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Which Touhou would you reject a love confession from?

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She's weird

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All of them.

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Almost all of them. There's only one Touhou I'm interested in. No offense to them.

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Each of them are nice girls, why would I want to reject a love confession? Unless i'm already engaged to one, that's silly.

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Wouldn't it be the other way around?

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She's too pure and I care too much about her. I wouldn't want to doom her to live with a failure like me. She would deserve better.

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>She deserves better
You just killed her pure and innocent heart by rejecting her that way. Enjoy creating a slut who will do insane things so you might take her as a sex toy with no respect in the end.
But she will be happy, since this is what she actually wants.

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I can't handle this

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All of them except rinnosuke.

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Most Touhous are pretty weird people who I wouldn't want to get involved with

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Most /jp/ers are pretty weird people who I wouldn't want to get involved with

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Look on the bright side, you'll never be bored if you hang out with Yukari.

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Yuugi. She'd probably be drunk when she did it.

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As if I could reject any of them.
Look at Sanae here. Look how hard she's trying. How much of a jackass do you have to be to reject that?

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What!? Why?

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Sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do. If someone is number one in your heart, but you get confessed to by someone else, just going along with it just wouldn't be right. I admit rejecting it would be a bit difficult though.

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"Ha ! Slut ! You expected me to accept your lowly gift? As If I would ever accept something coming from a whore like you ! Hahahahaha !
Now get the fuck out of my sight you useless slut of a woman !"
My answer to Sanae.

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Why Y U NO taking harem route?

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Harem route would be extremely challenging to actually clear....but you're right Frodo.

Only kids play on Easy Mode.

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I suppose...
I guess I'm biased towards her.

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It's just not my style. I'm no juggler.

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Cause I'm too cool for her.

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Sanae seems like a fun girl

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Well, she is quite nice. Rejecting love seems kinda difficult now that I think about it.

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Yes. Yes she does...

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Will she tell me her ten desires if I don't reject her?

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I'll tell you right now anon -
1 - To be pure
2 - To reject the perverse
3 - To smile every day
4 - To be selfless
5 - To show others the path of rightousness
6 - To demonstrate that lewdness is a disease
7 - To free /jp/sies from the slavery of sexual urges
8 - To erase misery
9 - To find dreams anywhere she goes
10 - For the whole world to be happy
No need to thank me

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Nah. She'd stare for a moment, then look down at her feet, stammer something, and run away to bawl her eyes out.

...ow. I think I hurt myself.

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>Sanae is a good girl.
Not this again..

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Go away don't bully Sanae.

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It would probably be melted and nasty anyways.

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Oh. Fuck, I hijacked the thread, didn't I? Sorry.

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Every touhou except sanae, as she confesses right after being gangbanged by 40 men and leans in for a kiss.

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No bullying pls.

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Whiteknights are not welcomed here.

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not bully, its what I like. slutty whores with plenty of cum already on them, who want me to kiss or eat them out right after they got done with sex and can still genuinely say they love me. How warped must they be?

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Shiki, she has no business trying to confess to anyone, she has a job to do.

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You can't tell me what to do.

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The only right answer is Yuuka.

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You'll find none of that sort here, anon.

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Sanae is a slut thread?
Sanae is a slut thread.

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actually, it is not as difficult or as easy you might think. Just say, "If you want together with me then come on, otherwise I'll still move forward". That was all it takes to clear harem route.

The key is, never let your feelings leaked out. Otherwise, you'll get fucked up badly (mind, body, and wallet)

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obvious reasons.

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Depending on the touhou, I don't think you get a choice.

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"WAHHHH vampire's gonna want a little bit of blood every now and then, I can't offer a little bit of Blood and Plasma."

Seriously, your reason is being a wuss?

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Reimu, because she's a bully who feels the need to beat up every youkai.

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Not wanting best hermit.

Dude, she may have had a husband and kid, but that just means she knows how to to handle it.

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That's just reverse reasoning.
She's actually trying to make you stop with the premise that she does like being bullied. It's the exact opposite, she hates being bullied and loves being patted on the head with a "you're a good girl Sanae" catch phrase, so the only solution is to show the whole world how slutty she is.

I could also explain it the easy way by saying that you should never trust any word coming from the mouth of Sanae, thus you shouldn't trust this picture. Her mouth is only good at one thing in the end.

