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New thread - old one reached bump limit. No Tenga / poorfags allowed this time.

NLS closed from 12/31 through 1/5 for new year. How do you plan on coping?

Pic related is my actual order history. Yes, I agree that it is excessive. Feel free to ask about anything shown.

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why did you buy 3 puni dx's?

>> No.11757323

The same reason dude bought 3 PS3s

Actually one was for me, the second was a gift, and I'm keeping the other as a backup for when the original eventually gives out.

>> No.11757335

>the second was a gift
to who?

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Online friend who introduced me to Japanese toys. I had used Fleshlights for several years and never knew about shops like NLS. I gifted him a Puni to say thanks.

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What happens if your onahole gets checked by Canadian customs? Do you get put on a list and the mounties pay you a visit?

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They don't get checked if you use SAL.

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Do you jack off alot?
I like my onahole (Seventeen Evo) but I only last about 40 seconds since it feels so good.

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feel when you rip your onahole

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How is the Puni DX? Any good?

I just ordered mine but I don't really know what to expect.

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I know that feel. Fucking tsurupetta soft, man.

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This is why you keep an emergency back up at all times.

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2 or 3 times a day. Seventeen Evo is a pretty stimulating hole and is meant for quickies.
Most people like the Puni DX. It's a popular toy for a reason. If this is your first hip, you're going to have a good time.

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>It's a popular toy for a reason.
yeah, because it's cheap

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Fisty please

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I ripped one, so I ordered another. Ripped that one as well. Finally concluded that my penis was too wide. Softer onaholes seem to be fine, but even the LO Kupa which isn't soft hasn't ripped.

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Where would I go about ordering Tomax stuff in Canada?

I moved back to Canada and dumped a lot of stuff, onaholes included, to make it easier to cross the border. It was a very emotional parting.

I've ordered through proxies before but I'd like to avoid it. I don't even know the proper sites in Japan to order from.

>> No.11758958

Planning to order these from Amazon:
using some gift cards, never had one before and I'm nervous about the packaging
Anyone know how discrete these would be or if I've fucked something up somehow?

>> No.11759101

Normal Amazon packaging. Return address says Queen Cat though.

Storage box is not in your face but is pretty obvious. It looks like it can be turned inside out.

>> No.11759168

Woops, just realized I pasted the same link twice
Second thing was
I was worried because this isn't shipped by Amazon and I've got roommates, but now that I think about it I may just hold off on that for a while

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Recently bought an ona hole from nls. Got the package with customs tape saying it was inspected. Has anyone had their ona damaged from US customs opening their package?

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Which holes did you buy and which shipping method did you use? I've yet to have customs check an NLS shipment.

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I ordered http://en-nls.com/pict1-32977 and used EMS shipping. I finally opened it and saw that they have just opened the box and left the hole out of its box. Aside from that no visible damage.

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EMS = priority, generally gets opened. when it's sent as gift the check is more often skipped.

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How do you guys maintain your ona hips? Do I just rinse and leave out to dry or use a stick or something wrapped in cloth to dry the insides?

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Old thread >>11732631

OP, how's the R1/Piston?

>> No.11762184

Piston is fun for lazy / hands-free play. It's not quiet and it has a little bit of a learning curve. I was honestly disappointed the first few uses until I found the right setup and figured out how to go hands-free. That said, I would definitely still recommend it if you have the ¥ and are curious. It can be finicky but it is a unique toy for sure. Nothing else out there will give you a mecha-BJ while you just relax and look at porn and enjoy it.

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It's cheap for a hip sure but even then I still like my Puni DX even owning a Gokujyo Namagoshi due to ease of use.

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why 2 puni dx? Did one break?

>> No.11763082

>tfw you're under constant anxiety from the fear of someone finding your onahole

I'm tempted to just toss it.

>> No.11763093

how's the new usb warmer?

which are those washers are worth it or is just running a ton of water into the hole and letting it overflow for a couple of minutes better?

>> No.11763096

you'll regret it

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Ok /jp/ i need your help here.

What are the best possible onaholes i could buy off the jlist?

Looking for something sort of discrete but if pleasure outweights discreteness i'm ok with that.

>> No.11763185

I know, but the anxiety is cutting into my lifestyle of taking it easy.

>> No.11763240

Got my first onahole yesterday. Loving it so far.

>> No.11763283

What was it?

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ur mum

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Don't buy off of jlist

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So I tried to fashion an air drying stand out of clothes hanger as suggest in the other thread, inspired by the ona shaker

I tried to stick my onahole on and it was kinda rough sticking it in however it was dry, so I might have an easier time putting my onahole on the stand after a wash.

The stand spreads the onahole canal open so that it can dry better, Now I'm just wondering if it's better to just get a pack of vaginal speculum off amazon and use those instead.

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Well, vaginal specula are designed for stretching open vagine, so I'd imagine they'll work well.

Maybe not for loli holes though.

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Best loli themed hip, I don't think anything will ever beat it in terms of design and stimulation. Speaking of lolis what ever happened to Libidoll? Wasn't that supposed to come out in like October?

>> No.11763779

Are you the dude who recently bought the gokujyo namagoshi a while back? How is it now that you've gotten more use out of it?

>> No.11763831

Whats your opinion on;
-Open my Pussy! -COCOLO
-Give me your milk! ES
-New USB Warmer.

I've got the old Give me your milk! and it does seem a little small, it was my first BJ onahole.
Might upgrade to the ES but is it worth?

I'm also thinking of getting ~COCOLO~ as my first big onahole. Is she worth as well?

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The video kind of cleared things up but I'm still confused.

>> No.11763963

Not really onahole related, but JSS related.

I ordered a lewd loli-looking Dakimakura with uncovered nipples through them and it should have been delivered by yesterday. Well, it was delivered to my town but to the wrong person in another part of the city...

It was delivered by EMS and I checked that it went through customs before reaching my town, so they normally should have charged some fees considering the price but that other person could still receive it without paying anything.

To be honest I'm now a bit scared and most of all confused how this could even happen if they made just a typo with the postal code. What the hell happened here?

>> No.11763979

I wouldn't mind being misdelivered a lewd daki, but just imagining the reaction of the normalfag who got it...

Are you sure you didn't mistype your address?

>> No.11763988

Its only a matter of time before the normalfag sends the partyvan to you.

>> No.11763990

I checked on JSS that I didn't make any mistakes with the address. I don't how this is was possible.
I'm also disgusted at the thought that someone else in this town opened my precious Daki's box before me.

>> No.11763992

Onahole/faptoy noob here.

I'm interested in getting one to start out with, but clueless where to start.

What is there to look for in an onahole, and what "accessories," do I need to purchase along with it>?

>> No.11764103

Does /jp/ have experience with dragon dildoes?

>> No.11764166

>the second was a gift
oh hey its this guy again.

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2 weeks at parent's place without an onahole. Now I am back and I came buckets.

>> No.11764203

You can shoot really far if you don't fap for a while.

>The more you know...

>> No.11764204

Get the usb warmer, not sure about the other two onaholes.

Cocolo is new so I doubt a lot of people here have one to give a review.

