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>> No.993519

not rinnosuke

>> No.993523

No Marisa, you are the pimp.

>> No.993536

who is the blue haired gierl on the left

>> No.993543

Midget Komachi with blue hair

>> No.993550

what animu is this?

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Chiyuri with blue hair dye.

>> No.993555

Looking kind of MANkoto there, Marisa.

>> No.993556


He said left, idiot.

>> No.993569

They also said blue haired. And she is on the left from Marisa's point of view.

>> No.993605

maybe he is marisa

>> No.994447

Is the blue haired gierl on the right, Ruri Hochino?

>> No.994457

I can hear Marisa saying "THIS IS THE MOST BALLING SHIT EVER"

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Also: Nitori is mai SCIENCE waifu.

>> No.994481

The light coming from offscreen is Flandre charging up Taboo -「Lävatein」.

>> No.994483

How can so many people be so dumb?

>> No.994488

Oh no, the easiest spell card she has!

>> No.994494

I always figured Flandre wouldn't mind sharing as long as Marisa was willing to drop what (who?) she's doing and come give her attention at a moment's notice.

>> No.994509


It's hard to dodge when you're balls deep in a doll okatu.

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No, clearly >>993554 is correct, and it must be Chiyuri with her hair dyed blue.

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how about both?

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I don't think Marisa would sleep with both.

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