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If ZUN puts you in a game, and your position was relative to your skill in bullet hells, where would you end up?

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with ur mom

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somewhere between your mothers legs.

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Quirky yet loveable stage 5 boss, dedicated to serving her stage 6 overseer.

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Stage 5 mid-boss.

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Stage 2 midboss.
Unnamed but somehow ends up with a ton of fanart.

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Main Character #3

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Extra Character in one of the fighting games.


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generic fairy

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He said loveable.

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midboss, in Mima's stage

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Reimu's 3rd option

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The stage 3 boss who seems to have influenced nearly every character after stage 3, but is not directly related to the incident at hand.

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Is this better?

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Those cloudlike things that apprear at the beginning of level 2 in EoSD, that cant even attack you, just fly by, expecting their demise.

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The cute stage 2 boss or maybe if I'm lucky, a kinda cool stage 3 boss. I need to get better so I can qualify for as stage 6.

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I don't know, but as long as I get a -Spark I think i'd be alright.

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maybe stage 3 boss, with my very own "wriggle super-kick"

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The easiest stage 3 boss

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Stage 2 boss probably, maybe Stage 3.
I'd rather be in second one, they're always superior characters.

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Main character.

I've cleared every game on Ultra. :V

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Oh, oh.
Me too, me too.
How about this. Instead of midbossing, we take the boss position together!
I'm sure we could make some beautiful co-op danmaku

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Yo, value yourself, guy.
At least be like Yuugi's assists.
Hell, be a mid-boss fairy, man. You know you deserve It