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Your favorite 2hu is now with child.
Will she be a good mother?

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I don't know OP, is yours?

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Yukari would be the ultimate mother/midwife

She could just gap babies directly out of the womb, no more vaginas being destroyed by childbirth.

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I don't care anymore.
She doesn't exist, OP.
This is a destructive lifestyle.
Take my advice and quit if you still can.

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My favorite is Ran and that is obvious.

So, for a more interesting answer... how about Yuyuko? I think she'd be a loving mother but her obliviousness means I'd have to be constantly paying attention.

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Which life style?
And judging by you still posting here you haven't quit it either.

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le edgy face.jpg

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probably not, but i would make sure to be a good father and teach her how to be a good mother

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Komachi may not be the best maternal figure to start with but I'm sure with Shikieiki's guidance she would be wonderful mother for my children.

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A good father to Chiruno or to the baby?

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The baby.

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She'd neglect the kid because she has better things to do than raise some shitty kid, like drinking. It's okay though, the kid will grow up a harder man for it having to fend for himself in the streets of former hell.

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That's nasty man

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>It's okay though, the kid will grow up a harder man for it having to fend for himself in the streets of former hell.
Not to mention for being half oni.

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They'd then meet after many years, fight, then engage in sex.

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Don't worry, he can go set up a shop or something where no one will care about him.

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Sounds like a premise for a delinquent manga.

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Are there any doujins out there featuring touhous (other than Suwako) getting pregnant or having kids?

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>Trashy teen whore
>good mother

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Sanae is not a whore.

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I wonder if Sanae could recognize the father of her childs.

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There's a cute one with Momiji being pregnant and having sex with the dad and their loli wolf child. Pretty heartwarming.

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Sanae knows best.

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Translate it, weeabo

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The most respected and responsible person of all her class.

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i'm pretty sure you guys would be horrendously bad fathers

the mothers would have to watch the daughters all the time to make sure you didn't fuck them

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Who ever said we were the father? OP simply stated that she was pregnant for whatever reason and asked up if she would have made a good mother.

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Stop stealing our memes, /v/. You're no better than reddit.

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Which is that? I only know of that Cirno one.

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>Will she be a good mother?

Uh, well gee, NERD, she'd only be, like, the best mom in all of Gensokyo

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Someone please explain why "ciruno a baka xD" is not accepted here while "sanoo a sloot xD" is welcomed with open arms?

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Well Miko is overflowing with desire for hair spray.

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The Cirno one is more mainstream. Once there is an IOSYS video about Sanae being a slut we will throw it out and condemn it.

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Because Sanae being a slut is 100% confirmed.

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Sanae's a bona fide cum guzzler.

Like, seriously, she's just thinkin' 'bout butt-fuckin', 24/7/365

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Post the "ICE BURN" one

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yes, of course.

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Toyohime would make a great wife and mother.

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le suck my le cock le /v/ro!

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I don't know enough about firefly parenting habits to say.

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Ugh, the last thing we need is more stupid ass bugs.

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What do you have against fireflies, anon? Do you want to talk about it? I'm here for you.

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With me or Yuugi?

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With his father.

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So me?

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She'd be the best mother of all...

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You'd be the mother. I'm pretty sure Yuugi has a penis.

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Yes. Are you a good enough father to let your half oni son fuck you in the ass?

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Oh dear.

I'm sure it's just a normal part of Oni culture, right? I should try my hardest to fit in.
It's like that one Momiji doujinshi where the guy fucks his wolf-tengu daughter. It's normal in their culture. Maybe the same applies to sons.

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Of course, we would engage in fisticuffs to determine who shall be the pitcher. As is typical of Oni culture.
He'll be makin' me proud the day he beats me.

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>It's normal in their culture.
You shouldn't believe everything you read in doujins. They're possibly the only thing around less reliable than the Bunbunmaru.

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She'd get along just fine. As long as someone is nearby to keep her from screwing up too badly. Someone like me!

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Even if you aren't the father?

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You better not be implying NTR, son. I bully people who enjoy NTR. They aren't people.

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Uh-uh. You better watch out son, a virgin nerd is going to bully you.

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I'm saying she was already pregnant when you met her. Will you stay with her and raise the baby or punch it out of her to replace it with your own?

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Doesn't she lay eggs?

I'm not 100% on how eggs work, but if that were a problem couldn't I just wait for her to lay it and then decide? Assuming she doesn't forget about it and boil it anyway.

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Only the best. Crows are scientifically proven to be top tier mothers. Do you want to touch the baby?

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>Do you want to touch the baby?

Before it's born? Wouldn't that be unsanitary?

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Just reach on in there it'll be fine, it'll be baby's first handshake.

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How is she carrying a pregnancy internally if she's a crow? Wouldn't she lay eggs?

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Futo would be a good mother. She would always to her best to raise her child

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It's a REALLY big egg.

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Which 2hu would be the worst mother?

