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Visual Novel translation status

12Riven- 38/72 scripts translated, 3/75 scripts edited
Ace Attorney Investigations 2 - translation: 100%, editing 75%, case 1, 2, and 3 released
Air (Project 1)- Released 2nd Beta patch and 70% edited
Air (Project 2) - Fully translated
Amaenbo - Being translated
Amagami - 1st day patch Released for PS2/PSP, "458/1966 original edition scenario scripts translated (23.3%)"
Anniversary no Kuni no Alice - 49% translated, 27% edited
Aoiro Rinne - "Translation progress: roughly 53% (588 KB of 1.12 MB)"
Cannonball - 33015/36902 (89.47%) lines translated
Chichi Miko - Fully translated, 25% edited
Chichi Miko Plus 1 - Fully translated and edited
>Clover Day - 157/1296 KB of the common route translated
>Cocoro Function - 12911/53644 (24.07%) lines translated
>Comyu - 40018/51433 (77.81%) lines translated, Second partial patch out
Fate/Hollow Ataraxia- 100% translated, script 74.6% validated, third partial patch out
Flyable Heart- 14.61% translated in new translation project
Fortune Arterial- Prologue completly translated, patches for Shiro, Kiriha and Kanade routes released. Erika route 65% done. Haruna route 80% done.
Galzoo Island - Being translated
Grisaia no Meikyuu - 208/2797 (7.44%) KB translated, 140/2797 (5.00%) edited
Haruka Na Sora - Sora 11.29% translated, Kozue 23.73% translated
Hatsuyuki Sakura - 10.81% translated

>> No.12037149

>Kichikuou Rance - 55.8% translated, 42.8% edited
>Killer Queen: 54/72 scripts translated and 20/72 scripts edited, plans also include translating Secret Game and Rebellion
Koichoco- 389/397 files translated, 181/397 files edited, Common/Chisato/Satsuki/Michiru routes fully translated, Common + Chisato patch released
Koiken Otome - 68.09% translated, 26.84% edited, prologue patch released
>Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort - 2210/36312 (6.09%) lines translated
Kourin no Machi - 18361/36959 (49.6%) lines translated
Kud Wafter - 11415/33132 (34.45%) lines translated
Kurukuru Fanatic - 51% translated
Lamune - Common route fully translated, Nanami's route 3714 / 4771 lines translated
Little Busters - Original released, work ongoing with EX./ME content, now a joint project with Doki. Sasami/Kanata routes fully translated
Mahoutsukai no Yoru - Fully translated, in TLC
Muv-Luv Altered Fable - 65% partial patch released
Muv-Luv TDA00 - 33% partial patch released
Oreimo PSP - 272/299 scripts translated, 153/299 through TLC+Editing, 138/299 scripts finalized, Kirino + Ayase partial patch released
Oreimo Tsuzuku - Youtube based project, Kirino part 26, Ayase part 23
PersonA - 36% translated
Princess Maker 5- 91.4% translated, 37.1% finalized
Pure Pure- Fully translated, 77.26% edited, 64.60% ready for testing
Rance Quest - 2.68% messages and 16.90% strings translated
Rose Guns Days 3 - 60% translated and edited
Sayonara wo Oshiete - 3341/14309 (23.3%) lines translated

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>Seitenkan - 66% translated, 2nd partial patch released
Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo 9- Fully translated and edited
Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo 10- 17/18 scripts translated
SubaHibi - Down the Rabbit Hole I patch released, 43399/53562 (81.0%) lines translated and 40597/53562 (75.8%) lines edited
Sukisho! - First Limit - 56% translated
Supreme Candy - ~13037/43261 (~30.1%) lines translated
>Tasogaredoki no Kyoukaisen - 5416/19648 = 27.57% lines translated
Tenshin Ranman - Prologue patch released, 1829.2/4560 (40.1%) translated
To Heart2- 67% translated- "The final product is still years away unless I get more help. ", new alpha patch released
Walkure Romanze - 4,268/8037 lines of the prologue translated
>White Album 2 - Opening chapter fully translated with a "rough patch", Closing Chapter: 2215/35275 (6.27%) lines translated
Yoakemae Yori Ruriiro Na - 100% translated and edited, 54% QC, partial patch released
Yosuga no Sora - Translation status is Common route 100%, Sora route 100%, Nao 53.56%, Kazuha 100%, Akira 73.62% Motoka 28.75%, Common and Kazuha fully edited
Your Diary- Prologue patch released, common route fully translated, 11/19 scripts translated for Yua's route, 1/10 scrpts translated of Kanade's route

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Official work

Milles - April 25th release
Really? Really! - finalizing beta testing, Demo version complete
D2B vs Deardrops - In scripting
Imouto Paradise - Fully translated and edited, through scripting
Princess Evangile - Fully translated and edited, in scripting
Cartagra - editing complete, in scripting
Kara no Shoujo 2 - picked up
Armored Warrior Iris - Fully translated and edited
>Space Pirate Sara - 74% translated, 53% edited
Free Friends - Fully translated and edited
Free Friends 2 - 16% translated, 16% edited
>Bokuten - 11% translated, 5% edited
>Da Capo 3 - Prologue fully translated, Chapter 0: 24% translated, 11.1% translated overall
>Higurashi (retranslation) - 100% of Onikakushi TL, 68% edited
Work being done on a fanTL of Shin Koihime with hopes of getting it licensed

Hanachirasu - 99% complete
Django - Couple more months of translation
Sumaga- Fully translated, in editing
Seinarukana- Mostly translated
Starless - In translation
Trample on Schatten- In translation
Romanesque - In translation
Shiny Days - Translation mostly complete
Osadai fandisc - Fully translated, 94.48% edited
Raidy III - TL finished, in insertion
Sweet Home - In translation
Sumeragi Ryoko - Picked up

Danganronpa 2 - Picked up
Moenovel is working on another title
Liar Soft would like to bring Steampunk titles over
>Stuff like this has been either added or updated since the last thread
A tracker for these threads put together by Tinfoil: http://vntls.org/

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And fuck you as usual too.

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Jesus Christ MG, just because you weren't able to make the xmas date for Imouto Princess doesn't mean you should put it on hiatus.

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Why are you so upset? Please attempt to be civil at least.

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ジャッジャーン! Denwatls proudly presents: Koiiro Chu! Lips!!! (http://vndb.org/v4017)

Haruka was your ordinary high school student, idly passing his days as he coasted through life. That is, until he comes home one day and discovers something; an event that will change his life forever....


This partial patch include complete translations for The Common, Karen, Mirai, Shizuku, and Nagisa paths (girls listed in TL's subjective order of 'goodness'), with a final patch that includes Misaki being released in the coming months.

Overall TL progress is 79.563% of ~ 27k lines.

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It's not on hiatus, Doddler's just finishing up decensoring a few CGs before they send it to testing.

Also there was this on the MG twitter:
>We have so many secret projects in new genres on the go! One at 50%, one at 16%, and another just getting started!

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This gonna be fun.

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I sure hope so! The main problem I can think of is people finding the game itself, as vndb indicates it's not exactly a popular game. It's something we grabbed years ago but only recently started working on.

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>Rance Quest - 2.68% messages and 16.90% strings translated
It's at 3.95%/20.60% now. They update on Saturdays.

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Out of sheer curiosity, is Misaki the best girl or worst girl according to the TL's opinion.

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Technically TL hasn't actually read the path yet (TLing as they're read), but from reactions in common: 'absolute worst'.

That said, it'll be difficult to contend with Nagisa's path, because PeasSoft -really- dropped the ball on it.

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I found a torrent on Nyaa that seems to be working, the 1.13GB one.

Really excited to play this, you guys are cool for picking a game people might've otherwise overlooked. I for one love the unabashed cutesiness of mid-2000s moege like this.

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I wonder which secret projects those are.

>> No.12037355

A yaoi vn, a Liarsoft vn, and Green Green

>> No.12037356

What's up with Rance 5D? I remember it used to have have quite a high percentage and yet now its not even mentioned? What did I miss?

>> No.12037359


no thank you is probably the 50% title, as that was teased way back.

being the worst kept secret in the world, one of the other two is probably euphoria

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Could you sell me on reading this in a sentence or two? I probably will anyways, but a quick summary like that rather than the one on vndb would be appreciated.

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Too early for green green, that'll probably be next year

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The fuck is this, the fuck are you guys?

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Yeah, everyone's blocked at 99.99%. And of course the remaining 0.1% is for the ISO itself, not the useless extras like songs and CGs.

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What the fuck the game is even supposed to be about? It's a REAL DEAL or disney shit? Nakige keyaids shit? Fetish nukige?

