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Would you hire reimu as the poster girl of your business

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I do not hire heathens or harlots.

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I'd rather Ran

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>all those tails distracting people away from the products being advertised
>only managed to put on one part of her tights
>decided to wear fishnets at all with that outfit

0/10, would not hire

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why racegirls have umbrellae?

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In case it rains.

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how about a cat

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I keep seeing her in my dreams

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You have a mother complex.

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this is practically prostitution

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Best Race Queens.

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That picture is affecting my OCD. Please delete it and apologize or I'll report you-

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Slutty pink, would not hire.

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What part of it is bothering you?

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slut brings costumer

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Depends, is my business a brothel?

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I'd rater hire Sanae, she really knows how to bring customers

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Who are you quoting?

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I love how Kasen has the most modest outfit of them all but is more embarrassed than anyone else.

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You're the one who made that thread?

The one where you said you were getting bullied by Ran.

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Well, she's more peppy and happy than Reimu, for sure.

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No, because I wouldn't want customers to vomit.

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Whatever it is, I'm buying.

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even if it was an apple product ?

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I love how these suits show off their ample, puffy, well-defined vagina-bones

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Please tell me there is a Yuugi one.

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yes if I where runing Dr. pepper

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How unusual for her to stand out so much

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yuugi is advertising golds gym

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Amazing body, not ashamed of anything, needs money.

Of course I'd hire her. Maybe she would even agree to do some extra jobs.

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I would personally hire Reimu for that role due to personal preference, but from the standpoint of objective entrepreneurship I don't know if I see the logic behind it. You would appeal to the tou-bros of course but we are constantly dwindling in number. You wouldn't get the impact of say Lady Gaga appealing to audiophiles or of Mark McGwire appealing to drug addicts. But that's just my opinion!

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You dwindle it down even more every time you use the phrase "tou-bros."

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You have a sister complex.

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Kaguya is the perfect whore.

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I would hire her,

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That design is so cluttered.

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But it's also hot as hell.

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I bet she's not wearing panties.

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I would not hire a poster girl because I'm not sexist.

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Look at how high and mighty you are! I wish I could be as upstanding and nice as you, jew-sama!

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No because I would only hire proud, God fearing Christians, not some degenerate infidel.

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You know, my Dad is a race car driver. He also has his own business.
Makes me feel kinda bad that my Dad is a cool race car driver and I pretty much do nothing and am essentially a loser.

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best heels, best legs, best hips, most fertile womb, best bikini bottom.

I declare her the best girl in this thread.

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>most fertile womb

That got me way more aroused than I think it should have.

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I know what you mean. She embodies everything that we're biologically inclined to desire. A fetish is a fetish, but at the end of the day we just want to impregnate a healthy woman who has reached sexual maturity. Yuuka in this picture embodies the ideal.

I bet Yuuka could bear a dozen children without complications.

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I don't understand.

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It's supposed to be funny. The joke is ________________________________

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Recurring japanese joke where in the end only the reference is funny because it has nothing to do with the original video.

Source material is http://very.de/, which is from the 1.0 internet era.

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But she would eat you after you get her pregnant.

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Your point is?

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I hope someone hires Reimu so I can go and film one of those racequeen videos where it just zooms in on their crotch for 20 minutes.

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>A fetish is a fetish,

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everytime i see this i cant help but want that poster

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/jp/ has gone too far indeed.