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What is denpa music?

Rapethelolis mediafire:

Have you listened to Shaking Pink yet?

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Stuff that Pastebin, more up-to-date:

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Forgot denpa blog:

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I have a request.
There's a denpa song that is mostly the donkey kong hammer theme with words.
I can't remember it or where it came from though.
Help identifying is appreciated.

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Japanese language is just too cute.

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Will 電波組.inc be releasing any new albums soon? They're my favorite group at the moment, and it's disappointing that only have one album out.

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>Have you listened to Shaking Pink yet?
No, because you haven't posted a link yet.

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Does anyone know any Christmas denpa songs?

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I still haven't got my M3 stuff. I'll rip them as soon as I can.

This one?

Satsuki + koko

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yeah I think that's it.

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I made this for you, /jp/.

My PC is a toaster so please don't bully.


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>you're fucking gay dude

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that was fucking kyun kyun man

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Anybody know where I can get the link to this?

And more songs similar to this.

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Can you make them pink?

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I'm not sure. I haven't tried modding anything.

Probably, though.

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Has eLekSoNicRusHeRRRRRR!!! been uploaded at all? Just wondering.

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There's a lyrics section in denpa.uni.me now? Or was it always there? Needs more songs. Can you add the translation for Delusion Fetish? The lyrics are highly related.

I wish I could do this and that...

Today I could hear the delusion of a girl in my head
"omg! epic! wait, lolz. oh you. (etc.)"
Improvised with a reply, got 16 delusions per second!

The quality poster is here! Shit just got awesome?
Invited her to an IRL meetup, she thought I was lesbian and hit on me, ah I wanna cry ;_;
Just bump the thread, delusion fetish!
With your eyes closed, I'll give you a great one

It'd be nice if I could do that and even that...

Today too, a girl is plotting something
Waiting for that day, to get rich quickly!
Propeller! Vrroooom!! Boomerang! Whoooshh!!
The only thing we can do, is to choose our future using delusions!

Dere -> tsundere, full throttle!
I can-can-can almost see her panties, but! Last moment self-restraint!
Completed her route, wild finish!
With your eyes closed, do you want a great one?

The quality poster is here! Shit just got awesome?
Invited her to an IRL meetup, she thought I was lesbian and hit on me, ah I wanna cry ;_;
Just sage that thread, delusion fetish!
With your eyes closed, give me a great one!

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There's a lyrics section in denpa.uni.me now? Or was it always there? Needs more songs. Can you add the translation for Delusion Fetish? The lyrics are highly related.

I wish I could do this and that...

Today I could hear the delusion of a girl in my head
"omg! epic! wait, lolz. oh you. (etc.)"
Improvised with a reply, got 16 delusions per second!

The quality poster is here! Shit just got awesome?
Invited her to an IRL meetup, she thought I was lesbian and hit on me, ah I wanna cry ;_;
Just bump the thread, delusion fetish!
With your eyes closed, I'll give you a great one

It'd be nice if I could do that and even that...

Today too, a girl is plotting something
Waiting for that day, to get rich quickly!
Propeller! Vrroooom!! Boomerang! Whoooshh!!
The only thing we can do, is to choose our future using delusions!

Dere -> tsundere, full throttle!
I can-can-can almost see her panties, but! Last moment self-restraint!
Completed her route, wild finish!
With your eyes closed, do you want a great one?

The quality poster is here! Shit just got awesome?
Invited her to an IRL meetup, she thought I was lesbian and hit on me, ah I wanna cry ;_;
Just sage that thread, delusion fetish!
With your eyes closed, give me a great one!

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I've been searching forever for でんぱれーどJAPAN, not ripped yet it seems. For now here's another single released semi-recently.

でんぱ組.inc - キラキラチューン/Sabotage

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Great, thanks!

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>And more songs similar to this.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vI3MthKGFU0 (Live: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnnnwbTroRg)

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>And more songs similar to this.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vI3MthKGFU0 (Live: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnnnwbTroRg)

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>でんぱ組.inc - キラキラチューン
Already have this. Thanks anyway.

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Do you have でんぱれーどJAPAN?

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No, I'm also searching for that one. Like the other person said, it's most likely not ripped yet.

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Does anyone think おでんぱ☆スタジオ's newest will be ripped, I haven't seen anyone who it ordered it I don't think.

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Lolly's? I thought someone here said they ordered it, dunno what happened.

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Even outside of winter, this is one of my favorite denpa songs.

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I downloaded this album but didn't remember that song. But now I remember that one or two of the songs didn't extract right.

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I ordered it, but they haven't arrived yet. They should arrive next week, Wednesday at worst, hopefully earlier.

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The only thing I hate about Shaking Pink is the fact that it's only two tracks. Those two tracks though, are pretty much 100% spot-on perfect. I've listened to them so many times.

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Does anyone have information about the whole denpa-kei subculture? I saw some conversation about it in previous threads, and I'm very interested about it. What does denpa-kei exactly mean anyway?

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Done. Thank you.

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Well a single is exactly that.
And once the songs are on your Foobar its not like number of songs on a disc matter anymore.

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>Japanese language is just too cute.
One of the reasons I learn and love Japanese. Shit, it's probably the cutest language.

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I found this on tvtropes. I don't trust it much but this seems legit.

>Not to be confused with Tsundere, Yandere, or Yangire; Denpakei is the Japanese word for a (usually) girl who is generally cute and friendly, but has a creepy dark side to her. Often found as stalker types, or as the milder forms of mess-with-your-mind sorts. Certain forms of Otaku and spiritually oriented types qualify as well.

So is it kind of a キモ可愛い thing? Cute and creepy? It reminds me of ぱんだようちえん kind of songs.

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Another interesting one.

>Literally, "poisonous electromagnetic waves."

