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Oh my.. so you do these kinds of things when your door is closed? There's no need to be embarrassed, touching yourself there is perfectly normal! Here, let mommy help you with that, I promise I'll make my little boy feel good.

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That's his onee-chan.

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Mooooooooo-oooooooooom get out i'm busyyyy

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I wish my mom was hot.

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In Japan mothers help their sons masturbate it's true I read it on Sankaku Complex

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This is better

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>M-Mom it's so warm.. I can't stop!

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Seriously you guys are fucked up, they are related.

Seek psychological help.

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we're all children of Adam & Eve
we're all related

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Fuck off mom, you're disgusting!

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All young boys should be presented with a fertile women to ejaculate inside of when they reach puberty. That would make sex-ed more fun.

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>> In one of your articles, you wrote: If your daughter gets pregnant by the football captain you blame the school for poor sex education. A responsible teacher would have taught her effective birth control techniques as well as pleasurable sex techniques.

> Yes, a good education should include those.

>> What exactly did you mean by ``to teach pleasurable sex techniques''?

> My idea of a sex class is like a massage class or a dance class. You have a class of 10 to 16 people, either equally straight males and straight females, or all gays of the same sex. And one or two teachers.

> The teacher would demonstrate a technique by doing it to a student and inviting the student to do it to the teacher, while the other students watch. Then the students would do the technique with each other, in couples usually, and every so often the teacher would call on one group to advance around the circle.

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You're right. Who knows what might happen if I keep on fantasizing about having sex with my sexy ass mom without telling a money-grubbing jew doctor about it. Thank you so much :)

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Isn't that just like Penis Inspection Day?

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Yes, except the bad man with glasses is SUPPOSED to play with your penis. He won't even have to say, "Tell anyone about this and I'll kill you," any more.

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I love Stallman so much. So much.

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That would be awful. People would mock my small penis and how unskilled I am, and if I asked not to do it people would get suspicious and mock me further.
Basically, it would be P.E. all over again.

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It's a shame he's a kike.

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They're a little older (college age) but there's a freshman group at Yale who do this.

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i've got a hmanga somewhere where the moms go to school and help act as the practical training aids for the kids

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Penis size worship is a symptom of matriarchy, the Romans knew this. Who cares about a female's pleasure? They are inferior.

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But the boys will make fun of me and it's them who I'm competing against.

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He's of jewish descent but has never been shown to support the zionist regime or the state of Israel, and actively fights corporatism in favor of free, open sourced software.

Don't lump all jews together. Hate the zionist, not the hebrew.

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shota thread?

reminder that this is coming out soon


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Then rape them in the ass. They won't be teasing you for your size when you're deep inside them.

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Jews are inherently ethnocentric and seek to compete against non-Jews for resources. This is just how they've evolved, sure as black people have dark skin and Asians have slanted eyes.

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People would be more favorable to him if he didn't look like a homeless person.

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>when you're deep inside them
you wont be doing that with a small penis

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abubu is so fucking good holy shit

that small story with the niggers ritually fucking the little blonde tourist girl made me cum buckets

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I really want to suck a shota's cock. Does that make me gay? I'm not attracted to men.

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Now you're just making me feel bad.

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And there's nothing wrong with that. There is a problem with demanding an illegal state and perpetuating a harmful lie for profit, neither of which Stallman has been shown to do.

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>I want to suck a males cock
>I'm not attracted to men

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He's doing the same thing through GNU. He competes for marketshare through hypocrisy and lies. Most early FSF folk realized he was a kook years ago and started doing their own thing (e.g. open source).

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Israel is no more of an illegal state than America. Both are founded on stolen land.

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This thread could have been so good, but you all ruined it. For shame.

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The problem is that, effectively, the native american people are already genocided. It is sad, but there is nothing to be done about it now.
The Palestinian people are still alive and want their homes back.

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Stop talking about Jews and post some shotas, faglords.

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So if you could go back in time you would stop America from being created? Interesting.

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If only they had had the good sense to exterminate them all, they wouldn't have this problem today.

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/pol/ pls go

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Wait. What? Tell us more.

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> shota
> man

ok bro

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itt pederasts who should be locked up

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It would have been neat to live through some of my ss fantasies when I was a little boy.

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Pedo scum. You are why terrorists are allowed to hit our buildings.

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It's not good to hold it all inside anon! Let it out.. you know you want to.

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This thread gave me a stiffy.

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More like this.

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uhh TMI freak

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My mom sat on my back once and gave me a massage.

I didn't like it. I'm not one for intimate contact as it is but when it was my mom that just made it even weirder. She looks ok for a 40 year old but our personalities are way too different.

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why don't you make some new pictures already you bird loving faggot

shit is getting stale

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Why would you want to save your semen?

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Thank you for saving this thread with your ridiculously sexy pics.

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Nora Higumi is one of my new favorite artists.

Thanks anon.

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What does your mother smell like, /jp/?

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translate it weebs

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Woops, forgot to hide the pic.

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straight_shota is truly the best tag

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> A... Auntie?
> Look, see? If you stroke it like this, white stuff will come out and you'll feel better...
> You can do it yourself afterwards, okay?

From the fine translators at danbooru.

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Do you self-insert as the shota?

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p good thread op but next time ditch the rping

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Does anyone remember the doujin about the kid who accidentally got stuck on the women-only train car, and all the mature ladies tenderly gang-loved him?

God that was so hot.

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It depends. Sometimes I also like to self-insert as the older woman who's pleasuring the young boys.

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That sounds like rape, not love.

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what a f*cking queer

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Shut it, nerd. It was tender love. That's what happens on the women-only car.

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Boys can't be raped by women.

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of course. I am a passive manchild and my greatest dream in life is to be sexually assaulted by loving competent woman who will take care of me and ask nothing of me in return.

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To the guy posting the pictures, stop saving samples! Why would you even do that?

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I know, it was bugging me too, but I couldn't help but be aroused anyways, so I thought I'd let him get away with it for now

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Not him, but.. sometimes the non-sample is simply too big to post on 4chan.