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Gonna start this Byakuren thread with a awesome remix of her theme.

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Yay, another pointless image dump.

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>image dump
>op post youtube link

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get the HELL out of /jp/

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Then why don't you go make a useful thread for a change?
I'd rather have pointless imagedump threads than the regular /jp/ weekend shitposting festival.

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>Then why don't you go make a useful thread for a change?
I did, today.

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All right! I love throwing rocks at Byakuren!

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Byakuren still loves you even when you're throwing rocks at her.

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I love her too

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I gotta pick a day and sort this 15k imagefolder out. Can't find anything

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I...i think i have seen this before...

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A beautiful maiden.

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Buddhism is your path of salvation, anon-kun.

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Evil overlord thread? Evil overlord thread.

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Stop copying my gimmick you faggot. I only say evil overlord sarcastically.

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I think she looks better in monk robes.

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It's the outfit that makes her look like an evil overlord. Like she dropped her vows to be a badass magical dictator instead. Everyone loves a fallen saint.

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I agree

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N-namu lock?!

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Ohhh it took me a second but I got it! Numlock...Namulock....ha!

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... ShindoL didn't make this image, did he?

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A no-imagination eromanga artist that can only make one type of plot: Ahegao double peace sluts.

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Seiga is the lewdest mom.

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>From the quiet heartbeat, suddenly it feels like the world is opening up. This is the theme of a last boss who is hard to tire out, probably. It's overall fairly melodiously Japanese, and I tried to make the melody of the main part like one of those songs where everyone's singing.

How come no one has done an arrangement like that yet

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Byakuren's theme sounds like mariachi music. How much do you think I would have to pay a mariachi band to make it happen for real?

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But she was black magician to begin with. Of course she would say that it's past and it doesn't matter anymore, but just look at her in SoPM, she is deluded with her own ideas of equality, not saying that it is bad idea, but personally I can't see her as anything far from extremist. That being said I still love her, after all touhous get more insane with each stage preciding theirs

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I enjoy crazy religious characters.

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The best picture of Byakuren i've seen so far

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Byakuren is a good toho

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A case of Corona, a baggie of heavily cut weed and a bag of burritos. The commonly accepted currencies of mariachi bands.

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I'm surprised to see how hard it is to find good non lewd fan art of her. In fact, I'm surprised that she even has so much lewd fan art.

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Obligatory pic in all Byakuren threads

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nice teamwork right there

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Why? She doesn't need cat ears.

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Why you doin this man?

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I just fucking got it. I just got it, /jp/, it came to me after watching OP's video.

This whole time, when Byakuren was using her spellcard "Great Magic 'Devil's Recitation,'" I thought ZUN was just recycling spellcards and using it as a small throwback to the PC-98 games.
But Byakuren was fucking sealed in Makai, which Shinki created and resides in. And "Great Magic 'Devil's Recitation'" is Shinki's spellcard. So Byakuren must have picked up that spellcard from Shinki herself while she was there! It makes perfect sense as to why she uses one of Shinki's spellcards.
Goddamn, how have I never made this connection?

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Do you think she learned from Shinki or just straight up killed her and took her magic?

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Do you have a problem with Nyakuren's cat ears?

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I have a problem with putting animal ears on people that don't need them in general.

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There's no way Byakuren could kill Shinki. Or at least I think so, most consider Shinki to be extremely powerful. She created all of Makai and has the power of "Creation," so who knows what she is capable of.
Regardless, killing Shinki doesn't sound like something Byakuren would do.

So I'd say she learned it from Shinki. How is a mystery, though. Maybe Shinki taught Byakuren herself and they know each other, or perhaps she just picked it up herself from observation or merely being in Makai.

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Imagine a future game where Byakuren tries to summon Shinki out of Makai to help her bring about that equality she wants so much.

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In my headcanon, Shinki was just your typical demon overlord, cruel and merciless. When Hijiri got chained in her realm, Shinki at first delighted on teasing and torturing the buddhist. But since Hijiri answered that with love and tolerance, Shinki mellowed out after centuries and the two became friends.

Byakuren is the indirect reason for Alice existing and for Reimu and Marisa not being outright killed when invading makai.

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But it's kawaii as HELL.

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I always thought that Byakuren spent her days in Makai gathering the necessary elements to make and tame her demon scrolls and slaying demons with her bare fists like Jesus did.

catpcha: crazed heresy

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Maybe she didn't kill Shinki and just siphoned her powers or something. I'd like to think that getting sealed up was part of a plan to get to Makai for the purpose of taking Shinki's powers.

Somewhere in Makai there's probably a withered old Shinki seething with hatred for the monk that put her in such a sorry state.

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N-nya to you too!