>> No.12037486

According to VNDB, it's a Key-like REAL DISNEY bunny fetish game.

>> No.12037489

>Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort - 2210/36312 (6.09%) lines translated
Lemme guess, machine TL by fuwanovel fags?

>> No.12037496

He has a video up of a scene he translated, and it isn't a travesty of the English language.

>> No.12037513

>Key-like REAL DISNEY bunny fetish game.

Well, I'm sold.

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Winter confetti's Air patch will be released on April 18th: https://twitter.com/Sheeta_Su/status/455087249177448448

Out of nowhere, a sudden 80% patch from a group nobody's heard of? Can anybody confirm if this is any good? >>12037284's 'TLing as they're read' comment doesn't inspire much confidence.

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do you another working link?

>> No.12037650

True, but the translation is literal as fuck at times and needs editing.

>> No.12037737 [DELETED] 

Please do not misuse spoilers.

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killer queen killer queen

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One of the two people working on it disappeared and the other fucked up. The one left started again but won't tell the progress because people annoyed him.

>> No.12037777

not really, the first torrent is stuck at 99,9% and the other one on 48,5%, so probably nobody has the game yet

>> No.12037810

Paypal me $100 at [email protected] and I'll seed the last 0.1%

>> No.12037814

>Date: 2007-11-11, 13:06 UTC
>Downloads: 414
>nobody has the game yet

no, it's just one of those games that the seeders stopped seeding after a few years, and it wasn't all that popular even back then.

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>Mahoutsukai no Yoru - Fully translated, in TLC

>> No.12037834


>> No.12037837

It will be released after hollow/ataraxia is finished.

>> No.12037848

Most likely. It has been through tlc for months and still no news.

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So how long should we wait for Shiny Days release?

>> No.12037874


it'll get released shortly after Sumanga.

>> No.12037881

Hanachirasu or sumaga, which one will be the first to be completed, ?

>> No.12037894


Haruka is just your average high school student idly coasting through his life. His mornings generally start with a a delivery from his childhood friend and neighbor Mirai, who has an inexplicable hate for him. His daily commute is interrupted by the cheerful and forever-in-love Nagisa, who never misses an opportunity to profess her undying love for him. At school he spends time with his good friend Ikuya, a bit of a pervy moron, often finding himself in trouble with his mature yet cute Sensei Shizuku.

His lazy days continue on and on, until until a chance encounter with a mysterious pot changes his life forever. ジャッジャーン! Haruka has summoned Karen, his very own Cupid! How will his life ever return to normal?!

Overall, if I have to give a label to Koiiro, I would say it's 'generic moege'. There's ero, but definitely not a nukige. I think the guy who rated it on VNDB expected bunny fetish, but it's really not (will they ever explain the ears? Only reading will tell). I'd personally give it a 6; Nagisa notwithstanding the paths haven't been too bad.

Well, to give some perspective: the reason we chose this game was as a proof-of-concept. Do we really have what it takes to TL a game? Can we devote the time and effort into making a good patch?
The TL described that method as 'more fun'; akin to picking up a random book and reading it. It's not something like remember11, so you won't have to worry about interlocked time shenanigans or such.
There're some much larger titles on the TL's horizon, ones which -have- been read through first. But we wanted to make sure we understood things from a TL group's perspective before we went on to those. Walk before you run and all.

>> No.12038135

>But we wanted to make sure we understood things from a TL group's perspective
Apparently, you don't. VN TL 101: only start projects for stuff you already finished and _really_ enjoyed.

>> No.12038190

You forgot the part where there needs to be an audience as well. I might have read that back when it was babby's first VN, but I sure as hell ain't reading it now unless I hear it turns out to be hilariously awful. Judging from the usual posts in this thread, most people here feel the same way.

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Ded thread.
Ded board.
Ded scene.
Weekly reminder.

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Very funny. You should have stopped seeding at 99.9% though, for maximum trolling. 99.8 isn't quite perfect.

>> No.12038360

What? That's a horrible idea. Your first translation shouldn't be an avant garde masterpiece.

>> No.12038371

>TLing as they're read
That's retarded.

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At leas the 100% guy know how troll with his up.spd.

>> No.12038399

>No Thank You
If this is true, MG just gained another paying customer.

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you can unrar the game while keeping the broken files - it's the vo.xp3. So probably the game will crash at some point, or won't play the voices.
In the meantime wait for a non broken file.

>> No.12038430

How in the fuck is that a horrible idea? No seriously. There is no basis behind it being a terrible idea.

If you actually have the Japanese knowledge you would be able to read over it quickly so it's not going to extend the project an extra bunch of months. If you yourself don't really enjoy it chances are you aren't going to go the extra mile to make sure it's accurate.

Which leads into "Your first translation shouldn't be an avant garde masterpiece." pure excuse for doing a shit job.

>> No.12038451

It gives them an idea of what they need to focus/improve on, which aspects were hard to manage, how many people they would need, etc. Sure, the resulting patch might not be top quality. It might not even be good at all, I don't know. But that's fine, since it gives them essential pointers for their future releases, and some people might enjoy their first patch even if it's unpolished.

That's why a generic moege is a good choice for a first TL. It's smarter than to try your hand at something like SubaHibi, struggle for 2 years because you don't want to ruin a game like this, get discouraged and not release anything in the end. I'm totally not thinking of anyone in particular by the way.

>> No.12038498

I believe you are confused. You can still learn what needs to be done having read the thing before hand, with the added benefit of not getting confused over any context details.

And it just occurred to me you were talking about the game being a masterpiece not the translation. So I take back that last part. I agree your first translation shouldn't be of a really hard game but there are plenty of moege that are fun as heck while still being simple.

So, you should still only work on games you really enjoyed unless your bar for really enjoyed is too high.

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File: 758 KB, 800x600, (.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Well that's odd.

I'm uploading the vo.xp3 to mega right now, it claims it'll be a few hours, just hang in there until then.

I have no idea why it doesn't like the voice files though.

>> No.12038548

>I have no idea why it doesn't like the voice files though.

No, the problem is that the torrent with zip archive is at 99,8%, one 2MB part is missing. You can still extract the files, but the vo.xp3 will be corrupted (thanks to the missing 2MB)

thanks in advance for uploading a proper vo.xp3 file

>> No.12038561


I'm the anon who made the .zip torrent.

It's a complete game on my end, runs with (and without) the patch and everything. I literally just threw the game into a .zip and made a torrent of it. I can only guess it somehow got corrupted when zipped but didn't tell me when it made the archive? I tried decompressing the archive when I saw what was happening but it doesn't seem to make a difference; I really have no idea why.

But anyways, this voice file is the raw vo.xp3, so we shouldn't have to deal with any shenanigans.

>> No.12038565


>> No.12038568

if so, then just seed it so ppl can get the 100%, we are all stuck at 99,8%..
Then it will be no problems.

>> No.12038580


That's the thing, I've been seeding the entire time (except for the last half-hour or so to give preference to the mega upload)

I honestly have no idea why the torrent isn't going to 100; the file's complete over here.

>> No.12038581

Did you try forcing a recheck on the torrent?

>> No.12038584

Bullshit, you're just trolling us

>> No.12038603
File: 201 KB, 1123x681, no dice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Doesn't give me the option.

Mega's currently at at 68% though. Maybe someone can try forcing it in on there end, or get a new torrent out once they get the voice file. I don't want to start -another- partial seed.

>> No.12038606

not that it's matter anymore.
grab this 99% http://sukebei.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=3884&showfiles=1 torrent,
mount/extract the ISO, then extract Produc01.cab, there will be two 500MB+ files, the bigger one (named _7FA7486AA6074F088D2F3B71C243F799) is the voice file, just rename it to vo.xp3 and copy to the troll's 99,8% extracted files. Kinda roundabound way, but it works. Also, the proper md5 for vo.xp3 is 51573D06C24B4EA9776C1FE8113F9BD9

>> No.12038625

You have to stop it to allow a recheck.

>> No.12038648


Well let me show my dunce cap now...


Anyways, here's the vo.xp3 file, straight from the game:


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File: 50 KB, 465x577, hue.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

S;G has sold 6000 so far.

>> No.12038682
File: 194 KB, 820x662, adadacava.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12038729

I like how the only eroge are either generic moege or "avant garde masterpieces" like Subahibi.

>> No.12038732

That's pretty large for the Western vn market right? I remember that Mangagamer is lucky to break 1,000, Go Go Nippon aside.