>The term originated by a lunatic who caused the notorious Fukagawa Toori-ma Jiken (Fukagawa Street Murders) in 1981. The assailant, Kawamata Gunji, was high on illegal substances and started slashing innocent bystanders in broad daylight. Two housewives and two toddlers were killed, with many more seriously injured. Pleading insanity in court, he described that denpas (electromagnetic waves) told him to start killing people. Motion was rejected and he currently serves life without parole.

>By early 1990s, the term "electromagnetic waves" began to appear here and there among sub-cultural literature and music. Several sub-cultural elites began to coin the term "denpa-kei" to decribe people who acted strangely as if being subject to hypnosis and/or being controlled by electromagnetic waves (much like radio waves are used for remote-controlled toys).

>The ero-game "Shizuku" is credited to spreading the term denpa to otakus. The plot heavily used the term "doku-denpa" (poisonous electromagnetic waves) to describe the actions of numerous characters who held disillusions of school society. Since then, the term "denpa-kei" began appearing in many forms across various media. Previously, the noun "kichigai" was a derogatory word for "crazed lunatic," the term "denpa-kei" is often used as a euphemism instead.

>As "denpa" literally means "electromagnetic waves," it can also be used to describe extremely moe~ songs (i.e. the weirder and moe~ ones sung by KOTOKO, Momoi Haruko, etc. etc.) who lyrics and tunes are so weird but you listen to it anyway. The rationality is that you have been hyptonized and are now in control by the weirdness of that song.

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Was ドキドキお姉さん A to Z ever uploaded? I can't seem to find it anywhere.


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It's on the album LOVE BULLETS×タイアッパーズ.

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Green Strawberry is on that album, but not the other.

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Today I was searching some folders and found this album. Since Kenji Ohtsuki is related, and some of you like cute vocals in your rock songs, I thought you might like it. The Zetsubou Girls sing in this one (Nonaka Ai, Inoue Marina, Kobayashi Yuu, Shintani Ryouko, Sawashiro Miyuki, etc).

大槻ケンヂと絶望少女達 - かくれんぼか鬼ごっこよ (320K MP3)

This song is pretty cool:
It's always fun to see them singing a song about NEETs. I also like tracks 4, 6 and 8 very much.

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This is right up my alley, thx for sharing.

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>Previously, the noun "kichigai" was a derogatory word for "crazed lunatic," the term "denpa-kei" is often used as a euphemism instead.
This sounds interesting, and it makes sense. You can see why it is seen as derogatory. It all comes to being anormal, delusional and out of mind.

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>This song is pretty cool:

NEETO hajimete de~to
I knew that song, Kenji Otsuki is fucking awesome.

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>intentionally off-key vocals, weird lyrics, and an extreme ability to get stuck in your head >extremely up-beat, happy, cute and ocasionally fast

Is the OP of Denpa Onna denpa? Because I fucking love that song.

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What album is this from?

I believe this is in the mediafire but I would like to know which one

>> No.10116077

Yeah. Musically *and* lyrically. They explicitly mention delusions, telepathy and radio waves (denpa) not being understood by normal people.


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I love the original version too, although it may scare some people.


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OP's usually come in singles named after the title of the song.

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It's a single. Nice cover too. The band is Shinsei Kamattechan.

「Os-宇宙人」/エリオをかまってちゃん [320K]

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only for hardcore denpa-keis, im looking for this album, anyone has a source?

>> No.10117387

>>10117382 sorry i forgot to post video, is here


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Thanks. The intro is pretty awesome. I'll try to translate ニート釣り.
Also SHAFT have pushed stuff like Denpa Onna OP (Os-Uchuujin), Neko Mimi Mode, and Zetsubou Sensei OPs. They sure like denpa-ish stuff, it's noticeable in their art.

It's an interesting subject. Some VNs considered denpa: Shizuku, Sayonara o Oshiete, Chaos;Head, SubaHibi, Higurashi, Saya no Uta. The novel Welcome to the NHK is also another related literary work.

Here's a very interesting article about the whole thing. Worth a read:


Understanding the whole matter will also help to understand the inspiration behind the music, and why it may seem two-faced/a bipolar kind of thing.

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Which dmp?

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mmbk gives me a boner though.

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Isn't Neko Mimi Mode house music?

>> No.10120140

Please use spoilers properly.

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I guess I'll use the occasion to clarify this.

It is. And Os-Uchuujin, and SZS OPs are rock. Denpa is more of a general term about the nature and common traits of craziness in a song, not its genre.

As an analogy, NHK is slice of life, and Chaos;Head is a cyberpunk mystery/horror, but both have common traits like delusions, paranoia and radiowaves and a general "craziness" vibe which is why they're called denpa.

Same with music. Neko Mimi Mode has repetitive and unintelligible lyrics, over the top cuteness, and overall makes you think "I could go crazy listening to this" which is common to denpa. But yes, the song genre is house.

Please correct me if I'm mistaken.

I'm very, very sorry.

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i guess I'll try reading shizuku to see what's this about.
i wonder if yandere are related.

>> No.10120367

I just go on there and download a random album every couple of days. I usually don't even acknowledge that I'm listening to Denpa. All of my music just blends together into a big swirl of happiness.

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Reminder that this thread is being monitored by the Denpa Police.

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I want to mmbk to arrest me and beat me up for lolicon.

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Also, http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm18798192

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my ears
mmbk a shit

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I think her voice is really cute.

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I watched Penguin Musume Heart the other day and noticed that both ending tracks were composed by ARM. Can't stop listening.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iF3vR8YUqrQ (2:46 is fun)

The OP is pretty nice too, the chorus is heartwarming.

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I saw this posted in a previous thread and I found the album. Posting if anyone's interested.

It's the band バンドじゃないもん!, two drummer girls, an album released in October. The composer is Hyadain. Track 2 is related.

バンドじゃないもん! - バンドじゃないもん!