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Well personally I think it's unnecessary, retarded, and ruins pictures that would have been perfectly fine without them but I won't tell you not to like it.

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Don't be such a stick-in-the-mud, Anonymous.
Artists add them because it's cute.
And Nyakuren is a silly play on words. In this picture, the cat ears are the entire point, so the picture would certainly not be fine without them.

Byakuren's allowed to have fun too.

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I'm talking more about pictures where the cat ears are there for no apparent reason.

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I didn't like Byakuren nearly this much like three months ago. Funny how that works. She's grown on me a lot, Kanako too. Hell, they're probably in my top ten now.

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Nyakuren and Sanyae

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That's not very nice, Anonymous.

Now what would you call Nyakuren and Kanyako?

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Pretty cool if they dropped the cat ears.

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To all fans of Byakuren: You do realize you're a fan of a cruel, heartless, greedy murderer, right?

She sided with Youkai just because they were necessary for the black magic that retains her youth. She doesn't care about getting people killed at all, as she set up a literal boatload of people to drown JUST so that there wouldn't be any witnesses to how she befriended Murasa. Who knows how many other people she killed, directly or indirectly, just to protect youkai who didn't really even need protecting?

She's a cruel, uncaring monster. She deserves to suffer immense agony.

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Byakuren is a fucking saint. There, I said it. And I don't mean it in a figurative sense. I called the Pope and asked him if he could beatify a pious Catholic woman who gave her life to help the oppressed and weak. He said yes and he was so impressed by the sacrifices Byakuren made, and the similiarity of her martyrdom to the Lord Jesus Christ, that he forced the College of Cardinals to accept the immediate canonization of Byakuren.

Thanks to me, St. Biacurien is a well-respected figure in the Catholic faith. She is now canonically a hero, so you shut your fucking gay face.

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>Muh Titanic.

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You pretty much summed up why I like her. I do enjoy a fallen saint.

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I'm aware of what she did to those sailors. It's fucked up, but to me it makes her a more interesting character. I want to see what she'll do next. I still consider myself a fan, too.

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Oh there you go again.
Why won't you accept all head accessories and acknowledge the finer points of each?

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Mexican candle when?

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>fallen saint

How is she a saint? From where has she fallen?

After her brother died, she feared death, so she looked into black magic that would stop her from aging. The black magic required the existence of youkai in order to function, so even though youkai were nowhere near extermination at the time, she immediately began protecting youkai over humans anyway. From the beginning, she valued her own life FAR more than the lives of others, as demonstrated by how quickly and thoughtlessly she would send people to their deaths.

Over time, she began to see the youkai as genuinely oppressed, and began to protect them for more altruistic reasons, but that doesn't BEGIN to atone for the countless people who were dead through her actions.

She has not fallen, as she was never at any height from which TO fall. She isn't and never was a saint. She's becoming a better person over time, but she's still an awful creature.

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"I am Man.
Man I am."

"Human, I am, but a kind woman.
I do not like that hateful Man."

"Would you kill a youkai, ma'am?"

"I would not kill one, hateful Man.
I care too much to say I can."

"Would you like to here or there?"

"I would not like to here or there.
I would not dare to anywhere.
I will not kill a youkai, Man.
I would not kill one, namusan."

"Would you kill one with this hat?
Would you kill one with a rat?"

"I do not care what hats they wear,
Nazrin means naught to this affair.
I will not kill a youkai, Man.
I would not kill one, namusan."

"Would you kill one if it talks?
Would you kill one that's a fox?"

"To talk shows how much they are we,
And, fox or not, that's plain to see.
I will not kill a youkai, Man.
I would not kill one, namusan."

"Would you? Could you? For your life?
Kill one! Kill one! With a knife!"

"I show mercy, knives I eschew;
This same compassion, I'd show to you.
I will not kill a youkai, Man.
I would not kill one, namusan."

"You will not kill one, so you say...
So you won't see the light of day!"

"I will not kill a youkai still;
As eons pass, I never will.
They'll let me free, I know they can;
Meanwhilst I pray that you change, Man."

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Killing all those people doesn't make her INTERESTING, it makes her BAD. It makes her EVIL. She's a monster and deserves to suffer for it.

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>>9950602 just made her a saint, dude.

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She reminds me of that immortal lady from Baccano.

Fine-looking lady, she is.

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hags don't look cute with cat ears.

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I was just being dramatic by calling her a saint. Still, she was a monk and she's fallen as in she defied all of her vows to do what she did.

>> No.9950694

Actually, you're pointing at the more fitting one. This one >>9950344 is bad.

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You must be mistaken. Byakuren was revered greatly even before falling to her fear of death.

>demonstrated by how quickly and thoughtlessly she would send people to their deaths.