>> No.12038769

Well finished I/0 about a week or so ago and just now finished steins gate. I guess now im onto ayakashibito. but holy shit am i science fictioned out, its nice to have a fantasy game after two (with I/O being WAY more complex to the point of headaches) science time and reality fiction games. How is ayakashibito anyway? is it popular or considered good? how long of a game is it? god after such a long vn drought , they all came out of nowhere.

>> No.12038803


They've been anything but subtle about it.

>> No.12038831


1000 is about what mangagamer averages for their bigger titles, 2000 is more the a lucky number to hit for them. I think if you factor in hardcopies\consales they might have that have a few that have gotten near 3000.

It's a pretty good showing in comparison to mangagamer's porn peddling, but steins;gate is aiming at the same market that buys stuff like Aksys's SC advs, which managed to sell about 10kgiveortake each in the west. Granted it's still got a few months of selling power, so it might get up there.

If not there's always steam

>> No.12038858

Isn't chaos head already translated...

>> No.12038870

Yes and no. The translation reached 100%, but it was never finalized. Different releases have different bugs, and although you can read everything perfectly by using different patches, there is no single definitive patch that works without any bugs.

>> No.12038883

Noah was never translated either, was it?

>> No.12038890
File: 646 KB, 800x600, Koiiro ChuLips.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

For people who don't want to download several things and mess with the files, the fixed version of Koiiro ChuLips is now on the FTP. (It's in /Visual Novels/Being Translated/.)

By the way, starting May 7th, the FTP will no longer be reachable at jpftp.mine.nu due to DynDNS shutting down its free hostname service. You can use ftp://vdzserver.org instead, it points to the same machine.

>> No.12038895

Nope. A project was started to port it to PC, but then SUPPORT JAST USA'S OFFICIAL LOCALIZATIONS OF NITRO+ GAMES!

>> No.12038905

I read it 100% and edited a while back, the translation seemed completely fine. anyway i wish they would do robotics;notes instead.. they could port it too pc with the money they made from s;g.

>> No.12038908

Thanks for providing this service continuously for such a long time.

>> No.12038912

Either you didn't read B route, or you had bugs in your game (if I recall correctly, you were unable to save for an entire chapter - any save made there was corrupted (though you wouldn't find out until you tried to load it...fun!)).

>> No.12038918


>> No.12038922

It seemed fine too me. Im pretty sure i read the whole game. I do remember it being a pain too install the patch.

>> No.12038961

B route is the one with the explanation of all the murders and the bad end. Most people don't read it, are you sure you've read it? It's entirely optional and only available after you've finished the game (AA route, the true end).

>> No.12039006

Ayakashibito is still in the "Being Translated" folder, too. Just a heads up.

>> No.12039026

I read chaos;head without trouble, although I did not play the B route.

I remember being exceptionally impressed by the moving mouths.

>> No.12039043

More like they've sold almost 5600 limited editions, since they have 400 left in stock, right? I don't think this counts downloadable versions, though, or preorders for the standard edition.

>> No.12039071

You've just made me realize that I don't remember shit about chaos;head. I just remember that there was some hot idol chick with a moroccan name. A VN that's this forgettable must really suck, huh.

>> No.12039073

The protag being a neet was really fun. I liked the parts were he would be on his pc the most. I wish there were more neet protags.

>> No.12039075
File: 114 KB, 708x847, 1303150890301.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I heard the translation was just as terrible as the initial non-JAST release, any truth to this?

>> No.12039076

The parts where he was on his computer or in his container house were easily the best, basically the first half of the game.

>> No.12039076,1 [INTERNAL] 

>The good Dr P is on the jay and not baja piss

>> No.12039078

No, its was a great translation. Its the same guy +gundam ace who did I/O. Hes a fine translator.
Yeah they were, i really liked the feel of it.

>> No.12039080

Agreed, it all went down the shitter when it got pretentious. Just like S;G, for that matter.

>> No.12039082

S;G was, i mean i just finished reading it, when did you think it got pretentious? It wasn't like in chaos head where fantasy shit came out of nowhere and ruined the feel of the game.

>> No.12039089

S;G was fine*

>> No.12039090

Great news.

>> No.12039093

There was nothing wrong with the translation, it wasn't edited and qced when it got leaked. he even re-translated it over just to be safe when jast bought him out.

>> No.12039094

When it shifted from time traveling slice of life hijinks to EPIC JOURNEY TO SAVE THE WORLD. I mean, it was not entirely unexpected, by any means, but I was still enjoying the former much more than the latter.

>> No.12039100

But the first part was always foreshadowing the second. It needed a future arc though and it needed to expand on relationships a bit more.. I just finished and felt... it was still not enough or short even though it was a 50 hour game. it could of been longer. Also didn't you feel that besides there being no future arc, there was nothing really with sern in the end or no final confrontation?

>> No.12039102

I only watched the anime but don't they become irrelevant at that point due to okarin undoing a lot of things that made sern relevant.

>> No.12039103

Sounds like what you want is Hiyoku Renri no Darling.

I want it, too.

>> No.12039103,1 [INTERNAL] 

fuck that shit

>> No.12039103,2 [INTERNAL] 

It's right there, unlike baja piss

>> No.12039111

Yeah when they go to the beta timeline sern just randomly had nothing to do with anything, it felt a little idk, meh? There was also that part where okarin is having a nightmare and on a destroyed planet with mayushii talking to him then chrisu , its was never explained what that really was about.

>> No.12039111,1 [INTERNAL] 


put that in your pipe and smoke it

>> No.12039111,2 [INTERNAL] 

why Americans like bottled piss so much?

>> No.12039113

I didn't even know that existed. Too bad console VNs never get translated. Why must you torture me so.

>> No.12039114

Fuck that opinion. I'm happy to see a translation for a random short game like this. First of all we can make sure the translation group is actually any good and reliable without them potentially ruining a masterpiece like Baldr Sky or Totono or something, and second it's a translation for a fun thing that might have been overlooked because of the pretentious idiots that are like "Fuck you, only translate real deal VNs like code 18". We wouldn't have so many unfinished translations of good games if more groups had good policies like this.

>> No.12039115

Yeah I definitely felt a little like it fell flat on a few plot points, like there could have been a better approach to their resolution. On that note it was quite similar to R;N and C;H.

>> No.12039116

>I only watched the anime
kill urself
No seriously do it, the anime is shit.

>> No.12039119

Go back to /a/ kid, no need to bring your attitude onto /jp/.

>> No.12039120

It's the same

>> No.12039121

What do you mean "randomly"? That was the entire point of getting the IBN 5100 back and erasing the D-Mails from Echelon, so SERN wouldn't be able to complete their time travel research.

>> No.12039121,1 [INTERNAL] 

We'll see how long that lasts ;)

>> No.12039121,2 [INTERNAL] 

some people just like dr pepper for some reason i will never understand

>> No.12039136

As i was reading it i though something HUGE was gonna happen with the universe and time due to that dream and also i was waiting to see the future and their future selves. when it didn't happen and boiled down to chrisu's father I was a bit disappointed. And maybe because i was reading a game a lot but it felt too short or fast for me, felt like there could of been more character development, even more so with okarin and chrisu since she was the love interest.
Not really "randomly", but i wasn't expecting them to have nothing to do with anything any more, maybe i feel this way because there was no future arc.

>> No.12039152

Technically you do see future Okarin, but I digress. I think you should look into some of the side manga series, they go more into what happens in the future in some timelines (or the past, or anything inbetween!)

>> No.12039180

>a masterpiece like [...] Totono
I actually laughed out loud. Good one.

>> No.12039246

What are the steins gate side manga series? are there a lot of them and are they translated? Also jastusa actually is think of translating the steins gate fandisk, they said so on their twitter. Is the fandisk composed of the manga side stuff or is it completely new?

>> No.12039268

Don't trust the JAST Twitter guy on that, it's a console game only and JAST doesn't do consoles. There are some manga adaptations of that VN, one of which is partially translated I think.

Anyway, obligatory pastebin: http://pastebin.com/DAzu9MaK

>> No.12039272

I think he said if they would port it to pc, might they?

>> No.12039285

5pb, releasing PC ports of their games? Ahahaha. That hasn't happened in like 4 years. With Steins;Gate.

I'd gladly take the Sci;Adv series on Vita, though.

>> No.12039290

Why did they stop doing that. I mean we will never get chaos;child translated if it doesn't get a pc port. since steins gate did so well you think they will start doing pc ports again? plus arent the consoles dying out now? I mean ps3 is not aloud any more new games after 2016 or something. Maybe they will actually do ports of R;N and this steins gate game since they are becoming popular in the west and jastusa might make new deals with them. I mean they also just said on twitter they are gonna do chaos;head now.