As for give me your milk, which is a blowjob onahole, you'll have to search the archive for information on them or if you trust RDC you can get tamatoy's blowjob onahole http://www.amazon.co.jp/gp/product/B00DSI47UK/ which he says is great.

>> No.11764214

What's there to be confused about? A guy sucking your cock, what more do you want?

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We should make a /jp/ onahole power ranking

>> No.11764376

New USB heater is much better than the old one. It has a much longer cord, a better seal where the cord reaches the heater, and a new overheat protection feature. The washer nozzle is very useful for about $1.

Not a JList fan, but their prices on high end Meiki toys are decent. http://www.jlist.com/product/OMO345 is a good deal on one of the very best feeling holes if you are ok with JList shipping options.

Milk ください ES is perfectly sized in my opinion. It looks like it's the same material as the normal Milk, just bigger. At 2x the price, it feels nicer but you can tell it's not the kind of toy you use daily and keep for a whole year.

As for the Cocolo, it's great if you don't have a hip or a doll / mount and if you are good about keeping your toys clean. Because it's a mini torso, it sometimes feels like playing with a large onahole rather than a hip. I think it feels more deluxe than the Puni DX.. I've used mine maybe 10 times so far and it is holding up very well.


Best way to get started with holes is to pick one or two that look interesting and to give them a try. If one doesn't work out, at least you will have learned something about what you like / dislike. Check images at the various toy sites to find a tunnel design that appeals to you and read reviews / ask about specific models in this thread. Accessory wise, you will want to purchase a bottle of lubricant for when the free samples run out. The two most popular Japanese brands are Peace's and Pepee.

>> No.11764382

what about simulation with the cocolo? How does it feel? I hope it's not like rina or roa

>> No.11764383

Take your crossie culture somewhere else

>> No.11764392

Not that guy but I feel like trying to make one just to spite faggots like you.

>> No.11764410

How about I take your mom

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good goyim

>> No.11764581

I'm starting to think someone from the customs exchanged the address on purpose to get me into trouble. I'll report back when I'm out of prison.

>> No.11764685

could anyone recommend a dildo with a very good suction cup?
I'm just a beginner

>> No.11764709

Get a boyfriend and you won't need one

>> No.11764858

Watch this video:

Fairly self-explanatory.

>> No.11764907

No, Cocolo does not feel like the other Sujiman Kupaa series toys, thankfully. The vag tunnel is "realistically" textured like a Meiki ZXY or similar. Fleshy meat walls and such.

>> No.11765173

Thanks I think I'll be including it in my next batch of holes

>> No.11765258

Why does the sample pictures of the thing have stop signs when they're showing the ass? Are they saying that you can't stick your dick in there?

>> No.11765278

They warn you that the vacuum gimmick doesn't work from that direction.
Everything else is just marketing
"no oniichan, you can't put something in there, that's dirty"

>> No.11765631

Get a box with a lock on it or something.

>> No.11765690

Seconding this

>> No.11765706

This is an onahole thread, although they both sex toys, it's not part of the main topic of discussion here.

>> No.11765707

You can't second a question, that's not how seconding things works

>> No.11765720

I really really want an Aliceだよっ. Why won't nls stock them? Has anyone been able to get one?

Also, how does it compare to the Puni DX? I don't like the girl in the Puni DX cover very much.

>> No.11765730

hotpowers stocked them for a very short time, until alice said no. You'll have to use JSS's shopping service if you wish to get one. Don't have a puni dx, but I find it is soft and comfortable to use, great for a nice long relaxing session.

>> No.11766372

Does NLS have options for discrete packaging/shipping?

>> No.11766375

a brown box not discreet enough for you?

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File: 2.76 MB, 4000x2667, IMG_5027-20130709.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is how my last package came. Plain brown box with こわれもの (fragile goods) on it. Slipping/customs slip said the box contained figures. Seems discreet if you ask me, but if you prefer for them to write something else on the slip you can just ask. I've had them write books on the previous order after the order before that was labled as "toy for baby". They may not change the description if you're using EMS shipping, however.

>> No.11766869

They also wrap the contents in black plastic.

>> No.11766872

i'd like to see it, dude.
someone get bored enough to make it, perhaps.

>> No.11766878

I would like to hear from someone that has both. I haven't heard anyone on /jp/ owning a Puni DX and Alice Dayo yet though.

>> No.11767122


Too much personal difference, some people are quite sensitive and like very soft holes other people need more stimulation to get off.

>> No.11767450 [DELETED] 

how is the 1000ml lube?

they can alter description with EMS, only DHL they have specific things they use

>> No.11767459

how is the 1000ml lube? also, how do you find the girl in the box "hard"?
how firm is it compared to puni DX? about same? less/more?

they can alter description with EMS, only DHL they have specific things they use.
rarely, they forget though.

>> No.11767623

The 1 liter lube is basically a year's supply. The cap says ハード (hard), and the lotion can be diluted more than 1:1 and still performs like Peace's. I took an empty bottle, filled it 1/3 with lotion, added another 1/3 hot (almost boiling) water from the stove, and shook for 2-3 minutes. Straight from the pouch and undiluted, the lotion is very thick and stringy. Probably good for anal play or high friction toys.

The GITB Hard is firmer than a Puni DX. At least, it's harder for me to insert myself into. I really enjoy the tight stimulation but I don't use it too often as I generally prefer soft toys.

>> No.11767673

January 2, 2014 , 7:28 am
Out for Delivery

My REAL will be here in a few hours, I can't wait!

>> No.11767744

I wonder if labeling your package as "masturbation aid" would result in customs opening it more often or less...

>> No.11768342

Thanks for the reply. Do you like the monster wet SHIN? I personally love the one.

>> No.11768354

Don't want to make them curious better to go with something boring-sounding.

>> No.11768388

I thought the monster meiki shin was great handheld. Then I got a doll and used the shin hands-free. Wow. Even better. It's an excellent value @ half the price of similar sized meikis. One of my very favorite toys.

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File: 380 KB, 800x600, Untitled.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

two years late but finally decided to buy some

Going to sit in the box forever like all my figs

>> No.11768627


Too bad Ayumu's lolis suck. Why doesn't Kinku do onahole art?

>> No.11768634

Last thing I bought wasn't wrapped in that black plastic... But otherwise was discreet.

>> No.11768635

Why would you not use them? They're not gonna appreciate like figures and they're not limited run or anything. Still, good toy purchase.

>> No.11768651

no penis

I own most of his doujinshi and decided to buy more related merchandise.

>> No.11768671

So just how much better is this than fapping?

>> No.11768672

>no penis
what happened?

>> No.11768674

A lot.

>> No.11768678

Sadly born with a vagina.

>> No.11768682

epig membox gurle

>> No.11768684


>> No.11768703

The difference between hand fapping and a good hole is akin to black and white tv compared to full HD 1080p

>> No.11768727

Does it feel as good as secks? Better? Slightly worse?

>> No.11768746

>using onahole
>implying not virgin

>> No.11768766

Got my first one in the mail today. I went with the 17 Evo and it was pretty amazing. I got excited just holding the thing. The USB warmer worked great too.

