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Youmu cuts things!

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Will she cut my dick?

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I cut Youmu with ma dick.

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Diagnosis: dork

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Post that picture. You know which one.

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Post the Youmu cutting art one.

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I don't like her smug look in this picture. I am scared.

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She'll untie you later. Don't worry.

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Sex with Youmu!

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She's got you all to herself, anon~

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With how clumsy Youmu is with things she hasn't tried before, I'd think she'd end up like this instead of actually restraining you.

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Tending to Youmu's wounds?

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Unfortunately one of those things seems to be her own hair.

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Please don't. Rape is not good: there needs to be love or it isn't good.

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Only until Yuyuko wakes up and takes him away from her. You-mu-chan isn't allowed anything that Yuyuko hasn't already had herself.

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I would fight for the love between us! I will not allow anyone to come between us even if I have to die in the process. Because I love her

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Fuck that, I'd rape Youmu out of pure spite.

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Youmu's in love. She wouldn't let her.

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She wouldn't raise a hand against her master. She's trained better than that. Yuyuko could probably dump a bunch of coffee over her head and she won't do anything.

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I am sorry but I already love another woman: I can not do this with you.

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Youmu has no say in the matter being the lowly servant.

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Everyone has their breaking point.
Also, you can't have Youmu so deep in-character while having Yuyuko so far out of character. That's not fair.

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A condom? Ugh, this really is a rape.

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I know, I was just using that as an example.

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I want more Yuyuko NTRing Youmu!

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I wasn't just talking about the coffee, anon, I was talking about >>9950423 and whatnot.

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>I'll have to turn you down, Yuyuko. Nothing personal, I just prefer cute little Youmu here.

Now what?

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Poor Youmu...

She does not deserve this treatment

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Now you get kicked out of her house and Youmu gets a beating and her head shaved.

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please dont roleplay its against the rules

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u git reckt son

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You are a horrible, horrible person. Please re-think your opinions to be a more nice human.

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She cuts off your penis and uses it as a dildo while both you and Youmu looks on in shock and you die.

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>Youmu gets a beating and her head shaved.
Oh, bullshit. Try again, but say something believable this time.

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Yuyuko is a scary person when she doesn't get her way. You don't know what she will do, especially to a servant.

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Aggressive yuyuko seems fairly rare. With her laidback personality and charm I suppose it's seldom an issue for her to get what she wants.

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Yuyuko telling Youmu her food tastes like shit in front of the person she likes!

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She seems like one of those people that are actually scary and fucked up under it all. She did try to straight up murder Mokou upon meeting her if her line about her murder power not working on her was any indication.

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You're right, I don't. But I DO know she wouldn't do such horrible things.

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youmu is the cutest character

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There are no males in gensokyo. What is this thread trying to do? Find out the continuation only on /jp/

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I want to put it inside Youmu

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That's because Youmu can't ever tell her no, even if she tells Youmu that she wants the person she loves.

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What's the name of the doujin where Yuyuko NTR's Youmu?

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What about glasses dude.

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Even if Youmu does tell her no it's not like she's going to listen. She's the master of the house and she'll do what she wants.

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I don't think so.

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>Threat level: Very High

She's dangerous. She tried to kill Mokou on the spot. She ate a sentient being.

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Rinnosuke? He's so laid-back he wouldn't even care about silly things like love and sex

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I wish there were more depictions of him pissing off girls by completely ignoring them.

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Then she'll make her listen!

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He's a strong independent man that needs no woman.

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Youmu will still be punished even if she doesn't get her head shaved. A good master knows when to stop being kind and punish an underling that's getting too bold and remind them of their place.

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Youmu isn't just a servant to Yuyuko. She's like a daughter to her. Or at least granddaughter or something.

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Looks like it's time to get a new servant that can actually do her job!

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Oh, come on.

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Raising a weapon against her master would be a death sentence by old timey laws. She's just be killed and replaced with another servant. One that knows her place better.

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Your stupid old-timey laws have no jurisdiction in the afterlife.
And for goodness sake, anon, Youmu and Yuyuko have fought plenty of times and Youmu didn't get executed or fired or something.

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Those were more like arguments than actual fights though. Youmu actually threatening to kill Yuyuko would be something else.

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But would she cut Yuyuko

Can she cut Yuyuko

Does she desire freedom

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I wish I had a Youmu.

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Depends on if she can hit her before activating insta death and even then she would have to kill Yuyuko with the first attack or she'll die afterwards.

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Youmu's girl part..

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I don't think that insta-death would be very effective against Youmu though, being a half-ghost and all.

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>She ate a sentient being.