>> No.12039300
File: 31 KB, 591x235, 1397450515380.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I mean they also just said on twitter they are gonna do chaos;head now.

Where the heck did you get that out of this?! (image related)

And you think they'd do PC ports because of a few sales in the west? Pshh. Either way, Nitro+ is barely even involved in the series anymore, they always handled the PC stuff.

>> No.12039303

But just in general maybe chaos;child will have a pc release, ita a odd time to release it for consoles so maybe they will. I hope so or once again we wont be able to get a translation.

>> No.12039305

Are you mentally challenged?
"Game you read and enjoyed" is not same as "real deal", "masterpiece" or other shit you are talking about. Its just something translator enjoyed himself, and could be short moege for all I care.
Its hard to work on shit you don't like. Its harder to work on shit you didn't read before.
Starting "translation" before reading game is just showing fuwanovel-level of incompetency.
> group
And this is second sign that you have no fucking idea what are you talking about. There are no "groups" in VN translations. Either there is translator who does all the job of translating, or there's bunch of retards who will inevitably drop project after month of two. All other people except translator are replaceable cogs which you can find anywhere a dozen per dime.
Ammy is nothing but Ixrec, all other staff varies across projects.
Seiha is nothing but Aroduc, and so on.

>> No.12039318

I think it's more likely that they'll just start making games for the new consoles when that time comes.

Anyway, I think the best-case scenario is that 5pb. will work with an actual console localization company (like Aksys, XSEED, etc) if they think that the series is viable in the west. I trust JAST about as far as I can throw Gunvarrel, as far as actually releasing things in a timely manner is concerned.

>> No.12039637

Actually, as far as I know, Ixrec, Sheeta, [RoXaS], Vodka, kViN, Raide and Nagato have all been members of Ammy from the start. Not 100% sure about [RoXaS] and Vodka, and Nagato might have not worked on every project, but the rest I'm sure of.

>> No.12039734

Oh wow, the OP is hysterical.

In any case, I'll wait for the full patch since it seems like you'll be done in a few months anyways. I don't want to end the game on the worst girl route, yet my OCD compels me to read them all.

>> No.12039753

Problem is with translator having too much fun doing translation. Resulting in Mayuri joking around and spout imageboard memes which is completely out of her character. At least that I saw in couple random screenshots from the very beginning of game.

>> No.12039769

The Japanese version of Steins;Gate has 2ch memes spouted by all characters. They've been replaced by 4chan memes in the English version, but there were memes in the original as well.

>> No.12039800

Did anyone find a copy of こいいろChu? The torrents at nyaa all seem dead

>> No.12039807

Never mind it's in the fucking thread >>12038606

>> No.12039832

> spouted by all characters
Nope. See? You've already misled by this 'good' translation. I'm not saying translation is shit, just mention the price you have to pay for it, i.e. translator twisted stuff for his own amusement.

>> No.12039845

What hints did they give for euphoria?

>> No.12039864

And what hints did they give for NTY?

>> No.12039875


And Kouryuu's been unsubtly hinting at it on his ask.fm http://ask.fm/Kouryuu_/answer/110656059652

It's been hinted at a number of other times before too.

The look forward post has a hint, but they practically name dropped it here: http://blog.mangagamer.org/2014/02/10/a-short-look-back-part-16/

> It’s pretty different from anything MangaGamer’s released before and I’m sure a lot of you will take one look at it and go ‘no thanks,’ but I hope you guys give it a chance!

>> No.12039885

>‘no thanks,’

Wow, I completely missed that. Awesome!

>> No.12039929

>>‘no thanks,’
Your sure that hint is for Euphoria and not some yaoi game...?

>> No.12039934 [DELETED] 


Check the bottom of the look forward post again.

>> No.12039936


Re-read the post.

>> No.12039942

Witch's Garden is being translated
it's a game from company that made Shukufuku no Campanella

>> No.12040040

Time to save some money for both games then.

>> No.12040042

I have a question about the walkthrough to I/O provided by translation group. Is this shit fully legit? I am 100% freak, all bad/dead ends are a must for me.

>> No.12040089

Please everyone. buy your VNs! Make a translator happy!

>> No.12040124

I'm pretty sure translators get paid a fixed amount per contract and don't receive any royalties, so the sales don't really matter to them as long as they're not terrible enough to make them lose their job.
You should have said "Make Peter Payne happy" or something similar (which is fine). Just don't lie.

>> No.12040129

What, you think monetary compensation is the only thing that makes a translator happy? Not the success of their work?

>> No.12040130

No. More monies = more games localized, more jobs for translators.

>> No.12040146

That would be really fucking pretentious. If a game sells well, that would be thanks to the game itself being good. Sure, an absolutely horrible TL will obviously drive off customers, but someone who isn't interested in a game won't buy it just because you did some epic translation.
You can take pride being a good translator, but you can't boast/"be happy" about the commercial success of a game just because you translated it. That's retarded.

>> No.12040154

I think you're missing the point. They'll be happy if the game succeeds because they like the game, worked hard on it, and want to see it succeed. Who wouldn't be happy about that? Also, >>12040130.

Don't believe me? Take it from the mouth of a translator: http://tempusedaxrerumtl.com/2013/07/06/jast-usa-to-release-the-steinsgate-visual-novel-in-english/

>> No.12040171

Fair enough, but in that case, why would you say "buy games, make a translator happy"? That would go for anyone who helped the projects come to fruition, not just the translators.

>> No.12040176

That wasn't me to begin with, but if it were me I would probably say something more along the lines of "make the Japanese developers happy so they localize more games". Which I guess was also the message in the Steiner post I linked to.

>> No.12040223

yes, pay monies for shitty "professional" translation like If my heart had wings

>> No.12040261

it's a shit VN. They make you help that Enlil cunt

>> No.12040530

They changed all the memes back too 2ch ones, they arent 4chan memes any more.

>> No.12040907

>5 translators listed in staff
>all from Fuwanovel

A++ Translation guaranteed

>> No.12040920

Why do these idiots even bother, all they're going to do is scare competent translators away from doing projects.

>> No.12040933


Despite their big names selling well more than mangagamer's titles, JAST seems to be doing less instead of more. I'm pretty sure Peter Payne isn't really interested in contracting translators to work on new titles over grabbing fantranslations. As someone above said, the best outcome you can really hope for here is 5pd seeing decent sales and deciding to work with a real localization outfit like xseed or aksys.

Though for all the shit they get, Mangagamer seems to turn most of the money they make immediately into contracting new translators to translate more shitty porn. Their expansion is undeniable on that front.

>> No.12040964
File: 282 KB, 1280x720, ss.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

no shit sherlock

>> No.12041004

So http://vndb.org/v11086 suddenly has a partial patch out. What's suddenly with all these PeaSoft translations?

>> No.12041009

Who are these new translators? Where did they come from? Where is MG getting the money for all these new projects?

>> No.12041067

Is the partial patch actually out?

>> No.12041082

I refuse to answer that.

>> No.12041105


what is the login information for the ftp?

>> No.12041123

If I had to guess, Softhouse seal was dirt cheap to license and Boob wars greatly increased MG's money storage.

>> No.12041129

Dear faggot,
Kindly lurk more.


>> No.12041189

I like what you done there.

>> No.12041317

it's been a few years, after every permutation of anonymous, anon, and /jp/ in each field I gave up.

forgot about the capital there. Thanks.

>> No.12041360

The blog doesn't mention the existence of any patch available to the public.

>> No.12041655

I'm pretty sure there were no added memes in the original translation. If Mayuri ever used memes she was likely repeating something she heard from the other characters.

>> No.12041745

Yeah, Daru's a bad influence on her, heh.

>> No.12041793


More like Clover GAYS. Get rekt nerds.

>> No.12041833

Do they really think they are going to get anywhere with clover days? Just like cocoro function am I right guys?

Just learn Japanese, shut this thread down already.

>> No.12041869 [DELETED] 
File: 13 KB, 225x230, PacMan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

don't mind me, just keking some dubs

>> No.12042233

How is it incompetent when they actually manage to release a patch and the translation is good, you enormous buffoon? People aren't obligated to follow your stupidly specific rules to get visual novel translations done. And yes there are groups, dumbass, they're the ones that actually stick together and continue doing more work together after a project is done. Certain ones being less valuable than the translator doesn't make it any less of a group. Learn some fucking English. Seiha is also an idiotic example to use because Aroduc's translations are shit anyway, so of course that doesn't qualify as a translation group.

>> No.12042257

>because Aroduc's translations are shit anyway
You were so close.