Thanks for the info jp

>> No.11768784

If onaholes are anything like sex, then lolis are incredibly lewd for having something like that between their legs.

Now I want to have sex with a loli. Any tips?

>> No.11768800

get a loli onahip

>> No.11769005

Anyone tried these things? Doesn't look like it would feel that good judging from the video.


>> No.11769143

All holes feel different. None exactly replicate sex, because that just can't happen given current materials. Most feel pretty good. Some hole/lube combos are as physically pleasurable as a human mouth/anus/vagina (in my opinion) but you'll still miss out on the sensation of a real human partner who is working with you toward the shared goal of getting each other off.

So girls who use dildos are automatically unfuckable virgin whales? I've bedded 5 different women (no whores thanks) but can't be bothered to pursue them anymore so I use onaholes to get off. The toys are much more affordable, btw.

>> No.11769525

Is it gay if I want to try this?


>> No.11769531

It's pink for a reason

>> No.11769559

Most onaholes are pink too...

>> No.11769649

Only if you like guys.

>> No.11769663

Sometimes I wish there was a balls only dildo and I could press it against other people's balls and make them gay.

>> No.11769744

Hello /jp/, please impart some of your arcane knowledge onto me.

Does the Puni DX accomodate larger individuals well?

Is getting a Warmer worthwhile and are there any specific maintenance products that you would recommend?

>> No.11769791

>Gay Selection
I dunno anon.

>> No.11769794

Anyone know what shipping services will handle onaholes and JAV dvd. Want to get some stuff from Amazon JP since its super cheap compared to NLS.

>> No.11769887

Why are onaholes marketed to weeaboos? Why don't they just market to the general public?

>> No.11769899

>Why aren't masturbation devices marketed towards people who would rather go get laid?

>> No.11769935

What about the fleshlight?

>> No.11769942

>Does the Puni DX accomodate larger individuals well?
Define 'larger'.

>Is getting a Warmer worthwhile?
Heater is a definite add-on. It's nice to enter a warm hole even if the heat doesn't last for more than a minute or two.

The Ona Clean and A Clean nozzle from OP image are good to have.

>> No.11769953

Best thin lube? Finish & Sleep is really thick god-tier for hard onaholes but not so good for soft ones.

>> No.11770071

I usually just thin down thick lubes. The only thin lube I've used was KY Silk-E, and it was actually really good. It felt better than thinnning down other lubes.

>> No.11770104

what doll did you get, isn't the thing pretty big?

>> No.11770110


>> No.11770199

Oh god. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zyrh7cpVaR0

I was going to order a Puni DX but if it has wrinkles like this then I don't even want to try.

>> No.11770211

Queen Cat seems to stand out from American sellers for some reason. Their site seems to have actual reviews for their products as well. What are the chances that the other is just reviewing the toys instead of actual customers?

>> No.11770218

I think the wrinkles on mine went away. Don't have it at the moment to check though.

>> No.11770248


Which one?



they both look kind of dodgy.

>> No.11770261


wait first store doesn't accept orders.

>> No.11770276


>What are the chances that the other is just reviewing the toys instead of actual customers?



I'm kind of worried. Shipping is already going to rape me. I mean, $70 for shipping alone, holy shit. And then there's the worry that there are wrinkles and it'll look like a granny ass? It makes me worry. I'm considering just getting a few onaholes instead, it'll keep shipping down anyway.

>> No.11770279

It feels good. If you haven't had a hip before, I'd recommend getting one (a hip).

>> No.11770286
File: 143 KB, 612x816, Meiki Plush.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Toydemon Meiki Plush. Ordered it right after Xmas when it was $25 off. It arrived on NYE.
Never thought I would be a doll guy but it seemed like something to try. I was surprised how much a doll adds to using holes. If you live alone or have enough privacy to keep such a thing hidden, I can't recommend it highly enough.

I've used it with the Wet Meiki Shin (convincing!), Meiki Maria Ozawa (nice, less realistic than I expected, need to keep using it), and the R-1 A-10 Cyclone (fucking surreal). I fit the Tomax Venus Soft in there, but it was too tight and didn't work well for me. The doll fits the Girl in the Box Hard perfectly, though I've yet to try it.

>> No.11770300


I have not, and that's why I am thinking of getting one. It's just that $70 shipping is steep. I'm going to combine the shipping with some other stuff so I don't have to ship that separately later, but still.

And of course, maybe wrinkles. Like another guy put a few days ago: "A $125 dice roll." I'm still thinking it over.

>> No.11770301

But I don't understand... Why would you buy it... I mean I'm not a poorfag I'm actually pretty rich but if you're not going to use a sextoy for sex it's just... WHY

>> No.11770304

I bought sailor uniform for it for $10 on ebay.

>> No.11770317

What size? Definitely gotta buy clothes for this one.

>> No.11770348

is it washable?

>> No.11770417

Not "toss it in the washing machine" washable. You're meant to lightly clean the surface with diluted fabric soap solution and a sponge or cloth.

>> No.11770425


register, service = they buy, bulk = you buy and ship to their address

>> No.11770614

Just got my first onahole


It's so soft, I don't want to hurt it ;_;

>> No.11770662

Don't worry you won't hurt her, she's a very well built and can take all of your love. Can you give a review after you're done?

>> No.11770807

Thanks for the recommendation.

Do the onaho stay firmly in place when in use?

>> No.11770818

I finally tried out my REAL, and I'm in love. The ass is a perfect level of squish and firm. I came once in the anal tunnel and once in the vaginal tunnel. This is easily my favorite hole out of the 4 I have, $110 well spent.

>> No.11770823

I'll try, this is my first one so I don't know much about them.

The material feels really good inside and out, it's really reaaally soft and stretchy. I don't think I'd turn it inside out though. The hole isn't very deep, maybe 5 inches? It's not super tight inside either, but the ridges feel pretty amazing once you get a nice rhythm going. It comes with a little card of the girl on the cover too, and some lube, pretty neat.
Sorry if my review isn't too helpful. Overall totally worth the 30 bucks I spent. Half the price of a new video game? Worth it.

>> No.11770843

>This is easily my favorite hole out of the 4 I have, $110 well spent.
What other onaho do you own, dude?

>> No.11770849

I have the Onaho Fairy, a Soft Lilith Uterus, and a Roa. The REAL one ups them for the multiple stimulations and ease of use.

>> No.11770885

anyone have recommendations for accessories from en-nls? I plan on getting a usb warmer but it feels like a waste of shipping to only get that.

>> No.11770896

Just grab more onaholes.

>> No.11770938

warmer, ona shaker which can double as an air drying stand, one of those cleaning nozzles etc.

>> No.11771267

any aussies here? how is shiping, has anyone had trouble with customs?

>> No.11771298


Yes. Never had a package gone missing, EMS is signed delivery. Don't order any with explicit loli packaging especially since some come with fold out pictures which would definitely not be ok. Customs do rarely open packages for inspection, recently they looked in a package of second hand books and games I got from rakuten for some reason.