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Kaorin is definetly the good cop.

>> No.10122482

Translated ニート釣り from >>10115907
What do I do with all this free time.

add pls

>> No.10122496

Well, yeah, it is. But I don't like her "Hai!"s. They need more...energy?

>> No.10122521

What album is this in?

>> No.10122568

It might not be from one.
They have a few songs with videos that are like stand alone, and aren't on any actual releases yet.

>> No.10125852

I've been searching for this album everywhere, but all I could find was dead links or low quality files...
Does anyone know where I can get this album in HD?


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File: 798 KB, 1140x1071, 1350773408652.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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great song thanks

I added the wonderful Anzu no Uta too, also NEET related

>> No.10127928

So that's where this remix come from, huh.

I fucking love this remix, but I loved the original too. Thanks.

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File: 46 KB, 640x246, 640x246_12922_Mmbk_3d_fan_art_anime_girl_pet_picture_image_digital_art.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Check out MMBK's Pikachu impression at 44:00.
It's perfect.

>> No.10128354

I really want mmbk to insult me with that voice.

>> No.10128559

Listening to the piano version of 恋する☆宇宙戦争っ!! . It's beautiful.

>> No.10128586

what does everyone here think about おでんぱ☆スタジオ?

drunk as HELL

anzu is truNEET

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De BEST denpa

>> No.10128613

>Have you listened to Shaking Pink yet?
Oh hell yes I have. Who's the composer here? I love track 2.
ココ is my favorite.

>> No.10128615

Didn't they release an album last M3?

>> No.10128652

A single.

500 yen, probably will be on Toranoana.

>> No.10128709

It seems ave;new project and ULTRA-PRISM will be playing live on Feb 2013.

Is there really no way to watch this kind of events? Fuck, I'm so angry I'm not there.

>> No.10128713

>Check out MMBK's Pikachu impression at 44:00.
I would if nico actually let me skip to it.

>> No.10128757

But the original is the album 5 Sister's Story and is sung by KOKO.

>> No.10128800

Isn't ポヤッチオ a circle?

>> No.10128816 [DELETED] 

I think かたほとり is the composer, ポヤッチオ is the doujin circle.

>> No.10128822

I think かたほとり is the composer, ポヤッチオ is the doujin circle.

>> No.10128827

Oh, you mean this?

That's track 3.

>> No.10129660

Oh my, this is quite the cute arrangement.

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File: 107 KB, 416x420, トロヅクシ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This album oh my where have you been all my life

>> No.10131592

Where's last Toromi's album? I need to listen to it, I'd even buy it, can I do it yet?

>> No.10131765

There's some M3-30 albums up on Audio-4U's blog.

Also v0 encode of Lolly'sへようこそ! I spotted elsewhere. No scans or cover, only .mp3s.

>> No.10131792

That's great.
Are those FLAC? Because I also saw Lolly'sへようこそ! in the blog post.

>> No.10131800

All the torrents are FLAC, I believe.

>> No.10132199

So Dempa music is 'hand-made' japanese happy hardcore/hardcore techno.

>> No.10132214


>> No.10132347

There's a DJ Sharpnel remix lol. That, and the origin from people with shit beamed into their head telling them to kill people sounds like some rave/hardcore shit

>> No.10132420

Audio-4U has it in their C81 collection torrent.

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File: 1.88 MB, 500x500, Loli-Pop.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

[Not sure how many people haven't heard this before. You should hear it.]

It's by Joji Records. Freely downloadable. Google them.

>> No.10132687

Teenage Pop Idol is fucking great.

>> No.10132727

There's a full definition in http://denpa.uni.me/whatis.html
a translated definition in http://denpa.uni.me/w/definition
definitions here >>10112722 and here >>10112727
and a long article about denpa-kei here http://altairandvega.wordpress.com/2012/03/21/denpa-bigaku-riron-the-rise-of-the-radio-aesthetic-in-

Nobody will try to discuss with you if you clearly haven't read anything about it.

>> No.10132740

Did they ever release a full version of オシエテスキシテ♥773?

The chorus goes "2D 2D LOVE 2D!". Perfect for /jp/!

>> No.10132868

MOSAIC.WAV has a song like that. 虹の世界で2D LOVE on their We Love AKIBA POP! album. I can't find a link to it on YouTube or NND though. Don't have scans for the lyrics either, but they're online.


Tons of fun songs from MOSAIC.WAV.

>> No.10132967

Are MOSAIC.WAV still working actively? It's been a while I've listened to them. By the way こどもざいく has been my favorite album of all time.

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File: 800 KB, 1408x1424, IMG_0001.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They're definitely still active. They just released a single at the previous Comiket.

>> No.10133048

>generally cute and friendly, but has a creepy dark side
I think this makes sense in the context of denpa music too. And some songs sound happy but the theme behind them is darker or plainly nonsensical.

Also, does anyone know songs that are so cute they're creepy? Like, Nekonabe...or Panda-san Youchien.

>> No.10133099

This song somehow makes me want to be a mascot at a theme park.

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File: 195 KB, 600x600, 4a89b15118b7[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Artwork for whoever needs it.

>> No.10136000


>> No.10138152

There are quite a few with scary lyrics. From the top of my head, this

(Lyrics: http://denpa.uni.me/lyrics_totemotomotachi.html)

えぐりて☆ (English)

For yandere stuff,
ロマンチック早苗ラブ (English)

From Uppercut 3 (was it ever ripped?)

As for nonsensical this:
The whole lyrics are her playing shiritori with herself (and failing at it). So lonely.

Or the verse from Endless Heaven. Also lewd.

That's very cute. Are other scans included?

As for LPs, they released a recollection of their best tracks, it's in the MF.

>> No.10138167

Why is this so good?


>> No.10138193

>That's very cute. Are other scans included?
The v0 rip doesn't at least.