>> No.12042268

Partial patch.
>translation is good
>How is it incompetent when they actually manage to
Try using dictionary if you don't understand English. Incompetency doesn't prevent from achieving result.

>> No.12042318

>translation is bad

>> No.12042330
File: 961 KB, 1280x720, cg46_1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

your troll with partial patch is so weak, are you even trying?

>> No.12042520

No definitive proof, but there is circumstantial evidence suggesting that in all likelihood the translation is bad:

-Nobody has heard of the translation team before. They seem to have no previous experience.

-The translator is translating as they read. Experience with previous projects leads us to believe this is detrimental to the quality of the translation, and implies a lack of enthusiasm about the game.

-The team does not seem enthusiastic about the game. This means they have less motivation to deliver a good translation than teams that want to get one of their favorite games to the target audience in as good a manner as possible.

With these factors, the scale is clearly weighted towards 'bad translation'. Evidence of 'good translation' is required to balance it out; until then, it is reasonable to assume it is a bad translation.

>> No.12042537
File: 1.46 MB, 2048x1152, 1589191.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

it's funny how everyone is assuming what they want while they haven't even seen or played their patch.

>> No.12042551

Most of us don't have the time to 100% confirm everything. That's why we wait for someone to make a more informed comment, be it positive or negative, on the quality of the patch.

Having seen enough projects, I sure as hell am not optimistic by default, though.

>> No.12042682

>we wait for someone to make a more informed comment, be it positive or negative, on the quality of the patch.
And yet this "informed comment" is coming from a persan that haven't even seen their translation. You are making no sense.
I'm not saying that translation project will be good or bad. I won't condemn it untill I play it or see actual comparison.

>> No.12042700

The information I used in my judgment was limited to what I posted in >>12042520. As I said in >>12042551, my opinion is based on limited information and thus I wait for impressions from people with more information, but remain pessimistic until then.

>> No.12042713

Koiiro Chulips translation.

おいおい!! よせよ、そんなとこ触るなよ
Hey now! Don't go touching me like that!

As I leave the classroom to get lunch, I find myself completely surrounded by beautiful girls.

There are so many girls that it's becoming a bit of a problem.

No one can resist this hotness! How troubling~.

Ha, ha, ha! Hello my lovely ladies~.

From the other classes, from the other floors, even from the ceiling and through the windows, beautiful girls flock towards me.

Err... actually, there are a few too many girls here.

ストップ! ストップ! みんな落ち着いて!
Hold on! Everyone calm down!

There is simply not enough of me to go around!

ずばり! 俺の愛は美少女先着20名様まで!!
While I love all of you, I can only handle the first 20 girls that make it to me!

Without a moment's hesitation, all of the surrounding girls rush towards me, eagerly raising their hands.

ギャー! 美少女達に押し潰されるー!
Ahhh~. Being crushed by beauties is fantastic~!

>> No.12042724

>expecting jaypee to get whether the translation is good or not

>> No.12042725

EOP thread of the week.

>> No.12042728

Saw it on the frontpage, this sucks fucking ass. Is this what you guys have to deal with all the time?

>> No.12042803

Ha, ha, ha! Yes. Now please provide your own good right? translation or else your words have no meaning at all. Because it is impossible to judge without confirmation of your competence and comparison with results of it.

>> No.12042809

Eh, not horrible. Well, I mean, the game sounds like shit, but the translation gets the job done.

>> No.12042835

Each line is translated to the exact opposite of what it means, misses the references to Voltaire's works, and fails to convey the three kanji puns per line (each line has exactly three kanji puns). Trust me on this, I'm an expert.

>> No.12042856

Seems like it matches to me, stop trolling guys.

>> No.12042890

Does it? My Japanese is horrible so I didn't post until now, but it seems very much off from what I can see. For example,

>ギャー! 美少女達に押し潰されるー!
>Ahhh~. Being crushed by beauties is fantastic~!
ギャー! is most definitely not 'ahhh~', it's more like 'ahh!'. Which makes a lot more sense when you consider the sentence following it seems to translate to 'I'm being crushed by beautiful girls!'. I have no idea where the translator got that 'fantastic' from.

The rest seems similarly off, but I can't say for sure since I can't really translate them correctly myself either.

Don't several translators lurk these threads? Where are they when you need them?

>> No.12042898

>Now please provide your own good right? translation
I'm not a translator. And nice surprise box.
I really don't know anything about translations and if you guys like it, it's probably ok. I guess it's all the connotations I have for each language, which makes the English translation sound awkward like shit. It's also really, let's say, "freely" translated, not sure if it's a good or a bad thing.

>> No.12042904

It doesn't look that bad. Ixrec would probably make even more mistakes.

>> No.12042921

>kanji puns
>mfw there are no kanji

>> No.12042925

I may not be a translator, but I know Japanese.

That line is fine. It's not completely literal, but it gets the intent of the line across (that our MC is enjoying his "plight"), and that's what matters.

My impression from the few lines posted above is that this group has little to no translation experience (and it shows in a few areas), but they at least appear to know Japanese. That already puts them ahead of most fan translators.

>> No.12042928

Yeah, the translation gets the point across. That much is visible.

>> No.12043012
File: 178 KB, 800x600, 2807[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12043173


>> No.12043184

>Vita only
No thanks

>> No.12043185


>> No.12043247
File: 2.86 MB, 800x600, kat6.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Why aren't you playing it now?

>> No.12043259

In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king.

>> No.12043267

That's an inadequate answer.

>> No.12043425

I get a kick out of supporting jast and mg

>> No.12043532

>-The translator is translating as they read. Experience with previous projects leads us to believe this is detrimental to the quality of the translation, and implies a lack of enthusiasm about the game.

Hey, Hoshimemo was translated as we went.

... Oh wait, bad example.

>> No.12043588

Speaking of bad translations, I've been thinking...

Is it truly worse to use an edited version of a machine translation compared to what a "legitimate" translator who is downright terrible puts out? There are plenty of terrible translators who can put out work that ends up being worse than machine translations, at least with the machine you generally get some sort of idea what the line said. With a terrible translator, you never know what they're going to claim it says.

This makes me wonder if we are too critical on machine edits. Machine translations suck, there is no denying it, but are they truly that much worse than some of the "legitimate" translations that have been put out by living translators?

>> No.12043604

>This makes me wonder if we are too critical on machine edits.

No, we are not. We are NOT overly critical on machine translations.
The problem is that we are too soft on shitty TLs that tend to put through lots of errors and then edit it so that "it fits" (such as ixrec).

>> No.12043608

You never know what a machine is going to say either. Especially Bing.

>> No.12043618
File: 61 KB, 727x164, mcdonalds.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12043632

Huh, Honyaku is not bad.

>> No.12043645

A good translator gives an accurate translation of at least 99% of the text he works on.
Ixrec does a decent job 95% of the time. And that's about 95% better than nothing for an EOP.
If you're not satisfied with it, you should stop wasting your time complaining and do your reps instead. And if you're already fluent, why are you even complaining about something that doesn't concern you?

>> No.12043652

You're probably operating under the assumption that you can piece the meaning out if you use a bunch like TA or ChiiTrans does, but that's a really bad assumption. If you go into a kindergarten class and ask them all where babies come from, you might be able to get some kind of common consensus, but what are your bets that that's going to be correct?

Japanese is a topic prominent language. That means that the subjects of sentences can (and often are) omitted. 大好き (daisuki) can just as easily mean "I love you" as it can "They love cock" if it was prefaced by something like 女性はチンポが好きですか? Japanese to English translators just guess at what the subjects are supposed to be and are very frequently wrong.

And this is without even touching on things like slang. ja nai is both a negative and a rhetorical depending on context, and again, machines suck dick at context.

>> No.12043661

I feel that many "legitimate" translators like to add in stuff to make it flow better in their style as well. I do not particularly mind it provided it flows well, but I dislike the poor grammar and the translations that are obviously wrong that you see in many games. It feels like those translations end up being worse than those that are done by the machine, at least the machine doesn't add in anything else.
I would hope people are not using Bing to translate VNs, but then again you never know...

>> No.12043692

>And if you're already fluent, why are you even complaining about something that doesn't concern you?

what else would I do to burn time?

>It feels like those translations end up being worse than those that are done by the machine, at least the machine doesn't add in anything else.

Generally the machine TL wouldn't be the one-stop shop for a release, the text would be then doctored up for "artistic style" or "flow" or what have you.