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I guess so ,the child's tought will be merely "aga aga". We weill make him or her a tolerant and good person that everyone will love.

If she can grab it with her arms. ;_;

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Satori is already a mommy. And a good one at that.

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But they are pets ,not children. Even if she loves them ,this isn't the same feeling.

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I bet Yoshika can never have children...

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>this isn't the same feeling

There are plenty of pet owners love their pets as if they were their own children. Especially the ones that really love animals.

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I feel like Komachi would make a good mom, maybe the kid would learn to be as carefree.as she is.

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Yes you right ,i just didn't trust her enough. You opened my eyes anon ,thank you.

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Yes, I would kill her old babies and replace them with my own. Its no secret that when a female see's dead babies she begins to ovulate, google it.

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You mean lazy.

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could be the new heroine in a thief game I guess

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indeed, Sanae is not a whore.
She's a slut.

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goddamnit /jp/ why do these pregnancy threads always give me boners

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Pregnant Touhous can not always take it easy...

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Forgive me, friend. I went to sleep. The doujin is

[Evo.R.B (Takayuki Hiyori)] Wanwano's Family Planning

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Please let this turn into a pregnant touhou thread.

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I don't have much, I really need to find more.

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Ew why? It makes them look fat. I'd sooner have a fat touhou thread since at least they won't just look bloated then.

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Calvary is here

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Well, I guess I'll try and explain for him. I find the idea of pregnant women erotic because to me, that's when they are their most feminine. Knowing the miracle of life is happening right inside the woman you love is an amazing thought. It's even better if it's yours because you made it together.

And it's different from fat because a fat person will be fat throughout their body. Their face may have multiple chins or their arms may be flabby or their ass might sag. But, with a pregnant woman, you don't have any of that. They just have a bulging belly, waiting to be rubbed.

This is how I see it, anyway. Hope it provides some insight.

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Miracle of life sucks and babies are stupid.

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I guess I can appreciate the subtly of why you like it.

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why is she so fuckhuge

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She's about to give birth to an entire stage worth of fairies.

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Large Fairy

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Mommy thread~

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Pregnant Moe~

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Can Rumia be a mommy too?


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Strong, independent pregnant Hermit who don't need no man.

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translate it, dude

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You know who would be terrible? Suika.

>> No.9995306


Care to explain why?

I bet she would be a very loving mother.

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Pregnant Kanako is so sexy~

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Would drink through pregnancy, too small and skinny; would probably have problems in childbirth.

>> No.9995334

The baby is an Oni. It will probably tear through her stomach coming out since her vagina is too small.

>> No.9995349


The baby is half-oni. Do you think some alcohol during its fetal period will in any way affect it?

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>> No.9995401


Why not? I bet she already gets her periods.

>> No.9995409

We're letting someone with the mentality of a child, coupled with being known for being one of the most that is in-touch with their youkai nature.

yeah no, have fun not getting eaten.

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I'm dressed up in my old gown, just like you wanted, sweetie. So, are you ready to marry mommy? Ufufufu.

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Dream come true!

>> No.9995427


youkai don't eat their children

>> No.9995634

Yeah but what about their husbands.

>> No.9995712

aww geez why is this so hot
I want to marry mommy too.

>> No.9995835

Oh they "eat" them alright.

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this thread is disgusting

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i love when you degrade me

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You're disgusting get out

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What disgusts you? The pregnant touhous, or fucking your own mommy?

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I bet Anonymous could make a good mother out of her.

>> No.9995882

We would just look worse in comparison.

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I have a favor, could you post all the expecting Suika you have? there's a particular one I had a long time ago but lost when someone delete my old Touhou folder

Even then it's hard to find pics of her like that anyway and I do like Suika so it works either way

>> No.9995911

And, my friend, is how milk and Tokiko were born.

>> No.9995922


I second that request, you can never have too much preggo Suika.

>> No.9995961

It's common for a mother to devour the father to provide nutrients for the young as they form.

If you truly loved your touhou and her toulings you would be more than willing to be absorbed.

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I am sorry to say that is all the expecting Suika I had on hand.
If I had more, I would gladly post it. But maybe someone else will have a few pics and be so kind as to post them.

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But all touhous are my favourite touhous...

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Danbooru is empty and I can't find jack on Pixiv either.

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You tried thanks

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Please stop this shit.

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You're the only one autistic enough to be bothered by it fuck off i'll post what I wan, don't like it? too bad fucking deal with it piece of shit

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I you're a retarded fuck who can't even properly save an image, don't bother posting at all.

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uuuuu kowai kowai!

>> No.9996292

He's not the only one, actually.

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>that look on Youmu's face

She knows it's just gonna be another mountain of work added to her chorsed while yuyuko goes off stuffing her face with random things/yokai.

Being youmu is suffering.

