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I hate Flan so fucking much.

So fucking much.

And all of you as well!

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Flan will always love you

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Flan will always love you

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Can you make gif??

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Why is she flying when she can drive?

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Hello friends. Another day well spent waiting for the flanfly thread...

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I will always hate her.

And you as well!

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What anime is Flanfly from?

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If you give me a transparent flan

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One Piece

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It's ok, we've got more where that came from

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Why is she riding a bike when she can fly?

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get with the times

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truly we are living in the year 20XX

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Why is she running when she has Meiling to do that menial shit for her?

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Because chasing Flan is fun for her!

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mother i love you god i love you i wish i could make you understand its so hard sometimes but i think that it will be ok because somehow i just love you so much mom please

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why not?

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Because she's not licensed. And she can't reach the pedals.

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Despite being Flan fan I still should really ask this, Is flanfly thread really a thread posted by someone? It's like there's a script in /jp/ board that creates flanfly thread everyday, very susceptible.

But if not, I'd like to knowing what the culprit intention for creating this thread every fucking day.

There are many better ways to presenting Flan, like posting doujin works related to flan like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xOz-T3NPtLA or something similar to that. I hope in the future that all Touhou fan that are not a nihon-jin can spread Touhou by doing something creative, not like this repetitious flanfly thread posting.

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Today I fapped to that that guy who fapped to Flan.

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Never stop.

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Yea, I had another awesome hate fap to Flan.

It was amazing. I hope your fap was just as amazing.

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Where is my bladder leak and pantsu munch??

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It's no good unless you do the whole sequence!

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Yeah, but those 2 are my favorites among them.

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Has he assigned text to the one where she's nibbling a white carrot?

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I like the Flan with the wiener.

I imagine squeezing and sucking on a big bratwurst until it fires its meaty juices all over her, then fap like crazy.

Like how I'm about to fap.

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Which movie is this?

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le watta fug man

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I fapped to Flan today

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Never stop.

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Any community that gets its laughs by pretending to be idiots will eventually be flooded by actual idiots who mistakenly believe that they're in good company.

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I feel like I am in good company, but I could be mistaken

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I always misread this as "mother of god I love you..."

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arsefuck Maria

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worst 2hu

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this is a shit
a big one
a grat one

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foolz a shit

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Flan is shit and a whore,but her sister is fucking hawt,I fucked her 2 days ago.you nerds need to get a life