The problem really isn't with what does the TL (whether human or machine), the problem is that the TL is wrong. And then that shit flows down hill, to the editor (who assumes the TL is correct) then does his job correctly and you would only really notice when you read through a couple segments and they contradict each other, don't make sense, or (the obvious one that even EOPs can find) don't match what the voice just fucking said because the TL, editor, etc. never bothered to do anything more than read the script from the text file and the QC read the entire novel holding down ctrl.

>> No.12043718

Be careful about deciding that a line is "obviously wrong" if you don't know much Japanese. When trying to capture the author's intent, very often you'll end up with translations that bear little resemblance to the original, and might "look" wrong to someone who doesn't know better.

Naturally, there are plenty of cases where the translation is actually wrong and the translator doesn't know what the fuck they're doing. That much is obvious. I just wanted to make the point that translation is complicated, and you can't always rely on "But that's not what the voiced line said!" as an indicator of whether the translation is accurate or not.

>> No.12043728

Nobody expects translations to be equivalent to the original though. We accept an inferior version because it's all we're capable of consuming at the moment.

Though honestly I went back and reread a lot of games that I'd read with poor translations later after learning Japanese, and was surprised with how much they were pretty much exactly like I remembered. I think the extent a bad translation can ruin a VN is seriously overstated. You can post individual lines and people will think "holy shit how can you even read that" but it's sort of like posting screenshots of some shitty anime stream or something. Yeah it looks like obvious dogshit but when you immerse yourself in it and watch it in motion you don't really notice after a while, and you never notice to the extent that is obvious in still frames.

>> No.12043734

MTL is worse in terms that whenever its output resembles "good" translation, actually its not (it got grammar incorrectly and significantly altered meaning of sentence).
As for "terrible translators", you really shouldn't call someone who doesn't even know N5-level stuff a "translator", he is not. Otherwise he is better than machine, at least he shouldn't be confused about double-negatives and usage of verb+な.

>> No.12043749
File: 9 KB, 277x181, snap000790.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12043804

What game is this? will it be translated?

>> No.12043807

You're pretty fucking stupid.

>> No.12043816

So do i have to play Eien no Aselia first? I never bother to play it. is the translation ok? It seems aroduc is doing it so i know at least Seinarukana will be translated good. I didnt know it had really good game play. Guess ill have to play Eien no Aselia now.

>> No.12043820

Is the Dakkodango Translations version better then the jast one? or is it the same?

>> No.12043824

I'm glad we apparently somehow worked this out from the start of your post to the end of it.

>> No.12043828

Anyone? any major differences I should know about? It says the jast one is all ages, is the fantrnslation the same? does the jat one have the extras?

>> No.12043836


> It's not completely literal, but it gets the intent of the line across (that our MC is enjoying his "plight"

Yes, that is what's going on in the scene, and what I (TL currently speaking) intended (literal translations are often inaccurate).

Having someone 'happily fret over their situation' is not quite as common in a Eastern audience as it is in a Japanese one, so I added the 'fantastic' to help cue the reader into what was going on (with the assumption that the audience has only a minimal understanding of Japanese culture). A pertinent task of translating is to convey concepts which are 'stock phrases' or 'stock situations' in one culture but not another; a skill that is mastered by great translators.

I do, of course, know better than to get involved in the TL arguments in VNTS so I won't post much else on the subject here, but as for the 'TL as I go' method used on this particular game:

Consider reading a beach-side romance novel in your native language (let's pick Twilight or 50 Shades of Grey). You should not need to read the book twice to understand what's going on. I can assure you that Koiiro is not a 'deep philosophical' story and doesn't warrant that level of attention. Were this Ever17 or similar, it would be a different matter. Either way, I will continue striving to do a good job regardless of what I may think of the game or any particular character's route.

>> No.12043846

<Moogy> rance doesn't even have that many sex scenes compared to a lot of games with gameplay

Things Moogy believes

>> No.12043853

Sorry, but
"Gyaaaah! I'm being crushed by beautiful girls!"
is too different in tone from
"Ahhh~. Being crushed by beauties is fantastic~!"

You turned something that's a scream in the original into a sigh of pleasure. I'm not picky on literal meaning, but that's misrepresenting the tone of the line.

The fact that the MC is "enjoying his plight" is adequately conveyed by every other line in the passage and doesn't justify rewriting this one.

>> No.12043883

Did Moogy play the trial for the new Rance game yet? They have two different CGs (not counting variants) to each Heroine H-scene.
There are seven heroines
They have 4~5 love stages with 3 H-scenes each.

>> No.12043888

>moogy playing games
my sides

>> No.12043889

That line was about trial, I believe. He was playing it yesterday all day.

>> No.12043904

It was about the series as a whole

It's probably easy to feel like there aren't as many H-scenes as there are in Rance since there's so much other stuff and who actually reads the monstergirl 調教 scenes anyway.

>> No.12043913

Well, really he was just saying rance is not nukige, which is quite obvious.
Full log:
cgimw: But I don't play Nukige for their gameplay
Moogy: i don't think rance is a nukige
cgimw: it's somewhere left of eroge though
Moogy: alicesoft doesn't actually make many games you could label nukige
Moogy: rance doesn't even have that many sex scenes compared to a lot of games with gameplay
Metarail: escalayer/haruka?
cgimw: I'm just used to general VNs
Moogy: yeah, those are their only real games with gameplay i would call nukige

>> No.12043958

Moogy: Choosing to pretend that Alicesoft makes nothing but Rance and that Rance only has a few H scenes.

>> No.12043978

I think that's a bad example because it obviously benefits from context. I mean is this a commander talking? some soldier? your mother?

Look how much it changes each time.

>> No.12043983

> obviously benefits from context
So do like 98% of lines in eroge and thats why you shouldn't use mtl ever.

>> No.12043986

Unless you give context you have no right to complain about that line.

>> No.12043991

Trust me, even given context, McDonald's don't enter into it.

>> No.12043997

My point was without context there is no hope of a good translation at all, from a machine or a human.

>> No.12043999

The point of that picture was that Bing comes up with some ridiculous shit sometimes.

>> No.12044005

I don't think anyone expects a good translation from a machine translation but if you want a real translation you have to give the context already.

>> No.12044025

I wasn't looking for a better translation, I just wanted to make fun of Bing. It's been years since I used machine translation anyway. For all I know Microsoft has mastered strong AI since then and now their machine translations are perfect. But somehow I doubt it.

>> No.12044288

Person who originally criticized the line here.

>The fact that the MC is "enjoying his plight" is adequately conveyed by every other line in the passage and doesn't justify rewriting this one.

It does. If I'm not mistaken, this part is a dream sequence. If it were literally translated, it sounds like the happy dream turns into a bizarre nightmare. According to the translator, this is not the case, and he sounds convincing enough to me.

>> No.12044594

>If it were literally translated, it sounds like the happy dream turns into a bizarre nightmare.

"If it were translated" at all. The line posted is a rewrite, not a translation. The translator has completely ignored the tone of the original to impose what he thinks the guy should have written.

>> No.12044603


If one REALLY wanted to be literal, you could probably go with "Whoa*! I'm being crushed beneath beautiful girls!"
*Don't forget ギャー is also an interjection of shock

Though at this point I'd just go stealth change it to something ridiculous like "Jesus, I'm drowning in titties!

>> No.12044647

>The translator has completely ignored the tone of the original to impose what he thinks the guy should have written.
If what he said in >>12043836 says is correct, he ignored the literal meaning of the phrase in favor of properly conveying the tone of the phrase. 'Aaah! I'm being crushed by pretty girls!' does not sound positive to us, but it apparently does sound positive to a Japanese person reading it in Japanese. If what he says is true, then his "rewrite" is a better translation than the literal alternative, because the literal version makes me misunderstand the line completely while the "rewrite" makes me understand the original intention.

>> No.12044697

Actually, the Japanese line itself can be interpreted both ways (positive and negative) by itself, but because of the context and the word "beautiful" girls, we know he is enjoying it. Similarly, "Whoa! I'm being swarmed by beautiful girls!" will result in the reader interpreting it has a positive experience as long as he is not retarded. Here, there's another level of translation here - that readers of both language will require inference (albeit trivial) to know that the main character is enjoying himself.

>> No.12044747

>swarmed by

That's a pretty liberal change for someone who's arguing that adding an adjective and changing an interjection changes a line's intent.

>> No.12044751

It's a personal word choice and definitely less changes than adding "fantastic", hand-holding the reader and taking away inference when there should be one.

>> No.12044770

Do you really not see how "aah! A snake is eating me!" is 100 percent different in meaning and tone from "aaah. Being eaten by a snake feels so gooood"?

I like liberal translations, but I don't like translations that are wrong. His translation of that line is wrong. Period. It's a very simple sentence, there is no mystical context only Japanese people could get.