>> No.11771407

Another aussie here,
I've only ordered about 4 times.
3 times DHL, 1 time EMS
None of my packages were ever opened and I did order a quite a few loli onaholes.
The only reason I went with DHL is because I live with family, so I order it on a day that I know it'll arrive when my family is out.

If you don't have any other problems, EMS should be fine.

>> No.11771416

Australian here. I have ordered from nls and jlist with no problems. The box with the meiki was opened, but all they did was inspect it.

Can someone please give me a site where I can buy busty aichan with japanshoppingservice.

>> No.11771428

I forgot to say that I purchased loli holes from nls and the adult ones from jlist.

>> No.11771590

wtf do you have against tengas ?

>> No.11771599

Why is lube so damn expensive ? I'm using an equate brand right now, but It's not as good as the samples of onahole specific stuff I got.

Is there a good bulk kind to order over amazon ?

>> No.11771669

>it's really reaaally soft
the sujiman kupa ones aren't all that soft though, you'd be amazed at softer ones

you could also mail the company with your details, I heard, they're willing to ship internationally

>> No.11771679

How are the WAZ items?


>> No.11771681

I recall that the Daruma-Gaeshi was mentioned to be pretty good

>> No.11771682


>> No.11771684

How big does it actually need to big compared to you, since it stretches? I'm 7-7.5in when erect so it's hard for me to find stuff. Will I break ones that are around 5 in or will they stretch (even not out to 7, I just don't want it to break)?

>> No.11771688

Can I pump that thing up my ass so I puke cum like in my hentais?

>> No.11771708

Some holes stretch a lot more than others, and then there are some that'll rip in two if you try to jam it all in. It all depends on what you get. Look around and link me to a few that you like and I could probably tell you if you can go balls deep in it.

>> No.11771728

I hope you are warming it in semi-hot water for a few minutes first. Warm the lube too.

Thanks. Will they understand english?

>> No.11771765

Yes they do (in Canada at least). They search all forms of international mail.

>> No.11771771

Okay, but I'm looking at a lot:

-All the WAZ stuff (

Only one I really think I can fit in for sure is R20

>> No.11771775

Previous onathread OP was about Tenga eggs. That's like starting a food thread by posting the Big Mac you had for dinner.

>> No.11771784

You could go balls deep in pretty much any of those, they look to be very stretchy. The only thing I'd worry about is if the canal ends close to the end of the material, leaving a thin wall.

>> No.11771785

/jp/ is autistic because it doesn't have artwork and looks ugly.

There are better/cheaper options like the Puni/etc, but if you live in Canada and just want something to fuck they are still good.

>> No.11771789

You're best to add some machine translated TL of simple English sentences, that might help.
I haven't contacted them myself before, but for my next order I'll try some of their new tsubo holes.

Different guy, but I'd say get the R20 and the waz holes that intrigue you the most. Ride's stuff should be somewhat durable, just try not to bottom out the holes.

>> No.11771800

Do they really arrest you in Canada if they discover loli or something resembling loli in the mail? Or do you need to be especially unlucky with the customs officer?
I cannot imagine (and secretely admire) how you Canadians and Aussies have the gut to buy anything remotely lewd with your obscenity laws.

>> No.11771809

Yes they can arrest you for the artwork alone (assuming the officer reports it).

This would theoretically be acceptable if shippers listened to requests to NOT ship the box/manuals/etc, but the request gets lost along the supply chain a lot.

>> No.11771852

thanks m8s

>> No.11772329

What stores offer SAL shipping? I bought a hole a few months back and got it via EMS, I wanna buy another but everything EMS gets stuck in customs and I have to go get it, which is quite far away.

On another note, anyone want to recommend any loli holes? The one I have is Tsurupeta Soft which I think is quite good.

>> No.11773670

Thanks, glad to here some feedback. Im thinking of ordering one, gonna be my first too.

>> No.11774454

Has anyone ordered from Queen Cat?

I'm tempted to pull the trigger on one of the Succubus models (most likely the Wavy Ribbed) for my first hole, but I wasn't sure how discrete their shipping packaging was.

I assume they ship from inside the states, so customs shouldn't be a problem, correct?

>> No.11774477

I doubt their packaging is discrete, but it is probably discreet.

>> No.11774480

I can confirm their packaging is both discrete and discreet.

Contiguous packaging would be troublesome.

>> No.11774484

As a man of average length but considerable girth, will I have trouble with an average onahole or do I need to "shop to suit?"

>> No.11774486

But discrete packaging runs the risk of it arriving seperately, which wouldn't be very discreet at all.
I prefer my packing to be encapsulating.

>> No.11774487

I ordered a REAL from them a few days ago, and it arrived in a cardboard box labeled ANNEGIE. Inside of the box was full of paper, and then the box for the REAL itself. It's about as discreet as it gets.
I'm pretty thick, how big are we talking?

>> No.11774489

Fuck me.
I guess that means it is time for sleep.

That backs up what I found through Google. Good to know.

>> No.11774496

I have largish hands and my thumb and index finger just barely encircle my shaft. I suppose I'm about 6 inches in circumference.

>> No.11774502

The selling point for all of these seems to be tightness. Are there any busted whore pussy ona holes?

>> No.11774504

Just get any onahole that interests you,
Get the USB Warmer, stick it in,
Leave the warmer inside it for about 1hour(It won't melt it).
Quickly shove it inside a freezer with the warmer still inside.
If its still too tight, repeat and before putting it in the freezer replace the warmer with something bigger.

Thats what I did to one of my holes.

>> No.11774506

Why take all the fun away of busting it up yourself?
Just buy a cheap normal one and jam it on your bedpost, or with your fist.

>> No.11774507

Is it possible to stretch an onahole like that?

>> No.11774510

Same here. I've been able to fit in everything I have perfectly fine though. Just try not to go for the 3mm diameter canals and you'll be fine.

Yes, actually. Most spirals tend to be not turbo tight. The Kashin series are also extremely durable and tend to not be about tightness.
That's hot.

>> No.11774516

As long as you don't over stretch it when you play with it.
In the end after you take it out of the freezer, its already in a stretched state so excess stretching could rip it.(also I forgot to put, make sure you thaw it out, with the warmer/thing still inside, to about room temperature or less after you take it out.)

>> No.11774518

Hey guys, I was wondering if something happened to the 3D Custom Maid with Ju-C air because I've only seen that the one that costs $150 as out of stock and another that costs $250 being the only available.

>> No.11774523

Would you recommend the cocolo or the puni dx?

>> No.11774605

So, if I mailed loli artwork to random canadian addresses, I could get people arrested?

>> No.11774616

Not OP, but both are amazing. Cocolo is definitely better, but Puni is easier to clean and use.
If it was checked and the customs officer reported it, yes.

>> No.11774620

If theres no return address then possibly, But in the end, they'll keep the envelops to find fingerprints/dna until eventually the party van is outside your house

>> No.11774636

Just bought an onahole without much research, are you supposed to cum inside the thing?

>> No.11774644

Yes, and what did you get?

>> No.11774645

It's recommended to only do so on safe days.

