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/jp/ is it just me or have things just gotten boring and old? NO good vns are coming out, video games are boring, I watched all the best anime from 1975 to now. there is just nothing fun anymore. Im even started watching real tv and watching the walking dead. there is just nothing magical any more. I wish there was some long good romance anime like they had in the good old days that would go on for 100 eps like maison or orange road. everything is short and there is not enough time to develop the characters. why is nobody really giving it there all on vn translations anymore? remember when there was always a good line up of vns coming out? Shouldn't translation projects be increasing? And why is everything going so slow and being wasting on not so exciting titles? Im just ranting but anybody feel like things are just not picking up and just boring? I mean things like Mahōtsukai no Yoru not going anywhere or all those tons of good old and new vns not being translated. most of the translators have been stuck on the same shit for months going nowhere.

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C'est la vie.

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In other blog-related posts, I just ate chocolate pudding. Very delicious.

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I mean there should be tons of the newer vns to translate, but why have things just slowed down when last year vn were releasing and projects were being picked up a lot faster? Did the vn scene die down?

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kill yourself

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Curse you and your lack of insulin resistance.

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How do you consume ALL of the good translated Japanese media out there and not have already learned the language?

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Also there was always R07 vns to look forward too. what is going on with rose gun days? why is no body talking about it? is the translation even almost done? And did it end or will be be continued? what has he been working on now? I just find it weird how there is no talk about rose gun days at all. Having a ro7 vn to look forward to each season was just another thing to look forward too.

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Sounds like you need to get laid OP.


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It seems more like you're depressed.

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If it was translated how would you learn the language? That makes no sense.

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People still dislike R07 after how Umineko turned out.

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Inability to enjoy old hobbies is a sign of depression, Anonymous.

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Also its not just how many vns we are getting, its the type. before we were getting a lot of heavy plot related vns and now all we are seeing are one or two good vns getting translated. basically I/0 and.. well i guess rewrite and buldar sky. everything else looks like a average moege. arent there more plot heavy games people could be picking up? sadly Mahōtsukai no Yoru and blad are going nowhere. So all we really have to look forward too that wont be such a bore will be I/0. I mean there has to be penalty of other vns, new and old that aren't really moege but have a much deeper plot that could be getting translated. basically what im trying to get at is there is nothing to look forward to... the future looks boring.

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I feel the same way. I have developed very high standards of media, and I've consumed almost everything that is worthwhile in my sphere. Anything that I haven't played yet is because of language barrier or that I don't have enough money for the newer consoles as I am not in possession of them anymore. Even then, it's less than a dozen games spanning over the last 10 years. I've played everything else that I've wanted to play. Watched everything that I've wanted to watch. Music will always present something new, but it's more of a passive, background thing that isn't mandatory.

I estimate that if I knew Japanese and had sufficient money, I would finish all of those things within two weeks. Then I would truly be done with everything. All I do now is refresh /jp/ and other lesser known boards 18 hours a day.

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Man, I don't even know what depression means anymore.

I used to think it's feeling sad but the more I read about it the more it seems like it's anything but feeling sad.

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Maybe because it takes work to translate a VN?
Many people just don't like put in that work for no apparent reason other than e-peen stroking.

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All of these problems could be solved if you just learned the language you whiny faggot.

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>I have developed very high standards of media

That paired with the rest of your post makes you look ridiculous.

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Why do you say that?

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Because the rest of the post goes on about how you/he is basically missing out on the high quality works due to language barrier or lack of required technology.

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have you considered that all the untranslated stuff is untranslated for a reason

people usually pick up only the most worthwhile things to translate, so it's kind of like a quality filter

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Keep telling yourself that, I'm sure it'll be true if you believe hard enough.

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Chances are, they aren't any good, though. It's just there is no way of knowing for sure.

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Im taking pills for that, dont worry. im just getting sacred because a big part of my life is looking forward to vns and im afraid of the boring line up of things getting translated. I hope after rewrite ixerc will do more complex but shorter games to look forward too. snice we are still getting vns from 2001 and such, is there a lot of newer heavy plot related games to translate still? I hope the translation line up will get better soon so i have something to look forward to again.. >>9993022
But nobody here read rose gun days in Japanese at all or are interested just a bit on whats going on with it? why haven't they said anything about how much is translated, hell i cant even find a iso for it. it was never posted on /jp/ during the con. When is he releasing another vn? any news at all? hasn't it been a long time since rose gun days? how long is it and why is wtichhunt still working on it?

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I don't have to play a video game to know whether or not I will like it. Same thing with anything else. I already know ahead of time what I want.

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It's really not.

What gets translated is mostly a popularity contest.

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I don't have to read a book to know if I like it, I can just tell based on the cover.

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OP you should learn a better language like Korean, and then you will have better things to do as hobbies.

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You're just depressed, I don't care if you're on pills for it because they never work.

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That's valid, but that doesn't make your standards necessarily any higher or lower, just more specific.

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not really

it's more like popular things AND cult things (which only got a following via being something special)

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I hope not because im afraid of them running out of good vns too translate, the translation line up has been worrying me. there are less epic vns on the list, is that because there are less vns or that the translators are behind/slowing down? Why is there no new blood in the translation scene? I mean we are losing people and people are getting slower... we need new blood to keep it going. Shouldn't it be gett larger? nit slowing down?

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Why aren't you translating then?

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It's a ton of work and it's unpaid and almost entirely thankless. If I knew Japanese I wouldn't translate shit for any of you faggots.

