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Why does nobody translate ZUN's video interviews? Aren't they a little bit more important than fan games and Flash videos?

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Wait.. is that SA interview still not translated?

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If there is a translation, I'd love to see it.

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Primaries don't need any translations.
Secondaries don't even know who the hell ZUN is.

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I don't get why ZUN doesn't get more attention. He's done some really amazing things.

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Liek what? Being drunk as FUCK all the time? xD

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drunk as HELL am i rite bruh :-DDD

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I like his music.

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ZUN has requested that no one translate his interviews. He doesn't want the filthy white piggu to know what he's saying.

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In all honesty I don't give a shit about ZUN's personal life as long is nothing is in the way of him creating content.

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Well, I mean he's made some really great music, and puts out new Touhou games completely alone. Even if you don't like his drawing style, I think that's still really impressive.

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I hope ZUN won't focus too much on eastern currture on the next Touhou...

He needs to bring back cool gaijin stuff like vampires...

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All his interviews focus on his content. The closest to personal stuff he usually gets is talking about what STGs he likes or what beer he is drinking.
I'm not sure if he actively avoids talking too much about himself, but even his Twitter seems more functional than attention-seeking. Maybe it's just his humble Japanese spirit. A Western developer would be posting irrelevant trivia about himself on his blog, and doing "Ask-Me-Anythings" at Web 2.0 conferences by now.

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This IS Eastern Project

Remi and Flan are eastern European

Parsee is middle eastern

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wHELLp... I didn't mean like posting American Indians, Brasilians and Mayans in Touhou... Just not too much eastern like Ten Desires...

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Your monkey trouble will never get a spot in touhou. Now go back to ylilauta to complain about your countryspurdo.

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It'd be great to see more of his interviews translated.

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I want a Brazilian transsexual touhou character now.

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Go back to where to do what?

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99% of translators can't translate unless they have the text in front of them. They need kanji to be able to enter into EDICT or whatever, because very few of them can actually translate spoken Japanese on the fly.

If IOSYS released a Flash video without a lyrics option, it would never get translated.

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There already is one

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Please don't insult Wriggle like that.

Wriggle is not brazilian and he'd like you to address him for what he has become and not what he went through.

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Why does he have such a strong facial characterizing? He doesn't look like a mongol that much.

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hahaha get the fuck out

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muh cooltuer - u

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Stop it.

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Toho Dyke scale

Bull Dyke

Borderline Bull

Fem Dyke


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Wriggle is a boy, bro.

By the way, fuck you Yama.

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>Brazilian Wriggle
Is that a Osad reference right there?

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Touhous are pure.

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Epic-kun, why cant you understand you are the worst shitposter?

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It's okay as long as he's being ironic.

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>email field

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ironic shitposting is still shitposting

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Why is he misusing the email field?

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Please don't make fun of Wriggle-chan, bullying isn't very nice.

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To avoid english-only trash like yourself that don't deserve to understand them.

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You are not the judge of that.

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>99% of translators can't translate unless they have the text in front of them.
M-Multitrack translating!!

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lotta non japanese understanding plebs in this thread

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I think this is actually legit... Been watching some Gaki No Tsukai batsu games with my aniki and when there's no Kanji's on screen the translation gets weird as HELL and sometimes the subtitles simply disappear

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It's funny.

He said that Patchy's clothes didn't have any kind of stripes, but no one gave a fuck.

Even Twilight Frontier omitted this instruction when making the fighting games.

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Wasn't that interview released after IaMP?

He said it was supposed to be a shine or something, like silk, but look at this. I have no idea what he was going for if these aren't stripes. Though I don't quite get why they join at the top.

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Well, that's his fault.

You can't interpret these as anything else but as stripes.

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please stop, or people will start believing that racism thing for real.

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Citation needed

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He's Japanese. He has one white friend, but he is definitely a racist (sorry, "nationalist", we have to be polite when it's other cultures).

He doesn't even let gaijin make derivative works. To the Japanese we're all dishonorable pirates. The nicest thing he has ever done is retweet a /jp/ link.

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>He doesn't even let gaijin make derivative works.

Wait. How does he stop them?

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He makes really angry tweets, full of Japanese swearing and general disdain towards white piggu.

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there're non-japanese derivative works.

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When foreigners come to his table at a con he says NO NO NO JAPANESE ONRY and throws their money on the floor.[3][4]

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I can confirm this. I personally saw him make one fan cry after refusing to sign his Marisa. It was tragic!

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One time I saw a gaijin ask if "Patchy" had stripes. ZUN stood up and politely excused himself, making a small scene. It was terrible.

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ZUN is a jerk.

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> The nicest thing he has ever done is retweet a /jp/ link.

What post and what did he say?

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how much he loved all of his european fans and that he wanted to kill all americans

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Where da translation at, weeaboos? Don't tell me you're going to let google win this too?

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What an asshole. I hope that his eyes slant even more so that he can't see anymore and that he becomes unable to hear anymore. Fucking animal doesn't deserve to compose! Fucking degenerate composer whos works are only comparable to nigger jazz.

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ZUN does not allow derivative works to be sold for profit online at all, which is why a lot of secondaries (especially shrinemaiden posters) think he hates gaijins. However, ZUN has always been a westaboo for novels and beer and loli dresses. He has even been supportive of some derivative works that have been made overseas. Lately he has become more confident in his English skills and he is cool with talking to foreign fans in English if they cannot speak much Japanese.

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So thats why futaba always says that ZUN is gay. I wonder if he says such lewd things all the time?

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Well, what's it say? I'm not paying you for nothing, fucking weeb.

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I would translate it for you but since you're being so rude I won't do it

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Didn't ZUN molest a boy or something?

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Since when does the employee decide when he will or will not do something? Fine by me, pack your stupid dolls and get out, you're fired.

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I thought you weeaboos always wanted to show off your weeaboo skills by translating this gook shit.

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Could you translate that, please ^__^

I apologize for this rude person in this thread. He has some sand in his vagina (ebin 12yo joke) and that is probably why he is rude.

I cannot use google translate because I am scared that google will know that I am a weeaboo O_o so that is why I don't use it.

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Fine, but I warn you that it might ruin your perception of your hero, ZUN, like it did mine.

"The pleasure of being summed inside."

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test post