Where was this demonstrated? Where did it say that she did anything "thoughtlessly?"

>she's still an awful creature.
>awful creature
>ZUN: She's a good person.

>> No.9950702


Interesting and bad aren't mutually exclusive. A character that fears death and will do anything to avoid it? Sounds like a fun concept to me.

Anyway, we know what she's done. There's no need for a moral crusade here. If people like her, they'll keep liking her.

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do you think she ever fucked her brother?

>> No.9950712


Through her martyrdom, she was revered by youkai as a saint.

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Dunno, but If she was my sister I'd jump on her anytime.

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They look very sweet together.

>> No.9950749

They're, sadly there's not h material of they together, the only I've seen of Myouren comes from Shunichi Fujiwara works.

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If Byakuren was my mother, things would be different around here.

>> No.9950751

I like to picture him as a guy in his 30s who was bald and had a gradient beard.

>> No.9950754

I guess she isn't fallen anymore then since she probably made new vows for her new sect.

>> No.9950755

That dosen't really come off as a younger brother look though..

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File: 1.13 MB, 1391x2000, 011 (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Was he a younger brother?

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>Where did it say that she did anything "thoughtlessly?"

Sit there for a few minutes and you can think of ways she could have secretly befriended Murasa WITHOUT sending a boatload of people to their deaths. The fact that she didn't, and just casually let them all die so there wouldn't be any witnesses, is thoughtless. She didn't bother to think of alternatives at all. If she was less thoughtless and more concerned with the value of human life, she would have. I could have chosen a better word, but that's what I meant.

>Byakuren was revered greatly even before falling to her fear of death.

I thought her brother died when she was rather young. I know she had an immense reputation, but for how long was that reputation accurate? I was under the impression that she was siding with and secretly protecting youkai from very early on, and I don't consider it a great fall if you were never a good person despite having a reputation as one.

>ZUN: She's a good person.

Her temple and whatnot, nowadays, is fairly altruistic, so you could say she's a good person in some respects, but that doesn't change who she is, what she's done, and the fact that she's never been shown to lament ANY of it, from what I've seen.

>> No.9950833


I liked her, and then I read more about her. Now I loathe her, and I try to inform others in the hope that they'll do the same. She's terrible.

As for being a "fun character", no. Youkai weren't anywhere NEAR needing protection. She could have held on to her black magic and youth WITHOUT killing so many people over it.


I guess that makes sense from the youkai's perspective, but there aren't any youkai posting on this board. No one here has any reason to call her a saint.

>> No.9950834

She had plenty of time to regret it while she was sealed away in hell stealing magic from Satan.

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>> No.9950856

She had awareness at least. She tamed a scroll.

>> No.9950852


I highly doubt she did. When you unseal her in UFO, she acts as if she woke up from a small nap, with all of her ideals and values intact.

>> No.9950871


You've informed us. Nobody cares.

>> No.9950866


Shinki is the Satan of Touhou.

>> No.9950869


Wasn't that before she was sealed, though?

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That made me think of this lady. There has to be some fan art of Byakuren as her somewhere.

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>casually let them all die so there wouldn't be any witnesses

Citation? We all know that Murasa sunk her ship, but where did it say that Byakuren "casually let them die" with no feelings and with the intention to leave no witness as if it was her master plan?

> If she was less thoughtless and more concerned with the value of human life

I don't think she was thoughtless. I think she weighed the value of Murasa's life and the value of hateful men. The existence of a hateful ghost was factored into the equation. A determination was made and the life of a dozen of hateful men was deemed of less worth than the alternative.

>> No.9950975


It was clearly stated that she let the crew die while doing nothing.

>> No.9950984



She never killed anyone you saint hating extremist. Just be happy that Byakuren will lead towards the path of equality.

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That doesn't answer my question.

>> No.9951019

You're lying, Anon. Lying is wrong.

>> No.9951073


Buddhism wins again.

Buddhists: 1
Taoists: 0

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There's only this one with Kaguya

>> No.9951114


>One of her "missions" was to exterminate the ghost on the seas, Minamitsu Murasa, who had gained much renown for capsizing ships. Rather than a physical battle, Byakuren instead decided on a spiritual one. She let the spirit capsize the ship she was on, but constructed a new, shining ship for Minamitsu to captain. Of course, no one was around to see it, as those on the monk's boat had all drowned.

She had to keep her "nature" and the fact that she was befriending youkai a secret, but instead of doing something like, say, equipping the ship with lifeboats and summoning a bunch of fog so that no one could see what she did, she just let everyone else die.

>> No.9951123

>summoning a bunch of fog
Can she do that?

