.16655542

>Implying anyone should pay for a shitty machine translation

>> No.16655711

> bawwww, they aren't allowing me to spam their forums, unfair!
MG should pay for advertisement like honest businessmen instead engaging in black PR.

>> No.16655733

They just deleted my thread on steam. Censorship is back on the menu.

>> No.16655859
File: 22 KB, 704x181, 1488484375199.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

If anyone had any doubt of the Finnish-> English translation quality look at this pic.

>> No.16655881

I blame this on MG´s unwillingness to license more and actually good nukige, inevitably resulting in something like that to happen.

>> No.16655930

if i want to translate something can i just put down it in note pad or how would it work?

>> No.16655935

Google sheet would be more convenient.
You could access to it from anywhere.

>> No.16655950

>Google sheet
Just don't "accidentally" delete it and any backups.

>> No.16655969

Its not recommended to log in with root account on google servers either way unless you know what you are doing and have external backups.

>> No.16655971

Implying you can't access home PC notepad from anywhere.
Implying you go anywhere.

>> No.16655992

okay thanks hopefully i dont fuck up i only have translated comic strips so far

>> No.16655998

What vn?

>> No.16656009


>> No.16656033

Good luck! See you in 3-5years or probably earlier upon getting chopped and screwed by the community

>> No.16656051

its a vn i really like, it's called panical confusion. i really like the characters and it has a lucky sukebe theme that blows things out of proportions. theres two characters i really like one is really cute with the mc and another i love her personality.

>> No.16656062

>panical confusion
If you want an advice, go to fuwanovel, open a new thread and recruit a team, you are a translator so you shouldn't have any problems.

>> No.16656119

im not a translator really... i did work on a few comics strips i guess nothing that big.

I just want people to play this game and i know japanese enough to read it.
So im gonna 'try' to translate it, i dont really wanna rope people in and this is more a side project/hobby i guess, i might stop it if things come up or something.

but thanks for the advice

>> No.16656128

Don't translate then.
Read more stuff.

>> No.16656177
File: 14 KB, 252x177, thumb_631853e4b37454d1a4635036982cf805.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I just want people who don't know japanese to read it...

>> No.16656185

You'll quit halfway like every other half-assed project anyways.

>> No.16656210

do something shorter first

>> No.16656377

You're exactly what the scene needed.
Another half-assed translator who barely knows Japanese.

>> No.16656615

I do know japanese, all I want is for people to read this, that's it. I'm not interested in joining anything.

>> No.16657358

What makes it weird is that would take forever. Not trying to be an ass i notice from what i have seen translations can look easy but man 50+ hours will take a long time.

>> No.16657365

>I haven't translated much but I'm going to do <huge project>

Every time

>> No.16657372

Really makes you think, huh?

>> No.16657440

>im.. Not a translator
>Worked on a few comic strips
>I know japanese enough to read it

No you do not, nobody knows enough Japanese to read everything. You are fooling yourself into a false delusion.


>> No.16657512
File: 212 KB, 422x390, 48438585385.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I do know Japanese
>Im no a translator really
>I only translated a few panels

Yeah sure and then you will quit in a year or two because it is too hard, and the updates will stagnent to 5% translated for 10 years and then we will all wonder "hey what happened to anon that translated a few comic strips and thought he knew Japanese".

>> No.16657631

If someone's gonna quit it'll probably be in the first month or two. That's when you realize it's hard work. If you've been translating solidly for a year it's far less likely you'll quit, cause you'll have grown used to the numbing workload.

>> No.16657665

On the subject of Sekai, anyone know the length (duration) of Japanese School Life? VNDB has no range for that, nor does Sekai's website.

>> No.16657684

check steam reviewers' playtime

>> No.16657727
File: 227 KB, 248x634, 1466612260285.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



>> No.16657859

>spring 2018

>> No.16658060

>Danganronpa v3 for Steam launches alongside PS Vita and PS4. Well I know which version I am getting then.

>> No.16659558

sekai a shit bump

>> No.16660027

I'd be really surprised if they hadn't approached omegastar about licensing. It's probably likely they they couldn't afford it or they aren't interested. omegastar's products sell extremely well in Japan, Bishoujo is probably the most succesful nukige series, I think. Biman 3 outsold both Sexy Beach and CM3D2.

>> No.16660200

MG put up a hard copy for Free Friends 2 for the 24th. Timing works out to give them one more thing to have for their first convention of the year at the end of the month.

>> No.16660243

I still find it funny the last 3-5 hard copies have all been of games I have below zero interest in. Seemingly what people buy and what I enjoy is very different.

>> No.16660396

At the very least they teamed up with Waffle, though Yabai! probably will stay a dream, same as Liquid´s Mugen Renkan, which i simply can´t understand why no matter what. Not even remotely trying to bring up titles from Lune´s main brand, because....nah. all hail Ume-Soft *sighs hard

>> No.16660484

It's over. There are no honorifics in Chrono shit.
Everyone go home.

>> No.16660773
File: 1.48 MB, 1282x747, untranslated.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Seems ChronoClock, on a technical level, is basically on the level of a fan translation but officially sold for money. The advanced options and the context menus (press escape to bring it up) in the game are untranslated.

>> No.16660799

Sasuga SP

>> No.16660806

The h scenes are full of text encoding issues too, a side effect of them never being edited or tested. It's quite a mess.