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Yeah not so much like Ran in full version of OP, maybe since their mistresses are so close they can offer to trade and double up on babysitting duties while the other doubles up on chores

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lol this kid talking big but now his stupid ass is posting actual images once he got called out i bet he didnt even realize it before how embarassing

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speaking of Nazrin

>> No.9996563


Nobody even cared except for a few trolls and asslords ruining what was shaping up to be a great thread, and then here's you also adding nothing to it but shitposting

>> No.9996569

but I don't want my toehoes to become loose fat cows, like every female after giving birth

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What are you talking about no one cares? Post the actual images and not previews, just because not everyone jumps on it doesnt mean it is not retarded or newfag.

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I wonder if Okuu's child would be born with a Yatagarasu as well.

>> No.9996617

Most touhous aren't human.

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Just because like 2 ( probably samefag ) pointed out that it was a preview doesn't make it retarded that it was saved, the preview is the actual image it makes no difference, For all you know the image file name was changed to "preview" just for fun, get over it bitch

>> No.9996634


please post that doujin of flan getting impregnated by hong pigling

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wouldnt she just lay an egg?

>> No.9996652
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Unless he's the dad, I wouldn't think so.

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File: 1.29 MB, 1033x1302, 1350680475461.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I don't have anything like that sorry bro

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Possibly. But the question still remains. Would the little Okuu that comes out of her or her egg have a Yatagarasu or not?

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learn how booru's work before you make yourself look like a fucking moron.
The previews came from Sankaku

>> No.9996689

Gods can divide without losing power. I guess the baby would have another nuclear fusion god.

>> No.9996725


Well I do.


>> No.9996739

I'm just getting a picture of a panda, is that normal?

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I don't care, it's funny with you arguing over something so trivial though shall I post another preview? will you grow more upset with that one too? I think I will, will you wait for it?

>> No.9996744



>> No.9996752


>> No.9996758

You got tricked.

>> No.9996765

>the preview is the actual image it makes no difference
Retards actually believe this.

>> No.9996770

Yatagarasu is a name of an individual or a 3 legged crow. Not a name used for the third leg. If you read the wiki you would know she attained power by swallowing the god Yatagarasu. SO your answer is NO.
BUT if you refer to her arm cannon I would say no as well, since it is a accessory.

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>> No.9996799

Nice photoshop you got there bro.

>> No.9996807

failure at reading comprehension turbonerd.
was commenting on the linked post's ignorance on how files are named on booru boards being a giveaway to where it came from.
You look even more the fool for not understanding that.

>> No.9996810

Flandere Scarlet?
Who's that?

>> No.9996829

Source on this?

>> No.9996830

I'm not referring to her arm cannon. I'm referring to the eye on her chest, which is proof of her power of Yatagarasu. Her third eye is essentially, Yatagarasu, or the essence of Yatagarasu at the very least. Also, her arm cannon IS her third leg.

>> No.9996854

Umbilical cord?

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Here's a thumbnail just for you ♥

let your rage boil over, cry to me I want to enjoy your tears your anger is amusing

>> No.9996888


Hot Custard.

I am not joking.

>> No.9996886


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No she would just drink and beat up the kid.

>> No.9996905


stop advertising your botnet please

>> No.9996918
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>> No.9996920
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>the preview is the actual image it makes no difference

You cannot unfail this. Back to Shitkaku or /a/ with you. This here is not the right place for you.

>> No.9996934
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“Look at me I'm acting like a retard on the internet. Everyone must be so mad. I'm such a clever troll.”
                        ->>9996868, genius extraordinaire, 2012

>> No.9996954
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Jokes on you I was only pretending

>> No.9997062

Your use of Kogasa makes me feel insulted. Don't associate her with shitflingers like the one you're quoting.

>> No.9997082
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"My little anon can't possibly be this mad"

>> No.9997861

Mom, are you drunk again?

>> No.9997906
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stop roleplaying retard

>> No.9997915

You can't stop me.

>> No.9997932

You don't want to marry your mommy?

>> No.9998134
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The baby won't survive the first night inside of her, let alone 9 months of being bombarded by booze. So it all works out in the end.

>> No.9998148

I'm sure Oni babbys can survive large doses of alcohol.

>> No.9998172


Oni are created/formed somehow so obviously it'd be no problem or she'd have the willpower to quit

>> No.9998233

Stop sexualizing touhous you sick fucks.

>> No.9998276
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impregnate everything

>> No.9998369

Honestly? No, not at all.

>> No.9998846 [SPOILER] 
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>> No.9998877

I'm positive that with Oni your baby will come out retarded if you don't drink.

>> No.9999027

I'm gonna have to ask for some sauce on that.

>> No.9999070 [SPOILER] 
File: 425 KB, 1022x1216, 14.99 plus tip.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9999085

I love you.

>> No.9999251

I wish I could punch you.

>> No.9999296

Well fuck you too, I found it myself.

It's just that single image, not a doujin.

>> No.10001956
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