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These type of people never really liked VNs, video games, or anime. They enjoyed these things because the cool kids played video games in high school, the 3DPD DISREGARD BITCHES types in 4chan watch anime and the truneets in /jp/ play VNs.

You've run out of cool kids to aspire to be OP.

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Books are different. There's a reason I don't read them. They have no audiovisual properties.

I suppose so. You can say that about anybody's standards though. The more specific, the more narrow. I still feel like people can generally tell what a high quality product is, regardless of whether or not they enjoy it, for instance.

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>Books are different. There's a reason I don't read them. They have no audiovisual properties.
So you're just ADD?

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I mean dont you people feel the same way? before we always had somerthing to look forward too, being RO7 which you guys dont even talk about and a good line up of vns always almost coming out. now that the vn translations are going slow as fuck and i dont even know the news on RO7, things are just really getting boring. I just dont know what to do with myself. I cant get myself to beat the first route in duel savior though... Is it just me or is the game just too... plain? or does it get deeper and the plot thickens? I hear berio is the worse route so does it get better or does it stay cliche mediocre ?

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Only good for watching Corean movies without subtitles, doing Taekwondo, and eating kimchi.

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Perhaps you should develop your imagination a bit.

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All those Innocent Grey titles, all those Liar/rail-Soft titles, yeah, sure are the best of both the pop and cult titles being translated. How would you even know whether only the good titles get translated if you can't read them?

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I want to learn Korean but that website TTMIK links to for learning Hangeul has been down for days.


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No, I just like looking at pretty pictures and listening to pleasant sounds over reading text. Visual novels are fine because they are enhanced by those elements. If I like the visuals and audio, I'd still have to get an idea of how the writing is by examining details. There are multiple ways of doing that, but it doesn't take a very long time. It's no problem because very few VNs actually satisfy my standards, even before I look at the writing.

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I wouldn't say they NEVER work, it's just very difficult to find the ones that may work for you. Also depends on if the depression is caused majorly by internal (chemical imbalance bullshit) or external (emotional, things that may be reasoned with) factors.

And of course, having others things that have the potential to make you happy helps radically, for either kind.

OP, just take it easy. I used to (and sometimes still do) have this really tense, always rushing feeling to consume media. But if you just stop, pay more attention to that music you're listening to, think, observe, meditate,, whatever, it draws everything out and you can be at peace. If you're tired of a medium, explore another. There's almost always something potentially really fun that you may have missed.

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You're imagining things. Translations were never pumped out like a Nike in a Chinese sweatshop, you simply had a large backlog to look forward to when you started reading. You got everything in one go, the new and the old, and now that you've exhausted it you see the reality of the situation.

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What, i fucking watched every single anime from 1970 to now, i played all the translated vns, i read tons of good manga where i have to wait for now... I wish there was more anime like maison,orange road,etc they were really good things to get caught up in.. sadly Japanese dont like romance anymore or a underdog who lives in a dirty apartment..

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Damn. I'm sorry, that must suck.

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But you don't know how the writing is, only how the translator has decided to adapt the writing.

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That you for your consolation in this dark time.

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Is it fun, anyone?

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You still haven't told anyone why you haven't bothered to learn the language so much of your entertainment is written and spoken in.

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they do work, i was a nervous wreck and crying all the time/feeling dizzy and now im almost normal. dont go telling people that.

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Good point. I can give you that. However, the incentive to take on the translation of a game for nothing in return would probably have to be backed by honest passion and wanting to deliver only the best for everyone that doesn't know the language. It's not the same with anime/manga, where it takes a few hours to translate and get it out there just so you could get your translation team's dick sucked by fans of anime who don't know Japanese or something. Not going to say that even VN translation is given a lot of love and attention, but I like to believe that it's the case more often than not. I'll eventually learn Japanese, though. One of these days.

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You can't learn japanese.

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Maybe for you. I haven't played any real games in YEARS! The last console game I played was starwars battlefront 2 for the ps2 (besides the silly ds games I get occasionally). I want to play newer titles so badly! Then there is learning Japanese for untranslated stuff.

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because im lazy and Japanese is hard? guys just tell me, Are there still tons of interesting "plot" related vns still left to be translated? not things like moege or just picking a girl and go into her route to romance her. It can have that but i mean things with a over arching deep grand plot wit different settings. like aree there a lot of good detective,mystery,scifi,horror,etc , etc vns left? and a lot of them? I just want to know if the line up is because of good things running out or its just the whole translation scene picking moege and simple vns with just plain romance with no other hidden or grand themes.

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but reallt does anybody here have any idea what going on with R07? what is he doing now? And what is going on with the translation of gun days? Is it a series or a one shot? anybody read it?

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Because most of it's voiced.

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So you would pick up random words. That's hardly learning a language. You wouldn't be able to string together a sentence, even ignoring the fact you have no knowledge of grammar.

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it worked for me when i was a baby

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Old copypasta.

Move on people.

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That's something only babies can do.

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It helps with vocabulary which greatly speeds things up.

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you need to come to terms with it OP, your life is now over.
Congratulations I suppose. You've already done whatever it was you were born to do, even if you haven't noticed it. The rest of your life is the same as a wandering period you'd be allowed, to just explore and have zero plot progression in a videogame. You're finished.

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You won't learn a language on vocabulary alone. Just look at all the Latin words in English. Do you think everyone who speaks English therefore knows Latin?

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Do you understand the meaning of the word 'help'?

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You said it helps with vocabulary, like that's actually important.

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That's kind of the main thing.

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w/r/t actual tv shows, watch good ones like:
Breaking Bad
Mad Men