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How hard would you punch the janitor if you saw her on the street?

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id kick her right in the DICK LOL

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I'd bust out his teeth and make him suck my cock

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Bullying is wrong

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id vamos right in her coño you feel me

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I'd throw everything I have at him/her and throw them down a sewer.

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>mfw the janitor is being shitty near me

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I'd rape him on the spot, then leave him naked

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I would hug him/her

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I'd have a friendly chat with the janitor and take him out for a coffee.
We're all friends here, please remember that.

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I'm not your friend

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Why the fuck are you using my image?

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Sorry anon

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Why is Anon sorry?

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Get the fuck out.

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Look, if you have to bully, bully me instead. Not my friends.

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go to bed trevor

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Is no thread safe anymore?

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When I make a thread I generally get banned or muted within 5 minutes. I'm getting tired of it.

I'm one more anti-shitposter change away from leaving you nerds to rot here by yourselves.

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Is this some sort of meido propaganda? Like, "I make shit threads and I get banned for it! Those faggot janitors are doing such a great job!"

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Seriously, this is getting out of control. It's like having a mod on /jp/ 24/7. Can we move somewhere else?

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The worst part is when I want to be an internet superhero and save /jp/, I either have to wait three hours between my high quality[citation needed] threads, or I have to reset my router. I feel like I'm being punished for trying to help.

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Most of our worst posters are people trying to save /jp/.

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I haven't been on /jp/ for two weeks or so, what the hell happened?

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The same as always. Everyone thinks they know what's best for the board and complain about it when they don't have it their way, and shitposters are spam it and insult the janitor 24/7.

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*and shitposters spam it

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