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who do you like more
/jp/ or your mom?

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My mom

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that ran is 10/10 wud fugg

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/jp/ is my mom

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If it came down to /jp/ or my mom

I'd choose my mom

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my mom

/jp/ a shit

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Moms always come first.

You should have asked about /jp/ vs Touhou.

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Translate it, weeaboo.

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no /jp/ no life

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no mom, no life

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no mom, no basement

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Dr. Pepper

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my mom

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I love my momma.

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if you really love your mom you wouldn't like touhou

checkmate atheists

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My mom is the only one who support me

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why does /jp/love mother figures so much?

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Your mom.

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because oedipus

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I would choose /jp/, but only because my mom doesn't love me and married my stepdad instead.
I hate her.

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Because they don't have fathers.

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She should've had that abortion you ungreatful faggot, she carried you uncomfortably for 10 long months endured back pain, swollen feet, and a stretched vagina for you useless ass show some respect

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Not like asked for it or had a choice in the matter.

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btw i'm a girl

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it'll kill me if i don't know who's the dad.
therfore who is the dad.

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Will you have sex with me

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You shouldn't have expected your mother to marry you.

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I'm so jealous of people who still have a mommy. Can one of you share yours? I could be your brother.

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"help i'm getting attention" le feminism

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>You are the number one reason women are so rare on the itnernet
>At least, the parts of it you frequent
Good. If /jp/ were even 10% female, I'd have no choice but to kill myself.

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Women are inherently different to me though

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look how fucking stupid this comic is. women probably think that's humorous. fucking morons.

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It might be considered offensive adding them.

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I know, right?
The chick doesn't even have boobs.

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Of course he has a fedora.

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That part really stood out to me. I don't think the writer of this comic would be that stupid, which means there are very high levels of irony in that comic. At least I hope.

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It's a recurring character.
The author distinguishes them with hats because he can't draw faces.

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no u

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op's mom

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My mom, though I like /jp/ very much.

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why is this furryshit still here??

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The author is also being sexist by assuming that while men can deal with being made fun of on the internet women will be completely shaken by it and leave immediately.

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The fedora guy is the author's stand-in. That's why he's always right and gets away with everything asshole-ish he does.

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My mom is pretty nice, she doesn't care that I'm a NEET and is very enabling.

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yes shes pretty nice dude

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It's not sexist if it is natural. Women avoid conflict because they are weak and it is better to run away if you can not defend yourself and your egg. Men on the other hand gain privilege if they put themselves at risk, because it is our burden to do everything for women.

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"Being made fun of" is a little different than "constant harassment".

Nobody bats an eye at a guy playing, and I can understand a woman getting tired of people constantly getting on her case and getting fed up and leaving.

Rather than getting "completely shaken" from one taunt.

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feminists pls go

btw deleting thread

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It's funny because a guy wouldn't leave due to his mentality of attracting as many women as possible. Fucking liberals, learn to nature.

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mom knows best

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Wow he actully did it