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/jp/ help, I can't read Hira yet. Can anyone support me to translate?

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there is an english guide for the game and even a patch

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Itsays "OP is a faggot"

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Sorry, but the site is down for the patch.

Not to mention I received the link from cached, and the site believes the file is not available!

I am in trouble, please /jp/.

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You're in luck because i found a youtube tutorial fixing your problem http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxopViU98Xo

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Aha, thank you for your bump. This is not better than my current soundtrack, thank you.

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Have you tried google translate overlay? Since the background in your pic is clear you can get quite an accurate translation of the text (accurate as normal google translate at least).

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Does anyone have a way I could translate this myself?

I will do that.

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I have not seen "overlay" on google translate, and tried that before coming here.

I will reinvigorate my search, thank you!

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learn japanese

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I do not think there is an overlay for google translate!

I will be when I go to Nippon in Winter, with my host family!

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Oops sorry, I don't think it's available yet. The department downstairs were working on it months ago, so I thought they were done with it already.

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That'll be a convenient tool to have. Tell them to hurry the fuck up.

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You funny.

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This is PSO2's referral system. If you had someone recommend the game to you, ask them for their code and type it into that window, so both of you could get goodies.

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Thank you for being a legitimate help.

Vilat maschina blyat.

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absolutely disgusting

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決定  利用しない

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nice shitty OCR with no quality checking dweeb

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Type this!

招待者のプレイヤーID: 12208940
招待者の接続シップ: Ship10:Nauthiz

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>はい [*]
>いいえ [ ]

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W-who are you quoting?

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LOL good one

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nah, ocr does a crappy job. that was typed in.

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Microsoft's already beaten you to it. They can OCR and translate text live from webcam. It shouldn't be any trouble for them to OCR from an image

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what are you even trying to say

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