>> No.9951132

She is magician

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Imagine you're sailing in a ship full of flu vaccines, Christmas presents for sick kids and rainbows, then this vile ship sinking spirit appears out of nowhere and murders you and the crew by sinking the ship, also killing 3 thousand joyful dolphins and a whale all this while a totally fake saint that claims waking up from a long nap is a resurrection watches while eating unborn babies souls and drinking kid tears, then they go away together while the families of the sailors wait at the dock for the fathers to come back and to have something to eat and live a happily life together.


Also you should check the true revived saint two streets down, she may have something better to offer.

>> No.9951176

For a long time she was a sham magician.

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First, consider this: If you had the chance to save a tormented soul from the hell she was jailed to, wouldn't you do it?

You're trying to make it out as if Byakuren was a heartless murderer, but she's not! She never killed anyone. In exchange for a boat load of people who wanted to kill Murasa, she redeemed Murasa's soul instead and gave her a ship to forge a better future for herself.

I understand Byakuren's heart. She would not kill a man even if they threatened to seal her. But like the last post said, Murasa's existence was factored into the equation. She considered not just the value of human life, but the value of a youkai's as well. And in the end, Byakuren chose to save the hated one over the hateful many.

>> No.9951640

And remember kids, we're talking about 8th-10th century sailors here. They weren't very nice people.

>> No.9951667
File: 379 KB, 620x783, fdacdd8e3e1dab089df50fc859938ed3.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


So where does it say that she mercilessly killed anyone? That she planned all their deaths?

Unless ZUN explicitly states that Byakuren was rubbing her hands together as she gleefully watched the boat sink and drown, that she ACTUALLY killed more people then I'm not believing that Byakuren is the "cruel, heartless, greedy murderer" you keep claiming her to be.


>Also you should check the true revived saint two streets down, she may have something better to offer

Something to offer besides being her bitch? I think you should look up the history of your Dictator, Taoist.

sage for ending this futile argument.

>> No.9951739
File: 71 KB, 315x214, b49006d71546e5aa88fba78c939b9bdc.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Another Byakuren thread RUINED


I bet the TAOISTS did this.

>> No.9951775
File: 732 KB, 700x1000, 1350247288356.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ultimately, you are quoting something that someone else wrote. If delving into canon is what's important to you and what you are letting define your opinion on a character, please use an actual source as opposed to something anyone could've written into the wiki.

Don't fret too much. We've had good ones before.

>> No.9951798
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You can't ruin shitty threads.

>> No.9951803
File: 185 KB, 740x454, b4b61f06a36529fc2e6e0a1afabe4c88.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Not anymore. It always becomes a shitfest whenever THAT GUY posts how much he hates Byakuren and how everyone should hate her or some random taoist faggots posts how much a better saint Miko is.

Which just fucking happened. Fuck.

>> No.9951820
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>Byakuren threads

By that logic every thread is shit.

>> No.9951854
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>> No.9951860
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>> No.9951866
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>> No.9951879
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>> No.9951924
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>> No.9952020



>> No.9952023
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>> No.9952040
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>> No.9952059
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We should all stop arguing and get along. That's what Byakuren would want us to do.
Let's all come together and have cozy feels of Nyakuren.

>> No.9952094
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>> No.9952159
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>> No.9952247
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>> No.9952317


I-I can't take it easy! Not when Byakuren needlessly has animal features!

>> No.9952360
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>> No.9952583
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>> No.9952622
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>or some random taoist faggots posts how much a better saint Miko is.

am I late?

>> No.9952642

The only thing Miko is a saint of is having shitty hair and a retarded accessory.

>> No.9952651

Without fail, I really am impressed actually.

And I'm not actually so much anti-byakuren as I am pro-miko, they're both great, but when I have to pick one to play as in 13.5 it'll be Miko.

>> No.9952705
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>> No.9952725
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>> No.9952720
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>> No.9952735
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>> No.9952741
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>> No.9952765

Ha, she would have heard her coming if she wasn't wearing those stupid headphones!

>> No.9952770
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>> No.9952890
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>> No.9952922
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>> No.9953092
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highway robbery
she's pretty though

>> No.9953133
File: 27 KB, 200x200, byakuren chibi smile_1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


I really liked this, Anon. Good job

>> No.9953169
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Taoist detected. Lady Byakuren would like to have a word with you.

>> No.9953381

Not at all.

>> No.9953447 [DELETED] 
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>> No.9953569


>So where does it say that she mercilessly killed anyone? That she planned all their deaths?

She had constructed a second ship, with the intent of letting Murasa captain it. You don't build an entire ship without some sort of plan.

