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Which one would you choose, /jp/?

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Are those the only two choices?

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Yes. Choose now before they lose interest.

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That's just how I roll.

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I'll have to go with Eirin on this.
Know that it was a very difficult choice, however, and they were neck and neck.

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I guess Yukari because I like her hair better.

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I'd have to take Lady Yukari or she'd gap me somewhere unpleasant.

Such is life living under a mistress.

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The one that makes me immortal

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Eirin is a Lady!

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Fuck I forgot about that. I'll change my selection from Yukari to Eirin.

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Couldn't Yukari mess with the gap between life and death and make you immortal as well?

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Eirin with either make you immortal or kill you earlier through medical experimentation.

Yukari will boss you around a lot, but do everything in her power to protect you.

Choices, Choices.

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Eirin is a woman!

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Does it work that way? I always thought her only power was having portals.

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yukari is younger

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An improved Yukari might be OK.

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You'll still age. If you like yukari that much you can always go hook up with her after becoming immortal

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Intercourse with Eirin!

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Yukari, like her clothing better built in maid and kid not to mention I do not like pills going up my ass and wouldn't want to deal with the smell of rodent piss and little turds all over the place.

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That sounds kinda mean to Eirin.

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Yukari. She has the second strongest cleavage after Komachi.

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forgot to add gap fun, and personality. We could go troll the Reimu.

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Fuck her. You're immortal now.

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Yeah, just throw her on the floor and be like "I got what I came for and now I'm going to that hot blond chick with the gaps. Peace!"

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Neither. I'm not into shitty old hags.

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A woman's heart is fragile, Anonymous!
Eirin is a beautiful lady with emotions and feelings, don't just play with her love like that!
You wouldn't want to break her heart.

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She'll get over it. She has plenty of time to do so.

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tewi is canonically well over a thousand years old
nowhere near as elderly as eirin or yukari but still, old as fuck

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Where's kanako?

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Easily Eirin.

Eirin's my second favourite right after Udonge.

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Can't I have both? I love them too much to pick a favourite!

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What a stupid thing to say. All the Touhous are pretty old, so we're obviously judging their "age" by how their body looks.

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yukari of course

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Yukari in this life.
Yukari in the afterlife.
Yukari in my previous life.

Mind and body, I'm all hers.

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Why not both.

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Who the fuck do you think you are?

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my life is for Yakumo-sama

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A master of space and time.

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Yukari. She's suspicious, but Eirin is an outright bitch.

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Yukari's big old lady ass is a cosmic miracle

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Why is Eirin wearing a lewd lacy bra?

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It's not lacy. It's torn because her lady assets are too big for it!

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Yukari has benefits

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Look at the top, that part is lacy. I bet that middle part is lace too.

What a lewd woman, showing off the inner side of her breasts like that.

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Eirin has benefits too!

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Yukari has a cuter hat.

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There is nothing wrong with wearing fancy underwear to feel more sexy, /jp/.
Issues only arise when you take into consideration of how ones shows it off or who is seeing it.

Eirin is a grown woman! She has the right to wear fancy underwear like the less developed Touhous have the right to wear cute underwear.

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Eirin's shady hitbox

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Sexy underwear!

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The one that would love me, in sickness or in health, in prosperity or poverty. The one that could see into my soul, and open hers to mine.

The one that I would love, and that would love me.

Fuck your shitposting, OP. Bad day for it.

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Sounds like you want the yama.

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But he's BR

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>Which one would you choose, /jp/?
>Which one
Why do you do this to me?

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Those laces on top are cute! They are not lewd!

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I want to go in her gap

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Always room for some more eyes and hands.

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Yukari would flash you her breasts and then run away giggling

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yukari can make you a pedo
you know with the boundaries manipulation ability

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>Gap away giggling

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Eirin. This isn't even a contest.

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Stay away from mistress...

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Women in Gensokyo age like the finest wine.

I like both but Eirin really needs more love. They're both potentially pretty dangerous to be around though.


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I don't even want the mistress, just the servant.

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What would it take to separate Ran from Yukari?

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A lot of talk with both of them.

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is this maplestory

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I have a feeling Ran would be one of those servants that goes "I don't serve you, I serve the lady" if you ever ask her to do something even if you do get married to Yukari.

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yukari could order her to do whatever you say

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Take Chen then.

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But then she'd do it with a shitty attitude and probably spit in your coffee.

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Are you referring to the picture? I don't know, I saved it because I thought it was cute.

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are you my mommy?

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then you'd tell yukari and she would beat ran with her umbrella

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If you're enough of a dick to piss Ran off you probably deserve it tbh. She's nice, even to humans.

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sure..let me fuck you instead lady

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Then there would be even more bad blood between us. It's going to take Yukari getting kidnapped to get us to team up and slowly become friends in the process.

In the end it will turn out that Yukari was never kidnapped and she only pretended she was to make us have a common cause for something and learn to like each other or something.

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Post the Ellen DeGeneres one.

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of course honey. I'm making dinner. do you prefer eating in or out?

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Ellen? Hmmm? Who's Ellen? Does my little baby boy have a girlfriend, now? That's so cute!

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Eating you out.

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Eating... in or out... huh. I think I see what she's getting at.

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You're fucking weird mom, I'll come home to eat when you decide to wear clothes.

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Take your time coming back, man.

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We are going to need to have an intervention.

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I agree.

An intervention. With my penis.

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are you going to try to pick up a girlfriend?
you know, mommy makes a good girlfriend too

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Mother please.

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Stop this mama Ran shit. She is a youthful and non-saggy woman.

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Mom's can be youthful! Mine was only 20 when she had me~

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God, I would fill Ran's squishy milf pussy full of my thick buttery dick sauce.

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Mine was 22 (´ー`)

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Please don't talk about mothers while posting erotic images.

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Mommy has urges too, you know

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No such thing.

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Kemoners go home!

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Touche' but depending on some theologies and studies it's believed she was a prostitute before getting married to Joseph and many other people claim she had children after Jesus

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All mom threads end up in Ran threads.

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Ran is the nicest mama.

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Already a seasoned prostitute by 15 years old? That's fast.

Then again, that's what the jews say anyway. And you should know that jews are not to be believed, goyim.

Or ShindoL. I heard he made a doujin about the virgin mary being an overslut

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Is Mamizou a mama? Or a grandma? Maybe that Kyouko is her granddaughter?

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>All the Touhous are pretty old
Reimu isn’t

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Mamizou is normally pictured as an auntie/grandma type with saggy breasts.

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Mamizou a shit.

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She always felt more like an aunt type that anything. The one that's always sitting on the porch drinking and laughing at people that walk by.