>> No.11774669

Why don't you want to impregnate your onahole?

>> No.11774677

Which onahole is most like a loli?

>> No.11774694

> blog.onahole.eu/ayase-my-little-sisters-best-friend-cant-be-this-tight.html
Tightness too much

>> No.11774697

LO Kupar.

>> No.11774714
File: 395 KB, 800x1132, 1388831775811.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Tsurupetta soft or Girl in the box

>> No.11774718

Bought a Sujiman Kupa Roa as my first since it is fairly cheap and has decent reviews.

>> No.11774723

Did you happen to get it off Amazon? I see it on there with Prime available for cheap.

>> No.11774727

Why wouldn't you? Don't you want to cum inside your own personal loli?
Mind linking it?

>> No.11774730

Good choice, man.

>> No.11774732


>> No.11774738

Sweet, thanks.

>> No.11774759

Would I be disappointed purchasing Seventeen Bordeaux & Twenty if i'm roughly 4-5in?

>> No.11774762

Nah having a small dick is better for onaholes since they usually have 5 inches of canal anyway

>> No.11774764

Nope. You're around the jap average, and the toys are designed for japs anyway.

>> No.11774798

seventeen was way too hard for me. It's like peeling your dick off with plastic. Warming it up did nothing.

Go with this: >>11774732

>> No.11774809

Has anyone tried the meiki sarah hole?

What is it like compared to ZXY?

>> No.11774860

I forgot to ask. What is the best blowjob onahole?

>> No.11774888

All of the hotpowers blowjob holes are amazing, but RDC says the Tamatoys one is good too.

>> No.11774944

Thank you.

>> No.11774947

what's the difference between rina and roa?

>> No.11775620

Backing what
said about the Puni and the Cocolo. Cocolo feels better and is a higher quality product overall, but is a pain to care for. Puni still feels very good, though.

>> No.11775623

Size and box art mostly.

>> No.11775663

Further thoughts from use of the Meiki Plush:

Tomax Venus Soft actually worked great on second attempt at use, I just had to make sure it wasn't installed too tight. Doll has drawstring around the hole entrance to allow for such adjustments.

Doll fits perfectly inside a standard pillowcase, though the shape will still be curious to any visitor who sees it.

Doggy style and missionary both work very well. There isn't quite enough weight for convincing cowgirl (cowdoll?) play but the Cyclone works well with doll on top because you're not thrusting into it.

Last thread some anon posted about the Venus Clone Hard. If you're still around, what is the Tomax hard material like? Which other toys does it compare to? I'm considering another Venus in a firmer rubber but I can't decide between regular and hard types.

>> No.11775681

I'm looking for something less stimulating that I could use to train my tolerance. Any suggestions?

>> No.11775685

the cyclone does thrusting action? I thought it just spins

>> No.11775699

im not coping well at all

fuck why didnt i order earlier if i had i would have my girl in the box hard now

>> No.11775706

Normal is plenty hard, "hard" is too much believe me!
Using such firmness numbs your dick.

>> No.11775710

Yeah, I was saying the reason why I like the doll on top with the Cyclone is because it just sits there on your lap while the robo vag spins around on your dong. With holes a doll on top position doesn't work so well.

One more day

>> No.11775714

Thanks, I'll probably go with regular based on your input.

>> No.11775762

Rotation is not very good. I made a homemade rotating onahole thing and it was disappointing.
Making one that goes backwards and forwards is a bit trickier.

>> No.11775772



>> No.11775778

It was probably better than the cyclone since it was rotating around my entire shaft rather than just the top few inches. And it had more torque.
I kinda want to try it again, since I made the damn thing.

>> No.11775848

So im debating the puni dx because Im a small guy and I like the whole loli thing. Is there any other realistic holes that you can recommend that have more stomach and maybe even some small breasts? Just having the bottom hip alone doesn't seem as fun.

>> No.11775857

I was considering this also:


I think that's the one that gets mentioned quite a bit as better than the puni. Just wondering if there was anything else too

>> No.11775858

that will probably be your best bet from your description.

>> No.11775994

That's what could be in the guide though.

"If you like soft holes, get these"
"If you prefer a harder hole, get these ones instead"
"If you like alien vagina, get these"

It could be done.

>> No.11776001

I love dolls myself.
I wouldn't even make sweet love to anything without a body to it.
I can whack it off without a hole fine, but with a hole, not using a body just makes it a wasteful experience.

I am waiting on a doll coming, should be here Monday I think.

>> No.11776022

Has anyone actually MADE their own DIY onaholes?
I mean full-on, not some awful "shove a glove in between a sponge in a bottle" crap.

I was thinking of getting some liquid latex and using some toilet paper to strengthen the overall structure, as well as having rolled up ridges around it and general little bumps, all covered in latex again.

I watched some videos of people forming masks and wounds on Youtube with liquid latex, makeup, toilet paper and dyes, and it seems like it should work.
I think you can get like 500ml for $15 or something if I remember since the last time I checked.

And another idea I had is mixing it with some glue to make a more solid outer to the hole, so I will have something to grip on to while the inside will be a softer insert made of latex and toilet paper.
That way I could easily transfer it out for something else.

I shall report back in, uh, whenever I can be bothered to get some.
It SHOULD work, I have worked with forming glue in to various shapes and sheets before.
I used glue sheets to repair a dolls punctures before.

>> No.11776056

I've tried the cornstarch method but it didn't end well, I couldn't get it to form well and it just ended up making a messy disgusting hole.

I've used the methods you've mentioned to make masks and it sounds like it would work but I've never tried putting glue with it.

Seems like it would take a lot of effort to make anything more complicated than a glass full of latex with a hole in the middle unless you have an object that you specifically want the inside to be shaped to. Would probably require some experimentation to get the right amount of space for the hole taking into account the stretchyness of the latex.

>> No.11776072

The idea I had was:
Measure toilet paper to a container (say a cut open bottle)
Place flat, latex on both sides, let that dry up
Add some more layers of toilet paper (say a few layers wrapped to add some general shape and toughness to it)
Roll it up and seal the edge side.
At the top, add some more toilet paper to form the top side of the hole, more here in particular since it will be getting more of the force.
Latex all over it, let it dry.

That should produce a reasonably decent... thing.

Then the glue+latex method to produce a harder outside that you can insert it in to.

* at this point, if you wanted to add some ridges and stuff, you'd do it here before rolling it up and cover that with latex.

Also, if you have a dildo, it'd make it so much easier to form a hole.
But it would make it considerably harder to put ridges, curves, nubs, spiky bits and other things on the insides.
Far easier to do the flat method.

>> No.11776109


Based on my limited experience creating molds for casting miniatures, If I were to do it, depending on the complexity intended for the inside, a standard single part mold could be possible for the main center section.

It could be molded in any kind of cylinder and the object to go inside to form the shape, ridges and bumps could be made from clay around a wire or something similar.

Then once the inner section has finished and removed, it could be dipped into a thicker latex or similar type of solution to make the outer edges more solid than the softer core.

>> No.11776184

Sounds like it could work.

