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Youmu's butt!

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I want to put it in!

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The problem with /jp/ is that many people are.

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do it faggot

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Why are Youmu threads always so bad?

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Why are Youmu threads always so shitty?

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Deleted, janitor thread confirmed.

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> Why are Touhou threads always so bad?

Fixed that for you.

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is that an invitation to shitepost?

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Simply epic.

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Hey sizzle
How's your little wizzle?
I hope that leaky drizzle isn't messing with your mizzle.
You dizzle?

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Look closely at the picture smartie.

Everyone else make sure the thread gets to at least 30 replies and is thriving with discussion before you point out youmu's sword :^)

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So whats the deal with Youmu/Myon nickname?

is it true that she is myon and calling her only ghost half that is secondary stuff?

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That's... A pretty flat butt. I'm unimpressed.

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What's the point of wearing see-through shorts?

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Maybe they're comfortable or she's expressing herself.

Alternatively, male gaze.

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Youmu's butt

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Shitty Touhous have shitty fans. Surprise surprise.

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Yeah! She obviously just wants to be a slut.

One day, she'll go out without panties and show off her vagina. And if someone calls her out on it, she'll claim ignorance!

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>male gaze

Best take that faggot shit out of here kid, you don't want to mess with the bull.

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Actually look up male gaze.

There are thousands of ways this image could have been made without showing her butt, or even making you aware of what she's wearing down there!

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Please don't say such lewd things about Youmu!

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Can you guys share any youmu ohios you have?

I need some more for my folder please .

Just remember to politely sage when doing so as to not offend anyone.

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hehe, more like male gays!

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Why is Youmu's body made for sex?

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Youmu is a girl with a vagina.

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I understand now.

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Youmoe a soft.

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What's your favorite Youmu body part?

I think her thighs must be very nice.

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Her uterus. On a place.

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Youmu's tummy...

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Why are these threads so bad nowadays? See pic.
Step it up, /jp/.

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i want to pinch youmus timmy

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Get in here, WBs.

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I want to pinch youmu's titty.

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Youmu's cute, soft butt...

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is there a good tummy or tummy pinching tag

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Maybe he'll just delete the image and leave the thread, even if he requests a ban.

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hheehy HEY HEY

i'm posting with voice activation while i do my yoga (mom says it's good for the fat) but when i'm done i'm gonna ban request that PORN SHIET FUCK

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Hahahahaha holy shit

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Take that you little brat.

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It's bony. Youmu has no ass.

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Youmu wouldn't tolerate abuse!

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Hey guys can someone translate the inscription on youmu's sword in the picture?

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Can't read japanese, weeb? Fuckig loser.

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He's watching.

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look real closely at the picture please :^)

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Nobody actually bothered opening that picture because everybody has already seen it a thousand times before.

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get in here warosubros :^)

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ara ara...

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including janny apparently hehe

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>Youmu's sword


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top sheck-lel

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So on a scale of 1-10, how STEAMED is janny?

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Kill yourself.

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ban requested

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Error: You are temporarily blocked from posting for 13 minutes. [More Info]


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How possible is it to get this as a daki cover?

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Does anyone else find things like this hot, not really because they insert themselves into the act of abuse and get off on it but just because of the kind of relationship you would have to be in with a girl for her to let you split her eye open? Not even just that she'd be submissive, but it would be extremely passionate in its own way.

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oh is this one of those threads?

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why are these 2 posts the only OP image related posts left up

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Why was this deleted?

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Took him long enough.

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Personally I don't care, but the gore is just unnecessary.

>> No.11521109,5 [INTERNAL] 

what if some of us actually enjoy it though?

>> No.11521109,6 [INTERNAL] 

Enjoy gurochan or /b/, then.

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Nobody enjoys gore. You're just pretending to enjoy gore to look cool. It's like doing drugs or listening to Radiohead.

>> No.11521109,8 [INTERNAL] 

I wonder how fuggin mad he was lol

Never guessed how this has great potential for shiteposting. Make a dozen or so threads similarly over an a couple hours or so then bring em up all at once. Can be those fake .gifs like these >>http://fuuka.warosu.org/jp/thread/10473857 or the hidden text like OP's.

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what if I only like Touhou gore?

>> No.11521109,10 [INTERNAL] 

the goal was to see if janny would get steamed enough by the OP pic to delete the whole thread once he realized, not shitpost gore until he does

>> No.11521109,11 [INTERNAL] 


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3 day ban for criticizing staff. LMAO!!!

Steamed level: 11/10

>> No.11521109,13 [INTERNAL] 

hee hee

>> No.11521109,14 [INTERNAL] 

This was actually a pretty original shitpost

>> No.11521109,15 [INTERNAL] 

HELP, 4chan is down again!!!

>> No.11521109,16 [INTERNAL] 

Why's the jay down, bros?

>> No.11521109,17 [INTERNAL] 

Priceless. Classic janny.

"I don't enjoy it so nobody enjoys it."

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Yes lets just ignore it being against the rules, like many of the things you enjoy and refuse to go to the proper board for.

Wasted potential, seriously.

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