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What do you think about the relationship between Yukari and Reimu? Why the former cares so much for the latter?

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Because balance in Gensokyo.

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She doesn't. Yukari is in for Rinnosuke.

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Yukari is Reimu's mom

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fuck off tripfagget

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No, that's Kasen.

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yukari is reimu's grandma.

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Why does Kasen care so much about Reimu?

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zun says every youkai is attracted to reimu in some way.

so one that visits reimu frequently (kasen) would just go like this, she cares that she does her miko job as well as her safety.

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What the fuck is that shitty font?

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>lower left panel, holding hands

So lewd.

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Metaphorical styling effect, you probably never heard of it.

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What is she saying in the rightmost panel? I see Reimu's name but she's not there.

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(Did something happen / Did you do something) to Reimu's body...

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She asks what is wrong with her ears.
Adding fancy just for the sake of it is childish/stupid.

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>Adding fancy just for the sake of it is childish/stupid.
It's because Seiga speaks in a teasing/mocking way. It fits perfectly.

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That's from when she goes to the shrine and notices Reimu's missing, she finds one of those spirit things, grabs it and says ''What did you do to Reimu?!'', which is that panel.

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From the thumbnail I swore Yukari was breastfeeding Reimu.

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hello danbooru.

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You mean Maribel.

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Yukari is actually an ascended form of Marisa who uncovered dark secrets of the world, became a part of it, and became a youkai.

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I love pics of Reimu and Yukari, all artists seem to share the thought of including them in some sort of otherwordly dimension due to their own barrier/boundary nature.

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Actually Marisa-Yukari is an ancient ancestor from Maribel's clan who broke the rule of not messing with the gaps and became a youkai because of it.

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I always thought Maribel and Renko were the outside world versions of Yukari and Reimu respectively.

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