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Could I get confessed to by the pink one instead?

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What's the MC from persona 4 doing their and why is he smiling?

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He's fucking Sanae and impregnating her.

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Begone with you, Sakuyafag!

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worst 2hu

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It's also impossible to trust people who want to bully Sanae because they'll distort any possible argument or fact to mean what they want it to mean.

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She has confession deficiency, she is mentally incapable of confessing to anyone.

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The flaw with this logic is that Sanae isn't slutty in the first place.

Rapists like raping people.

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Well, if she comes up to me, blushing furiously, averting her eyes, and with some nicely-wrapped gift in hand, I'll think I'll be able to get the gist of it.

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What exactly does a confession mean in Gensokyo? Does it mean I get a warm place to put my penis (unless it's Cirino!!) and danmaku battles when I don't do my share of the housework? Getting confessed to is a tou-bro's dream but I really need to know this first.

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I wonder what Reiuji feels like.
She must be really warm.

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You fucking idiot, she was going to tell you that she wanted you to give that to Reimu you horrendous pig.

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Means you married a supernatural creature or being that may or may not have been an animal at one point.

If they're an animal youkai then for one month of the year you find out what a super strong girl in heat can do.

Otherwise you have married into a life with a woman who is strong, can take care of you and protect you.

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Same as it does out here; they're confessing their love to you. What comes next differs from person to person.

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I'd probably be inclined to turn down Yoshika, something about dating a reanimated corpse wouldn't really sit well with me unless I could use her as a stepping stone to nailing Seiga.

>> No.9919649

She'd be able to tell me that; I'm not Reimu.

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Also this is why I make sure to denote a plus to all animal youkai when I rank them on my list of Who'd make a good wife and How available they are.

All based on canon funnily enough.

>> No.9919652

Come on anon, even if she's a reanimated corpse she still has a heart.
And after all you look like a reanimated corpse too so yeah.

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Okay go on

>> No.9919659

STFU bro, you don't know me, I can bench like 300 pounds, I'll suck your fucking dick if you say that shit to my face.

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You missed the point.

Oh. I did not expect Sanae's followers to be that much, and that persistent, today.
Alright, it's not like the truth won't come out eventually, I can take my time. This thread will definitely be useful for the near future.

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Marisa probably, everything about her leads me to believe she'd probably be some bull dyke-looking thing with callouses all over her hands and a deep voice and bony feet the size of monster trucks and really tacky fake nails everywhere because she chips her own too often chopping wood. No thanks.

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Yeah, you're a real chessmaster, slutfag.

>> No.9919708

Begone of this place, Sakuyafag!

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If you keep on spamming I might actually start to like Sakuya.

>> No.9919737

You should stop hoping. She'll never be playable again. Bullying the girl who replaced her by being infinitely better than Sakuya will not change that fact.

>> No.9919758

Don't. Nobody replaced anyone.

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The delusions of a Sanae-hating Sakuya fan.

>> No.9919776

You couldn't be more wrong.

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why do people say this?

>> No.9919832

Sakuya, probably one love confession of her, means you're the next dinner for vampires.

>> No.9919834

The same reason people say bro-hou.

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It's just one person trying to force it.

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you listed ass twice

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loldandumshit goes in /a/

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I just don't see me liking Reisen
Since my best friend would wreck my shit using her in 12.3

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Please do not hate Reisen over this, hate yourfriend

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the background setup for this situation was ridiculously implausible

even more so than some of the others

>> No.9920016

girls getting rejected is my secret fetish

secret because it's probably one very small step above rape fantasy in terms of shit that makes you a horrible human being

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Don't worry, I'll eventually come up with something you'll enjoy

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Why is it only accept or reject depending on the touhou? Is /jp/ so narrow minded? Why wouldn't you first and foremost ask their reasons for confessing in the first place?

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None of them

>> No.9923709

you have trust issues

>> No.9923773

Rinnosuke. I don't swing that way.

Otherwise, all Touhous are welcomed to send me any. And obviously i will accept all of them.

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If a touhou were to confess to me I would be obligated to seek help for her. She would obviously be confused as I am worthless and do not deserve to be loved.

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I'd only turn down creeps like Yoshika and Orin.
Probably. Maybe.

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I like, you know, to be in one piece...

I'd marry all the rest, though.