>> No.10138627

( ゚∀゚)o彡°ニーハイ!ニーハイ!

>> No.10138654
File: 3.00 MB, 1442x1416, Front_inner.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

FLAC rip from >>10131765 has more scans.

>> No.10138716
File: 189 KB, 600x656, 25296597_p2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

mmbk a shit


Much better.

>> No.10138747

I can't believe this was on Youtube, it's been 3 years already!
I remember going into short trances while listening to it.


>> No.10140283

source of single plz!

>> No.10140296

The title is 七三値ぱすかはダイスを振らない! and I'm pretty sure someone linked to an upload here a few threads back. Don't think there's a lossless upload though, the copy I've got is 320kbps

>> No.10140303

Stress Freestyle is such a great song.

>> No.10140479
File: 687 KB, 827x1169, d.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is beautiful.

(From ARM's song 突撃!ガラスのニーソ姫 in IIDX Lincle)

>> No.10143682
File: 2.09 MB, 1060x1096, bampu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bampu pantsu

>> No.10143942

Who was this again? I saw her so much time ago that I forgot.

>> No.10143999

I love this album so much, really worth checking out.

>> No.10144052

I only know her by the name Rei

>> No.10144166
File: 303 KB, 600x418, cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why havn't you downloaded this great album yet?


>> No.10144184
File: 143 KB, 893x579, me.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Joke's on you, I already have everything I could find by Zero-Shaft.

>> No.10144241

This reminds me, I assume nobody still has the latest Zero-Shaft album released at M3?

>> No.10144289
File: 135 KB, 450x451, cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wait why wasn't I informed of this? This was released on October!

IOSYS - 乙女囃子 COLORFUL GIRLS (v0+jpg)

First 3 tracks are very related
Ohayo gozaima~su

>> No.10144294

That song is awesome, but the western Bemani fanbase seem to hate denpa. Good thing that it was very well received in Japan though.

ARM sounds so happy to have a release on Beatmania. I'm glad. Would congratulate.

I ordered it, but delivery has been so slow that I'm pretty sure someone else will rip it first, if it's not already.

>> No.10144336

Is it just me, or is もっともっと、もっと愛してほしいの awesome for its loli sex?

>> No.10144362

pahi pahi! pahi pahi! pahi pahi! ppo! hacchaturian!

>> No.10145113
File: 1.69 MB, 2920x1659, 02.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10147501
File: 154 KB, 950x475, 83921.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10147705

Are rips out yet?

>> No.10147850

Ah yes...

>> No.10148317

This shit keeps happening.
I extract something and half the files are dead.

>> No.10148324
File: 185 KB, 738x458, 19120129.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10148383

Fucking hell you're an idiot.

>> No.10148385

...........right click it, right where it says mp3 put a .

Please download a media player because I am currently embarrassed for you over the internet.

>> No.10148398

no bully
That didn't work.
and I have foobar which won't play the files

>> No.10148413

But it does work. I know it works because I'm not an idiot.

You see the file needs to be.mp3, otherwise it isn't an mp3 file.

You can check wikipedia if you need help
There you go

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File: 116 KB, 1232x730, autismsimulator.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.10148463

Guys, guys, wait.
He's right, I think there are some albums that got ripped by a guy using a Mac or something and the encoding got very fucked up somehow, fucking up the extension in the process.

First you gotta have extensions visible (this is the first thing you should do when you install Windows anyway):
Control panel -> Folder Options -> View -> Untick Hide extensions for known filetypes.

Then you should rename the songs and add the ".mp3" to the ones missing it at the end. If it doesn't work, try renaming it to something like "05.mp3"

>> No.10148473
File: 145 KB, 1040x730, chucklinglightbluelexluther.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And now Miku can sing your music to you, look how happy she is.

>> No.10148480

No, you don't even have to have file extensions visible. Literally the only thing that you need to do is put a . in front of the obvious extension and it fixes itself.

>> No.10148498

Well, you're right. But I remember another album not even having "mp3" at the end, the filenames were a mess. I wonder if it's a problem of Mac's archiver.

>> No.10148500

I got the songs to play but all the information is all gone and its just ????'s.

>> No.10148504

I want that

>> No.10148517

If I remember correctly it is a problem with your locale.

Something like a Chinese computer compressing Japanese named music makes it all garbled. Which is quite common if you download stuff from astost from certain people.

That's why the fix metadata sheet in fb2k works, somewhat, for the tags. Same thing is applied to the filenames.

>> No.10148573

My names come out messed up like this in the explorer, but in players they are fine.

>> No.10148585

How do I pronounce mmbk properly?

>> No.10148593

It's just an abbreviation for momobako, 桃箱

>> No.10148636

momobako ^^

>> No.10148639
File: 38 KB, 567x354, fuuuuu.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I fixed those files but now the tagging is getting messed up on other completely unrelated albums.

>> No.10148751


moar plzzzz

>> No.10148914

Stop being an idiot.

>> No.10149093

Why is there another simple solution to this?

>> No.10149114

what the HELL man

>> No.10149239


who wrote this?? why is UNDER17 or halko not featured? she is the denpa queen

at least they made it clear denpa is not just cute j-pop, too much crappy fake denpa is out lately..metoko chan is the only hope

>> No.10149257

I agree, that's why I think we should promote stuff like Kenji Otsuki. But the site says

>Will add: LOVE BULLETS, Holic Service, 33.turbo, KOTOKO, UNDER17, Zero-Shaft, ポヤッチオ

>> No.10149306

I agree with UNDER17 but Halko as a soloist doen't release much denpa.

>> No.10149328

>Doing the "Not a true part of x" shit with a genre as poorly defined and arbitrary as denpa
I'm quoting your stupidity.

>> No.10149329

If you guys post entries in this thread the site admin would most likely see it and update the site.