Could likely even make a shitty dildo by rolling lots of paper really tightly around a hard-ish ribbed straw and covering it over.
I have 2 ribbed straws here and I put a condom on one and put it up my bum and it felt good.
Am I gay now? onoz.

>> No.11776280

Just get a hole, jeez. Any amount of effort you put in won't be worth the time and expense, and you'll end up with a worse hole anyway.

Unless you like tinkering and don't actually care about fapping, of course, then go right ahead.

>> No.11776299

Never know until you try.

Plus, the upside is these could be repaired easily.

That is what experimentation is all about.
Plus, it isn't the highest priority, I likely won't do it for months.

>> No.11776395

Ahg, I want to get a hip, but they're too big to hide well.
I could get a chest with a lock, but then to clean it i have to make trips to the bathroom. How the HELL do I hide that kind of thing on the way...

Also, which hip is better, Cocolo, Puni DX or REAL? Also, is there a good way to extend these? I mean, how would one go about adding a head, limbs and clothes to the Puni DX for example...

>> No.11776418

I keep mine in a box closed with lots of duct tape. I just cut it open when I want it and put more on when I need to hide it. Every now and then I just rip a bunch of it off so it doesn't build up too much.

I don't really recommend one if you live at home and don't have the house to yourself much though. A regular Onahole is probably easier to hide but if I had to get a hip from my room to a bathroom, I'd probably wrap it in a towel or some clothes and go clean it just before taking a shower.

>> No.11776582

I laughed for like a solid minute after viewing your image.
Thank you for sharing.

>> No.11776604

Night love story (en-nls.com) have a very discreet packaging, looks more like a nicely packaged bomb than sex toys
it said Figure Set on the shipping note and the packaging sell that lie really well

I recommend them highly

>> No.11776667

So I just paid an order with NLS by Paypal but I was so engrossed with the onaholes that I forgot to add any lube. Am I fucked?

>> No.11776684

Well they're pretty responsive so you can probably have them fix it for you, also you'll probably get a few ml of lube included with the onaholes

>> No.11776688

You can buy lube locally, they sell it everywhere

>> No.11776691

No but it's awkward to get the order changed. You'll have to contact them to let know then cancel the Paypal payment and re-do it all.

I don't know how good their support English is so I can't say If it'll be a hassle or not. I'd probably just order some from any old sex toy site within your country if you're not picky.

>> No.11776693

But also you should get the onahole warmer, it's awesome. You don't want to fuck cold things anymore. cures Necrophilia

>> No.11776708

no don't worry about that, from what I communicated they're pretty awesome
I'm sure they can work it out if you do it in time

>> No.11776715

Thanks for the replies, already sent them an email and in the worst case I'll just go out and get lube.

>> No.11776817

I just wrap mine in a towel on the way to the bathroom and pretend I'm going to take a shower when need be. These smaller hips are easier to hide.

>> No.11776870
File: 102 KB, 477x220, nlspls.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>out of stock

sucks, I was near determined to pick one up.
I'm a sucker for that butt

>> No.11776945


>Also, which hip is better, Cocolo, Puni DX or REAL?

This is something I need to know as well. I have $250 to blow on sex toys right now, and I want to get one hip. I won't have enough money to put in another order to NLS (except small stuff) until September or so, so I want to make sure to get the best one. I am leaning towards Puni DX because it's cheap but I don't know about the wrinkles. Does anyone own one (or possibly two/three) of these and can share experiences?

>> No.11776980

Wait, the Cocolo is a hip?

>> No.11776987

well, it's a hip with breasts...

>> No.11776988
File: 22 KB, 290x290, 1_1386741152_6_AM6oV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was surprised too, in the pictures it just looks like a larger than normal onahole

>> No.11777037

oh my friend there is a large difference between japanese lube and american lube that must be experienced

>> No.11777071

How does the hole warmer compare to leaving the hole submerged entirely in water for a few minutes?

>> No.11777079


>> No.11777101

http://en-nls.com/pict1-5072?c2=12001014 or

>> No.11777134

Anyone tried the "Scent of Schoolgirl"? Can you please submit a 50 word essay on your experience?


>> No.11777140

EMS or DHL? With my order they're the same price, so I'm assuming DHL, but I'd like to make sure.

>> No.11777173

Any water based lube will work. The onaholes come with a small sample of lube good for like 2 uses, but you can just get water based lube from anywhere and it'll do.

>> No.11777214

I haven't used either so I have to go by design and reputation. I don't know anything by Love Cloud, the Meiki Advent manufacturer. http://en-nls.com/plist_t-12001112 is not an impressive product portfolio. The design does look good. I like the mini drain hole for washing that is still essentially closed during use. My concerns would be about the material used (how does it feel) and the toy's build quality.

The Gokujyo Namagoshi is made by NPG, who do Dignity of Meiki / Proof of Meiki toys, which are generally very high quality. http://en-nls.com/plist_p-12001111 Some very well regarded products on that list.

I'm confident the Gokujyo would feel better but it's also $100 more expensive and will be a bitch to wash. So there's that. Keep in mind that NPG holes are very soft, so this hip may be the same.

If it's my money, I'm taking the Gokujyo. But for $250 plus 5 kilos of shipping from Japan, I would just as soon say buy a Meiki doll and high quality insert that suits your taste. If a doll isn't an option then I hope the above insights help you in choosing a hip.

>> No.11777221

Heya /jp/, looking for a cheap onahole (within the $15 range?), I want to try it using onaholes for once.

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the awkward English, it's not my native language.

>> No.11777227

This anon knows what's up. Lubricant can make a huge difference in the way a hole feels, and it's important to pair lotion of the right viscosity with toys of appropriate hardness for best effect.

Everyone who is new to onaholes should try a bottle of either Pepee or Peace's to get an idea of Japanese style lotion. It is slimier, more persistent, and less sticky than mainstream American lubes like Astroglide and KY / KY liquid. You can buy Japanese lotion domestically from Toydemon at a big markup but you kind of break even on shipping costs.

>> No.11777246

Haven't tried the ZXY or the Sarah. Only Meiki I know is Maria Ozawa, which is single layer.

If you have a ZXY, how durable has it been for you?

>> No.11777349

I had never thought about checking the other products of the company. Now I am thinking twice about the advent, though I still wonder how the inside of the gokujyo feels compared to their other meikis.

Which meiki doll are you talking about?

Thanks for the help.

>> No.11777375

NP, I had looked at both of those hips earlier, as well. The doll I'm talking about is
which I got this week and am liking very much.

>> No.11777384

Guy you replied to here.

I too have the Maria Ozawa.

I fucked the shit out of the ZXY, so it only lasted a few weeks. The inner texture falls apart over time. I imagine if you loved it gently it would last a lot longer. It's so much better than any other hole out there. It also came with it's own lube bottle. I haven't tried the sarah yet though which could be better.

If you are going to buy a new meiki, get the zxy. You will come buckets.

>> No.11777406

Looks like this but without the head: http://en-nls.com/pict1-20758?c2=36100011

This one looks nice: http://en-nls.com/pict1-4679?c2=36100011

How do you clean your doll?