>> No.12044797

And how do I know you are not speaking out of your ass? The translator that made that change has translated most of a visual novel. Perhaps in an objectionable manner, but he seems to know what he's doing. You are a random anon. Do you have anything to indicate your Japanese is better than, say, >>12042835's?

>> No.12044813

ITT: /jp/ argues for two hundred posts about whether somebody being mobbed by beautiful girls should say "ahhh" or "gyaaa"

>> No.12044843

Hey guys I'm translating a VN and would appreciate some input from the community on something:


>> No.12044847

Hyper weapon, of course. Also, you should replace all personal pronouns protag uses to 俺様.

>> No.12044855

Newfag here.
Are any of the VNs here gore?

>> No.12044858


>> No.12045334

It's a translation thread. What did you expect? Actual discussion of translated VNs?

>> No.12045475

Why do you fucks make a habit out of posting VNDB links? Would using the game's title kill you?

>> No.12045600

Yes it would.

>> No.12045887

It's more convenient to be able to just click a link rather than 2click + drag + 1click

>> No.12045968

Can anybody here share a link to a pre-patched and translated Higurashi no Naku Koro ni? All i could find is a torrent with the first four episodes with the PS2 sprites.

>> No.12045995
File: 136 KB, 1221x1737, H3H3H3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Uploaded https://mega.co.nz/#F!ScQkwS6D!-AkR5jWX_EIcmqlwv4MfXw some time ago for some dude in /vn/, was mirror of a torrent also on GGn. Unless you meant something else by pre-patched, that one has all the PS2 patches applied to MangaGamer's release.

>> No.12046025

By pre-patched i meant all the PS2 music/sprites and backgrounds already installed for all the chapters including the Kai ones.

>> No.12046026
File: 50 KB, 296x317, H3H3H3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah that mega link should be about what you want then I think.

>> No.12046033
File: 117 KB, 480x640, 1392936651432.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Alright then,thanks.

>> No.12046097

Let us ask moogy TL related things

>> No.12046100

Let us ask Moogy TL related things!

>> No.12046103

Let's not because he's an incompetent translator who has never contributed anything meaningful to the scene and has no idea what he's talking about.

>> No.12046119


LMAO dude.

>> No.12046142

If you're translating as an attempt to cater to an audience, your motivations are already flawed.

(Working for the purpose of exposing something you love to a wider audience is different than refusing to work on something because you think there's no audience for it.

Granted, the TL group in question isn't doing it out of love either, but since it's for practice, I guess I can give them a pass.)

>> No.12046145

That and there's always going to be a fucking audience.

>> No.12046171

Indeed. EOPs even flocked to read fucking ikikoi, just because there was nothing else released at that time. I bet you could feed them something like juukishi, and they would still read it to the end.

>> No.12046173
File: 762 KB, 1024x576, H3H3H3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But Ikikoi is hella good you pleb.

>> No.12046184

Ti{number, sorry, forgot which one you use}, do you play every EN release? Or you just run them and take screenshots to troll later?

>> No.12046186
File: 674 KB, 800x600, H3H3H3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Pretty much all of them.

Also my screenshots always come from games I played and took screenshots as I went, skipping through to take screenshots would be hella gay.

>> No.12046193

So you read even partial patches. Whats the point if you cannot experience whole story?

>> No.12046205
File: 880 KB, 800x600, H3H3H3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Usually I just read partials to tide me over when something else is getting a patch released soon.

>> No.12046286

If they finished reading the whole thing, clearly they liked it. Different people enjoy different things.

>> No.12046298

> clearly they liked it
309 votes total, average 6.92 (decent)
No, they didn't. Try actually checking stuff before spewing your wild guesses. EOPs just have no choice and will eat whatever shit you throw at them.

>> No.12046306
File: 11 KB, 577x84, itsshitright.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

After getting a porn script full of "wiener", I am excited at the prospect of getting a script full of something ridiculous like "dookie"

>> No.12046309

Do you even know words?

of an acceptable standard; satisfactory.
"find me a decent cup of coffee"
synonyms: satisfactory, reasonable, fair, acceptable, adequate, sufficient, ample;
not bad, all right, tolerable, passable, suitable;
informal, OK, okay, up to snuff
"a job with decent pay"

Decent is a word that is generally associated with liking something. I'm sorry you're an IGN reviewer and you think a 7 is the same thing as a 1. You'll get your maths degree someday.

>> No.12046311

I... don't see how giving it a score of 7 on average means they didn't like it. Clearly they did. If they thought it was shit, it would have gotten like a 4 or something.

>> No.12046314

Are you retarded or never seen vndb ratings before?
6 is lowest non-nukiges ever get and clear sign of kusoge. Anything better than that will have 7-8 and decent stuff will have at least 8.

>> No.12046317
File: 681 KB, 800x600, H3H3H3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Is it bad that I mostly became interested in this game because of that? Might be childish but I find the word "wiener" totes hilar. Even followed news on Anthony Weiner for a while mostly because of his name.

>> No.12046319


Go back to /b/ if you're going to throw words like that around, would you? Well, it's obvious you fit in there if you're braindead enough to think 6 is by any means a bad score. Perhaps a site like Polygon or Kotaku would be a more appropriate home for you.

>> No.12046322


Here, this guy makes tons of jokes about his name.

>> No.12046326

If you give a fuck at all about VNDB's users opinions, you should just commit suicide, because a good amount of people just throw machine translations at many VNs, and others simply have their own "biased" rankings. EGS is just a bit less worse because you can be sure people actually understand what they're reading.

>> No.12046337

Okay, now I see that you are indeed retarded.
Let me help you follow the discussion.
My thesis: EOPs eat any shit you throw at them even if they don't like it.
Your reply: EOPs read with machine translations and have "biased" rankings.

Since you are retarded, I'll help you further: your reply not only doesn't disprove my thesis but actually strengthens it.

>> No.12046340
File: 711 KB, 1024x576, H3H3H3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wow, fuck you, you piece of shit. You clearly missed my point entirely.

>> No.12046343

Why would I look at how other people rate things there? I just rate what I read how it deserves and move on. If other people are fucked up and don't know how to score, that's their problem (and by extension anyone who relies on the opinions of others instead of doing the work to form their own).

>> No.12046345

I wasn't the guy you were talking to. I just think anyone who cares about what EOPs of VNDB think should get higher standards.

>> No.12046349

EOPs of vndb are best 級 of EOPs. Others (/vg/, hongfire, fuwa, erogedownload, reddit) are much worse, there's no such thing as "higher standard" EOP.
Try reading discussion again. Its not about how you rank it, its about ikikoi being significantly below average rating for its class of VN => EOPs reading shit they don't enjoy.

>> No.12046351

So you mean the EOPs of VNDB are the least worse, because they're still awful.

>> No.12046368

If they didn't enjoy it they wouldn't even finish it, though, they'd drop it/report it stalled/actually rate it what it deserves.

If they liked it enough to at least finish it, it was pretty much by definition "decent".

>> No.12046376

You underestimate desperation of EOPs

>> No.12046380

You link a post of a guy saying he disliked Ikikoi and giving reasons. I hop to his profile and see he rated it a 5. A 5 is not a 7.

I rest my case?

>> No.12046431

Way to ignore replies that actually do disprove your "thesis", you complete moron.

>> No.12046437

Your angry ranting doesn't "disprove" anything, try again.

>> No.12046454

What happened to the insem twitter weekly reminder guy? Did his obsession finally turn him into a useless lazy ass just like insem?

>> No.12046459
File: 930 KB, 1024x576, H3H3H3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'll give him another week and then if he doesn't show up I'll take over, as I do with all the other poor abandoned shitposts.

>> No.12046463

Thanks for all your hard work.

>> No.12046475

Why didn't you take over for the guy with the weird VN translation scene conspiracy theories? I liked those.

>> No.12046481
File: 725 KB, 800x600, H3H3H3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't remember. Actually that might have been me to begin with if it's the that I think it was.

>> No.12046495

Your lack of proof didn't prove anything. Try again.

See, I can make posts as empty and worthless as yours too, dick.

>> No.12046498

Aren't all of your posts like that?

>> No.12046499

I'm thinking of the ones that were like Ixrec versus Moogy in some sort of bizarre chuu2 battle for dominance over the TL scene or something. I don't really remember them all that well anymore.

If that was you, thanks, I found them oddly entertaining.

>> No.12046502
File: 822 KB, 1024x576, H3H3H3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Suck my cock, dude.

>> No.12046503

This game looks amazing. Why'd they give up on the patch?

