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What is it like

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loli girlfriend

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one day i want a loli to deliver a present to me just once just to see how it feels

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What do lolis smell like?

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If they're freshly washed, sometimes soap or shampoo, but if not they smell pretty gross. Kids are pretty gross in general. I was given a gift by my niece last night at our family christmas party, and it was cute. She ended up pouting later and that was pretty cute too.

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Did you have sex with her?

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what did she smell like

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I didn't smell her.

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please try and imagine what she smeeled like

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I don't have this sense "smeeled". I can't possibly imagine a sense I don't have.

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No need to be facetious asshole. It's obviously a typo.

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When isn't /jp/ being facetious?

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Drop it and stop dodging the question. What did she smell like?

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No idea, I didn't smell her.

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You have a lot of nerve.

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Yeah, the human body has on average 45 miles of nerves, so yes, I do have a lot.

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One of those nerves must have smelled her

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Nope, my nerves don't smell things, they just send information about pressure and pain throughout my body to my brain.

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Your olfactory nerve smells things.

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I actually read that the human sense of smell is becoming less sensitive as the generations progress. That means that in the future we may not even have a sense of smell.

We should be glad that we were born early enough to smell lolis.

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Why would I want to smell any form of 3DPD?

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my kurimasu is going great. my plan was to stay in my room during the holidays like I always do, but my nephew showed up with her 11 year old daughter again. she's full of energy and likes running around the house opening drawers, closets, etc, pulling stuff out and making a mess so they sent her to my room and told me to play videogames with her to help her calm down (she hurt herself pretty badly last year running up and down the stairs and we had to take her to the hospital)

now I'd just like to clarify something. I'm not a pedophile. in fact I think pedophiles should be shot, killed, etc all that stuff.

so I started thinking, "wow, I'm all alone with a girl in my room! and she's playing videogames with me! I'm in charge of the situation, so why not act like it's a date?" and I drank some cider and gave her some too.

she was really nice, for the first time in my life I wasn't being judged based on my appearance, my lifestyle, my living arrangements, etc etc. none of those things mattered to her. I was just myself. she wasn't putting on an act either, and didn't mind me getting physical with her, though that might have been the cider. i pinched her all over and tickled her and even helped her do a handstand. her shirt was loose and fell down and she didn't care (no I didn't see her nipples, she was wearing some kind of sports bra) then I made her sit on my lap "because it's warmer" and my penis felt all tingly. I also tried pinching her thighs and tummy but I was scared of getting too close to her no-go regions and scaring her away.

anyway I gave her too much cider and she fell asleep on my bed. I slept on the couch to avoid suspicion.

all in all those were the best 3 and 1/2 hours I ever spent with a female. We had tons of fun together. I'm going to be really sad when she leaves but I still have another week to spend with her since she's staying with us until new years.

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enjoy your night in a jail cell, reported to cops

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Go fuck yourself.

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Jesus Christ, man. This post really makes me afraid. Not because of you, don't get me wrong. I feel absolutely nothing negative toward you. I'm afraid that I might be warped.

I felt something similar fairly recently. I'm not a paedophile, either, but I went to dinner with a Mormon family because my father really wanted me to. There was an 11 year old girl there, too. She was quiet, calm. Quite a contrast to the rest of them. They weren't running around screaming like some kids, but they were quite irritating.

She was really cute in a black sweater and pants. I honestly thought she was around 14 at first. Whenever I used a three or four syllable word she would ask what it meant. Given how most children are content simply to consume media unquestioningly, it was quite refreshing to explain what it meant when I said we had to euthanize our dog.

I had thoughts that I'm not going to recount, not because I am afraid but because I don't want to feed into them. Honestly, I see that experiences like these might be warping my perceptions of young girls and I'm scared. The world's isolated me and my hormonal body is telling me to just go for anything.

I've made plans. If it really gets to the point where I feel I'm a danger to others, I will kill myself. I can't stand to see myself become something awful, something hateful, something fucking disgusting.

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>giving an 11 year old cider
I know this is bait, but c'mon man.

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Not that guy, but in the US cider non-alcoholic. It's more of a spiced apple juice.

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please tell us more.
Just keeping these thought to yourself won't be good in the long run and you know it.
Just pretend that we are your therapist.

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This is usually how mormon girls are.

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This is why people like little girls. They're very easy to get along with.

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i feel empty now because I don't have any lolis in my life to hang out with

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someone make a new loli thread

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Don't kill yourself, please. If you actually think you are going to commit a crime, talk to a therapist. You can't get in trouble and he/she will help you so you can live a happy life alongside lolis without fearing the monster in your pants

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I'm jealous of all these loli girlfriends

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I want a loli girlfriend.

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why is janny deleting all the christmas loli threads
we have something nice going on here

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Because you wont stop blogging about how you want to molest 3d kids.

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I hope someone makes a new loli thread by the time I get back.

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i don't wanna molest them i just want to be friends
you are hurting my feelings

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Take your disgusting 3D lust somewhere else, normie.

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subhuman scum

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