>> No.9923824


You'd be bored nine months of the year because she's always fucking asleep.

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jesus fuck all these desperate losers “id take anything i could get” any bitch forward enough to be confessing is not suitable for a relationship

>> No.9923864

I'd only reject the losers I could beat up. Anyone else and they'd probably kill me.

>> No.9923877

Wriggle- Fuck off, you smell bad and look like a boy.
Youmu- Go trim some bonsai trees or something, dork.
Reimu- Cunt.
Sanae- Have Youmu trim your stupid ass plant looking hair.
Nitori- Secretly a hatin' ass bitch.

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Most of them
I dislike confessions in general
It always seems so stiff and forced

Is this even something the japanese practice in this day and age anyways? Or is that only a nerds romance...

>> No.9923917

Probably a nerd romance

Also I'd accept that Mexican girl.

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I'm gonna stomp your dick into mush

>> No.9923939

The three months she's awake would be worth the wait.

>> No.9923945


No doubt. The pranking would be most excellent.

Maybe you could hang out with Ran the rest of the year. That might be nice.

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>> No.9923963


She wants it!

>> No.9923964

Yeah, it also helps that she can teach me maths.

>> No.9923982

Wouldn't most touhous skip the confession and just assume you won't have any objections if they take you home?

I don't think I've ever seen a touhou ask something politely, except when they're being sarcastic.

>> No.9923985

You could smell her butt, play her with sleeping body, and do all other types of things while she's asleep.
It's not as boring as you think.

>> No.9924027

Do you think she gets stinky after a while of hibernating?

>> No.9924055

Well they are still beasts so yeah, they'll probably carry your ass home regardless of if you like them or not. Fortunately they'll just throw you back out once they have their kids.

>> No.9924062


Marisa was polite to Yuyuko at the start of Ten Desires. So it's not entirely unheard of, just rare.

>> No.9924063

>Fortunately they'll just throw you back out once they have their kids.

But I what if I wanted to be a father?

>> No.9924070

Any youkai probably just want to eat you.
So that narrows it down quite a bit.

>> No.9924072

Imagine having to wash her every single day. Undressing her, and carefully scrubbing all over her body with a damp cloth, making sure to clean every part of her.

>> No.9924075

They don't want you around though. You were just a means for them to get pregnant.

>> No.9924095

That's the purest form of love. They want you to become part of them.

>> No.9924114

Would they be mad if I accepted their box of candy, ate it, and then avoided them forever?

>> No.9924128

Each and every one of them, I love Saya.

>> No.9924134

Anyone except someone from the SDM,I just want to get close to Remilia then

>> No.9924187

I find Byakuren and her shit philosophy disgusting, 0/10 would not date.

>> No.9924199

Forgot to add
Aya- Paparazzi mother fucker. She'd probably take photos of me pooping.
Miko- Your heady looks like an owl wearing beats heaphones. Worst accessory.

>> No.9924204

I want to be eaten by a youkai!

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Slow and painful or quick and painless, which do you prefer?

>> No.9924257


from Blood+ maybe? that's the only Saya I know.

go to bed, Tyler

>> No.9924264

Fuck this. Is she even try to eat me I'll eat her too.

>> No.9924267

I'm no good at handling pain, but I want to watch while the youkai devours my entrails.

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Probably all of them but Ran.

>> No.9924322

whoever says first, gets priority. Second and later...

well, later

>> No.9924377


I'd be like
>baka, SWERVE

>> No.9924559

Cold confessions always struck me as odd. Can you really love someone you don't know very much about? Realistically, how would they ever accept a confession from someone they never met?

Confessing your love to someone who you have been flirting with a month already on the other hand just seems like an unnecessary formality.

>> No.9924573

i look forwards to it!

well, some people flirt with everyone constantly

>> No.9924585

It's also that some people's friendliness looks like flirting. It can be pretty easy to get confused.

>> No.9924592

Well if some girl told came up to me, gave me her number, and told me to call her maybe I probably wouldn't.

>> No.9924611

You have discovered the secret of LOVE CONFESSIONS!!!

Love confessions are declarations of romantic interest combined with a desire to fuck.

>> No.9924670

Every single one of them.

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The same way people in the west ask others out, they go to a person they find attractive and may or may not know beforehand and suggest they spend more time together to see if they get along enough to humour the idea of a life together, or for casual sex or whatever.

