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I am so close to suicide. I have undergone more mental suffering than anyone on this board.

For what purpose? Nothing. Why should I continue this suffering for no reason? Killing myself is the most reasonable thing to do I think. Right /jp/?

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there has to be SOME way of improving your situation. drugs, crime, SOMETHING, ANYTHING

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Should probably do it, not trying to be harsh but you don't seem like you care too much about living so what's the point.

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nobody cares about you nerd keep your whining to yourself

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me again. just really wanted to say: DON'T KILL YOURSELF if i didn't already make that obvious in my first post. ignore everyone else telling you to do it. for the love of all that is holy don't fucking kill yourself.

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Why kill yourself, if you can anytime become zen master and make your own 2hu-tulpa?

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Then report back! And don't give me any of that "B-But i can't resurrect" bullshit! You try and try till you get it right! Now move!

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Man up, pussy.

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Eh, good luck no matter what you decide to do.

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At least tape it if you do

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In regards to the guy's third paragraph, I want to die a quick and painless death NOT suffer and die a slow and painful death which the YOLO adventure leads to.

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what's the BEST thing you've done so far?

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>I have undergone more mental suffering than anyone on this board.
What makes you say that?
Do whatever you must but i'd remind you that there won't be Gensokyo waiting for you.

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nobody listen to >>12040004. he is a LIAR. when i killed myself i did NOT resurrect AT ALL. it is not possible to come back to life. i only wish i knew that before i died.

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thank you for replying to me.

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stop being so mean. you aren't fucking edgy, you aren't funny or respected, you just sound like a fucking teenage pussy trying to be hardcore

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sociopathy is the new hot craze right now.

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>le necrophile sage

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i don't understand what you are saying.

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Please elaborate!

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stop being such a baby.
if you actually wanted to kill yourself you would have done so already instead you come to /jp/ to try and illicit sympathy where none is due.

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Wow friggin' hardcore assumptions bro. You know suicideal peopale sowell lmfao nice one

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How did adding "eh" and similar onomatopoeia to your posts become in vogue and, wost of all, acceptable? People who do this sound like complete faggots. It doesn't help that their posts are some of the most shallow fucking shit my eyes have to sift through.

"Eh, who cares?" YOU, obviously. You went the fuck out of your way to add a shitty onomatopoeia to your post to better bring across how uninterested you are, since you are too much of an unarticulate idiot to know how to properly express those feelings without the use of obnoxious crutches. Then again, were you intelligent enough, you wouldn't care to make a post stating you don't care in the first place. Go read a book and get the fuck out of my face.

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This is the greatest thing I have ever read in teh history of dinosaurs. 100 Internets to you, good sir!

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I'm glad someone else feels this way. I thought I was just autistic!

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>How did adding "eh" and similar onomatopoeia to your posts become in vogue and, wost of all, acceptable?

Somebody tell this kid to go get his Trevor degree before he's laughed out of Warosu.

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Too late. I Heh'd already.

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You came here again for more ownage from w-bros? You are such a dirty little slut.

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I never left. I just had to get the /gnfos/ migration all checked out.

My pupils spammed with like 200 emails about bringing it back.

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i admit i may not know a lot about suicideal people but i'm an certified expert when it comes to edgy teenagers on the internet ;)

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And yet you can't bring your mother back from the dead LOL

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It's not that I can't, it's that she doesn't want to.

They serve free wine in heaven.

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Kill yourself back to your shitty website kthnx.

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So what you're trying to say is that booze is free in heaven and your mother prioritizes booze over her fuck-up of a son.

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But life in Heaven is eternal so just a mere 20-40 years, the time it would take for her son to join her, seems like naught but a blink.

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No wonder she's drinking

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No, that's because she's an alcoholic.

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One in the same, she's an alcoholic because of her shitty son which is also why she's drinking.

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>Heavy drinking can also damage your baby's nervous system. This can mean that your baby develops fetal alcohol spectrum disorders (FASD), with problems that can range from mild learning difficulties or social problems, through to birth defects.

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I was trying to say I'm Jesus, shithead.

She cut her drinking in half when she was pregnant. She said that half a fifth a day doesn't harm anyone, not even a baby.

That baby was supposed to grow to be a genius..... Sigh.

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No wonder you're the bipolar subhuman you are today.

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yeah you should be consider you're one of them

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Stop NOW or I'll go back to /gnfos/.............

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Oh no, what will I ever do without Trev-Trev :3

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Pick on a real loser instead?

I was just pretending to be retarded, idiot.

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guys can we talk about depression and suicide? im really sad rn

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Trevo is literally a 40-year-old virgin who spends his free time roleplaying with ADD-riddled teenagers.

....Make of that what you will.

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He is bipolar please don't bully people with mental disabilities.

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Let's see:
Trevgay is bipolar;
ZUN!bar has PTSD;
Sparky has gender identity disorder;
What other fucked-up /jp/ celebrities do we have?

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Amanda, FAS

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The janitor has terminal autism.

>> No.12040020,40 [INTERNAL] 

Wait, scratch that, Nullsleep looks like he has AIDS more than anything

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Sean, autism.

>> No.12040020,42 [INTERNAL] 

None of them even post on /jp/ anymore. Jannie ran them all out of his playground.

>> No.12040020,43 [INTERNAL] 

Sparkgay has autism as well, much more likely to be the reason behind pretending to be a woman.

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We are on the ghost of /jp/ right now, /ota/ has /jp/ as its main board, trevnigger's chan has /jp/.

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I obviously meant real-/jp/, retard.

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I used generalisation you aspie.

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I obviously meant real-/jp/, retard.

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Do you want to know what I meant?

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I'll show you anyways.
*whips out dick*

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Hello, how are you? Just thought I'd write to inform you that "eh" is not onomatopoeia, it's a vocal pause. Make sure you know the meanings of big words before you use them, ok? In fact, maybe you should stick monosyllabic conveyors of meaning, such as "eh".

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Holy shit, that guy got owned.

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don't do it~!

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too late, he's gone.

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