This plan included the first ship sinking. Byakuren departed on that ship with full knowledge that everyone else on that boat would drown according to her plan, and she didn't do a single thing to change that. Are you saying that she COINCIDENTALLY had a second ship laying around, and the fact that she was the only survivor of that voyage, letting Murasa captain this second ship, was the result of on-the-fly decision-making? That all of those people who drowned were just an unexpected, unfortunate circumstance?

>> No.9953572


Murasa was a tormented soul, chained to the ocean. I don't blame her for anything; sinking ships was the only thing she was even capable of DOING. I've never faulted her for the situation she was in.

However, calling all the men on the boat 'hateful', insinuating that their lives were of less worth because of that, is simply ignorant. People were DYING because of Murasa. If you had friends or family who were dead because of a youkai, wouldn't you do anything to stop that youkai from claiming more lives? In an age where the only real, known way to stop youkai was to exterminate them, wouldn't that be what you planned to do? The men on the boat with Byakuren weren't at fault for their position or what they were doing. They, like Murasa, don't deserve any of the blame. The one who decided the outcome, the person who could have saved both sides but chose to only save one, Byakuren Hijiri, is the person who deserves the entirety of the blame. The deaths of all those people are due to her.

So I'm sorry, but it isn't overly inaccurate to say Byakuren killed all those people on the boat. If you invite a bunch of people to a party where you KNOW the food is poisoned, even if you didn't poison the food yourself, the fact that you knew about it and had them eat it means you're accountable.


That is a totally fair point. I'll look more into it.

>> No.9953946
File: 176 KB, 500x450, 203ce4fcf6a87825083f573a847b4cbe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I thought she built the shining ship from the wreckage or out of magic. Nowhere did it say she prepared it. Nowhere did it say she had a plan. So yes, I think she did come to Murasa seeking to end things peacefully. I believe that she had not planned for anyone to die, did not WANT for anyone to have died, and had cared for the lives that were lost.

And I think using this single questionable event which is just is just 3 sentences long to paint Byakuren into something sinister is unfair. In those three sentences, it doesn't explain in detail what was was said, what was felt, what was thought, only what had happened. And what had happened isn't enough to conclude that Byakuren is this incredibly heinous monster that you want her to be.

I'm really sleepy right now, but this is where my line of reasoning takes me. Stop talking shit about Byakuren. Unless you have some real hard evidence directly from ZUN of Byakuren being a thoughtless murdering cruel uncaring monster, then I implore you to stop your unwarranted hatred of Byakuren in Byakuren threads. No one wants to hear it and no one wants to see it. Okay?

>> No.9953972


Thank you for protecting Byakuren's honor, but we already know he's full of shit. No need to give him more reason to post.

>> No.9954373

I guess we can't have any Byakuren threads without this argument. It makes me sad.

Why is it that we can only respect her if she did one thing, or didn't do another? She's still Byakuren. It doesn't matter what she did or didn't do, I respect her...

>> No.9954399

Oh really? What if I make faces at her while doing it?

>> No.9954433
File: 316 KB, 572x800, 27168618.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I know how you feel. I would still respect and love her even if she tried to protect Jews..

>> No.9954643
File: 348 KB, 961x1465, 7bc2f48d72d22b6622d2acc9b1f3c63a.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

In addition to the above reasoning, there's no mention of these people actually drowning. The ship is capsized and that's it, which feels unusually specific. As for why they're on the ship, no one goes out into the middle of the ocean on a small hand-powered boat, and anything larger than that requires people to operate/navigate it. I'm not fully convinced that Byakuren knew the ship would be capsized immediately, either. Also, I always thought that Byakuren was imprisoned because she was found helping youkai instead of exterminating them. Murasa's the only acquaintance of Byakuren's specifically mentioned to be imprisoned, and this part of their backstory is the only one in which people are involved, so it's possible that this was the reason why she was thought to be dangerous in the first place.

That ship is either the exact same one that Murasa was on when she drowned or a recreation of it. It's not too far-fetched that she was haunting the same spot where the ship was and that it was restored via *~magic~*. The alternative explanation was that Byakuren knew exactly what Murasa's ship looked like, made a copy of the ship herself, capsized it on the exact spot that they would encounter one another, then returned later and lured Murasa to that exact spot, all without actually encountering Murasa beforehand.

Well, /jp/ may not be the best place for strong moral guidance and highly intelligent conversation. No one pays any mind to anything positive she's done, either.

>> No.9954895

You accept two religions? You're an even worse heretic than Taoists!

>> No.9954979
File: 564 KB, 1382x1600, 55e2498f23ffcc8296ababfe089d7218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The taoists are gone! quick, more Byakuren pics!

>> No.9954988
File: 1.36 MB, 1200x900, 4526b411e3f6e303f48e1c1ca26619d9.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You wish

>> No.9954995

Go start a thread with Sanae for characters with shitty hairstyles.