Confessions are just like that, but more formal, like everything else the japs do. I doubt there's any more actual love involved.

>> No.9924705

I'd never reject any love confessions!
Because nobody would ever confess to me!
I'll go cry in the corner now.

>> No.9924724

I would reject just to see her reaction and then accept it.

May be risky, but worth it.

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I'd want to live in that moment forever

>> No.9924764

I'd take it, give her a half hearted "thanks". What more could she ask for?

>> No.9924786

I want to say "all but one" but I don't think I could reject someone's sincere feelings like that.

>> No.9924804

Fortunately for you, you're the only one that would take Wriggle so you win by default.

>> No.9924822

Your least favorite touhou gives you a confession. What do you do?

>> No.9924847

>Har har. Fuck off, Tewi.

>> No.9924851

I would definitely reject any of the fairies or youkai that resemble children. I don't want people to get the wrong idea about me. If they got mad at me I'd just have to tell them to curse the gods that gave them an immortal little girl form.

>> No.9924878

>Best touhou : Sanae
>Worst touhou : Sanae
I'm a bit confused here.

>> No.9924904

And now you've confused me too. Was that your purpose? I hate you.

>> No.9924956


I'd laugh hysterically but that would probably get me beat up.

Most likely I'd just go, "gee... thanks?"

>> No.9924992

Yuugi. I'm scared she'd crush me with her muscular thighs.

>> No.9924985

You'd throw away the chance of a lifetime?

>> No.9925052
File: 211 KB, 760x1100, b91406ddd351a5c5c7cee35b04af73d0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Spray her with bug spray and laugh while I say no.

>> No.9925062


love this picture

>> No.9925096

This whole thread presupposes that there are Touhou characters who are worse than any real person.
This is a fallacy of the worst kind.

>> No.9925138

touhou are people too!

>> No.9925142

Please have been praising touhous for ages but to be honest we don't know that much about them. Materials lurking on the internet is just about some anon's delusions. Maybe they are indeed worse that any real person.

>> No.9925151
File: 47 KB, 500x500, MZHN1qc8prao1_500.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the obvious loli Touhous would be the ones I would turn down.
I'd feel bad if it was me to take their innocence or whatever.

>> No.9925153
File: 99 KB, 342x370, 933_20a (2) - Copy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you and i both

>> No.9925159

I'd turn them down with a "Do you take me for a pedophile?" I'd still take their candy and eat it though.

>> No.9925162


>> No.9925180

You people disgust me.
Truly the lowest of the low.
The only ones I would turn down are the hags:
Yukari and Kanako especially.
Yuugi is the only "adult-looking" Touhou I wouldn't turn down, simply because she is way too beautiful. Gorgeous. One of the top three most inherently sexual Touhous.

>> No.9925183

Please explain your reasoning.

>> No.9925190

On which point?

>> No.9925191
File: 555 KB, 840x800, 1326167125047.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I wouldn't even touch anything this bitch handles to me.

>> No.9925195

Hold it right there, I'd marry Yukari anytime, anywhere.

>> No.9925199


Turning down Yakumo-sama

implying she'd want to even think about ever confessing to sub-human filth like you

>> No.9925201

lowest of the low point.

>> No.9925211

That's the second major flaw in this thread:
Why the hell would any Touhou confess to you?
Seems pretty self-evident to me. Turning down a cute, adorable Touhou's confession simply because they are afraid someone, somewhere might think that they're a pedophile is absolutely unforgivable. At worst, you play along with them like you would a child until you are mature enough to not care if some people think you are a pedophile.

>> No.9925218

>Why the hell would any Touhou confess to you?

>> No.9925226
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hags are the best. but alas, they wouldn't want you anyway.

>> No.9925228

Hm, I guess there is no harm in it as long as there is no lewd stuff going on. Otherwise you'd just look like a dude and his adopted daughter goofing off and in public and that would be adorable.

And yeah, the most we could hope for realistically is a confession out of a nameless background character. But this is OP's hypothetical situation. You can't turn down a confession unless you get one after all.

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Just imagine if she tricked you into eating chocolates with pieces of her liver in them.
Now you are stuck with her forever and you can't even kill yourself as a way out.

>> No.9925285

Joke is on her, he can always go to Mokou.