>> No.11777429

I haven't soiled it at all yet. The setup is actually very clean because any lube that drips is an inch or two away from the fabric.

To clean these you're meant to wipe with a damp cloth. You can use a soap solution as well, but the idea is to surface clean.

Thanks for the reply. I am itching to buy a ZXY because everyone says exactly what you did. It's so expensive though. Probably in a few months when / if I wear out my Wet Meiki Shin. If you get a Sarah post about it.

>> No.11777502
File: 38 KB, 217x190, 1386463843600.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

As a new person to buying onaholes, what would guys recommend that up to 40 bucks?

>> No.11777509

Where do you live?

>> No.11777542

try one of these: http://en-nls.com/plist_p-12001128-1
e-packet will cost about $10 shipping though.
might want to get lube too. $15 won't do.

sarah breaks even faster than ZXY. it doesn't feel better, just different kind of stimulation.

keep in mind NPG meikis are cheapest through amazon+proxy, NLS and others charge a lot

>> No.11777575


>> No.11777597

Bought this

>> No.11777600

I would get an onahole warmer, lube, this thing http://en-nls.com/pict1-24389?c2 (for cleaning)
and http://en-nls.com/pict1-32977?c2

Other people more experienced then me might have better recommendations for a first onahole but that one is (in my opinion) easy to care for and feels pretty good.

>> No.11777602

Soft/Very Soft are 10/10

Japs love the shit out of the super soft version.


>> No.11777619

just don't get the LO kupa it's too much (hard, firm, stimulating)
SHIN is amazing if you're okay with a large one
also, ToysHeart(firmer)/Ride(softer) companies make good holes to start with

>> No.11777626

Do you have any experience with the Succubus 2D?

The reviews for that make it seem phenomenal, but I wasn't sure between Normal of Soft.

>> No.11777641
File: 44 KB, 500x500, 17214116.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hmm I saw a few of those and the rest seem just as good
Thanks, now I got a selection

>> No.11777649

LO Kupa seems interesting, if only for the thought of fugging a real loli. And yeah, TH/Ride are great starters.

No, but I'd say go soft/very soft. If you go normal or hard it might become overstimulating!

US Master race get's Queencat thankfully, and they're a lot easier to use and a little cheaper than Amazon or NLS.

>> No.11777650

lo kupar is 2much4me?
alrighty then i'll take your word for it

>> No.11777657

It's very tight, to the point that it'll push right off of your dick if you let go. But that's what makes it good.

>> No.11777664

>If you go normal or hard it might become overstimulating!
That was partially my intention, since it is a succubus, after all.

>> No.11777674

Soft onaholes build up an immense and explosive orgasm though. I guess it depends on what you like!

>> No.11777733
File: 183 KB, 650x559, 1388950950762.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I want to have sex with a ball-jointed doll!
How does one go about doing this? Are there dolls that you can equip with an onahole? or maybe you have to buy a body that is actually an ona, and attach the remaining parts?
Can I just buy any doll I like from amiami, and then modify it to do lewd things to her?
I hope someone knows something about this

>> No.11777822

You need to provide the rest of it your self but this is what you want.


>> No.11777892

So...Pepe or Peace's lube?

>> No.11777898
File: 723 KB, 640x360, ohyes.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Soft onaholes build up an immense and explosive orgasm
I guess I'll go for the soft then. I should probably order some lube too, but I'm not sure if the warmer would really be necessary yet, since it is babby's first hole.

>> No.11777926

Lube is a must-have, but you can get that locally if you don't want to ship it. And the warmer is very good, but not necessary as a first buy.

>> No.11777937

Soft toys are for longer sessions with big finishes. Hard toys can leave you sore if you are thick or just wear you out before you really want to cum. This is less of ad an issue with the Succubus line than in the Venus because the wall is thinner and applies less pressure regardless of firmness. If you get the Succubus 2D you should just split the difference and go with regular. The Soft really is quite soft. To give you an idea, the Tomax soft masturbator material feels almost identical to the Succubus Skin material used in the Tomax Busty Ai-Chan original. The texture comes across in soft, but it will be better conveyed by the Regular material.

>> No.11777938

>What stores offer SAL shipping?


>> No.11777943

the warmer is only $6.84 from nls so its a cheap (and fun) cart topper,
but queen cat dose not seem to have it and its not really worth ordering on its own from nls.

TL;DR: if you order from nls throw it in the cart its not much other wise don't sweat it.

>> No.11777949

I know Amazon sells them for around $10 or something.

>> No.11777954

Does anyone like to use a dildo/vibrator in conjunction with an onahole? I imagine it should feel really amazing.

>> No.11777962

please don't tldr a two line post like this is reddit or someplace

>> No.11777975


Can buy it domestically as long as it's in stock.

>> No.11777979

Its fun but if its a big dildo you might not be all that hard making getting in your onahole tricky,
but once you get it in (the onahole) you cum really fast,
or at least that has been my experience with using my kupa rina and 17evo with a bd toy in me (medium sea dragon and gryphon).

>> No.11777995

You probably wanna use something like http://www.amazon.com/gp/aw/d/B00GNCA9R8/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?qid=1388955231&sr=8-2&pi=SY200_QL40 instead of a dildo. That way your hands are free.

>> No.11778112

I occasionally use a vibrating toothbrush, it's alright but i'm uneasy on buying things to put in my butt.

>> No.11778113

A lot of you yust talk 'bout Puni delux.
Since i was out of lotion i yust put in the basket the Mami puni fairy onahole :i shoul expect a pretty bad one? This is not like Puni delux, right?

>> No.11778123


>> No.11778138

no it isnt the puni dx

>> No.11778165

Please tell us you brush your teeth with that same toothbrush.

>> No.11778250

It has two ends and I have two holes! round for my butt and brushes for my teeth !

of course not, I have a set of regular toothbrushes for my mouth.
They are not stored with the aforementioned vibrating toothbrush

>> No.11778400

Does the lube matter?


>> No.11778408
File: 132 KB, 684x1018, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Thoughts on order, anything to remove or small things to add?

>> No.11778427

Care to donate?
Not for a beginner, no.

>> No.11778487


>Care to donate?


And I already have the bottle, this is the refill pack.

>> No.11778514
File: 302 KB, 590x440, 1388966807480.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Has anyone tried this? http://en-nls.com/pict1-3105?c2=9999
Is it good? Does it feel different to other lotions?

>> No.11778770

What is with the sudden recommendation of onaho warmers? Does most of /jp/ live in New England?

If you want to save seven dollars you could just keep yours next to your computer. That's what I do.

>> No.11778875

Dunno about the others, but I sure do.

>> No.11778909

While the warmer didn't warm as much as I'd expected, it's still much better than not-warm. I have a space heater that I tried to use before, but it'd never heat evenly or the inside of the hole. And my computer doesn't get hot enough since I have too many case fans.

At the end of the day, we're playing at LEAST $30 to masturbate, might as well go the whole nine yards.

>> No.11778940


Well, I live in Florida, so it also never really gets cold enough to bother me. On the off chance it's ever freezing, it'll usually warm up after a minute or so anyway.