>> No.10149331

could someone point me to do you like uppercut 2, 3, and if it's been uploaded 4?

>> No.10149481

Does rapethelolis not have anything from .33 turbo?

>> No.10149748

It's in the M3 folder.

>> No.10149909

I think only the first one was uploaded, I always wanted to listen to 3 (NUMBERS) and I already bought 4 but it hasn't arrived yet.

I think he means that many songs actually sound like just cute j-pop.

>> No.10150017

Is it you, trudenpa guy? I'm very interested in the denpa-kei movement and I want to become an official researcher, could you please enlighten us with knowledge and examples of trudenpa?

>> No.10154215


cute and hard as HELL

>> No.10155132

like MY DICK

>> No.10156982
File: 756 KB, 1500x1256, 21218742.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kanade is so cute I want to hug her.

>> No.10157062

Who's to the right? Is that Yuna?

>> No.10157068

I think it's Domin.

>> No.10157124

You forgot one

>> No.10157139


She's saing "mmbk" at the beginning of that song

>> No.10158750
File: 188 KB, 850x415, ta1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Sorry but I just had to steal your idea.


>> No.10162917

Jeez, じゃあ僕もう二度寝の歌作ります from Girl's Festa! 01 is a damn nice song.

>> No.10162919

Specifically, this girl's voice turns me on a bit. It sounds really cute and a bit sexy.

>> No.10163321

Isn't this called "lolicore"?

>> No.10163325

The two are completely seperate entities.

>> No.10163357


>> No.10163479


Even if that last one sounds similar, the voices aren't sampled, and the beats are different compared to the few lolicore songs I listened to that sounded like they all used the same similar beat.

>> No.10163870

- Many denpa songs feature loli voices, but probably less than half anyway
- Both are rooted in otaku background

- Lolicore is a genre (or an attempt); denpa is a phenomenon and a term to encapsulate over-the-top and poisonus art
- The main aspect of lolicore is just hardcore with loli voices; the main aspect of denpa is to communicate craziness/creepiness (in a mostly good way)
- Lolicore is hardcore music, denpa songs can be any genre
- Lolicore songs are usually remixes/sampled from popular songs; denpa songs are usually original
- Most Lolicore is made by westerners; most denpa is made by Japanese

In few words, not at all.

>> No.10163995

>Lolicore songs are usually remixes/sampled from popular songs

That is about the only statement in there that is absolute nonsense.

>> No.10164096

Denpa is 'moe music'. It's exaggerated, diabetes-inducing jpop/jrock.

Lolicore is hardcore techno + loli samples taken from anime or eroge and often pitch-shifted. They sound completely different.

>> No.10164285

The big difference I find between regular J-Pop and denpa music, besides lyrical content, is that denpa music usually has less predictable patterns and melodies.

>> No.10164351

I think so, Denpa can get really crazy and almost discordant at times especially with the intentionally off-pitch vocals, but J-pop is a large genre. I just wanted to make it clear where the two sit as subgenres. They are in wholly different camps.

>> No.10165218

Please point me to a lolicore song that isn't sampled from a popular song, or anime or game, and indeed is an original song lyrically and musically.

>> No.10165233

The "misconceptions" thingy in the wiki may be interesting for you guys, I don't know if it's correct but some knowledgeable guy said here it is.

>- Denpa is not cute J-Pop. 1. It's not “Pop” because it's not popular at all; in fact it's a very underground trend aimed at the very opposite of a regular mainstream audience, 2. The scene and conveyed message are completely different from J-Pop's and 3. It's not necessarily cute (see next).
>- Not all denpa is cute and upbeat. Currently the most popular form of denpa songs are over-the-top cute/moe tracks which are usually extremely up-beat, happy, cute and ocasionally fast (known as moe-denpa by the Japanese). But you may also find much darker songs that are not necessarily cute or happy. (Example http://studio1cours.com/kyun2carnival/04/)
>- Denpa is not a genre. It's a slang term, umbrella term, and for some, a lifestyle. Furthermore, the term is not used exclusively in music.
>- So how to know? Since it's a slang term the definition isn't strict, but if you ever find yourself getting crazy vibes while listening to a song, questioning the sanity of the artist (these are the “radiowaves”), then you may be listening to a denpa song. But of course it's more than that; you may read definition for a translated definition from Nicovideo wiki.

>> No.10165238

>said here that it is.*

>> No.10165285

>Denpa is not a genre. It's a slang term, umbrella term, and for some, a lifestyle. Furthermore, the term is not used exclusively in music.
That doesn't mean it's not a genre at all.

>> No.10165315

When is old Albatrosicks coming back? ;_;


>> No.10165330

I think that the word isn't used as a musical genre at least. Even though a song can be rock, or house, or funkot, you can call it "denpa" the same way you can call a book, or a person, "denpa".

Musical genres are kind of mutually exclusive, unlike literary genres for example.

>> No.10165340

It's depressing.

>> No.10165348

is miko drunk there?

>> No.10166999

It seems that momobako won't be releasing her solo CD at comiket now. And whenever she'll resume her Internet related activities is a mystery.

>> No.10167037

Did something happen to her? Is she alright?

>> No.10167038

A lot of stuff. Explaining it would feel like a high school drama or something.

>> No.10167242

W-what happened to mmbk?!

>> No.10167497

It's related so go ahead.

>> No.10167669

Please explain, I'd just like to know.

>> No.10167675

Honestly I don't really understand everything myself. It seems that all of momobako's lies have been exposed at the very least.

Apparently she's not 20 years old, has 2 kids, and is once divorced. Probably married at 18 years old? The house she lives in now apparently was bought by her former husband. She used to date めろちん and みーちゃん. Apparently these 2 do some kind of activity on nicodouga. She gave mi-chan lots of money that he never gave back, so she cut him off.
She also practices cosmetic surgery and supposedly insulted Kaorin sometimes.

