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If you don't know all of these characters you are not even an entry-level /jp/er.

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I don't watch shitty anime sorry

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Should be Mugi instead of Mio. No one gives a shit about Mio.

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What's the one right below the top-left?

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The first damage control.

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I can name all the Type-Moons and all the toohoos, that's /jp/ enough for me.

Oh, and Mary Clarissa Christie.

And Witsuarunemetea.

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Everyone in /jp/ has to be exactly like YOU right?

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Good job on the aspect ratio

Oh I forgot you probably did it ironically

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b-but i hate k-on

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How do you browse /jp/ or even /a/ and not know that anonymous? It's not like OP made a difficult list.

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Wow get out.

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You don't have to like them, you just have to know them.

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I know Reimu and Homu. I also recognize a few of the other ones but have never watched the animes.

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Western VNs are /vg/, not /jp/.

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KS is /jp/ like it or not.

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says the KS dev

go back to /vg/

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How about you go back to /vg/ since you like talking about it so much nerd?

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fuck off niwaka and take your Urobullshit with you

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Why is the burnt girl on there?

Shitty western visual novel for americans, not otaku culture at all

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Didn't moot say it belonged on /vg/? It's not like /vg/ is a bad board or anything.

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whatever helps you sleep at night sunshine.

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Just go back to yoru homo board already.

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If you don't know all of these characters you are not even an entry-level /jp/er.

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if you don't know all of these characters you are not even an an andfsdfgf.ds,a