>> No.11779006

Try leaving the warmer in for 30 minutes or so.
Almost too hot to bear.

>> No.11779183

watch out you people with the onahole warmer, I bought this one
and it melt the insides of my R20, the texture is now flat!

>> No.11779197

yep that's why the new one has a temperature control.


>> No.11779214

dont know, dont wanna risk another onahole

>> No.11779335

Ausfag here I ordered a seven and the "My younger sister can't be this good". How long should I expect before Tony Abbott knocks on my door?

>> No.11779413

I totally want a puni DX and I do need a new onahole.
However I can only get one package from JP without arousing suspicion from my room mate and I found a really nice fig I want.

to follow my heart or my dick. such a hard choice ;_;

>> No.11779434

Anyone tried this?

Gonna try ordering something with the ePacket, just making sure its not a total waste of money, if anyone has used it. It seems interesting.

>> No.11779467

>sarah breaks even faster than ZXY. it doesn't feel better, just different kind of stimulation.

That's a shame. Thanks for letting me know.

>> No.11779480

You will be fine.

>> No.11779997

So, I'm about to buy my first one, thinking about Girl in the box hard edition, is it good? Tight? Are there any better choices in that price range?

>> No.11780086


Need seeders.

>> No.11780452

Any particular types of lube you would recommend?
I would assume thinner is better if the hole has some detail to it.

>> No.11780458

Get both, send them to a shipping service and they'll put it in one package.

>> No.11780472

Peaces, PePe, ID Glide, etc.

>> No.11780570

Has anyone tried buying a npg product on jp amazon from Australia?

It's 37 bucks for a zxy, but the postage may be bad.

>> No.11780656

E-Packet from NLS is pretty much the same as SAL.
Otherwise, proxies like japanshoppingservice or treasure japan.

use bulk shipping proxy and cheap SAL shipping, costs will be low-ish

>> No.11780658


What in the Sam Hill is this?

>> No.11780772


It's an torrent with onahoel videos, but no one is seeding. There is one called Japan if you are interested. You will find it on the same site.

Will npg not not ship to my address if I make a jp amazon account?

>> No.11780837

you'll have to try, not sure. don't think so.

>> No.11780931

Alright, got one of those Tomax Venus Clone deals recently and I've got a question
How the fuck do you clean this?
After the first time I used it I rinsed it out several times in the shower and thought I had it clean, but when I turned it over later more shit spilled out
How do I get this shit clean?

>> No.11780944

Stick your finger in and agitate the jizz/lotion mix. Squeeze hole to make water flow in and out until clear.

>> No.11780951

said, and then make sure to use a little soap. You can also turn it inside out to make SURE it's clean.

>> No.11780952

Alright then, thanks

Interesting, didn't know I could turn it inside out

>> No.11781244

I wish I had the balls to import loli onaholes and manga.

>> No.11781308

Just got my Roa from Queen Cat. The package was really discreet. Just a brown package with a USPS label. Wouldn't think twice about the contents. Man, the onahole is a lot softer than I was expecting.

>> No.11781441


quite sure you can nls to rip off any loli image from the onaole box.
i suppose you can find a loli onaole w/o any explicit loli images.

>> No.11781457

But I like the images :(

Why can't we have nice things?

Normalfags plz leave us alone.

>> No.11781469

this post proves that you don't need balls to import loli onaholes >>11768651

>> No.11781474

Who is going to find out? The people who pack it? Man the fuck up.

>> No.11781492

Some countries have customs agents that take sadistic delight in doing their jobs.

>> No.11781494


i'm not into loli, but actualy i bought just one.
some time i forgot we are on 4Chan; be polite is a waste of time....

>> No.11781507

Even if the chance that the package gets searched is .00001% that still a chance of going to jail and having my life ruined. Loli is illegal in America even if people tell you otherwise. Anything that is deemed obscene is illegal and can land you in jail. Good luck getting a jury of your peers to determine that a plastic replica of an 8 year old girls vagina isn't obscene.

>> No.11781520

>loli is illegal in America
I bet you believe the NSA plants child porn on your computer too. Get your head out of your ass.

>> No.11781524

but it is
At least one american has gone to prison for importing loli

>> No.11781528

Find me a source or you can go back to /x/ with your conspiracy theories, bud.

>> No.11781550


>> No.11781557

He's from a backwards hick state, that's still not relevant. Find me a case from anywhere that doesn't reside in bumfuck nowhere or the bible belt.

>> No.11781561

chill out...that'S not the point
the question was: i don't have balls to import loli stuff, not "how much bad luck i need in order to have my pakage opened?"

illegal stuff is, tecnical, illegal even if is stupid (i must pay +25€ for a single lotion, no matter if i import 25mml or 5gallon due idiotic italian law).

>> No.11781569

>implying liberals arent even huger moral fags when it comes to muh childens mufuka

Captcha is prison ejinin

>> No.11781570

fuck, just as I decide to place my order the USB onahole warmers go out of stock

>> No.11781629

Loli is not illegal obscenity is and pretty much any porn can be considered obscenity depending on who looks at it.

>> No.11781636

sorry man, i think i got the last one

>> No.11781670



Key word there, anon.

>> No.11781734

If it helps you feel better, you have a much higher chance of dying whenever you're in a car.

>> No.11782000

goddamit, i just ordered it.
i'm scared...

>> No.11782052

Did you order the pink one or the white one?

>> No.11782059

Bump limit reached.

New Thread:


>> No.11783090

there's ways to skip tax you know

>> No.11784054

I don't know really, the warmer only makes it warm inside, but thats what matters I think. (just having the insides warmed makes a huge difference from my experience. It makes you want to leave your dick inside.

>> No.11784064

Looks pretty featured, airdoll maybe IDK

>> No.11784069

Well their shipping notice said Figure set on the box for me. so maybe you need another figure to back that up
I don't know much about your situation but I wish you the best of luck

>> No.11784075

It's probably god, if you don't have one alreaddy I'll recomend you pick up a onahole warmer as well http://en-nls.com/pict1-38260?c2=9999
and lube if you don't have any

>> No.11784080

I'll take it off your hands anon.

>> No.11784107

Think I found the artist for the cover of Puni Hole DX

>> No.11784116

Well I do think NLS sells repair tools for such tragic events
a use for soldering iron's I never imagined

>> No.11784455


>> No.11784593

It's a rubber child sex trainer

>> No.11785388

Does anyone have recommendations for toys for anal usage?

Today I tried using an onahole while fingering my asshole at the same time. It took me a while to figure out how to find my prostate, but I had a really mindblowing orgasm. My mind went blank and I got extremely dizzy and lightheaded, I lost all strength in my legs, and sounds became temporarily dulled. It was astounding.

I was thinking that a vibrator or something like an Aneros would be nice. I'd prefer stuff that's available on Amazon...

>> No.11785388,1 [INTERNAL] 

as of 2015 yes

this happened with the Sujiman Kupaa Cocolo plugged a dozen times in this very thread.


>> No.11785388,2 [INTERNAL] 


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