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Hey /jp/ going insane from one phrase in this VN im trying to translate that drastically effects the story "ga shin jau" but really just "shin jau". I know it something about dying but not sure of the tense. Going to die, was/is dead or just plain dye.

I'v scowered the internet and my dictionaries for hours at this point to no avail. Thanks in advance.

ps: I'm pretty certain it means something like "but you're dead"

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Does nobody know?

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It's a colloquial version of [でしまう].

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It's slang for "pleasure inside", which is a shortened form of the phrase "the pleasure of (being on the receiving end of) internal ejaculation".

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Please stop trolling.......it helps nobody

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It's not trolling; it's an epic meme. It is still very funny and unique ^___^"

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Mr. >>11129922 fucking told you already. Do you suffer from terminal autism or what?

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top lel

じゃう would be present, じゃった past. There's your answer.

Delete your thread.

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So this is the people who translate stuff, people who don't even know Japanese. Nice.

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Is this a real thread?

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