>> No.16660815

>Seems ChronoClock, on a technical level, is basically on the level of a fan translation
and even then there are some having said features translated, mostly at the beginning of everything. No idea what fucked their brains to think such stuff is basically unneeded and not worth putting some efforts into

>> No.16660834

Just to follow this up, after a few days, it is in fact hard to say how Chrono Clock is doing.

It has thus far peaked at 35 concurrent users on Steam, and has remained in the top slot of Nutaku since its release. But between being unable to determine how much of its Steam performance now are from the Kickstarter (especially with the fully playable beta during February) and no signal what kind of Steam/Nutaku ratio it is getting, there are too many variables to try and narrow it down farther then "it shouldn't be either a complete flop like Myth or runaway success like Kindred Spirits, and the Kickstarter gave it a decent head start before it was released."

>> No.16660866

They had to meet their release date (late 2015) you know you can't spend time on crap like finishing the translation.

>> No.16660927

I'm sure anon >>16632210 will have something to say about that.

>> No.16660931

Holy shit I forgot about him
I don't want to mock others for suffering but damn he really got shown up

>> No.16660956

It's pretty sad to see the administration instantly reply to any doubts or questions with excuses downplaying or ignoring all the issues.

>> No.16660989

Fuwa was always a shithole. This is just another nail.

>> No.16661026

No chance of replying to his last comment, at least not if you were to bring up anything that would contradict his message.

>> No.16661255

>Then again I would not mind a Nitro+ title or two every few years or so.

Seems like they were looking at Nitro+Chiral titles.

The team working on the Sweet Pool translation revealed on Aarinfantasy that someone (likely JAST) contacted them about an official release.

The translation team apparently told them no though because they're doing it for the fans. They haven't budged despite people telling them to go for the official release.

>> No.16661345

lol they can not even translate some of the menu? And the translation is Fan TL? Then that means Sekai bought out a Fan TL and had to work on the rest. But godamn if they can not translate at least some of the title menu and need machine translation then its kind of official they are not a translation company. There is no way to say they actually know or learn any Japanese at all. But wow i had to see it to believe it.

>> No.16661399
File: 834 KB, 1282x747, Chrono Clock fuckup.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I made a photoshop of the fuckup that is Chronoclock. Complete fuckup number 5 so far.

>> No.16661416

Hello I am MoeNovel Mike please ask anything you curious related to MoeNovel.

>> No.16661419

>And the translation is Fan TL?
Nah, I meant it is basically the kind of technical level (as in hacking in sorting out problems with the script for the menus and sorting problems with the .exe) you would expect out of a fan translation instead of it being originally a fan translation. As you would expect to get something in a state where you shouldn't be seeing untranslated stuff as part of the game in a release people pay for.
I can't say anything about the translation as my Jap isn't good enough and I haven't played enough to really say much about the editing.

>> No.16661433

Do you regret your butchery of If My Heart Had Wings?

>> No.16661463

Think he meant Moogy´s statement that he´s possibly looking into working on Tokyo Necro together with Makoto once the latter has sorted out his real-life. Nonetheless JAST needs to fucking start working on some good BL, sth from Chiral, or Pil/Slash since they´ve already partnered with both.

>> No.16661467

Not a bad idea. They did mention they are looking at a few titles to translate this year. So it could be 2 or 3. I would not put it past them for Sweet Pool and Necro.

>> No.16661486

Please tell me you are going to retranslate If My Heart Had Wings, and is there anything you are looking forward to grab the license of?

>> No.16661495


Anything BL/Yaoi planned.

>> No.16661574

Oh wow so that means Chronoclock is going to run bad. Usually code can be bad if not converted correctly. To be honest my Japanese is close to basic and i can almost understand nuances. But the compound Kanji shit can be really rough sometimes. Its just one of those things by studying Japanese you would just know they do not know any Japanese or even basics. Thanks to you confirming it now what this means is its not Fan Translation bought but Machine Translated calling it a day.

By the way can you tell me what most people use for scripts, is it sort of like Javascript code, some C++? I always wondered what people use for Visual Novels.

>> No.16661636

The steam forums have a changelog of the beta and it indicates there is an issue with saving and loading crashing the game. It won't be fixed until some time this month apparently. So wouldn't surprise me there are more quirks with it.
>When the game is released we expect to continue to push updates and minor text fixes until we receive a proper EXE from the developer in March. This should resolve any random crashing issues you might have if you save/load constantly in the game.

As for your scripting question, it depends on the engine the VN uses, some use python and some use propitiatory shit and so on. Though the recent trend for translations is to port stuff to unity, since it makes it easier to make it universal across platforms, as well as fixing issues with modern operating systems (some older VNs struggle with windows 8+ since Microsoft removed things like DirectDraw components).

>> No.16661677


To begin with, just as a quick note this week's thread will be archived shortly since it is well past its reply limit and near the end of the board.

Beyond that, reaching out with PR is always great, though this thread isn't going to have a ton of interest in Moenovel (just because of the impression to date here of Moenovel). Short VNs don't seem to gather that much interest here (be it your LoveKami, or the other cheapish designed for Steam titles, especially those that are developed primarily for the Westi), and censoring Konosora down to a mild ESRB-T rating did not go over well here at all, especially with that iffy translation, even if it sold well with other audiences during the Steam craze.

>> No.16661716

Sorry I don't know why I thought this would be funny I just feel bad now. I don't really work for moenovel

>> No.16661727

You working on more Visual Novels for the french girls?

>> No.16661756

Yes. Our #1 target demographic.

>> No.16661766


What about those french boys? Do they get any love?

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