>> No.12046507

No, all of yours are. Your latest post is yet another example.

>> No.12046508

I'm not the guy you were arguing with.

>> No.12046510
File: 618 KB, 800x600, H3H3H3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Dude translating it just sort of lost motivation. Probably made up some excuse like he got hella busy or something but 9 times out of 9 those guys just don't want to admit they lost interest in doing work.

His work was kinda questionable anyway honestly, some parts were pretty iffy, and this coming from someone who won't hesitate to defend people like Ixrec when the opportunity arises.

>> No.12046512

My cat makes that face sometimes when I shine a laser pointer and she is getting ready to pounce at it.

>> No.12046514

Does that make your posts any less awful?

No, idiot.

>> No.12046516

Did ixwrex bite him or what?

>> No.12046517

I know you are but what am I?

>> No.12046518
File: 574 KB, 800x600, H3H3H3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ixrec bites everyone, honestly the guy is fucking incorrigible these days.

>> No.12046521

I think those kinds of translations are hilarious, so that's okay. I find it to be a good reason to read a translation even as a Japanese master. Any idea if there's been anyone else interested in finishing the work?

>> No.12046525
File: 606 KB, 800x600, H3H3H3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Maybe I'll do it myself.

>> No.12046534

You're certainly the only person who can keep the writing style consistent.

>> No.12046535

Finally decided to ascend to Cudder-level fame, eh?

>> No.12046551

There's no better way to troll /jp/.

>> No.12046605

Nope, same game. When given the chance to translate a more complete version of the game, JAST apparently said "Fuck it, that's too much work, just release the fan translation".

>> No.12046606

I thought the translated version was the one with the most content, besides missing H-scenes.

>> No.12047057

Just to check, what does Cudder-level? Is Cudder's thing acting like he's an integral part of the scene but never actually doing anything of value? Like Moogy?

>> No.12047061

Nah, Cudder brought us liberation from these arrogant japanese autists, showing true way of machine translations.

>> No.12047210

To late... ttp://forums.fuwanovel.org/index.php?/topic/1966-looking-for-tlcs-koisuru-otome-to-shugo-no-tate-translation-project/?hl=%2Bkoisuru+%2Botome+%2Bshugo+%2Btate
Fuwanovel + Retranslshit = ?

>> No.12047307

I think there's yet another version that has all the added content and the H Scenes that came out sometime between the fan translation and the JAST version.

>> No.12047370

There's 4 versions:
1-PC: with H and evil route
2-PS2: new content without the above
3-PC: PS2 backport + fan disc content (SP/SE)
4-PSP: PS2 port + new battle CGs

The Doki patch and Jast Usa release are from the 3 version.

>> No.12048614

I think some of the PS2 backgrounds are missing?

>> No.12049097
File: 10 KB, 300x300, 1241206709909.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

[Regarding the Winter Confetti Air patch]

>Sheeta Sumeragi ‏@Sheeta_Su 1h
>I think it'll be ready in a few hours. Everyone go stock up on tissues while you have the chance.

>> No.12049271

But I can't masturbate to old Key horrible art.

>> No.12049284

It's been a few hours. Where's the patch?!

>> No.12049335

It was an April Fools' gag.

>> No.12049439
File: 81 KB, 512x301, Air_original_game_cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.12049498

/jp/ please me me, which translation is better, out of all the times you guys fought over translations , now is the time to actually fight over them. Which one is the better translation? shettas or that other group? did any of them use machine translation? could some one who knows japanese go through both really quick? like maybe skim through? Its really annoying.

>> No.12049499

I really hope he translates this, looks mad fun and holy shit its milf heaven. the art is sexy as fuck too.

>> No.12049612
File: 36 KB, 405x400, H3H3H3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think they probably were missing by whoever made the patch, though I originally downloaded that-all prepatched off some mediafire hella days back, uploaded it to bitGAMER and later GGn as a fallback in case that mediafire got taken down since it had been a pain in the ass to find the patched stuff for Kai not dead links in the first place. Not sure if it actually has the most updated versions of the patch or not but was what I wound up using to play through them anyway.
Probably Sheeta's. That other one was unedited and had a lot of stuff that caused one to raise an eyebrow at parts. Using the word "fella" to refer to just about everybody in the game, for example. She'd have had to really fuck up to wind up being worse than it was.

>> No.12049616

>did any of them use machine translation?
Neither translation were started and completed by the same group.

Project #1 (Gao Gao) originated on TLWiki, where it received a combination of good translation and bad translation (including some machine translation). After that, it went through several groups, some of which used machine translation. Finally, it was picked up by the current group, which seems to translate properly. They are using a combination of newly-translated scripts and (partially?) fixed up scripts from the previous projects.

Project #2 (Winter Confetti) originated when people got fed up with project #1 endlessly remaining in translation limbo with a large chance of becoming shit even if completed. Although the start is kinda complicated, nothing actually got translated until Edger (a proper translator; translated Canvas2 and Yoake) picked it up. Eventually Edger got a life and quit the community, abandoning the project, and Sheeta picked it up. Sheeta is an inexperienced translator but has a lot of experience with TL projects as an editor. Ixrec did translation checking and translated part of it. No machine translation was ever used in the history of this project, but it is someone's first translation.

>> No.12049859

>Probably Sheeta's. That other one was unedited and had a lot of stuff that caused one to raise an eyebrow at parts.

<~Cafe> / \{みすず}「今までのわたしたちは迷惑かけないように、死んできたんだ」
<~Cafe> Sheeta: strS[1900] = 'MisuzuI should just die, so I won\'t cause trouble for anyone ever again. '
<~Cafe> Cowteats: <0070> \{Misuzu}"Everyone that came before me tried not to cause trouble for anyone before they died."
<~Cafe> / その目は真っ赤に腫れ上がり、別人のようだった.
<~Cafe> Sheeta: strS[1900] = 'Her red eyes clear up, and she looks like a completely different person. '
<~Cafe> Cowteats: <0087> Her puffy red eyes made her look like a different person altogether.
<~Cafe> / 彼女はもうその痛みに耐えようともせず、目を開いたままでいた.
<~Cafe> Sheeta: strS[1900] = 'The girl opens her eyes, unable to bear it anymore. '
<~Cafe> Cowteats: <0130> The girl did not try to fight the pain anymore. She just laid with her eyes open.
<~Cafe> / 僕の動かす人型を見て、笑っていた.
<~Cafe> Sheeta: strS[1900] = 'She\'s looking at the tiny person I\'m moving, and laughing. '
<~Cafe> Cowteats: <0166> She laughed after she saw my moving puppet.
<~Cafe> / 遠い記憶は…灼かれるような暑さと、潮の匂いの中にあった.
<~Cafe> Sheeta: strS[1900] = 'I can feel... scorching heat, and the smell of the tide. '
<~Cafe> Sheeta: strS[1900] = 'I can feel... scorching heat, and the smell of the tide. '
<~Cafe> Cowteats: <0174> A distant memory... Amidst the blistering heat and the scent of the sea.

>> No.12049892

So what is this saying? which is actually good?

>> No.12049922

Why is an MG translator of all people making fun of her translation? Don't they have some shitty nukige they should be working on?

>> No.12049973

Just finish the Yoake patch already.

>> No.12050007

Sheeta makes some obvious errors, the other one is better.

>> No.12050150


Found a new VN in the works for some people here.

>> No.12050251

I doubt he will. But I hope somebody does. I have a soft spot for gameplay eroge.

>> No.12050269

First one has several MTL-ed scripts, inherited from old project.
Second has sheeta and ixwreck. Sheeta never actually studied japanese, and only exposure she had to it is ixwrecks "translations".
>>12049859 is quite good digest, both translations are wrong as fuck and cringeworthy.

>> No.12050274

>playing demonion for plot and gameplay
Aroduc sure has weird tastes. First game had really brilliant porn, and we need more of that.
Didn't play trial, sad that they ruined protag and made him pussy, Astraross-sama was great.

>> No.12050338


Even my noob nihongo can see Sheeta's is total shit. That looks like a cleaned up machine tl

The cowteats one seems more or less correct except for the first sentence where I don't know what the hell's going on, but I'm pretty sure neither of those is right(We of until now-wa not risk trouble, die-te came, whatever this shit is it's beyond me)

>> No.12050349

Is Air even a decent game? I remember watching the anime nearly a decade ago and I thought it was shit. I wonder if the game is any better, at least I don't think it's another 100+ hour grind fest like modern Key games. I said that I'd never subject myself to another Key game after I dealt with Little Busters...but I dunno.

>> No.12050376

Shut up, you illiterate moron.

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