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The cutest little arsonist.

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Murdering bitch.

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One of her spellcards is about burning temples

so yeah

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this suddenly makes a lot more sense

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Sometimes you just have to burn down heretics, when you're THIS radical.

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Futo X Varg OTP

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Since I didn't want to start my own thread, I'll just hijack this one.

Why does Futo still willingly work with Tojiko?

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Because they don't dislike each other.

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Best taoist deal with it

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She's okay, her theme isn't that great though

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>her theme isn't that great though

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That's the most truthful statement thing I've heard all day

And I hate you for it

In all seriousness, Dream Palace is leagues ahead of Legend of the Great Gods, so that's one arrow in Tojiko's quiver, at least

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>one arrow in Tojiko's quiver
oh ho ho ho ho, good one.

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Mad dogs get put down.

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Is she gonna shoot Futo?

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Yeah but Futo just reverts back into a plate

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she sure does

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This isn't one of those "Tojiko and Futo fight for Miko's attention" things, is it?

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I like ao's baggy eyed ghosts.

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Best taoist.

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I'm not one to follow the Touhou series/franchise. But curious, do characters actually die?

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Danmaku is nonlethal, the worst that happens are some bruises and cut up clothing.

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Excuse me, Aozora, but what the fuck are you doing?

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The cutest little arsonist.

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Radical Futo is the only Futo in my Gensokyo
I would kill a man to take a ride on her boat.

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>Cringe before my flame!

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Another question would be for the details of those pages.

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As in the source? g-e or ex will give you the doujin right away.

Sounds dangerous, anon.

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What does it feel like when you force you're tongue into Futo's delicate vajayjay

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but she's a plate, anon

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No, her soul is in a plate or something. Futo is Futo.

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can you impregnate her?

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I wonder if the objects the Taoists bound their souls to are treasured by them? Are they still apart of them? Are they erogenous zones?

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>Are they erogenous zones?

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You can, but you shouldn't.

>I wonder if the objects the Taoists bound their souls to are treasured by them?
>Are they still apart of them?
>Are they erogenous zones?
No. That's dumb. Futo's soul thinger's a plate; how would that even work?

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Marisa was really cool in this one.

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>Futo's soul thinger's a plate; how would that even work?

You wouldn't want to trace your finger slowly across the rim of her plate, as she squirms in her seat?

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I'd rather eat a full course dinner on it, and then lick it clean afterwards.

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Impregnating Futo would be paradise for me. I would take responsibility obviously. We would raise lively Daoist children together

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I'd caress Miko's sword.

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Like run your fingers over the tip? Or would you slowly draw the blade?

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Oh no, I get it, but...stimulating Futo by messing with a plate is just weird. It's not like Youmu and Myon, where they're both animated and stuff...it's just a plate.

And Futo probably wouldn't want you touching it anyway. That's her soul, maybe.

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I'd need a steel ingot for the things I'd do to that blade...if you know w-what I mean

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I like to think that when Miko transforms into her second form, she preludes it by stabbing herself through the chest with that sword.

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It's not weird, it makes sense, in order to become shikaisen, the Taoists bound their souls into the items, so it's perfectly reasonable a part of them still resides in the item of their choice.

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>she preludes it by stabbing herself through the chest with that sword.
Why would you think that?!

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But it's a plate! It doesn't feel anything.
Why a plate, anyway?

What? Like...she reunites her soul with it's body which causes her to turn into the big bad final boss. Somehow.
Like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nKuVqI8Ow1w&t=2m13s

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I bet futo will be a playable character in the next shooting game. It happened with sakuya, youmu and sanae.

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Yes and Mima will return in Touhou 14.

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she fits the criteria

>Stage 5

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Futo's popular?

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>Why a plate, anyway?

Why did Miko choose a sword? Who knows.

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Didn't she get like 18th on the popularity poll?

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Well that's a legendary super sword, right? What's so great about Futo's plate?

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It's no doubt special to her somehow.
I bet if you smashed it she'd cry.

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You can throw it to the ground and shatter it, just like a real plate.

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It doesn't matter whether the objects special or mundane. Plates, cups, bamboo shoots. All good. After the ritual completes, I doubt they have any connection to the object.

If anything, a flashier item would be more likely to be stolen.

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Well, for sure, but...
What's she see in it?

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>I bet if you smashed it she'd cry.

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She lost her virginity to it.

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I bet if you pulled her by her hair, she would cry.

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But that's mean

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So is kicking her in the stomach.

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Nobody wants to kick Futo in the stomach, or any other body part for that matter.

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You're right, punching her in the face is more popular.

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Would you really punch this face? Wouldn't you rather introduce her to the wonders of the modern world?

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Eh...she's cute, so there's probably some bastard who does.

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Seems pretty easy to do, she's totally open.

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I'd punch her in the face because she is cute.
If I was a cute girl I would love to be abused too.

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miko looking a little chubby there

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How long can an immortal person burn for?

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I hope you aren't wondering about that, anon, because burning Taoists is not a-okay.

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Why not? She's fine with burning other people alive.

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I'm sure that temple she burned down was empty anyway.

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She probably thought so too, until the screaming started.

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But those are dirty Buddhists, hardly people.

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Don't burn Futo. Futo is not to be burned.

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Mix up the offering to baby jesus!

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why did you have to remind me all the lewd TD doujins are terrible.

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We'll have to test that, with fire.

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Then she freaked out and started shoveling people out, right?

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Cute image dude.

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No we won't! Burning of Futo is forbidden!

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Please don't post as much as you do.

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So much godly essence~♥

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Do you think Futo has any hard feelings toward Youmu?

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Miko made her do it

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For what?

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F: Aye, and? What wouldst thou do?
Y: Defeat those who rebel against the natural order and return them to the ground!

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i have some hard feelings toward youmu, if you know what i mean

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I dunno. Futo doesn't seem too have made a very good impression on the Taoists all in all.

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Thats a pretty brutal scar, I wonder how she survived that injury without it taking an eye.

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It's just a costume. Apparently a very convincing one.

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Oh, I get it now I'm sorry I somehow didn't understand the image.

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No Tojiko, that's cheating!

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Since Komachi is a Shinigami, Tojiko does all her best to help her friend avoid being taken to Yama's judgement

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If Komachi didn't make it, we have Kishin. Fret not, reapers!

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Is there any translation?
I would like to read it... but I don't understand moonrunes ;__;

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Everything that guy does is chubby. Not that it's a bad thing.

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Found the source. Although can't understand moonrune. Someone explain in why she did what she did.

Also Even the plate was shot through, would that spell death for her to have her soul bound to the plate that was just damaged?

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You didn't notice the change in her eyes?

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They haven't even started. She should save the crying for later.

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I'm sure it's just a trick and she'll turn the tables in a second.