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Which Touhou are you going to vote for tomorrow? I think I'm going to write in Kaguya because I want to live in a country that takes it easy.

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Isnt Kaguya basically a convict?

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She's an exiled former noblewoman who likes to keep up the pretense that she's still royalty even though she isn't.

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I'm voting for Remilia. At least she'll give the country a future.

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But the election was last year.

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Hijiri Byakuren. She will be the savior of this land.

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I'm voting for Miko because I estimate she'll be 10 times more productive than Shit Romney

Taoism also isn't terrible I guess

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Patriotic posters of /jp/!

A vote for The National Socialist Gensokyo Workers' Party is a vote for a brighter future!

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Moriya Suwako
Moriya Kanako

Experience and Purity, together on the same ticket.

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She would take in all our problems so that we don't have to suffer

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I'll vote for Futo because radical situations call for radical measures.

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1) her rhetoric is twisty
2) her platform is unstable
3) she keeps turning back on things she said before

Can we trust her with Gensokyo?


Sponsored by the Yakumo for Gensokyo Campaign Committee
Authorised by Yakumo Ran

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That sounds more like Yukari. Hina is pure and kind and only wants to help us all.

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Just like Hina to resort to negative campaigning—she knows all about suffering and pain.

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Because Yukari is the one causing it, and poor Hina has to clean it all up

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10/10 post

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i'm voting for eirin, because she'll get rid of all the niggers and jews

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Class-a war criminals are excluded from running for the Diet for 10 months, also no snacks, mushrooms and bananas do not count as snacks.

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"A bottle of hairspray in every house: will be her rallying cry.

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then i'm voting for her rival, Nirie

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Is a man not entitled to the sweat of his brow?
'No!' says the shrine maiden of the Hakurei, 'It belongs to the poor.'
'No!' says the shrine maiden of the Moriya, 'It belongs to God.'
'No!' says the monk of Myouren, 'It belongs to everyone.'
I rejected those answers; instead, I chose something different. I chose the impossible. I chose... Ancient City, a place where the demons would not fear the humans, where the rules would not be set by petty morality, Where the great would not be constrained by the small! And with the sweat of your brow, Ancient City can become your city as well.

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Im gonna vote for Cirino because I want America to be the COOLest country!!!

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Blaming is all you Hinacrats do isn't it?

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Ron Paul is my favorite 2hu

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Seiga. She'd know what to do during a zombie apocalypse.

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Okuu, Just because I want to see everything blown.

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I feel like she would kill the right people

Not to sound edgy, but I think that there are a lot of people in this country that don't deserve to live.

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Yukari. She'd restore the fear of America in other nations pretty quickly.

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I want to but in my state you can only write in people who have signed up to be write ins, so I'm afraid they'll check and be like um excuse me sir but Cirno is not in the registry and I'll run out cryinhg

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No dood that's when you call the guy a double baka and then fly away cackling

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Gonna vote for one of my online aliases.

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voting is for faggots, I would rather spend my time shitposting /jp/

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A vote for Kaguya is a vote for more time for shitposting.

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>Love and Peace (shimadoriru)

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Vote for Remilia Scarlet to change the fate of this country

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That was really Surprise!!!, good work.

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Judging by this thread it looks like it Yukari vs Remilia.

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Is it wrong that I actually jumped at this post?

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It's actually right.