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She eats Mystia during IN. She got better though.

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She's still human enough to be killed.

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What is Youmu's top attack speed? It must be pretty fast.

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Is it faster than a thought? Yuyuko's insta death isn't a projectile so once it's activated there's no avoiding it unless you're Mokou or Kaguya.

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Who said there'd be any killing involved?

that goes for all of you discussing Yuyuko killing Youmu too, by the way.

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We don't even know if she actually ate her.

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Who do you think would have the quicker draw?

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why Elly is the best servant in touhou?

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Because her stage theme is excellent.

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Like herself?
What an emo, LMAO!

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Don't bully Youmu-chan, faggot.

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What does it matter? They wouldn't kill eachother.
Besides, there's too many unknown factors to that. It depends on how much Yuyuko cares about this, how much Youmu loves the guy, and how incredibly out of character they both are.

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They love each other.

Heteros get out

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This thread inspired me to make a children's picture book of the many things Youmu can do!

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ok I'm sorry ;_;

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Hard to steal a boyfriend when he's not some asshole who would drop his girlfriend just because someone else is a better lay.

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Yes but who do you think would have the quicker draw if they had to kill each other for some reason assuming that there is enough malice there to strike as soon as they have to without holding back?

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Who homo here?

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Would Yuyuko sell Youmu's body for rare food?

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Well it's hard not to drop Youmu for Yuyuko.

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...maybe. She'd hate it, though.

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Speak for yourself.
I love Youmu. I don't love Yuyuko. That's that.

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Yuyuko would make you love her and not Youmu

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Who knows? We don't know enough about how well Youmu can kill Yuyuko and how Yuyuko's killing power works.

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I don't think so.

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Oh really. How?

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I just wanna be friends w/ Youmu

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With old timey charm.

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I don't know, I'm not Yuyuko

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You think wrong. Youmu isn't like that.

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Please don't make statements you can't back up.

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How do you know?

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Sorry, I shall think twice in the future before I press submit.

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I use nigger Tewi, now in my Gensokyo Youmu is a filthy whore.

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She has her ways. You don't get to be the queen of ghost land without some skill in manipulation.

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Curse you nigger Tewi!

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this is still one of my favourites

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How long will youmu wait?

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How is she going to draw that sword? It's way too long for her to be able to draw it without stopping to take it out.

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A long time unless she mans up and pushes the cat off.

>> No.9950927

She's a woman, she shouldn't need to man up.

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My love for Youmu is strong. I will not fall.

Enjoy your delusional Gensokyo, then.

Call it a hunch, but I don't think a somewhat shy, easily scared, clumsy girl with a code of honor would be happy selling her body.

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A long time, unless she's got somewhere to be.

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move the sheath not the blade

>> No.9950973

Won't work if the sheath is strapped to her.

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Damn, you make a Youmu thread now when I'm late for work.

Fare thee well, /jp/.

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too bad

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1. Happiness for Yuyuko-sama
2. Good Music
3. Myon stops being a perv
4. Soft pillows to lie down on
5. A big open space to practice sword techniques
6. Happiness for Yuyuko-sama
7. Myon stops being a racist
8. Pet anteater
9. Rolled-up tatami mats for cutting
10. Able to shoot while holding focus

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She doesn't strike me as someone who enjoys music.

>> No.9951253

Myon is a racist perv?

>> No.9951276

It's always the ones you'd least expect.

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>10. Able to shoot while holding focus
Well, there's always imperishable night.

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Go away to >>>/a/ with the greatest force imaginable.
"Myon" refers to Youmu, and not just her ghost part. That's an inane construction by scummy secondaries who think that they can create original fandom content.
We all know how well that works with Western fandoms. Look at Walfas, shitposters, secondaries, tertiaries, Another Dream and the general clusterfuck of people out there who think that they're hip and edgy because they're churning out second-rate "fandom" crap either wholesale ripped off from the Japanese fandom and then shat on, or they're trying to be "original" and losing in the extreme.
So what I'm saying is, don't ever use "Myon" about Youmu's ghost half. Myon is to Youmu what Okuu, Orin and Teruyo are to Utsuho, Rin and Kaguya. A nickname. If you want to look like an utter chucklefuck, go ahead, but don't claim you're a "TOW-HOW FAN".

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No you!

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You listed happiness for yuyuko twice

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You can't kill Yuyuko in combat.

To kill her you need to destroy or properly bury her corpse.

And her corpse is deep under her demonic cherry tree.

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>believing akyu, who in turn believed random boasting and hearsay and wrote it down

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Even without it, he added too many desires.

>> No.9951643

Who u quotin tho