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Because he's an ERO ARTIST™

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The girls seem to have lots of fun

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smug isn't very erotic

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>you will never be a rustle girl

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Girls that young can't even have orgasms. Pedophile nonsense.

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Why is it called RUSTLE?

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who u le quot?

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If only horrible bugs were all cute girls...

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cute not pedo

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Because he traced them from real CP.
Think of the real children being hurt as he uses them as his source of clothings and facial expressions.
Utterly disgusting and there he is trying to deny them.

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Traced or not it's still hot. Deal with it nerd.

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Trace CP in HELL Rustle rustle

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Is the floor also traced?

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Everything is traced

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Rustle is a pretty shitty artist but at least provide some proof of him tracing.

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Liek ur mom

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Stop trying to get people vanned

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It wouldn't be a silly rumour if there was proof, that'd be no fun.

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i traced ur mom fagboi

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>Exhentai search
>found: 0

Welp. Source please

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Artist is called da hootch

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Are you le retarded?

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You had enough clues to find it yourself on ExHentai.


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And yet you go ahead and spoonfeed him.

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Well partly because if he can access ExHentai he's already worth helping, and partly because its a fuck-you to >>9981626

Forgot to mention, don't bother file searching cropped images or any edited monochrome images. They won't work. It's not quite as magic as Google Image Search.

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>if he can access ExHentai he's already worth helping

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How did your date go Tokiko?

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it is not true it is not true it is not true............

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I think he's ready for the portal soon.

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psst did you guys hear.. he traces real CP

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> sameface
> everyone has a smug look
> "mature" girls
> "i'm so old xD" references all over the place
> weird as fuck stories

yeah, nah. fuck rustle

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epic greentext br/a/h

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guys he photographs himself fucking little girls and traces them

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brb DLing

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Rustle lolis are bodyswapped adult megasluts. You could as well be fapping to standard western porn.

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my dick is trembling

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Fuck you, retard. They can.

Also, I love Rustle's art, but... his lolis are just too... They don't behave like real children at all. What a turn off.

Higashiyama Shou is WAY better in my opinion. And he draws really cool anuses, seriously. You guys should read the one where a guy fucks his sister. It's called... hmmm... let's see... Ah. "I know you know", by Higashiyama Shou.

Read that shit!

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downloading now

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You won't regret it. It's an easy-to-watch art style but with lots of details, something really weird~

I just discovered this guy, so I have only read 3 of them. The second one was called "Addiction" IIRC. Lewd as fuck even for me. Also, Tiny Tina. This one reminded me of Rustle's sluts.

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lowteen complex is pretty realistic, but it's about a preteen not a loli

see here

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But Rustle IS a little girl.

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>starts with sleep rape

fuck my dicks gonna pop! and you're telling me it gets more lewd than this?!

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I've always liked Naoshi better than Shou, personally.

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Western porn doesn't include little girls and boys.

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how do I build up more exhentai credits?

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Play their shitty ponyfag game or upload stuff yourself. I wish exhentai didn't exist and some other place hosted all the stuff that wasn't run by a bunch of imbecilic retards.

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eh, I guess I'll keep choking their servers with my userscript then

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This thread reeks of /a/ jesus fucking christ.

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I didn't know him. I doubt he draws better assholes, though.

Can you recommend me his best work or something? I'm interested.

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Because of a single brainwashed moralfag? Nah.

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Dude, their server is shitty and overloaded as it is.
Install one of those paging extensions, let all images load and just save the html, that's what I used to do.

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this userscript does esentially that. I need to be doing like 3 simultaneous galleries for me to get warning messages though

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I finished it. Was the preteen roleplaying all along or was the rape a real rape? It's like a catbox!

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The Three Question Marks and most chapters of Garden of Earthly Desires are hot as hell.

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More because of meme arrows and shit quality posts in general

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Gotcha! I'll try those.

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entry level plebeian shit

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downloaded a bunch of suggested manga from this thread and loaded them onto my tablet, I have some candles lit in the other room and a roll of paper towel. I'll be back to tell you how I went.

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>loaded them onto my tablet
enjoy your prison

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A giant bunch of doujins from Higashiyama-sensei. The sendspace link is the only one working, it seems.

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Sorry people, but could you post links?

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I'm confused. Are there more collections like that one? I mean, the sleeping loli one wasn't there, so it must be in some other volume.

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The fuck is wrong with Higashiyama's works? Are they being published in giant volumes or something? I can barely read the text on my screen, and it only happens with his doujins. It's like the pages are bigger than usual.

Why is that?

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/jp/ - pedophile culture

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>drawing is the same as fucking children

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Stop abusing greentext.

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>I don't have a stable argument so I'll just go for a low blow

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stop shitposting

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who are you quoting?

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stop advocating /a/b/v/ behavior, /a/b/v/-san

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I was quoting you an rephrasing it, not hard to understand

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Just stop.
Greentexting is used for quoting.

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That's not how the quoting function works. If you want to use your meme-arrows, I suggest you go back to whatever shithole board you came from.

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but I was quoting you shitfucks

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You wasn't quoting anyone you retard.

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No you weren't, the caracter `>' is used to quote literally.

>> No.9982429

quoting != paraphrasing

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I'd rather advocate that than autistic behavior, /jp/-chan.

