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How is your wine knowledge /jp/? What would you bring to a classy meal with the Touhou of your choice? For me I'd go for a Pinot Noir served with lightly seasoned and grilled chicken and vegetables with a light mousse for desert.

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wine is terrible, I doubt any touhous actually drink it.

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You mean chocofoam.

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is she drinking blood while eating pocky and biscuits o.o

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Its obviously red wine. Blood is best served from the neck. Were you raised in a barn of something?

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Isn't sake just like whine or some shit?
I bet those Japanese 2hus would love some of that stuff!

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I'd drink Jacob's Creek shiraz (vintage 2009) with Patchouli.

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>Drinking blood from the neck
Full pleb.

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That isn't pocky.

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>Jacob's Creek shiraz

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Pinot is usually what my mom gets so I end up drinking that most of the time. But I personally prefer blended wines, with Apothic Red being my current favorite. Its a bit sweet and I'm sure refined wine drinkers would scoff at such an abomination, but it really hits the spot for me.

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Willamette >> Sonoma

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My parents are actually really into wine and would drink some with almost every other dinner. So I grew up with it and know quite a bit. I also worked at a restaurant for a bit. If you manage to work at a really nice restaurant and live modestly, you can get by just working weekends and taking the rest of the week off. Weekends are where all the money and tips are.

I got a real nice Merlot that my father gave me and told to share it with a classy lady.
For me, that's Remilia. So I plan to open it one of these days and drink it with her.

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Your father is rotating in his grave.

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Working at a restaurant seems far too stressful.

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He's still alive, he gave it to me last month.

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This. I would attach myself to the customers in a Stockholm syndrome sort of way. I would follow them outside of the restaurant and add them on Twitter. I wouldn't even want tips, I just want to be friendly.

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I bet that he'll start rotating anyway once he finds out that you wasted his gift on the 2nd worst Touhou.

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No. Sake is rice liquor while wine is grape based. Sake is also a bit stronger.

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Wine can be any fruit juice, nerd.

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Rice isn't a fruit, butthead.

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I meant that in response to "wine is grape based", douchenozzle.

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Bread and water because I'm not a pretentious assprick.

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If sake isn't a wine then why is it called rice wine?

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Well make your posts more fucking clear, spooge chugger.

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Calm down, dickweed.

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I only drink shitty hobo wine because it's cheap and gets me drunk and won't kill me like bottom shelf vodka

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It can be stressful at times, but it wasn't that bad. When I did my waiter duties and served customers, I would think of myself as a cute maid/butler that would try her hardest to please her customers. I always kept a smile even with horrible customers and acted friendly and charming when possible. But I guess it can be difficult to those not good in social situations. I seemed to hold myself pretty well. It can get difficult when you get recurring customers and they start to ask about your life though and you don't have much to tell them.
And I don't know why you would get so attached to your customers. I would imagine /jp/ is pretty good at distancing themselves from most forms of social attachment. For some reason I am good at first impressions and small interactions, but following up and forming lasting relationships is where I screw up.

I just liked getting enough tips on Friday and Saturday to last me the week though.

There are no "worst" Touhous.

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Vintage port with a burger on the side. We finish the meal with ketchup-flavored ice cream.