All of this came up when まこと (mkt / 寝ゲロ天使) did one of her drinking live streams. She got upset after she found out she's been lied to all this time and decided to expose her.
There's more stuff on the 2ch's youtube/streaming board if you're that interested.

As her response, she wrote this blog post.

>> No.10167812
File: 40 KB, 324x246, 130179057576.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hahahaha oh wow she's fucked ちぃむdmp is finished

>> No.10167827
File: 34 KB, 268x264, 57392.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The deceit! How can I listen to that cute loli voice the same way again?

>> No.10167833

>Apparently she's not 20 years old
wwwwwww so that's why she sounded so forced.

>> No.10167845

This is the live stream.. Whoa whoa.


>> No.10167855

Oh man... I guess she's done for. She really shouldn't have lied and insulted people though. I wonder what will happen to her music hobby. At least now that I know she has kids I can fantasize about her being really lewd in real life and easy to get into bed.

>> No.10167873


I'm laughing so hard right now.

>> No.10167975

I thought it was pretty obvious she wasn't around 20. Anyway, seems that for the time being mmbk is finished. If she does come back some I expect it to be some months into next year.

For some music related news, that group that did the 萌JAZZ album from a while ago is releasing some new albums soon.

>> No.10168023

That really deep and really sexy voice she used for that teacher in that one album all makes sense now.

>> No.10168060

>①18歳で結婚して 3ヶ月で夫と子供は死んだ?(不確定)(他には未
Wait, did her husband die? This is serious.
Also she did have sex with a guy in a one night stand because she felt "lonely".

>> No.10168072

Why? They're still going.

>> No.10168108

Those are just doubts. I want to link you to a blog article but this shit thinks it's spam, probably it's /b/'s fault. What the fuck moot.

>> No.10168152

>¥ 2,100
Well at least it's an LP.
Are they new?

>> No.10168158

>supposedly insulted Kaorin sometimes
what did she say to my angel?

>> No.10168167

Who the fuck cares? It's pointless inane drama.

>> No.10168171

Speak for yourself. Other people in the thread are interested, it's going to last for a few posts, if you're not interested don't read it.

She's pretty much fucked now, how is it pointless?

>> No.10168177

I'm really going to miss momobako. At least Nanahira doesn't lie right? I hope all these singers aren't scam artists...

>> No.10168184

Because nothing will come from discussing it at all and it's hardly relevant to this thread.

>> No.10168185

Was Girl's Festa 01 ever uploaded in lossless?

>> No.10168186

Not just her, also ちぃむdmp and Shaking Pink. We can still hope she doesn't stop though, even though many people are being very harsh on her right now. But well, I always look forward to Kaorin anyway.

Also, this got me interested in まこと. Is this what they call a marketing stunt?

>> No.10168190

mmbk is a related singer, and I'm sorry you think this is an upload thread but it's actually a discussion thread.

>> No.10168193

Yeah, a denpa discussion thread. Not an idolfagging thread.

>> No.10168195

Maybe some new groups will form because of this. Maybe not.

>> No.10168198

You're being paranoid. But I'm sure YOU have something useful to contribute to the thread! Just ignore what you don't like or care about.

>> No.10168205

Honestly, moedenpa and (chika) idols are closely related.

>> No.10168206

I just hope denpanosekai guy reading this

>> No.10168258

You know, I never really paid attention to composers and only recently noticed that a lot of the songs I like are put together by さつき が てんこもり.

You guys got a favorite composer?

>> No.10168281

A lot of people that got introduced to him through his vocaloid songs seem pretty surprised when they find out he makes denpa/eroge songs.

こもも has returned for one new song. She used to upload a lot of videos and did streams on niconama before.
The only other song that you can get now is one she participated in for Groundbreaking BOF2011.

>> No.10168282

Satsuki is a pretty cool guy. I follow him since his 嫁 404 Not Found days.
I also like きくお, KuKuDoDo and ARM.

>> No.10168291

Whoa that blew my mind.

>> No.10170962
File: 91 KB, 500x500, cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

isn't /jp/ interested in king-show? :(


>> No.10171074

Now I'm paranoid about how pure other denpa artists are. Nanahira seems really cute, but could she living some kind of second life? What about the girls from Odenpa Studio?

Oh god, oh man... Oh god.

>> No.10171094

Nanahira is actually prostitute from Ginza known for her sprawling arrest record and for being really obnoxious when drunk (which is way too often). She hates otaku and has 3 children who she had in high school.

>> No.10171105

If she is a prostitute I would like to buy her time.

>> No.10171156

I'm so glad I don't care the slightest about the idol/real-life side of anything otaku related.

May mmbk return to make denpa music after she has sucked of a sufficient number of lawyers and producers.

>> No.10171177

I listened to Shaking Pink the day it came out you nerd

>> No.10171182


Who the fuck cares? It's none of your business.

>> No.10171185

All this time I said mmbk was the best dmp....

>> No.10171188

Almost time for C83, I can hardly wait

>> No.10171196

The new 33.Turbo album is fucking amazing

>> No.10171266

I care. If these cute, innocent songs are sung by someone who sucks cocks everyday and is obviously not innocent I'd feel cheated.

>> No.10171316


They aren't exactly innocent. Learn Japanese and focus on some of the lyrics. A lot are about sex...

>> No.10171374

That doesn't mean there aren't cute and innocent denpa songs out there.

>> No.10171478

Teaches you a lesson about mixing 2D and 3D.

>> No.10171599
File: 299 KB, 1029x799, 1336511015364.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oh god, what?

That all seems really silly except for maybe the Kaorin bit. She should keep making music.

>> No.10171614

Yeah, mmbk has always come off as lewd as HELL anyway.

I don't mind it at all.

>> No.10171719

I've never really cared to think what these people are like in real life but knowing they could be sluts or something just irks me.