>> No.9954997
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>> No.9955001
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>> No.9955006
File: 1.07 MB, 687x1018, 4d0cdf8c3d307b44fc4e05559cf5a43c.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9955008

Ugh, cat ears are worse than Miko.

>> No.9955015
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Oh don't be like that, Anonymous~
You can't hate catears forever!

>> No.9955021
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FUCK YEAH SHIKI, always there for Byakuren. Bros for life.

>> No.9955026

I can and I will. I just realized I probably hate Miko because her hair reminds me of them.

>> No.9955033
File: 1.09 MB, 2480x3493, 1344890418738.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Byakuren > crazy hair Daoist

>> No.9955034
File: 271 KB, 700x710, 050b15ee6d2d2a731eafc22c1a707fbb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Well then how about Dog Ears?

>> No.9955040

I hate all needless animal ears.

>> No.9955048
File: 630 KB, 824x900, cbe01e5d8d05bd84bdd2e0a72705585e.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Byakuren doesn't even have a hair accessory

Shitty 2hu

>> No.9955049
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In a weird way, I can imagine the two being associated. Eiki comes from a Buddhist jizou statue after all. A yama is a Buddhist deity, too.

>> No.9955052

Better nothing than shitty.

>> No.9955050
File: 227 KB, 763x763, eeae0eea85811b27f4bd41e11d7cbcf1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Well I am sure I will win you over one day. Byakuren knows that many out there dislike what she is doing and dislike the fact that she sides with youkai and wears cat ears.
But she keeps on trucking with a smile on her face, in the hopes that maybe one day, everyone will come together and love animals ears together.

>> No.9955094
File: 1.23 MB, 1000x1414, ee12b96525429819530617a12e7904ca.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9955107

Robe Byakuren is best Byakuren.

>> No.9955141

you're bad at arguing

>> No.9955155

If she is a buddhist nun/priest, why does she have long hair?

>> No.9955162

Because she created her own sect with its own vows and being bald isn't included in there.

>> No.9955181
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>> No.9955207
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>> No.9955213
File: 706 KB, 1000x1000, 65ed0d5c8126789e2bccfd7ecbe42aa1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

holy retarded fuck

god tier toho

fuck off taoists

>> No.9955298
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>> No.9955294
File: 2.74 MB, 1028x1500, 29223440.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.9955295
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>> No.9955302
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>> No.9955314
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>> No.9955329
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>> No.9955417
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>> No.9955470
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Can Miko beat Byakuren in a sword fight?

Can ANYONE beat Byakuren in a sword fight, let alone a fist fight? I don't think so.

>> No.9955632
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>> No.9955811
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>> No.9955825
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>> No.9955831
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>> No.9955832
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>> No.9955846
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>> No.9955993

Why can't we all just get along? The Tao and Buddhist representatives are all great.

>> No.9956040

Part of the human nature. We can't all be like Hijiri

>> No.9956074
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Byakuren and Miko's Ten Desires
1) To practice in peace
2) To respect other beliefs
3) To lead their followers with pride
4) To inspire others to lead a life of fullfillment
5) To improve their abilities
6) To treat their subordinates well
7) To keep their unique hairstyles
8) To beat the heroine someday
9) To have good stage themes
10) To be remembered for years to come

>> No.9956106
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>> No.9956194

translate it weeaboo

>> No.9956607

The pleasure of Nirvana

>> No.9956991
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>> No.9958185
File: 711 KB, 1200x789, REJOICE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Am I the only one who finds Striped Pattern's Byakuren absolutely despicable yet incredibly attractive?

>> No.9958199

Who knows.

I find her to be someone I can look up to as a role model and respect very highly, but I'm not interested in whether or not she's attractive.

>> No.9958491

Maybe he meant attractive in a not-for-banging way, like a leader or spiritual liege like Buddah or Jesus?

>> No.9958672

Despicable how? She looks fucking badass in that picture.

>> No.9958793


The things she does in Love and Peace I find despicable, but I find her evil to be somehow attractive.

>> No.9959748
File: 1.03 MB, 800x1000, Hijiri Rejects her Humanity.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.9959861


>I thought she built the shining ship from the wreckage or out of magic. Nowhere did it say she prepared it. Nowhere did it say she had a plan.

Okay, if this is true that she constructed the shining ship at that very moment, then I've been very wrong about her character this entire time. I figured she had the shining ship prepared before the ship sailed out at all, which meant that she expected everyone else on the boat to die and did nothing to change that.

The situation of Byakuren meeting Murasa was described in the UFO manual, was it not? Why is it so difficult to find an English translation of it?