I would like to argue with you, but then I would get sucked into the meta-trolling that /jp/ has become

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/jp/ IS autistic behavior, nerdboy. Don't like it? Go back to >>>/a/.

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So you came on this board just so you can act like a "rebel"?

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>>9982464-san is right. /jp/ is a collective cyber conciousness network. You should get out if you aren't part of it.

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Who are you quoting?

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Autistic is fine, but autism combined with reddit tier shit posting OMG WHO ARE YOU QUOTING XDDDD LEL is not or DON'T MISUSE QUOTE FUNCTIONS HRRH DRR


No, I came here so that I can read threads about otaku culture and NEET.

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Then stop misusing greentext.
Why do you do it?
If you go to other boards don't act like a shithead /v/ermin.

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When in Rome, do as the Romans do or in other words stop bringing your shitty, degenerate board culture and customs to other boards when you decide to crossboard.

>> No.9982556

Oh and sage is not a downvote, it's to not bump a thread with shitposting.
And stop with the ironic shitposting it's annoying and /v/ stuff.
There now you can browse /jp/ without being a retard.

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Just stop this shit, guys. Yes, lolicons are pedophiles. No, pedophile doesn't mean what the average folk thinks it means. It's not bad by any means.


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What's your opinion on the abusing of the quoting function?

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no one gives a shit enjoy ur autism

>> No.9982696

hello >>9982536-kun

Now get out.

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If you are a man who likes yaoi, you are gay. If you like lolicon, you are a pedophile.

You can absolutely loathe 3D. The fact that you are sexually attracted to children is what makes you a pedophile.

Just because 99% of the world are brainwashed normalfags who get upset by pedophiles and think pedophile means "child molester" doesn't mean you should go around justifying yourself because you choose "not to identify" as a pedophile. It's just as ridiculous as https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Men_who_have_sex_with_men

It's a recent phenomenon, but the term I've seen used in a couple of scientific articles is "cartoon pedophilia", and lolicon is described as "simulated child pornography" or "virtual child pornography". It's a subset. Imagine if you said you were a man but you "weren't a human being", because the majority of the human race is female and you hate females.

Hell, why are you faggots drawing a line between "2D pedophile" and "3D pedophile"? Most people in /jp/ hate "3DPD" women and claim to only like 3D (I call BS, but whatever). That DOES NOT mean they aren't heterosexuals! It's just retarded! Are you going to draw a line between "2D heterosexuals" and "3D heterosexuals"? And the same shit with homos?

Well, do as you please, but do it with everything, not just with pedophiles.

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>claim to only like 3D

You do mean 2D right?

>> No.9982707

That's a kopipe.

>> No.9982708

I'm a 2d bisexual, i'm a "man who has sex with drawings", i am here, i exist, deal with it.

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>autists whining about the misuse of the quoting function (I am quoting the situation, you dumb fucks (in case anyone comes asking "Who R U quoting?"))
You are trying too hard. Please stop it.

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but that's not me

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Who are you quoting >>9982536-kun?

>> No.9982725

Stop abusing the quote function.

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>I am quoting the situation

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Yes, sorry for the mistake.

So... You like... What. You like both men and women but ONLY in drawings?

Well, at least you don't go around telling everyone in /jp/ about how you aren't a real bisexual or some shit like that. I respect you.

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We've got some epic meme arrow trolls in today.

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Back to 4chan with your "meta-memes XDDD", please. Also, you people who deliberately misuse the quoting just to annoy, you can also leave.

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WOW dude epic trolls man

>> No.9982755

>back to 4chan
I also hate 4chan, but... we are in 4chan already.

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fucking EPIC image dude, HIGH FIVE

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that pic odens't even make sense
i don't get it
>i don't get it
i'm quoting the
>i don't get it above
What the fuck is that picture? Why is there?
Im so confused.
Seriously, what the hell
Don't understand
what htis is supposed to convey
who is it making fun of?
Where is it from?
I guess i'll never get an answer to this enigma.
Oh, well.

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dude what are you quoting man is it something intresting dude
what are you quoting dude

>> No.9982763

What is an "image dude"?

>> No.9982767

btw im a girl

>> No.9982769

I'm quoting myself
no, seriously
not trolling
am quoting my own posts
lke this
>lke this
am i amusing in doing so? I hope, i hope i amused you.

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I liked the memes when they were memes. Now they are so mainstream and shitty that I feel fucking retarded every time see one. I don't like them anymore.

It's like when your girlfriend gets raped by a pack of niggas and you don't like her anymore. Exactly the same.

>> No.9982778

it's like reading my own mind
>it's like reading my own mind
this is so EPIC

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Well, the way I see it, the issue you are addressing is establishing a common ground. A singular general interpretation that everyone can agree with.

There are people who like only fictional characters and despise real people.
There are people who are into fictional people and into real people as well.
There are people who despise fictional people but like real people.

The reasons behind them can be any number of things, but the point is you are trying to use an umbrella term to describe two different kind of people here. It obviously can't be as simple as: If you like fictional, you like real and vice versa.

Yes the majority of people fall into the middle category (liking both real and fictional people) but not everyone does for a variety of reasons.

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Are you saying that a faggot won't get hard at gay porn?
2d is created as simulation of 3d, a perfect and nicer simulation, but a simulacrum none the less.

>> No.9982830

Moral police and shitposting.
All in one thread.