>> No.10171964

Kaorin master race here.

>> No.10172004

Just think that you can now masturbate to her NTRing you and enjoying a gangrape or something.

>> No.10172016

Yeah I guess.

>> No.10172061

Does anyone know the name of the singer in this IOSYS song?


Also, why isn't the album "Are you IOSYS?!" very popular? I have to do insane searches just to find this album.

>> No.10172090


because outside of the generic super popular touhou flash stuff people really dont care much about iosys (they should)

>> No.10172159

The singer is 山本椛 (Yamamoto Momiji). It seems that's one of her first works, if not the first.

Her and ARM are a godly duo, they make wonders like

Endless Heaven
怒涛の恋レシピ (not ARM but still godly)

>> No.10172174

Shiit, thanks. Ever since I found a MMD of Miku doing some crasy dance to Gaman Dekinai! I've always been trying to hunt down who that singer is. I love her voice.

>> No.10172229

mmbk seems to have issues though, I kind of feel sorry for her.

But don't worry, most denpa singers, and especially chika idols, are more otaku-ish than your average idol so the chance of them going out to fuck guys is relatively slim.

>> No.10172277

I feel bad for her too.

>> No.10173512

did you guys listen in on makoto's stream yesterday with mmbk drunk as fug and being silly?

>> No.10173609

Another one that's pretty good composed by ARM, in case you haven't stumbled across it yet.

>> No.10174913

You have to notify us about it, I was busy having a headache.

I don't know, she sounded like a regular bitch in the Line conversations (Japanese Whatsapp).

Also Meido yamemasu ka?

>> No.10175837
File: 12 KB, 275x225, 1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

thank you based /jp/

>> No.10176475
File: 53 KB, 377x487, denpaepenis.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this a denpa e-penis battle?

>> No.10178096
File: 328 KB, 1024x922, 9700639.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.10178132

Is that the official bump image?
I propose Mousou Fetish as the official bump song.

>Just bump the thread, delusion fetish!

>> No.10178162

She's from the "monotone" seiyuu group, she's also done stuff for TV commercials and I think she does modelling but I know you guys don't want to know about that.

>> No.10179151

Sorry if this has already been answered but are there any christmas themed denpa music? I would love some.

>> No.10179292

>intentionally off-key vocals, weird lyrics, and an extreme ability to get stuck in your head.



>> No.10180040


This comes to mind.

>> No.10180068


>> No.10180137

Any lewd themed denpa?

>> No.10180233

I still remember first listening to this song and liking it a lot.

>> No.10180551

Oh god I just realized her name is Domiso. I'm so embarrassed.

>> No.10181090

Fucking katakana man

>> No.10181336

Is Colorpop 2 out yet? Their site is ambiguous.

>> No.10181494

Even if it was ripped, just searching for it in a search engine is hell.

>> No.10181517

I heard her specifically say that it wasn't Domin and was Domiso in でぱらじ☆さぁど, and my face immediately got red.

>> No.10184822

How do I trudenpa?

>> No.10184892

I really want new ave;new ;_;

>> No.10184967

I've archived your thread gentlemen.

>> No.10185059

All threads on /jp/ are archived.

>> No.10185429
File: 253 KB, 491x810, denpa_aesthetic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There are few people here who know more about that but I'll do what I can. I'll tell you what purists argue.

Many people (not only here but in Japan too) think that "Denpa song" is just cute music. Of course many songs are cute, but the "cuteness" alone isn't what constitutes "denpa".

First, you have to know where the "Denpa" term come from. (TL Note: Denpa means Radio waves)

It all starts when a crazy guy in Japan in the '80s got high and started killing people. When he was asked why he did it he said his mind was being controlled by radio waves (denpa). Shit got famous and people adopted the term "denpa-kei" to refer to people who heard voices, saw shit, thought they could communicate through telepathy, were delusional, creepy or just batshit insane.

At that time the Japanese metal band KING-SHOW (Kinniku Shoujo Tachi, known mostly for Kenji Ohtsuki) made songs that referenced this incident (like 妄想の男[1]) and later the whole "denpa-kei" personality (like HAPPY ICE CREAM[2], a song about a guy who saw dead girls walking around him and mocking him), so this is probably the first example of "denpa songs".

Later "denpa" was also applied to literary works like, for example the popular Welcome to the NHK. As you may know it's about a delusional guy who thinks he's being targeted by a huge conspiration, or Chaos;Head which is about people being controlled by radio waves and telepathy.

As you can see the background behind all of it is darker than you may have thought.

>> No.10185447

This also happened to music. The term had a very bad connotation as it mainly was used for creepy and "fucked up" songs with incomprehensible or creepy lyrics, usually from otaku origin.

UNDER17 was probably the most popular band who made musically cute songs but had lyrics referencing underground akiba and otaku culture, and very real and denpa related topics. Thanks to them Denpa songs aren't as frowned upon like before, but they're still too creepy for normal people so that's why it's mostly an otaku and akiba thing.

So in short, purists would tell you that denpa songs can be cute (or not) but they aren't denpa just by being cute. They must have denpa-ish lyrics (otaku-ish, weird, creepy or delusional stuff), and/or be musically denpa-ish (being "over-the-top", featuring repetitive and incomprehensible chants, off-key singing, etc), and overall giving you the feel of "this is something a creepy person would make/listen to".

A recent example is Neko Mimi Mode[3], as the lyrics just repeat "Neko Mimi Mode" over and over until the song ends; or Os-Uchuujin[4] which is about a weird girl who talks about the first guy who was able to receive and understand her telepathic "radio waves" (understand her madness). The cuteness in both songs is so over-the-top that it's creepy, especially for normal people. All of this together is what constitutes a denpa song.

If I'm mistaken please correct me. There's even more to it but I'll stop here.