>> No.9960163
File: 994 KB, 1800x1800, 61ff855bf3f7ddfc2886d481775ac973.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Now that you see the error of your ways, don't shit up the next Byakuren thread with your hate, got it?

>> No.9960190

>Why is it so difficult to find an English translation of it?

What's wrong with http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Minamitsu_Murasa#Official_Profiles ?

>lives that were lost

All right, stop here. This is kinda important. What lives are you talking about, and how were they lost? Please provide quotations from the link above or from other canon sources.

>> No.9961290


Now now now, let me get this all figured out first.



This explains the events, but it doesn't really give insight to what was going on in Byakuren's head at the time. Here's what happened, according to that official profile:

-Byakuren rode out with a number of people (the English translation it has on the page says 'a few other humans' but the original Japanese uses the word 数人, which everything I can find translates as 'several people') on a ship, with the mission to exterminate Murasa.
-Murasa wanted the notoriety of killing such a great monk (the power of youkai is apparently at least partly a function of how feared or notorious they are, and the power gained by killing Byakuren might have been enough for Murasa to free HERSELF), but Byakuren didn't fight back with any more power than a normal human, so Murasa easily sank the ship, flinging everyone on it into the sea.
-Byakuren, at that moment, constructed a shining ship with her own powers, which Murasa described as "the ship that I rode in so long ago."
-Byakuren says "You were looking for this ship, right? That's why you sunk all of those other ships." (The translation of this quote is indeed accurate, though 'sank' would have been better grammar in English.)
-Byakuren offers to let Murasa captain the shining ship, and that made Murasa no longer bound to the sea.

>> No.9961298

The issue is that Byakuren managed to build a ship that at least LOOKED like Murasa's old ship. How did Byakuren know what the ship looked like? WHEN did she know? Was she able to figure out what Murasa was searching for upon meeting her, or did Byakuren know how to free Murasa BEFORE sailing off and encountering her? It's not stated either way, and that's the big factor in determining whether or not Byakuren had intended for everyone else on her ship to die. Actually, it didn't explicitly say that those people on the boat were all left to drown, but it didn't say that they were rescued, either. Judging by the circumstances and how these things usually go, however, I feel it's safer to bet on the former than the latter.

It might seem weird for Byakuren to know how to free Murasa before ever meeting her (weirder than somehow managing to siphon that information while getting her ship sunk, I guess), but it's also bizarre how Murasa knew that Byakuren was coming. The English translation says "A Buddhist priest who'd been asked to vanquish Murasa appeared." It might be more proper to say 'exterminate' than 'vanquish', but otherwise the translation only has one weird part: the use of 'appeared'. The original Japanese uses the past tense of やって来る, which has the translations "to come along, to come around, to turn up". So Byakuren 'turned up', and Murasa somehow knew that she was well-known, and that's what originally made her so excited to kill her. However, the boat with Byakuren ON it didn't arrive until "a few days later". (The Japanese uses 数日後, which most places seem to translate as 'several days later', but I've also seen it as 'after a few days'.)

>> No.9961312

(I also made >>9961298, but forgot to link it.)

So in what way did Byakuren 'turn up', and how did Murasa know of her reputation? If Murasa was sinking a ship, and one of the people onboard shouted that a powerful monk was coming to kill Murasa, she could have figured it out from that, but I don't think ZUN would have simply said that Byakuren やって来た or 'turned up' if that was the case. With Murasa being bound to the sea, it's not as if they could have met in-person before their encounter "several days later". My point with this is that, if Murasa could somehow gain intelligence about Byakuren before ever meeting her, who's to say that Byakuren couldn't have learned about Murasa before meeting her?

The result of all this is that it's left to personal interpretation, I suppose. It doesn't say anything about Byakuren planning the encounter beforehand, but it doesn't say anything about her making any effort to save or protect the humans who were with her on the ship. If she didn't plan ahead and managed to come up with Murasa's boat at that very moment, why didn't she protect her own ship from sinking, or fight against Murasa without killing her while she figured out this "create Murasa's shining ship" plan? It explicitly says that she put up NO more resistance than a standard human, which means that she either needed to cleanly observe Murasa's behavior to come up with a solution for her, or she had planned for her ship to sink and was just letting Murasa do it, without making any effort to save the others on that ship.

>> No.9961317


I still believe that Byakuren had planned it all out beforehand, which means that she purposefully let "several people" drown, with no mention of her even lifting a finger with the intention of preventing their deaths. If that's the case, one can hardly believe that this is the ONLY instance of people dying for Byakuren's goal of protecting and saving youkai. I still see Byakuren as a monster, but if you don't, well, there's nothing explicitly stating that you're wrong, so go ahead.