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How do you think Kaguya would deal with being NTRed by her only true eternal nemesis?
How would it feel having a broken heart for all of eternity?
And no matter how many people die around you, the only ones that will continue to be are the ones you hate the most?

>> No.9925319

Please don't say it. It kinda hurts my feelings, even though I'm well aware of the fact.

>> No.9925320

Hey, at least she's still got Eirin right?

>> No.9925341

That's pretty messed up.

>> No.9925346
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She deserves better ;_;

>> No.9925350

The only thing she deserves is a better hairstyle and accessory.

>> No.9925361

At least Mokou was able to get her revenge in a non violent way.

But how would it feel for the guy knowing that Mokou only keeps him around because Kaguya hates it.

>> No.9925364

Are you the same guy that bashes Miko's design every time?

>> No.9925372

Kaguya'll get mad.
For once in her long lifetime.
Or she might just try to steal her love interest right back. It's not like she doesn't have the time to do it.

>> No.9925381

No, I'm the second guy that agrees every time someone bashes her design. I just wanted to be first for once.

>> No.9925382

Mokou would eventually fall in love with you even if it takes an eternity to do so.

>> No.9925389

Feels like dumping one for the other at your own whim, and knowing they would accept it at any time because you're the only real piece of lasting currency either of them could hope to own over the other.

>> No.9925396

Fair enough I guess, you should consider stopping though.

>> No.9925401

Unless they both eventually decide that you suck and became lesbians with each other.

>> No.9925406

why would a touhou deliver a love confession to me

i don't understand

>> No.9925417

Satanic magic.

>> No.9925432

from you're mother LMAO

>> No.9925436

They already are so it doesn't matter.

>> No.9925443

I bet Byakuren is up to this.

>> No.9925450
File: 88 KB, 800x450, 1321667037093.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But the fact that you already cheated once is eternal. That is unless you get Keine to erase the history of such a thing from happening.But do you think Mokou would allow that to happen, for her only true revenge against her immortal enemy to be erased just like that? Would Mokou kill Keine before she did such a thing; would she kill one of her only friends just to spite her only true enemy?

I'm sure Mokou would somehow develop true feelings. Maybe she had them from the start in such a scenario. And that would only make it sting more to Kaguya.

>> No.9925464
File: 145 KB, 500x500, 1320104635027.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

But Byakuren just want to unite all the species and peoples of Gensokyo!
Maybe she thinks a youkai/oni/god/etc. loving and confessing to a normal human would help bridge relations between the two.

>> No.9925465

>rejecting something


>> No.9925472

If there is anything we have too much of it's standards.

>> No.9925476

Perhaps she should lead by example then.

>> No.9925500

but someone has to love you before you can reject

>> No.9925504


>> No.9925509

Step it up son, we start hating people 5 years before we even see them.

>> No.9925514
File: 439 KB, 1100x1100, 1342900728210.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would you reject Byakuren's confession?

>> No.9925516

from what I've read /jp/sies frequently reject themselves and try quite hard to mold their own image of "self" to fit the perceived norm.

but when their norm *is* /jp/, things get interesting.

>> No.9925529

Probably. While I do like her, she seems like she would be a boring person to be around for extended periods of time.

>> No.9925531

that's not rejecting son

>> No.9925583

Indeed. No alcohol, long lectures. At least someone like shou has a wild side off the clock.

>> No.9925619

I don't know...are buddhist monks allowed to be in love?

>> No.9925637

Alice, because it would turn me on to see her crushed.

>> No.9925668

I get turned seeing womens heart crushed in general.

>> No.9925671

hit her in the head with a shovel

>> No.9925677

I think you'd hurt yourself if you tried that.

>> No.9925684

how do you figure?

>> No.9925704

Not unless you're really clumsy or something.

>> No.9926847

Reimu, because I don't think I'm good enough for her. would still bang, though.

>> No.9926869


I'd probably ask who they are since they'd be some forgettable character like an unnamed fairy or something.

>> No.9927507

I would tell her that I accept her feelings, then arrange a meeting place and time for our first date

then I would not go to that place at that time

>> No.9928457

I inquire that list.

>> No.9929560

But only women do that...
You're higher, or more crafty, or more vile than that anon!

>> No.9929572
File: 92 KB, 461x425, 98798798.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fron Chen. I fucking hate her.