As for me, I think I agree. If a denpa song was just a "cute song", then it'd just be cute J-pop (which is something many people believe), and that really has no connection with the "denpa" word.

[1] http://nicoviewer.net/nm3370897
[2] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwSUn0VZdU0
[3] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cht5vCdq_CE
[4] http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OBo_QL9A3Pc

>> No.10185485

Thanks for clarifying that.

>> No.10185501

>Kinniku Shoujo Tachi
I meant Kinniku Shoujo Tai. Sorry I was thinking about Zetsubou Shoujo Tachi.

>> No.10185525


>> No.10185660

That pic.

Totally unrelated, but could someone post that pic of Remilia with down syndrome?, then I'll delete my post immediately of your thread.

>> No.10185968 [DELETED] 

I don't know the pic you're talking about but
>I'll delete my post immediately
Relax, it's not like we're gonna kill you over it.

>giving you the feel of "this is something a creepy person would make/listen to".
Let me add that these radiowaves are usually known as 毒電波 (Dokudenpa lit. Poisoning Radiowaves, same kanji as in 中毒 which also means addiction), so another point is to make you feel you're being poisoned and brainwashed by the song.

>> No.10185973

I don't know the pic you're talking about but
>I'll delete my post immediately
Relax, it's not like we're gonna kill you over it.

>giving you the feel of "this is something a creepy person would make/listen to".
Let me add that these radiowaves are usually known as 毒電波 (Dokudenpa, literally "Poisoning Radiowaves"; same kanji as in 中毒 which also means addiction), so another point is to make you feel you're being poisoned and brainwashed by the song.

>> No.10185985

It was supposed to be out at C82, yes.

>> No.10189464

Trudenpa-ers, your prayers have been answered:


-courtesy of Denpa no Sekai

>> No.10189523

Jesus christ this is awesome, how do they find this stuff? It reminds me a bit of mili.robo, or お兄ちゃんそいつを殺さないで.

Also I was searching for astromyu album and found this link

(C82)[同人音楽] [とろみせ屋さん] astromyu- (tak+incue)

But server seems to be down. Do you guys know anything? I don't browse Chinese sites.

>> No.10189546

Would anyone happen to have any UNDER17 albums that they don't mind uploading? All links I've found through extensive searching are dead.

I just want more Haruko Momoi...

>> No.10189591

It works. It just takes like an hour to download.

>> No.10189625

You're right, it wasn't working when I tried.

>> No.10189626
File: 127 KB, 373x358, Untitled-1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I'm uploading the Best Albums right now. If anyone wants anything else uploaded let me know. Mediafire says this upload will take a half hour so I'll check back and post the link when it's done.

>> No.10189726

Not him but you're awesome, I only have the "best" compilations.

>> No.10189775


>> No.10189782

Thanks! Can you upload Sweet Legacy?

>> No.10189787 [DELETED] 

>feel you're being poisoned and brainwashed by the song.

Brainwashing music is actually a pretty accurate description of denpa.

>> No.10189793

>feel you're being poisoned and brainwashed by the song.

Brainwashing music is actually a pretty accurate description of denpa. I think I'll use it when explaining it next time.

>> No.10189801

Thanks a lot.

>> No.10189849
File: 208 KB, 600x600, cover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uploaded V0 re-encode for now since my upload speed is slow.

Toromi's latest album.

(C82) [とろみせ屋さん] とろ美 - astromyu- (V0)

>> No.10189955

Thanks, anon. I've been looking for a long time now.

>> No.10190089

Awesome! Thank you!

Here you go.

>> No.10190152

Ugh. Mediafire is saying that the the last part has reached its download limit for the archive.

I'm guessing it's some new thing they've implemented?

>> No.10190199

Here's the other one if you wanted that.

I have no idea what's happening there. Which one? Part 4? Let me know if nothing changes in a few hours and I'll reupload it to see if that fixes it.

>> No.10190205

From what I read it seems Mediafire is starting to delete files split in separate parts, I don't know if it has to do with it.

>> No.10190391

Yeah it's part 4. It seems that they put a download limit on split files. It probably applies to the whole archive because there is no way that THAT many people could have downloaded the file.

In other words, they're trying to score a quick buck since it costs 1.50 to remove the cap. Perhaps a mirror upload?

>> No.10190499


Alright. I assume it'll be around eventually then.

Any band recommendations similar to 2-dimension?

>> No.10190611

If you like that kind of fluffy/cute stuff, I'd say ポヤッチオ albums, Zero-Shaft, Forest Pireo, ななひら, ココ. If you want to venture into older stuff, I suggest Birdtune and Holic Service.

>> No.10190837

Thank you!

>> No.10190884

Is SendSpace alright? Here's part 4 of those UNDER17 links:


>> No.10190904

Perfect. Thanks for that. Mediafire's been getting progressively worse over the past few months due to their striving for quasi-legitimacy.

>> No.10190921

It's understandable as most file sharing services are getting closed.

>> No.10191324

All parts besides 2 gave me the error. I'm just an unimportant passerby who only started listening to denpa in this thread, though - so don't mind me.

>> No.10191928

Which error? I can download all of them actually.

>> No.10192227


Well I archived it on the chanarchive as there is a lack of /jp/ threads there.

>> No.10192299

Part 1 & 3 seems to have hit the limit for me...

>> No.10192417

>The file you attempted to download is an archive that is part of a set of archives. MediaFire does not support unlimited downloads of split archives and the limit for this file has been reached. MediaFire understands the need for users to transfer very large or split archives, up to 10GB per file, and we offer this service starting at $1.50 per month.

Going by the wording above, it shouldn't be different per downloader... but maybe it's because I've been downloading a shitload from mediafire today.

>> No.10192595
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Okay, this should be all four parts on Sendspace. Didn't know Mediafire limited split files like that. I wonder if there's a way around it.

>> No.10192785


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