>> No.9961338
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>> No.9961346

Oh, and in case it's not clear, >>9961317 and the three posts above it were all made by the same person (me).

>> No.9961713

>Judging by the circumstances and how these things usually go, however, I feel it's safer to bet on the former than the latter.

Somehow, I don't think you mean to say that a powerful magician capable of creating a huge magical flying ship on the fly is usually unable to rescue a few shipwrecked people out of the sea in the process. So what you're saying is, she made no attempt to do so. You're (at best) deducing Byakuren's indifference towards them from their unimportance to the story. A story that is being told from start to finish from the point of view of Minamitsu - someone who indeed cannot be reasonably expected to care or pay attention to them, and for whom it is completely irrelevant whether the ship is carrying a few more passengers or not.

>> No.9962424
File: 294 KB, 800x1130, 6b25b353e394ac6d2101aafcdabb0791.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ultimately, that's still all presumption. I would think ZUN would be at least vaguely specific if he'd truly want to define the character, and this has gone well into arguable-at-best territory. Also, when Byakuren says "the ship that brought us here was sunk in a shipwreck" in the same part of Murasa's profile, why does she use "us" when she's the only one left? And why state the obvious? I also agree with >>9961713 in that it makes sense that these people are mentioned, but they're not the focal point of the story.

At any rate, she's taken 3 other characters into her cheery little reform school and offered room to 2 more. She won't let the rough types in because they defeat the entire purpose of the place. She's also trusted with funeral services, and I'm sure an out-and-out bigot would be trusted with such things, let alone be willing to perform them. That's just some of the things anyone could mention, too. If Byakuren's bad or malicious, she's hiding it so well that ZUN doesn't even know about it.

>> No.9962519


My argument was never that she was evil or malicious. The point I was always trying to get across was that she had DONE horrible things in the past, letting people die for the sake of youkai, because, at least at the time, she didn't consider the lives of humans to hold much value. My argument is that she has never appeared to lament or feel bad over the people who died due to her actions. Essentially, that she had gotten away with killing people scot-free, except oh she had to take a little nap in Makai for awhile, whoop-dee-doo. She clearly doesn't casually let people die NOW, but that doesn't begin to clear her name.


So now the current claim is that no one died during the engagement with Murasa at all? I figured it was pretty commonly accepted that that's NOT the case, but if it's true, then I have no problem with Byakuren. Still, by this point we're both just going off of inferred details, rather than anything openly stated.

In Byakuren's official profile, it says "She pretended to be a great youkai exterminator, but actually saved the youkai behind the scenes." That doesn't work if all the people on the boat were still alive to tell the tale. Maybe she just erased their memories of the encounter? Swore them to secrecy? Won them over with her amazing power, so they all worked for her to help save and protect youkai? Any of these is technically possible, but it'd all be supposition.

>> No.9963167 [SPOILER] 
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Amazing, or?

>> No.9963179

what an amazing image

>> No.9963231
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Artwork by kamS.
This is the first hentai/sex artwork I seen from him. The other pictures are more ecchi like this.

>> No.9964293

Indeed, this is commonly accepted without much deliberation, hence the need to argue it. And indeed, accusing Byakuren of negligence towards those people is "going off inferred details rather than anything openly stated", which poses quite a problem when it's basically her only claim to evilness.

Also, I fail to see anything not working here. Even if it would be a problem if Byakuren's encounter with Minamitsu was seen by people, it was a problem easily solved. They could have been lying unconscious somewhere, or sitting under the deck told not to go out because it's going to be dangerous until Byakuren's done with her super-Buddhism. There's also no need to inform them what Byakuren's actually doing, nor is there much danger of them getting suspicious. She could have gone full sympathetic mode (and probably did) "helping this poor seabound sould achieve nirvana" and no-one would ever question her methods as long as she's making the attacks on ships stop, which she quite clearly did. To put bluntly, this is a non-issue.

>> No.9966629
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>> No.9967995

>ZUN: Patchy's clothes doesn't have any stripes.


>> No.9972441
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Well now that this case is resolved, let's all redirect every serious "Hijiri is an evil murderer" comment to this thread and have every Byakuren thread to come after this one to be free of false accusations. Court dismissed.

>> No.9972446


fugg off nerd

>> No.9972499

Objection. The people were "thrown into the sea." Hijiri would have had to actively save their lives to prevent them from drowning.

>> No.9975870
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Byakuren with a ponytail?

>> No.9975881

I find her sport's attire cuter.

>> No.9976430
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Byakuren with alternate hairstyles in general.

>> No.9976463

Cute image dude.

>> No.9976475
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Honestly is hard to check her hair with those in the middle.

>> No.9976600
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Don't you love big chests? Mm, I want to snuggle and knead them.